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tv   Today  NBC  October 19, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. hey. it is friday try day friday, october 18th. hoda, do you know what it is today? >> what is today? >> i can barely believe i'm saying this. it is my 27th wedding anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> i really -- thank you. i know. it is a miracle. i'll give myself a hand and to frank too. later on, we'll have a little margarita because my friend andy medini is going to make us the greatest dish.
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>> the thing that makes this margarita better than ever is it is full of lime and -- >> here you go, frank gifford. i'll see you later. shoot, my eye got stuck. anyway. >> so these are always kind of fun. there was another survey out that talked about what are the five things very, very successful people do before 8:00 in the morning? they went and looked at what a lot of the -- like margaret thatcher, robert iger, frank lloyd wright, what are the things you do? forbes magazine listed think five things they do before 8:00. >> they get up very, very early and they -- >> number one, exercise. okay. number two, which i never do, is eat a healthy breakfast every morning. >> don't do that. >> number three, visualization. for a few minutes, they meditate, they get quiet time. >> is that prayer? >> it could be that too. >> they map out their schedule for the day. >> this is one of the coolest
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ones, i think, they plan their day but make it top heavy. so the most daunting task they put first, knock it out, as opposed to i'll do it after lunch, after my meeting. sometimes you put things later in the day you don't want to deal with. >> these are people that seem to be able to map their own day, you know? most people can't. most people work a 9:00 to 5:00 job, have children and, you know, it all sounds great, but these are people that have control over their lives in ways that many, many people don't. >> that's a good point. >> but anybody can pray. you get out of bed, you can pray. >> i can't stop looking at this halloween costume, so i think we have to talk about it because it is so crazy. this is a genius idea. we want to go on record saying it. >> even though we didn't think it up. >> no, we didn't. halloween is around the corner. these were created by a guy named mark rober. a nine-year veteran of nasa. he was the guy that helped create the curiosity rover. >> right.
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that was on mars. here it is. you take -- this looks like a regular t-shirt, okay? look closely at the eyes. okay. hold on. now, guess what that is? >> it is called digital duds. >> you won't believe it. it is an app. in the t-shirt, you put your hand in there and -- get that baby right out of there. >> pull it out? >> yeah, pull it out. >> let's show when we got going on. it is velcroed. >> it is? okay. i didn't want to -- >> okay. what it is is -- it is an ipod -- can you see it? you download the app, treat app and you play the animation. we have two crazy looking guys -- oh, my god. >> there is joseph and -- >> oh, my god. >> and gerard. >> look how hot these two are. >> tell me when i can breathe out. >> the double chin. >> gerard, nobody does it better. thank you, guys.
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look how cute they are. >> you can buy these online. $29.95, digital duds. >> dudz. >> that's a clever, smart idea. did you know more and more and more men and i'm looking around to see if i see telltale signs are having botox, hoda woman? is that a turnoff to you? >> i don't love it. >> why? >> because i like guys who are -- >> tell me. tell me. >> i like guys who i'd like to watch them age the way they age. right, tommy? >> any man admits here? probably not. only tommy. between 2011 and '12, botox for men increased by 6%. but it is a trend, an upward trend. >> like a dirty little secret. they sneak into the botox place, get injections. >> women lie about it at the beginning. but most women are pretty open about it now, don't you think? >> i think so. i think men are finding even with the economy being troubled and trying to get back into the
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job market at an older age and people are losing jobs and looking to get back in. >> there say lot of age discrimination. there just is. i just think it is fine to do it. you don't have to lie about it, you know. >> would it affect you at all if frank said i want to get botox? >> no, like, first of all, like frank gifford is going to get botox. he's not going to. i was sitting with him the other night and i noticed -- he looks unbelievable, but i've encouraged him to go do, like, laser, to get rid of precancerous stuff and all. he said, no, they'll burn it off. >> burn it off. >> he's vain enough to work out every day. from the back, he looks like he's 30 years old. and he turns around, he's still great. but i with like him to do a little bit more. i would. >> what about pedicures? >> no, no one will go near frank's feet. no. he's had -- he lost more nails from cleats stomping on his
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feet. you know what they used to do, during the games, they rip them off. >> rip your toenails off. >> wrap it and make you go play. yeah, yeah. so frank is gorgeous until his toenails. >> that is -- >> i knew i was in love with him because i'm such a maniac about hands and feet. i knew i was in love with him. >> you mind if he wears sandals? >> yes. that's for me to see and in one else. >> vera wang, vera wang has a whole new bridal collection and -- >> is this the first time it is all pink? >> she chose pink as her color. she was inspired by dresses she saw and it made her feel good about it. they range from corals to whatever that color is. >> peony, like a peony flower. she claims it is flattering on all skin types. we'll have a little -- >> what do you make of the pink? >> you know what, it is such a personal choice. most people shouldn't be wearing white anyway, let's be honest.
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i think -- that looks like that might be -- that's beautiful. a lot of people have been married before and have worn the white the first time. if it is your sixth or seventh time, i think it is fine to wear a different color. >> this is sue rogers, from arkansas, she maried her son husband skotd in vegas on st. patrick's day and wore a green dress and looks beautiful. >> next is netra from lake charles, louisiana. she had a pink and -- wow. she is going all out. >> she's from louisiana. >> of course. and finally chandler from virginia beach, virginia, picked a purple dress because she said she loved it. and it is your day, you wear what you want. >> i think it is cool. we'll have a whole bridal segment fashion show and show you, talk about trends and dresses and stuff, because it is fashion week in new york again. it seems like it is always fashion week. >> food and wine week too. >> it is? >> yeah, apparently. no one invited us. >> know what i think it is time for? >> your friday funny.
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>> okay. be ready with the -- during the baseball game, the coach called one of his 9-year-old players aside and said, son, do you understand what cooperation is, what a team is? little boy quietly whispered, yes. do you understand what -- that what matters in baseball is working together as a team? little boy said, yes. so continues the coach, i'm sure you know that when an out is called, you shouldn't argue, curse, attack the umpire or call him stupid, do you understand that, son? once again, the little boy just looked down and quietly nodded. the coach continued, and when i take you out of the game so that another boy gets a chance to play, it is not good sportsmanship to call your coach a dumb [ bleep ], is it? little boy shook his head and answered, no. good, said the coach. now go over there and tell your grandmother that i never want to see her doing those things again.
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i do the best i can. >> you do a great southern. you do a great southern. i lived in the south, i'm very sensitive to southern accents and you nail it. >> time for johnson's baby of the week announcement. >> we celebrate all the new moms and their new adorable little babies and their families. first up is mckenna rae long, little lady was born in plano, texas, september 15th. her parents brian and jamie. forget the housework and cherish the first month with your baby. >> next up, a baby boy born in louisville, kentucky, carter william harvey. mom monique says his 2-year-old older sister callie took him -- took to him right away and is trying to help him as much as possible. i love to watch that. mom says she's become the second mommy to baby carter. >> and now to peyton olivia haider, born on august 27th, weighed seven pounds, five ounces. this is the first baby for the couple jacob and jamie and they say their little lady loves to smile. how cute.
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>> and last johnson baby is eleanor june midgett, born on september 23rd in robinson, illinois. her mom and dad nicknamed her ellie and say she's the best baby ever. saying if you left her alone, she would sleep the entire day away. how do you get one of those? >> congratulations to all of our babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear in our johnson's baby of the week, go to for details. >> why do we play music from james bond when we show our baby pictures? we should play kathie lee lullaby stuff next week. we have a great breast cancer awareness product. it's the 15th year of sax fifth avenue to raise funds for the cancer research fund. we have a t-shirt, designed by peter dundis of pucci. $35 at saks and get it at >> and 100% of proceed goes to key to the cure. >> that's beautiful. >> i like that. looks like one of the juicy outfits the kids wear. >> very cute. >> all righty. do you ever feel like everyone is pulling you in different directions, hoda?
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>> yes. >> and not enough time in the day to do it all? you feel like you're letting people down? >> i'm a pleaser. we'll tell you how to be the boss of your own life right after this.
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if you ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day or you wish you could be in two places at once or even worse you have a hard time saying no, you're going to want to pay attention to this. >> yes. you may not be able to grant us a 25th hour in the day, but she can tell you how to be the boss of your own life. she is lori gerber, life coach with the handle group. >> how are you? >> thank you for having me. >> a lot of people struggle with this. >> there is only 24 hours in a day. >> for everybody. >> no matter what. that's what you have to deal with. >> it is so funny. i think what we do is we prioritize everybody and everything else before us. that makes sense. your kids have to be here at practice, your boss wants you here, your husband needs x and you fall way down on the totem pole, don't you?
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>> or you put yourself first in everything that nobody wants to be around anyway. for those that have the other problem -- >> at the handle group, we manage the voices in your head, the most important thing you have to do, take your focus off of, that's take the focus off the brat. five more minutes in the pool, i want five more minutes in the pool, but it is not the pool, it is the internet games, it is the browsing, the frittering away of time, eating cookies mindlessly and we say yes to that instead of what is important to us. the things are important are universal. time with the people we love, exercise, health, spiritual time, doing important actions for the things that are important -- >> stop and smell the roses once in a while too. >> sometimes we feel like when we're filling our days, i don't have time to exercise, what do you say to that? >> it's not true. you're prioritizing the things that are important. you'll see you're often make a choice of something really not -- >> what are we talking about a lot lately, hoda, people don't want to be told the truth. they have their excuses and they like them. >> exactly. >> you have to be able to call
2:21 am
bs on those excuses. sometimes -- sometimes we're afraid to say no to someone. we call that the chicken. >> they might say can you come to the pta meeting and head it up and someone has to and they're asking you because your daughter is going to be there. >> your priorities will be inspiring to other people if you stick to them. you're going to end up falling apart anyway if you don't balance your life. >> you don't have to bake them. there are delicious cookies. >> i'm empowering people to say no. and what you say yes to is what you actually want to design promises about. we have our clients that make promises and consequences if they don't. i get to be like the family dinner. one more e-mail, one more e-mail. i set it up with my family, i'm on the dot at exactly 6:30, or i pay my kids 20 bucks. they're looking at the clock and they notice.
2:22 am
at work -- >> at work -- >> never late. we listen like -- >> we're raising brats in our society and chickens. they become adult chicken brats. >> if we practice what we say we're going to do -- >> chicken brats. just clarifying. >> i want to. no! >> this is why we have to model for our children making and keeping promises. you can make a fun consequence. doesn't have to be anything harsh. it can be something simple like -- >> some people feel like they're being selfish when they prioritize. in other words, they feel like they're letting somebody down. a lot of pleasers out there. >> you will. that's life. >> eventually if you spread yourself too thin, you will let someone down in a much more ugly massive way than if you -- >> maybe in a tragic way actually. stroke can ill kill ya. >> we don't realize the consequences of our choices.
2:23 am
we ask people to make up artificial fun consequences. you don't do your exercise, you lose your wine or coffee. >> we just tuned out. >> it will make you feel better and remember to do your workout. when the brat wants to take you off on holiday. >> your own personal brat. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. our bosom buddy is going to help hoda with your bra straps. all about bras. after this. [ male announcer ] this is mike.
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time now for bobbie's buzz. >> we all noticed hoda could use some help keeping her bra inside her clothes. we asked today's style editor and author of "the power of style" to help hoda, our own bobbie thomas. hello. >> hi. i watch from home and i'm texting you during the show. >> hoda, put your boobs in. my has 20 different skin matching shades. i got a couple to figure out which one you are. i think it is the front one that will match a little better. but this is great because if you are going to have a peekaboo moment, women of color should know there is something more out there than just white, black and nude. this is something that joanne la
2:28 am
markia around here tried and loved. this is a strapless bra, the custom genie, it stretches. see the straps here, there are holes all along the seam so you can put any configuration you want on this bra and you get three for the price that -- >> black, white and nude. >> that looks like it will fit one. >> you and i have that problem. you and i have girlfriends that are large and in charge. and i do love this bra. minimizer strapless bra. i have to complain when i asked for this segment to get samples in to show viewers, they changed the cup to molded and padded and all i have to say is -- >> bring it back. >> we don't need padding. >> we want minimalization. this is where your bra strap will slip inside. a little silicone piece you put under your dress. it won't move around and pop out, hoda. and then last but not least if
2:29 am
your bra has this problem where the -- >> always your favorite one. >> the wire comes out and it hurts, instead of throwing an expensive bra away, this is the most brilliant idea. just a piece of padded fabric that will help you save your bra. and there are a few markings on mine, so check it out. >> that was excellent. >> no more excuses. >> there you go. singer, actress lorna lust and liza minnelli for the first time in 20 years. and you want to spruce up your house for fall? we have some fixes. and andy will cook for us.
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we're back on this try day friday with more of "today." home improvement for the outside of the house that won't cost you big bucks. >> here are some simple projects you can do yourself for 50 bucks and under is home improvement
2:32 am
expert and host of "home wizard" eric strober. >> welcome. >> this is what i want to talk to you about today. this is a good example of a friend i did for my house. my kids love it. this is some wood, with some paint. let's see your paint skills. you can go ahead and paint your 2 by 4, 2 by 6 material before, cut it to size and assemble that swing in a matter of minutes and before you know it, you got kids all around swinging. >> i love to paint. i love to paint. >> you're got at it. >> your neighbors may not like it, but, yeah, yeah. >> okay, good. stop now. you can do it all day. look how nice that looks ultimately. again -- >> hoda. >> sorry. >> oh, gosh. >> come on, let's do another project. >> okay. >> for mailboxes, i've done this, a traditional mailbox, you can fancy it up with some tile, glue it on there. you can get these at any big box store. really easy to do. try it on your end.
2:33 am
you can try it. >> i'll try it just for fun. >> comb on this mastic which is easy to do. >> what is that? >> mastic. it is an adhesive, goes right on the mailbox. >> peel this off? leave it on. place it any way you want or do single or individual pieces if you want to give it that nice feeling. we could take a little more time, but that's basically ultimately -- >> looks good. >> not bad. >> for a couple of dollars, fancy up the mailbox. >> cool. that's going to heat up the mailbox when the sun starts hitting that. >> i'll tell you what's going to happen, if the rain hits it, it will watch off and look clean and will look fantastic. grout it after that, grouting is very simple. apply the grout into the cracks like that. 45 degree angle with your float and rinse it off with a sponge and then you got the nice cracks filled up. looks beautiful, right? you can buff up that haze and get the finished look. this is exciting because nighttime is a great way to enhance the way your home looks. if you have a little bit of lighting, it can improve the
2:34 am
exterior. you can light a tree like we see here and at night it gives you the dramatic look and feel to the property, right? >> and doesn't have to be electric. those solar ones are great now. >> right. >> they really are. >> and what is so nice about the solar stuff is it is basically one light for about $46 here and if you're around a corner where you don't get sunlight but still want to have light, they now make it so that the panels can go around the corner of the house and get the sun during the day. at night, it still lights up. >> very cool. >> this, no wiring necessary. just plug it in the dirt and then get your light at night and again, for 45 bucks, you can did a dramatic transformation on the exterior of your house. >> i love that. we did that. instead of the expense of doing it all the way down the property. >> the other option is to wire it with a traditional transformer, but that's a lot more effort and work and money, obviously. i think that's a great option. and then these are great because these are l.e.d. light strips
2:35 am
and these come in six-foot lengths. they're about $40 for a six-foot length. you can find different price points. what happens here is you never have to replace this lightbulb. >> ever? >> about a 15 to 25-year period in terms of how long they last. you can adhere it to the bottom of any railing, can hide it and get that dramatic lighting transformation. >> all new stuff. >> i think it is fun. i want to hire you guys for my next job. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. the latest looks for brides. >> coming up right after this. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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whether you're getting married indoors or on the beach or this is your first time down the aisle or not, the dress is often the main event. >> on average brides spend about $1200 on their dress, but all the ones we're showing you today are less than that. here with the latest trends from new york's bridal fashion week is the knot fashion editor jenny ma. >> what are some new trends? >> there are tons of new trends. we're fresh off bridal fashion week. i saw a thousand dresses. i picked my four favorites to show you guys. i'm wearing all the trends right now. this dress by antonio gaw, a little teaser. >> that's for a bride? >> yes. but it is a little short, but -- >> adorable. >> short but we'll get to it. should we start? >> let's start. >> sparkle is one of the trends. we have rebecca coming out.
2:41 am
>> serious sparkle is huge, really glamorous, a bride that really wants to stand out and shine. this dress is by morey lee and guess how much it is? >> very expensive because of the beading. i'll say 300. >> 949. so it is a little -- it is more than 100 but -- >> look at the back. >> it looks gorgeous. >> the jeweled headpiece is -- >> that we paired it with enchanted, if you wear a long veil, it will snag on your dress. where something more manageable. >> we have megan. she's wearing a barely there color. >> that blush. >> isn't that beautiful? >> i love that. >> a little sheen. did you see vera wang's runway show? >> we talked about it. >> pink dresses, down the runway, not for every bride. this is a great way to get a little bit of color. unexpected. >> that is -- can you show us the back of that please, sweetie? so pretty. >> $1,198.
2:42 am
>> what about the cuff bracelet she's got on? >> we paired it with the -- higher necklines are making a huge comeback. you don't always want to wear a necklace. >> perfect. looks great. let's bring out kimberly next. she's got a -- we're talking floral embellishment. >> we have been seeing this all season, a lot of floral embridery. mini 3-d flowers. so romantic, so feminine. and look what she's holding. a fabric bouquet. david's bridal, $999. it is so romantic and feminine. and it is a fabric bouquet. isn't that really cool? yeah. >> you can keep it forever. >> keep it forever. won't wilt and you can make it with heirloom fabric from your mother's dress or grandmother's dress. that's autumn and grace bridal. >> beautiful. thank you. >> thank you. >> we have short and sweet. emily is coming out with that. >> sassy. >> somebody intends to have an exciting life.
2:43 am
so, i mean, this is aria, $975, such a great look, really flirty. it is great if you're having a city hall wedding, second wedding, don't want something very formal. or you can change into this for your reception. >> for the reception. >> you can dance. look at her fabulous shoes. you need amazing shoes with a short dress. >> looks great. >> badgely mischka. >> beautiful. >> isn't that great? >> those are great. thanks, jenny. thank you, ladies. >> you're all beautiful. singer and actress lorna luft taking the stage with her sister liza minnelli for the first time in 20 years. she's going to tell us all about it right after this. crisp, fall rocky mountain air
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she's the daughter of hollywood legend judy garland and made the career of her own. it spans entertainment, musical and more. >> now lorna luft decided to use
2:48 am
her talent to pay it forward, reuniting with her sister liza minnelli for a two-night special event to raise money for breast cancer. it is the first time they're performing on stage together in 20 years. >> good to see you, lorna. >> thank you. >> i know the first one was this past monday and the second one is this monday coming up. how did it go? because liza hurt herself in rehearsal, right? >> she's fine and she's great and she's home and everything is fine. >> she was going to be with us today, she sends her regrets. >> you will be with her? >> i will. it was an amazing experience. the audience was so with us and just an incredible -- it was a reception that i was taken aback by. >> but you knew the audience was going to be there for you. >> i did. but not to a point where it was definite. and to raise that amount of money, we raised over $120,000. >> that's fantastic. >> which is so wonderful. >> we'll talk about why you raised this money. can we just go back to tony,
2:49 am
back when you and your sister performed, so many years ago, and watch a little of that, okay, just to remember what it was like back then. ♪ let me tell you something sister, remember my name ♪ ♪ no twister going to steal you away ♪ ♪ my sister >> i look at the hair color. >> what hair color was that? >> you're covered in pink for a reason. it was ten months ago that you found out that you had breast cancer. >> yes. >> tell us about that. >> i found a lump. i knew something was wrong. but i was so terrified, i was so scared that i didn't do anything. >> you were in denial. >> i was a big river in egypt. i really was. and people would say, you got to go and you got to go do this. i said, no, i got to go to new york or london. i was so scared. i was so afraid. >> you thought because there was no family history of it and you nursed your children, you would
2:50 am
never have it. >> never have it. then i found out i had it. >> you had it bad. i had stage 2a and a grade 3 tumor. so when i found out, i was lucky enough to have fantastic doctors who led me down the path of education. and once i found out about what i had, and that i was going to be fine, all right, i then put myself into taking care of my own health care. and it -- it's really -- it's eye opening. it's life altering, and then you have -- you're in charge of what you have to do. and once you get the education about what is happening to you, you are in control. and it gives you some -- >> sense of power? >> a very big sense of power. >> the funny thing, i remember when i was telling my boss, that i had it, i remember what he said. he said i know a lot of women
2:51 am
with breast cancer and they have one thing in common. and i said what's that, he said they're still here. the diagnosis used to be -- i'm not saying it isn't terrible for a lot of women, but it used to be a death sentence. >> it was so scary. when i had the -- when i found out i had to go through four months of chemotherapy, that terrified me because chemotherapy, of course, has, you know, side effects, but it has that look -- it has a reputation. >> did you work through it? did you take off the four months while you had the chemo? >> i took off the four months with the chemotherapy. i lost my hair, i lost, you know, everything, you know, my eyebrows, eyelashes, everything. >> it comes back. >> it comes back. i didn't know things. i found a website that was called that had everything you could ever imagine for, you know, breast cancer survivors and while you're going through it and what was amazing is i didn't know about any of this. i would find things. i would find -- >> there is so much out there now. >> we're so happy you're with us.
2:52 am
>> thank you for coming to see us. >> give liza our love. have a great time on monday. >> thank you. >> sold out, i understand. a spicy treat straight from the past. >> kathie lee's favorite fondue made in a pumpkin from -- >> one my favorite people in the world, andy medina. >> but first this is "today" on nbc.
2:53 am
2:54 am
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2:56 am
we're in "today's kitchen" with flavors for the fall. it is harvest season, with pull pumpkins at their peak. why not put them to work outside and inside. >> served in a hollowed out pumpkin and sure to please your guest, it is my very good friend, andy medina. lalalala >> andy, so excited. kathie has been raving about this dish since you made it -- >> a couple of weeks ago. we had a big party and -- >> what did you do? you took a pumpkin -- >> well, what i like about this, because you can get pumpkins
2:57 am
once a year, that's what makes this so special. >> okay. >> there are two great ingredients about this, which i like, which are the new mexico chilies that you put in here, only grown in the fall and pumpkins. >> you appreciate it all the more, because you can only have it at this time of year. >> exactly. like you can have the chili anytime, but the pumpkin you can only get once a year. >> you hollow out the pumpkin. >> we clean it out . >> get all the gook out. >> get all the gook out. what we want to do when you get all the gook out, you want to make sure you don't thin out the walls too much. >> okay. >> you're going to cook those walls. >> right. >> here is a clean one. >> it will look like that when you're finished. >> okay. >> the most important thing is making sure we don't thin the walls out too much because this is our bowl. >> our bowl. >> our bowl. you got how much water? >> about an inch of water in there. after we pour the fondue in there, we're going to cover it lightly with tin foil and cook it up. >> for about an hour. >> yes. we're going to add our ingredients, the flour, cumin
2:58 am
and paprika. >> what are you adding to that? >> that's the chilies, right? >> some chorizo in there, dried. stir that up, incorporate it all together. this is new mexico green chile. chili. i order this every year, it comes from hatch, new mexico. i'm from colorado. this is a great -- >> dump that in there. >> it makes it special. >> pour that all together, we incorporate it all. >> okay. >> until the flour is a little toasty. what you do is pour in the chicken broth. >> mm-hmm. >> stir it up. >> looks so good already. smells like -- >> it is just -- it is the most delicious thing you've ever had. it is so much fun. everybody was fighting over this. >> what is this? >> this is a mozzarella and a combination of monterey jack cheese and cheddar. >> dump it in. oh, my god. >> it is deadly, but delicious. it is worth it. >> you take all this in and put it back in the pumpkin? >> yes, i do.
2:59 am
get it where it melts a little bit. bit. >> so it is really not that difficult at all. you made me think this was -- >> we got to try it. we have a few seconds. come on. >> pour it in, cover it, andy, or no? >> cover it with tin foil for an hour an take it off and cook it for ten more minutes. >> can't wait. while you're enjoying that, andy made me the greatest margarita. >> the most delicious. you get a little side of the pumpkin with it too, don't you? >> yes. >> so delicious. >> get in there. how is it? i like it watch people eat. >> you can't believe how awesome it is. everybody from the grandma to the little kids were diving into it. >> this recipe, hard to remember everything, will be on our website, it's going to be great. >> you are awesome. >> thank you. next week, we have julie andrews, christie brinkley and alisa milan that and rosy perez.
3:00 am
and neil se dacca will be with us. >> and gavin mccloud. have an awesome weekend, everybody. god bless. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪ ♪ ♪


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