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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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toppling trees, knocking out power and creating chaos on bay area roadways. we have live team coverage ahead. >> good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. i want to show you 75-mile-per-hour hurricane force wind gust this is morning through the altamont pass. winds are calming down but the shower chances are ramping up. we'll have your full forecast in a moment. back to you. >> a smooth drive now as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll talk about what trees might remain on the roadways as well. you'll want to watch for that. >> we're easing into a monday morning here. taking a live look outside from the south bay. looks clear. it was windy to start. we'll check the forecast with christina and mike's got a look at the commute. this is "today in the bay."
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a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon is off today. we begin with breaking news we're following in the south bay. in san jose, one person is dead after a crash involving a suspected drunk driver. this happened on weibel way off lee avenue in the willow glenn neighborhood. bob redell is live in san jose with the latest. we understand you can actually see beer cans. are they still out there? >> reporter: you can see one. good morning. we know there are others according to police, we're at this townhome complex. you see that silver suv there where the lady in the yellow vest walked in front of. that's the vehicle the alleged drunk driver was driving when she backed into a woman killing her f. you look in the foreground and the rain gutter you see a silver object, one of the beer cans that police said
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were out here this morning or this happened around 2:30. that's the most obvious indication alcohol was involved are the beer cans on the scene. it was a 27-year-old woman who has been arrested on suspicion of dui and vehicular manslaughter. another woman, possibly her friend in her late 20s, early 30s, has been killed after she was crushed by the suv that her friend was allegedly driving at the time. it appears what happened is that the other woman who was crushed when the suv backed into, slammed into, a garage door at one of the townhomes. you can see the destruction on the garage door. it looks like it hit one of the columns separating the two garages. it was quite an impact. police receiving a 911 call this morning, a person who lives in the townhome is not related to the women, heard someone crying, when police arrived they did find the driver outside the suv, the other woman lying dead in the driveway. one man who lives nearby tells us he was awoken by sounds this morning and this is what he
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heard. what he heard was a female voice talking to another one saying come on, come on, come on. something to that effect. it's not clear whether that was the woman who was hit and killed helping her friend guide the car out of a parking spot. that's not clear. he was indicating that could be the case but he didn't have eyes on this. this is what he heard. you can see the police are out here and public information officer albert morales arrived so we're hopefully going to get more information. as it stands now, one woman dead, another woman, 27-year-old woman, she in custody of police arrested again on suspicion of dui and vehicular manslaughter. the woman killed, the 34th person to die in a traffic accident here in san jose this year. reporting live in san jose, bob
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redell, "today in the bay." >> happening now windy weather, not just bringing an autumn chill. even turning over big rigs. we have new video to show you, one of several big rigs that overturned early this morning on a trech of interstate 580 between livermore and tracy. overnight the chp has gotten three to five reports of wind knocking big rigs to the ground with at least one report of a driver being injured. >> it's not just big freeways bracing against the wind. people who take city streets will likely see debris. like this picture tweeted out by our own rob mayeda. >> the wind is having a big impact on bay area bridges, gusts so strong overnight that the chp issued advisories across many bay area waterways
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including the golden gate bridge. >> we do have a team in place with a look at how the forecast will affect your morning drive. we will check in with mike inouye and christina loren in a few moments. first, we want to start things off with christie smith live in emeryville where the facade of a building was ripped off overnight. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. the good news this is not as windy as it was, but at the peak it was absolutely wild here at bay street. the facade of this building here came tumbling down, torn off by the wind. if steve can pan over you can see this is some of the twisted metal left behind. in fact, the repair crews wrapped up and left a short time ago. that's what you get when you have winds that run 50 to 75 miles an hour. about 10:00 last night facade at the forever 21 store near victoria's secret at bay street fell alos the sidewalk onto
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cars. fortunately no one hurt but i bet they were shaken up. in antioch, a tree branch punched through the roof, winds knocking it over. a father and son lucky, they were sitting on a bed inside the room when the tree fell over. the child is okay t dad's shirt was ripped and he did suffer some injuries in this. along vasco road near the dump if you know the area, power poles toppled. they were just toppled like toothpicks. this is southbound vasco road in livermore. back live i wanted to show you, again, this is the facade of the store. if steve can walk over, we notice it. there is this gray pole laying on its side. this is a light pole that was knocked down when this facade fell. there is a kiosk. u can see the roof. they are cleaning up but the winds came through here. reporting live, christie smith,
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"today in the bay." >> thanks so much. really windy start out there this morning. >> yes. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good did morning. >> hey, good morning to you, marla. welcome back to you, laura. and hey, welcome to the work week. give yourself plenty of extra time as we have fallen debris. and don't even think about raking those leaves today. wait till tomorrow when the winds relax. altamont pass saw the fiercest winds, 75-mile-per-hour wind gusts, that's as strong as a category one hurricane which starts at 74 miles per hour. the wind gusts now are coming in at about 40, 50 miles per hour but we still have strong sustained speeds as well. about 22 miles per hour&o# sustained in san francisco, strong wind in the south bay as well. you don't want to let your guard down. stay alert. it is chilly out there and it is going to be a chilly afternoon. temperatures only reaching into the upper 50s to low 60s. so you want to make sure you are
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prepare for the change in the weather. another cool day tomorrow, then we warm up. temperatures are going to swing around every day this week. and also, we've got that time change coming up on off 3, this sunday. we fall back. we're going to get more daylight. that and your halloween forecast. right now i'm going to send it over to you, mike inouye. more hour. all right. looking toward the bay bridge where this is on schedule. we're looking at the metering lights turned on so all lanes are filled in now. all the way fast 880 overcrossing. still have the high wind advisory but the conditions are changing so we have in the last few minutes the golden gate bridge and many of the other advisories cleared. here the maze and the approach smoothly to the caldecott picking up company as well as down the east shore from herk lease to richmond. an increased in volume.
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that benicia bridge is the top of the screen. that was unusual for 680. you do have higher winds there, possibly over the east bay hills. approaching high street, reports of metal debris. we haven't seen complications there. we look out there we'll see a live look and the headlights moving prom the top of the screen around the bend, down to the bottom of the screen. you got a lot of company for you there. we'll take a look toward fremont, the san mateo bridge across from the east bay. it is trembling, we have the high rise but chp issued the advisory but you can see there is wind there. a quick look at fremont southbound 880, the flag at the bottom whipping around so watch those vans and taller trucks. >> people may be tired this morning. there was a call for help from the san jose police department.
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it turned into a rude awakening for some people. about 12:30 this morning san jose residents received a call from the police department asking for help finding a missing elderly woman. the call lasted about 30 seconds. the message asked for help finding 83-year-old vong tran, who suffers from short-term memory loss and diabetes. she was wearing a plain brown sweatshirt, black pants and eyeglasses and only speaks vietnamese. >> 6:10. coming up two years served on a four-year sentence in the death of michael jackson. why dr. conrad murray is out of >> a push in washington to get nsa to stop paying attention to your cell phone. >> let's take a live look outside. isn't that pretty sight. the wind blowing all of the fog in. clouds over san francisco making
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for a beautiful sight. 6:10.
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6:13, today's top stories. windy weather whipping up in the bay area knocking out power and trees and along the altamont pass winds were so strong several big rigs were knocked over. at least one driver was hurt. >> a driver facing dui charges this morning after running over a woman in san jose. beer cans were found at the scene in the willowglen neighborhood. >> freedom came early this morning for the doctor convicted in the drug overdose death of michael jackson. conrad murray served only half of his four-year sentence because of standard good behavior credit. murray escaped cameras during
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his release from jail by slipping out a side door. his lawyer says he does want to practice medicine again. >> 6:14. promises to be a big trial is under way in great britain. >> the journalist of news of the world are finally getting their day in court. >> good morning. video just in to the newsroom overnight of the key figure in the controversy, former news international head rebekah brooks arriving to stand trial. she along with many other suspects including her husband are accused of tapping into people's voice mails to gather exclusive details for their tabloid newspaper "news of the world" including the voice mail of a murdered girl. news of the world which no longer exists was owned by ruper murdoch's news corp. murdoch tweeted out earlier this month remember everyone innocent until proven guilty entitled to
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fair trial in most countries. the white house continues to do damage control over revelations the nsa has been listening to german chancellor angela merkel's phone since long before she was chancellor. der spiegel reports the monitoring could have started as early as 2002. the white house says it shut down the phone taps the minute it heard of it, though that itself indicates the white house not always aware of what the nsa is doing. there's new legislation this morning in washington that would restrict the nsa from bulk data gathering of americans' phone records. every time you make a cell phone call the details though not the contents are recorded by the government for later analysis. some in congress angry at the nsa, we have seen severals instances where it was not telling congress the entire truth. this bill may be congress's
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response. >> interesting. thanks, scott. >> also interesting the winds that are waking up the bay area on this monday. >> yeah, they are really fierce out there. kind of like you two. we got a good looking day shaping up. thank you. i'm glad laura is back. we sure missed you. you were gone too long, sister. 6:16. but you're back. that's what matters. i want to start with the live picture. this is fremont, you can see the flags getting pickup but they were waving violently overnight. the winds have dropped off, the wind advisories from the national weather service expired but it's rather breezy so give yourself extra time. we're mostly tracking the winds now, the strongest to the higher elevations where we lack the friction at the surface. san francisco, travel cautiously over the open water bridges. take it easy. the golden gate bridge in particular. 53 in san francisco, 51 in oakland. cold in the north bay with the
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40s and upper 30s so. now that the winds are starting to drop off our focus moves to the potential for showers later on. very slight chance, mostly for the south end of the bay area. we stop the clock for you between 3:00 and 5:00. we could see shower activity over the santa cruz mountains, that championship all the way to the east bay. by 10:00 p.m. clear conditions, we'll meet here tomorrow morning with a dry is a nair know. it will be cool today and tomorrow returning to winter-like levels. 59 on the way to fremont. 64 in livermore and 58 in san francisco. halloween looks good for the kidos. comfortable conditions during the day, temperatures cool at night as per usual. but no showers expected as we head throughout thursday. friday into saturday, look at the difference. we'll be at 80 degrees inland on friday, dropping to 69 on saturday. cloudy start making way to a sunny finish. by sunday, same deal.
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cold air trails behind the front so we stay unseasonably cool. temperatures all around this week and you know what, your drive is picking up. here is mike with that report. >> speaking of swinging around, be careful for that, overnight the winds more severe. right now as christina said. a lot of the wind advisories are clearing. no official advisory for the dumbarton. be careful there. heading down to the south bay we have that build starting for the area as traffic starts to flow northbound 101 we saw earlier slowdowns. that has cleared. 87, 101 and 85 will see the slowdown over the next half hour. we look to the altamont pass we have slowing for westbound 580. out of the altamont pass you see the wind mills and that's why they put them there. a lot of wind for the area. not a lot of traffic. simple drive toward the dublin interchange. a crash at vasco has cleared so that's good news. we travel to the bay bridge, we talked about the san mateo and dumbarton bridging. an easy drive for 101 and 280, no delays there.
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up toward the bay bridge also the wind advisory continues there, fwhout problems down the east shore freeway and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. see how things are shaping up. the east shore freeway, which ever we have. let's look at the live shot. i messed up on this one. 101, a smooth drive both directions along the peninsula. the rest of the live shots if we can guys. a smooth flow there. that's the east shore freeway, you got a lot of company, camera shakes from time to time as the winds catch you from time the time. i'm a bit windy because i ran over from the radio booth where i was reporting. a look to the bay bridge, the backup here, the metering lights are on. watch that span across the bay. hear me on kfog and the 101 and the base 103.7 as you get in your lp(p). we'll send it back to you. >> look at you. multitasking. much like this guy. have you seen the world series, it's going on. all knotted up two games apiece. jonny gomes gives the red sox a boost. blasting a three-run homer in the sixth inning.
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that calls for a little beard tugging. the cardinals looking for late wong gets picked off at first base. red sox win 4-2. >> i said it earlier, boys will be boys with the beard tugging. all right. 6:20 now. coming up, a rollover with 13 teens inside an suv. new details what led to this crash. >> jealousy to blame for the brutal stabbing of a mother and her four children in brooklyn. what police say the suspect told them after his arrest.
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welcome back everyone. a good monday morning to you. aren't you glad you're not sitting in that right now. yeah, that's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the approach there. looks like the metering lights are on. we'll check with mike coming up. >> middle school students will return to class in sparks, nevada a week after one of their classmates brought gun to school and opened fire, killing a teacher. students will be greeted by extra police officers. last week 12-year-old jose reyes shot and killed math teacher michael landberry. two other students were shot. they survived. reyes turned the gun on himself.
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officials say he got the gun from his own home. >> 6:23. new york city police say jealousy may be to blame in the stabbing death of a mother and four children. a 25-year-old chinese immigrant used a butcher knife to kill his cousin's wife and children at the home in brooklyn. the children range in age from 9 years old to 18 months old. the suspect is unemployed and had been staying with the family for about a week. police say the suspect made statements saying he was jealous of fellow immigrants success in america. >> police detained a man at montreal international airport after a suspicious device was found in his luggage. the 71-year-old was headed for a flight bound for los angeles. this morning investigators say the item was not explosive but was part of a potentially dangerous device. the man is known to police but not for anything related to terrorism. everyone on the flight was questioned and luggage searched
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as a ÷precaution. >> the operator of a ride that injured five people will b in court. timothy faces counts of assault with a deadly weapon. he somehow tampered with safety devices on the ride before the incident last week. last week you'll recall the vortex ride suddenly jolted into gear as people were exiting, dropping some riders from 20 or 30 feet. >> police are trying to figure out what caused an suv packed with 13 teenagers to roll over. five of the 13 teens were taken to the hospital but they are awe expected to be okay. they range in age from 13 to 17 years old. the suv is designed to seat seven people. officials think it might have rolled because it had too much weight inside. they are investigating. local cameras found beer cans at
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the scene. >> chris brown is expected to appear in court on assault charges. brown and his body guard are accused of felony assault linked to a fight over the weekend. few specifics have been released but it apparently happened outside the w hotel in washington. the man attacked hack released from the hospital. police will not elaborate on hi" injuries. the felony charge was based in part on the extent of his injuries. brown is onñy/ñ probation after hit-and-run charges in july and 2009 assault on his then girlfriend rihanna. >> 6:26. ahead a court hearing for a north bay teen accused of a crime spree. why a celebrity chef is street take the stand. >> the first significant snowfall of the season as we take you live to squaw valley. brian hickey is knee deep in the powder. we're going to check in on him. that's coming up. >> probably should bundle up as
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you head out the door on this monday morning as we take you live outside to san francisco. it looks like the winds have calmed down, earlier that flag was flapping pretty good. it settled down. we're checking the forecast. >> we're also going to check in on the nasdaq as the opening bell minutes away. looks like they are preparing. posing for the cameras, make their memories. the dow up or down, we'll find out coming up. a lot more news ahead.
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dr. conrad murray out of jail two years after his conviction in the death of michael jackson. will he be allowed to practice medicine now that he's free? a live report from los angeles is next. plus, snow is falling in the sierra. is it enough for you to pull out the snowboards and skis? well tell you how much powder has fallen. >> how will the markets fair
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today? san francisco's charles schwab helping to ring the opening bell. this is "today in the bay." a very good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez in for jon today. happening now, snow is falling in the sierra even though it is only october. take a look from the caltrans camera. you can see all of that snow coating the area. there is the first dusting of the season. brian hickey is up in the sierra with a look for us. >> reporter: interstate 80 where drivers are required to chain up here in the sierra. you can see the roadway, that is interstate 80 there covered in a pretty good dusting of snow though the plows have been coming through and scraping that down every 20 to 30 minutes. the snow continuing to come down here, light fluffy flakes here
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at kingvale. around the 4500 foot level just below blue canyon ond the my yak area. at one point chains were down to my yak. they moved them up. let me show you how much snow we have a. good four to five inches, fluffy powder this morning. gives you an indication of how cold it is here in the sierra. a look at some of the web cameras, sugar bowl's web camera, there is a solid foot of snow on the park benches there and continues to come down f. you are coming to the mountains today, the forecast calling for this, continued snow showers in the sierra so winter driving conditions. we've seen a number of spin-outs and jackknifed big rigs. come prepared for any delays. brian hickey. back to you. >> got to get used to driving in
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that. >> you know, six inches is a lot, nonetheless a foot of fresh powder. i want to show you the radar. good morning to you. it's not just tahoe t spine of the sierra nevada getting that white fresh powder. throughout the next couple hours, this is going to continue we're fair game for a shower or two. not expecting a lot of activity to the north of the golden gate bridge. it's cold and it will feel like winter around bay area throughout day. temperatures only climbing from 54 in san jose to about 60 so may ab6 to 10-degree spread at best. throughout the day today and the wind has been the major focus of the weather department. we still have pretty strong sustained wind speed in san francisco at 24 miles per hour so it's coming in out of the west. you cross north to south or vice versa on the golden gate bridge that could knock around your
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high-profile vehicle. take it easy, overall talk about what we are expecting from the wind throughout the day. the warmer colors, the fiercest winds. you want to travel cautiously especially through the santa cruz mountains. by noon starting to see the 10-mile-per-hour wind speeds return to the north bay it's going to be blustery at noon and the south bay. we stop the clock at 4:00 p.m. the entire bay area getting the blues and the yellows. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour gusts so it will get better. also, because of that wind we don't have a lot of fog to show you this morning. mostly a clear start to the day. 64 at 4:00 p.m. w. a chance of showers like i said, east bay, south bay, 61, 58 degrees, pack that jacket but later on this week we return to the 80s. we'll talk about that temperature swing all over the place. your seven-day forecast in my next report. let's get a traffic report, see how we're doing on eç>ñ roads. getting busy. >> you can say that again.
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even if you did, thanks for the support. north 880 look at this. the traffic jamming up with all of the red lights past the top of the screen, i can't see the crash but there is a crash north of high street, backing you up all the way from the coliseum and the approach past high street to the top of the screen here until things let up. one car, a pickup truck and trailer involved in a non-injury crash blocking the fast lane. we see this slowdown hitting hard there west 580. a great alternate if you can take it. if you can choose between the two take 580 westbound. hopefully they can clear it. others might avoid the area instead of going to the bay bridge, take the san mateo bridge. you see the bump up out of oakland toward san leandro. the wind advisory cleared but watching for conditions there as well as the dumbarton bridge.
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the tri-valley picking up the volume. now we see southbound 680 speeds upper 50s as you come down past burr nell. we have an issue on the monty off ramp, a crash reported there. but the freeway moving smoothly. the northbound build. back to you. 6:35. new this morning jail time is over for the doctor convicted in the death of pop star michael jackson. dr. conrad murray was released by the sheriff's department at 12:01 this morning and then taken away by patrol car. gordon is live outside the los angeles men's central jail. we understand that murray is looking to get back into medicine. >> reporter: he s. that's just part of his set of plans as he looks forward. it happened quietly under the cover of darkness at 12:01 this morning. the l.a. county sheriff's department telling us that dr. conrad murray was released to
6:36 am
his representatives. his personal safety has been a cause of some concern. he is hated literally by many michael jackson fans. they hold him responsible for the king of pop's death. two years ago a jury convicted murray of involuntary man laut slaughter, that he administered the dose of propofol that killed jackson. he is hoping to practice medicine once the appeals are done so he can get back on his feet financially. his attorney spoke with us this weekend. >> it was a roller coaster. thank god we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and now he's out so i'm happy he'll be able to resume his life now. >> conrad murray's license to practice medicine in california is suspended, licenses in nevada and texas are active, but restricted. as for where dr. murray is right now, well, that's anyone's
6:37 am
guest. he has been free for 6 1/2 hours now. reporting live from los angeles, for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. >> in marin county court room chef guy fieri is to testify in the trial against 18-year-old max wade. swayed accused of stealing fieri's lamborghini. he also is on trial for a separate incident in mill valley in 2012 when prosecutors say he shot into an occupied vehicle. >> 6:37. still ahead, a boat tossed and turns, gusting in britain. the powerful weather forcing search crews to call off a search for a missing teen.
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welcome back. officials still don't know if the driver who drove into beijing's tiananmen square did it on accident or purpose. an suv veered into a crowd and crashed into a bridge and burst into flames. three people in the suv were killed, several tourists and security officers were injured. the area was temporarily evacuated. >> 6:40. a major storm with hurricane force winds lashing southern britain. a teenage boy is feared dead after being swept out to sea. now search efforts have been called off after a rescue boat
6:41 am
actually got tossed around by such strong waves. right now thousands of homes in the area are without power. some rail lines are also canceled and heathrow airport kanlsled 130 flights because of the weather. the english port of dover is also closed which means there is no ferry service to france. so certainly affecting that country. >> 6:41. an update to the breaking news in the south bay. a pedestrian struck and killed by a car backing out of a driveway. we'll tell you what police found at the scene that suggests the driver may have been under the influence. >> there is the police department and we're requesting your assistance. >> an overnight alert wakes people up across the south bay. why police sent out the widespread emergency message. >> the stock market starting this morning at new records. we'll look at your money coming up. >> and waking up to a
6:42 am
wind-battered bay area this morning. followed by cold and showery conditions later on today. we'll give you the timeline for the changes. [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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6:44, it's breaking news we're following in san jose where a pedestrian is dead after an overnight car crash on weekle way. we're told a person has been handcuffed and put in the back of a police car in connection with that crash. bob redell is speaking to investigators at the scene. we'll have a live report in about 15 minutes as they continue to gather evidence. >> happening now, windy weather prompting alerts for drivers over many bay area bridges including the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge. but you know what, it's not just the bridges bracing.
6:45 am
wind is prompting power outages toppling tree branches and overturning big rigs on roadways. >> we have video to show you. look at the big rigs overturned, crashing out the windows. that happened on a stretch of 580 between livermore and tracy. overnight the chp has gotten three to five reports of wind knocking those big rigs to the ground. at least one report of a driver being injured. >> the wind bringing down power lines throughout the bay area. different times throughout the night most of our counties were dealing with outages with union city, san carlos, danville and san francisco among the hardest hit cities. >> this morning we have a team in place with a look at how the forecast will affect your morning drive and beyond. we're going to check in with mike inouye and christina loren in just a few moments. first let's check in with christie smith live in emeryville where just the facade of a building blown off overnight by the hib wind.
6:46 am
it's amazing to see. >> reporter: yeah, it really s. there are still on the ground, the wind has died down but at the peak the wind was whipping through the bay street mall here. this is the facade of the store that basically ripped right off in the wind. you can see the pile of twisted metal that's all that left. repair crews were trying to clean this up. but that's what happens when you get winds up to 50 to 75 miles an hour here in the bay area. this is a temporary facade on the front of the forever 21 store by victoria's secret. it toppled over around 10:00 last night and actually landed across a sidewalk and on a car, pulled down a string of lights. no one was hurt in all this. in antioch, a father was injured when a tree fell over, push by the same winds, a branch punched through the roof. father and child sitting on the
6:47 am
bed. the dad's shirt was ripped off and he needed some medical attention for all of this. also, in the livermore power poles were no match for the strong winds, pushed them over on vasco road. if you know the area this is near the dump. they were dangling by the power lines until they were fixed. back live i wanted to show you, this is in front of the forever 21 store as well. you can see some of the wires sticking out. this is a street light pushed over as well. again, the winds dying down this morning, nothing like last night but boy, they came through awfully strong. reporting live in emeryville, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> i would say. amazing out there. >> i'm glad all of the merchandise inside is okay. >> deals. >> your blingy bangles are fine.
6:48 am
>> you can get a tiara there on sale just about any day of the week. good morning to you. temperatures are chilly, factor in the wind as well. but i can tell you right now we're going to return to the 80s, upper 70s before you know it. today and tomorrow we'll be on the cool side. we have a warm-up toward the end of the week. that includes halloween. very important forecast. i'll get to that in a minute. right now we're tracking pretty strong wind, mostly in san francisco, san mateo where you have wind speeds above 20 miles per hour so travel cautiously. you could get caught by a gust that comes out of nowhere. you led to the higher elevations so you want to be on your game. before you head out the front door especially if you are taking the little ones. we stop the clock at high noon, a little shower activity at that point. here is the deal with the showers. very light, isolated but we could see anything between livermore all the way to morgan hill and gilroy as we head throughout the second half of the day for the most part. stop that clock at 5:00 p.m.
6:49 am
isolated cells passing. through overnight we'll see a much calmer situation and those showers drying up. we're looking toward a nice day tomorrow, just going to be cool for two days. 59 in fremont, 61 in san jose, 65 in gilroy and 59 degrees in santa cruz. tomorrow we lose the wind, we lose the showers but we keep the cold air. so temperatures only going to climb by a few degrees between today and tomorrow. then as we get into wednesday, the warm-up is on. and for halloween thursday, looking comfortable. at least during the day for all of the kidos who go to school in costume. should be nice out there. temperatures in the 70s inland, overnight temperatures will be cool as per usual around here. you don't have to worry about showers in the forecast. then friday into saturday, temperatures drop like a rock again. sunday, we fall back. it's time for the time change. mike likes this one. >> i do but that was a scary forecast. looking here i do not like this. this is a backup north 880 past
6:50 am
the coliseum. there is the high street off ramp and there in that bend is where we have a crash, still clearing involving a car, a truck and a trailer. so you see just past that bend that's where the traffic starts to move more smoothly. you get on north of the coliseum you're okay. we'll look at the map and show you that. folks trying to avoid it use west 580 or south 880 toward the san mateo bridge. that's getting crowded. the earlier wind advisory cleared from 92 westbound but we have a stall that might be a distraction. sounds like everything is out of lanes but it's off 880 and we have that building volume toward union city out of hayward as well. across the san mateo bridge you're all right. a little slower, the dumbarton is slowing but again, both of those earlier wind advisories lifted. watch for the gusts over the high rise. the peninsula moves smoothly now on 101 and 280. a smooth drive throughout the south bay. we'll show you this down the freeway where traffic is building out of san pablo.
6:51 am
a lot of company. 24, that's all right. a couple issues, a stall and a crash so two things as you head to the walnut creek interchange causing a backup into this area. we'll show you a live shot if we can as we see 101 northbound through palo alto, we're picking up the volume, no problems, a lighter flow. in the south bay a smooth flow. i think this is the last shot, the south bay with the sensors and no major problems northñt@ñ, 87, 85 and 280 picking up the orange and that's where the symptoms are starting to pick up. back to you. >> thank you. it's 6:51. an update to breaking news. one person is dead after a crash involving a suspected drunk driver. it happened on weibel way in the willowglen neighborhood. bob, we understand there were a lot of beer cans at the scene.
6:52 am
>> reporter: several beer cans according to police, you can see one there if you push in to the scene here at 1600 hamilton place, it's a townhome complex. if you see that silver object in the gutter, that is a beer can. and in the background is the silver suv. that's the suv that hit and killed a woman earlier this morning. it was a 27-year-old woman who has been arrested. she was the driver on suspicion of dui and vehicular manslaughter. another woman, possibly her friend, 26, has been killed after she was crushed by the suv that her friend was allegedly driving at the time. police received a 911 call around 2:30 this morning. a person who lives in that townhome, not related to these women, heard someone crying or screaming. when police arrived they found the driver touds suv, the other woman lying dead on the driveway. the garage door you see is seriously damaged. it looks like the suv backed into the column that supports the two garages.
6:53 am
she got one of the doors impacted big time and the other one slightly. when they arrived they found the driver outside. they believe that the driver, the 27-year-old woman, backed into the garage andbge crushed friend in the process. one man who lives her toby was awoken by the sounds and this is what he heard. >> all of a sudden i could hear voices. and it sounded like they were a lot closer than they were. i didn't realize it was going on across the street. so it sounded like a lady saying come on, come on, come on. and it sounded like she was talking to a child. and it kind of kept going and going. >> reporter: it's not clear if the woman who was saying come on come on come on was trying to guide her friend out of a parking spot and was run over in the process. the 26-year-old woman who was killed, run over this morning, possibly by her friend t alleged drunk driver, shis the 21st
6:54 am
person, pedestrian, to be hit and killed by a car in san jose this year. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 6:54. new this morning the call for help from the san jose police department turned into a rude awakening for many overnight. about 12:30 this morning san jose residents received a call from the police department asking for help to find a missing elderly woman. the automated call lasted about 30 seconds. the message asked for help finding this 83-year-old. she suffers short-term memory loss and diabetes. >> this is the san jose police department and we're requesting your assistance locating a lost elderly female. >> she was last seen with a plain brown sweatshirt with ahood and eyeglasses. she only speaks vietnamese. >> senator jerry hill will hold a hearing this morning to discuss gas pipeline safety.
6:55 am
it comes ahead of a full hearing next month about what to do with a 3.8 mile section of pipeline along britain avenue through san carlos. that section was taken offline after officials learned about an e-mail which raised questions about the safety of that line last year. one pg&e engineer asked if it was vulnerable to an explosion similar to the one that killed eight people in san bruno three years ago. >> the city of palo alto may install a digital bill board. tonight the council will consider a plan to install the bill board on property on colorado avenue. it's expected to bring in as much as $1 million a year. the proposal would also change city rules so the billboard would be the only digital sign allowed within city limits. right now there is this across the highway in east palo alto as we give you a live look. this is near the idea center.
6:56 am
some complained digital signs are distracting and increase the risk of crashes. you see how bright that is. >> tonight the los alto commission to decide whether to bestow a special designation on steve jobs' childhood tomorrow. it's considering declaring the california ranch style home a historic resource. that designation would add a layer of review if the current owners wanted to do renovations to the house. it's historically significant because it is where jobs and apple co-founder steve wozniak, built the first 50 apple 1 computers. jobs then moved into thinks house with his foster parents, back in 1968. >> apple may make history as it reports profits. >> scott mcgrew, more pressure for the company to pay back. >> right. apple reports profits after the closing bell today, growing
6:57 am
questions about dividend and about that apple iphone 5 c. stands for color or cheap depending who you ask. critics have said it's too expensive. some reports say apple had to cut back on manufacture. we'll hear more. carl icahn pushing apple to buy back more stock and increase its divide dividends. twitter continues its road show, on friday it posted this for interested investors. its road show, slide show, very straight forward in investigating what twitter is. look for twitter to start trading next week. the2ic s&p 50 near all-time hi. it came to a halt. federal open markets committee meets.
6:58 am
we think they will keep doing the easy money. the government shutdown not only hurt the economy but kind of messed up the data too. friday we should get jobs, we're not going to get a jobs report this friday. we're still in hangover mode as far as this goes. the fight will continue. >> we had jobs tuesday last week. >> yes. september jobs last tuesday, october jobs should come friday. >> the money hangover not a good thing. >> any sort, never a good thing. >> he said the meef was pretty good request in case you didn't hear. let's listen to christina loren. our first taste of winter it feels like. >> it's going to be cold out there. you know if you've got the little ones who are sensitive to the cold you want to bundle them up this morning. cover the ears, make sure they have a scarf and it's going to be cold all day. dressing in layers not really
6:59 am
necessary, just4ñ dress for the cold. 22 wind speed. we're going to see plenty of 60s and 50s across the board. make sure you bundle up. >> 880, we're starting to move a little more smoothly. it looks like they must have moved the truck. we see traffic starting to flow still the backup all the way approaching the coliseum and toward high street. the bay bridge itself we'll end with that, we have the back up starting to build again. back to you. >> thank you. final neck of the top stories. the windy weather, knocking out power and trees and along the at mant pass. winds were so strong several big rigs knocked over. at least one driver was hurt. >> a driver faces charges after running over a woman in san jose. beer cans were found at the scene.
7:00 am
>> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. angry allies. good morning. angry allies. the nsa scandal getting even wider this morning. as many as 35 world leaders spied on by the u.s. some now demanding answers. so what did president obama know and when? breaking news overnight. the doctor convicted in michael jackson's death free from jail. why conrad murray was freed after serving only half his sentence. and ground breaker. rock icon lou reed is remembered this morning after passing away at the age of 71. his influence on a generation of artists today, monday, october 28th, 2013. >>


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