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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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why officials say they will take a second look into a construction accident that killed a worker at the 49ers new stadium. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. boy, oh boy, do we have thick pockets of fog this morning. we are going to rebound jumping by about 40 degrees in some cities. i'll have your full forecast in just a few moments. we have one lane of the bay bridge blocked right now. low clouds and fog. a wrong-way driver just reported for the south bay. we'll sort out those reports. i'll bring that to you coming up let's take you outside. a live look. i believe this orange fog is the south bay. a live look over san jose. the light illuminating your day before the sun comes up on this wednesday, october 23rd. this is "today in the bay." 5:00 on the nose. good morning. happy wednesday. thanks a lot for joining us.
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i'm jon kelley. good morning. i'm marla tallez. laura is off this morning. a new b.a.r.t. shutdown for commuters to deal with. we are not talking about a strike. federal investigators will shut down a section of the track toss look into the recent deaths of two workers. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in walnut creek with more details on how this is going to affect riders. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. we are on frontage road. this is where they will be recreating how two b.a.r.t. workers were killed on the tracks. 66-year-old lawrence daniels of oakland and 58-year-old christopher shepherd of hayward. last saturday, in very clear weather, the men were hit by a b.a.r.t. train that was traveling about 60-70 miles an hour. this happened during the strike. the pair had radioed a dispatcher to say they were on
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the tracks working in an area. one would inspect the tracks. the other worked as a lookout. the horn apparently sounded. that's what investigators are saying. the ntsb said the lights and brakes worked on the train. today, they hope to figure out how to prevent something like this from ever happening again. >> what the ntsb typically will try to do is the reenactment and distance testing at the same time the accident occurred. >> this reenactment means that commuters will have to use a bus bridge between the lafayette and pleasant hill stations from noon until 3:30 this afternoon while the stations are closed. that also includes the walnut creek station out here. what they are going to do is provide bus bridges for you to get around. those will run every 15 minutes. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. a san francisco parks and rec worker accused of running and killing over a woman in holly park is expected in
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courted to. case cain with the charges the worker is now facing. good morning, chase. >> reporter: good morning, jon. a young mother was laying there near the tree with her baby and her dog when authorities say a park worker drove off of a path, drove over her and killed her. that park worker turned himself into authorities late yesterday. 58-year-old tom bernofski faces felony charges of hit and run and vehicular manslaughter. he remains in custody. it was about six weeks ago that 35-year-old kristy vanmyer was lying here in holly park. not sure what happened there. authorities say that he drove over her with his green parks and rec truck an then drove off, did not stop. the woman's baby and her dog were not hit. so those two survived. park rules require that anyone
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driving off of a path in the park have a spotter and we are told that in this case bernoski did not have a spotter. this memorial shows lots of pictures with her, with her baby, her husband. flowers, candles, remarks that loved ones have left here. he is being held on $350,000 bail. his arraignment for later this afternoon at 1:30. we will let you know how he pleads during that arraignment. that is the latest. jay cain, "today in the bay." thanks, jay. new details involving san francisco general hospital where a missing patient was found dead in a stairwell. according to a report, in the san francisco examiner, five months before the body of lynn spaulding was discovered, another woman got stuck in a hospital stairwell. the woman was visiting her son at the hospital when she used the stairs to run an earned. the woman says the door locked
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when it shut behind her and says when she finally opened the door leading out of the hospital, an alarm sounded but no security personnel came to find her. since the discovery of spaulding's body earlier this month, the hospital has made it a policy to search the stairwells daily and respond to all alarms a week after the second deadly accident at levi stadium in santa clara, cal osha is reopening it's investigation into the first worker fatality. on june 11th, an elevator counterweight killed 63-year-old donald white. cal osha will only say new questions have been raised. so they are looking at evidence. it originally ruled there was no violation. last monday, a driver died while dropping off some steel rebar at the soon to be home of the 49ers. a bundle fell off his truck and landed on top of him. six suspected gang members behind bars accused of killing a san jose teenager four months ago. we have a look at four of those suspects.
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we can't show you pictures of the other two, because they are just 15 and 16 years old. san jose police got some help from the u.s. marshals to bring in these suspects. they stand accused of beating, shooting and killing, 16-year-old manuel urzoa back in june a home surveillance camera giving the police a very good look at two potential burglar suspects. police say they broke into this home last friday in east san jose near 101. neighbors say this is just most recent burglary in the area. >> they have gotten the citizens to the point where, enough is enough. if you think you can come in any time you want as you have, you are going to have a rude awakening. >> san jose police would like you to police call them if you happen to recognize either of these men. new this morning, renter ns concord are biting back. they say their homes have been
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infested with bed bugs and no one will do anything about it. the group, tenants together, will hold a press conference to announce a major lawsuit. they are suing their landlord. roseman, llc. they say they are regularly bitten by bedbugs and can't get any sleep. they have told the landlord but they feel ignored. >> those things are tiny but they are nasty and freaky. just idea they are on the mattress, not pleasant. maybe if you like bullet proof sheets or something. christina loren is here to help us out outside. another cool start. we are looking good ahead. >> bullet proof sheets, good for a lot of different things. we have a good-looking day shaping up. if you want to make sure you get to work on time, probably a good idea to leave early. a lot of fog out there. temperatures or chilly. what a beautiful rebound we have in store. bay area, beautiful out there. do watch out. up in the north bay in particular, we have a dense fog advisory. we are going to see visibility
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dropping below a quarter of a mile, which means the fog is thicker than yesterday. we are going to extend the dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. yesterday, 9:00 a.m. keep in mind, a foggy start to the day. by noon, mostly sunny conditions for the greater bay area including the north bay and a nice rebound in temperatures as a result. look at these numbers, 78 on the way to santa rosa. 76, can jose, 81, gilroy. 85, livermore. i can't wait to show you your weekend forecast. after all, we gerting so close to it. it has been kind of a rough week because of b.a.r.t., mike. what are we tracking now? we're looking over here. talk about those low clouds and fog hovering around the bay. this is san jose at the 880 interchange. bottom of the screen, the 280/880 interchange, a wrong way
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driver for southbound 880. and 101/880 heading north. no other reports. no follow-up. we are tracking it down with chp and trying to get you more information. it is a little tough to see in those areas. watch 880 traveling through san jose for the time being. maybe some flashing lights. we are looking over here ford the bay bridge where the flashing lights just cleared. the earlier stall, the van, looked like it had been removed from the roadway. no metering lights and a very light, easy backup. be careful. lower visibility across that span at times. we'll look at the san mateo bridge coming over towards the peninsula. low clouds hovering around. reports of a stall out of the lanes. so far, no interruptions and no complications. it's refreshing to see a light commute i have to say. it is 5:09. some south bay elementary students won't be in class soez they can help children in need.
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more than 150 students and faculty staff at san jose's mary hill elementary, they are taking part in the save the children world marathon. it is a relay style event where each student runs a few hundred yards beforehanding off to another student. they are teaming up with more than 50,000 other children from 60 countries hoping to break the world marathon record. it will be held at san jose's park at 9:30. all the money raised will help child development care in other countries. >> great for the heart. >> love it. still ahead on "today in the bay's" cyberattack, hitting home in the bay area. we'll show you which cities are the biggest targets. >> and why is wall street so pleased with relatively bad news about jobs. we'll take a look coming up.
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welcome back. another picture of the low-hanging clouds, makes for kind of a holiday look. christina loren telling us we will be warming up shortly. it is 5:13 right now. every second, a cyberattack takes place somewhere around the world. it just so happens the number one place in the entire country, santa clara. threat matrix, a san jose-based cybersecurity company monitors these attacks in real time. it protects banks, tech companies from fraudulent credit card transactions to identity theft. cybercriminals are stealing people's identities by hacking into servers and people's bank accounts. santa clara, san jose and
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fremont ranking into the top cities where this is happening. >> this is a relatively well off population. we are all in tech jobs. so we have two things criminals care about. one, we have access, which is very important, to intellectual property. we had the largest technology companies in the globe right in our backyard. so we have something that they want. that's data. >> we can also tell you the cybercriminals then tried to make transactions with banks and e-commerce sites using your identity basically hiding their digital footprints. >> they are planning to march on washington to protest monitoring of your phone calls and e-mails. some activists have seen success. >> we are starting to gain tracks in washington. one of the activists at the obama administration to allow the unlocking of your cell phone to take it to a different carrier. will be sponsoring a march this weekend,
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delivering a petition with a half million digital signatures. among the support, daniel elsburg and ben greenwald, that broke the nsa spying story. wall street reacting to weak job numbers. september's job numbers were delayed by the government shutdown. we got our first peek at them tuesday and they weren't particularly good. in the logic of wall street, bad news can be good news. let's turn to kayla tausche. good morning, scott. futures are lower after stocks rose tuesday. the s&p 500 hitting a new record high. investors are betting the fed will hold off on reducing its massive bond buying stimulus program for a bit longer, because of the disappointing september jobs report. they think the government isn't ready to step away from helping the economy. goldman sachs thinks the fed will wait until march to do
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that. the dow rising 75 points. the nasdaq up 9 to 3929. shares in apple largely unchanged tuesday after that company revealed some new ipads and announced productivity apps and operating system upgrades would be free to better compete with google systems. the really important announcement came early when apple said it had written checks for a total of $13 billion to app developers, up from $10 billion in its last update. it is hard to imagine but the iphone app economy has only been around since february of 2008, a little bit more than five years. $13 billion. there are entire companies as you drive up 101, out of europe, they make angry birds, they didn't even exist before the iphone did and now there are entire careers around making stuff for the iphone that aren't at apple. >> steve jobs, he created all
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this. >> we have him to thank. >> very profitable careers. the money they are paying out for app developers. thank you, scott. let's talk about the fog. it has returned for a second day in a row. >> i think scott mcgrew just likes saying fuel. 5:17. good wednesday morning. want to make sure you are ready for 43 degrees in gilroy. 49 down south in santa cruz. we have a really warm and comfortable finish headed our way. temperatures aren't going to be too hot. we are not going to push that threshold too far. i can tell you to dress in layers. we are still headed to the mid-80s in most areas. dense fog advisory goes until 11:00 a.m. you can see by your futurecast, by about 7:00 a.m., we are going to have some pretty deep pockets
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of following. the north end of the san francisco bay, still covered with that fog. between 10:00 and noon, we'll see the fog breakthrough. temperatures climbing above average. 81, fairfield. 85 today in livermore. your seven-day outlook tells the story. we are getting into that time of year when we see the thick fog. it can definitely impact a smooth drive. what are you watching for us this morning? >> there are warnings for the north bay. we'll talk about it more in a second. we have low clouds. visibility is okay for drivers throughout the south bay. right here, 880 at 101, there is a concern. reports of a wrong-way driver traveling northbound on the southbound side heading up into 237 and milpitas, that was the
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last report we got from chp. so far, no updates in the last few minutes. that is good news, because we don't want to hear anything else about any wrong-way drivers. we hope that person got off of the roadway. we will look at fremont. 880 travel willing here. heading towards milpitas area we told you about. low clouds, visibility fine for drafrs. there is the added mystique as you are traveling through the lower visibility areas. as the road rises up, a tougher view in some of the east bay hills. we'll get a look at the san mateo bridge and westbound, reports of a stalled vehicle out of the roadway. both of those are off the roadway. on the shoulder, still visible. no delays for the peninsula. as we look back to the maps, with he see that travel across the bay and toward the bay bridge toll plaza, just fine. the whole maze on the approach, very light. we don't expect anything unusual
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because the b.a.r.t. trains are in service. keep in mind, we have the brunt of the commute to come over from the east bay. watch that caldecott tunnel. so far, things are looking very smooth throughout the approach. a little lighter today because folks don't have to avoid the bay bridge. >> 5:20 now. the fda is reaching out to veterinarians to figure out why hundreds of pets have died and thousands more have gotten sick after eating jerky treats made in china. since 2007, the fda has received more than 3600 reports of pets getting sick. hundreds have died, in fact. mostly dogs. the fda has issued an open letter to veterinarians asking them to track and send information about any animals sickened by jerky treats. in august of 2012, our investigative unit was the first to report the results of a nechlt necropsy was done.
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the fda says there is not enough evidence to issue a recall. time is 5:21. coming up, we'll tell you about the disturbing new link between the amount of time you spend sitting down and death.
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welcome back. sitting more than 11 hours per day increases your risk of dying much sooner, compared to people that sit at their desk
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for only four hours a day. sitting for eight hours a day increases your risk of dying by 15%. >> we are built to move. we are built to perceive how we move. so the fact that people can spend as much time as they do sitting seems counter to the way we're designed. just standing, just being up and down can provide some of that movement that we so desperately need. >> activity is good. the study involved people 45 and older. it said the results seemed consistent across sections, age group, weight, and health. experts are suggesting asking your boss for a standing desk or taking walks during lunch or any time you have a break to move around and shake it out. >> if i sit for 11 hours a day and go for a six-mile run, does that offset it? >> okay, you do the running and i'll do the sitting. >> probably a nice day to go for a run. >> it is never a nice day for a six mile run. let's be real.
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i don't know how you do it, marla tallez. one mile and i'm done. we have about a half mile visibility in santa rosa and only one quarter in napa right now. a dense fog advisory has been issued for the north bay. the thick fog is everywhere. travel cautiously, specially if you are taking the little ones to work or school. 85, livermore, 76, santa tree sachtreesa. we do have thick fog. no b.a.r.t. strike. trains back in service. any impact on the roads. we can barely see the roadway through oakland. we have a roof top camera 13 floors down. that's the roadway. there are low clouds drifting
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around. >> there is not a problem as far as the roadway safety. we are looking at a nice, easy drive for 880 and 580 through oakland as you head to the top of your screen. at the maze, a new issue reported. as you head from 24 over to 580 and the bay bridge. no major issues on the approach, specially on the bay bridge. b.a.r.t. service interrupted once again today but not because of a strike. we'll tell you what federal investigators are doing today that could impact your commute plans. we'll also tell you about reopening the investigation into why officials say it will take a second look into a construction accident that killed a worker at the 49ers brand new stadium.
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good morning. i'm christie smith, live enter walnut creek where an ntsb
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investigation into the deadly b.a.r.t. accident that killed two workers over the weekend ramps up. we'll tell you how it could affect your afternoon plans coming up plus, local deputies opened fire on a suspect with a replica gun. we will tell you what we are learning about the reportedly 13-year-old victim. good morning. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. we have some thick fog out there all the way from the north bay through san francisco down the peninsula and into the silicon valley. we'll let you know how long that's going to last and i have your weekend forecast in moments i'll give you an update as we search for the report of the wrongway driver. right now, we give you a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic coming off highway 92 heading into foster city and san mateo. this is "today in the bay."
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this is "today in the bay." it is just about 5:30. thanks as always for joining us. good morning. i'm marla tallez. laura is off today. a san francisco rec and park worker accused of running over and killing a woman in holly park is expected in court later today. "today in the bay's" chase cain is live in san francisco have with the charges this worker is now facing. i know this happened sometime ago. there is still a memorial up for this woman. >> there sure is. that person, that long-time park worker turns himself in late yesterday after the district attorney filed these felony charges against him. that memorial you asked about is right here at holly park. this is the spot where this young mother was sun bathing a few weeks ago when she was run over by that truck and killed. that park worker is 58-year-old tom bernoski. the district attorney filed charges of hit and run and
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vehicular manslaughter against him after he drove his green parks and rec truck off of a path and ran over this young woman and then kept driving. that was about six weeks ago. 35-year-old kristy dandemeier was sun bathing with her baby, her 11-month-old and her dog. the child and dog were not hit. still, very difficult for her family. again, this parks worker was driving his truck off of a path through the grass and we're told that parks and rec drivers are supposed to have a spotter when they are driving off of any kind of path and apparently ber nossky did not have a spotter. people that frequent this park still struggle with what happened. >> the guy did a horrible thing. it was a mistake and now his life is ruined the guy messed up. poor little baby doesn't have a mom. the husband doesn't have a wife. it is a forever crime. it is a mistake.
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he didn't follow the rules. the memorial shows pictures of this young mother with her husband and young baby. several notes on the memorial describe her as a woman full of brilliance, passion and kindness. her family and friends are having a difficult time. he is scheduled to be arraigned later today at 1:30 to be more specific. for now, he is being held on $350,000 bail. live he, chase cain, "today in the bay." >> such a tragic story. thank you, chase. today, b.a.r.t. riders should be bracing for delays. federal investigators are shutting down a specific section of track to figure out how two b.a.r.t. workers were killed by a train. christie smith has an update. >> reporter: there are still so many questions on how something like this could even happen in the first place. so this afternoon, the ntsb is shutting down this section of
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b.a.r.t. track where the two men died. they want to know how something like this could happen with safety procedures in place. now, just standing here this morning, i have to tell you, the trains are very quiet. suddenly, they fly right by. two men were killed saturday hit by a b.a.r.t. train traveling about 60-70 miles an hour. this happened during the b.a.r.t. strike. they apparently radioed into the dispatchers to say they were out on the tracks. the ntsb said that the horn sounded, lights and breaks weak working. they will do a reenactment. one worker was supposed to inspect for damage and the other was supposed to be the lookout. >> the lookout must be positioned outside of the train operating envelope. to be able to view any oncoming train from either direction on
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any track. in this accident, there were two tracks. >> so today, between noon and 3:30, b.a.r.t. will operate a bus bridge between lafayette, walnut creek and the pleasant hill station set during the ntsb station, so these bus bridges are going to be running every 15 minutes to get you around this. none of the six people on board will actually participate today including the trainer or the b.a.r.t. manager at the controls working for his certification, who was in the driver's seat at the time. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." that is a tough one. thank you very much. from b.a.r.t., we check things out in a.c. transit. this morning, a judge considering governor brown's request for that 60-day cooling off period for a.c. transit and its unions. an alameda county supervisor will decide whether that strike would significantly disrupt public transportation services and also endanger the public's welfare. if the decision is yes, the strike would be put on hold. the governor says fresh off
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b.a.r.t., another strike here in the bay area is the last thing we need. speaking of a.c. transit, passengers could soon see some discounts, along with easier ways to pay for their bus trips. at a pub liblic hearing they ar considering a new bus policy. >> it gives discounts on clipper card fairs. you should also know, all cash fairs, they would stay the same and there is no fare increase. a.c. transit's yerl manager says this plan is aimed at attracting more riders by making fares cheaper and service more efficient. it is 5:35. a deadly shooting involving two sonoma county sheriff deputies yesterday afternoon. the suspect the two sheriffs shot may have been a 13-year-old boy carrying a replica gun. "today in the bay's" bob redell is in the newsroom with what we are just learning the sun know ma county
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sheriff put out this identifying this person as shot as a male suspect with no other description. they are identifying him as a 13-year-old boy named andy lopez. two deputies on patrol came across the boy, around 3:00. he was in a field that the deputies thought was a real assault weapon seen there in that photo taken by law enforcement. it turns out it was actually a replica. not clear whether or not it shot beebes or any other sort of projectile. deputies called for backup and ordered the boy to drop the gun. when he did not comply,they shot him several times, handcuffed him, began administering first aid and called for paramedics who declared him dead on the scene. deputies realized that gun was not real. they also say they found a plastic handgun in the boy's waistband. his father says the gun was a
5:37 am
toy that belonged to his son's friend, that he had told his son, every day, to, quote, behave himself. the d.a. along with santa rosa and petaluma police department are investigating this shooting, as is protocol in a situation like this. bob redell, "today in the bay" it is 5:37. a week after the second deadly accident at levi stadium in santa clara, cal osha is reopening its investigation into the first worker fatality. this happened back on june 11th. an elevator county weight killed 63-year-old donald weiss. cal osha will only say some new questions have been raised. they are looking at evidence. it originally ruled there was no violation. last month, a driver died while dropping off steel rebar at the soon to be home of the 49ers. a bundle of the rebar fell off the truck and landed on top of him. >> hopefully, they will put the
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sfot lig spotlight on safety. christina loren, she joins us to talk about your wednesday forecast and beyond. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon and marla. good morning to you at home. i want to show you oakland, which has dropped off to t three-quarters of a mile of visibility. drifting around the east bay. if you want to keep that in mind, let's take you through that. 52 degrees in san jose. you make your way up the peninsula as you approach sfo and specially getting into daly city, you are going to find some really thick patches of fog. so get ready to slow down as you work your way up the peninsula this morning, 49 degrees in san francisco. by the time you get there, it is 7:00 a.m., and 65 degrees at 4:00 p.m. overall, looking towards a nice, sunny finish to the day. temperatures will be cool to the start. make sure you pull off that coat. look at this. only 5 degrees away from 90 in livermore. 85 there. 76 in santa teresa. los gatos, hitting about 77
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degrees. stick around if you are trying to make those weekend plans. we want to help you. a couple of things happening around the bay area this weekend. we'll take you through the forecast. i will show you your seven-day from just a few moments. let's take a look at your drive. you have to work for the weekend. >> you have to look to see in some spots around the bay. watch that north bay. a tough visibility. over here in san jose, we see the glow from the low clouds and moisture in the air. driving, you are okay. we do have a crowd building now. this is the first burst we see for 101. on our map, we will show you what we are talking about. north 101, through 680, just starting. the one we were concerned with was the one going in the wrong directi direction. this was north 880 as you travel up towards milpitas. they did fnot find that wrong-wy driver. consider yourself clear between milpitas and san jose.
5:40 am
a little slowing for 84 and 580. typical pattern early in the commute. toward the east bay, a smooth approach out of walnut creek from 24 to the kell caldecott. reports of fog in the orange area. low visibility for the eastshore freeway. back to you. you have to be extra careful tonight. 5:40. still ahead on "today in the bay." we'll fill you in on the major moves the obama administration is now making this morning to try and fix the glitches on the new health care exchange website. we are learning new details about the deadly school shooting near reno. how investigators say the 12-year-old shooter got his hands on the gun. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
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uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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a new health website sheriff in town. he has been brought in to deal with the health
5:43 am
the government health insurance website that keeps on crashing. of course, right here in california, we used covered c.a., which is experiencing some problems of its own. "today in the bay's" tracie potts, live on capitol hill to tell us more about this effort to work hard and try and clear up that mess. tracie, good morning. the new guy is jeff. he is not that new, an insider with the obama administration. he cleaned up the applications when they had so many for that cash for clunkers program. he has to take over the national economic council in january. he has to figure out how to fix this site and work with those experts who have come in to try to help with this. there are also new criticisms from republicans that perhaps the prices and comparisons aren't accurate. the obama administration accusations that they are not making it easy for people to compare prices between these health plans and also questions
5:44 am
about whether they knew in advance the site was prone to fail based on early warning science and a failed test before the october 1st rollout. now, we are there. millions of people cannot get on this site. they are trying to fix it with no timeline as to when that might happen. if it takes longer than the next few weeks werks a, we are looki crunch time. >> a lot of pressure on the white house and president obama to get this cleared up. thanks for the update. a very special day and a historic day for one particular baby. this morning, prince george will be christened at a private ceremony at the chapel royal at st. james palace. a small gathering with prince william, dutchess katherine, their immediate families and close friends. in all, about 50 people are expected to be there. surprising some, this surprised me, prince harry and pippa middleton have not been named god parents. instead, seven other people have been named as god parents,
5:45 am
including some old family friends, a cousin, college pals and a former royal secretary. having dozens of wildfires in australia get new life as warm and windy weather undo much of the progress firefighters have made, they face 95-mile-per-hour and 60-mile-per-hour winds. 19 wildfires burning are out of control. residents have been doing what they can but many have been told to leave their homes. so far, the flames have burned about 200 homes and are blamed for one death. the 22-year-old that grabbed national headlines confessing in a youtube video to killing a man while driving drunk. he pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide and driving under the influence. in the youtube video, he admits he was drunk when he crashed and killed a 61-year-old man in ohio. charges could be filed against the parents of a
5:46 am
12-year-old boy who shot and killed a math teacher and injured two other boys at a school in nevada. police say the seventh grader got a semi-automatic handcugun used in a schoolyard rampage. he shot and killed himself then. police are still trying to figure out how the boy got access to the gun. investigators say the parents are cooperating with this investigation. the last year plus has been unbelievable with the shootings at school. 12 yeerl 12-year-olds getting a gun christina loren talking about our cool start to the day. >> it is the kind of fog we haven't had to deal with for months. yesterday was the first dense fog advisory. it goes until 11:00 a.m. an indication of how long we are
5:47 am
going to be in the thick of it. we are really watching. south bay temperatures are running chilly as lower 54 degrees right now in san jose. continuously dropping off for the next couple of hours. 54, campbell, my hometown. we are looking pretty good as we head throughout the second half of the day for clearing between 10:00 and, i would say, probably 1:00 p.m. you are going to have to wait a little while at the north bay and to see the sunshine. i want to draw your attention to san jose, down to a mile and one quarter of visibility. highly unusual to drop that low. half a mile at oakland and half a mile in santa rosa. take it easy out there. a dense fog advisory has been issued. we have to extend until about 8:00 a.m. that sun will be up and start to burn it off by 1:00 p.m. we are going to live up to those
5:48 am
standards today. 85 degrees in livermore. still getting nice, warm finishes to the day. 73, fremont, 76, perfection in san jose. not too cold with that fog coming in so early in san francisco. 65 degrees there today. thursday into friday. let's try that one more time. we are looking pretty good. 78 on thursday. then, we're going to hit 82 on friday. changes between today and tomorrow. temperatures drop. we rise back up and we stay warm for the weekend. mike i, i know the weekend, you are setting your sights on it already, aren't you, sir? >> yes. no. thursday, i have to finish the holiday costume before the party. folks are just now starting to pack in for those cash lanes. traffic moves smoothly for the fast track. >> as you are traveling away from the camera, westbound. your commute direction. two landmarks, you are traveling toward the bay bridge. you can barely see these cars
5:49 am
through the area. low clouds and visibility in many patches throughout the east bay. we'll look at the throughout the north bay. because of that roadway fog, be very careful coming off the bridge and in spots for 580 and 24 approaching the maze. 880 and 580 move smoothly towards oakland. a stalled caur sticking out in the back area. a little bit of slowing a tad bit from time to time through the area. that may be the morning commute building as well. your northbound commute starting to build a bit. let me give you a couple of live shots. this is as you're coming down through the area and traveling along the freeway. we just lost the complete view.
5:50 am
that skill over the next couple of minutes. this is a nice drive north 101 as you head up toward the san mateo bridge. patchy fog through daly city and coming up toward the city along the coast. be very careful. you don't want to get caught off guard. planning on hitting the brakes. >> make sure your fog lights are on. >> 5:50, coming up. the giants lock up for another two years. we'll tell you how much money tim lincecum stands to make in the deal. a lot of money being made off of netflix stock we'll take a look ahead in business.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
hello. good morning to you. we give you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. morning commute starting to pick up. b.a.r.t. train, yes, back in full service. scott mcgrew, the man, carl icahn, is selling off netflix shares. we were just talking tuesday about how fast the shares had risen. icahn cashing out taking advantage of the surge in the company's stock. he owned about a tenth of the company and is selling about half. he announced the move with an sec filing and followed up saying i-wish to thank read hastings, ted serandos and the netflix team and kevin spacey. referring to the house of cars. icahn bought the shares with the potential of taking netflix over but he didn't need to do that to
5:54 am
make his profit. reuters reporting several private groups are eyeing pleasanton-based safe way. the hedge fund that bought a lot of the albert son stores. no stranger to hostile takeovers. another fund has been nosing around for some months. turning to the other market, the s&p 500 hit another all-time high. on the back end of the news of mediocre job growth in the united states. it will force the fed to continue quan ttitative easing. there is a lot of money floating out there that drives stocks up. it pays for things like taking over safeway. meteorologist, christina loren, i know you are dealing with a whole lot of fog out there. mike couldn't even recognize the
5:55 am
fremont shot. >> what's what happens when we get dense pockets of fog. your local neighborhood is sometimes unrecognizable. you are going to encounter some pockets where you can only see for hundreds of feet. otherwise, a nis, sunny finish to the day. i want to get to the good news and we will talk more about the bad. 65, san francisco, 85, livermore, 76, san jose. because of that thick fog, count on flight delays and road delays. let's get all the particular details from our very own mike inouye. >> i want you to create your own delay by slowing out a bit because of the low visibility. i had trouble recognizing a familiar shot for the camera. lower the speeds. sometimes things will catch you off guard. see the fog in the east bay. let me show you across the bay. an issue reported from southbound 101. a crash. the lanes are in the process of
5:56 am
clearing right now. we very careful. you are coming out of dense fog. the city of san francisco moves much more smoothly now that the b.a.r.t. trains are running. in the east bay, the orange painted out here like it was in the north bay. as you see that highlighting, there is dense fog reported in some spots for the east bay. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we start to see the cash lanes backing up. traffic picks up a bit. the tow truck just leaving the scene. thanks a lot. game one of the world series between the red sox and the st. louis cardinals. giants making headlines. fan favorite and two-time cy young winner, tim lincecum.
5:57 am
the giants lock him up for the next two years. that deal worth $35 million has a no-trade clause pending his physical. he rejected a five-year deal in 2012. it is 5:57. still ahead, the san francisco citywm+ worker accused of runn over a woman right in front of her young daughter will be in court today to face vehicular manslaughter charges. we'll have a live report right after the break. would look like john stamos.
5:58 am
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what if the suspect was 13 years old and the gun he was carrying was only a replica about the deadly shooting and new concerns this death could have been avoided ahead in a live report. plus, b.a.r.t. workers
6:00 am
killed by a b.a.r.t. train. we will tell you which stretch of that track is about to be closed for hours during this federal investigation. good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. give yourself extra time for thick fog. down to a half mile. a mile and a quarter in san jose. we'll let you know when the sun will breakthrough those clouds and a warmup headed your way. speaking of the clouds, no easy view of the east bay. we are looking at the nimitz for a crash causing slowing through hayward. we take you live to the south bay. you can see all that cloud cover out there. a very foggy start to this wednesday, october 23rd. this is "today in the bay." 6:00, state up, good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. good morning. i'm marla tallez in for laura garcia cannon. new details about a deadly


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