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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 28, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up early today, four convicts escape from prison. the obama website goes down adding insult to the plagued program. lou reed who took us all on a walk on the wild side has died. that and much more starting today. this is "early today" for monday, october 28. good monday morning to you. a massive inmate escape through a jail shower sunday morning. the men carried out their daring escape. they were housed together in a
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pod. they climbed through a trap door above one of the two showers, then crawled out 30 feet through a small plumbing area. they wound up in the room housing the jail plumbing. there they escaped through a door. >> anybody that's in prison i would say they would have to be considered armed and dangerous. they didn't have anything when they got out as far as arms. we don't know what they've got after they got out. >> the inmates were held on burglary, drugs and escaping police. the sheriff saying they have stripped their orange prison uniforms shortly after breaking out. a data center glitch is the latest woe in the obama roll out. the outage tainted enrollment for 50 states. the verizon company terremark experienced a net work failure during planned maintenance. the company is working to resolve the issue as quick as
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possible. president barack obama faces tough questions on the roll out even on his way to church. >> come on guys. i'm going to church. >> there was no shortage of debate on the sunday shows too. >> everybody needs to chill out. it is going to work. >> the problem is obama care doesn't control costs. >> the roll out has been a disaster. >> congress is gearing up to hear testimony from kathleen sebelius on wednesday. now to the fallout from newly revealed spy programs. new reports suggest president barack obama knew of eves dropping on world leaders including merkel. the president said he was unaware of nsa actions but the wall street journal says those have stopped. >> the capability of the united
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states government on a broad basis to collect intelligence is important to the united states, saving lives et cetera is nothing new. >> i think the president should stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality is ns oorks has saved thousands of lives in the united states, france, germany and throughout europe. >> we're not doing this for the fun of it. this is to gather valuable intelligence to help us and europeans. >> mourners still moorn the death of the teacher. teachers and friends made the truck to pay respects. the 24-year-old left an impression on everyone she met. one friend said every opportunity she had to make the world better she embraced it. she was slashed to death by a box cutter by a 14-year-old student. the teen is charged as an adult.
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tributes were lou reed the legendary rocker pour in. >> i really care a lot although i look like i do not. >> reed died sunday after come wi complications following a liver transplant. steve tyler said relationship to a great friend a fellow musician. i love you lou. reed leader of velvet underground and driving force behind hit song "walk on the wild side" was 71 years old. exciting game four of the world series to tell you about. cardinals get on first. beltran driving in a run. bases loaded. stephen drew, sacrifice fly.
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ortiz in for the schoore. boston up 4-1. celebrating beard tug in order after that. there you go. shane robinson scores. boston 4-2. boston seals the deal in the ninth. colton gets picked off. he's out. game five tonight. more sports for you little bit later. expected to be dry in st. louis. the opposite half a world away. massive storm barrelling across southern britain with 75-80 miles per hour wind. is 130 flights have been cancelled. one teenage girl was reportedly killed when a tree fell on her home. a teenage boy is feared dead after being swept in the see.
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it's one of the worst storm to hit the country in years. video coming out of the uk is really amazing. >> 90 miles per hour on the island off the coast. in london, wind gusts of 66 miles per hour. very impressive. a lot of damage was you done. they actually thought it was going to be a little worse. we have our own big storm in the west. we were going to have gusts up to 90 miles per hour. south lake tahoe, heavy snow at this hour. one of the first significant bands of snow of the winter season. it's getting here folks. we are watching winter weather advisories for many of the mountain areas here in california. 48 inches at higher elevation, mostly 5,000 feet in central sierras, also northern nevada and the terrain could get snow across utah. this is a good size storm spinning now.
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northern portions of nevada, california border. windy conditions ahead of it. high wind warnings cover arizona and california. in big cities, not horrible. even in la will on and off tod. san diego first chance of rain today for the first time in a long time. this is the first significant storm we've seen in the west in weeks, months. >> yeah. i was reading reports out of the bay area. wind gusts 45-50 miles per hour. chris brown busted:it's illegal to touch a pregnant mom's tummy. we'll tell you where. plus the climax of fantasy
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in key west florida. we're back in two.
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welcome back. grammy winning chris brown behind bars arrested on felony assault charges sunday after a fight near a hotel. he's still on probation of assault on his then girlfriend. four children's mother murdered. a cousin stay aing with the family is charged in this horrific murder. in california, 14 sick and elderly patients left behind at a nursing home closed by the state with an unpaid skeleton staff to care for them. patients were transported to other nursing homes. it is warned that is it el legal to touch a pregnant woman's belly. charges can be filed under the state harassment law. 60,000 people turned out to reach the ten day parade at ten
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day fant say fest. this was led by diana nyad. for the third straight year, spoop ki decorations, characters are part of your wash. good morning to you. richard apple slated to report earnings after today's losing bell. analysts expecting the company to beat estimates. michigan governor rick schneider expected to testify in the bankruptcy eligibility trial today. keep in mind schneider orchestrated the state take over of the city and bankruptcy filing. the twitter road show hits atlantic today in baltimore as executives do their best to woo investors around the country before the stock goes public. back to you. thank you. a potentially devastating deadline for 47 million
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americans hits friday when food stamp benefits totals $5 billion expires without hope of congress extending that program. mcdonald's ends the 40 year relationship with heinz ketchup. the former ceo of burger king took over at heinz. $10 million es skate filed by jones against the michael jackson estate. he climes he took various hits against did pop singer including thriller. fakers beware. employers will check to see if you're sick driving by your home or checking your media posts. employee bit tongue and couldn't talk, employee claimed a swarm of bees vouned the vehicle and he couldn't make it in. employee's false teeth flew out
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the window driving down the highway. including your highlights and a chinese circus. first a tribute trivia. which fellow rock super star coproduced lou reed's ground breaking album transformer? that answer when early today returns.
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before the break we asked you which fellow rock stuper coproducer helped produce transformer. the answer is david bowie. who said his old friend was a master. sunday night football, packers continue to rise. vikings slip further back. 12 seconds into the game, vikings kickoff return 109 yards. td pass to nelson and later another to nelson. packers lead 17-10. adrian peterson powers in a td before the half. to detroit. mega tron show. calvin racks up receiving yards 7 short of the nfl record and four times more than cow you
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boys bryant. his last po possession sets up the fourth yard line. here they take it 31-30. the dolphins at patriots. this was team work. deven keeps this interception inbounds. he bobbled it off cole for the interception. pass went 27-17. they couldn't have planned it better. >> the undefeated kansas ty chiefs beat the browns 27-17 got the open game. terrell pry your runs one 93 yard touchdown. they beat the steelers 21-18. after participating three years on rice university scout team, carter 4'9" finally gets in a gachl. he has a genetic disorder that hinders his growth. he gets a one yard gain on this play. he says he did his job.
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he's a sophomore my friends. we'll see more of him no doubt. it was tiger versus rory where the two met in china for the match. mcelroy number one facing tiger woo woods. he beat out tiger 68. no hard feelings. wood saying they quote had a great time. as you were having a great time $1.5 million was the pay check for that game. that's why he's smiling. it's a bird, plane. celebrating super man and even jurassic park. that's right. that's a hungry t rex. how many hours do they have to practice? in china, the nine day event is considered one of the three most famed acrobatic competitions in the world.
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s andl steals the spotlight this weekend. jackass humor stole the spotlight too. we'll have that after the break.
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welcome back. tomorrow marks the one year point of when this monster storm hurricane sandy on the eastern seaboard. look how big this cloud shield was when it made landfall on the coast of jersey. i want to show you now and then
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images. then the horrible fire there. not a lot of progress there unfortunately. this is the battery park tunnel underpass. it was filled to the top with ocean water at the high tide. the after behind it and clean up. weather has 150 of these. some areas cleaned up, others not so much. >> i was in the underpass to see it. saturday night live found a way to incorporate one of the biggest movies and one of the year's strangest moments. take a listening. >> this is my song. i'm going to start a dance party. >> do not let white people see you dance. once they see you dance, they'll try and dance like you. >> miley cyrus announcing she
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will be going on tour in 2014 to perform her new ale bum bangers. we got your cyrus news in. contracts to olivia wild and jacobs announcing their first child. the country music hall of fame, bad grand paw knocked bad graty out of the top spot. gravity second with $20 million cloudy with a chance of meat balls rounds out the top five. hue hefner and his 27-year-old wife crystal found the perfect costume for the playboy mansion's halloween party. highly cyrus of course. the basis and cofounder was recently diagnosed with cancer. beyonce took a big leap when
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she hit the controlled cable jump 630 feet high. she's smiling. look good. dude, i would not do that. al roker, look at his face here. he attended a drake concert over the weekend. >> look at the guy behind him. >> this is a vine video. i don't know what do you think? you know al. >> al has a great sense of humor with viral videos. he has a collection of these. he's a funny guy. >> he's hilarious. we should read the news like that. i'm richard lui. this is your "early today" show. we hope this is just your first stop on nbc.
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leading the news in the la time, driver plows into crowd at beijing square. three killed and many more injured in the local incident says to be a deliberate attack. in uk, pope francis celebrates 10 million followers. this makes the pope more popular than kanye west. he has a ways to go to reach stars at 40 million followers. some stories we're watching, the man accused for the deadly attack on the constitution let in libya speaks out. he says quote god knows what would happen in libya if i was taken away. this act would win the americans more enemies, end quote.
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he's indicted for the attack that killed a u.s. ambassador and other americans. he denies any role. current bolder county district attorney writes quote i don't know if i would have made the same decision, but i know how difficult these decisions are. garnett's predecessor declined to talk about the child abuse charges after the grand jury indicted them in 1999. christy is called a great man in the new ad by shaquille o'neal. now the cliff diving world series. come pet tors take to the mountain in thailand diving up to 90 feet. this is the last of the diving championship. the overall championship crown won here. that picture right there, beautiful. >> that's absolutely gorgeous.
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>> the height is a little too much for me. time for a look back now. michael jackson's doctor released from prison. murray served two years in the conviction of the death in 2009. on this day 1962 the end of the cuban missile crisis reported by nbc ray sheer. >> if he does, we will call off the quarantine and there will be no invasion. >> happy birthday to joaquin phoenix 39, julia roberts turns 46. charlie daniels 77. this morning, lindsay von talks about her upcoming season, injuries and relationship with tiger woods. then a performance by se lean i did i don't know. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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new this morning, windy weather wreaking havoc across the bay area from toppled big rigs to falling trees. we'll show you the overnight damage. >> right now we want to show you what san francisco looks like. you can see the winds are whipping on this early monday with the flag flapping in the wind there. we'll be checking the forecast with christina loren on this monday, october 28th. this is "today in the bay." a very good monday morning. 4:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> welcome back. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> it's been a while. >> we've got cheers in the house. >> sweet. >> goo


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