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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 25, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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test. coming up on "early today," americans kidnapped. pirates attack a u.s. flagship and hold two men hostage. finger pointing, biting ending people's career, the call gets lour. how would you like to live like mike? for the right price, you can buy michael jordan's digs in chicago. plus new details in the murder of the massachusetts teacher. the world series just got more interesting. and one more danger for traffic cops, angry bulls. "early today" starts right now. >> this is "early today" for friday, october 25th.
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good morning to you, i'm richard lui. two american lives are at stake as a group of pirates kidnap and hold them hostage in one of the world's most dangerous locations. it happened aboard a supply trip off the gulf of guinea. u.s. officials believe the pirates took the captain and engineer ashore as hostages. someone that's been through an attack like this is captain richard phillips. somali pirates kidnapped him for days, now a hit movie. he offered perspective to brian williams. >> they will usually take a captain or chief engineer and take them ashore and hide them so now rescue attempts will be made. you've got to understand it's dangerous out in the gulf of new guinea but also on the land in nigeria. >> the navy always has phillips and his capitalers in their sights through thursday they disappeared. piracy is down to the its lowest
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level in nearly a decade. attacks in nigeria up 30% so far this year. investigators want to know what drove a national guardsman to go after his own. a guardsman recruiter shot two superiors in the leg and foot tuesday and put the entire base on lockdown. he was caught but police did not know the whereabouts of the handgun he used. >> the millington police department responded within seconds, not minutes, within seconds. the spectacular was apprehended and taken into custody and the investigation continues. >> the suspect has not yet been identified, no motive is known but he was recently relieved of duty after serving six years. revealing testimony on the entire system was not tested end to end until two weeks
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before it was open to the public. they were grilled for more than four hours. is that a system you're proud of. >> these problems need to be fixed fast. it doesn't crash on valentine's day. >> we're not excited, pleased what we delivered october 1. in principle it worked. >> the obama administration said 1.6 million calls have come in and another 700,000 people have been registered. they are not saying how many, though, have bought insurance. 32 republican lawmakers are -- want health and human services kathleen sebelius to resign. they want her held accountable for this. sebelius is scheduled to testify next week. >> the majority of people calling for me to resign are people i don't work for and do not want this program to work in the first place. i have had frequent conversations with the president and i committed to him that my role is to get the program up and running, and we will do just
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that. >> unhappiness extends down both sides of the aisle. snort majority leader harry reid weighing in on the radio. >> as far as i'm concerned, there's no excuse for that. i think the administration should have known how difficult it was going to be to have 35 million or 40 million people suddenly hook up to a place to go on the internet. >> a bush era nsa director gets a taste of the spy agency's own medicine. he was giving a series of background interviews thursday afternoon but he chose a public place to do that. and a fellow passenger tweeted about it. tom matzzie's twitter feed found he was blabbing behind him on background as a former senior official. and michael hayden is giving reporters disparaging quotes
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about ad min. when it was over, they took a picture together. they warned it was being live tweeted. in newtown, connecticut, the community is taking another step to move forward. work has begun to tear down sandy hook elementary. the demolition will be mostly shrouded in secrecy to make it easier for the victims. a new school will be built in its place. it's an exciting game two of the world series last night in boston to tell you about. before the game new retired yankees closer mariano rivera honored with achievement award. in the game in the fourth inning, matt holliday smacking one to center field. as it raced away he raced to first base and later scored the first run. big papi, david ortiz, the red sox the lead 2-1. in the seventh a sacrifice fly
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and the cards pete kozma scoring there. the throw to home got away, third went wild, come back to beat cards 4-2. series even one game apiece. game three saturday night. more sports a little later. most traffic cops only have to worry about one thing, directing traffic. in romania different there. occupational hazards. a stray bull coming out of nowhere. this happens all the time when we're walking down the halls at 30 rock, right? going right into the police officer, the bull scurries away and bystanders rush to the officer's aid. luckily he didn't suffer any life threatening injuries. the bull there was eventually caught and will be kept out of busy intersections. what was a bulldog there. heavy fog in seattle. check out this time lapse video. expected to last the weekend. low visibility caused delays and made driving dangerous. it's being blamed right now for
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two deaths. bill karins that fog there on the west coast, happens in san francisco, happens up the coast. >> it's locked in there, six, seven days in a row. ferryboat, fishing boat yesterday, visibility has gotten all sorts of problems. that's the story in the west. the other story talked about yesterday was the big storm near alaska. you can see it spinning there south, southwest of nome. we're looking okay now, starting to clear out a little bit. forecast today, slight chance of shower in anchorage, temperatures, southerly wind, not bad, 40 degrees, a little cooler in fairbanks. west, remain with fog. hoping by sunday it's going to lift and the weather pattern will change a little bit. just a stagnant weather pattern. we need the weather pattern to change to really make a big difference in the forecast. not just seattle but anywhere in the west. sunday and monday we will get that change, especially sunday.
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it will cool off dramatically, even nevada. 82 in vegas today, 88 in phoenix. no problems whatsoever. only albuquerque has a chance of showers, maybe a thundern half of the country, much warmer in the west. very little airport delays. weekend forecast coming up. >> all right. looking forward to that. good friday to see you by the way, bill. you take pills for pain, rules just changed. details ahead. check out this $60 million pink rock. it may be the world's most valuable gem and it's for sale. next.
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welcome back. check out the official christening photos of prince
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george with prince harry and kate and grandmother and grandfather. amidst the hubbub around prince harry and george, it's easy to forget about the man first in line for the throne. the "time" profile, charles says he fears it will be a prison. tighter controls on how doctors use painkillers, similar to how painkillers like oxycontin are regulated. the exchange would lower the amount of refills a patient could receive before going back to the doctor. students at danvers high school say teacher colleen ritzer had asked 14-year-old suspect philip chism to stay after class the day she was killed. chism used a box cutter to murder the teacher and took her credit card to see a movie. this might help congress approval rating. the congressman helped a
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passenger who passed out. he's a trained er doctor who sprang into action providing the passenger oxygen. for about the cost of the u.s. capital you could own the most expensive damage. the 6 carat pink star is the largest diamond of its kind ever found. it will be auctioned next month and should fetch more than $60 million. for business, cnbc's courtney reagan. twitter's price between $16 and $20 per share, it is offering $70 million shares, which will be about $1.4 billion. "the wall street journal" reporting michael jordan's 56,000 square foot suburban chicago compound is up for auction. his heirness has lived there nearly 20 years. the place even comes with, what else, a full-sized basketball court. 30 year mortgage rates dropped to 4.13%.
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that's the lowest level in four months. rates are dropping since the feds said in september it would continue its bond buying program. richard, back to you. >> thank you, courtney. have a good friday. up next sports highlights, including why some of boston's famous statues are now sporting beards.
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1600 pennsylvania avenue. last night it was bathed in pink lights in honor of breast cancer awareness month. quite a sight. lets get to sports where the nfl, carolina and tampa bay. no playing down to competition. cam newton taking panthers above. this touchdown. with nobody open he runs it in. in the fourth newton connects for a 3-yard score, buccaneers fall 41-13. they are now 0-7. bucs fans not happy about that. a billboard for the bucs' coach to be fired. saying there's no guarantee the coach will make it through the season. former quarterback brett favre was asked by st. louis rams if he'd like to come out of retirement to replace their injured quarterback. the 44-year-old favre rejected that offer saying, quote, it's flattering but you know there's no way i'm going to do that. favre also talked about having some memory problems. >> i don't remember my daughter
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playing soccer -- youth soccer one summer. i don't remember that. now, i've got a pretty good memory, and i have a tendency like y'all do, i forget where is my glasses and they are on your head. i have that. but this was a little shocking to me that i couldn't remember my daughter playing youth soccer. >> favre in that radio interview. singer james taylor had a little lyric glitch himself singing national anthem before game two last night. take a listen. ♪ o beautiful o say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> so smooth, isn't he? boston fans started spring training with three red sox players to a new level are now putting beards on statue of paul revere and ducklings in the
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garden. >> champions of facial hair and proud partner of movember. paul mccartney, we'll be right back.
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welcome on this friday morning as we prepare for the upcoming weekend. not too many weather events in the west. we'll be waiting for the fog to lift pacific northwest, seattle
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tacoma area, watching cooling temperatures. saturday warm, warmer day, same as phoenix. go into sunday, doesn't get dramatically cooler, but cooler air moving in, some rain in the forecast sunday night into monday in southern california. that will be the first in a while. that's the only thing to keep an eye on. seattle and sunshine. >> have the weekend off. >> thanks. >> pop culture, mr. nice guy tom hanks makes a young autistic girl's dream come true when he met her and read her hanks'-themed scrapbook. >> who is that? come here, give me a hug. this is so great. my mom doesn't have something like this. >> that's great, isn't it? she was a lucky girl. the all-star cast of "the counselor" about a lawyer trafficking drugs plus jones knoxville's latest installment, "bad grandpa hchlt two movies to bring gravity back to earth.
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the soldier hits theaters 4/4/2014. look at the a lister paul mccartney gathered for his new video. then on the flip side of singing talent, dinero, douglas, klein, actors of "las vegas" thick and heavy, not so well done, to attract pop culture audience. lyrics to songs. >> you're kidding. >> can't live a lie running for my life, i will always want you, came in like a wrecking ball, never fell so hard in love. >> i love chinese food it's
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true, i love fried rice, i love chow mein. >> the best song ever. every line, now i can't remember how it goes. >> kind of like the way i read the news. no. >> maybe when you're 70. >> when i'm 70. very, very nice. late night stephen colbert, big support of the military and latest reforms of the marine's uniforms has him up in arms. >> department of defense thinking about spending millions and millions of your dollars to buy our marines new hats or as they call them covers. here is the problem. apparently not many want to wear them. some people think the new hat looks far too girlie. >> looks like the femininization of the marine corps. >> lets look at this hat next to current designs. >> look at that. i just cannot tell which one is
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the new one. oh, it's the one on the right. yeah, i hate those. it's so feminine. i'm just ovulating looking at them. might as well be made of tampons and copies of eat, pray, love. >> a little streamlined. >> i couldn't tell. i didn't know which one it is. >> colbert could say things others could not. >> we could but not as funny. >> we would not be back monday. i'm richard lui, right here on nbc's, the first stop of the day.
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leading the news "usa today," iran may be a month from a bomb. a new estimate by one of the u.s.'s top nuclear experts said iran could produce enough weapons grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb in 30 days. new york daily niece dave herman retired new york rock 'n' roll dj at wnew busted in child sex sting in virgin island. the radio legend had been posing online. five people hurt after a carnival ride mishap at north carolina state fair. two hurt seriously when the vortex ride started backing up again. the incident happened 11 years to the day since a worker was
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killed in a ride at the same fair. skeptical over the shooting death of a 13-year-old at the hands of a sheriff's deputy. an autopsy said he was shot 13 times tuesday afternoon. the sheriff's deputy thought he had an assault weapon. he did not raise it in the deputy's direction. a beautiful display of art in ireland depicting a girl making a wish. the masterpiece is made of topsoil sand, soil and stone and spans 11 acres. man versus beast. first in california, a wild bear causes a major traffic jam during rush hour. the bear managed to scale a fence, run under an underpass. it's being monitored to make sure it's safe. it can probably leap tall buildings, too. off the east coast of africa, a whale not camera ready, apparently, slapping the
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photographer there with his fin. >> that's lucky. that could have been a lot worse. >> maybe it's a mistake. wanted powder, makeup. >> the whale could have run over him. >> you're right about that. a look ahead and back. grand jury documents in the jonbenet ramsey murder case to be released today. the information could shed light on why prosecutors decided against filing charges in her death. on this day in 1982, u.s. invasion of grenada. >> reagan announced at the white house, responding to requests from island nations in the vicinity and also acting to protect the 800 to 1,000 americans who are on that island. happy birthday to singer katy perry who is 29. nancy cartwright, the voice of bart simpson 56. i'm richard lui, bill karins, thanks for watching. both of us hope you have a great weekend ahead. enjoy your day.
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a peninsula couple out walking their dog is killed by a possible drunk driver. the new details we learned overnight from police. >> also, bracing for the worst. oakland getting ready for possible vandalismsoccupiers mark two years since the start of their movement in oakland. >> it's decision day as santa clara county judge gets ready to decide where a serial rapist will be released. >> let's take a live look outside. that is from san francisco, give you a nice shot of the bay bridge early on a friday. doesn't matter that it's early, it is friday, spectacular. also october 25th. this is "today in the bay."


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