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tv   Today  NBC  October 22, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome, welcome. it's fun day monday, october 21st. hope you had a terrific weekend. it was the first weekend i think that felt like it's fall. and it's coming. >> it's starting to. >> there's no turning back. >> midweek it's supposed to turn here in new york. it's going to get colder and sweaters and coats and everything. >> but just in time for me to go south. i'm going to charlotte, north carolina, on thursday for -- i'll tell you about it later in the week. and then out to california for cassidy's parents weekend.
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so i get out before this plummets. >> well, should we drink to that? >> yes my dear friend andy medina was on the show on friday. he made an unbelievable pumpkin dip thing that was -- everybody went crazy for. >> everyone loved it. >> what else did they go crazy for? >> andy makes a margarita that's crazy, okay? it is so soaked in lime, he takes limes and just squeezes them. fresh lime juice. it was delicious. everyone said on the website, where was the margarita. thank you for the dip but we need something to wash it down. we posted it on the website. you'll see lots of lime and deliciousness. >> i'd like andy to come back quite often. when he came into our lives he could barely, barely boil water. now he can make anything. i always call him martha when he's in the kitchen. but he's amazing. so fun to have him back. >> you guys, there's been some video circulating. it's angered a lot of people.
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there are scout leaders, as you guys know, who were -- >> glen taylor in particular, who shall remain nameless. >> there's a place in utah that's called utah's goblin valley state park. they have rocks they say are 170 million years old, these rock formations. so this boy scout leader and his son and another kid decided that they were going to cause some trouble. anyway, just take a look at this video. >> you decide what they were doing. >> you decide. >> just a little bit. >> okay. so anyway, they wiggled it just a little bit and the rock fell off. now everybody was upset because, clearly, this is very historic. it's been around for 170 million years. and they claim, because everyone wondered like, what's their response going to be? he claimed he was actually saving children because that
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rock was so wobbly, it could have fallen on someone. >> i wonder if he had that thought after it went viral and people were angry. it doesn't look like that's his intent there. i wonder if i can knock this thing over. >> if you are singing, wiggle it just a little bit. probably your intention is to knock it over. >> the boy scouts organization said this. we are shocked and disappointed by this reprehensible behavior. the isolated actions of these individuals are absolutely counter to our beliefs and what we teach. i would think so, too. >> i agree. >> so salt lake city authorities are going to conduct a criminal investigation. it could be a felony if they decide to charge him. >> here's a little side bar. glen taylor is already involved in another lawsuit. he's suing, for get this, disability compensation from something else. he said he sustained serious and permanent debilitating injuries from a car accident four years ago. >> but he looks kind of fit to us. >> i say he's busted.
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>> nbc news did reach out to glen taylor for comment but we haven't gotten a response because he's huddle with his lawyer. >> we're sitting in our studio and there are like three crew guys here and then you glance over there and there are like 30 crews guy. i wondered why is everyone over there. and i realize, oh, christie brinkley is there. yes. nobody does a pose like christie. nobody can pose like christie. >> can we have more crew members over there? we're good with just the two over here. >> she's doing her exercises at the same time. >> oh, my god, she is so thin. >> she looks fantastic. >> almost 60, right? >> what's your point? >> i am just saying that she's going to talk to us. >> she's only had eight kids. what's your point. >> no, she hasn't had that many. she's amazing. we'll try to get secrets out of her. there's an online catalog for if you want something of oprah's. if you want a little bit of the oprah magic, she's having a yard sale but oh, what a yard sale. >> she decided to put a bunch of her stuff from her homes up for sale and will give the money toward her -- the school that she --
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>> college scholarships for the girls who actually graduate from her school in africa. >> you can find all kinds of things. we just showed you that color of purple poster. how about these things. this is like one of those jetson-type deals. and it's electric and apparently she rode those. 1,000 bucks each. she's got a whole bunch of lamps. 20th century brass table lamps. 600 bucks. how about that? a chaise launch. $5,000. this stuff was all in her house. i wonder what her house looked. >> they came from her farm house in indiana. i doubt that stuff was there. >> those chairs were 40 grand. this thing is 50 grand. what is it? what is it? >> a bureau. an 18th century bureau valued around $50,000. so they are all from different places. and i haven't gone on and looked, but -- >> it's interesting, though. >> yeah. what's interesting to me is, why now? and why all this stuff and why -- she wants to sort of reinvent all of her -- i know that feeling.
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most of us can't throw out everything and start from scratch. but she wants the new homes to be -- to represent more of the real her. >> right. i think it's interesting. >> not as ornate. >> you can go to kaminsky if you are interested in looking at some of oprah's stuff. walmart had a visitor. >> they usually like visitors. but they do have low prices all the time apparently. >> this guy was not welcome. >> he was in orlando. >> of course. >> he went through the door. they are automatic. no one is stopping him. >> he's just minding his own business. what a place to take a snooze. >> those things -- when i lived in florida, i was always so afraid. those things are on golf courses. and the one thing everybody said, look how he walks. >> it almost looks like a raccoon walking along there. with my eye sight i'd say, here kitty, kitty. >> in case one is ever chasing you because they can outrun you, obviously, you should never, according to the people in florida, they told me never run a straight line.
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zigzag because they can't turn so well. >> what a great idea. >> zigzagging. >> you might have just saved lives. that's awesome. can you imagine how he tries to process a door that opens and then closes and then opens and -- he says, am i welcome or not? what's the story? i guess they ended up getting him. >> if you love dolly parton. >> i would like to meet one person on this planet who doesn't. i don't think they exist. >> she went on queen latifah's new show. they have a movie called "joyful noise." she was going to go on queen latifah's show and do something a little unexpected. take a look. ♪ now i don't hip and i don't hop i black both eyes with this big top ♪ ♪ i know the queen has got them too but she don't work them like i do ♪ ♪ look at them go ♪ hey, i'm tweaking ♪ i'm working i'm twerking hey miley ♪
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♪ i got two wrecking balls right here ♪ okay. >> she is awesome. look at her. look at that woman. ♪ i know i'm short i know she's tall guess you could call us biggie smalls ♪ ♪ our songs are different mine is more fun like coming around the mountain when she comes yee haw ♪ ♪ she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes ♪ >> i could watch that all day. >> please. >> she's 67 years old. look at the body. christie brinkley, look at her body at 67. there's something for even you to aspire to. >> i cannot believe how great she looks. >> you don't see her that often. so when you see her, it's exciting. that's what it feels like. i haven't seen her in a long time. >> that's her rendition of "that's what it is to do a country rap." good for her.
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a new study is out. are women better doctors. do you have a gender preference when you choose a doctor? you and i both chose a female gynecologist. >> that's natural. i think what researchers are finding out is that women doctors take more time with their patients than men. men see more patients but women doctors take more time with their patients so they are obviously making more money if they are seeing more patients, right? >> but they say the overall quality of care with a female doctor is better. i sort of get that. half the time you feel like when someone is talking to you or looking at you, they are looking at your vitals, talking to you and then the next one is coming in. >> i don't want a man telling me about a hot flash. he's never had one, doesn't know what they feel like. he may be very knowledge but has no empathy in the sense that he hasn't had one. i want a woman older than i am who has been out of menopause longer than i have. >> i once had a male gynecologist who was probably
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like 70-something or older. and i was so -- it was recommended by a friend. i went to him and he had an old yellow pad. i'll never forget. i'd watch his handwriting when he was writing stuff. it was like jaggedy and i was like, oh, my god. but he was the guy i chose because i felt comfortable. he was an older guy and then -- >> he wasn't going to make a move on you. is that what you're afraid of? >> no, i'm just afraid of -- maybe. looking at you and staring even though they don't care. >> that's what's so funny about dolly. she was at my home with marilu henner. we talk about how much we hate to go to the gynecologist. who likes to get up there. and she goes, i do. why? she was in love with her gynecologist. he was this hot, gorgeous guy. and that's what you've got to love about dolly. she picked him for that. >> all right, you guys. today is the last day to submit your favorite teacher. we're looking for the teacher of the year. if there's somebody currently teaching a class between kindergarten and 123 -- 12th
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grade, let us know. >> submit an essay and photos at a great prize. $10,000 in school supplies from contest ends at midnight. i was walking on the plaza a couple of days ago. this guy said i have something for you and kathie lee. it looked like a golf ball on a cork screw. he hand carved. that's what's inside the golf ball. his name is jack from the quad cities. look at it. it's so cute. >> it's adorable. >> like one of those muppet guys. >> that does. >> what do you have? >> i'm very excited. i spent the weekend, something brand new. i've never done it before. you know me. iphone and the ipad and the tweaking and the -- no twerking but tweeting. now this coming wednesday for the first time i'm going to have something called a pod cast. so the show is titled kathie lee and company. my first guest is regis philbin. >> of course it is. >> lots of surprises. >> when am i on?
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>> you're on in three weeks. >> whatever. >> hoda came to my house, we were having technical difficulties. thank you for that. >> if you want to listen, go to and you look for the show called kathie lee & company. clickety clack it's going to be great. we'll fill you in on all the celebrity scoop you've been waiting for all weekend. she's graced the "sports illustrated" three consecutive times with her gorgeous girl next door look. >> i can't believe what we're looking at. >> the always beautiful and she's come to play christie brinkley. celebrating a very great anniversary. and we'll talk to her right after this.
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it is one of the most successful magazine franchises in the world. it's released every february. >> the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue which has
2:20 am
propelled the careers of countless supermodels, including three-time cover girl christie brinkley, and that was in a row. who hasn't changed a bit, and it's getting on our nerves. >> you can take a look back at how it all started and all the models lucky enough to grace the covers in the "sports illustrated" 50 years of beautiful. >> nice to see you, christie. >> is that you on the cover? >> no. >> whose body did they use for the cover? >> nobody knows. but i am on the cover. i think it's on the left breast. >> yes, you are. >> oh, now i get it. now i see. there you are. >> i honestly can't believe you're going to be 60 and you look like this. >> i know, they are making such a big deal about "sports illustrated" turning 50. it's like -- >> yawn. >> in february when they turn 50, i'll turn 60. then we'll talk. >> the whole -- a beautiful woman knows they are beautiful long before somebody else tells them so. but you were not modeling. you were pursuing -- didn't you love photography and art? you were an artist.
2:21 am
>> i was in paris to study art and i was working as an illustrator. and i was discovered there by a french -- by an american photographer. >> your father had been a television executive, right? >> writer/producer. >> and were you hooked once you started modeling? did you realize this is where you needed to be? >> well, you know, i thought -- i could travel, i could -- i really kind of reluctantly got into modeling. very reluctantly. but "sports illustrated" -- >> but successfully, i'd say. >> "sports illustrated," very much convinced me that this is -- look at this. that's in the seychelles islands. >> what happened there? >> i got the cover in the seychelles islands. >> you don't know if you're going to get the cover. what happened? >> seychelles are extremely beautiful but the bugs are gigantic. and everywhere.
2:22 am
so one morning we fly in sort of in the evening to an island calling bird island. i hadn't seen my surroundings yet. went to bed. woke up to the sound of lizards crunching the wood, jump in the shower. this point we're already freaked out by all the things crawling. i wasn't going to get freaked out. i feel something on my leg. i'm not going to get freaked out. but water goes down, not up. i look and there's this creature crawling up my leg. i fly out of the shower. i grab the towel. when i pull the towel up over me on the back side, there's this big hairy spider. so i throw the towel. i run to my suitcase. i used to carry little protein bars because i'm a vegetarian, vegan. >> of course you are. >> i opened up, there's a half eaten bar that's attracted ten billion bugs from the island. >> paradise is now hell. >> i'm hauling out like raiders from the -- the movie. at this point i just tear stark
2:23 am
naked out the front door and there is the restaurant with all the english bird watchers there. >> with their binoculars. >> that's a strange bird. >> but a lovely one. >> if you are watching out there, there may be a british person with a shot of me streaking. >> if it hasn't shown up all these days. >> we could talk to you forever because you have a million of those stories. congratulations to "sports illustrated." congratulations on your new products. >> and the book goes on sale tomorrow. and it's gorgeous. it's really great to know it's -- >> we love you. >> what can i say? >> thanks for coming to see us. >> all right. the lone survivor, this is an unbelievable story. of a plane crash, shares her chilling and inspirational story of how she overcame tragedy. plus, vanity fair heats up while some hotties make the short list of the role of christian grey. find out what all the celebrity buzz is all about right after this. save them.
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last year a small plane carrying five people was on its way to a christian youth rally in iowa when suddenly it plummeted into a kansas field and burst into flames. >> 24-year-old hannah lucci and two of her best friends were on that flight. everyone died, except hannah. the sole survivor of a tragedy that shook her to the very core. >> may 11th, 2012, we were headed from tulsa, oklahoma, to council bluffs, iowa. we were incredibly excited. >> hannah lucci was headed to a christian youth rally organized by her father's teen mania ministry. >> i was like, oh, you know, we should take a picture. we never take pictures. >> she was one of five people on board a small twin engine cessna. two of her closest friends from oral roberts university were flying with her. 27-year-old austin anderson, a former marine, and garrett copel, a former instructor at the university. >> we were in the air for an
2:29 am
hour until something went wrong. smoke began to clog up the plane. i had to block the smoke because it was burning my eyes. we're trying to figure out how to survive. i began to realize that we may not live. >> the plane went down in a kansas field and burst into flames. hannah was the only survivor sustaining burns over 28% of her body. >> my legs started to catch on fire. you just see the flames and you feel the heat. how will i survive? how will i get out of this alive? >> and in just a couple of minutes we'll sit down with hannah and hear more about her remarkable story. >> unbelievable. >> plus, grammy nominated musician makes a dream come true for our be bold today contest winner. that's all -- look. they are bonding already. >> that's so fun. >> right after your local news.
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we're back with more of "today." earlier we shared the story of hannah lucci who took a flight with some of her friends back in may of 2012. >> they were headed to a christian youth rally in iowa but their small cessna plane crashed in the kansas field and only hannah survived. now she's written a book about that fateful day and her painful road to recovery called "fields of grace." >> hi. >> it's great to welcome you here. >> hi. >> lovely to see you guys. >> we knew what the subject matter was and then we meet you. >> yeah. >> and you are so not a victim. you know, this is not a pity party at all that you write about. >> there are moments, of course, it's a harrowing story, but what do you want to ask her about, hoda? >> i think, when i think about your recovery it had two parts. the physical recovery and emotional recovery. >> and spiritual one. >> uh-huh. >> where are you on those parts? >> well, i think i -- i have, in a lot of ways, i'm still in that transformative process.
2:33 am
>> right. >> because that stuff takes time like you said. it's psychological, it's physical. but i definitely say that the worst pain out of everything is the soul pain. >> these were your friends. >> you feel it in your soul. i would have bargained with the universe, bargained with the devil himself to bring them back. >> you write about that. you had a moment there where you said, right now i would do it. >> anything. >> you grew up in a very devout home where there was a lot expected of you. your father started this teen mania ministry, well known around the world. what was going on in your mind when you were thrown from the -- you had to climb out of there and climb over the body of your friend garrett. and you had to make a decision, didn't you? am i going to live? it would be easier just to die. >> one of my lungs had collapsed at that time. so i was caught in the fire. i was wearing my mother's gray wedges i had stolen from her closet, and they started -- they were kind of a rubbery plastic. they started melting to my feet.
2:34 am
started melting to the airplane, the seat. and so i am like head over heels literally. my feet are on the seat and i am, you know, i am -- my head and my arms are halfway out the plane. and i am having to make this decision. you are fighting to stay alive, fighting to stay awake. you don't really feel when you are on fire, you don't feel that you are on fire. >> you see it, though. >> you see it and you feel the warmth. >> the skin just melting off your -- >> it's not necessarily melting. what it does, i was wearing jeans and i'm wearing my no-sex spandex. >> yes. >> so that saved my life. >> i'm looking at your skin. >> spanx. >> exactly! >> the skin grafts. you had to obviously have a lot of skin grafts. i am looking at you and i see a beautiful girl. when you look at your arms and
2:35 am
you look at your body, tell me what you think and feel. >> you battled that in the shower. >> i was wrestling a lot because i would -- i was displaced. i couldn't identify with myself. >> 23% of your body. >> it wasn't just the 30% of my body that was grafted but then you also have, like the 20%, 30% that they take, you know, they take part of your skin and they graft it on and so that's also a healing process. and so i have learned how to survive in this process because i had to get off the prescriptive meds. i had to start supplements, you know? >> some people get stuck in their own sadness and get trapped. how are you paying it forward? >> grief is a process. you can't compare faith, you can't compare courage. i did what everyone would have done. at the same time, austin was my saving grace because in many ways he gave me hope and courage to go on and that's why i wear this around my neck.
2:36 am
this is from, you know it was a cold, dark night and the moon is full and there's coyotes howling and i see before me this tree, this oak tree that had been charred. it was burned. underneath the tree is where we had crashed into. there's all these pieces of metal and i started picking them up. i made the necklaces. i'm going to give them to the families. >> hannah, you do lots of other great things too. this book is really, really riveting. i'd like to read a book that you write in five years from now that tells us more about your journey as you go along. we've got to run, but thank you. >> god bless you, sweetheart. the amazing sheila e. is with us. coming up right after this. >> some drum action and stuff. >> yeah, we can't wait. she zigs and he zags. if two types of people can live as one, shouldn't there be scents that do the same? that's why we designed
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be bold today is brought to you by progresso heart healthy soup. bold flavors for the bold hearted. >> last month we kicked off our be bold today contest sponsored
2:41 am
by progresso heart healthy soup. where we asked you to submit a video telling us about a dream you wanted to check off your bucket list. >> we had so many responses but it was antonella from rhode island. >> we almost got that right. >> she captured our attention learning to play the drums just like her childhood idol if you remember, of course, sheila e. it had been a dream since she was a little girl but her family couldn't afford the drum lessons. >> we got to do something very, very special and surprise antonella with a lesson from that eye doll, the very only sheila e. take a look. >> i tried to imagine the drummer when i listen to music. that's the one thing that i focus in on. i air drum. sometimes i'm in the mirror and i do this and when i'm in the car i also like to pat on the steering wheel. the drummer that inspired me is sheila e. 1984, friends and i would gather around the tv on saturday morning and watch mtv all day.
2:42 am
she would do this and then she would sing in to her microphone and then she'd have her foot. so that made me realize that would be the instrument of my choice. is there someone that is actually going to show me what to do with this. >> so antonella is inside. she has no idea that i'm here. ♪ >> i think you have to play the high hat a little bit better. >> hi. hi. oh, my god, this is so exciting. >> do a little warm-up. you have a beat in your head? >> sometimes i do. >> okay, now play that. where would i go from there? >> see, everyone has a beat in their mind like in their head. i'm going to elaborate. i'm playing your beat. ♪ there you go. take it slow, though.
2:43 am
♪ excellent! i'm going to practice with antonella for the next hour. hopefully she's going to get this one, two, three, four thing and we'll be able to come out and perform for you right away. hey, keep practicing. we'll get it right. one, two, three, four. >> one, two, three, four. >> sheila e. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> what did it feel like when you found out that sheila e. was going to be your mentor for a bit? >> i didn't find out until it actually happened so it was surreal. i had to take like ten steps -- i still didn't believe it even after -- >> you didn't recognize her at first. >> i had seen -- i don't get to use the computer often so my pictures of her were so small in my iphone, my current version. i did know but i couldn't believe it. i was speechless. >> we love sheila e. we remember you from prince, from glamorous life and you are
2:44 am
doing stuff now. >> movies as paula patton. >> you are very fancy. you have a dvd, though? >> yeah, i have a dvd that's out, and, yeah, it's great. you are showing it there. and a new book coming out next year. >> very fancy. >> does she have skills? >> everyone has skills. of course she has skills. >> and everyone has their own particular beat. >> they do. >> and the great thing about antonella, she doesn't travel alone. she didn't just bring her one family member. she brought the entire hood in. >> no such thing as a small italian family. >> it's been a dream of hers for a long time. >> are you guys going to play a little bit of something for us? >> yeah, we practiced a little something. >> all righty. you're right here. >> if you feel like sitting in, please do. that's why i brought these right here for you to come in. >> all right. here we go. >> let's hear her. >> one, two, three. ♪ ♪
2:45 am
♪ >> i love it. yeah! ♪ ♪ bring it home! >> what? antonella! that's awesome. sheila e., you are awesome. >> thank you for everything. god bless. >> the tech gadgets to help you scare up a little halloween spirit. >> how did she do, you guys? she did all right?
2:46 am
>> and hollywood buzz coming up after this. >> that was awesome. ♪
2:47 am
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we're back with today's buzz and all the juicy celebrity scoop you just couldn't think of starting your week with. from a "breaking bad" funeral to kanye west. we've got it all covered with the editor of pop goes the i can't even call him that word. hello, brian is here. so "fifty shades of grey." who is it going to be? >> basically they've narrowed it down. >> who isn't? >> they narrowed it down to every guy with piercing eyes and abs and that's all of hollywood. now down to five -- >> they've offered it to an awful lot of people. >> it's been turned down because it's so explicit. >> i think a lot of agents are making sure that their actor is leaked as a possibility. scott eastwood is one of them. you probably saw him in "texas chainsaw 3d." >> yeah, that was my favorite last year. they get all the hollywood royalty.
2:51 am
they get both sides would be offspring of hollywood royalty. >> the tweet says what is all this talk about "fifty shades of grey." what do you all think. lit let me know. hype #eastwoodliving. i think you should tweet with gifford living. >> i think i should see his father do it. >> that would be an erotic thriller. >> it would beore like my house. that's what turns me on, baby, okay? >> i look forward to your podcast. >> jamie dornan is another one. pretty much a virtual unknown. >> these are all unknowns. >> he's a very good actor. i've seen him in stuff. >> people are still talking about matt boemer. james franco has also come up. >> no, not right for that. >> that's probably his agent saying he's in the running. >> "vanity fair" is talking about doing a big thing on gwyneth paltrow. she's trying to put the kibosh on it.
2:52 am
>> what is she afraid they're going to write about? >> it was time they did a story about how unlikable -- she's got a reputation. some say she makes martha stewart seem warm. >> her mother blythe danner is one of the nicest women in the world. it's hard for me to believe because blythe is such a lovely lady. >> she is but sometimes -- >> is that just the main thing is -- >> there's also been rumors about an affair and basically gwyneth -- rumors, i said. and gwyneth's people have said no comment and "vanity fair's" comment is no comment. what i'm hearing, this is not really all about the alleged affair. she's got a close friendship with someone but this is really about the mystique of gwyneth paltrow and what her people, her friends -- >> anne hathaway is off the hook for a little bit? what is all this hating? enough of it. enough bullying. enough of the hating. stop it. >> where is the love. >> let's talk about kanye. >> i'm guilty. >> i don't hate kanye. i hate the things he says. i really do. i mean, don't compare yourself to god. just don't do it.
2:53 am
>> you'll love this then. he opened up his concert tour and who shows up on stage but a jesus. i don't know if you call him an impersonator. >> an actor portraying. >> he interacts with jesus. there's a religious theme -- >> is it blasphemous in nature? >> it will depend on who you ask. >> nobody is better than us? >> it depends on who you ask. some people will say it's blasphemous. although, madonna was doing it, too. it's controversial. this is the beginning of the tour. more to come. >> unfortunately. halloween gadgets that are a scream. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> we love brian.
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2:57 am
in less than two weeks all the pint-sized princesses and pirates in your neighborhood will be knocking on your door for sweet treats. >> you still have time to scare up a little halloween spirit. here are some festive -- this is a festive idea segment. with steve greenberg. author of gadget nation. hello, steve. how are you? >> very well. we've got a bunch of cool stuff here all new. right behind you on the window -- >> dim the lights. >> those some are chopping skulls. >> this has scary eyes. gadgets and >> now i want it. >> and, of course, you can't have a party without a little bit of booze. a little bloody drink. >> we've got some brains here, some bone chillers. this is from fred & company and
2:58 am
gadgets and gifts. under 10 bucks. just cranberry juice. >> yeah, not great. >> no alcohol? >> what they're thinking? >> somebody wasn't thinking. >> this is a new idea from martha stewart craft. decorate pictures around your house. put on -- these are called gothic manor photo stickers. put them on your pictures and take them off after. >> it's on the glass so it peels off easily. $4.50 for 180 of those. >> that's good. >> that's nice. >> next, most people should go l.e.d. lights because it's safer. if you are going old school, this is from zippo. flexible neck lighters you can fit in here. you can get into tough spaces. >> it's like a flashlight? >> it's a lighter. >> oh, it's a lighter. >> that's year round. i love that. >> a great way for lighting candles around your house. >> a lot of people ringing your
2:59 am
doorbell. mp3 deja tore doorbell. download any music you want on to it. here we put some scary music. you can have halloween, christmas music. >> i love this. >> this is my third cd. >> oh, very scary. that is very scary. >> it's a big seller. big seller. >> and then finally, digitally, you can decorate your home. these big screen tvs. this is called atmosphere fx. spirit halloween stories all around the country. you can then put, they have these things that run as loops with different scary images. and they also -- you can project it on your house or on to a window. isn't that really scary? it's like a big-screen tv and make it very, very scary. >> very scary, steve greenberg. >> coming up tomorrow, creative halloween costumes and goodies. >> plus, julie andrews stops by. stop it. and lou manfredini with his fixes. >> and the latest trends in hair
3:00 am
fixes. fun-day monday. we'll see you for booze day tuesday tomorrow. 'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause] >> how are you folks tdoing? thank you all for coming. how are you folks doing?


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