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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 22, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. as you mentioned b.a.r.t. saying yes, it is again able to run limited service, however, do expect delays, we can tell you that is a far cry from earlier this morning when b.a.r.t. commuters expecting to grab an ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ early train they were instead ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ confronted with this not so sweet message saying b.a.r.t. is attempting to staff positions get a little bit tire♪ and remain closed until further ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ notice. even though limited service is ♪ turn around, barbara now running, long bus lines and ♪ forever i've been praying for a snack in my life ♪ extended carpool lanes for hours are still in effect for now. ♪ and now i have a brownie ending all of my strife ♪ we have a team in place to tell you about it and how to navigate your commute. ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ we'll check in with mike inouye and christie smith in a few ♪ moments. let's get things started with chase cain live at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station. what's going on? >> reporter: jon, so far no trains, we can tell that you we have not heard trains pass through this walnut creek station but as you see they reopened the gates so we have >> we got up at 3:30 to check our fingers crossed. the website.
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they said they would have trains we've seen sort of a rush of at 4:00 so we went back to bed commuters getting off the and we wake up and find they escalator, they want to be on still haven't got it together. the track to catch that first >> the unintentional switch. train that does stop here because of course, everyone is b.a.r.t. back to limited service very anxious to get to work and despite the delays earlier that hopefully on time this morning. left stations closed most of the there are still people lining up for the charter buses here at morning. right now about 25 trains back walnut creek as they have been in effect. that's about half of what doing since 4:00 when some normally runs. people showed up, thought they now hundreds of thousands of bay area commuters relying on a plan were getting on the train at 4:00 a.m. but told no, there is going to be no service so they b. figure out how to get to work. had to hustle over to the good morning. great to see you. i'm jon kelley. commuter bus line. but those buses didn't start >> i'm marla tellez. laura is off today. until 5:00. this morning limited b.a.r.t. people needed to plan on taking service is under way but those buses, the ferries, nevertheless hundreds of because even though there is thousands of b.a.r.t. commuters train service that's supposed to are still scrambling. resume it's going to be limited. commuters were set to catch that means that commuters have early trains until they saw an alert and this tweet from one of been pretty frustrated. >> well, obviously i think the agency employee unions everybody is frustrated. saying we don't have enough everybody's frustrated. people for b.a.r.t. service just yet but we are working on it. thank you for your patience. the message sent before 4:30 so you know, nice to get to work. nice to have it be reliable. this morning throwing a last
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it's been what we count on minute wrench into the commute. let's check in with chase cain b.a.r.t. for. >> this is worse than the live at the walnut creek strike. >> you were up on the tracks. b.a.r.t. station. trains are starting to roll through this morning. >> yes. good morning, chase. during the strike you knew what was going on. >> reporter: good morning. almost as if on cue, a train just pulled into the station >> reporter: commuters have a over our heads as you tossed out lot of questions this morning. to us. there is a station agent that as you were talking some were has been on duty more than two finding out on twitter about the hours at walnut creek trying to delay in the anticipated train figure out when twill trains service. run, how quickly can i get to some people didn't find out until they were standing on the work. tracks up here, the gates opened even had a lot of people coming up to me, a de facto b.a.r.t. at 4:00 a.m., people thought they were getting on the train person people saying hey, what's and then no, they were told to going on. we thought we were getting on a leave, the station closed down train. and it was two more hours until up. people showing up at least have train service resumed. never taken the buses. look at this. we have video of the first few they only came back because they thought they were going to get trains rolling through the on the train which again is walnut creek station. people happy to get on the hopefully going to happen soon. train, also still a bit that's the latest. frustrated because it was a couple hours later than planned. wait. hold on. hold on. before -- sounds like we have a people who showed up at 4:00 train passing overhead. thought they wouldble on their that could be very good news for way and be there in time for these b.a.r.t. commuters. work at 5:00 a.m. yes my friends, that is our one lady said she was no doubt first train here at walnut creek going to be late because the live at the walnut creek charter buses that people had to
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then go and line up for, those station, chase cain, "today in the bay." >> we want to give at standing buses didn't even leave until 4:00 a.m. ovation. i got a tweet from one of our an hour later than people thought they could get on the viewers, he got on a b.a.r.t. train. a lot of confusion. train at the contra costa some trying to take ferries still across the bay as well. station. so some trains are running. and we talked with one gentleman the deal getting the trains running this morning is tentative and needs to be who is in a wheelchair and says you can bet for him that the approved by b.a.r.t. union members and the b.a.r.t. board strike and this confusion this of directors. morning has been especially christie smith is live at the lake merritt station where she painful. talked to a b.a.r.t. spokesman. >> this has been unfortunate two good morning. >> reporter: good morning to days, that commute yesterday was you. b.a.r.t. spokesperson is talking outrageous. with us about service and what when i woke up this morning oh, he is telling us is that the b.a.r.t. strike over, all right. trains started rolling about thank god because it has been 5:42 this morning, which is more than an hour after they had planned. commuters they were out at 4:00 crazy wild. >> reporter: crazy indeed. in the morning thinking that they would have service which hopefully the worst is over. wasn't the case. you see commuters heading into i can tell you finally the doors this walnut creek station to get are open here at the lake on the train. we heard several announcements merritt b.a.r.t. station which here at the walnut creek is much different than we've seen all morning. station, one has reminded people all of this changed with word of about the limited service. deal that e we're hearing there are 25 trains running today as opposed last night ending six months of to the normal 45 that would be talks and two shutdowns. running at this time of morning.
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also the announcement there is riders at lake merritt station one going on here behind me, another announcement telling found an unusual scene, locked people they may have to stop at a station they didn't expect to stop at, get off and get on doors, no agent. some riders found their way into another train. again that is because of the one unlocked door and found limited service. they tell commuters if you are something unusual. no one minding the shop here. taking the train listen to these they walked around, stared at announcements, listen to the train operator because they may empty tracks before leaving to have important instructions for you on how you actually make it try to catch the bus. as i said that smokes person in to work. marla and jon, i can tell said at 5:42 things started to enthusiasm morning i felt like turn around. sort of a de facto b.a.r.t. >> we had enough train operators information officer because people are coming up saying what's going on. to get the trains running and we >> no doubt you know a lot more opened up all of the stations so than they do, you know. it's limited service right now thanks for all of the great information this morning. but we're happy to get trains thank you. >> chase providing services. nice work, my man. running. >> reporter: details about this we have bob redell doing work on deal have not been released. the roads. bob, we understand you are near of course it needs a vote by all a bad crash on 880. of the union members. lieutenant governor gavin newsom was there and noted a couple of things. certainly commuters do not want that could mean bigger yák to go through this again. he said i think everyone is fed snarl-ups. >> reporter: good morning, jon. up and no one wants to see this it's not a pretty sixt we're
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happen again ever. heading in the reverse commute i think that could be a big direction southbound 88 o understatement. one thing i wanted to note, headlights are northbound 880. you actually see the traffic though, my colleague bob redell, moving right there. he was over by the rock ridge but in about 10 seconds it stops station in the oakland area and so 880 is a standstill once said that the gates were down so i'll try to get information on you're in downtown oakland until that. the latest word we have is that you get to broadway. the trains started rolling at broadway is where this accident is that we passed with a big rig 5:42 a.m. reporting live in oakland, and a car. christie smith, "today in the it's hard to tell how serious it bay." >> thank you so much. is in terms of whether there are >> great news. never been so happy to hear the injuries but it's going to take sound of a b.a.r.t. train. a while to clear that accident because you have the car and you have this big rig. check in with mike inouye. as you head southbound now, we'll look at this all of these >> my heart is also aflutter. box trucks. we're coming around the brick we are seeing still the effects curve what i like to call it because the early trains were not running, now we have 30 to where you got basically 45-minute delays for the system standstill. just for the time being. talking about to the left of the screen and all of these trucks we're waiting to see how this trying to get to the fort. shakes out. folks can't wait for the time to get into the city and their jobs this is com pouchblded by the so this is the bay bridge toll fact you have people on the road who probably are not taking b.a.r.t. because of the limited plaza. so traffic flowing slowly here service. so add to the fact you have this but it is move fog are the fast accident, you have the b.a.r.t.
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situation, you've got basically track lanes. a standstill. the map will show you a slow boy, we're probably maybe two drive from the top of your miles into this backup. this backup extending two miles screen, 580 westbound out of oakland and the 24 interchange. 'as we head south approaching i circled the crash at telegraph that cleared from the report a fruitvale. through the accident at couple spekds ago. broadway, traffic goes to the limit maybe formile or two, then still a little bogging down at the caldecott tunnel. you hit the maze and it's a we'll see more folks over the different mess. next hafr hour who hit the road it's not good news for people before the b.a.r.t. trains and couldn't wait. commuting up trying to get to we'll see how this shakes out san francisco because of this accident at broadway, eta as far approaching the bay bridge. as clearing not sure. we'll get a look south and we reporting live southbound 880, see slowing both directions out in oakland, look at the of oakland past the coliseum. headlights. started to clear for north and not moving at all. southbound 880, speeds back up to the limit, then southbound as bob redell, "today in the bay." >> looks like a parking lot. you head to the san mateo bridge thank you, bob. more slowing, congestion there. mike, let's get your perspective. >> bob was hoping i would have no big surprise,en earlier crash e.t. a., gave me credit but we don't. has cleared to the shoulder and expect a time on the lanes. a slower drive building at the we know as you approach broadway dublin interchange for west 580 there is that backup. and the south smooth as to the there you go, the bay bridge
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bridges the san mateo bridge and toll plaza. dumbarton bridge, it sounds like this includes folks off the east things have cleared. shore freeway, speeds coming let me give you live looks. down. the east shore freeway from the we see oakland past the top, speeds koum down from the 40s to the 30s to the 20s, as coliseum. you approach university avenue. the headlights toward us. then bogging down sluggish at an earlier stall. no further delays. times. slow off 24. and one more here across the san 24 itself all of a sudden showing lighter flow as folks mateo bridge. we look at the folks coming off probably trying to figure out a way around and some were able to of the high rise a smooth drive but a haze in the air, low take the b.a.r.t. trains. clouds drifting around. you know not a problem as far as limited service, 30 to 45 minute these drivers are concerned but with a wider view of the bay delays. we'll listen to the announcements. area, what do you have for us? here north 880 a slow ride that >> it is really thick in spots. gveled opposite this. he was going south, you saw all good morning to you. that fog starting to develop. of the headlights, slow solid to i can tell you even san jose has fruitvale and slow on the fallen to three miles visibility approach. a crash and possibly two at so you want to travel broadway approaching 980. cautiously. you pile on top of the thick fog there is a big rig involved. the fact it's cold out there, a possible injury, there is an good idea to dress in layers. if you are someone who is going ambulance called.
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to be biking or walking to work, as we move to the south bay a make sure you're ready. slow northbound ride. that's not a big concern. could be a long wait to get to we'll check with the live shots past the coliseum and now we work or taking the ferry so make "evelop.coliseum and now we sure you bring the necessary from the coliseum jammed up to equipment. the jacket, scarf. broadway. on the other side of the bay, 101 through palo alto, smooth we'll continue to drop off but drive here north 101 is not a what a rebound we have in store problem. for you this afternoon. you can drive through the south temperatures by noon at 76 bay as well. degrees inland so really seeing ♪ the sun come out between 10 and noon. we'll see really comfortable numbers. still under the influence. 84 inland, 77 bayside. at the coast 75. so looking good across the board. back to you, john and marla. >> thank you. east bay police searching for a gunman that shooting happening last night. this is off highway 80. witnesses reported seeing three people with gunshot wounds in
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front of a local business. the shooter was seen running away. when police arrived only one of the victims was still there. police found the other two victims at a here nearby hospital. >> the murder of a man, after calling police for help peter was killed outside his home last year. allegedly by a mentally disturbed intruder. his widow and two adult sons say a police dispatcher falsely promised an officer would respond to the call. without admitting fault in connection with the stoot city agreed to implement changes to its center to improve safety. ♪ ♪ in addition they may tell if ♪ i officers may be delayed. ♪ know i can't deny... >> we have continuing coverage of our breaking news, b.a.r.t., b.a.r.t. and its trains right ♪ that i got a new feeling now delayed despite late night ♪ deep inside...
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promises, limited service will run early and on time. ♪ that did not happen. but slowly but surely we're [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened getting it there. we'll show you what the commute whole grains... is looking like with a live you can't help but see the good. report out on the roads. >> we'll have the latest on the jobs numbers released in a look ahead to apple as well. >> speaking of businesses, where a lot of it lives as we give you a look at san jose. there's plenty of low visibility around the bay area. that's a concern for meteorologist christina loren. it's 6:10.
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>> welcome back now. thanks for joining us. this tuesday morning. we've got a lot of thick fog out there you can see that from the golden gate bridge. we're seeing a lot of problems for commuters especially in oakland with that late start from b.a.r.t. and you couple that with the bad crash in oakland, we'll get an update. if you are going to be waiting this morning for a bus, maybe taking the ferry, count on cold conditions. it's a cold start to the day. we've got really know visibilities so we're at 48 in napa, 47 in concord, 4 automatic in livermore and 51 in oakland. continuing to drop off as we head throughout the next hour or so. but really it's the fog that's making a big impact. actually our first dense fog advisory of the season has been issued for the north bay. that stands until about 9:00 a.m. with visibility reduced you can see here to 3/4 mile in napa, 1/4 mile that's it right now in santa rosa with thick fog south beyond the golden gate bridge. that will go until about 9:00 a.m. after which time we'll see the sun broke through, really
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nice second half of the day. future cast tells the story, completely sunny for most of the bay area. and highs are going to be representative of that sunshine. 84 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland. bay side 77 to the coast 75 degrees. back to you, jon and marla. >> thank you. >> it's 6:41. coming up on "today in the bay," continuing coverage of our breaking news, that is b.a.r.t. service. it's limited now. finally, however, under way this morning. a live look at the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station. not a lot of action. the people scrambling to get to work. team coverage next. >> the door is open. >> we'll look at the latest jobs numbers and your money on wall street. [ birdsong ] welcome back. 6:12. breaking news. limited b.a.r.t. service after an early morning delay. we give you a live look at5 th lake merritt b.a.r.t. station where earlier commuters were locked out. you could see the doors are now
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open. yesterday b.a.r.t. had said limited service would start running at 4:00 this morning but then b.a.r.t. sent out an alert saying they were trying to staff positions and stations could not actually open until about a half hour ago at 5:42 to be precise. for some the notice came too late forcing them to reroute their day at the last second. bob redell is in his car this morning. bob, drivers probably expected a break but that's not the case. i'm sure it's rough on the [ birdsong ] roads. [ birdsong ] >> reporter: i want to touch base with you marla on what's going on with the b.a.r.t. trains. we left rock ridge b.a.r.t. it fills you with energy... about 12 minutes ago. and it gives you what you are looking for we're at now i'll show you this to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. but we were at rock ridge b.a.r.t., the station itself was closed. this is nature valley. the gates were closed. a couple of passengers waiting nature at its most delicious. for them to om. we could hear the trains running on top. we saw the train leave the station with two people on board
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and they were not the people down waiting so there's confusion for a transit agency trying to get the stations open and the trains open at the same time. i don't know if rock ridge b.a.r.t. is maybe one example or if there are other stations experiencing the same thing. back to the commutes. we left rock ridge b.a.r.t. around 13 minutes ago, about a mile and a half away. westbound 24 to 580 and here's where we're at. we're still on 580, we're by the best buy and the home depot. and the split to 80 east. we're getting on 80 west which is the bay bridge. you can see how bad the traffic is. it's very slow and go. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. they have been on for some time and we did the reverse commute about a 45 minutes ago across the bay bridge and the commute was bad at the toll plaza. we know we can make the see if i can catch the first conventional wisdom prediction train at 4:00 a.m., and that it's going to be worse now
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as more people are getting up apparently that's not the case. and going for the commute. >> limited b.a.r.t. service so again, surprise this morning finally under way for b.a.r.t. being that commuters thought the commuters who were stranded earlier this morning at bay area trains would be running at 4:00. they didn't pick up until 5:45. stations. that's because hours after passengers were promised service it's limited. at all b.a.r.t. stations, a hopefully not so many rock ridge last-minute alert stopped train b.a.r.t. stations in terms of service before it started very the station being shut down early this morning. while the trains are running no doubt a frustrated morning for commuters who had counted on overhead. bob redell, "today in the bay." being able to ease back into >> thank you very much. new this morning shifting gears their b.a.r.t. commute routine. we do have a team in place to the latest jobs numbers are in navigate your commute. after a two-week delay because of the government shutdown. we'll check with chase cain in in september we can tell you 148,000 jobs were added and the walnut creek. let's start with christie smith at the lake merritt station in unemployment rate 7.2. oakland with new details about the tentative deal bringing this this is the first time in history the government has ever strike to an end. released the job numbers on a >> reporter: good morning. tuesday. let's talk about the rough usually we expect them on a friday. start. riders showing up here at 4:00 >> the numbers were weak they in the morning. are better than a year ago this time. >> scott is joining us. there weren't enough employees. a little analysis. >> on my desk i make these every time. apparently it's not as they here is the latest.
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this one was pinned up, that was planned. it was at least an hour or so last year. 9.1%. this is a much better situation late when things were able to that we're in now. the government shutdown is not get factored in these latest numbers. they reflect to a time before the shutdown. we are going to see weakness in the upcoming october job numbers. the fact that well, there are lots of people out of work due >> i'm glad that b.a.r.t. is to the shutdown. the fact that these status tigss back but they need to resolve a lot of things but i'm happy. were not at work. they probably didn't get phone survey finished in time. >> reporter: of course back to the october numbers are going to be delayed as well. the actual what happened with the deal last night is that that you are looking at video from happened maybe around 10:00, it was a tentative agreement outside to yerba buena center. between b.a.r.t. and its unions, there will be an apple they didn't release a lot of announcement. information on what the terms the recent announcement was 42 days ago. were and the union members actually still have to vote on back in the envelope 1002 hours it. but certainly welcome relief ago since apple called everybody that the trains are rolling. together to show off what was but again, a little late. let's face it at the time some you want to pack patience. we were seeing delays up to 30 incremental improvements to its minutes. and one of the reasons that they phone. one of which was they made the are having these delays is 3 are
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phone gold. not running the full system. today's announcement is expected they are about 25 trains instead to reveal the ipad mini is going of the usual 45, the maximum to get some of the technology they can run is 62. the other products have. reporting live in oakland, better display, and the ipad may christie smith, "today in the get the features that the iphone bay." >> thank you very much. of course that confusion over 5 has, fingerprint sensor. b.a.r.t. no doubt causing headaches and chaos for hundreds i do not want to sound over of thousands of riders this critical. goodness knows i do not have the morning. chase cain is live in walnut talent or the knowledge to build a computer. creek where the trains, good news rolling through, chase, you if the announcement goes the way wye expect apple is going to say have been listening and watching we took some of the pieces out smiling people run by. of this thing and put them in >> reporter: jon, i don't want this thing. to be too generous. thank you for coming. >> yeah. not many smiles because still a lot of frustration as people >> really just a shape them. seem to be confused what is >> a rectangle. going on. but as you pointed out the good >> nobody does it better how to news the trains are rolling. make it glorious. >> phenomenal. we counted eight, nine, ten i they will sell tons of them. lost track because there have been so many trains rolling i'd caution being over critical. through walnut creek likely to it's such an important company, go out into the system and pick they do magical things. people up. the first train rolled through >> can't argue with that. the station just a little after scott, thank you. >> i don't know what i would do 6:00 this morning. that was certainly good news but without my apple iphone.
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>> wouldn't that be heart also wasn't the best news because people showed up here at breaking. 4:00 a.m. expecting train devastating. >> we do always have in effect service then. they were on the platform on the tracks waiting then told by the christine loren. she is here to bring the real overhead announcement there will be no train service, not yet. weather. >> i have to have my mac book so they had to leave the air with me. station. many of them got on the buses the easy apps, not always right that left from walnut creek so a good thing i get to track around 5:00 a.m. some taking the ferry across the your forecast you each and every bay. the trains rolling in walnut morning. we have significant changes out creek as of 6:00 a.m. still because there is so much there as we speak, good tuesday back and forth about what is morning, you are done with happening, commuters this morning have been a it wille monday, head deeper into the frustrated. work week. >> obviously i think everybody's temperatures are going to stay nice in the afternoon. we have these cool mornings to frustrated. get so you know, nice to get to i'm sorry for you if you do take b.a.r.t. and you thought they would be running on time. what a disappointment there. work, nice to have the reliable. good news is looks like things it's been what we count on b.a.r.t. for. are back to normal for tomorrow. >> this is worse than the strike. >> you were up on the tracks. temperatures are good, not too cold in san jose. yyes. we're getting a little blanket during the strike you knew what was going on.
6:19 am
of low cloud cover. the temperatures will probably >> reporter: and people going stay in the 50s. through the turnstiles here at plenty of 40s in the north bay. walnut creek heading into the city, heading to work hopefully we have a dense fog advisory for on time though some people told the north bay interior valleys, us that they will probably be that will stand until 9:00 a.m. late because there was confusion earlier this morning. after which time we should see a one announcement that has been fw amount of clearing and by repeated over and over here is 10:00 and noon mostly clear skns for people to listen once they get on these trains, listen to expected for the greater bay the train operator because they area. expecting the clouds to roll in. may have to stop at a station get off and get on another train as we head throughout the end of to continue on their way. the week things start to change. that is because as christie we're talking about a cute off mentioned, only 25 trains low coming in. running, that's roughly maybe a that could bring us showers as little more than half of what they normally run this time of early as friday. we have a better chance saturday day. may have to get on another train. pack your pashs, plan for extra into 'vsunday. time even though the trains are temperatures mild this afternoon. if you want to hit the keep you rolling it may not be as fast as you are used to. that's the latest live in walnut can. san francisco 3:00 p.m., keep in creek, chase cain, "today in the bay." mind the ferry will be chilly. >> thank you so much. we'll check the morning commute with mike in a moment. >> first let's check in with temperatures around the bay in the 70s. christina loren and how the so really nothing to complain weather outside might affect the about there. commuters. 73 in fremont, 77 san jose and the low hanging clouds making it
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77 degrees in santa teresa. tough. >> yes, thick fog is going to 84 degrees, not too hot in slow things down. good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. gilroy bought warm day shaping up for you. kind of an unforeseen whammy for the showers. commuter this is morning who area of low pressure is going to thought they would be able to break apart, we call at cute off catch their train on time at the b.a.r.t. station but unfortunately, that was not the case. low. as we've been reporting you hard to predict how much they will bring. might have to wait for 30 to 40 it looks like just light showers at the coast. minutes. also we have thick fog along the that can change so we're going golden gate bridge. to keep watching all of the forecast models. not just here, pockets where you can only see for a quarter mile i'll do my best to decipher the up in the north bay and it's cold out there as well. best forecast track. count on the fact we could see you're at 48 degrees in napa, some light rainfall in the bay temperatures are mostly in the area over the court course of 50s in the south bay, and we're looking pretty good up and down the weekend. what are you seeing? the peninsula temperaturewise >> you talk about a cute off it's not too cold. plenty of 50s but your low. we had cute off commuters visibilities are dropping like a because the b.a.r.t. trains were rock. even in san jose look at this. you can only see for about 2 1/2 not running, when we first heard miles at this point. it's a very low visibility. signs. we don't usually lose that much we have third to 45 minute here in the south bay. we don't get this much fog. delays. 25 trains instead of 40 so about so keep in mind it could definitely add to the slowing out there on the roads this half the service. that's why all of these folks,
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morning. we're looking pretty good from livermore to fairfield. tuesday we expect to have a flow clear this morning. low clouds aren't going to cool of traffic. there is the bay bridge toll you off that much in the east bay. keep in mind we're hitting highs pla plaza. east shore freeway, i'm sorry, in the 80s so it's nice they has a lot of fogh as well. won't last forever. temperatures dropping toward the making our view a little tough. end of the seven-day. for today, also something you we see this and it's packed want to keep in mindçó we've go really big winds powerful pretty well through berkeley. northwest swells and the potential for rip currents and now we'll look to the maps and sneaker waves so not a great day see how traffic flow is. to be at the beaches. bogging down around that shot i you are going to walk along the beach, you have to get out there, make sure you don't turn showed you where the low clouds your back to the eegs. always a good idea to have a are. not a big deal but this is a big buddy with you as well. flow of traffic on a tuesday. 84 degrees today in livermore. we do have a big backup that 77 degrees on the way to san jose. looking good in santa krutz, 69 so holding on to warm conditions forms. great news through the caldecott there. take you through the seven-day forecast and show you the changes headed our way. to the maze. we're going to drop off in an earlier crash approaching the temperatures and we're going to bring in the potential for area has cleared. showers. the chance starts up late friday. we're going to keep it going big flow of traffic. also arounding the area we have through saturday and sunday. one possibly two crashes. as we could see a cutoff low
6:22 am
develop. we're going to get to that. one around broadway involving a let's check your drive. big rig. >> you know, we're going to another at 980 involving a start with over my should couple of unidentified vehicles. they're is the traffic at the coliseum. it's jammed from the moment you may be the same incident we see a good amount of slowing approach the coliseum past and into downtown oakland. northbound 880 westbound 580. the reason why, there is a big that's your brake. crash there on the northbound however that jams up so it's 6 side. in your commute direction. of one, half a dozen of another. we are lucky enoughto have the the rest of the tri-valley, no man who is going throughout our own bob redell is on the road. you see this backup. surprises here a. smooth drive you're in it. what's going on? into the south bay. a flow and a look at san jose >> reporter: well, i'm not going shows yes, we is that for 101. back to you. anywhere. we got on northbound 880 at the >> it's 6:22. coliseum. good morning to you, mike. coming up, not one but two over the past 6 1/2 minutes emergency landings in a single we've gone about 7/10 mile. night. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, it's about a five-mile backup from broadway in downtown oakland back five miles on northbound 880. at least back to the coliseum. it's because there is a big rig accident we passed about 20 minutes ago. big rig versus car.
6:23 am
not sure what the status is but i can tell you it's wreaking havoc for people trying to get through oakland and presumably to the maze into san francisco across the bay bridge. once you get through that accident there is a little bit of a -- you get to go at the limit for a bit, but half hour little section of no traffic you are right back in it. trying to get into the maze and onto the bay bridge where the toll plaza is backed up. if we're looking at seven minutes to do a mile and you have five miles it's going to take 35 minutes to get from the coliseum through downtown oakland. i'm going to say another 30 minutes to get across the bay bridge into san francisco and i'm being generous. you are looking at an hour commute from the coliseum into san francisco based on my rough math there. not very good for people trying to get to work this tuesday morning. >> not very good for you either but thank you for being out there. this is what bob's talking
6:24 am
about. the crash northbound 880 at broad way involving a big rig. we had two separate crashes but looks like it's the same incident involving all of those vehicles. so right here on the map, where bob was talking about the oakland coliseum, and it's dragging with the red zone speeds below 20. you saw him crawling to the scene. he thinks 35 minutes to 880. as it builds it's going to be slower. look at this. west 580 completely clear as you head up to the 980 interchange. 580 the drama as you approach the maze and blend with these folks off 24. the rest of the approach down the east shore freeway and 24 heavily traveled. a lot of folks are avoiding the i've never written a fan letter before, b.a.r.t. trains. but you've done the impossible. expect the east shore freeway you made gluten-free cereals and northbound 880 to be the in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. point for the commute. the rest of your commute pretty when my husband found the chocolate one, good. 92 more traffic. we were in cereal heaven. avoid that jam through oakland. the only problem is, this will getó6# more travel.
6:25 am
with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. the dumbarton bridge looking your fans, the mcgregor family. smooth and no problems there. 'cause we love chex. here is the tri-valley, 580 smooth and 680, folks head down to sunol. into the south bay, a quick look at san jose and th the sticking point. there is a crash there that welcome back. moved to the shoulder. some breaking news. it made things worse at the peak the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station, yes, people finally time. speeds dipping down and now more going through the ticket slowing on capital expressway. turnstiles. agony turning to ecstasy. back to you. >> mike, thanks so much. the trains didn't start at 4:00 6:54. a union city police officer is a.m. but at 5:42 b.a.r.t. slowly now on administrative leave rolling out the trains, about 25 after shooting and killing an armed suspect overnight. in effect compared to the 45 so last night officers responded to be patient and expect some a house on saturn way where they delays but chase cain is on scene out there for "today in shot the suspect after he the bay" and filling us in on threatened them with a pipe. the happy people. the suspect on parole and had a also to give you the contrast, warrant for resisting officers people who were forced to jump was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. in cars and drive that is the shooting is being investigated by both union city toll plaza. police and the alameda county a slow methodic go out there. we'll also catch you up on the district attorney's office. >> a former assistant principal
6:26 am
roads with mike inouye and bob redell is out there driving at a south bay high school must around taking a peek from the register has a sex offender. windows. >> we have new details about a joseph regeto pleaded guilty delta airlines jet that sexual contact with a minor and reportedly made an emergency sending inprompt text messages. landing overnight. the plane was apparently bound the "mercury news" reporting back in 2011 he was an assistant for seattle from atlanta but had to land at the tri-cities principal at leland high school in san jose when he started exchanging text messages with a airport in passco, washington. 16-year-old student. they were forced to land when that relationship eventually led the cargo bay overheated. to a sexual act in a park. the passengers were taken off as he will be sentenced early next you can see tweeted out by passenger dan jensen. year. he faces up to three years in no injuries were reported. that was the second delta flight prison and, again, he must register as a sex offender. to make an emergency landing last night. a delta flight headed to atlanta >> protesters are trying to put had to return to syracuse after a stop to plans for a new san a small fire broke out near a francisco county jail. tonight the city's board of coffee maker on board. no one was hurt during that supervisors is set to consider a landing either. grant application for $80 >> rough night for delta. million in state funding to >> no one was hurt. >> 6:26. still ahead, much more on our opponents say they will be at the meeting to try to stop the breaking news. the top story empty stations resolution from moving forward. the $300 million facility would earlier this morning due to [ b.a.r.t. delays. replace the aging jail at the we'll tell you why the stations
6:27 am
hall of justice. were shut down for hours despite critics say the inmate the tentative deal to end the population is on the decline and strike. >> and we give you a live look a new facility is not necessary. at part of the morning commute. >> forget about friday, it is this is from our bob redell's the markets reacting to jobs camera as he makes his way to tuesday. the first we've had. the bay bridge toll plaza, >> scott joins us with the heading to a crash in the area latest. >> good morning. that could complicate your jobs tuesday, it's not a number we expected because of the commute even further. 6:27. government delay. we'll get to it. withç some of the reactions to >> a look outside, a little the markets let's talk about thick out there, the lights on e that from san francisco there on the nasdaq. 880 past the coliseum, slammed celebrating their trading on the up north and south. mike inouye will be here to help nasdaq. we'll look at the nasdaq up 19 you sort out your drive to work and hopefully get around any points, dow industrials up 70, mess. ♪ the latest figures on unemployment say 148,000 jobs were gained in september. it new particularly good number. the government shutdown caused a delay though not the poor result. these numbers reflect back to a time before the shutdown. apple this morning will make another announcement we presume about the ipad mini.
6:28 am
the only product that lacks that better retina display. the mini has been one of apple's best sellers. i hope that apple announces something of substance. earlier in the newscast i gave apple credit, i said that moving parts from one device to another maybe not biggest news. i was criticized on twitter. i can take this. i'm not trying to put down apple in any way. if you are moving stuff from here to here, i don't know that's an announcements. >> freedom of speech. that's what it's all about. thank you, scott. >> no world series championship to talk about at&t park was the backdrop of a hollywood proposal between a grammy winner and a reality tv royalty star. a match made in publicity heaven. look at this picture. nothing says love like putting it to the media. kanye west rented out at&t park to pop the question to kim on her birthday. you can see it in the big sign.
6:29 am
please marry me. kardashian said yes as 50 musicians strummed away and played beautiful music. the couple had their daughter on june 15. we understand that north is in the bay area with her parents but wasn't actually at the ballpark for that proposal. at this point we're not sure why west picked at&t park for the proposal but he is street perform two concerts in the bay area, one at the sap center and tomorrow at oakland's oracle arena. >> we're hearing it cost about $35,000 to rent out at&t park. that would be fun. meteorologist christina loren, how is the weather? you are worried about the low visibility. >> some thick fog out there. i can see why he picked at&t park. probably think prettiest ballpark in the country and it's right here. you're not going to see much of it with the thick fog in san francisco. 2 1/2 miles visibility available and only a quarter mile in santa rosa. we're looking for the fog until
6:30 am
9:00 a.m. i'll keep you updated throughout today show. later on this afternoon what a gorgeous day. 84 inland. bay side 77, and 75 at the coast. let's get to the man of the hour, mike, a little unexpected slowdown and a crash on top of that. in the south bay, weme7 have th crash north 101 at 13th which moved to the shoulder. 85 kicked in over the last five minutes. slowing between capitol and kertner. the road weather index. slowing to the san mateo bridge and we expect a continued build because of that crash, more folks may head south to 92 to avoid the bay bridge because of this from the coliseum up to 980 t crash has a tremendous backup. bob got throughs8 it crawling a times. that's on top of the folks heading to the bay bridge
6:31 am
because of the b.a.r.t. limited service. >> thanks so much. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:26 with a live local news update. >> busy morning. ìáhp &hc& good luck getting to work. good morning, tragedy in nevada. >> can you please send police out here? there's a kid with a gun. >> police search for a motive behind yet another deadly school shooting as a teacher that died protecting students is hailed a hero. we'll speak with one of the young boys he saved. is she american? a twist on the mystery over the identity of a little girl found in greece. why the fbi is on the case. can it be true? an exciting break through on a cure for baldness and it has two people we know very happy today,
6:32 am
tuesday, october 22nd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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