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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  October 23, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> cheers to that forecast. bye-bye. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news with brian williams. good evening, and we're starting here tonight with some breaking news out of washington. after the debacle on the internet surrounding the roll out of obama care, we have learned tonight that because of the stagging computer problems in part and the confusing deadlines, as millions of americans have tried to line up coverage and have been turned away, the administration intends to slide the deadline for health care coverage. details of this are still coming at us. and we want to again with nbc's tom costello who's been covering this since day one. >> reporter: the white house tells nbc news that it plans to
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move the deadline for individuals to be required to buy health insurance to six weeks. as the law stands right now shall the uninsured need to start process by february 15th. with this change, the administration is trying to allow people to buy insurance all the way up to march 31st to avoid that penalty. meanwhile, the work to fix the website is a top priority. 23 days into a very rock eye roll out for the affordable care act, ceos from the top insurance companies were today troubleshooting at the white house as the website problem the persist. >> they start filling out the application through paper and pen if anything. >> reporter: today we return to a miami clinic where people have tried to sign up. only five applications have gone through. >> if it doesn't work we're going to have them fill out a paper application or apply over the phone. >> reporter: kathleen sebelius dodged the question about whether she would resign.
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>> i think my job is to get this fully implemented and get the website working right. and that's really what i'm focused on. >> reporter:the white house also ran into glachs with medicare d in 2006. seniors not able to get their prescriptions. >> we were a bit unprepared for the imperfections. >> reporter: he says he doesn't like obama care but now too many people would be hurt if it doesn't work. >> i think they have about a month to get it fixed. if they get it fixed, people will move on. if they don't, it will characterize and brand forever, obama care. >> reporter: meanwhile, in some states customers that are getting through are experiencing sticker shock. >> they thought this was going to be less expensive, and in michigan for example we're about 40% on average higher than the low-cost plans that we had in
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the market already. >> reporter: tomorrow congressional hearings into what's gone wrong with the web seethe. nbc news has learned that the lead federal contractor, cgi will testify that it passed eight technical reviews prior to going live on october 1st. but also a late government decision to require customers to register their personal information before they could check prices contributed to the glitches that still has the website tied up. but they intend to move the deadline for individuals to be required to buy health insurance. before, if you hadn't signed up by february 15th, there would likely be a penalty. now they want to make sure that anyone who signed up by the enrollment deadline of march 31st doesn't face a penalty. thanks. as the world series gets under way in boston, there will be a moment of silence for today's tragedy at a school in massachusetts. the murder of a young teacher at danvers high school. a student has been charged.
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while there are unique circumstances in this case, yet, again, tonight, another school community is reacting to yet another tragedy. nbc's ron allen is there for us tonight. >> reporter: police discovered the body in the woods that border dan verse high school and charged a 14 year old with murder. he will be tried as an adult. >> this is terrible tragedy. >> reporter: the criminal complaint says investigators learned from ain't view of a juvenile and video surveillance recovered at the school that he assaulted and subsequently murdered colleen. they say he was soft-spoken, a junior varsity soccer player who had recently arrived from tennessee. >> he was normal, like any other kid you could possibly imagine. completely normal. >> reporter: dan verse is a town of some 25,000, half an hour's
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drive from boston where at first all of this seemed to be a case of a missing student. at 9:25, he was reported missing. he'd earlier been seen near a local movie theater. some two hours later, colleen's family reported her missing, saying she had not returned home and was not answering her phone. at 12:30 in the morning, they found him walking along the highway in the wrong direction. and later this morning, her body was found outside danvers high school. this student says she messaged three students at the school. i said i hope that the three teach iters are safe. and i only heard back from two of them. and the third was mrs. ritzer. >> reporter: she described herself as a math teacher often too excited about the topics i'm
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teaching. and on pinterest, a bucket list of things she wanted to do, throw a dart at a map and go where ever it lands, marry the love of my life. there are perhaps 120 cameras at this relatively new school. and tonight, the community will gather for a vigil to honor and pay their respects to a much-loved teacher. ron allen on the scene. thanks. there has been a dramatic reversal of fortune for michael skakle. currently serving 20 years to life for killing martha moxley. that conviction's been thrown out. after years of unsuccessful appeals, they've ruled that he's entitled to a new trial because his lawyer failed to adequately defend him at trial. he's the nephew of ethel
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kennedy. he could get out of jail in a matter of days. if it's wednesday, it must be germany. every day it seems brings fresh outrage from another overseas country, another ally of the united states over new revelations that they've been spied upon by the u.s. and it's all of course coming from the former intelligence contractor edward snowden. it's making international relations and interpersonal relations very difficult for the obama administration. richard engle has more. so germany is now mad too. angela merkle dialing president obama to ask if the nsa was tapping her cell phone. and if so, germany says that would be a breach of trust and unacceptable. edward snowden strikes again. chancellor merkle's suspicions came from a germen magazine which had published leaks from
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snowden. >> people all over the world are realizing that these programs don't make us more safe. >> reporter: germany is especially sensitive to reports of american snooping. the country has very tight privacy laws. so much so that when google tried to street view homes, germans insisted on the right to blur or in in german -- at the white house today, an explanation. >> united states is not monitoring the communications of the chancellor. >> reporter: and leaves his friends violated. he told the french president that the nsa vacuumed up 70 million e-mails and phone calls in france just during one month last year. and in mexico, many remain angry over reports the nsa hacked into the former mexican president's
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e-mail. and brazil's president, well, she took a harder stance. after outrage at home, last month, she postponed a u.s. visit over reports the nsa collected her communications too. everybody spies. but it used to be in secret. friends don't like friends reading their mail. especially if everybody finds out about it. there is a growing impression around the world that washington spies on its friends, on its enemies and even on its own citizens. and over time, this has a corrosive effect on the united states when it comes to respect for free speech. >> richard edgesle with us. thanks. we have a report on the wildfire going on in australia. hundreds of homes destroyed. today firefighters faced the high temperatures and 60 mile an hour winds in some places as
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they kept up the struggle to keep these flames away from the city of sidney. and in a report out today, investigators say it looks like this all started with a military training exercised that used live ordinance, live explosives that ignited the largest of these fires. no comment as yet from the australian military. as we said earlier, a big day in the u.k. the christening of prince george. son of william and kate and occasion enough to bring four generations of the same royal family together for the big event. our report here tonight from key era simmons in london. >> reporter: a baby prince in his father's arms today. a future king wrapped in satin. and how he's grown since we last saw him in july. in just three months, william and kate have become parents, moved to a new house, connectioning ton palace, that is. and william has changed jobs
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from helicopter pilot to full time royal. today they paused to kristen their son. watch as a moment of history unfolds. the queen and her husband prince philip greet their son charles. then william presents george. in this casual moment, for the first time in me than a century, four generations of monarchs together. it was an intimate ceremony. just 22 guests led by the archbishop of canterbury. they've got parents of william and kate and a close friend of princess diana. she was a real presence today. >> they chose this chapel because it was here she lay in state the night before her funeral. and i think that may have had a
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fantastically powerful influence over a 15 year old boy. >> reporter: diana's son now protecting his son from the media. he's determined to give his son an upbringing as normal as perform just as diana would have wanted. 31 years ago she had to calm a crying prince william at his kristeni kristening. everything today was william and kate's choice. diana would have liked that. most of all, she would have loved the grandson she never got to meet. pierre simmons, london. caught in the act. a two-year mystery in washington has been sol offed. a senior national security official has been exo poposed a the fired after anonymous rants about his bosses.
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it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. back now with a problem more and more offic >>es> back now with a problem. more and more offices and workplaces are having to confront in this age of anonymity on line the one who lashes back on the internet without anybody knowing their identity. this one happens to be in the white house and tonight a top official is out of a job after be being publicly exposed. our report from our political drerkt and chief white house correspondent chuck todd. >> reporter: at the white house,
5:46 pm
jofi joseph was known as a smart national policy officer. he had caustic tweets such as this one about one of the president's closesting advisers. i'm a fan of obama but his continuing reliance concerns me. his twitter made him a sensation. and he promised dirt. unapoll jetically says what everyone always only thinks. i bring the snark. was huma wearing beer goggles the night she met anthony wiener. and more people should be asking why john kerry installed two former aides with zero foreign policy experience. they searched for the mysterious tweeter. they zeroed in on joseph and gave him a piece of
5:47 pm
misinformation to catch him. he declined all requests to comment on camera but e-mailed this statement apologizing and taking full responsibility, writing what started out as an intended parody account of dc culture developed over time into a series of inappropriate and mean-spirited comments. >> these kind of issues are shockingly common in the workplace. >> reporter: experts say this issue is not unique in the business world. and it doesn't take the nsa or csi to unmask these rogue employees. >> while the vast majority of these twitter feeds and posts remain anonymous, they're easily traceable. and everyone leaves fingerprints. >> reporter: and for joseph who was about to be promoted to a new job at the pentagon, he's simply a cautionary tale. up next here tonight, another surprise from the new pope who is apparently not happy about reports that a senior man in the church is living the highlife.
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if you work for pope francis if you work for pope francis, who has made such a point of trying to live a modest life, who took the city bus to work in his last job and still drives his 20 year old car, it's probably best not to embark on any big, lavish capital spending programs around him. that is why a german bishop is in the news tonight. but the media have dubbed him the bishop of bling. he's been suspended after a $42 million renovation of his residence, including a $20,000 bathtub. he is suspended pending an audit. part of his defense for the spending is the historic nature of the renovated buildings. it says something about our times that new yorkers were given a heads up in the news media that a commercial jetliner was going to be flying at a low
5:52 pm
altitude over the hudson river this morning but for a good cause. a jet blue airbus with a new red paint job honoring the fdny foundation which provides charity table services for new york's bravest. baby pandas in the news. the new arrival now eight weeks owns 6 3/4 ounces. she was brave during that first vaccine. and in atlanta, the first twin panda cubs born in decades have now turned 100 days old. and with tonight's start of the red sox/cardinals world series, it's time for yours truly to declare a mea culpa.
5:53 pm
let's talk, because sports is important in life, because your bruins had a great year, sox, we'll see. and the patriots, we'll see. it's early. it's july. and it was july. and here we are. for the record, the sox did indeed finish first. it's an all red series on a cold fenway field tonight in a city coming off a challenging year. when we come back, a man with a remarkable life makes a stage debut, really unlike any other. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
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put the control back in your go with new oxytrol for women. now in the feminine care aisle. finally tonight, the extraordinary debut last night on one of the great stages in this country. boston symphony hall when a man who survived one of the great horrors of modern civilization shared some of the music that became his lifeline during a time he wasn't sure he'd survive. the story from stephanie goss. >> reporter: yo-yo ma is used to standing ovations. but this man isn't. he is the oldest musician to
5:57 pm
make his debut on boston's famed stage. he is also a holocaust survivor who sums up his emotions on this day very simply. >> elated. and thankful. >> reporter: thankful to be alive and still playing. george has not lost his twang. upbeat, happy music from a time that was anything about. composed in the same nazi concentration camp where he and his family were imprisoned. he performed with friends to lift fellow prisoners up. >> you were speak toineaking ar playing the piano? >> not the piano. it would be difficult to carry. >> reporter: i stand corrected. in the concentration camp, music was therapy. >> for me, it was like a
5:58 pm
medication. because when i played, i played the music and i helped the people. so i felt good. >> in the most horrible place and to be positive i think is a great testament to the human spirit. >> reporter: the concert was organized by the music foundation which dedicates itself to keeping the music of those who died in the holocaust alive. >> when he goes on that stage tonight, those silenced voices will be given voice by him. >> if it weren't for music, i wouldn't be alive. >> reporter: shows how a note can overcome a painful history.
5:59 pm
nbc news, boston. and that is our broadcast on a wednesday night. thank you for being with us. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night. thanks for joining us. did the replica rifle look real enough to threaten deputies? the deadly shooting of a teenage boy has sparked outrage in santa rosa. some people are questioning whether officers acted in haste. a 13-year-old shot dead after two sheriff deputies spotted him with what they thought was an assault rifle. it turned out it was a replica. cheryl, new details emerging this evening.
6:00 pm
>> andy lopez cruz's father told us in spanish his son wasn't in the darkness or anything like that. it was 3:00 in the afternoon. daylight. he wasn't hiding in ig. he had it in his hands and in the open. late today, santa rosa police told us a different story. they say sonoma county deputies thought cruz was carrying an assault rifle and that's why they open fired. >> the barrel of the assault rifle was rising up and turning in his direction. the deputy feared for his safety, the safety of his partner and the safety of the community members in the area. he believed the subject was going to shoot him or his part. police showed reporters a real ak-47 assault rifle along one they say the 13-year-old was carrying when he was shot and killed by police. the toy rifle is slightly smaller than the real one. one of the deputies shouted at the suspect to put the