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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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obvious indication to them on the scene are the beer cans. you can't see them from our location, but they said there are beer cans here. you are looking at a town home complex. it's 1600 hamilton place, one woman has been arrested on suspicion of dui, another woman possibly a friend, has been killed after she was crushed by the suv that her friend was allegedly driving. police received a 911 call around 2:30 this morning, the person who lives in the town home heard someone crying. when police arrived they found the driver outside the suv, the other woman lying dead or near death on that driveway. the garage door is seriously damaged. it's hard to see in the dark. but the door is pressed inside and looks like part of the structure, the garage is damaged. police believe the driver in her 20s backed into it and in the process pinned the other woman, a woman they believe could be late 20s, early 30s, killing her. here is what one person heard
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around 2:30 this morning. >> all of a sudden i could hear voices and it sounded like they were coming a lot closer than they were. i didn't realize it was going on across the street. so it sounded like a lady saying come on, come on, come on. and sounded like she was talking to a child. and it kind of kept going and going. >> reporter: it's not clear if that was the voice of the woman who was killed, perhaps trying to help the other woman back the car in. that's not clear what that conversation was about. police are still trying to figure this out themselves. the woman who has been arrested on suspicion of duri, these women, they do not believe live in the town home there. it's not clear why they were here or if they perhaps live in some other place in this 1600 hamilton place townhome complex.
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bob redell, "today in the bay." >> happening now. listen to the wind. high winds blowing over a number of big rigs between livermore and tracy. you can see considerable damage to a number of them. live look at san francisco as well. the windy weather still certainly evident this morning, old glory blowing in the wind. the wind caused considerable damage, a tree fell on a home in antioch last night. actually crashed through the roof. look at that photo. no word on the man's condition inside. christie smith is live in emeryville where a temporary building facade fell on a car while the driver was still inside. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning. i heard the wind whipping.
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i have to tell you it's much calmer. we're at bay street emeryville. i wanted to show you some of the scaffolding i guess that's the word they are using. this is what fell. you can see the piece in his hand, twisted this morning. inwas the facade in front of a forever 21 store that blew right over in the winds last night. let's start with what's happening near the altamont pass. the winds blew six big rigs. a driver and a passenger had to walk out of a ditch to get out. one couple apparently almost made it all the way home from l. to livermore. the winds whipped through 580 westbound, this is about 10:00 last night. back to that facade, though, on bay street, emeryville, that blew down, came detached. the winds going about 50 miles an hour t scaffolding fell across the sidewalk and a parked car. we're told that everyone is okay, though, and they are working on the repairs.
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in antioch a tree punched through a roof into a bedroom where a dad and a child were sitting. the father suffered injuries to his arm but otherwise going to be okay. apparently the tree was dead and fell over in the wind. in the sierra, believe it or not, there is snow. we have some video from the squaw valley camera. just got off the phone on the caltrans 800 number. on interstate 80 from king veil to the donner lake interchange, chains are required this morning. same story on highway 50. that's the story from here. live in emeryville, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> feeling like winter out there. >> i know that garcia-cannons like to head up that way. >> we do. we brought home our heavy coats from denver. >> must have been cold. >> brent's still sleeping so i can't complain. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren because i was gone last week i really need an update on this forecast. >> we missed you.
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good thing you brought those coats back. today is a good day for the heavy winter coat. good morning to you. everybody at home. let's talk about the wind right now. which has substantially dropped off. so that's the good news. you saw all of the overturned big rigs through the altamont pass, that's where we had the strongest wind gusts. 75 miles per hour was the strongest we clocked. right now 35 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. you still want to hold onto your steering wheel as you head throughout the morning especially around curves. you're still speeding up. we stop the clock at 3:00 p.m. showers expected in the south bay that goes for the east bay as well. mostly for the second half of the day into the overnight. you're looking pretty good for your commute. we could see isolated cells between about 5:00 and 7:00. then another round of very light rain as we head throughout tonight. it's still going to be cool. 59 in fremont.
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61 in san jose. 61 in los gatos. 59 in santa cruz. this is fwlot we're going to stay. we have a warm-up headed our way in time for halloween. vile that forecast coming up. right now, though, see if there is anything scary on the roads. here is mike inouye. actually back to you, laura. >> we'll check in with mike in a bit. thanks so much. it's 5:06. investigators in san francisco are trying to figure out what started a fight that ended with police shooting the gunman. police were called to the marina district to break up a fight between two men yesterday. witnesses told police they saw one man pistol whipping the other man with the silver handgun. it's unclear if he was injured. the suspect ran away but when police caught up with him in a high end neighborhood, they say he pointed a gun at them. several officers fired their weapons but it's unclear if the suspect was hit more than once. he was taken to the hospital,
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however, in serious condition. >> in the south bay a nightclub employee is in the hospital shot after reportedly asking people in the parking it through turn down their music. this happened at the spot nightclub in downtown campbell early saturday morning. police say the 33-year-old bouncer along with two other bouncers came out to the parking lot because a group was blaring music. when they asked them to lower the volume one of the men shot the bouncer before taking off from the scene. the victim is expected to survive. >> the assault trial for a former san francisco 49ers expected to begin today. 30-year-old kwame harris is accused of attacking his ex-boyfriend outside a restaurant in august of last year. he's expected to appear in a san mateo county courtroom this morning. if convicted harris bases up to nine years in prison. in marin county guy fee airy is expected to take the stand scheduled to testify in the
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trial against 18-year-old max wade. swayed accused of stealing his lamborghini from a dealership. she also on trial for a separate incident in 2012 when prosecutors say he shot into an occupied vehicle. >> palo alto may soon be installing a digital billboard along 101. tonight the city will consider a plan to install the billboard at the end of colorado avenue. it is expected to bring in as much as $1 million a year. the proposal would also change city rules so the billboard would be the only digital sign allowed within city limits. right now we give you a live look, there is a digital sign in east palo alto. this is near the nordstrom rack, the ikea store. >> the girl knows her shopping. >> nordstrom rack. there it is.
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>> i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. should we get the boots out? >> the scarves, the gloves, the fall wardrobe. certainly necessary today with highs only reaching the 50s and low 60s all across the bay area. you have to factor in a windchill factor as well. look at san francisco, our camera holding steadier than about six hours ago. i want to show you what you can expect from the winds as we head throughout the second half of the day. by 9:00 a.m. starting to see a little strong gusts, 30 to 40 miles per hour down in santa cruz. everyone else in the yellow and blue, 10 to 20-mile-per-hour gusts, then we'll continue to see those winds relax as we head throughout evening which is good news for the evening commute. you have to combine the fact that we expect showers and that cold blast of air. almost feeling like winter. about two months early. i hope you're ready for it. there is a lot of debris on the highway this morning and you
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could get knocked around in your high-profile vehicle. what are you tracking now? >> the remnants of the reports for the debris, we had over here the wind still affecting the view of the san mateo bridge. this is the foster city approach off the high-rise. you come over toward the peninsula side. the volume starting to build a tad bit. there is one incident reported, this is 101 around the -- 92 around the 101 interchange. it doesn't have the connect blocked so that's a smooth drive on the connector. we're watching it cruise there. there's major damage to one of the cars, no injuries reported. a little slowing, speeds below 60. it new big deal. the wind advisory for the san mateo bridge, 92, highway 84. we don't usually get that for the dumbarton. oakland, a smooth drive. you might find crews still there
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approaching 980 but no major slowing and we're watching the bay bridge and the approach. the toll plaza, it's a light volume. the bay bridge another one of those with the wind advisory and the benicia bridge which is unusual. so far it's light volume of traffic. >> thanks so much, mike. it is 5:11. in the city of berkeley talking about the future of the family camp destroyed by the rim fire. >> one killed, six others injured after a drive-by shooting outside a halloween party in sacramento. why the people who threw the party could be held responsible. >> the growing controversy over spying on germany. we'll have that ahead.
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>>. >> the white house this morning says president obama had no idea
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the u.s. was listening in to the personal phone calls of the head of germany. scott mcgrew, new claims over the weekend the president put a stop to it. >> the german magazine der spiegel has documents saying it shows the u.s. government was spying on angela merkel since 2002, before she became german chancellor. the head of germany, then continued to do so until the white house learned of it. so, if that's true we learned two things out of that. one, the u.s. has been spying on merkel for a long time and two, the white house doesn't always know what the nsa is doing. the white house denies the separate report that says mr. obama had approved the spying, instead as you point out the white house says the president shut it down the minute he heard of it. several u.s. lawmakers plan to introduce legislation tomorrow that would limit the nsa's ability to track your cell phone making it illegal for the government to collect phone records in bulk. right now each time you make a
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phone call on your cell phone the details of the call, though not the contents of the call, are recorded by the government for analysis. the reporters accused of listening on people's voice mail in england started their trial. the former head of news international and her husband and the former news of the world editor. for a while coleson was the press secretary for the prime minister of england. s&p 500 starts with a new high. good morning, seema. >> scott, my friend, good morning. u.s. markets expected to open higher as we kick off a week of full economic data and earnings report. we'll get earnings from companies like apple, merck and herbal life. people will watch for pending home sales number to be relea d released. back to you. >> 5:15. she mentioned apple. one of those things we're looking for is as apple talks to
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reporters is any numbers about the iphone 5c, this is the cheap phone. initial reports said apple had to cut back on the manufacturer of this phone because it was supposed to go into developing markets with a cheaper version. it's not that cheap. the concern is maybe apple missed an opportunity. we'll know a heck of a lot more after the closing bell. >> that will be good to see. good to see you as well. and you ready for the snow? it's coming down in the sierra getting its first significant sign of snow. this is highway 50 at ski run. look at that. the wind blowing in the wind. i understand that chains are required. so we'll see how much we actually get. christina will have a good idea of that, enough to pack it in. >> fun to get down going on the slopes. >> maybe enough for a sled. they have about six inches expected. a lot of that is going to be out of here and then tomorrow as
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well. you know, what it's really cool. something to talk about, right after we had such a warm start to the season. good morning to you. i want to talk about something that is unusual. i've only seen this a couple times since i've been here in the bay area. i can tell you it's unusual to get hurricane force wind gusts even in the wind-prone areas. you saw all of those big rigs go down, toppling over because of the wind. we showed you that video. this is the reason. 75-mile-per-hour wind gusts through the altamont pass. very dangerous. a little easier to topple when you have a top heavy vehicle. throughout day i can tell you temperatures are going to be a little cooler but hey, the winds will play a factor making it feel about 5 to 10 degrees cooler. we're talking highs in the 50s and 60s with a windchill factor. bundle up the little ones before you head out. happy to report our wind speeds are dropping off as we speak and that will continue to be the
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trend as we head through the next few hours. by tonight, it's going to be a little breezy but done with the 30, 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. the national weather service expired the wind advisory, that's a good sign. wind on the west at 16 miles per hour in san jose, gilroy take it easy if you are headed over 152 east. it's going to be gusty through there. throughout the day, these are your highs. we were in the 80s on saturday so this is a contrast. 59 in fremont, 60 degrees today, that's it for you in redwood city and 60 degrees in san jose. good news is we're going to warm up for halloween and halloween night looks good, temperatures are going to be chilly as per usual, that's normal here, we're not expecting rain. we'll be done with it. we're going to clear you out in time for you and the little ones to get out and trick-or-treat. holding one of those outdoor activities. as we get into this weekend the
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warm-up continues. we're going to return to the beautiful conditions that we enjoyed last week. going to have to wait a couple days. cool but i know you've got the beanie and the scarf. >> i do. the bean we the propeller on top. toward the bay area, overall looking nice. we still have the green for most of the commute. it's early to be building yet. here is the south bay, no issues. we have a concert, but that's not till this evening. right now for 101 at 680 moving nicely. we'll give you a live look outside. i'll show you our camera in fremont. look at this flag as you pass southbound here. there is the sign for the truck scales. the flag will get kicked up as the gusty winds continue. starting to ease so we don't see as much activity for that flag. in the tri-valley no major issues. we have west 580 starting a build and through this area of livermore a slow build starting.
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vasco we had a power down. there may be one lane blocked in the southbound direction. keep that in mind as you head toward that build for 580 west through the area. we have a crash eastbound highway 4 at somersville. starting to show the slowing. the golden gate bridge, no major problems, clear across the bay. >> thanks so much, mike. police in sacramento looking for answers this morning after a drive-by shooting outside a halloween party killed one and injured six others. so far no arrests but the promoters of saturday's party could face charges. the party was held in a recording studio that was turned into a nightclub and the promoter desire not have the proper permits. the victims were leaving the party when someone in a passing car opened fire. >> pulled out his gun and started shooting. that was all i seen. everybody was just scattered. it was horrifying. we seen some girl get shot, we
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seen everything, we seen them just fall back completely. >> the six other people injured are expected to survive. >> with the rim fire in yosemite fully contained we have a better idea of what several bay area families plan to do. berkeley officials tell the examiner contractors have completed erosion control and testing at the campsite. they are working on a master development plan to submit to the u.s. forest service in fall. until then they are checking out temporary sites for next summer's camp. part of the san jose family camp was also damaged but the city says camp will be rode this summer. registration is set to open in december. san francisco is hoping it will be able to reopen camp mather in the coming summer. the rim fire took 2 1/2 monthses to fully contain. it burned more than 257,000
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acres. >> hard to see. 5:21. new video of the search for a missing teen possibly swept away by the sea. we'll have details next.
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new this morning we're getting a look at the stormy weather in the united kingdom. rough waters forced rescue crews to call off the search for a uk teen swept out to sea on sunday. you can see the rescue life boat being tossed around by the high seas, big waves there. the storm has moved further inland bringing hurricane force winds with it. this was the scene off the isle of wite. you can see the surf crashing into the shore. in london a number of train service and flights are canceled. it's one of the worst storms to hit britain in years.
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very evident and visible. >> you see that, though, what we have here, nothing. >> mild. >> very mild. but still some pretty strong winds overnight. good morning. >> good morning. i think that's why it caught so many offguard. welcome back, laura, good morning, marla. we usually don't get winds this strong. we call them fierce winds and they are starting to drop off but we have pretty strong gusts, 40 to 50 miles per hour from time to time. so you want to take it easy as you head over the santa cruz mountains, the chico pass and up in the north bay where winds are strong. 26 miles per hour. as we head throughout the day today, the next event to come is a very cold blast of air. it's going to be chilly. 59 degrees in fremont, 61 san jose, los gatos as well and 60 in redwood city. we are going to bring in a few light showers later on. i'll show you who has the best chance of seeing those and when this system blows out of here. that's coming up. let's check your drive. good morning to our highway man, our favorite highway man, mike
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inouye. >> your only highway man. we're looking toward the maze, looking smooth as well. past bay street shopping center. we have this video you have to see this. some of the overnight damage caused by the wind and falling debris. we have that from a number of spots. you see on the maps, another issue down the east shore freeway around carlson, reports of a tanker truck with sparking around it so we'll track that but no other follow-ups from chp. the bay bridge and the san mateo and dumbarton bridges, nothing in the last few hours but still chp gave the advisory, the wind starting to ease, though, off the san mateo bridge, 92 approaching 101, there is a crash still on the shoulder, watch for that activity. >> mike, thanks so much. 5:26. a british painter known for work using the ipad has brought his art to the bay area.
5:27 am
david's social work on display at the deyoung museum. the show opened an saturday and filled two floors with his work from 1999 to present. among them his ipad pieces including 12-foot high views of yosemite national park. art historians say exhibiting ipad images by a prominent artist gives the medium a boost and helps gain legitimacy in the art world. >> he makes it look easy. >> gorgeous. >> 5:27. we continue to follow our top story, the weather. >> thousands of people are without power as wind knocked down power lines all over the bay area. the strong winds sending big rigs off the road. we'll have live team coverage.
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happening now, the windy weather causing trouble overnight. you can see the strong gusts of wind pushed a number of big rigs into ditches off of interstate 580 outside of livermore
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overnight. >> and in livermore, a powerful knockdown blocking north vasco road. it's since reopened. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez in for jon. we give you a look at the san mateo bridge. we have team coverage of the windy weather. meteorologist christina loren says winds are starting to die down, but there is something new to worry about. we'll check in with her in a few minutes. >> christie smith is live in emeryville. the weather caused a lot of damage. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. i'm glad those winds are starting to die down. it was pushing my car around when i was driving in to work. nothing like what's left behind this morning here at the bay street shopping center. this temporary facade in front of a store blew off. this morning there's twisted metal, a pile on the ground in front of it. this is a forever 21 store, and
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one next to it, victoria's secret, about 10:00 last night some winds actually forced it just to tear right off the facade is the type you would put on stores under construction. the metal landed across the sidewalk and a car, fortunately, though, no one was hurt. also along the altamont pass, may be the worst. strong winds toppled six big rigs and a new trailer. a driver and passenger had to crawl out of a ditch to safety. one couple on their way back home to livermore from l.a., almost made it, then this happened. this is 580 westbound near mountain house. must have been frightening to feel got over. in antioch, a branch through a bedroom. it ripped the dad's shirt. he was injured, got a bad scratch. the child fortunately unharmed in this. and in the sierra, quite a sight
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in time for halloween, not a trick. this is real. snow along interstate 80. we have video from our squaw valley camera. we're told there's a couple of inches on the ground. and yes, i did make a phone call into caltrans. chains are required right now on interstate 80 from king veil to the donner lake interchange. reporting live in emeryville, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> hard to believe we've got a little snow in the sierra. >> making all of the snow bunnies happy. >> there you go. enough to hit the slopes? i don't know about that. >> we should see the resorts opening as we head through the next month so we are getting into that time and yes, we do have that snow. a lot of people excited because this is the first significant snowfall of the season. not enough to open up the resorts. i want to show you what the winds are doing. starting to relax which is good news but they are rather strong out of the west, west-southwest throughout the morning hours.
5:33 am
you want to travel cautiously. the fiercest wind is in the south bay. take it easy traveling through santa cruz mountains in particular. it's going to be breezy the first part of the day. we'll see winds drop off. as we head through about now and lunch time. then between lunch time and the overnight hours we're talking about a much calmer situation. we're tracking some showers in the forecast. 52 degrees in livermore. 54 in san jose. i wanted to show you temperatures because we're only going to climb by 5 to 8 degrees from where you'll be when you walk out the front door. bring the heavy coat with you. you have to factor in the wind chill making temperatures feel about 5 to 8 degrees cooler in the heat of the day. it's going to feel like winter. 61 degrees in san jose. 59 degrees on the way to oakland and 58 in san francisco. tracking the showers, expect activity, mostly in the south bay. the east bay has a fair chance. not going to see a lot of action to the north of the golden gate bridge. a cell at 7:00 p.m. we're looking pretty good
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overnight hours things will start to calm down. i have your full forecast. temperatures are going to swing around. back to you, though, marla and laura. >> thank you. 5:34 and we want to turn to breaking news in the south bay. one person is dead after a crash involving a suspected drunk driver. this happened on weibel way off lee off, in the willow glenn neighborhood. bob, you can see beer cans at the scene? >> reporter: you can. good morning to you, marla. that is a tell-tale sign according to police in addition to the woman's behavior, that alcohol was involved. we're at a townhome complex. if you look down you can see that silver suv. that's the suv that was used, allegedly, when it hit and killed, ran over a woman. it happened around 2:30. police telling us there was a 27-year-old woman the driver who
5:35 am
has been arrested on suspicion of dui and vehicular manslaughter. there was another woman possibly late 20s, early 30s who was hit and run over, possibly pinned against the garage door. what appears happened is the suv backed into the woman and hit the garage door, could have been her friend. we spoke with a mayber around 2:30. he heard a loud crash, then these words coming out of one of the women's mouths. >> she was saying something to the effect of follow me, come on come on follow me. and then boom, you know. that's all i heard at that point. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out if the one woman was perhaps telling the other woman, the driver, how to back out, guiding her in or maybe they wrecked into the garage and she was trying to get her to come out of the garage. it's early again this happen
5:36 am
today with 30 clock this morning. it's maybe only about three hours into this investigation right now. as i mentioned they have the driver in custody and they are trying to talk with her. they said her behavior at the time when she arrived on the scene was she was clearly drunk in their opinion. there are also beer cans on the scene. you're looking at more looks like csu perhaps, crime scene tech arriving to process the vehicle. they know that the women did not live in this town home driveway. why they are in this area, that's not clear but the town home they recollected into is not where they live. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 5:36. call for help from the san jose police department turned into a rude awakening for some. about 12:30 san jose residents receive a call from the police department asking for help finding a missing elderly woman.
5:37 am
the call lasted about 30 seconds, the message finding 83-year-old vong chan who suffers short-term memory loss and diabetes. >> this is the san jose police department we'ring your assistance in locating a lost elderly female. >> she was last seen with a plain brown sweat swhirt a hood, black pants and eyeglasses. senator jerry hill will hold a public hearing to discuss gas pipe line safety ahead of a full hearing next month about what to do with the 3.8 mile section of pipeline running along britain avenue through san carlos. that was taken offline after officials learned about an internal e-mail which raised questions about the safety of the line last year. one pg&e engineer asked if it was vulnerable to an explosion similar to the one that killed eight people in san bruno three years ago. >> we definitely want to take
5:38 am
the time to welcome you back. how does it feel? >> feels great. it's great to be on vacation but you mills your buddies too. >> viewers ask about you when you're gone. >> nice. a little tired. got to get in the swing of things. getting the swing of the forecast. she is filling me in. >> things have really changed but the good news is, laura and marla, everybody at home, we have a warm-up later this week. we're not looking at showers on halloween which is a relief for a lot of parents. good monday morning. temperatures are chilly and we have a windchill factor. bundle up. these wind gusts are starting to drop off. really take it easy through there. that's one of the windiest areas now. throughout day it won't be as bluster iy. the temperatures will be cool. 62 in santa teresa. 58 degrees in san francisco. speaking of halloween i'll have the forecast coming up in moments, stick around.
5:39 am
if you can't stick around here is your high wind man. on the roads. good morning. >> a lot of other stuff besides cars on the road. debris, trees, all of the video so we're looking live video right now from the bay bridge toll plaza. you had the cash lanes on both sides backing up. the fast track lanes open but that build has kicked in as we typically see. the bay area looking light. yellow down to 60 miles per hour in most spots, but here the tri-valley we have the slowdown westbound 580 out of the altamont pass. gusty conditions, brought a pole down on vasco road. it's reopened. there is another to dalton. be careful. that area heavily traveled. gusty conditions may continue but so far the try valley moves smoothly. san jose not so bad. i'll show you a look coming up.
5:40 am
>> thanks, mike. it is 5:39. the doctor convict of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson is released overnight. we're taking you live to los angeles for all of the details. >> after superstorm sandy shut it down a major landmark is ready to reopen. i love watching tv outside.
5:41 am
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. at 5:42, new this morning dr. conrad murray, the disgraced doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson is now a free man. jennifer is live in los angeles with the latest on the release. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. it was one minute past midnight when conrad murray was released from l.a. county men's central jail where he has been for the last two years. this morning he is a free man but he got by all of the paparazzi, the news cameras and the michael jackson fans who were protesting his release
5:43 am
without anybody seeing him here. his lawyers told us he wants to go home, see his family, girlfriend and his son who is 4 years old. murray served two years of the four-year sentence, the expected amount in a county jail. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. the singer in his care as he pre prepared for his this is it tour. jackson died of propo. murray says jackson self administered the drug. he wants to practice medicine. his license is suspended in california, it's restricted in nevada and it has been revoked in the state of texas where an appeal lawyer was filing an appeal in texas to actually have that revocation stayed until the appeal process is over.
5:44 am
so a lot ahead for dr. conrad murray if he wants to be called dr. murray again. >> he might but a lot will fight that. thank you so much. >> 5:44. middle school students will return to class at sparks, nevada a week after a classmate brought a gun to school and opened fire, killing a teacher. students will be greeted by extra police officers. last week 12-year-old jose reyes shot and killed math teacher michael landsberry. two others were shot. they survived. reyes turned the gun on himself. he got the gun from his home. the young math teacher murdered in massachusetts will be laid to rest today. hundreds of people attended a viewing for colleen ritzer last night. many wearing pink ribbons. pink was ritzer's favorite color. she was found dead behind danvers high school where she taught. she was killed by one of her students, ritzer was 24.
5:45 am
>> it's 5:44. this morning emotions are still running high in santa rosa following the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy. hundreds gathered at a private mortuary in winsor to pay respects to young andy lopez. last week a sheriff's deputy shot the teenager seven times, killing him. lopez was carrying a replica gun designed to look like an assault rifle. authorities say he did not follow orders to drop his weapon and instead raised the barrel of the replica gun toward the deputy. the fbi is conducting an independent investigation. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating a senior care facility accused of awanding 14 patients. authorities say patients at the valley springs manor were left with only a cook a janitor and a caretaker for two days last week. the rest of the employees left after the state ordered the
5:46 am
facility temporarily be shut down. the remaining workers eventually became alarmed and called the sheriff's office. officials say the owner of the nursing home also owns facilities in oakland and modesto. those were shut down last week as well. >> almost a year after superstorm sandy devastated the northeast a historic tourist designation is set to reopen. ellis island sustained severe damage during that storm, at one point it was under eight feet of water. since then the national park has undergone extensive upgrades including storm roofing. for now tonl buildings and halls will be open to the public until artifacts can be returned to the mu seen. >> in the final week of october. what's halloween going to bring? >> for the parents, a lot of hyperactivity. >> you know it's going to be nice. you don't have to worry taking that umbrella and carrying it
5:47 am
over your kids as you head out trick-or-treating. i can tell you today, tomorrow, it's going to feel like winter around here. today more so than tomorrow because we're dealing with these windy conditions. we also have showers in the forecast. and it's going to be cool today. this live picture of san francisco, old glory getting pickup. this camera was shaking violently six to ten hours ago, bless you, as you head throughout the day temperatures very cool. you'll want to bundle up the little ones. i want to tell you what we are expecting. winds are starting to die down a little bit. they are picking up again in san francisco. now you are sustained at 21 miles per hour. watch this, at one point we have sustained wind speeds, boom, 36 miles per hour. that's a fierce wind straight out of the west in san francisco. things have died down. as you cross over the golden gate bridge which heads north to south and vice versa you get the wind out of the west so you want to hold on tight.
5:48 am
this is where we're headed temperaturewise. it will be chilly. 61 in san jose, 65 in gilroy. that's the warmest city across the bay area. two days of cold, then beautiful conditions return in time for wednesday and halloween. we're looking really good, you know what, we get the dark early. you get out at about 7:00, 7:30, it's going to be prime trick-or-treating time. this is where i want to focus. the seven-day outlook tells the story. 64 degrees, climbing by 3 degrees as we head through today into tomorrow. wednesday into thursday, comfortable by friday. then saturday and sunday another system comes through and we drop like a rock yet again. we'll see those temperatures swing all around. let's check on the drive, see if this is any impact. >> you know what, we were hoping no impact. we're talking about debris.
5:49 am
if that does impact your car you call, send us pictures. we're looking here, we don't wish that upon anybody. the traffic around the bay moving smoothly right now. we'll zoom into the south bay. i showed you a shot starting with your typical build, nothing dramatic. we'll show you the freeway as you come down through the tri-valley. the build kicking in. a lot of folks hit the road. here is livermore, here is the drive out of the altamont pass where we have a new wind advisory. chp extended it out of the area and in toward the bay itself. here we have a smooth drive across the san mateo and the dumbarton. a live look shows you how things are shaping up. there is the fox city approach. looks like it's cleared and we're getting company. no major slowing. back to the maps, things through highway 4, you have the crash
5:50 am
clearing. there is your build and a quick look at the bay bridge. fast track, no problem. back to you. >> looks good. thanks. the 49ers are back in the bay area after a long road trip that took them all the way to london. >> the red and gold entering the bye week on a high note. they put on a shout rolling over the jaguars 42-10. 49ers scoring a touchdown on the first four drives of the game. the by week, when they get back manningham could be healthy enough to play. >> i love when he kisses his biceps. >> quarterback terrelle pryor takes it all the way to the end zone, the 93-yard touchdown run is the longest in raiders history and the longest by a quarterback in nfl history. the raiders win, 21-18. >> the world series going on where things are all knotted up at two games apiece.
5:51 am
jonny gomes gave the red sox the boost they needed blasting a three-run homer in the sixth inning. look what they are doing there. >> i guess that calls for beer tugging. tonight in st. louis at 5:00. >> i was watching that when jonny gomes hit it out. awesome. >> 5:51. piece ever apple history could become a historic landmark. >> details coming up. gh we're waiting on apple and the records on wall street.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
good morning. welcome back. 5:54. tonight the los altos commission is expected to decide whether to bestow a special designation on steve jobs' childhood home declaring the ranch style home a historic resource. the designation would essentially add a layer of review if renovations to the home are sought. the house is historically significant where jobs and apple co-founder built the first 50 apple 1 computers in 1976. jobs moved into the home with his foster parents in 1968. >> a lot of magic in that garage. will apple make history today? scott mcgrew t company will reveal how many phones it sold among other things as it reports back to investors. >> apple reporting profits after the closing bell today with growing questions about the iphone 5c.
5:55 am
the c stands for color or cheap depending who you ask. they invented the device to compete in developing markets. critics said it's still too expensive. some reports say apple had to cut back on manufacturer. apple will give us a better picture this afternoon. apple's arch competitor samsung in the middle of its first developer's conference in san francisco. trying to get some of those who normally work on apple apps to write for samsung phones. twitter this morning starts work on its second day of its road show. only friday twitter posted this. this is a multimedia presentation for interested investors. road show slide show. very straight forward, educating investors as to what twitter is. >> twitter is a powerful flat form to share and broadcast information with the world instantly. >> look for twitter to start trading next week. the markets will get back to work today with the s&p 500 at
5:56 am
all time highs, linked in, facebook report profits t federal open markets committee meets again this week. we expect they will have quantitative easing, more of that, the fed, laura and marla, needs evidence the economy has turned around before it quits easy money. not only did the government shutdown thurt economy it messed up the data. we should get october jobs. we won't. it's delayed because of that shutdown. >> with the holidays approaching interesting to see if we see a little bit more up swing in the jobs reports as well for folks. we'll see. >> right now we want to see what's going on with the commute. the roads were hit with downed trees, some big rigs toppled. >> much calmer, that's the better news. we're looking here toward 880 and the coliseum. reports of traffic smoothly. m metal scrap debris. we'll watch for details but the
5:57 am
traffic flows smoothly through the shot here. the map shows you the same thing, 580 approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. a quick look out for fremont where the wind is moving the flag around on the bottom of the screen. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. 5:57. we also continue to follow breaking news this morning. a deadly crash in the south bay. the driver now in police custody. bob redell talking to police. we'll have an update. >> plus, an suv packed with teenagers rolls over on a southern california roadway. what police think may have caused the crash.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news. a pedestrian hit and killed by a car backing out of a parking spot. we'll show you what is fueling concern the driver may have been under the influence. >> a wind-whipped morning
6:00 am
toppling trees, knocking out power and creating chaos on bay area roadways. we have live team coverage ahead. >> good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. i want to show you 75-mile-per-hour hurricane force wind gust this is morning through the altamont pass. winds are calming down but the shower chances are ramping up. we'll have your full forecast in a moment. back to you. >> a smooth drive now as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll talk about what trees might remain on the roadways as well. you'll want to watch for that. >> we're easing into a monday morning here. taking a live look outside from the south bay. looks clear. it was windy to start. we'll check the forecast with christina and mike's got a look at the commute. this is "today in the bay."


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