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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 21, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and we begin with developing news in nevada. that's where police say two people are dead and two more injured in the shooting at sparks middle school. police are not offering many more details, but they say the school is all clear, and the suspect is down. a spokeswoman at a local hospital says two boys are in critical condition. the middle school and a nearby elementary school are now closed for the day. investigators are not revealing a motive for the shooting at this time. we'll have much more on the story tonight at 5:00. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelly. federal investigators hitting
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the ground in walnut creek looking at what led to the deadly accident involving two bart workers. the investigators spent the night on the tracks trying to piece together exactly what happened. nbc bay area's damian is in the area. >> reporter: people have been placing flowers and candles along this chain-link fence. we're near highway 680. on the other side of this fence, the tracks that claimed the lives of two bart workers. investigators dressed in what looked like hazmat suits told me they spent the night on these tracks. they used huge spotlights so they could gather evidence at the scene. bart says two workers were on the tracks inspecting them when an approaching train hit them. they are identified as chris shepherd and larry daniels. the train was an auto and was making routine runs during the strike to keep the system working properly.
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the federal investigators are scheduled to talk to the driver today. they will also analyze other systems data on the train as they piece together what happened. >> basic questions on what he was doing that evening, what his job assignment was, how he goes about doing his job. we'll look at the train. >> reporter: the investigators came off the tracks at about 5:30 this morning. they put evidence into large plastic bags and hauled them away to analyze the contents. nearby a memorial for the workers killed while trying to assure the tracks were safe. ntsb will hold another news briefing at 4:00 today at the pleasant hill bart station. they'll be able to reveal more information as to what they may have uncovered when they were up here on the tracks early this  morning. before that at 3:00, the union will hold a rally also to draw attention to what they say are their safety concerns on bart. we're live in walnut creek.
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>> just a heartbreaking scene all the way around. thank you very much. those federal investigators will also be reviewing bart's radio transmission, recounting those moments of that tragedy. >> bart emergency, bart emergency. >> bart emergency, go ahead. >> central, train 963, we just struck some individuals at approximately 15 decimal 2 on the c-1 track. central, be advised it may be bart employees. >> well, during that radio communication posted on, you can hear the voice of the man believed to be the train operator along with a dispatcher. later you can hear the voices of bart employees confirming the two maintenance workers had, in fact, been killed. meanwhile, it is day four of the bart strike. bart's board of directors has just decided to cancel an emergency meeting planned for this afternoon. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the bart station in oakland where instead of operating trains, bart workers are picketing. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, we're getting word there may be limited talks that may happen today, possibly as early as 11:00, 11:30. that according to one bart union leader, who didn't have very much information on it. what i can tell you is that, as you said, this comes as bart announced it would be cancelling a 3:00 p.m. closed-door meting about labor negotiations that the board of directors planned to hold. it appears there may be some movement. members of seiu are walking the picket line 24 hours a day. last word the unions had presented a counteroffer to bart with allowances for technology in their work rules. now, that was a critical sticking point, those work rules, but they said they were holding firm on the safety issues, particularly in light after the two workers were hit and killed. one worker on the picket line this morning told me they really need to stick to those safety rules, and he hopes they can reach a deal soon. >> i sure hope that they talk
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again and we get something out of this. this is unfortunate. i feel for everybody. i'm just like any other regular person around here. we don't want to see this happen. we allt1, got families. >> reporter: now, one union planned to go to that board meeting, demanding answers after that accident in the east bay. it's unclear if that stands because that meeting was canceled. they may still hold a press conference of their own. that's the latest from here. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you. if you're about to head out the door, check out our website. has a bart resources page with detailed information for commuters at the top of the page. that's where you'll find a bart strike resources tab. it will take you to a map with real-time traffic updates, other
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commute options and real-time tweets from transit agencies across the bay area. happening today, another possible transit strike is looming. today ac transit and its largest union plan to state their cases to a state-appointed panel. the union threatened to strike last thursday. governor brown stepped in and issued a one-week cooling off period. he also appointed the panel to review the dispute and the impact it might have on the public's health, safety, and welfare. ac transit carries about 100,000 riders a day. well, with that looming ac transit strike and bart still at a standstill, there's a major work stoppage underway at the port of oakland. the port's trucker's association says it's halting work to protest what it says are unsafe working conditions and unfair labor practices. their demands incrude a fee to offset the cost of new emissions standards and compensation for the hours they spend waiting to unload at the port. so far, no competent from the port about the allegations or
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about the work stoppage. a new twist in the case of the woman found dead in a san francisco general hospital stairwell after missing for more than two weeks. the san francisco chronicle reports a hospital orderly reported stepping over an unconscious woman. it was then reported to the sheriffs department. it's unclear why the sheriffs department did not locate the woman. lynn spalding disappeared from her hospital room september 21st and was found october 8th in the locked stairwell. spalding's cause of death has not been determined. san jose city leaders looking to the public for help as they work to try and slow down gang activity. tonight the mayor's gang prevention task force set to host the first in a series of forums on gang violence. the meeting will be held at overfelt high school from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. this evening. people will have an opportunity to share their concerns and
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provide input on san jose's efforts to try and crack down on gang activity. police say san jose has experienced a 40% drop in gang activity over this past summer. and the california publict, utilities commission holding a hearing today on the condition of a potentially dangerous pg&e pipeline. the pipeline runs under the city of san carlos. earlier this month, pg&e shut down the line after a judge's order. that's after some internal e-mails revealed concerns about corrosion and cracks similar to the pipeline that exploded in san bruno, that deadly scene there three years ago. today's hearing, the cpuc will set a schedule for the safety investigation. still to come, the 49ers, aldon smith still in rehab following his recent dui arrest. now we're getting a better idea when he may be back on the field. details next. yahoo! scores a big coo?-?rs
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morning. and even after all these years, fans of all generations still flocking for you know what. we'll take you live to the south bay. that story coming up. and we still have some thick fog out there and slight delays as a result out of sfo, but we have showers in the forecast. that's a big story in the weather department. want to detail that for you when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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welcome back. this month marks 22 years since the massive oakland hills fire. now survivors are joining forces with community leaders to help make sure it doesn't happen again. the fire in 1991 killed 25 people and destroyed more than 3500 homes. concerned residents and
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politicians using the anniversary to urge people to renew the wildfire prevention assessment district. the current measure is set to expire next year. it provides funding for roving fire patrols as well as vegetation management. for people who lived in the area during the fire, the memories are so vivid. >> my family and i were among those who fled these hills as the fire devoured our home and property. for many years after, our oldest daughter, 9 years old at the time, slept with the light on. >> people in the hills will be receiving ballots in the coming weeks to vote on whether to extend the measure. now a preview of an exclusive investigative unit report surrounding a story marla talked about a few moments ago. tonight, the nbc bay area investigative unit digging deeper. did 49ers superstar aldon smith receive preferential treatment during his most recent run-in with the law? was there a mistake in judgment?
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tonight at 11:00, chief investigative reporter exploring exactly what happened inside that county jail on the morning aldon smith was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. there are also serious concerns about smith's invitation to this very location, the sheriff shooting range. allowed to shoot high-powered rifles and fly in the sheriff's helicopter while he was under investigation for possessing illegal weapons. >> is that a conflict of interest? >> i believe it is. investigation for gun play, i don't think it's wise or justifiable to bring hem to the sheriff's office range to use county guns and ammunition. >> did the sheriff make a mistake by allowing aldon smith to come to this event? >> based on what we know, it sounds like she made a mistake. it's a mistake in judgment, or it's a mistake in public perception, yeah. she probably thinks she made a mistake too.
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>> did aldon smith receive preferential treatment? >> aldon smith did not receive preferential treatment. >> coming up tonight, holding the powerful accountable, asking the questions surrounding the dui arrest and criminal investigation of aldon smith. >> meanwhile, we're getting a better idea of when smith could return to the 49ers. the 49ers could meet with smith after they return from this sunday's game in london. that's the bye week. the team telling csn, smith must show significant progress in order to return to play this season. head coach jim harbaugh confirming the report after yesterday's game saying he thinks it will happen at some point in the next couple of weeks. smith is still in rehab after a recent dui arrest. i guess we could say facebook had a hiccup this morning. >> something like that. >> scott mcgrew, lots of people couldn't start the way they usually do. >> yeah, checking facebook.
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one study by light speed research says a third of all young women check facebook absolutely the first thing in the morning, before they do anything else. well, not this morning. facebook had an error message for a while, blaming routine maintenance. facebook is back up and running. do you know who this is? this is david pogue. he's a big deal in the gadget business as the gadget guy for "the new york times." he says this morning he's leaving "the times" to create a tech website over at yahoo!. now, tomorrow apple is going to announce at least two new ipads at one of their announcements. microsoft, too, will start selling its new surface 2 tablet tonight at midnight at its big store at the west yield mall on market street, then every else tomorrow morning. lots of new tablets to look at this week. back to you. >> all right, scott. thank you so much. >> i always look forward to the apple announcements. >> it's exciting. like everybody else out and
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about on the roads this morning, our bob rydell is sick of sitting in traffic. that's why he's looking for a new way to get around. >> he joins us live from the tech museum in san jose. bob, what do you have underneath your sleeve? >> reporter: all right, marla and jon. it's a bit of an older model. it's got battle damage, but it's super fast in getting around traffic. you're looking at luke skywalker's land speeder at the tech museum. it's the "star wars" exhibit where science meets imagination. this was used in the late '70s. what is it exactly? what is underneath that? >> what it is in reality, it's an old english three-wheel car they had taken. you can see the wheels back here. >> reporter: how did they make it look like it was levitating? >> they took mirrors and mounted them at a 45-degree angle. as the car was driving through the desert, the reflection made it look as if it was levitating. >> reporter: all you're seeing is sand on sand. over here is a model of the land
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speeder. i know you're probably wondering, obi one was the $6 million man? i kid you not, he's here. that's interesting. come over here, pete. this is something that surprised me. darth vader's costume. you see it in the movie. you think, it's so high tech, got all this stuff going on. take a look at it. what are we looking at? just plastic and tape? >> yeah, plastic and tape. in the movie, they highlight it where they have the l.e.d.s lighting up that you saw. this is the first prototype of the costume and what it was going to look like. this one was actually used in the first film. >> reporter: okay. over here, i'm a little disappointed in yoda. i didn't realize how
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hygienically challenged he is. what's up with all the ear hair? look at the right ear. you have nothing to say about that, right? >> just old age, i guess. >> reporter: literally, 800 years old. we have costumes from the newer films. of course, c3po, princess laya. what this like when you saw the exhibit? >> it was a dream come true. when the museum management came to me and said this was going to be a project toover see, really, i have to? twist my arm. it was amazing. >> reporter: it's where science meets imagination. the whole point is you're trying to bring things in that teach kids. right here you have what? >> we don't have a lot of robots now that walk because technology wasn't there yet. we didn't realize how difficult it was to actually walk or make a robot walk. >> reporter: and it doesn't look easy based on what you're having
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to do. >> and you have this smaller model to help you guide you through it. but it is a challenge. >> reporter: you know who we need here? herbie hancock. which one was that in the '80s? >> good call. >> reporter: the exhibit runs -- how long does the exhibit run? >> until february 23rd. we'll vl our extended hours during the holiday season. we have our special jedi package available for the millennium falcon experience which is very limited. >> reporter: all right. very cool. thank you very much, pete. this is a "star war" geek's dream come true. i happen to be one. coming in here and seeing these things, things you grew up with, and see them in reality. >> chewy right there. i like it. >> i knew bob was a big "star wars" fan because he has that big light saber on his desk. >> i was princess laya for
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halloween. a very cheap costume. just get a white sheet. >> well done. >> done. >> we'll have to check it out. we need the photos. let's check in with christina loren. not sure what you're dressing up as, but i'm sure it's going to be show stopper. >> i'll be your chewbacca. good morning to you. got a good looking day shaping up. look at these spectators on the golden gate bridge. they don't mind a little bit of fog. we're going to see the sunshine over the bay in about an hour or two. we're already seeing it here. look at this beautiful clear sky. we can tell you right now we're tracking some showers into the end of the week. i'll be updating you each and every day on nbc bay area news at 11:00. look at this up in santa rosa. you still have areas where you can only see for 2 1/2 miles. the fog has not been this thick for quite some time. throughout the next couple days, we're going to continue to see low ceilings each and every morning. that cool ocean air moves all the way inland.
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that means temperatures right-hand tuaren't going to soar today. in places like livermore, 84 degrees. 73 -- lots of 70s around the bay. want to spend a little extra time on your seven-day forecast, take you through the changes. getting into your tuesday, same deal as today. we'll see that thick morning fog becoming sunny by the afternoon. wednesday into thursday, that's when it starts to get a little dicey around here. our temperatures are going to drop off late thursday into friday. could be looking at some showers. the thing about a cutoff low is it has nothing to steer it inland. it's detached from the jet stream. it's hard to tell just how much rain we're going to get or where those showers will end up. right now it looks like the immediate coast, best chance late thursday into friday. we keep that chance going for saturday into sunday as well. stick with us. we'll keep you updated. when that system gets closer, more information coming your way. back to you right now, marla and jon. >> christina, thank you very much. if being in it the high 70s means dicey, we're good compared
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to most of the country. >> we got it made. >> love it. still to come, code name kardashian? we reveal an inside joke at apple's cupertino headquarters.
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just in case they weren't busy enough at a successful company, an internal joke at apple going public over the weekend. >> turns out some employees jokingly refer to the gold iphone 5s as the kardashian phone. tech crunch reports it wasn't a serious code name but an internal code name based on kim kardashian's love for the gold iphone. there's no word on if kim has the new iphone 5s in gold. >> like the old saying, you can run, but you can't hide. even when they aren't begging for attention, they get it.
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a competition coming up showing husbands and wives working together as a unified team. >> we're going to show you the wife-carrying competition, plus the big prize, after the break.
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no, it is not the olympics, but it has its own phenomenal merit. the winner of finland's annual wife-carrying championship gets his wife's weight in beer. in china, it's a bigger prize. >> look at this. 18 couples in china this weekend competed for a chance to win a seaside home. that was the prize. they got a home. >> how about that? upside down. >> contestants used a variety of styles. did that person hurt their ankle? >> a little dangerous. >> some of the wives balance upside down over their husband's shoulders. other, piggy back. the couples had been training since 2011. you've been training for two years, you better win. >> true champions. >> eye of the tiger out there. >> but it's only fitting because i guarantee those wives have been carrying those chumps for their lives. >> amen. thanks so much for being with us.
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