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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 23, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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grounds a strike would be disruptive. represents 1,700 bus drivers, mechanics and dispatchers who voted down two tentative offers already. if there is no agreement in two months, workers could strike on christmas eve. now on nbc bay area follow up, what to do about the website glitches preventing people for signing up for obama care. earlier today san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi addressed those problems and had a simple message for website administrators. >> just fix it. just fix it. >> this afternoon, health insurance executives met with the president's chief of staff and health secretary to try to figure out how to make that fix. well, the white house said it didn't anticipate the scale of the problems that is seen with the health care website. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. some bay area companies are either helping or ready and willing to help. >> you're absolutely right, jessica. this is not a simple fix.
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if you think about it, we have gotten used to logging on to a  or amazon and having it work every time. those big retail sites test for months before they release new features. we know this because we visited the headquarters of soasta. a mountain view company that does the testing to make sure they can handle big spikes in traffic. soasta says the health care website didn't test for big crowds and they're paying the price, especially damaging since the typical web surfer does not come back when he or she has a bad experience. >> and in the case of what you're seeing, you're seeing a case where they were very unprepared. they didn't test until a few days beforehand and then tested only with a few sets of users. >> soasta one of several tech companies to help the affordable care act become more tech savvy. they haven't heard back from washington just yet. here in california we should say those needing insurance don't
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have to go on our own site in california pretty free of complaints. tonight at 6:00, we have a silicon valley solution a local company that will let you find insurance online. back to you. >> thanks, scott. an unusual move as work continues at levi stadium. the agency is taking a second look at its investigation into the first it deadly construction accident there. socal osha originally ruled no violation and they say some new questions have been raised. now reexamining evidence from the june 11th accident in which an elevator counterweight killed 63-year-old donald white. in another incident just about a week ago a driver was killed while dropping off steel rebar. a bundle fell off his truck and landed on top of the victim. fremont police are asking for the public's help in identifying this man. the man dropped his pants at the
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fremont walmart yesterday. if you recognize him call fremont police. people who live in an apartment complex in concord are suing their landlord over bed bugs. all this at the rose mont apartment on monument boulevard. the people who live in 48 units are filing a lawsuit. they say the bedbugs have gotten so bad they're covered in bites. one person shows us marks on the ceiling that are actually bedbug maps. she has to cover her mattress in plastic to keep them from spreading. apartment manager says he brings in a company every week to spray, but it's difficult to keep up with. >> we are living worse than animals. >> all i can do is tell them, don't grab anything from the trash and keep fumigating and fight to keep it clean as possible. >> now the tenants are working withrepublican renters right gr.
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we tried to contact the owners named in the suit, but at this point we have not heard back from them. new at 5:00, wild pigs are tearing up a san jose country club and some of the almaden area that surrounds it. how bad the problem is and what's next. chris. >> hi, janelle. this is just one of the spots that the pigs have dug up and the general manager says that the pigs they will have to dig up all the grass damaged by the pigs looking for grub, scrape it all away and recede it and then wait for it to grow and that isn't even the worse of it. not far from where i'm standing, the pig dug up half the hillside and forced club management to put a fence around the entire green fixing the green is really expensive. the club also treated the grass to eliminate the grubs that they come looking for. they sealed one of the routes the pigs take from the quick silver mountains on to the course in search of water and food.
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they even put staff on the course overnight to shoo the pigs away, but the pigs have been coming for a month and in the last week they have gotten more disruptive. >> the pigs are determined, they're aggressive and they're stubborn and they're very smart. with a keen sense of smell coming back to an area they want to feed. >> now, the pigs also tore up the yards of several yards around the golf course. the general manager says he has contacted several government agencies, including fish and wildlife seeking help. i just got off the phone with the warden a while ago and he says normally property owners can request a depredation permit to trap the animal creating the problem. he says the biologist has to determine whether that is reasonable and necessary. that process sometimes can happen as quickly as a day. but they have been waiting
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longer than that. a general manager says that he's not only concerned about the damage to the property, some of which will be covered by insurance. he said he's also concerned about his members that come out to walk or golf early in the day or stay late to walk the dog later in the afternoon when the pigs are most likely active. also now with halloween around the corner, there is a good possibility that the kids and the pigs will find themselves on the street at the same time and the pigs, when they feel threatened, they can be aggressive. we are in contact with a warden, we'll let you know what the solution might be, coming up at 6:00. reporting live in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. still to come, does this look familiar to you? thaù truck why police in one by area city want you to take a good look at this photo. plus the progress reports more than three months after the asiana crash at sfo. good news about the last victim just released from the hospital. plenty of thick fog from
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today. the sky camera network. it continues here. we did get sunshine and the fog line rolling right throughout oakland. i'm jeff ranieri. we'll have details on a dense fog advisory coming up in just a few minutes. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms, jalapeños, bacon, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu.
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new details on that deadly shooting that is sending +nr(t&c shockwaves across the bay area. a 13-year-old boy is dead after two sonoma county sheriff deputies opened fire yesterday afternoon. they say they thought his toy gun was a real one. nbc bay area live at the santa rosa community center. the community there outraged this evening. >> that's right, janelle. some of them actually came to the press conference that just happened about an hour ago. now, for the first time since the shooting happened yesterday, we are hearing from santa rosa police. the victim is a student at
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lawrence middle school in santa rosa and chaplain was on campus today. the faculty and students there are having a tough time dealing with this. meanwhile, late today, police answered questions for the first time about this shooting. >> he was not given a chance. he is the sweetest boy. he would always make sure say hi, thank you, i'd given him something. he was just always the kindest, kindest hearted person. >> reporter: a small santa rosa community in shock over the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez cruz. >> i have 13-year-old boys here that play right here and i don't feel safe with my kids playing out here now. >> reporter: around 3:00 yesterday afternoon, santa rosa police say two sonoma county sheriff deputies saw a man with a gun. police say the deputies were convinced it was an ak-47 assault rifle. >> one of the deputies shouted
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at the subject to put the gun down. a witness in the area reported that he heard the deputy shout two times, put the gun down, put the gun down. one of the deputies described it as the subject was turning towards him. the barrel of the assault rifle was turning his direction. the deputy feared for his safety, the safety of his p4tner and the safety of the community members in the area. he believed the subject was going to shoot him or his partner. >> reporter: police say they fired several shots striking and killing cruz. >> you're shooting someone's child. this is someone's child, someone's grandchild. he's not an adult, he's a child. 13 years old. that's crazy. >> reporter: police showed reporters a real ak-47 assault rifle alongside the one they say the teenager was carrying. the toy rifle is slightly smaller than the real one. cruz's father spoke to us earlier today. he said, "i know my son. he had a lot of respect for police. he said he believes his son did
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obey orders, but police reacted differently and should not have done that. cruz's parents holding a silent vigil in front of the santa rosa city hall tonight. they are upset and they want the world to know. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear more from those parents. reporting live in santa rosa, i'm cheryl hurd. more than three months after the asiana crash at sfo has left the hospital. female patient with a spinal cord injury which resulted in paralysis. kept her from eating solid food for weeks. during her stay in the hospital she underwent some 30 surgeries, including skin graphs to repair road burns. she is now in a rehab facility. she is not being identified, though. three passengers were killed in
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that crash on july 6th. a south bay mom is so determined to get her son with autism. the mom's effort to recruit volunteers to work with her son, mar marianne. >> the mom posted this flier asking a volunteer to work four hours a week doing play-base therapy with her son. she calls it team jackson. jackson is an energetic 4-year-old who loves to play, but unlike most kids his age, he doesn't speak. jackson has autism. his mom is hoping what she's doing with him here called sunrise play-base therapy will help her son learn to interact with others. >> we're creating a nonjudgmental place where jackson feels safe. if you feel safe, you want to open up. >> reporter: her goal is to have jackson have one-on-one playtime
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in this room eight hours a day, seven days a week. and she needs help to make that happen. so, she's put up this flier in starbucks coffee shops and community colleges in the south bay to recruit volunteers willing to come to her san jose home and spend four hours a week playing with jackson. >> wait for me. >> reporter: family friend jane is already on board. she's happy to crawl through a tunnel and do whatever it takes to keep her young friend engaged. the idea is for her to enter jackson's world instead of trying to force him to enter hers. >> i would just love to be part of the team that is going to open his world. >> reporter: at the civic autism center for education executive assistant director karen kenna says the program is a recognized therapy, but she has concerns about asking strangers for help. >> the concerns that i would have is the concerns i would have for any parent that is bringing people into their home to interact with their child. i would hope that a parent would
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do a good job of vetting and checking the backgrounds of anyone they bring into their home. >> reporter: elaine says she plans to carefully screen her volunteers. she's convinced they will make the critical difference for her son. >> we want him to be speaking with us and we know that's going to happen. >> well, elaine has five family members who are already committed to doing this therapy and two volunteers from the community but looking for ten volunteers and she hopes that they will stay on for at least six months. reporting live in san jose. marianne favro. the san francisco gardner accused of running over and killing a woman in a city park pled not guilty. family and supporters of thomas burnoski showed up at his arraignment. he is accused of killing 35-year-old christine svanemyr as she laid in the grass with her 11-month-old baby. the baby was not hurt. burnoski left the scene to
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return to a maintenance yard where he told a supervisor he thought he hit somebody. lowered his bail from $350,000 to $100,000. his supporters say they believe it was the right decision. >> he's a man of integrity and we just know, i just feel in my heart that it was an accident. >> burnoski's attorney said his client was trying to avoid a dog when he veered off the path on to the grass hitting the mother. prosecutor allege he was trying to take a shortcut. he faces a maximum of 11 years in prison if convicted. a south bay teenager is being hailed a hero for saving her mother's life. today the american red cross of silicon valley honored lindsay dolan with community hero award. what impressed the red cross that she was able to overcome her shock and do mouth-to-mouth rece recessitation when the mother suffered a heart attack.
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doctors think mom would have suffered brain damage and may have even died if her daughter hadn't acted quickly. >> i didn't know she knew cpr, first of all. and i'm just thankful that she did because if she didn't, my wife wouldn't be here right now. >> i knew it was not her time to go yet. so she had to keep fighting for me and that's what she did. >> lorry, the mom, now has a pacemaker and is doing well. her husband also also learned cpr, as well. they're all ready for anything now. >> yes. >> must be very proud of her daughter. fog pretty thick this morning and seems to be moving back in already. let's check in with jeff ranieri. pretty dangerous out there on the roadways especially throughout the north and east bay. we had fog in the coastline and widespread fog continues at this hour and, of course, that ground fog that really limited visibility down to several hundred feet in some cases. all in all, with that onshore
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flow put together with that fog that stuck around to the noon hour, we did have near record-setting chill. 57 degrees in richmond, that's it. that's all we had for the afternoon high. your average 71 this time of year. that was good enough to tie our old record back in history. even at the coastline, that 57 degrees, well, it did seem cool. it was a lot colder than we should be this time of the year. now, we do have our dense fog advisory that continues tomorrow morning right around the north bay for the lower elevations and napa snow and santa rosa and nevada where visibility cut down to a quarter mile and from south san francisco to stanford and oakland down to fremont and on the northern fringes of san jose at this point. again, commuters, what you should know tomorrow morning when you're out on the roadways, plan some extra time because that fog, again, can cut down that visibility very quickly. as we get a look at that thursday forecast overall, once we get over the cloud cover, looks like by 11 xlk a.m., it
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will start to break, yet again. temperatures on the cooler side. low 60s by the bay and for interior valleys upper 60s. let's bring you outside to the fog storm in san francisco. we actually had to adjust this camera for tonight because the clouds are coming in so thick. so, do expect areas of drizzle across the golden gate, also the bay bridge and at the immediate coastline. down to the south, we did clear out with some sun for several hours. but remains hazy. the dew points in the lower atmosphere remain in the upper 40s to low 50s and that's going to be good enough to set off more ground fog again throughout parts of the south bay and the bay, as we mentioned. let's take you back here into the forecast. you can see here on the fog factor, all counties highlighted dealing with north, east, south bay off the peninsula. then another day by the afternoon. we'll see plenty of clearing here throughout the interior valleys, but up against the coastline it's not going to clear at all. you're headed anywhere there, bring the jackets, bring the layers, it's going to stay cool for you. as we take you into the forecast for tomorrow morning, we'll see most temperatures here in the
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40s throughout parts of the north bay and as we transition through the east bay, 48 in livermore and 54 in los gatos. overall daytime highs expected to top out tomorrow generally near our averages. awesome in the south bay. 75 in san jose and 72 in palo alto and 76 in morgan hill. doesn't look hot with the onshore flow staying with us. 80 in dublin and 79 in pleasanton and san francisco 64 and up towards sonoma 72 and napa expecting 75. tracking the system for this weekend. at this point, it looks like that system will stay off shore and move to the south. so no rainfall in that seven-day forecast. you can see it's dry all the way throughout this upcoming weekend. temperatures near 80 inland and 60s at our coastline. again, just watch out tomorrow morning for that low areas of fog that will stay with us. >> thanks, jeff. you're welcome.
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what prince george was celebrating today. the new research that says changes in your diet could prevent memory problems later in life.
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livermore police want you to take a good look at this picture. asking for help in a hit and run crash that happened this morning. police say the driver of that white gmc pickup truck hit a car at the intersection of second and south l street and then sped away. the no one was hurt, but police say a witness at the scene gave
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them this picture of the truck, significant damage on the passenger side. police also say the right brake light is out. if you have any information, call livermore police. a warning has gone out to people who live in san mateo county. be on the lookout for mountain lions. one was seen in the hills and another spotted in woodside last night. highway 35. emergency services say if you encounter a mountain lion make noise and make yourself look as big as possible. do not run. that could make the animal chase you. also try not to hike at dawn or dusk when the animals are usually out. new research from germany indicates that people with higher blood sugar levels may have increased risks for memory problems. the german doctor said healthy adults with no history of diabetes or prediabetes. participants had blood sugar
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level did not perform as well as those with lower sugar levels. brain scans those with higher blood sugar also had smaller volume in the hip compitous area of the brain. experts thaurs are lowering blood sugar levels could prevent memory levels later in life. a full-term pregnancy. used to be a baby was considered at term when delivered between 37 and 42 weeks. now, experts are narrowing that window saying full-term is now from 39 to 41 weeks. doctors want to cut down on the number of scheduled c-sections and inductions before 39 weeks. woman who spontaneously go into labor at 37 or 38 weeks shouldn't panic. they tend to be healthier than those who are delivered healthy by choice. speaking of babies. the first video of prince george since his birth, when we return. >> he is cute.
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a break with royal tradition, the christening of prince george took place inside a chapel at st. james' palace instead of buckingham palace. theñbaby prince carried by his father, prince william into the chapel. george who is now 3 months old wore an elaborate lace and satin gown. the short, private service was attended by only 22 guests, mostly family. he has seven godparents, all
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close friends and some family. this is the first time the public got to see prince george since his introduction. >> they are a family. they are living as a family. bringing up the child in a family unit. and i think that is wonderful. >> royal christenings are usually held in the music room of buckingham palace but the chapel is where princess diana's body was laid before her funeral. a lot of sentimental value there. he is third in line to the british throne. >> beautiful baby. >> so content just laying there. >> and the weather seemed nice in england. >> yes, it was nice. but not as nice as our weather. look at that seven-day forecast. dense fog for tomorrow morning and clear out with afternoon sunshine and near 80 degrees for the afternoon high and low 70s by the bay and 60s at the coast. stay dry through this weekend.
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>> cheers to that forecast. bye-bye. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news with brian williams. good evening, and we're starting here tonight with some breaking news out of washington. after the debacle on the internet surrounding the roll out of obama care, we have learned tonight that because of the stagging computer problems in part and the confusing deadlines, as millions of americans have tried to line up coverage and have been turned away, the administration intends to slide the deadline for health care coverage. details of this are still coming at us. and we want to again with nbc's tom costello who's been covering this since day one. >> reporter: the white house


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