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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to law enforcement. they come to check out new technology and weapons. occupy oakland is here because they are against what urban shields stands for. >> the last seven years, there's been an increase of police violence towards brown and black communities. >> we've had vandalism and assault against persons in the past, so we are very much zero tolerance. if you come into oakland to break the law, we'll catch you. if it is not today, we'll catch you another day. >> reporter: just to give you a reminder of what today is all about, you are looking at pictures taken two years ago at 14th and broadway. this is when oakland police moved to move occupy oakland protesters from city hall. several people were injured and windows were broken. that's what today is all about. right now, there are probably
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about 60 to maybe 100 people gathering. police are following them really close by. there's a huge presence of police officers here. i talked to members of occupy oakland. they plan for this protest tonight not to be violent. they say it won't be. we'll be here to give you an update on what's going on here coming up at 6:00. let's give you a live look above that hotel. this hotel is at 11th and broadway. you can see the protesters there right now. there's about 60, but they're going to go up broadway and 14th. we'll continue to monitor. we'll hear again from sheryl coming up. hundreds of medical students
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walked out of class today to protest the officer involved shooting of a classmate who was carrying an assault rifle. today's walk ended at the sonoma county sheriff's office. >> reporter: about 300 protesters were here all demanding answers in the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez. hundreds of people here. the sheriff's office was actually closed today, but demonstrators caused thousands of dollars in damages. there is some wet concrete that was just poured this morning. hundreds of teenagers gathered for a rally at santa rosa city hall today. >> everyone just wants to be heard. they want something done. >> reporter: once they arrived,
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they busted through a construction zone with wet concrete, transforming it into a message board. protesters say they are upset and angry with police over the shooting death of andy lopez. lopez has a replica firearm in his hand that looked like a real assault rifle. >> i think shooting anybody seven times, that's not okay. >> i feel for the parents and for the students who lost their friend. >> reporter: lopez's mother was at the rally. she says she wants justice and does not want to see this happen to anyone else. >> that's the biggest pain, for the people to have to realize the same system we trust to protect us and serve us as the same system here now that is becoming frequently the one that's hurting us. >> reporter: though the sheriff's office was closed to the public, there were deputies
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inside. those who live in this community say they will continue to hold marches and rallies daily until they get justice for andy lopez. most of the protesters were actually middle school students. we did check in with the school districts. they advised all the parents to write a note to excuse them if they attended the rallies. we were told by the participants that there were a lot of teachers in the crowd. new details tonight in the death of lynn spalding. she's the patient whose body was found in the stairwell. another person reported her there a few days before her body was found. this is the second sighting. a worker wearing a hospital badge told a staff member somebody was lying in a
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stairwell. spalding was admitted to san francisco general for an infection back in september, but disappeared a few days later. her body was found more than two weeks later. multiple investigations are underway. a couple went on their usually evening walk, but never returned. a suspected drunk driver killed them last night leaving their teenagers home to grieve. this is not the first time this suspect has been accused of drunk driving. >> reporter: that's right. a law enforcement source tell us a 54-year-old was convicted of misdemeanor drunk driving last year. she was driving drunk again, hitting the couple walking in the bike lane from behind.
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>> my brother was so nice. i just can't believe it. can't believe it. >> reporter: disbelief has paralyzed this family, now struggling to come to grips with the fact the man and woman are gone. >> the police officer came because they called the police and said, where's my mom and dad? >> i talked to them. i spent so much time with them. they are all crying and feeling bad about it. >> reporter: police say responding officers believed the driver a 54-year-old woman was drunk. a law enforcement source tells nbc bay area she had just been convicted of a misdemeanor dui last year. but they're surprised. they say the woman is a friend. someone they describe as a real
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family woman of her own. >> she has children. i know she's mourning for the people that she hit. >> she's got a daughter and a granddaughter, beautiful. i feel for them. i feel for the victim's family as well. >> reporter: it is unforgivable. the anger just as strong as the heart break. >> she was the one that should have been dead. not them leaving their children. you know? she should have died. but she killed a beautiful couple and left three children. >> reporter: people have been visiting the memorial all day. she hit another vehicle in the crash, but the four people inside were uninjured. she was taken to the hospital. she's facing charges of felony
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dui and vehicular manslaughter. >> such a tragic story. a bizarre twist in the story of the san francisco parks and rec garden accused of running over a woman while she was lying in the grass with her infant daughter. on that same day, police say his son was involved in the crash with a cyclist in the outer mission. the biker was not seriously hurt. he kept driving though and was followed by a witness who did call police. the younger was arrested, but charges have yet to be filed. the ntsb announced today it
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is holding a two-day hearing to gather additional facts. it will take place in washington, d.c. on december 11th and 12th. the board also says its lead investigator has travelled to korea and melt with asiana executives and training personnel and reviewing maintenance record. the latest national security leak from edward snowden has the white house scrambling again. the nsa was eves dropping on the cell phone of world leaders. >> spying on close friends and partners is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: there are times where we want to know a little bit more than the germans are willing to tell us. >> they demanded a roll back on
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spying on u.s. americans. it will demand an end to all government snooping. scary moments in japan after a 7.1 earthquake -- 7.3, it's been upgraded struck off the country's east coast this morning. it is an aftershock to the s tsunami in 2011. should you buy into twitter? why patience could turn out to be a virtue when it comes to twitter. >> it could be harder than every for locals to ride the big wave. we'll explain. good afternoon. quite a rebound for today. plenty of sunshine and also warmer temperatures coming up in
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that forecast. i know it's going to be a weekend that you'll love.
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south bay police department is turning to social media for help. help reconnecting stolen items, including pets, to their rightful owners. we are live at the humane society of silicon valley to tell us why several cities are using sites like pintrest. >> there are two dogs here right now that were picked up in sunnyvale but their owners have still not found them. sunnyvale decided to launch an effort on pintrest to help those dogs find their homes. >> reporter: they're trying to help her get back home.
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part of a new social media effort launched today. >> we just put them up this morning, but we want to continue it once a week or as the dogs come in so we can quickly get the word out. >> reporter: the city posted a photo of this terrier is lost. >> a lot of people are on pintrest. they might see an animal they recognize and tell their friends if they have lost an animal. so i think it would be a good idea. >> reporter: more and more bay area cities are harnessing the powers of social media to connect people with their lost possessions. everything from keys to jewelry, electronics to sunglasses. >> it gives people another exposure to help find their items. >> reporter: police are using instagram to post close-ups of
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stolen bikes so the owner will recognize it and get it back. it's all about using internet connections to connect people with what they've lost. if they're not able to find their owners, they plan to use pintrest again to help them find homes. it's something we have seen time and time again. silicon valley, lots of excitement about a sexy tech ipo. should you buy in twitters' first day? what do they say? >> reporter: they say hold off. ipos here in silicon valley, they're like holidays. if you're a nerd like me, you can name the day netscape or
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google went public. investors are trying to convince you their company is the next big thing. if you think about it, after the ipo is when you can really tell if a company is worth your money. >> i would suggest to them if they really, really like the company, wait six months and revisit it and decide at that point if they want to buy it or not. >> reporter: for the most part, history proves this to be good advice. waiting on facebook would have saved you a lot of money. coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll take you inside a silicon valley tech company with an ipo just a few days ago. things are just getting started. the score in a peninsula
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courtroom this week -- surfers were outraged when the new owner of the property put up a gate. three of those surfers sued. the owner of the company is within his rights. the surfers' attorney says they will appeal. a second lawsuit goes to trial next spring. surfers turned out to the bay area's most famous surf spot to kick off the maverick contest. the window for the contest opens on november 1st and ends march 31st next year. as soon as organizers believe conditions are right, they'll give the surfers only 24 hours notice. those surfers that are on
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call, they're here for that grand opening ceremony. we'll have to wait until january or february until we get some really huge waves. we're tracking a storm offshore. that's going to head off towards the south. it's going to help switch up our winds. more of a southerly flow headed our way. that's going to bring us some more milder weather. we are finally done with that fog pattern. we'll have a little bit of low cloud cover by the bay, inland, and at the coast. sunny skies expected at the coastline. also by the bay. temperatures in the 60s. if you were stuck in the office on this friday, we're going to give you this view. tomorrow, a uv index of 5.
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skin damage in about 45 minutes. let's take you off to the north in oakland. you can see we do have some high clouds, but no airport delays. that will be the scenario as we continue throughout tonight. also here across the bay, looking towards san francisco, that fog again is gone. we're looking at that much warmer weekend. let's get a look at those morning temperatures. 42 in santa rosa. little bit chilly down there in morgan hill with 46. 46 in redwood city. 52 expected in san francisco. throughout tomorrow, temperatures will go up another three to about five degrees. right now our seasonal average is 75 in san jose. that will likely be one of the hottest with 80 gilroy. 73 in palo alto. we'll have 80 expected in livermore. 78 in walnut creek.
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caster valley 75. san francisco getting up to 71. that slight offshore flow will give us one of the warmest days of the week throughout saturday. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, it is going to be happening down here at pier 39. we have those fireworks going off. a little bit of patchy fog. you'll see something at this point. next week, get ready for colder weather coming our way. jet stream is going to push way off to the south. no rainfall. monday and tuesday we're going to go down to the 60s inland. about a 15 to 20 degree temperature drop expected. halloween, trick or treaters looking at clear skies. temperatures anywhere from 60s to mid 70s at this point. did i mention tomorrow is the weekend? >> we have it circled on the
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calendar. police find the parents of a mysterious girl living in a camp in greece. a man has been ordered to dismantle his hay maze. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms,
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jalapeños, bacon, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu.
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well, they call her the mystery girl. tonight dna tests have confirmed a bulgarian couple are the parents of a girl named maria. >> the couple claimed ed maria
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given to them because she could not afford to raise her. new fda regulations would require that pet and animal food companies develop procedures to prevent foodborne illnesses. 600 had died after eating chicken, ducks, sweet potato flavored jerky treats. that famous halloween hay maze, it's been taken down. the farmers operator has built the massive maze from 10,000 hay
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bales. this year the county said the farm has too many attractions and not enough agriculture. the farm can apply for permits for its attractions next year. they could very well be the engineers of tomorrow and today they got a whole bunch of inspiration. students got to learn how a car could drive without a driver. the google driverless car had a test at headquarters today. >> i think i might change what i want to be just from seeing the tesla here today. >> what do you want to be now? >> i think i'm going to look into engineering. >> after taking in the cars of the future, the students were treated to a screening of the movie "enders game."
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the song trapped under the ice is especially fitting. we'll show you coming up.
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nasa recorded a spectacular magnetic storm last month and edited down hundreds of highlights for this short clip. a wave of plasma 200,000 miles along ripped through the sun's
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atmosphere leaving behind a canyon of fire. it's into the fire, but just charged gas. it is the ultimate light show. metallica has played at some of the biggest stadiums in the world. now they're doing an intimate concert in anartica december 8th. >> that's going to be chilly. >> it is going to be chilly. it's warmed up a bit stay. >> we are looking at much hotter weather for saturday and sunday. low to mid 80s inland. 70s by the bay. by the coastline, temperatures in the mid 60s.
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monday and tuesday get the jackets back out. we'll see you at 6:00. good night. breach of trust. the growing uproar over these allegations the u.s. tapped the phones of dozens of world leaders. and tonight the damage control. we can hear you. what happened when a former u.s. spy chief was talking way too loud on his cell phone and a fellow train passenger just couldn't help himself and shared it with the world? an alert regarding petood and thousands of deaths. now after so many animals have gotten sick, the feds are cracking down on the pet food makers. and mystery solved. ringo asked for help to find the kids in this photo he took in the '60s. tonight we know who they are. we hear about that amazing chance encounter with the beatles' motorcade back in the day. "nightly news" begins now.


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