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tv   Today  NBC  October 26, 2013 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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octobrrrr. the chill gripping the country from the northeast to the south. some areas seeing freezing temperatures for the first time this season. can we expect a warm-up soon? web of troubles. the national security agency's website goes down for a while and growing anger over its spy program. this morning, claims it was hacked as the obama administration struggles to fix its troubled health care website. one brave boy. >> i'm like, "please don't shoot me, please don't shoot me." then he raised gun and shot me. >> the 12-year-old who came face-to-face with a gunman in a deadly school shooting. the emotional interview, "today," saturday, october 26th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm erica hill. alongside tom in for jenna. dylan dreyer is with us too and we promise you'll see her in a moment. it is very cold outside. octobrrrr as you said. all up and down the east coast. we're looking at possibly record lows in some places. could make for a chilly halloween. if you can, it's a good morning to probably stay in bed. >> tom and i noticed we broke out the flannels today. >> and feeling great. >> i went for wool and sweater. we all got the message and dylan will have more of that for us in a moment. we will talk about a legal bombshell. a grand jury wanted to indict jonbenet ramsey's parents in her death. we'll have to ask the question
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why they weren't charged. plus a man who will be king but prince charles is not ready to wear the crown any time soon. >> a revealing interview there. later, a big mystery until a few days ago. a lot of people who are the kids in this car? that photo was taken by ringo starr when the beatles arrived here in the united states in the 1960s. ringo asked them to roll down the window for a picture. >> great story. today's top story is the chill gripping the country. dylan has it covered for us. >> good morning, >> it is very cold in areas where it shouldn't be this cold so early in the season. we have got a huge dip in the jet stream and that is what is causing this cold air to settle in areas like atlanta and into most of the southeastern states. so, you know, for us, it doesn't mean that much when you have the freeze warnings and the frost advisories, but for the plants and the crops, it's an end to the growing season and that is
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about two weeks early -- earlier than normal. you can see we do have the frost advisories a little further to the south but all of this light shade of blue here we have the freeze warnings so it's done for the growing season with temperatures in the 30s. 32 in louisville right now and 29 roanoke and charlotte, north carolina, 28 degrees. this is cold air that will stick around the rest of the weekend before next week, we will see things warming up. lester? >> see you again shortly dylan. now to more trouble for the nsa. it's website went down on friday as it is facing increasing criticism from world leaders about its spy program. kristen welker is live at the white house to tell us more about it. >> reporter: good morning to you. thousands of people are expected to march on the national mall a little bit later on today to protest the governor's -- government surveillance program and this comes as there are no revelations due to leaks by former nsa contractor edward snowden. those leaks show the u.s. may have tapped into the cell phones of 35 world leaders.
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now united states' closest allies are demanding answers including germany and france. i can tell you that german officials are scheduled to come to the united states in the coming weeks and talking about the nsa surveillance program. on a separate note, as you mentioned, lester, the nsa website went down several hours last night and there was talk that it may have been hacked into but a nsa spokesperson says it was not the case, it was due do a technical glitch. these recent revelations could threaten the united states foreign policy as it deals with allies on issues like iran and syria. >> speaking of web sites, where do we stand in the administration trying to fix this health care website that is so troublesome? >> reporter: the administration says that the website will be running smooth by the end of november. this comes as more lawmakers, including democrats are calling for an extension of the open enrollment period. >> reporter: under continued
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fire for the rocky rollout of his health care website, president obama is trying to ease concerns in his weekly address this morning. >> we have people working overtime 24/7 to boost capacity and address these problems every single day. >> reporter: this, as republicans continue to use the glitches, as momentum in their fight against the health care law. friday night, senator ted cruz in iowa. >> what a disaster, what a train wreck. how much obama care is hurting millions of americans cross this country. >> reporter: jeffrey zients put in charge of fixing health announced the site will be operating smoothly by the end of next month and says a private contractor will take over repairs. >> the site is fixable. >> reporter: meanwhile kathleen sebelius who was in charge of the health care rollout hit the road this week to visit call centers in texas and arizona and said she has no plans to step down, despite mounting calls from republican lawmakers for her to resign.
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>> my job is to get this up and running the way it should have been running on day one, and it's the most important work i've ever done in my life. >> reporter: but the pressure is on with ten democratic senators now calling for the president to extend the individual mandate. political analysts say the administration will likely be able to withstand the heat if the website gets a clean bill of health soon. >> but if there are problems going into december, the pressure on the white house to delay the individual mandate, to delay the penalties is going to be unavoidable. >> reporter: the damage control will continue into next week. president obama will travel to boston on wednesday to talk about health care. his top officials will continue to crisscross the country and hhs secretary, kathleen sebelius will testify before a congressional committee this next week. she is expected to face tough questioning. lester? >> christien welker, thanks. >> karen finney is a former communications director for the democratic national committee who is now the host of the msnbc show "disrupt."
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good morning. >> good morning. >> they put a target date at the end of november to get this fixed. is there a danger in overpromising? >> there is, actually, a danger in overpromising but i think they felt like they needed to give some sense of momentum and movement because, obviously, at the beginning of the week, there was so much criticism of the website. as they progress with these changes, then put out their plan i think they will try to show some progress as we move towards the end of november. >> what we are seeing is a bureaucratic problem. i know you're a supporter of the health care law but will this shake the under pinnings and continue to give ammunition to critics to point out something is fundamentally wrong with the law itself? >> hopefully, not. we are talking about the website. the president and others have said that is one piece of health care reform and i do think if we take the long view and we look at something like the implementation of social
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security or medicare part d, in the long run if people with getting health care that is what people will remember. they will not remember the website had glitches. that being said, they don't have much room for any more errors at this point in time so it's got to be very smooth. if you look at the exchanges, the state exchanges are doing quite well. the federal system is having more trouble because it's more complicated on the back end. >> i have this image of the president of the united states having come out to explain problems with the website. why are heads rolling? >> i don't know. having worked with president clinton, i was shocked. having worked in the corporate world, when your boss has to go out there and explain what is going on with the website that was shocking and some heads should be rolling although one of the things they are finding out is part of the problem actually has to do with the government procurement process. in terms of who was in charge of what and what options they had in terms of the technology they could use they could be limited but now it sounds like going outside of the process to get it done. >> everyone wants to point a finger. let's go back to this nsa story.
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specifically revelations of spying on world leaders, including germany's chancellor. what is the real damage here? i mean, it would take something bigger than this to ruin the relationship between the allies? >> absolutely. it's one of those open secrets that everybody spies on everybody. i mean, the french are notoriously good at it, for example. so our problem is we got caught, thanks to edward snowden. i think there are tense conversations happening and may be some kind of agreement that comes out of it and some talk of let's have a global agreement about what we are going to do and not going to do. i don't think it's going to destroy the relationship long term. >> we have to remember these leaders have their domestic audience. >> exactly. one expression of outrage. angela merkel just got re-elected and she has to show a certain amount of outrage and who knows what the tone of that phone call was really like. i mean, there might have been a bit of, okay, well, all right, i got to be mad at you you publicly but i know you do it, we know you do it. >> interesting conversation. anything going on here? karen finney, thanks very much. >> thanks. >> good to have you here.
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>> lester thanks. a massachusetts community is grieving this morning as new details emerge about the killing of a popular high school math teacher there earlier this week. the suspect is one of her students. on friday, colleen ritzer was remembered at a memorial service and candles lit in her honor. ron allen is in massachusetts with more this morning. >> reporter: they're making final plants for her funeral. it will take place on monday with many students and teachers from danvers high expected to return and they returned to school on friday and many said it was a difficult, but necessary, day. just days after math teacher colleen ritzer was brutally murdered here the community returned with heavy hearts. >> it was good to be here and show support to the teachers because they needed it today. >> we move forward as a community and get through it the best we can. >> reporter: they wore pink,
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ritzer's favorite color and paused at her memorial and security and counselors to meet them enter the school the scene of a horrific sign. >> just walking past that bathroom, troubling to see. >> reporter: that student bathroom, law enforcement says is where 14-year-old philip chism allegedly killed ritzer with a box cutter and dumped her body into a recycling bin and wheeled it outside and buried it under a pile of leaves. he has pleaded not guilty. the sources also say, security cameras captured him following ritzer into the bathroom and exiting with blood on his clothes. an area police say now is closed off indefinitely. >> it was a sad day, but like i think everything just went normal, like as much as it could. >> reporter: freshman emily nester was in the same english class as chism who had just transferred to danvers high. >> it was hard to go in that class because he was there and we tried to be friends with him and welcome him in. >> reporter: students say
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ritzer's math classroom was used for counseling sessions. posters covered with personal messages outside. >> there was no reason to put it off another day. you got to try to just get through it and, you know, be there for the teachers. the teachers were there for them today. >> reporter: to honor her legacy and memory, ritzer's family was set up a college fund in her name. the money will help students who want to become teachers. erica? >> ron, of course, there's that lingering question of why. >> i understand you're learning more about the suspect. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: well, no one -- there may never be a good answer to the question why because none of this ever makes sense. what we do know is chism he and his family just moved here from tennessee. this was his first time here at the school. teenagers perhaps have trouble fitting in. but none of it explains a horrific crime. there are indications he did not want to can come here with his family but he seemed to be doing well. he was a star on the soccer
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team, the jv soccer team, the leading scorer. the students were trying to befriend him as you heard in the story. just he comes from a broken family. his father was not in his life. again, there really is never anything that makes sense to explain all this and what a lot of people here in this community are having a lot of difficulty with. they can't understand why this could have happened in a place like this. it's just unspeakable. >> it is. ron allen for us in danvers, thanks. want to get a check of some of the other stories we're following this morning. tom has more. >> good morning. we begin with new developments in the murder of jon benet ramsey. on friday a colorado court released previously sealed documents from the investigation. documents revealed grand jury voted in 1999 to indict jonbenet's parents, john and patsy ramsey with child abuse resulting in death. the d.a. decided not to file charges saying not enough evidence. much more on this story in our
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next hour. a wild scene in the mohave desert. california police chased a man in the desert who was driving like a maniac from the run from cops who wanted to question him about a murder. police say 39-year-old sergio munoz sped along 30 miles of desert highway and shooting at passing drivers and trying to run cars off the road. according to the highway patrol he was driving around with two hostages inside his truck. officers caught up with him when he stopped on the side of the road and began firing his gun into the trunk. a scary scene more than two dozen kids in texas riding the bus home from school when it crashed into a house. check this out. the children were coming from ft. sam houston elementary school on friday when it ran into a home in a military housing area in san antonio. only minor injuries were reported. the bus driver told police the brakes somehow failed. and here in new york, three little boys are dead this morning because of a fire in their new york apartment building. police say the victims included a 5-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 4-month-old. a woman and two other small
5:15 am
children were treated for smoke inhalation. no word on what sparked the flames. new details relating to the deal between jpmorgan chase and the federal government. the bank has agreed to pay $5.1 billion to help resolve claims that it misled mortgage agencies, fannie mae and freddie mac about risky home loans. the deal is expected to be the opening step in a 13-billion dollar settlement. the bank is negotiating that settlement with the u.s. justice department. nl during this last week of breast cancer awareness month. an event in kentucky aims to break records. hundreds gathered at this water park to create a human breast cancer ribbon with a pink. they hope to break a record for the most people forming the largest human ribbon ever. they ended up short but their point was still made. they got 1,900 people there. >> wow. >> there is always next year. p there's always next year. that is the news.
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how back to you. >> dylan dreyer is standing by with a check of the weather and friends in the pacific northwest waking up to a fog? >> the ninth straight morning they are waking up with this fog. nl it has been brutal out in seattle. the fog so thick, look. you can't see the space needle from the ground but it's cool if you're up in the space needle and looking out. locals are starting to call it fogmageddon, fog toeber. look at that time lapse. they are stuck in the fog but it is pretty gorgeous. here's the setup. everything is sinking all that fog is trapped. there is not a lot of wind so that fog is not going anywhere. it looks like it's going to last throughout the rest of the weekend. we are starting off dense fog this morning. we are going to see more fog tomorrow morning and that will make it the tenth straight day of those foggy conditions which puts it in a top three longest stretches of fog. if that makes any sense. but by monday, we should finally start to dry things out, lose the fog. 56 degrees and partly cloudy. elsewhere across the country,
5:17 am
not a lot going on. a couple of showers through texas the rest of the country is looking chilly. that is your latest forecast. lester? >> thanks. britain's prince charles is speaking out in a revealing interview with "time" magazine about his future in the monarchy and his fears of taking over f wales to be king.
5:18 am
he is -- >> reporter: he has taken on more and more of >> reporter: he has taken on more and more of his 87-year-old mother's affairs and attending the state opening of parliament and representing the queen overseas. but those duties have to coexist with his passions. for the environment,
5:19 am
architecture and his charities. the prince told "time" i've had this extraordinary feeling for years and years ever since i can remember really of wanting to heal and make things better but they suggested a race against time writing i found to get things done as possible before the prison shades closed. the idea the prince may not want to become king is dismissed by his staff saying the prince of wales does not hold those views. he's done both charity work and his official duties in parallel all his life. >> he'll have a bit of a heavy heart if he can't give as much to those charities but i believe he is -- family will support him and, in time, they will adopt some of those charitable organizations. >> reporter: you can sense the delight of this proud grandfather. telling "time" george christened this week is what this is all about. his family seems closer than
5:20 am
ever. the three heirs and line of succession is secure. the monarchy is popular and a popular set of circumstances for charles when his time eventually comes. no one believes the queen will abdicate so charles has a few more years in waiting. >> anna bell roberts, in london, thank you. you wouldn't expect to find elephants roaming around the middle of florida. but that is actually happening. at an elephant sanctuary there built to keep them safe. mark potter went to check it out. >> reporter: in the golden light of dawn, in florida, a 4 1/2 ton african elephant is here. eating breakfast. years ago in zimbabwe she was found alone after her family was killed. now she is the matriarch of her own family at the new national elephant center. >> they have the largest brain of any animal on the planet. they are incredibly intelligent
5:21 am
and incredibly social. they are family oriented. >> reporter: the nonprofit center opened this year on 225 acres and runs on donations. a home for elephants moved from other facilities because of old age or to allow herds to breed and develop more naturally protecting the species at a time when poachers are decimating the wild population. i have three kids and i really want them to see elephants and know how special these guys really are. >> reporter: the elephants are the first to arrive here and came from disney's animal kingdom to give them more space. most of the day they wander and graze outdoors but in the morning, come inside tempted by a bucket of treats. >> we had apples, carrots and melon in there. >> reporter: they are given a bath every day not just to keep
5:22 am
them clean but to check their health and give them any treatment that might be needed. a real surprise is how much they love the florida oranges. >> she picked it and put in her mouth and she was like, my goodness. then she was like, i want more, i want more. >> reporter: the center is closed to the public but there are plans to make it a learning facility with these ambassadors teaching why the world's largest land mammals must be saved. for "today," mark potter, nbc news, florida. >> one of nature's interesting designs, isn't it? >> yes. they are impressive and smart. >> a good advertisement for florida oranges. >> they are thanking the elephants now. >> they could do a whole trunk show. >> oh, lester! >> and he is back! still to come this morning on a more serious note. in his own words, a young shooting victim's story of bravery and survival. first, this is "today" on nbc. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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still to come on "today," keeping your four-legged friend safe. we will tell you what you need to know on the fda's crack down on pet food. former anchor jack ford, our good friend, is here. first, these messages.
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5:27 am
is now in custody this morning. authorities say the suspect is 32-year-old sammy braun. an ice officer was shot in the leg. dozens of officers were called in in the late afternoon. officers say they exchanged gun fire with the suspect and three local police officers were
5:28 am
wounded as well. one was shot in the jaw, another in the shoulder and a third was hit with shrapnel. officials say one officer is in serious condition and the others are now stable. police say the suspect was then led to a standoff that lasted nearly nine hours. a swat team sent in a robot to give the suspect orders to come out at 12:30 this morning. police say the suspect came out unarmed and surrendered without further united states dent. -- further incident. >> a judge has agreed to relief 62-year-old christopher hubbard. he could leave a hospital in early december. palmdale has been selected as a place where he could live because he grew up in southern california. he was known as the pillow case
5:29 am
rapist because he used a pillow case to silence the screams of his victims. hubbard will be under strict supervision. they say authorities will know his every move. >> a high-tech company has come up with a unique way to reunite you with your lost property. that and all of that coming up later this morning here at the station. . .
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. we are back on this saturday morning, october 26th, 2013. a nice happy crowd out there waving away. it helps you keep warm when you wave out there on the plaza. a little bit chilly temperatures this morning. nice to have everybody out there, though. the food and drug administration announcing new measures to help protect your pet in the wake of death of hundreds of animals from tainted pet food. we will speak to an expert on advice about that and how to keep your dog's teeth clean to keep them healthy. brett favre says he can't remember certain parts of his life and thinks the head injuries he had in football may be to blame.
5:31 am
is the sport too dangerous to play? important information this morning for parents as your kids head out to the sports fields today. why you don't need to be rich to have a personal shopper is coming up. hundreds in nevada came out to honor and remember a beloved teacher who was killed when a student allegedly brought a gun to school and opened fire. one of the victims of that shooting this morning is telling his events of what happened on that terrible event. joe fryar is live in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: the young man whose mason whose family asked not to use his last name is feeling better and grateful to be alive but he is mourning the life of two friends, including, he says, the shooter. >> i know i wasn't being targeted. i never did anything to him. >> reporter: for 12-year-old mason, it has been a week of loss and also luck. >> i'm feeling great.
5:32 am
a little hurting. but it's a lot better than what happened on monday. >> reporter: like so many of his classmates, mason was standing outside the building when the gunman started shooting. first hitting another student in the shoulder before taking down math teacher mike landsberry who was trying to stop the gunfire. you heard the gunshots. you saw mr. landsberry was down, your instinct was to run to him? >> run to him and help because i'm a very helpful person. >> reporter: but in the chaos, mason came face-to-face with the gunman identified by city officials as 1-year-old jose reyes. >> i'm like please don't shoot me. you need to get in the building. please don't shoot me. then he raised the gun and shot me. >> reporter: mason considered reyes a friend. >> i don't understand why he would aim a gun at me. >> reporter: shot in the stomach mason found the strength to run and the first person to come to his aid was security guard lou
5:33 am
bergerelolo. >> i got closer and he said, i've been shot. i lifted up his shirt and got him over to the sidewalk and laid him down. and then i called for the ambulance. >> reporter: mason was so grateful, shortly after leaving the hospital, he wanted to surprise his newfound hero. >> thank you. >> reporter: now his family hopes their story can teach a lesson after learning from investigators that the shooter got the gun from his home. >> i want to make clear that i'm not saying, take our guns away." i have a gun and you're not taking it away from me, but i have it in a safe and i have a trigger lock on it. >> reporter: for mason, the grief is still heavy, especially when he thinks about mr. landsberry. >> he was really a nice guy. i really wish he could be here today. >> reporter: while he was in the hospital, mason was visited by nevada's governor and the quarterback for the local college football team. for now, he does plan to return to sparks middle school, at the
5:34 am
very least, to see if he still feels comfortable attending classes there. >> quite a young man and good to see him up and around. joe fryar, thanks very much. let's get a check with the weather with dylan. >> it's chilly out here in the northeast and most of the country is seeing temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees below average for this time of year. that cold air even extending down into the southeast. as for rain, though, we are going to see the chance of a few isolated lake effect rain and snow showers in and around the great lakes into western new york. also showers and thunderstorms down across texas. but it shouldn't amount to all of that much. most of the country is on the dry side. once again, we have that fog for the ninth straight day in seattle and then tomorrow some of those rain showers in and around texas and will spread further to the that's a look at good morning. 5:34, waking up toy of clear skies. once the sun comes up, we'll see plenty of sunshine. visibility not too bad.
5:35 am
72 in oakland, 57 in san francisco and 76 in san jose. really wherever you go today plenty of sun, very comfortable. as we head towards halloween, temperatures really start to cool off starting monday. you'll want to grab those jackets as the trick-or-treaters get ready for thursday. have a good weekend. trip to new york the past 30 years. i never got the guesses. i guessed peaches and florida oranges. where are you from? >> orange, virginia! >> the little town of orange, virginia. i missed it. i was so close! >> dylan, thanks and glad they finally made it here. ahead from anchor to actor. lester makes an appearance on "law & order." former weekend co-host jack ford is back to take about his former weekend co-host jack fothis is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card.
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♪ ♪ if i was a flower growing wild and free ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee ♪ ♪ and if was a tree growing tall and green ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves ♪ grown in america. picked & packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life™. this morning, we are thrilled to welcome back an old family friend jack ford and he is a former anchor of "weekend today." and a legal analyst and not much he has not done, including author a book or two. his second book is called "the walls of jericho." a thriller that cracks open a cold case. 1960 murder after civil rights leader in mississippi. it's great read. really nice to have you here.
5:39 am
welcome back. >> always a pleasure to comeback. i say this when anybody asks me this is one of my all-time favorite jobs in television the time we spent here on "weekend today." >> you said that to me when i started. you said you'll love it and one of the best jobs you could ever have and you were absolutely right. tell us about this book, because this is a tough topic in many ways and like most good stories it was inspired by actual events and an actual murder of the reverend george lee. >> the book takes a look at what happens when the ghosts of your past get resurrected. i was doing some research. i teach a course up at yale about famous trials and doing research and came across the story of reverend george lee in 1955 coming back from leading a voting rights rally and he was shotgunned to death on a lonely mississippi road. mississippi being back then the sheriff in an automobile accident, no investigation, nothing. i remember thinking, i spent a lot of time down in oxford, mississippi, at the university
5:40 am
of mississippi. i lectured at the law school and journalism school. a lot of people have done to combat what its past was. remember james meredith? he did wonderful on work. i thought what happened then is different from the mississippi i know now. what if the mississippi i know now, wonderful people and wonderful place, was confronted with this ghost of the past? if one of these old civil rights murders started to unravel and that was sort of the genesis for this story. >> you posed tough questions without directly but make people think in the book people who may have some interesting skeletons in their past and the way they may have evolved and brings up the issue of redemption. >> talking about redemption and confrontation of your problems. a mystery thriller. the case starts to unravel. a new york ci a law professor stumbles on
5:41 am
documents and unlikely witness. this starts to unravel and involves a major political figure and involves digging deeply where some people might not want to dig and may not be happy what they come up with. >> interesting stuff. >> they say chases and betrayals and sensational trial. it was interesting to dig into that and see how people would react to it. >> it must be interest forring too because having also worn the hat of a legal analyst a number of times you could say maybe i wouldn't have said that if i were the prosecutor or the defense attorney. you're writing this courtroom dialogue. >> the good thing when you write a book, you're making it up as you go along. having been a prosecutor and chronicles the trials the last 25 years or so, when you get to the investigation and the courtroom scenes and craft it the way you want it to be and sometimes pick some things that you might have said one time in a courtroom or heard other people said or wish you would have said. putting that together, for me
5:42 am
was a lot of fun. >> a great read. nice to have you here. >> so good to see you. >> the entire crew were so excited to hear you were coming in this morning and everybody came over to say hi. >> it was a wonderful opportunity to be here. >> the book is called "the walls of jericho." up next, the veterinarian is in the house taking on everything from back pain to dental care for your dog. that's just ahead after these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate. [ woman ] we are the united states postal service. [ man ] we are the united states postal service. [ male announcer ] and our priority is you. go to® and try it today.
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5:45 am
this morning, in today's pets, we are asking the vet how to keep your dog's teeth clean and how to recognize when they have back pain. dr. tim schwab who is a veterinarian and kim rappaport is here with a couple of great pooches. let me ask you, tim, about this question over dog food and there have been dogs that have died as a result of contaminated food and talk about federal regulations regulating dog food the way they do people food. >> it's about time. i have seen two of the cases, one in 2007 and one more recently with the jerky and the dogs died horrible deaths, they really did. it's about time there is some regulation that is stepped up to say, okay, let's make sure our pets are safe. >> anything you can do as. owners? >> you have to know your pet. that is one of the things. i always say you know your pet better. if they are doing something weird, go to your veterinarian
5:46 am
and keep the packaging of the doing and personally read the package, right? for me, i buy in the usa. right? so make sure you know where your food is coming from or buy from a manufacturer that has a good name behind it. >> i want to hurry through this segment because somebody over here is shivering. do you brush your dog's teeth? >> i would love to but i would lose a finger. two problems we are dealing with, back issues and teeth problems and if you have small dogs that can end up being huge problems, not only for you your beloved pet but for your wallet. >> the teeth issues with dogs, tim, do we brush them like we brush our teeth? >> we are supposed to, really are. the thing it's not just losing friends because your dogs have bad breath and lick their faces. it's more of an issue of dental health but it can affect liver, lungs, heart. so it's a really important thing to have a good dental care program. we recommend dogs have annual
5:47 am
clengs at your veterinarian but at home you should be doing daily brushing if they will let you but not all will. >> a lot of people are nervous about that because they have to go under anesthesia for a teeth cleaning. >> the deal with human toothpaste it foams and has fluoride in it so two things we don't want for our pets. dogs don't like foamy mouths. one of the things you want to start with, if you have a dog never had her teeth brushed you don't want to shove the toothbrush in their mouth. >> like with ruby. >> make it into a positive experience. miss madison here is an expert and gets her teeth cleaned very commonly at home but they have different flavored tooth pastes. so it's just like if you or i were to brush a kid's teeth, at least mine, you lift up their lip, right? and what you're doing is 45 degrees. you're actually going to start bringing it down and the goal here is to try to get some of that debris off. some dogs won't let you brush
5:48 am
their teeth. they can have dental diets where break off tarter and special tools too. >> we talked about back pain. you have a simple way we can tell if a dog -- >> this is a classic dog that has so many problems and her back went on her. once, she had to have six weeks recovery. >> that is one of the things with it. it's something i carry a lot about is the surgery i have to do a lot. any dog can do it but dogs that are long with these turned out legs, their disks are the shock absorbers of the spinal cord and if you generate early and can actually go up and press on the spinal cord. at home the signs that you'll see, you know, that is why you need a vet to interpret it, but some dogs it just makes them really uncomfortable and painful. they won't jump up on the couch. >> what do we do to find out? >> the things we do is we feel their lower back to see if there is any pain. one clear indication of a neurologic issue is if your dog,
5:49 am
you turn their foot over and they don't turn it right back it means the signal is not getting there. >> thank goodness it turned back. i keep her very thin. they tell you to keep them under weight and i did swimming with her to keep her strong. >> if you have a dog at risk for this problem, watch big jumps. off the couch and bed you'll see it because that is the only time these disks are in compression. >> very good information. nice to have you both here and thanks for bringing our little friends here as well. back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. you're cold!
5:50 am
5:51 am
we are back this morning with more star power. perhaps you thought it couldn't happen and perhaps you thought lester holt's star could not shine brighter than it will does with three shows and now add a little "law & order spu."
5:52 am
to his res michume. >> wow. >> that was kind of like a newscast, wasn't it? it was a bit --, you know, that is the first time i've seen that? i'm busy. i never had a chance to watch it but it was a lot of fun doing that show. it aired this past wednesday. obviously, you didn't see it. what a great cast and crew. they have been doing that for so many years and so welcoming. it was fun for me as a fan. >> you've done this before with other movies, right? >> other shows, movies and things like that. usually when they do a newscast they tape it here and insert it but i got to go to their studios and have fun. >> wait. there is more. prime time wasn't enough. we have to throw day time in there too. you made another stop at the
5:53 am
"steve harvey" show. >> you've inspired a generation of anchors and we have a little surprise for you. there is one of these people back stage who wants to thank you in a special way. >> okay. >> so please welcome lester's oldest son, stephan. >> stephan, how are you doing, man? welcome to the show. >> hey, dad! >> do this. i have to get on my tip toes. >> he is getting as much air time as you are getting. >> he surprised me here a few weeks ago and there. i didn't see that coming. steve, we were talking about -- they were talking about the tenth anniversary thing and about music. when he said we have got something coming out, i'm like, some intern i knew and inspired or something? >> you can watch lester's full interview on
5:54 am
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5:56 am
good morning, san jose. looking live at clear skies this morning and temperatures that are feeling a little cool. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with anthony slaughter. >> it's looking good, dry. we really need some reain. not going to get any this weekend. none in the forecast. no airport delays, that's good news. we have patchy fog but it's not thick like it has been all week long. we are talking about plenty of clear skies, sunshine later on
5:57 am
this afternoon, 67 san francisco, 76 in san jose. temperatures will go down a little bit for tomorrow and some major cooling for monday and tuesday. that's when we'll see our inland highs go back into the 60s. so get the jackets ready and maybe heavier coats in the morning time. >> mittens and all. thank you, anthony. >> a newly at-large parolee is in police custody now. the first round of gunshot went off around 3:00 yesterday in roseville about 20 miles northeast of sacramento. an ice officer was shot in the leg. dozens of other officers were called in late in the afternoon. three local police officers were wounded in that gun fight. one was shot in the jaw, one in the shoulder and a third was hit by shrapnel. one officer is in serious
5:58 am
condition and the others are now stable. police say the suspect entered a home which led to standoff that lasted nearly nine hours. a swat team sent in a robot to give the suspect orders to leave the home at 12:30 this morning. police say the suspect finally came out of the house unarmed and vndsurrendered without furt incident. >> after being convicted of raping 38 women and spending year in a hospital, authorities have agreed to release christopher hubbard. palmdale has been selected as a place where lee could live because he grew up in southern california. he was known as the pillow case rapist because he used a pillow to silence his victims' screams. now a santa clara county ju y j has determined that he is safe to be released from the
5:59 am
hospital. he will be under strekt supervision and wear a gps monitor. authorities will know his every move. >> a high-tech company has come up with a unique way to reunite you with your lost pet or your lost property. we'll see if your city is using this tool. right now, more "today." [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex.
6:00 am
♪ good morning. it's saturday, october 26th, 2013. here's a look at today's top stories. a cold blast keeping people in the southeast in bed a bit longer this morning. many are seeing the first frost of the season. dylan will have the forecast. web of troubles. damage control from the white house. the national security agency, the nsa says it wasn't attacked after its website went down for hours on friday citnight. ramsey revelation. newly relieved documents of the 1999 grand jury investigation into the jonbenet ramsey murder showing the grand jury wanted to indict her parents in connection with her death but they were never charged and we will take a look at innocent.
6:01 am
good morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill. alongside tom lammasa dylan dreyer. dylan is a here with a look at the chilly october forecast. >> in places it shouldn't be this chilly this early in the season. two weeks before the end of the growing system and about the jet stream. this is what is dragging in some of this really cold air and it stretches all the way down into northern florida so because of that cold air, we naturally have your freeze advisories and even your freeze warnings. the lighter shade of blue here, that is where we have all of our freeze warnings and you can see they go from kentucky right down into tennessee and extend all the way down into the southeast states. so that means an end to the growing season. you saw some of those pictures of the poor little strawberries, they are not going anywhere any time soon. 29 in roanoke and chart 28 degrees so it's officially freezing outside in those areas and it is going to stay chilly
6:02 am
all weekend long. >> dylan, thanks very much. more fallout over the nsa spying program and news overnight that its website was shut down for hours. kristen welker is live at the white house with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, lester. thousands of people are expected to mash on the national mall later on today to protest the government's surveillance program and come as there have been new rel lags aborevelation that program. that has infuriated some of the united states closest allies including france and germany. they are asking for answers. we know that german officials are going to travel to the united states in the coming weeks to speak to u.s. officials about all of this. separately the nsa's website went down for a couple of hours last night. some people thought it may have been hacked, but an nsa
6:03 am
spokesperson told me late last night that that wasn't the case, that it was due to a technical glitch. now, this could undermine the united states's foreign policy and efforts to deal with issues like iran and syria with its closest allies. time for a look at the rest of the news stories for this morning. >> tom has another look at another website. good morning. one more month of fixes is in store for the federal governm t government's health care website. the obama administration acknowledged that health care website has dozens of problems. jeffrey zients says the vast mantle of the issues will be resolved by the end of november. funeral services held this weekend for the massachusetts high school math teacher killed earlier this week. classes resume friday at danvers high school two days after 14-year-old student philip chism was charged with murdering
6:04 am
colleen ritzer. school has been canceled the previous two days. on friday the u.s. flag outside the school flew at half-staff and pink ribbons hung from the trees in front of the building. the trial of a utah doctor accused of killing his wife is in recess today. his mistress took the witness stand in his trial on friday. gypsy willis testified she and martin macneill started a sexual relationship before his wife's death. investigators are trying to figure out this morning what sparked a fire at macy's flagship store here in new york city. fire officials say the flames broke out in the department store's subbasement friday night and forcing people to evacuate. it took about an hour and a half to get under control. the extent of the damage still remains unclear. all right. now a great story. a dream come true for and this eighth grader in texas who always wanted to play buffalo.
6:05 am
aisler buf wbuff. got into a real play and made it to the end zone and actually scored a touchdown. he was too busy celebrating with his team so he didn't get to do his happy dance on the field but he did give us a little show of his own afterwards. there you saw a little bit of it. off the shoulder. this is an important lesson. can you try and try and try but always make sure you have that touchdown dance ready to go. >> you never know when you'll need it. >> that's on my to do list today, tom. thank you. >> he was a brave guy. he had a problem with his legs and took him about a month it practice that and he got in the game. it was great. >> thank you. ddomenica davis is heylan d check of the forecast. >> lake-effect snow for the first time this season. seeing colder temperatures and climb down from the chair here. there is no easy way to do that get off the chair and walk
6:06 am
backwards. glad i could pull that off. we have this area of low pressure here just to the north of michigan. that has been sitting there for quite some time. and around this low pressure, we have this colder air that crosses over the great lakes where the water in the great lakes is still relatively warm. so for most of michigan, that has meant some scattered snow showers but now in the form of rain showers. upstate new york is seeing a little bit of light snow right now. temperatures are on the cold side. again, all the way down into the southeast. in the western half of the country tens 15 to 15 degrees above average. in the eastern half it's about 5 to 15 degrees below average. 44 degrees for a high temperature in minneapolis and pittsburgh today only topping at 50. 11 degrees below normal. this cold front will continue to drag in the colder air but besides a couple of showers in texas not too much going on today. we are starting off with the
6:07 am
in the bay area, 6:06, looking at clear skies. you can see the bridge across to san francisco, very nice. no fog to report this morning, no delays at sfo. 67 in san francisco, 72 in oakland, half moon bay at 70 later this afternoon. plenty of sunshine all day long. temperatures fall off as we head towards monday. get those heavier coats ready. that is your latest forecast. erica? >> dylan, thanks. 14 years after the jonbenet ramsey grand jury returned an indictment the once sealed documents are now public record. they wanted to indict the parents of jonbenet but charges were never filed. mike taibbi has more. >> reporter: a crime that scraped a national nerve. a 6-year-old beauty queen jon pa benoit ramsey found murdered in
6:08 am
her own home in christmas 1996. now revealed a grand jury investigating the case indicted her parents saying each did knowingly permit a child to be unreasonably placed in a situation that posed an injury which resulted in the death of jonbenet and each rendered suspected of a murder of a crime. the d.a. declined to prosecute the ramsey's or anybody else. >> if we do not have the sufficient of evidence to warrant the filing of charges against anyone who has been investigated at this time. >> reporter: later, the d.a.'s office exonerated the ramsey's completely citing new dna evidence pointing to an unknown male suspect, a suspect never identified. legal experts say that often an indictment does not equate to a prosecutable case. >> it's really not that hard for prosecutors to get an indictment, but just because they get an indictment doesn't mean that they really have the evidence to win at trial.
6:09 am
>> we still don't know who killed jonbenet ramsey. these documents don't answer that question and we may never know the answer to that question. >> reporter: all of the judge relieved with the indictments themselves. none of the evidence and none of the thousands of pages of documents considered by the grand jury. one of jonbenet ramsey's attorneys says -- >> in the minds of many, i'm sure that they will seize this as some evidence that john and patsy ramsey were somehow involved but it's not evidence. >> reporter: news of that long ago indictment has no intact on the jonbenet murder investigation which remains open, basically inactive, and still unsolved. for "today," mike taibbi, boulder, colorado. >> nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> as i might point out this doesn't change things at this point. we have learned there wasn't enough evidence in those documents. >> right. >> why were the records sealed? >> because it's an ongoing investigation and one of the
6:10 am
arguments that john ramsey's attorney made why release this now? obviously, if there is an ongoing investigation, why are you distributing these little tidbits because now this only serves to paint him in a negative light. is there no new information. the only new information we know now is that there was an indictment and the prosecutor didn't go forward. >> are you surprised the judge did decide to release them? >> i do because there was such controversy over this case because, obviously, john ramsey was under a cloud of suspicion. she was strangled and bludgeoned and sexual abuse. >> we saw the charges that the grand jury wanted, one count of child abuse, one accessory to a crime. as we mentioned the evidence was not relieved but what kind of evidence would there have to have been to go along with that kind of charge? >> well, any criminal defense attorney will tell you that you can indict a ham sandwich. so we don't know what kind of evidence that they had and, obviously, they didn't because
6:11 am
the prosecutor reneged and said i'm not going forward with a formal indictment, therefore, i don't know why they went to grand jury in the first place if the prosecutor reviewed it and said there's not enough evidence. >> is there a chance do you think in the future we will see some of that evidence was and will it be released? >> people get hit by lightning and win the lottery and it is a rare thing. it happened in new york we saw 20 years, baby hope that murder was solved but it's very rare. >> sadly, you're not holding out hope we are going to have a resolution in this case? >> miracles do happen. >> we will watch it with you. thanks for joining us today. brett favre recently revealed he has memory loss and the former nfler thinks it may be linked to brain injuries he suffered during his time playing football. now his revelation has many parents re-evaluating their kids' involvement in the sport.
6:12 am
kristen dahlgren takes a look at that. >> reporter: brett favre played 20 years and took a lot of hits to the head in that time. doctors say the type of injury they are concerned about, not just in the nfl but also on our neighborhood fields. >> reporter: under the friday night lights in worcester, massachusetts, the south high colonels take on the oakmont spartans but the chart is about another opponent. brain injuries. and not just because nfl great brett favre said this week he suffers from memory loss. >> this was a little shocking to me that i couldn't remember my daughter playing youth soccer. >> reporter: the young players are learning firsthand. their own teammate vince is out for the rest of the season following his concussion last week. >> he went head-to-head with me, head contact, and all i know was i went ten yards back and i hit somebody and i lost my conscientio conscience. >> the brain can only stand so
6:13 am
much of these injuries before it starts to show some of those problems that are memory difficulties, focus, concentration. >> reporter: steve shaner is co-author of "league of denial," a book that examines head injuries in the nfl and calls there a turning point for the game. >> we are seeing now the beginnings of a real sea change in how the game is played. you now have very prominent neuroscientists calling for the end of tackle football under the age of 14. >> reporter: a third of americans say the link between head injuries in football and long-term brain trauma would make them less likely to allow their child to play. >> i'm thinking about just switching him to basketball. >> reporter: and while research is being done on how to make protective gear like helmets safer, doctors, like our own dr. nancy snide snyderman say diagnostic tests would be bets too. >> we need a standardization of
6:14 am
tests at the sideline so it's not different in wisconsin than it is in florida, and we haven't had that. >> reporter: now the nfl says it remains committed to making the sport safer at all levels and not just football. we have talked about this with soccer well. dr. nancy wouldn't be surprised if we saw helmets in all contact sports or at least a call for that. so a lot of parents concerned and we are just learning about this. there haven't been these long-term studies yet. the hope is players like brett favre and what they are going through translates into what kids today know. >> it's a shift in the expectation of we, the fans, as well, because especially in the nfl, we like hard hitting. >> exactly. >> but that is what is, obviously, causing these injuries. >> still buying tickets. >> thanks very much, kristen. still to come, he wanted to know who the people in this car were. now ringo starr has his answer. we will tell you more abo
6:15 am
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6:17 am
would ringo starr ask for help? he gets it. he wanted to know who the people were in this photo that was back in the '60s.
6:18 am
>> now we know who they are. here is anne thompson. >> reporter: 49 years later, this snapshot is a proof in the day of the life of gary van dorsen. >> we cut school and went out there and saw the beatles and talked to ringo. >> and nobody believes you you when you came back and told them the story? >> no. it was too ridiculously uver belie unbelievable. >> how great is this? how great that i saw i'm going to shoot that. >> reporter: it was taken after the beatles sped away from new york's kennedy airport on february 7th, in the 64 after a frenzied arrival. marking the beginning of music's british invasion. >> what do you think your music does for these people? >> well, pleases them.
6:19 am
>> reporter: not much older than their fans, beatles at times acted like tourists on their first trip to the u.s. ringo was the unofficial photographer capturing the memory for van dorsen and his five friends. >> that is sue, arlene. >> reporter: you all kind of look like you can't believe what you're seeing. >> i think even more, we couldn't believe they were actually talking to them. >> reporter: some memories of the day are hazy. van dorsen just recalls ringo in the limo and arlene says all four beatles were in the car. >> i know one of them said, hello, love, where are you from? and we said, you know, we are from new jersey. i had no idea that ringo had taken a picture. >> reporter: neither did van dorsen. "life" magazine reported on the moment saying van dorsen almost lost control of the car. >> i never lost control of the car! >> reporter: now retired in connecticut, he says he would love to meet ringo for coffee and talk. >> i thought it was funny that i remember that but to find out ring iso remembers that is even more amazing! >> reporter: suddenly,
6:20 am
yesterday, doesn't seem so far away. for "today," anne thompson, nbc news, essex, connecticut. >> we will be singing "yesterday" for the rest of the day. >> what a fun story and fun resolution for all of them to have. >> i feel like one direction might post their picture on the facebook and say who is the kid in this picture and a lot easier to find. >> but seeing that black and white photo. >> it captures what it's like to be a teen and crowd in the car. it's a wonderful photo. >> we have a lot more ahead as we continue on a saturday. a north carolina gop official resigns after making controversial comments on "the daily show." first, this is "today" on nbc.
6:21 am
6:22 am
still to come on "today" where rapper jay-z is coming under with barney's. >> how would you like somebody
6:23 am
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6:26 am
good morning to you. looking live at a beautiful picture of the bay bridge there from our camera in emeryville. lovely way to start the day, although a bit chilly. i'm kris sanchez, along with meteorologist anthony slaughter who has some cold. i think it's creeping in from the outside in. >> yeah, it's chilly this morning. temperatures in the north bay in the 30s this morning. by this afternoon, we're talking about delightful sunshine, 60s and 70s for most of the bay area. there will be a few places that get into the low 80s, the cool spot up against the coast, 67 in san francisco and 70 at half moon bay. temperatures really start to cool off by monday.
6:27 am
kris, we're talking about those 80s going down to the 60 as and even at the coast, san francisco could be stuck in the 50s till monday and tuesday. definitely jacket weather as we head into trick-or-treat season by wednesday. >> thank you, ant nt any. new this morning, the standoff that started yesterday with a wanted parolee who is suspected of shooting an immigration agent and three police officers is over this morning. authorities say the suspect is 32-year-old sammy duran. the first round of gunshot went off around 3:00 yesterday in roseville, 20 miles northeast of sacramento, where an ice officer was shot in the leg. then dozens of other officers were called in late in the afternoon. you could hear what was happening. officers say they exchanged gunfire with that suspect and three local police officers were wounded. one was shot in the jaw, another in the shoulder and a third was hit by shrapnel. officials say one officer is in
6:28 am
serious condition this morning. the other are now stable. a standoff lasted nearly nine hours. it only ended when a swat team sent in a robot to give the suspect orders to come out at 12:30 this morning. police say finally the suspect came out unarmed and surrendered without furr incident. >> after admitting to raping 38 women and spending most of his adult life in state prison andmental hospitals, a judge has agreed to release 68-year-old christopher hubbard. he could leave the hospital in early december. palmdale has been selected as a place where hubbard could live because he grew up in california. he was known as the pillow case rapist bus he used a pillow to silence his victim's screams. a judge has determined he is fit to be released from the state hospital. the district attorney's office in santa clara says hubbard will be under strict supervision,
6:29 am
including wearing an ankle gps monitor. they say authorities will know exactly where he is at all times. >> coming up this morning on "today in the bay," a high tech company has come up with a unique way to reunite you with lost things, perhaps most importantly your last pet. which cities are now using this new tool. >> and we have a longer look at that forecast coming up at 7:00. female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents into an easy dinner with crescent dogs. just separate, add hot dogs, cheese, roll 'em up, and bake. lookin' hot, c-dog. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. [ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ] don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey.
6:30 am
toaster strudel! ♪ hi, i'm bruce and i'm celebrating my birthday with the "today" show! >> happy birthday! >> hi to my brother who is sitting at home. >> hi. i'm teresa. >> i'm hill take. >> dallas, st. louis. >> california. >> denver. >> i traveled from chicago to say hello toe lester. hi, lester! >> hi, erica! >> thank you for producing that for us, joel. we are back on this saturday, october 26th, 2013. you saw a very nice crowd with
6:31 am
us here on the plaza this morning. a big thanks to everybody waking up and spending part of their day with us. still to come, we caught up a north carolina gop official who recently resigned after some controversial comments he made on "the daily show." sdf any regrets as to what he said and how it all went down? we will fill you in and let him tell you. jay-z some of his fans want him to end his partnership with barney's because of accusations the store is engaged in some cases of racial profiling. we will get into that in our hollywood headlines. >> shopping for clothes may be frustrating. you never mow what to pick out but what you walked into a dressing room and selection of clothing is picked out just for you? tell pell you about thyou about >> we have a bunch of zombies getting into the spirit a little early. they are dancing to michael
6:32 am
jackson's "thriller," with people at the same time around the world. we will fill you in on that coming up. >> have you ever done that dance before? is that how it goes? >> that is so cool. >> i understand you're going to get dressed up and dance with them later? >> no. before we get to that, dylan has a final check of the weather for us. >> you're bringing out the gloves tomorrow? >> absolutely. >> it's getting a little bit chilly out here right now. it is cold across the entire eastern half of the country where temperatures will be about 15 degrees below normal. as for rain, we do have a couple of lake effect rain showers in and around the great lakes and snow showers in up state new york and showers and thunderstorms possible today in texas. that will start to spread eastward. tomorrow, just a few scattered showers and thunderstorms down through the gulf coast states. elsewhere about the cold in the eastern half of country. moderate a little bit down in the southeast and it is still
6:33 am
going to be in the 60s for highs and mild air works back into the western half of the country, but once again, in the pacific northwest for the tenth straight day, we should start off with a very foggy morning in the seattle area. that even stretches down into northwestern california and right down through oregon as well. another foggy start but we should see some improvements as we head into that's a l good morning, at 6:33, waking up to clear skies for the most part. across san jose, little to no fog this morning. that's going to be the case as we wake up across most of the bay area today. temperatures very fall-like, 57 san francisco. if you're making plans to head to the city today, 76 in livermore, very comfortable there as well. temperatures really tumble as we head towards monday and tuesday. keep those jackets handy for halloween. we are not going too far for today's top spot.
6:34 am
it is from here in new york city. our affiliate wnbc, the men's health urbanathlon. this competition is not just a race but it is full of urban city obstacles. racers face obstacles and the biggest challenge of all is scaling a bus before heading to the finish line. basically, just a day trying to get around in new york city. s so if you're in the area and brave enough, you can always give it a try. >> maybe next year. but looks like loot a lot of fun. no jeez today from a republican activist who resigned after an appearance on "the daily show." where he made racial remarks. instead he says stands by everything he said. >> reporter: don yelton is out of a job after discussing north carolina's voter i.d. law on the show this week. his candid remarks sparking a
6:35 am
firestorm of criticism. >> when i was a young man, you didn't call a black a black. you called them a negro. i had a picture win time of obama sitting on a stump as a witch doctor and i posted that on facebook and i was making fun of the white half of obama and not the black half and now you have a black person using the term [ bleep ] [ bleep ] you're this and that and it's okay for them to do it. >> you know we can hear you, right? >> yes. >> reporter: proponents of the voter i.d. law say it's nonpartisan a nonpartisan. they point to yelton's interview. >> i always kick the democrats in the butt. >> it just gives you a window of what some of these very conservative lawmakers are thinking. >> reporter: after the interview aired, gop leaders called on yelton to resign his position as the chair of the republican party which he did on thursday. but given the chance to go back and do things differently, he wouldn't. >> i'm not taking back anything
6:36 am
that i said. >> reporter: some on talk radio in his home state are standing by him. >> i would not have said the things but to see someone who will just speak their mind and how refreshing and put it through some stupid filter because of pc correctness. >> reporter: but others disagree. >> on behalf of all republicans i'd like to apologize for his comments. >> it doesn't surprise me because you realize still people fighting the civil war. >> reporter: yelton's thoughts on the segment itself? he calls it masterpiece of parody and comedy and his party's response he didn't anticipate. >> my party gave the power to "the daily show." they hand the defendant over to them! >> reporter: a leader unapologetic amid outrage and criticism. >> tom is over in the orange room with a look at the results of our online survey about don
6:37 am
yelton's resignation. >> do you think he should have resigned after his comments on "the daily show"? >> here is what you said. 72% said yes and 28% said no. this has a huge buzz all over the web. we got about 700 tweets and comments. if you'd want to fire off about this story tweet us on@"today" or to me. >> tom, thanks. ahead here, a couple of celebrities split, including one that not many saw coming. we will get [ male announcer ] when hair is this hydrated, it flooows...
6:38 am
discover nexxus hydra-light. hydra-light's formulas with light, deep-sea minerals give up to 80% more moisturization that won't weigh hair down.
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nexxus hydra-light. raise your standard. and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. this morning in today's hollywood headlines there is a new controversy brewing for rapper jay-z and a high profile hollywood breakup. >> a couple of of high profile ones. nice to see you. >> good to see you all. >> this is getting leave attention in new york city. >> yes. >> allegations that at barney's,
6:40 am
a store here that jay-z has done a deal with for merchandise, some people accusing the store of discrimination. what is going on here? >> a couple of people saying the store is racially profiling. the problem is jay-z has done a collection with them. people are calling for jay-z to boycott it and end the collaboration but everything is under investigation right now but the internal services of the nypd so we will see what happens. >> we should powwe reached out him for comment but he is not talking to anyone right now. >> he not talking to anyone right now. if the allegations prove to be true i guarantee you he addresses it. attorney to know 25% of the sales for his collaboration is benefiting his charities and may be a reason he is not pulling
6:41 am
out yet or saying neglect yet. >> a photograph here she is kissing the director of her show and both are married separately and their spouses are not happy. >> this photo was relieved a couple of days ago. obviously, it's a paparazzi shot. their spouses are not happy and both been married a long time. he for ten years and her for a lot of years. she has been separated it just came out. he has three small children and reportedly his wife has kicked him out and is very upset and we hear that katherine mcphee is very embarrassed and neither are making a statement. >> another cup we hear is calling it quits. not a lot of people saw this one coming. >> he is performing on broadway in "romeo and juliet" which i went to see it. miranda went to see it recently. a joint statement they have been separated some time and when she went to see him in the performance they were separated. they have a young son. i think this is amicable. >> as long as they are sleeping better now a new christian grey.
6:42 am
>> i know you are. >> this is a rough one. i don't know. christian grey person, a big deal. >> jamie dornan, got him cast. charlie dropped out. jamie is in and he is hot. he is an actor, obviously, but also a calvin klein model. >> there we go! look at that! >> he played rugby and he has got some personal losses. his mother died when he was 16. if you know the book, christian grey has a very dark past so people are excited. erica, are you happy? >> i haven't read the books. i'm happy if the people are happy with the choice. i read the books for research. >> there we go. >> research! >> we know all about that kind of research here! >> research, people. >> now you can read it on your kindle privately watch e news week nights at 7:00 central.
6:43 am
shopping with your own personal stylist for free is up next. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor: beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast.
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♪ this morning in "today's" style, making the most of your shopping trip. ever wondered what it would be like to shop with a personal stylist, someone who could find you what looks best on you? some department and charns are offering that service for free and other mid level retailers. it may sound too good to be true so to be sure we went style editor bobby thomas to check it out. >> may pat, mary kate, mary francis, lae laets see it. come on. >> reporter: if you think you can only get this kind of personal service by spend ago fortune on rodeo drive, think again. carly is a personal stylist at
6:46 am
loeh marx ann aerks. i crashed one of her sessions with a long time customer fran. fran, what are you looking for? and why are you here? >> i'm looking for a couple of outfits. >> let's get to work. before fran arrives, carly picked out several outfits for her to try on. all right, fran, let's see. >> exactly what i did not want to wear honestly. but i absolutely love it. >> reporter: anyone can drop in. no appointment needed. >> i work with the moms, professionals, athletes. >> more shoppers are taking advantage of the service and more mainstream stores now offer it including banana republic, j. crew and even target. >> the way the consumer is shopping is changing. stores are recognizing that and
6:47 am
doing whatever it takes to get those people into those stores to shop. >> reporter: it's a big draw for customers looking for a more personal experience. >> the personal shopping is that one extra cherry on the cake just to make sure that that person feels like they are being taken care of a little bit more. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i love it. >> reporter: with all of that personal attention, how did fran do? >> i see a pile. >> i got an outfit for my friday night, my saturday morning, i now have a shower outfit. >> reporter: one more happy customer benefiting from a little personal touch. >> bobby thomas and fran solomon are with us this morning. nice to have you both here. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> who helped you find the outfit? >> carly, my personal shopper, put it altogether for me. >> what do you like about this? >> what i like about it the stores are big and overwhelming and a personal shopper comes in and she kind of consolidates the store for you and shows you what
6:48 am
looks good on you and knows her inventor. >> you said i never would put this on. >> i would never wear a black dress but it was a black dress that is so stunning. >> this can be intimidating for people. >> fran hits on a key point. salespeople in general and personal stylists and shoppers know when restock days are. they can lead you to discounts and special sales so they do have insider knowledge you can take advantage of. but just be aware. if they are working on commission, just know. i think my big point is the segment with fran is make sure people aren't intimidated. just ask. i think you see the sign on the door personal stylist or shopper, it's absolutely for you. there is over 16 stores i found that offer this all in the mid price range and you don't have to buy at most of them. there isn't the pressure. >> there is not a minimum. when you go in, you need to be armed with some information because they are going to ask you question as they get to know
6:49 am
you. what are some of the things you need to bring to the table, bobby. >> maybe put a cheat sheet in your waltlet of your sizes and colors and anything you can help share with that person will help make the relationship work. it's all about finding the right fit and making sure you're comfortable so you can say to somebody, i don't like it, or i only have 50 dollars to spend. so that you have the confidence to really make sure that you're not being pressured in any way. >> fran, what advice would you have for somebody who is thinking about this and maybe still a little bit leery even with all of these tips? >> i think you should go out and try. it's a free service at most of these stores and it just takes the store and consolidates it and makes your shopping experience a lot more efficient. >> do you call ahead? >> sometimes i call ahead. if i have an occasion coming up, i'll call and ask her to put things aside and i run in and try things on and run out:especially for busy moms. time is money so if you're able
6:50 am
to have something pull everything in your size and color and cuts that work for your body, take advantage of that because they want to make a sale but you need the outfit and you don't want to spend hours on end. it's a win/win for the retailer. >> a lot of women can relate to that. there isn't time to do it so nice to have someone pull it together for you. you look great. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. we got some great tips. still to come, zombies are taking over the plaza and it should be a real "thriller." [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle.
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♪ because this is thriller thriller night ♪ ♪ and no one is going to save you ♪ >> did you know that 2013 is the 30th anniversary of michael jackson's "thriller"? if you didn't, you do now. it's performed thousands of times across the world since its debut. >> for the past seven years, members of the group thrill the world have put on a simultaneous performance of "thriller" across the globe. anna is the co-chair. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> why do this all across the world? >> in an effort to continue mike jackson charitable actions to celebrate dance and each other. we get together every year and do this together. we are thrill the world nyc at the east river park band shell
6:54 am
from 2:00 to 6:00 today and continuing to collect pajamas for our charity the pajama program. >> there is a charity component. how do people get involved? >> all they have to do is go for thrill the and look for an event near them. >> you can join it? >> yes. >> we are going to be thrilled now. we will step aside and let you guys do your thing. ♪ ♪ it's close to midnight people lurking from the dark ♪ ♪ i got the moonlight and almost got you hard ♪
6:55 am
♪ you try to dream but things before you before you make it ♪ ♪ you start to freeze and some is before your eyes ♪ ♪ because this is thriller thriller night and no one is going to take that away from you ♪ >> we were talking about you having some of these moves earlier, lester. >> i don't know about that. >> look who has got the jacket! this looks like so much fun. >> it is so cool. >> erica, come on! ♪ >> our thanks to our friends thrill the world. >> that's going to do it for us on this saturday. thanks for being here. i'll see you tonight on nbc
6:56 am
"nightly news." we hope you have a thrilling show. >> see you tomorrow. ♪ good morning. i'm kris sanchez. a parolee suspected of killing a federal agent and injuring three other police officers is finally over this morning. we'll tell you how police were able to arrest the 32-year-old suspect. plus, the man known as the pillowcase rapist could soon be released from custody. why there is fear he'll make his way to the bay area. >> and a bouncer is shot outside a night club in south bay. who campbell police are looking for this morning. "today in i bay" starts in two minutes. ♪
6:57 am
♪ ♪
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6:59 am
good morning to you, a look at the south bay. a beautiful day. good morning, kris sanchez along with anthony slaughter.
7:00 am
>> you may need to grab a jacket. it's 37, that's just five degrees from freezing. about a 15-degree spread across the board this morning but lots of blue on the map that does indicate it is chimy this morning. kris mentioned we have a few clouds here the airport. but no delays to report this morning. we've been dealing with airport delays all week long because of the patchy fog. not so much today. we have an area of low pressure off the coast. 67 in san francisco, 71 in santa cruz. if you're making plans for halloween, i've got your all important speooky forecast for thursday. >> thank you very much. >> new this morning, the standoff between a wanted parolee suspected of shooting a federal agent and three police officers finally over this morning. authorities say the susp


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