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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the guardrail and you're seeing now lots and lots of traffic and how far it's extending. but it slammed into that guardrail. it's just virtually stopping traffic. there's also debris falling on the lanes of northbound 101 below. now, as the chopper gets closer, you can see that there are firefighters on scene. there's also a tow truck and they're trying to strap now that big rig and try to move it off that ledge and try to put it back on and try to move it out of that location. but, again, a nerve-racking situation. a sig alert. traffic is really just really backed up at this point. good news is so far, no injuries have been reported, but, again, the northbound lanes of 101 below are blocked. so the traffic is going to continue to be a mess. we'll bring you more on that as it continues to develop. a controversial shooting and a growing backlash in the killing of a 13-year-old boy. we're learning new details about the death of andy lopez at the
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hands of sonoma county sheriffs deputies. an autopsy report released in the past hour shows that eight shots were fired and seven entered the boy's body. damian trujillo spoke with an officer who explains that decision that officers face, but we begin first with jodi hernandez. >> reporter: jessica, people here in santa rosa are absolutely outraged about this shooting. they are just learning tonight that the boy, as you mentioned, suffered seven separate gunshot wounds. one to the chest and one to the hip. those are the fatal gunshot wounds. tonight, the folks are marching and they are more determined than ever to seek justice. >> i guess, really concerned that it could happen to any of our kid. >> reporter: it's a shooting that's left a mustn't in shock. dozens of santa rosa residents are expressing their sorrow and
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anger after a sheriffs deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old santa rosa boy after mistaking the replica gun he was carrying for a real one. >> i have four kids, and i don't know, what happened to me, something like that happened to one of my kids. >> reporter: tonight the boy's mother is renewing her call for justice. she's call on ting on the commu to come together, not just for her son but others who could face a similar fate. tonight the coroner says an autopsy shows andy suffered seven bullet wounds including two fatal shots that entered his chest and his hip. >> we all know this type of thing has been going on for decades. this isn't the first time, and though we hope, i'm sad in my heart to say that i doubt it will be the last time. >> reporter: an attorney hired by the mexican consulate spent the day taking pictures of the shooting scene and meets with andy's family. he says they're considering taking legal action.
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meanwhile, the sonoma county sheriff says he's committed to finding out what happened. >> i know that the public expects a thorough and transparent investigation, and i, as a sheriff of sonoma county, will do everything within my power to ensure that expectation is satisfied. >> none of us on any levels wants tragedies like this to happen, and we are very sorry about this entire incident. >> reporter: marchers carrying white balloons have been leaving in waves from here at the roxy theater. they're heading over to the shooting scene. that's where an evening of rallies is scheduled to take place. reporting live in santa rosa, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. this fatal shooting has police officers reliving the moment when they first stared down the barrel of a gun. it happened to one retired officer in the south bay who says when it happened to him, there was no time to decide whether the gun was real or fake. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live outside an air gun shop
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in santa clara where you can buy replicas that look real. dame wrap? >> reporter: that's the problem, janelle. officers say the guns do look real. former deputy told me deciding their authenticity is not a debate officers can have when there's that gun pointed at them. he sits behind a desk now. running his private investigations business. but mark garcia vividly remembers that day in 1996. >> before i could put my car in park, he pulled up an ak47. >> reporter: the former deputy says a lot went through his mind that instant. >> going back thinking, i thought, is it real fire? do i have cause? will i be sued? will -- i mean, and you think that you can't think of all that stuff, but when you're in this business, you're trying to do the right thing. you don't want to hurt anybody. when your life's on the line. >> reporter: garcia says thinking about too many things when a gun is pointed at you, including if it's real, can be fatal. >> i reloaded three times with three magazines. >> reporter: his gunfight turned
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out to be real. police later arrested his attacker. gar scia says replica guns look eerily similar to real guns. >> you treat them like real guns. >> reporter: peter ho owns air soft extreme in santa clara. his guns shoot these soft bbs. he stresses safety to customers because even if the mandatory orange tips at the end, his guns still look real. >> that's the first thing we tell parents, too, don't rely on the orange tip. don't rely on the knack it's a toy. you have to worry about what the other guy is thinking when they see it. >> reporter: ho says pellet and metal bb funs don't have to have an orange tip, making it hard to tell if it's real or a replica. >> the outward appearance is almost exactly like that of a real gun, so one of the things we stress to our customers and most real air soft retailers in the united states stress is that you don't take these outside. you treat them like they're real guns. >> when you see a gun pointed at you -- >> reporter: as a deputy, garcia spent a lifetime tackling bad
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guys for local fbi and d.e.a. task forces. the p.i. says ask if a gun is real during a confrontation might end up being a deadly question for a cop. garcia says the age of the gunman doesn't come into play because you're not looking at a face. you're staring down the barrel of his gun. i'm damian trujillo. muni officials ordered an inspection of all 800 buses in their fleet after news reports about a missing wheel guard on the bus that killed a cyclist last week. the device in question is called an s1 guard danger zone deflector. it's installed on all buses to push aside a person from the path of the bus wheels which could prevent a number of common accidents. although officials say the wheel guard is not required under muni regulations, cheng, a 78-year-old man was hit and killed near bryant and division streets last friday morning. muni is working with police to
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investigate that collision. a policy change today after the death of two b.a.r.t. workers. in its first meeting since the incident on saturday, the b.a.r.t. board of directors permanently ended simple approval as a policy that made workers solely responsible for being on the lookout for on coming trains. also the state legislature announced it would be looking into this crash. and a group of pro-labor activists is demanding the b.a.r.t. board be held accountable for the fatal crash on the tracks. >> we are saying there needs to be a criminal investigation. we think that the b.a.r.t. board of directors are personally responsible. they never asked the manager about this situation of bringing in replacement workers to train. >> a b.a.r.t. spokesperson says it's unfortunate that people are politicizing the issue while everyone is still grieving and that answers will come from the ntsb which is till in the middle of its investigation. b.a.r.t. service back to normal throuonight.
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smoke began pouring from the car about 6:30 last night disrupting service on the pittsgurg payport line. removing it took a while. the boxes can weigh up to 1,600 pounds. the disabled car was finally towed away early this morning and the arin do station was fully open by 7:00 this morning. engineers are trying to figure out what went wrong. san jose police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who killed a pedestrian. officers say someone struck 43-year-old joel jr. from san jose on the capital expressway near center road then left the scene. it happened sunday at 1:15 in the morning. the victim did die from his injuries tuesday night. authorities are looking for the driver and the car which has a broken front window and front end damage. a violent case of road rage in fremont, and it's the second time this past week. the latest incident happened around 5:30 this morning after two drivers got off southbound 6
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680 and on to mission boulevard. fremont police are looking for a man who shot at another driver because he was apparently driving too slowly. police believe the angry driver fired several rounds hitting the other driver three times. the shooter then sped off. >> but what transpires from there, we're not exactly sure. we're not sure who engaged who. we do believe that likely both parties were involved in this incident. so what the actual story is, we're not 100% sure. >> the victim, a 59-year-old man from pleasanton, is in the hospital, but he's expected to  be okay. the incident remains under investigation. fremont police urge anyone who may have seen anything to please call them. new at 6:00, this summer's rim fire near yosemite cost california more than $100 million. one bay area scientist says the cost of fighting fires would drop if they were detected earlier. as nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us, though, how the solution is floating in space. >> reporter: it's been one busy fire season for california.
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all summer, tv screens filled with images of burning forestland like the rim fire. those fires cost the state big money. >> the oakland fire, $1 billion in damage. this rim fire, in yosemite, terrible. >> reporter: a uc berkeley physicist thinks one solution may be hovering in space. >> since a lot of my career has been spent on looking at bright spots in outer space, some colleagues and i got together and said, let's look at a bright spot on planet earth, a fire. >> reporter: carl pennypacker is proposes the building of a satellite. sole mission to san for fires in western u.s. the satellite could constantly take snapshots of the earth looking for the telltale bright spots of a fire which would then alert fire crews. >> every minute or every 15 minutes we shave off the detection scheme means, you know, might be the difference between the fire becoming crazy out of control, or just a simple target for a fire retardant
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bomber. >> reporter: during this summer's rim fire, flames are visible to weather satellites 22,000 miles above the earth. pennypacker says the detection system he's proposing would be 100 times more powerful. >> here's our little satellite out here. >> reporter: he estimates the satellite would cost about $200 million. a price he said would be offset by its success. >> help suppress 10% of those fires, that would save $200 million a year which is the cost in one year, is the cost of the satellite. >> reporter: forestry experts at uc berkeley estimate global warming will lead to more frequent fires in california in the coming years. >> you see the small fires before they go crazy. >> reporter: pennypan rker says satellites can't see through clouds, a setback. there's hope private companies or the government might be interested. adding one high-tech lookout up in sky. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. want to take you back to
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that breaking news we showed you at the top of our newscast. that big rig that was hanging off the 280/101 southbound connector ramp, as you can see, they've been able to remove the cab off the edge and now it's just sitting right there on the 280/101 connecter section. this is going to be a mess for hours. we're now hearing that it's going to take in that exact interchange is going to be closed now for the next three hours possibly because they need to fix that guardrail. the repairs are needed to be fixed. now, the good news is, you can see the traffic below on northbound 101 is moving. it's going to be allowed to resume because the truck is back on the roadway and it's not a danger of falling over again. but this entire section is just a mess of traffic. this is near the silver terrace area in the portola area of san francisco. traffic, again, in that connector, going to be closed for the next three hours. we'll continue to keep an eye on it for you. and still ahead, new at 6:00, growing calls for a strike and why this one could impact
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your home. >> reporter: and they paid their rent on time, got along with their neighbors, and landlords. so why are they getting evicted? i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco, with how hundreds have been getting kicked out of their apartments and what the city is doing to help. a cool day with widespread fog across san francisco, all the way down to san jose. but we got a few rays of sunshine at least for 20 more minutes. i'm chief meteorologist jeff rainierny. we're going to track when that fog pattern will break for good. coming up if just a few minutes.
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okay. here's another live look. the truck cab is back on the roadway. the sig alert is still in effect for southbound 280 connector to southbound 101 interchange. traffic is not moving there. they have been able to take the cab of that, put it back on the roadway and are trying to haul it away. they say it could take up to
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maybe three hours before that entire area is open for traffic. traffic below, though, should be resuming back to normal at this hour. we're going to continue to watch the situation for you. in other news tonight, you pay your rent on time, get along with your landlord and neighbors, but you're still evicted? that's what housing advocates in san francisco say is happening to hundreds of people. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live in the mission district. some say an eviction epidemic is under way. stephanie? >> reporter: good evening, janelle. see it throughout the city, but the mission here has become a face, a sort of face for this, in part because of the large tech boom and all the hiring that's happened. now, tenant rights advocates say this kind of eviction of tenants with good records has grown by tenfold in just the last year. but those who are fighting for property owners' rights say this is just about being fair in the interest of good business. for 19 years, this has been home
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for jeremy michaels. but it may not be for long. last year, the 63-year-old was told he'd be evicted thanks to the ellis act. the state law allows property owners to take a building off the rental market. thereby kicking out all the renters. michael say it's been a routine for him. wake up and fight to keep his home. >> i really had no other choice. it was either that, or, you know, i'll be -- i'd have to leave the city. >> reporter: it was a story heard over and over again. >> san francisco is facing an eviction crisis. >> reporter: on the steps of city hall. >> it really -- >> reporter: from people like ana gutierrez who's lived in the mission for 35 years. she's supposed to be out of her place next month. >> i don't know where i'm going to go. i'm not sure what's going to happen with my situation, and i'm incredibly stressed out. >> reporter: the executive director of the san francisco apartment association which supports landlords and property owners. she says the ellis act is the
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only tool available to leave the rental market and not one used lightly. >> that's a last resort for a property owner because that ellis act is a cloud on the title for the rest of the life of the building. >> reporter: the tenants rights groups have already teamed up with city leaders like supervisor john avalos who authored an ordinance to put a ten-year moratorium on developing buildings that had ellis act evictions zif s serve >> we shouldn't be making a living exploiting the housing people have been living in for many, many years. >> reporter: that's the reality michaels says he's facing with prices too high in san francisco. if there's an eviction, he won't be forced out of just his home, he's out of the city. >> as a gay man, living in san francisco, it's, you know, it's the one place in america that i feel safe living in. san francisco's just sort of always been my heart. >> reporter: expect it to be a long fight. the planning commission did
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approve supervisor avalos' proposal that would place restrictions on developing buildings that have had ellis act evictions served in them. so that's one step, and that is expected to go to the board of supervisors sometime in november. a city leader saying because they an not change a state law, they are taking these steps to try and level the playing field here locally. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. another fight, this one in the east bay. a bay area public agency union is threatening to go on strike. this time its employees at the east bay municipal utilities district, the agency that provides water and sewage service to 1.3 million customers. union members are threatening to go on strike over wages, pension and health care issues. the union is coming off a two-year wage freeze. the member have been without a contract for six months now. east bay service would not be impacted in the event of a strike. no strike deadline has been set yet. okay. the bay bridge palm trees are ear. the new trees on the oakland
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side of the bridge. there will be a total of 30 trees between the east and westbound lanes and should be in by next spring. the trees are canary island palms, the same type that line the embarcadero in san francisco. the trees grow up to 50 feet tall and luckily don't need too much care. >> hopefully they're fog resistant. we've had a lot of fog lately. >> yes. that would be a good thing to check on. for sure, we've been locked in the fog fat earn for three days. we have a relatively benign  weather pattern overhead, allowing conditions, and the fog has stayed put for so long. right now we're starting to see things shift. a storm system offshore is beginning to stir up the atmosphere. though it's over 1,000 miles out, it's good enough, again, to give us a few little ripples in the upper level and that's why we're seeing a little bit of a break for tonight. let's go ahead and take you outside to the live sky camera network. what you're going to be see here throughout the bay is a little bit of cloud cover but also a fog break we've been undergoing
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for about the past three to four hours. do expect clouds to return tomorrow morning. look at all the traffic on the bay bridge tonight. lots of traffic let heading into s.f. oakland, hazy sunshine. expected as we head throughout friday with moderate air quality in the forecast. besides, the fog, the other thing has been the cool temperatures for tomorrow. tomorrow, we'll see numbers in the 40s to low as to start. 11:00 a.m., not a lot of progress. we're pretty much in the 60s for the most part from the south bay to the east bay. by the afternoon, it does look like a warmer day for us by about 2:00, 3:00. temperatures should bhu bump up to the low and mid 70s. that fog patter is going to break as we head throughout this weekend. we'll have more coming up in the fog-factor forecast and your seven-day forecast in about 25 minutes. >> okay. thank you, jeff. see you then. so coming up, how does california stack up? the state's student rankings against others in the world. i'm sam brock. you hear a lot about how much the b.a.r.t. strikes have dinged up the local economy. how much did it actually cost
6:22 pm
b.a.r.t.? coming up in "reality check" we see if the agency spent more money on the strikes or a sweetened deal with the unions. stay tuned. i love watching tv outside.
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two out of state political groups agreed to pay there are 1 million for violating california campaign law. largest such fine in state history. a sacramento news conference, the fair political practices commission used a chart titled "the dark money trail" to illustrate how the two groups used loop hopes to circumvent california campaign law. fppc says both groups have been traced to brothers are, charles and david koch, billionaire republican tone edonors. tonight, how do california kids measure up? a new federal study looks at how u.s. states compare in math and science, the countries around the world. and while some states rank high,
6:25 pm
california, unfortunately, comes in the middle of the pack. california eighth graders ranked just a few points below average in math and science. that puts them alongside peers in italy. california kids rank above norway and dubai, but well below traditional powerhouses like singapore, taiwan and south korea. countries that come out on the top of that new study. now, it's often assumed american students don't do well bared to their peers around the world, but it turns out massachusetts came in number two in the world in science, behind only singapore. well, a follow-up to an education startup that we first told you about right here on "class action." it hits a new milestone. the mountain view educational company recently reached 5 million registered students. cosera offers free university lectures for more than 100 institutions of higher ed including stanford, yale and several campuses of the university of california. also tonight, news of the head of the bay area non-profit
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has been tapped for a prominent post in the obama administration. ted mitchell, he's the cors o of oakland's new school venture fund, reportedly will be nominated as undersecretary of education. mitchell was previously the president of the state board of education, and he's held multiple posts in higher ed. he has long been an add vo ate for education reform and education technology as well. the undersecretary of education is the highest ranking official in higher education in the obama administration. so it will be really interesting to see what kind of changes and new ideas he brings to the job. coming up, new at 6:00, fighting back against gun control. the growing backlash, and new plan to recall state leaders. also -- >> amazon and ebay don't crash the week before christmas, and proflowers doesn't crash on valentine's day. >> as the blame game hits the hill, the workers behind the obama care website get grilled. what lawmakers are also
6:27 pm
learning. i'm marianne favro. could a new electronic billboard soon go up in palo alto? i'll take a look at the controversy coming up in a live report.
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well, if you drive near there, you can spot electronic billboards up and down highway 101 and could soon see one pop up in palo alto just off 101 near colorado avenue. nbc bay area's marianne favro
6:30 pm
join us in east palo alto, why it may be going up and why some are not putting out the welcome sign. >> reporter: well, jessjessica,y of palo alto is considering putting up an electronic billboard like the one you see here already up in east palo alto. all that advertising has the potential to generate millions of dollars for palo alto, but neighbors are worried about the problems it may generate. the city of palo alto is hoping a billboard like this will help pay its bills. companies pay thousands of dollars to advertise on this electronic billboard off northbound highway 101 in east palo alto and now palo alto is considering putting a similar sign up here across the highway at the end of colorado avenue. the city says an electronic billboard can generate as much as $1 million a year which could go to pay for repairing and replacing its aging buildings
6:31 pm
including the police department, which needs retrofitting. >> we've already identified a $40 millions we would like to catch up on on our maintenance. >> reporter: vice mayor nancy shepard says the council will consider whether to move forward with the proposal on monday. she says she's concerned about safety. >> i personally have that concern because i've had to commute past that other digital billboard up in redwood city and i do find it distracting. >> reporter: a recent study found the bright constantly changing signs divert more attention away from drivers than traditional signs and another study done by virginia tech for the national highway traffic safety administration found anything that diverts motorists' attention off the road for more than two seconds increases the risk of a crash. that's not the only concern. >> the lights can be bright and annoying. >> reporter: david irvin has no desire to see a billboard go up on his street. >> there's probably other ways of making money for the city that don't involve traffic safety and annoying the people
6:32 pm
who live in the city. >> reporter: his message, the digital message center has no place in palo alto. and some residents say that an electronic billboard just doesn't feel like palo alto. they say it just doesn't fit in with the city's old world charm. reporting live in east palo alto, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. update on our breaking news. the big rig crash in which the cab was dangling from a freeway overpass, 280 connector ramp southbound to 101. as you an see, the tow truck is there, the big rig you can't see in the picture is back on solid ground. this happened 5:30 about an hour ago. the good news is this overpass was over northbound 101 and all lanes were shut down for about an hour, but those loan lanes re-opened. backup, though, for miles past
6:33 pm
candlestick park. bring your patience. this is what it looked like hours ago. we brought you live pictures as it happened of the cab, of the big rig dangling precariously over 101 below. this is near the silver terrace neighborhood. fortunately, nobody was hurt. again, this connector ramp, one lane is still closed but one lane re-opened to allow cars to go from 280 to 101. as for 101 northbound, all lanes re-opened. if there are any new updates, we'll bring it to you. new at 6:00, gun rights advocates want to recall five state lawmakers because of their support for stronger gun laws. assembly speaker john perez and four other democratic legislators are targets. that list is expected to grow. the move is inspired by a recall election in colorado that unseated two democratic lawmakers with republicans. the pro-gun groups say they'll decide in about two weeks which lawmakers to recall. then they'll have 60 days to collect signatures on petitions
6:34 pm
in each district to force a special election early next year. a drop in the bucket or a big bite out of their bottom line? b.a.r.t. did finally hammer out a deal with the union this week but did not come cheaply. >> two strikes which paralyzed the bay area for 8 1/2 days carried a high price tag, but how much? in tonight's "reality check" sam brock crunches the numbers to see if b.a.r.t. could have been better off settling without any strikes. >> janelle, jessica, good evening. wouldn't it be something if b.a.r.t. shelled out almost as much money to get through the two strikes as it did to bring union workers back to the job? now, the reality is, that is not the case. the final deal is still more expensive for b.a.r.t. than the cost of those two strikes, but the money b.a.r.t. lost is nothing to sneeze at, and why we're taking a closer look at the strategy. riders are basically the oxygen of the b.a.r.t. system. those fare coins keep the system rolling and add up.
6:35 pm
so do the parking fees. that's why according to b.a.r.t.'s financial documents the two sources make up about 95% of the money b.a.r.t. hauls in. and it shows when it comes to the strike. b.a.r.t. says it lost $1.4 million each weekday of the october strike. it lost $1.2 million each day over the weekend. two weekdays plus two weekend days gives you a $5.2 million in lost money just from this strike. the last strike in july was nearly a week long. b.a.r.t. says its revenues for one week in that month are around $8 million. >> round trip. going to san francisco only. >> reporter: then there's the extra buses coming on b.a.r.t.'s dime. about $450,000 for the first strike and $540,000 for the second strike. the ferry rides actually come courtesy of the ntc, according to b.a.r.t. there's also the myriad acts of vandalism that occurred during the strike with the glen park station, bearing the worst damage. a b.a.r.t. spokesperson puts the
6:36 pm
bill at tens of thousands, but without a final tab until everything is cleaned up. for those keeping track at home, that's more than $14 million at this point. with costs for vandalism and b.a.r.t. police ot still undetermined. compare that to a deal that per b.a.r.t. sources costs the agency about $65 million or thereabouts to wrap up. what we haven't touched upon is b.a.r.t. saved money during the strikes as well. at least $5 million or $6 million in labor costs for not paying union workers during the stoppage. and big savings on electricity costs, their pg&e bill. bottom line, b.a.r.t. probably spent between $8 million and $10 million to hold these two strikes. we suspect based on the estimates that it's less than a fifth of what they ended up paying out to the unions. moreover, had b.a.r.t. not drawn the line in the sand, the union package could have been a lot larger. from a business standpoint, it certainly seems like it makes sense for b.a.r.t. from a rider and taxpayer
6:37 pm
standpoint, it's an awfully significant waste of money and waste of time. i'm sam brock, that's today's "reality check." back to you. >> a lot of people will agree with that. thanks, sam. more finger pointing tonight over problems with website. they're blaming, though, the government for the disastrous rollout for making last-minute changes and not doing test runs. they say the site was overwhelmed from day one. embattled health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says she's not resigning over the website problems. >> majority of people calling for me to resign i would say are people who i don't work for and who do not want this program to work in the first place. >> the white house says it's working to correct the problem, but one expert says to expect even more delays. the contractors, though, believe people will be able to enroll by the march 31st deadline zblch. coming up, cracking down on prescription meds.
6:38 pm
what the feds are doing to make it harder to get your hands on a popular painkiller. plus -- >> i'm scott bud hanman. as of today, the new 49ers stadium is ready for football completely powered by the sun. we'll have the story onlying up. speaking of which, a lot more sun building into the forecast. after all of this cloud cover. i know you're sick of it. coming up in that full forecast, we'll talk more about that increased sunshine and how much hotter that weekend is going to get. in about ten minutes.
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just into our newsroom, we have an update on that deadly limo fire that happened on the san mateo bridge in may. a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit has been filed today on behalf of nine
6:41 pm
families. want to show you a pictures of that fire. it happened back on the san mateo bridge back in august after an investigation. the chp ruled the fire that killed five women was accidental in nature. no criminal charges were filed at that time. there were nine women in the limo that day but only four of them survived. the families are suing the limo manufacturer, the limo operator, and the limo repair company. in "health matters" tonight, the fda recommends new restrictions on prescription medicines containing hydrocodone, a highly addictive painkiller and is the most widely prescribed drug in the u.s. the fda says drugs that contain hydrocodone like vicodin should have the same restrictions as drugs like adderol, ritalin and morphine. can only be prescribed in 90-day amounts and nurses and physician assistants an not prescribe it as all. one of the reasons hydrocodone is easier to prescribe is
6:42 pm
because it's sold in combination pills, mixed with ingredients like aspirin that aren't so addictive. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. it's dark outside but the fog is still coming in. >> yeah. it is lingering off the coastline right now. even a few rays of sunshine. it meant a lot to you today after starting off so cloudy. we'll tell you about much sunnier days coming up in my full forecast in six minutes. hey, scott. hey, jeff. scott reese in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. 49ers getting ready to feast feast on an undermanned opponent. and the raiders, why the short-term is first and foremost on their agenda.
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as powerful as the 49ers are, they won't need much power to run the new stadium. it will be charged by the sun.
6:45 pm
business and tech reporter scott budman has the bay area's latest solar success story. >> reporter: it's a gridiron that's going off the grid. when the 49ers play here, levi stadium will be powered by solar panels. 544 of them from nearby solar company sunpower. >> york, the ceo of the 49ers, wanted a local company. and so an american, american-made. so there's pride on both sides. >> reporter: energy giant nrg lifted the solar frames into place, giving the stadium a touch of both technology and environmental stewardship the bay area is known for. >> for us, to make sure that, you know, we're going to be net neutral to the grid, make sure we have all the right elements for sustainability, for recycling, for composting, and to have renewable energy. that was a really big thing for
6:46 pm
us. >> reporter: another benefit of solar power, energy that can be stored between football games. with all that power, the powers that be tell us it's less likely we'll see blackout scenes like this one from 2011. >> this is a leading-edge stadium using the world's best solar made here in combination with other factors. we've eliminated, virtually eliminate the probability of any outage. >> reporter: and as fate would have it, of the more than 500 solar panels now on the roof of the new 49ers stadium, the number of frames used to hold those panels is 49. in santa clara, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> he needs some sun to power those solar panels, don't we? we've had a lot of fog lately. >> it's a good thing they're using the panels when they get a lot more sun in santa clara. totally different forecast for the 49ers in the home games. think how cold it is at candlestick compared to santa
6:47 pm
cla clara. going to be awesome once that gets up and going. we'll have the fog back at the coast and by the bay also inland. we had three to four hours of sunshine this afternoon, and it was awesome. but, again, we'll start off cloudy tomorrow morning. by 11:00 a.m., we'll see things clear out just a little bit quicker for those interior valleys. but it will stay chilly with mid 6 0stz up until the next hour. let's get you outside to the high definition view. see a little bit of that clearing we underwent for today. right now, in san jose. tomorrow, little bit warmer here. 5 to 10 degree temperature jump for the south bay. let's take you off to the north. thank you so much in the control room. they work hard to get us these cameras every night. palo alto, high-level cloud cover and marine layer braeking up a bit. again, it is coming back throughout tomorrow morning. let's get a look at the fog factor forecast. all counties highlighted here being impacted by the cloud cover as we head throughout the morning hours. even way on down to the santa clara valley. looks like even by 1:00 in the afternoon we'll still deal with the clouds just trying to get out of here at this point. but i think we'll have sunshine
6:48 pm
earlier on than we had for today. and then the thing you'll notice by tomorrow, at 5:00 and 6:00, the fog pattern really just starts to wipe out. that's a sign of a much better weekend coming our way. we'll begin with temperatures in the low 40s in the north bay. little bit chilly with higher dew points. takes your body a lot more energy to get warm outside. that's why when those dew points are increased and temperatures are in the 40s, it will feel a little chillier out there for tomorrow morning. have the jacket ready. 73 in san how stay. 71, los gatos. 76 in gilroy. that's more like it. 71, castro valley. 73, walnut creek. 74, livermore. 72 in pleasanton. 65, al need to. san francisco with 66. but if we get that sun, as we expect by the afternoon, it will feel close to 70 in soma. 64 in pacifica. 71 in sonoma. the other thing to watch out for is the air quality tomorrow. it will be at moderate levels. we have high pressure aloft. and, again, that is what it helping to keep us in this
6:49 pm
stagnant pattern. but as we head throughout next week, it's going to get stirred up quite a bit. we're going to see the jet stream, the storm track get close to us. namely it's going to bring us a much colder pattern. look at this seven-day forecast. by next tuesday, upper 60s inland. 60s all over the place. no rain in the forecast. that's good news for halloween, though, as we head throughout next thursday. if you're getting the costume ready, looks like the face point is a-okay at this point. not sure what you're dressing up as, but if you're deciding on the body paint, looks pretty good. >> i think that will be -- >> do some on your arms. >> we're going to switch identities. i'm going as janelle. she's going as me. >> i'd love to see that. >> we can do that. >> thank you, sure. let's get to sports. scott reese in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. niners have been practicing overseas in london hanging out with the queen. let's get an update. >> i'm not sure if the queen has been at practice but i'm sure she'll be at the game regardless. the 49ers spent the better part
6:50 pm
of their time in london trying to on vince that the 0-7 jaguars aren't a bad team. we're not buying it but hopefully they are, enough so there's no letdown some sunday. mindi bach has more. >> reporter: from buckingham palace, to westminster abbey, to the tower bridge, there is so much in the city of london that could be distracting to the 49ers players. but the veteran players are making sure their teammates are keeping the focus on sunday's game. >> the moment you close your eyes is the moment you can fall. we can't take them light. >> we just have to stay grounded and keep our focus and remember the reason that -- why we're here. we're here to play a game and take care of business. it's not a pleasure trip. we can come back and do that. >> we're trailing seattle now. our mindset is we have to get this one. we're in that hunt. we're chasing from behind right now. we're close, but we're behind. so motivation shouldn't be a factor at all. >> reporter: the 49ers see an 0-7 jaguars team that has rapidly improved over the last
6:51 pm
few weeks. both offensively and defensively. >> very aggressive defensive front. always hitting the quarterback. probably have as good a four-man rush as we've seen. while they're not getting big sack numbers, i mean, they're getting some real live shots on the quarterback. so, you know, it's all clean. and aggressive. >> i think in the first four games, they were averaging about 220 yards a game and last 3 games averaging over 360 i believe. so the evidence is on the tape when you watch it. and then the evidence is on paper when you look at their stats, and part of that's coincided with the return of blackmon, too. >> reporter: blackmon is the league's leading receiver for the month of october and grabbing the 49ers defense's attention, not the sights at london. at buckingham palace, mindi bach. in case you were wondering, joe montana is with the niners
6:52 pm
in london. he held a coaching clinic for aspiring young british quarterbacks. american football is now officially recognized as a sport by the british university college and sport which is england's version of the ncaa. the bay area at the london pipeline continues next season. the raiders will play the dolphins across the pond in 2014. nice to stick on the calendar, but for now the silver and black much more concerned with the steelers who come to town on sunday led by two-time super bowl champ ben roethlisberger. >> it's a great environment. crazy fans. lot of history there. that's what makes it neat going there is the fans. the history. the things you see on tvs and you hear about from other fans and players. >> to me, it's more -- it's more fun because you think of the stadium, the tradition, the history. those are the things i like about it. you know, i like to see the rookies and young guys that haven't been out there. the first time they walk on the field and see the fans and the
6:53 pm
kindergarten teacher that's got her face painted going nuts. you know, it's always, to me it's a neat thing. that's what football's about. sharks, brucins finished up in beantown where the sharks hadn't lost since 2002. second period, jerome aginla. 1-0. seconds into the third period. rebound coming upfront to patrick marleau. sticks it home. ties it at one. it appeared we were headed to overtime but nobody told the bruins. with .8 on the clock, the puck past niemi. that's a tough way to face your first regulation loss of the season. 2-1. bruins are victorious. warriors play their final preseason game this weekend. it starts for real next week. we have basketball starting, world series going on, football, hockey, college football. you can appreciate the magnitude of all that's going on in this newsroom. >> i'm mentally exhausted from you saying that.
6:54 pm
>> my head is spin. >> for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast bay area tonight at 10:30. >> and we'll be right back.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, a bizarre court case in san francisco involving a homeless man and his chihuahua. the surveillance video and the allegations tonight at 11:00 after "parenthood." we're going to talk about diamonds. these are the biggest tsh this is actually the biggest diamond in the world. check it out. >> it's also the most expensive diamond. it's a 59.6 carat and called the pink star. the jewel is on display in london, of course. sothebys says the diamond is by far the largest of its kind ever
6:57 pm
found and also one of the rarest. it will go up for auction next month in geneva and could go for, are you ready, sit down and hold on to something, $60 million. do we know anyone who has $60 million? >> whoa. >> that would buy us the ring? >> no. >> no. i wish i could just be that model holding the $60 million diamond. >> i was thinking what if she was outside and sun was out hitting it? >> oh. you always have to put a meteorological twist to everything. >> what would happen? the rays, the reflection. >> it would be major. major. all right. on the seven-day forecast, temperatures in the upper 7 os on friday. fog clears out by the afternoon. a much sunnier and warmer weekend coming our way for saturday and also sunday. as that thick fog pattern will be breaking. by thursday, on halloween, a dry forecast so far. >> yay. >> i had to turn on the heater this morning. i haven't done that in, like, nine months. >> i know. >> thanks, jeff. >> are you two done? we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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katharine mcphee's cheating scandal gets way uglier, now on "extra." the married director caught kissing katharine mcphee, kicked out of his house. his crisis meeting with his wife, mary mccormack. and did she miss the warning signs? her telling interview with howard stern. >> i would bet this guy's having an affair. plus, the a-list superstar whose wife just filed for divorce. new video, kris jenner at the kanye concert with ben, the bachelor. are they or aren't they together? plus, kim and kanye's prenup shocker. the new christian grey revealed. >> i don't think he is going to have any problem with the sex scenes. he's a serial stripper. mariah carey spinning around in her chair and


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