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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 24, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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loren. temperatures are chilly out there to start, we've got thick pockets of fog we're tracking. overall a cooler day ahead. i'll let you know what's in store for your weekend coming up. >> plus, road crews out there, we may have a crew that needs to repair a road or the loss of a road. we'll tell you where that's happening in the east bay. >> right now we'll take you to the south bay for a live look spanning over san jose. a little time before the sun comes up. this thursday, october 24th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. straight up 5:00 on this thursday. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. thanks for joining us as always. we can tell you protesters are set to be outside a b.a.r.t. meeting calling for b.a.r.t. managers and bosses to be
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criminally charged in the death of two workers. we have video from yesterday of the ntsb's re-enactment of the train crash that killed two b.a.r.t. workers this past weekend. agents placed mannequins on a stretch of track, trying to figure out why the workers didn't move when they heard the train coming, or, why one of them possibly was not acting as the lookout as required. despite today's protests the trains should be running on schedule. >> an update breaking news in the east bay, take a look at this video. fire investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of this massive fire at an industrial park in concord overnight. you can see several cars, what appears to be a trailer completely engulfed in flames. propane tanks were stored on the site. the building is mostly made of metal and as of now there are no
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reports of injuries. >> this morning simple outrage over the north bay -- happening in the north bay over the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy killed by two deputy who is thought he was carrying a real gun at the time of the incident. bob redell is live in the newsroom now. bob, more rallies planned for later on today. >> reporter: correct. good morning. two more rallies, vigils for this evening in the north bay to call for justice in the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez. you can see about 200 people gathered last night. wanting to know why in their opinion deputies did not show restraint when their paths crossed. a deputy shot lopez near a field after deputies thought he was carrying a real ak-47 assault rifle. he had an air soft rifle that shoots plastic bullets. on the right there was the
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actual ak-47, on the left the replica. you might have noticed it was slightly shorter in length. >> i told the -- the police is behind. >> the police were behind you. >> yeah. >> the deputies on patrol came across the boy around 3:00 tuesday afternoon. law enforcement tells us they have witness who is third deputies ask the boy two times to put down the weapon. >> one of the deputies described as the subject was turning toward him the barrel was turning in his direction. the deputy feared for his safety, the safety of his partner and of the community members in the area. he believed the subject was going to shoot him or his partner. >> only one of the deputies fired his weapon, shooting at the boy a total of seven times. lopez was declared dead at the scene.
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santa rosa police is investigating the shooting which is standard in a situation like this. >> thank you, bob. livermore police are on the lookout for the driver involved in a hit-and-run crash. it happened yesterday morning. a white gmc pickup truck ran a red light at the intersection of second and south l streets, crashing into another car. the driver of the pickup then sped away. no one was hurt. a witness followed the truck and was able to snap this picture. the truck will likely have significant damage. >> police releasing pictures of the man they say held up a comerica bank on monday. police say this is the man you are about to see, in his mid to late 40s, showing the teller handgun, then demanded money before taking off with an undisclosed amount of cash. he is described as 6'3" weighing
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230 to 250 and using a bad french accent to try to disguise his voice. he is unshaven with a light covered mustache and short brown hair. >> workers are protesting the company's decision to move young patients from hayward to oakland. kaiser making this announcement yesterday saying the pediatric hospital unit in hayward will close november 17 and the young patients there will be moved to oakland. the california nurse's association will hold a press conference demanding better access for children. the higher ups at kaiser say there aren't many children hospitalized in hayward and will get bert care in oakland. >> community organizers in san francisco all ready to talk about why they -- what they call an eviction epidemic. starting at 11:30 they will present an agenda they hope will
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stop this from becoming a crisis. they are trying to help a specific family evicted from their home of 34 years. ite-year-old pung lee and his wife who is 74 and their 48-year-old mentally disabled daughter, they were evicted tuesday night. their landlord said they want to convert into condos. the family was forced to stay at hotel. >> good morning. get ready for foggy conditions. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon, marla, everybody at home. what a pretty day we have later on. we still have the thick fog for today. and at least the first part of tomorrow. not expecting as much fog tomorrow so that's the good news. 53 in almost, 53 in oakland t same for san francisco. tracking those bblts because they will be changing.
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stick with us and we'll keep you updated. the thickest fog is in the north bay. it will extend all the way throughout livermore. we'll keep tabs on that as we head throughout the next couple hours. give yourself extra time and take it easy out there on the roads. temperatures are going to end up cooler but comfortable. 76 degrees on the way inland, bay side 70, and 64 degrees at the coast for today with changes ahead. as we get into this weekend we're getting really close at this point. i'll have the forecast coming up. let's check on that drive, see if the fog is impacting your highway commute. >> our views much clearer than issue. that may be drifting around but right now our view of the east shore free is fine. holding steady with a tim cal build. almost 5:08.
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a look at the sensors, these show us the speed changing between green and orange, you are right at 16 miles per hour throughout commute spots. the arrow marks with the live camera. no major issues in this entire area along the b.a.r.t. lines. we have season issue and we'll get an up date coming up in a couple of seconds. i want to tell you about this off 185, mission, sorry international as you come through the area. there is a report of a water break, may be a sinkhole so some crews are heading out. it is not on the castro valley. i'm going to track it for you. we see the first kicking in and in the south bay a check of san jose where you have a mild slowdown. nothing big. back to you. >> we're going to head back to the east bay.
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a b.a.r.t. train which caught fire at the the orinda station is still on the track while crews figure out how to move it out of the way. christie smith joins us live on the phone with an update. i understand you just spoke with a fire chief there? >> reporter: we spoke with firefighters and a b.a.r.t. spokeswoman, i'm shepping they talk with her. what i can tell you that it's an odd scene here. commuters are starting to show up. there is a disabled train sitting there, firefighters just left the scene. they had been here all night dealing with the train that started smoking with passengers on board. at this point what they tell us, it looks like they have to single crack around because it's still stuck. a 1600 pound part of the train,
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it caught fire and the stuff underneath it threatening the safety of firefighters. they had to cut this bauf, try and remove it. they got the box out of the way but working on the pieces. yesterday around 6:08 a train pulled into the station with smoke from under the train. this is a 10-car train. it had to be evacuated. by the third really, it took time, we're told this is the fifth, that's where the problem is. no one was hurt. we're hearing maybe an hour or so before that they get this train moving. for now single tracking around this train that is still sitting here from yesterday. that's the latest from orinda. >> definitely a rough one for
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those who rely on b.a.r.t. it's 5:11. three students injured in a safety demonstration. well tell you what went wrong. >> the new details about a deadly crash involving a muni because. why the bus manufacturer says it could have been prevented. >> accusations against nsa and obama administration for spying on the chancellor of germany.
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germany's foreign minister calling on u.s. ambassador john emerson following allegations the u.s. may have been spying on its officials by monitoring phone calls. that led chancellor angela merkel to call president obama yesterday after leaks from former nsa contractor edward
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snowden were made public but the white house assuring her the u.s. is, quote, not and will not monitor her communications. during today's meetings germany's foreign minister says he will spell out the position of the german government. scott mcgrew, some of the tension between germany and the united states is based on tenses. >> the accusation is that germany is making is the u.s. literally tapped the personal cell phone belonging to the chancellor of germany and that white house statement denial that john's talking about uses present and future tense. are not and will not spy on germany. there is nothing about we used to do it yesterday. we have come a long way since the days when then senator obama made a whirl wind tour through germany in 2008 and stood at the brandenburg gate for what seemed to be in front of the population
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of berlin. since then the u.s. accused of spying on the leaders of germany, france and brazil and of course is spying on its own citizens. a number of activists and actors came out with an internet video promoting a rally this weekend in washington against the nsa. here is a clip. >> it is everything you use the internet for. >> we have also learned the large scale collaboration. internet companies and service providers. >> that rally will happen this weekend in washington. let's get a check of the markets. kayla tausche is live at cnbc world headquarters. >> hey, good morning. u.s. stocks are poised to open higher, the dow, s&p and nasdaq fell less than 1%. this morning a fresh report on the number filing for unemployment claims and a batch of earnings reports from ford, dow chemical, amazon, microsoft,
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zynga and xerox. >> zynga is going to be interesting. ford reported, knock out blow out numbers. remember, this was a stock at $1 not that long ago. it is really turning out some stuff. >> that's great. thank you, scott. >> christina loren is back to tell us about what is going on. it's been the trend this week. cool to very nice. >> almost to the point you have to use your heater in the morning, then your ac in the afternoon. especially if you live inland where temperatures ended up in mid-80s. what we're working with a round of that thick fog. temperatures overall are a little milder. 1 to 2 degrees from this time yesterday. we have a good looking weekend shaping up, heading deeper into the work week, almost to that weekend. that's the good news. make any outdoor plans you are interested in. holding tune dry conditions and warm conditions as well. i want to start with
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visibilities right now. they are dropping off. san francisco and santa rosa right now between a mile and a half to two miles visibility. travel cautiously. we expect this fog to thicken up as we head throughout the next couple hours. so keep that in mind. then kind of a blanket of low clouds over the bay area for most of the day. between about 11:00 and 1:00 it will be the thickest near the coast and watch out on your morning drive. we're going to check on that with mike in a moment. for today we're looking good. highs end up mostly in the 70s. 74 in gilroy, 70 here in san jose and 65 on the way to san francisco. there it is, the weekend. saturday good for your beach plans. sunday, monday into tuesday things change, an area of low pressure. it's going to ride to the north, look at the difference between sunday and monday. make sure you're ready for that. are you ready for mike inouye is
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the question? >> are you ready? doesn't matter. here we go. we're looking toward the bay area and we see green. you're looking fine as far as this morning commute. low clouds and fog may play a factor. not a major factor. looking at the south bay with a lot of low clouds and the rest of the bay. you drive through the area, no delays 101, slowing for 280, nothing suspicious it's an easy drive so far. over toward tri-valley with 580 moving, you're at the limit through livermore and dublin. again, no big surprises. we have a drive for 680 for 24, that note about the orinda station, they are single tracking the b.a.r.t. trains because of that equipment that has yet to be removed after yesterday's b.a.r.t. fire. we expect delays.
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here is your easy drive for the east shore freeway. a smooth flow. a live look, see how things are shaping up for the san mateo bridge. we can see it fine. there's the bay bridge, no problems. back to you. >> thank you. this morning down in southern california school is back open after a shooting a at safety event. three children were injured after a child pulled the trigger on an assault rifle. it was on a rack attached to a motorcycle like this one which had been on display you are diding a drug prevention assembly. they would allow kids access to a loaded weapon. the bullet hit a protective plate which shattered. two students were treated and another at the school for cuts and scrapes. the police spokeswoman says all
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rifles have been removed from department motorcycles. you would think that would be protocol. this incident remains under investigation. >> we are learning that the san francisco muni bus involved in a deadly crash was missing an important safety feature a. 78-year-old bicyclist was hit and killed by the bus on friday. the chronicle reports the bus did not have a "people catcher in front of its rear tires. the plastic bumper-like devise is to push people out of the path of its wheels. it did have the mounting equipment but it's unclear why the people watcher was missing. >> today toll tears putting the finishing touches on a new play ground being built at the caesar chavez academy which did not have a play ground. parents and the community wanted to change that and spent two years raising money for this
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project. students designed the look of the play area. a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at the academy starting at 2:30. >> the next time you need water santa clara county is launching the water to go program. they will install water filling stations. the spram a partnership between the health department, first five and the water district. >> h2o to go. >> i always carry water in my car. >> 5:21. coming up on "today in the bay," ben and jerry's. coming out with a new ice cream flavor based on the sequel.
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i think safe to say it's a banner morning for you so far. showed cute fuzzy bears here -- pandas, so no pandas now but we've got something else. jimmy fallon pulling out his favorite puppies. the puppies to predict who will win this year's world series. have a look. >> let's release the puppies. the red sox. we have a winner there. the boston red sox. >> the series is far from over. the puppies appear on track. >> they made him look good. >> you saw last night's game during game one the red sox scored early and held on, beat the cardinals 8-1 to take a 1-0 lead in the series. game two is tonight in boston.
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the puppies are adorable. actor will ferrell gears up we're seeing ron's face on a lot of products. >> it's a welcome face. we love seeing him. how about this, a pint of ben & jerry's new ice cream called, of course, scotchy scotch scotch. it's a butterscotch lover's dream. the question begs why scotchy scotch scotch? >> i love scotch, i love scotch. scotchy scotch scotch. here goes down. down into my belly. that is good. >> i love it. >> any excuse to run ron singing about scotch. he pulls out the cigarette. >> hilarious. we hydrate. it's not. it's vitamins, actually.
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>> i see what you're doing. >> why i'm so giggly today. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. i'm going to get fired. >> don't worry. we investigate. i'll find out what's in that after this. we're looking good out there right now. where you can actually see the highway. that's for the most part the greater bay area. there are really deep pockets of fog you're going to find between san mateo and san francisco as you make your way up the peninsula this morning. so get ready to slow down. a mile and a half of visibility in santa rosa, we expect these to continue to drop off throughout the next couple hours we'll be tracking this. mike is always tracking your drive. good morning. >> good morning. we have live cameras around the bay area so we check those, we'll let you know, we'll show you as the visibility is affected. so far okay on the peninsula. that's 101. the maps where traffic flows throughout that peninsula for 101 and 280, the south bay not a problem. over to the east bay i showed you the tri-valley. livermore getting in, not a
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problem. out of there we do have a crash reported west 580. it happen add few minutes ago building. we'll track this. hopefully they move it quickly. we'll track it. here we have 14th at 166 reports of a water break so that will affect the roadway off of the castro valley y. >> 12 hours after a fire on a b.a.r.t. train stalled the commute last night it's still causing trouble. we're going to have all of the details on the delays. >> also, continue to follow breaking news out of the east bay. a massive overnight
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breaking news. new video of a massive overnight fire in an industrial area in the east bay. we'll let you know why firefighters are just having a tough time putting this thing out and we'll let you know what caused a number of cars to go up in flames. >> good thing we don't have that much wind throughout this morning. what i can tell you is we have a
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lot of fog because of that lack of wind it's chilly to start the day. overall temperatures running cooler but a great looking weekend. i've got your full forecast coming in a few minutes. >> as that commute starts to kick in especially for the east bay we have a big problem, the crash i told you about at the dublin interchange blocking over half of the freeway and another crash toward the maze. details coming up. >> a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see the lanes wide open as traffic starts to trickle in to san francisco on this thursday, october 24th, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for being with us so early. it's 5:30. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. i want to get you to the breaking news right now this morning, happening in concord. investigators looking into the cause of that massive overnight fire at an industrial park which also houses propane tanks which
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can be very dangerous. when firefighters arrived they found several cars already wrapped up in the flames. the good news is it didn't take too long to put the fire out because the building there is mostly made of metal. the flames started before 11:00 last night at a storage yard off concord avenue. at this point we're not hearing of any injuries. >> if you are one of the thousands to take b.a.r.t. you're going to want to listen to this. a b.a.r.t. train which recently caught fire at the orinda station is still on the track. b.a.r.t. crews figure out how to move it out of the way, riders should expect delays. christie smith has a look at the efforts to move the train. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i think we have good news for you this morning. we'll get to that but i wanted to show you that train, the one pulling into the station, and the one stuck from yesterday still on the other side. here with me this morning is alicia with b.a.r.t. good morning.
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wooeb we' we may have movement? >> i went up to the platform. they were able to successfully move this train that's been disabled throughout the evening, they were able to move it out of the way. there is no damage to the third rail which is good news for the morning commute so in the next two hours we're going to move this train to one of our yards and clean everything up. the estimate is about two hours and we'll be able to open the second track. we have five-minute delays, those may build was we get more trains on this busy line. >> reporter: can you walk us through the delay. this was yesterday at 6:00. the train is still there. >> right now what's been the problem is what's called a motor reactor which is a very heavy piece of electrical component, part of the propulsion system. it was a problem in the fifth train, it overheated and caused the fasteners that hold it into place to overheat and failed clearly so. they have been having to physically cut it up with a blow
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torch. it's now in pieces and there's a bunch of wires. they are going to remove that, get it out of the way and move the train out of the way. >> you know what caused that? >> they say it's going to take three to four days to investigate what happened. we know there was a large amount of smoke that was coming from a semiconductor box and then as they started to get in the train realized that this component failed. it's going to take three to four days to figure out what happened. >> reporter: and before you go what is the take-home message as commuters head out? >> the orinda station is open for business. we're just using one platform. hopefully in two hours we'll be able to use both. five minute delays now likely they will grow. hopefully not too much as we move this train out of the way. >> reporter: thank you. that is the latest. looks like we have movement. may not happen right away but the train will be out of here this morning. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much.
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today the b.a.r.t. board of directors holding its first meeting since two workers were killed on a set of tracks in the east bay. that meeting set to take place about 10:30 to recognize christopher sheppard and lawrence daniels. those two men were hit and killed by a train saturday while working on a stretch of track between lafayette and pleasant hill. the national transportation safety board is trying to figure out why the workers did not move when the train approached doing 60 to 70 miles per hour. protesters expected to be outside calling for criminal charges against b.a.r.t. managers and bosses. >> the coroner's office in kern county says a woman was killed in a crash. investigators say maria anderson was driving with four passengers on interstate 5, driving in button willow yesterday. they say for some reason she lost control and the car flipped. she died at the scene. four other people were hurt.
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>> more calls for justice in the death of that 13-year-old boy who was shot and kill bid a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. bob redell joining us from the newsroom now. and bob, what does the community of santa rosa have planned? >> more people in the north bay are expected to rally this evening during two events scheduled in santa rosa to echo a call made last night. about 200 people rallied in santa rosa to try to pressure law enforcement to account for their actions tuesday afternoon. this is when a sheriff's deputy shot and killed andy lopez, a 13-year-old boy carrying an air soft pellet rifle that they mistike for a real assault weapon. during a news conference yesterday law enforcement held up lopez's re7 pli ka on the left t real ak on the right to show how similar they are. you would moy that the real
5:36 am
ak-47 is slightly longer. police which is leading the investigation tells us that deputies encountered the boy while on patrol, that they have witnesses who heard the deputies ask lopez dwis to drop his weapon. they say as the boy started to turn toward the deputies the barrel also turned in their direction, fearing for his life one of the deputies shot at the boy seven times hitting him at least once, killing him at the scene. >> kind of have to stop. there has to be a real statement put out to let them know this ain't right. there has to be another way. >> killing that one kid was like look, andy's here like he always brought smile to everybody's face. now that he's gone just -- it is devastating. >> though this involves sonoma county sheriff's deputies, santa rosa police is investigating the shooting which is standard in a situation like this. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 5:36. three people are under arrest
5:37 am
after police in the south bay recover $250,000 of marijuana. milpitas police say they found about 100 pounds of pot growing in the backyard of a home on olympic drive near highway 680. the grow operation was discovered earlier this month after police received tips that marijuana may be growing there. each person was charged. >> meteorologist christina loren is looking deep through the fog for us. she has a forecast as we head toward the weekend. we emphasize weekend. >> so close to it. good morning to you, jon and marla. good morning to you at home. we have thick fog out there. i can show you where the low clouds are hanging out via this shading on the temperature map. you can see where you get the areas of dark gray, that's where we have low clouds and they span inland so it's going to take a while. we expect that to take place between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
5:38 am
we still have pretty good visibility. expecting these numbers to fall throughout the next couple hours. you're at 2 miles in san francisco, oakland at 3 and five miles in livermore. but we'll be dropping off as the dense fog starts to settle in. mostly cloudy for the most part through 8:00 a.m. by noon a mix of sun and clouds, up to 76 in the heat of the day so feeling like fall. a cooler day on tap by about 8 degrees from yesterday. 64 at the coast, i have those weekend numbers coming up. right now, though, let's check on the drive. mike inouye, there is always something going on. >> very big something. it's not so early for the east bay. you're building but we're looking to the tri-valley and the maps. we see more slowing but you have to give me time as we talk about this westbound. 580, the sigalert because of a motorcycle crash involving a big
5:39 am
rig. the rider reportedly conscious and breathing. three of five lanes are blocked, maybe four. a lot of folks going to hit hacienda as the alternate to get around some of that slowing. the earlier crash toward the bay bridge has cleared at 580 and 24. we'll give you a look at the toll plaza. we'll end with this of the cash lanes off 580, jammed up early. we'll see what's going on. back to you. >> not a good week on the roads out early. >> it is not. a little rough. 5:39. pot detection, a new tool that can make it easier to prove you are driving while high. >> plus, new this morning the high end department store facing a lawsuit accused of racial profiling.
5:40 am
high end department store facing
5:41 am
welcome back. good morning. 5:41. today president obama will press congress to pass immigration
5:42 am
reform. the president will speak at the white house asking lawmakers to overhaul the immigration system by the end of the year. the senate pass add bipartisan wide ranging reform bill back in june but the measure stalled in the house. most house republicans prefer to approach immigration piece by piece as opposed to supporting one sweeping bill. >> meantime, the president's health care reform will take center stage today. lawmakers hoping to get answers today about why health is not working for a lot of people. tracie potts live now on capitol hill with a sneak peek at what we are expected to hear. good morning. >> reporter: you may need someone from silicon valley to decode what you're going to hear because in about 15 minutes we'll hear from the experts, those who helped develop this site on what may have gone wrong. we have seen their advanced testimony. cgi who developed where you look around for plans and look at the prices says that part actually
5:43 am
seems to be working fairly well, and passed tests before it went live. there is another company that developed the front part where you create an account and put in your personal information. that's got to be verified with government agencies before you can get into looking for a plan. they will testify that a late decision late in the game to make people do that before they could look at the prices and shop for a plan, may be contributing to some of the problems here. so more on that starting in about 15 minutes. also the white house is clarifying the 6-week extension of time to sign up for a plan, saying that you always had until the end of march but it wasn't clear, people thought they had until the middle of february. they want to change that to make it more clear that you have until the end of march to sign up without penalty. >> far, far from simple. lots to report on this. thank you very much. >> a new study out finds the age
5:44 am
of stroke victims worldwide is lower than ever before, but, the number of stroke cases is higher than it's ever been. researchers in london found the number of people having strokes has jumped by 25% in people between 20 and 64 years old. those patients now make up almost a third of the total number of strokes. a number of young people have risk factors associated with a stroke including obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. a new report says that putting nutrition labels on store shelves in front of a consumer's face will help them make a healthier choice. the report is based on a gold star rating system already in place in some stores in maine since 2006, some stores placed the rating often shelves.
5:45 am
the system helps steer shoppers to more nutritious food. >> the upscale department store barney's now being accused of racial profiling a. new york teenager suing claiming he was wrongly detained because he is a young black male. trayvon christian was stopped by undercover police after buying an expensive belt. he did show a receipt and his debit card. he was still taken to the station for several hours. a 21-year-old woman came forward saying she was also surrounded by police after buying a $2500 handbag. barney's denies doing any wrong doing. >> let's talk to christina about the forecast. it's going to be nice today but a cooler day. >> cooler by about 5 to 10 degrees. one of those days with good air quality you can open up the windows in your home if you want to air it out. you won't need the ac later on
5:46 am
if you had to run it the past couple days. we had been in the mid to upper 80s. so we're looking good for today. temperatures are going to climb from the 50s into the 70s. so not too bad. definitely cooler overall and one of those mornings, sweater weather, so something you can peel off as temperatures are going to be comfortable. talk about the fog out there. it is lickening up. a mile and a half at this point. we'll see those visibilities decrease getting into the next couple hours. two miles in san francisco now, 2 1/2 miles down in gilroy. let's take to the futurecast, we stop the clock at 10:00 a.m. mostly cloudy, for most of the bay area. look at this. sun comes out. we'll have the crisp fall feeling today. it won't be as warm as where we ended up yesterday.
5:47 am
mid 70s for livermore, 68 in fremont, 68 in redwood city. upper 60s to to 65 degrees later on today so not too cold yet. we're not talking about the 50s. into the weekend a warm-up headed our way, saturday looks like great weather if you want to hit the beach, santa cruz. santa cruz about 78 on saturday. next week look at the difference between saturday and sunday. temperatures stay on the mild side. here is mike inouye. >> we have a big deal in the east bay. overall the bay area, the peninsula looking good as far as the green flow. the tri-valley the issue out of livermore and toward dublin, jammed down around fallon. where the crash blocks three of the lanes. there is a big rig and a
5:48 am
motorcycle involved. try to get toward 680 so expect that flow at the surface street. we had a water break around 116 and 14th. we have that cleared in the report so we'll track that. it's not far from the castro valley y. heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, we'll see that the backup filling in. turning the metering lights on. we'll double-check that. very clear. back to you. >> thank you. 5:48. we heard it done for alcohol. how about this. a marijuana breath test. that may be down the road, police say would be necessary if the state ends up legalizing pot. officers need a pay to test
5:49 am
drivers. there is no legal limit on the books. marijuana advocates say it's impossible to test and determine the appropriate limit but sunnyvale police say law enforcement would turn to sacramento for answers. >> it won't be as effective in determining eknee brieiation with cannabus. >> they would have to determine is there a base level in a person's breath under the influence of marijuana that would warrant driving under the influence conviction. >> there is a chance california will see legalizing marijuana on the 2016 ballot. the lieutenant governor is leading a panel looking into this issue. >> to the latest with b.a.r.t. the b.a.r.t. board will hold a closed door meeting to talk about labor negotiations with
5:50 am
its two largest unions. a tentative deal was reached. according to the chronicle there would be a 15% pay increase but would have to contribute near health insurance and pension. we're told leaders from both unions are checking theording on the deal before presenting it to members for a whot. the board will hold a vote whether to allow bikes on b.a.r.t. trains around the clock. they are banned during busy commute hours. test runs done in march and august allowing riders to take bikes on board at any time yielded few complaints. the board has given initial approval. >> 5:50. coming up, we'll let you know about the niners going international and how they are doing on their trip. that's coming up. >> we'll check the markets plus the changing attitudes about online dating.
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5:53 am
you can see the san francisco 49ers up early this morning getting down to business putting in the game plan for sunday's game against the jaguars. it's early here, they are over in london where it's about 2:00 in the afternoon. quarterback colin kaepernick says despite the change of scenery and the british accents it's business as usual on the pigskin field. the team will play at 10:00 a.m. sunday morning at wembley stadium. >> okay. is it not just adorable. a new baby panda is resting this morning but during a recent doctor's check-up. >> they know how to speak one word. >> the female cub crying after her first vaccination.
5:54 am
she weighs 7 pounds. she was born in d.c. but still has no name. in chinese tradition they are usually named when the cub turns 100 years old. >> they got to make those and sell them. a new study showing a growing number of americans are comfortable with starting and ending relationships online. scott mcgrew, not that long ago embarrassing to admit you met somebody on, say, >> i know a couple who has a fake how we met story to hide that. it's an older couple who met back in the early 80s of on line dating. nothing is too embarrassing. since back in 2005, so they redid their studies and found that 38% of singles now use online dating sites. more importantly, they have no problem admitting that and even better, a quarter of all singles who use online dating end up in a long term relationship or
5:55 am
marriage with someone they met online. >> other news, san francisco zynga will report profits. we'll want to know how much if any money the company made, how important users it gained or lost and if history is an indication it's probably lost. the company does have a new ceo trying to turn zynga around. amazon and microsoft also report profits. the last time microsoft did that we learn what had a mega dud that surface tablet was. the stock market sank on poor outlook from caterpillar. as you know the manufacturer of the big yellow steam rollers and dump trucks. it's an important figure because it gives us an idea of how the economy is growing. outside of silicon valley, not a lot of demand for their machines. >> i grew up in nebraska.
5:56 am
>> i'd rather talk about online dating. let's -- >> do what you need to do. >> let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> hey, by all mean, marla, i'm not going to stop you. you're going to be in for a pretty interesting experience out on the roads. might look unfamiliar to you in part because we've got reduced visibility. the fog is settling in, starting to dreep in along the coastline so give yourself plenty of time. we don't want anybody out there to get into unnecessary accidents. mike is tracking. 70 in san jose, 69 in santa teresa and 65 degrees in san francisco. let's find out if there are changes on the highways. >> there are changes, we'll show you a couple of spots t bay bridge, look at this huge backup which quickly formed. metering lights are on early.
5:57 am
we'll look at the maps. we see slowing right at the berkeley curve. and here the big change to the traffic alert has cleared. but the backup has not. look at that out of livermore. back to you. >>. >> thank you so much. 5:57. a bay area pediatric hospital closing, forcing parents to drive miles away to get help for their kids. why kaiser says it's going to be better in the long run. >> the hit that sidelined dan boyle, we have good news to tell you about his condition.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, trouble on the tracks. a nighttime fire on board a b.a.r.t. train becomes an all morning problem for commuters. a live report on the latest twist in a troublesome week for transit. >> cars, propane tanks and
6:00 am
campers caught up in flames overnight. so we have new details as firefighters work to get a handle on sky high flames. >> that fog is thickening up and our visibilities are dropping off at this hour. i can tell you it could be a rough drive over parts of the bay area. we'll let you know when the fog is expected to clear and what's to come for the all important weekend. your forecast coming up in a few moments. >> it is a tough drive, also the b.a.r.t. delay. the metering lights turn on early. a crash for the tri-valley. >> from the bay bridge toll plaza to a live look outside in the south bay, a little bit of a red hue, the hunt for red october i suppose on this thursday, october 24th, this is "today in the bay." it's 6:00 now. good morning. thank you as always


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