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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 29, 2013 12:35am-1:36am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: nice job, steve. nice job. elvis, thank you. joe, that was great, man. thank you very much. nice work. i want to thank my guests adam levine, ali wentworth, steve nieve, elvis costello and joe sumner. tomorrow night, savannah guthrie will be here. but jimmy fallon happening right now. jimmy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> steve: from studio 6a in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! thank you very much! hey, welcome!
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that's what i'm talking about, right there. hot crowd. hot crowd right there, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon." thank you for being here, everybody. thanks for watching at home. how are you guys feeling tonight? feeling good? [ cheers and applause ] welcome to the show. it's going to be a fun one tonight. here's what people are talking about. it's the big spying scandal with the nsa. and this is big. over the weekend it came out that the u.s. had been listening in on german chancellor angela merkel's telephone since 2002. [ audience oohs ] really? yeah. [ laughter ] i mean, at this point i feel like the only world leader our government doesn't listen to is president obama. [ cheers and applause ] that's right. the u.s. has been spying on german chancellor angela merkel for more than ten years. merkel actually called obama to say that eavesdropping on allies is not acceptable.
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obama's like, yeah, well, that's not what you said to england. nothing. got to go. by the way, how are you, ma'am? speaker phone. i can't shut it off. hello? yeah? cutting out. you're cutting out. i'm in a tunnel. [ laughter ] speaking of obama, the president has apparently asked joe biden to help the democratic party select candites to run for congress in key states. then obama was like, just kidding. happy halloween, everybody. [ laughter ] little scare right there happy -- [ applause ] just kidding. that's right, halloween is just a couple of days away. oh, man. i am probably not going to dress up this year, though. i never do. [ audience aws ] i just think halloween is for kids and sluts. [ laughter ] and they both win. they have a great night. [ laughter ] get this, a new survey found
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that 10% of americans actually plan on wearing a costume to work for halloween. yeah. because if there's anything better than getting on fired on halloween, it's getting fired by a clown. [ laughter ] so sorry, jerry. i'm going to have to let you go. you need a tissue? [ laughter ] all right. just kidding. [ applause ] actually, hugh hefner and his wife dressed up for halloween. that's right. they went as robin thicke and miley cyrus. hefner said it was tough to pull off because it took forever to find a miley costume that fit him. [ laughter ] it went the other way. yeah. most people really get into it. in fact, on poll has 74% of americans handing out candy to trick-or-treaters while the other 26% plan to spend three hours hiding in the living room with the lights out. [ laughter ]
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turn the tv off. turn the tv off. big weekend at the movies. that's right. "bad grandpa" came in number one with $32 million. [ cheers and applause ] good for those guys. a funny movie. incidentally "bad grandpa" was also the number one guest for people who saw hugh hefner and his wife dressed up halloween. [ laughter ] that's what they thought he was being. so the world series is going on right now tonight -- [ cheers and applause ] game five. people love the world series. i do. tonight was game five between the red sox and the cardinals. [ cheers ] did you see last night's game? last night david ortiz pulled his red sox teammates together in the dugout for a huddle. i've never seen it before. you don't see it in baseball that often. well, we actually got a hold of what he was saying. [ light laughter ] it got pretty intense. it got heated. check it out.
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>> listen up. i said i was going to go as honey boo boo for halloween, okay? now, one of you can go as mama june. and one of you can go as sugar bear. but i'm the only one going as honey boo boo. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: got to clear your mind. got to be free to get our there. and swing with the best of them. you probably noticed this, but a lot of the players on the red sox have grown beards throughout the playoffs. yeah. fear the beard. you know what i'm talking about? during game four last night one of them, jonny gomes, hit a home run and everybody started grabbing his beard. just take a look at what they are doing here. they're just grabbing it and yanking, a good yank on it there. yeah. yeah. i think that's how the "duck dynasty" guys dry their hands. [ laughter and applause ] they do the same thing. [ applause ] i know people love their cars, but this is just crazy.
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a new survey came out that said 25% of people actually name their cars. [ scattered cheers ] you name your cars? what's your car's name? >> guinevere. >> jimmy: guinevere, yeah. [ laughter ] >> steve: ooh. take guinevere to the mall. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. that's what's i'm saying -- it's gonna be weird -- it's beautiful day i think it might take down guinevere's top and ride her for a while. [ laughter ] and you go, what are talking about? >> steve: what? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm going to fill her up. no, no, no, no. [ laughter ] talking about a car! >> steve: i'm talking about the car. >> jimmy: common name for a car. judas priest. >> steve: no, that's my other car. >> jimmy: that's your -- i gotta go back to jail now. take care, everybody. [ laughter ] hey, here's a really sweet story here. i read about this woman in indiana who just married the man she donated a kidney to. [ audience aws ] or as he's also called, the man
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who will never pick out the new sofa. [ laughter ] "i kind of like the blue one." "yeah? well i kind of like my kidney. so, go with my choice. i'll get the white sofa. put it on his credit card. okay?" i just saw that pennsylvania has a new law that now makes it illegal for strangers to touch a pregnant woman's stomach. so it will be awkward when sometimes you're like, "excuse me ma'am, are you pregnant?" and she goes, "no." and you're like, "sweet. thanks." [ laughter ] it's legal! it's legal! >> steve: what? rude. >> jimmy: and finally last week, jamie dornan was cast to play christian grey in the upcoming "fifty shades of grey" movie. [ cheers ] yeah, big news. you can hear a on the of the guys are excited about this. women, too. a lot of celebrities were disappointed that they didn't get the part. not the least of which is nbc's own brian williams. [ laughter ]
12:44 am
-- who actually made an audition tape of himself reading lines from the erotic novel. we have a clip of him reading. [ cheers and applause ] i didn't want to -- brian said that we could. just take a look. >> i found some baby oil. let me rub it on your behind. >> jimmy: there you go right there. we have a great show tonight, you guys. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: well it's monday. we're happy to be back. and we got some fun shows for you this week. kate bosworth, aziz ansari, kerry washington and harrison ford will all be here. plus we got music -- [ cheers and applause ] that's fun right there. we music from chromeo, the weekend and big sean will be here. [ cheers and applause ]
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but first, tonight is awesome. you loved him on "house." now he has a new blues album out called "didn't it rain." hugh laurie is here. [ cheers and applause ] talented man. fun human being. >> steve: love that guy. >> jimmy: he's always fun. he comes out and we have a good time. >> steve: good times -- >> jimmy: yeah. and also -- i love this woman so much. we've been trying to have her on the show since we started. i'm a giant fan. one of the best-selling artists of all time. the one, the only, celine dion will be joining us tonight! [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: what? >> jimmy: it's the best. we're gonna talk and perform a song off her new album, "loved me back to life." the new album. pre-order it now, y'all. that's right. and also hugh, celine and i are going to play a game of singing
12:46 am
password. new game. [ cheers and applause ] new game. >> steve: new game. >> jimmy: who knows what's going to happen? who knows what could happen? >> steve: it's going to be nuts. >> jimmy: i don't know. >> steve: sing it. >> jimmy: hey, guys. raise your hands if you're either a man or a woman. [ laughter ] 78% of the audience. me, too. and you know, one thing i've really noticed lately is that men and women are totally different. [ light laughter ] they almost never see eye to eye. in fact, sometimes they can be the exact same situation and be thinking two totally different things. what kind of things are men and women thinking? let's find out together in a segment we call, "he said, she said." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: now -- you guys might not realize this, but i have a real knack for telling what's on people's minds. i don't like to brag about it. but i'm kind of psychic that way. for example, take a look at this. ever see an older couple sitting together in the park? looks like they are playing something on their ipads there. i can tell just by looking at
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this woman she is thinking, "you just have to line up all the color candies in a row, then clear all the jelly." [ laughter ] the man is thinking something very different. he is thinking, "wow, this obamacare website is worse than i thought." it is very hard. two different viewpoints. here's another example. the husband and wife posing in the forest together. they look happy. i can tell he is thinking, "i'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world." she's thinking, "i'm married." [ laughter ] sweet. sweet. >> steve: sweet. >> jimmy: sweet. >> steve: you can tell they love each other. >> jimmy: it's from here. >> steve: yeah, from the heart. straight from the heart. >> jimmy: let's keep going. this is a couple drying off. [ laughter ] couple drying off. [ laughter ] couple drying off. a couple drying off after a dip -- they took a dip in the ocean. they are drying off.
12:48 am
>> steve: dip in the ocean, okay. >> jimmy: it's cute, yeah. she's thinking, "going back to work after this vacation is going to be so hard." [ laughter ] [ drumroll ] and he's thinking, "speaking of so hard, it's been more than four hours. call the doctor!" ♪ let's go home, guinevere. [ laughter ] >> steve: let's go. >> jimmy: that's the wife's name. >> steve: you have a knack for this. >> jimmy: let's see another one here. here is a man and a woman playing hide-and-seek in the woods. she is thinking, "i'm right here." and he's thinking, "whoa, a talking tree." [ laughter ] i've seen those things in "skymall." "skymall," they have those. >> steve: love that "skymall." >> jimmy: yeah it's the best. here we see a couple.
12:49 am
they're -- >> steve: oh, no. oh, no. >> jimmy: posing together on their wedding night. she's thinking, "i'm a happily married bride." and he's thinking, "i'm a vampire from 1573." [ laughter ] he looks great for his age. >> steve: look great for his age. >> jimmy: he certainly does. >> steve: botox. i don't know what. >> jimmy: yeah. [ with romanian accent ] "i'm slim shady, yes, i'm the real shady." [ laughter ] here's another here. oh it's a guy carrying his girlfriend in the water. >> steve: aw. >> jimmy: yeah. look at this guy. he is thinking, "i can feel the rhythm of the island." she's thinking -- [ singing ] ♪ baio scott baio ♪ you can see the resemblance. yeah. scott baio. moving on here. we have a young couple. jumping for joy. in front of the eiffel tower. she is thinking, "i love how cultured my husband is." he's thinking, "hey look, this place has that same statue las vegas has." [ laughter ]
12:50 am
statue. no offense paris, you can drink in the one in vegas. this is much better. america is the greatest. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] let's see another one here. this is a husband surprising his wife with a gift. and she's thinking, "is that what i think it is?" and he's thinking, "if you are thinking dead gerbil in a tiny coffin, then yes, that is. then you were thinking exactly what it is." >> steve: how did you know? >> jimmy: why would you think that? >> steve: you're good at this. >> jimmy: thank you. here is the last one here. this is an older couple on a picnic enjoying a glass of wine together. that's sweet. he's thinking, "amazing how we've stayed together so long." and she's thinking, "keep pouring, buddy." that's all the "he said, she said" we have time for. stick around. we will be right back with hugh laurie. it is a fun show. come on! [ cheers and applause ]
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prove it to yourself. vidal sassoon waterproof color. salon genius. affordable for all. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know and love our first guest from his eight seasons on the hit show, "house." he is currently -- -- yeah, he's great. -- he is currently on tour in support of his new blues album, "didn't it rain." look at that little piano. i love it.
12:55 am
[ audience aws ] which is in stores right now. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome hugh laurie! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: i kind of like that. you did like a slow-mo entrance. >> didn't plan it. >> jimmy: no, yeah. improv. >> it's just happened. >> jimmy: improv. yeah. but we could do the whole -- [ talking in slow motion ] interview in slow motion. yeah. pal, big milestone in your life. giant hugh laurie news. it is going to be all over the place tomorrow. you are on twitter finally. here we go. [ cheers and applause ] how exciting. >> i am very excited. i'm giddy with excitement. >> jimmy: yeah. i can tell. yeah. >> i have 75 people following me now. i'm giddy with it. >> jimmy: 75 people following
12:56 am
you. now, are you @hughlaurie? >> no. @hughlaurie was taken by mad people. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. wait, so now you're not -- >> i tried @jimmyfallon. >> jimmy: yeah, that's me. >> no, but that was -- >> jimmy: oh, that's you. glad i took that one, yeah. >> no, so i went something slightly obscure. it's @jlumbrozo. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: @jlumbrozo. [ talking over each other ] everything all right? >> it is a little bit like that. >> jimmy: yeah. >> jacob lumbrozo was a portuguese physician who settled in maryland. he was the first person, i believe, in the united states to be indicted for blasphemy. >> jimmy: and that name wasn't taken? [ laughter ] >> so, why -- why -- that doesn't -- i know that doesn't explain why i took the name. >> jimmy: no, it doesn't. >> it doesn't. no. i can't explain it to myself. >> jimmy: yeah, that's kind of good and kind of different. j. lumbrozo. >> the whole thing about -- the whole entrance into the
12:57 am
portal of twitter is -- it is a sort of drunken, intoxicating moment. i don't know what i was thinking anyway. i really don't know what i'm doing. i don't know what i'm doing. >> jimmy: yeah. it is fun, though. yeah. look at this, "didn't it rain." is this a nod to peanuts at all? is this schroder? >> well, it is a little bit. >> jimmy: a little bit? >> yeah. i like the solemnity. but it was a great thing about schroder. he was always very intense and serious about what he was doing. >> jimmy: he really was. >> brilliant. undistractable. >> jimmy: and bad posture. >> which i have, too. >> jimmy: yeah. me, too. yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but it's comfortable. >> yeah. no, like this. this is much better. people enjoy this. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: absolutely. i've got to say, the first -- your first cd, we had you on here for that and gosh, it was fantastic. i go and -- i never knew that you -- i knew you as a comedian, first. then i knew you as serious on "house." but still funny. and i didn't know you were that good at playing blues. and you are. yeah. you can't say --
12:58 am
>> well, what i am, what i am, without a doubt, is incredibly, incredibly lucky. i have fallen into a situation surrounded by these unbelievable musicians. honestly, i'm like a child with a catapult at the beginning of the show. i just sort of go -- like that and off they go. they play this -- it's just -- honestly, i'm -- on stage weeping at what these guys are doing. >> jimmy: really? are they having as much fun as you are? >> no. >> jimmy: no, not at all. they're tired. [ light laughter ] >> i mean, honestly -- i'm in the bus -- we are on the tour bus. and i'm like -- like a teenager. >> jimmy: that's awesome! you're on a tour bus? >> yes. to them of course, it's all about laundry. and it is all about, "who touched my tuna sandwich?" >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. "is there a burger king coming up? we can stop and get some food." yeah. >> but the bus we're on is b.b. king's old bus. which is -- that's pretty great. >> jimmy: that's legendary right there. >> he actually has a embossed "king."
12:59 am
so, that's what i hit my head on 40 times a day is the -- yeah. >> jimmy: like a three dimensional b.b. king over you when you are sleeping? something to have. >> don't you? >> jimmy: yes. who doesn't? yeah. >> that's right. >> jimmy: he has like a statue of himself? >> no, it is a sort of logo -- what am i pointing at? >> jimmy: no, there is nothing here. no. sorry. [ laughter ] you're that good of an actor. i was like, "i'm in there now. it's a virtual tour bus. you've got me looking at it." i'm like, why don't i see it?" yeah, we're not in the bus. sorry about that. i'm sorry. >> follow my finger. >> jimmy: yes. how fun is that? that's cool. >> it is great. >> jimmy: don't you wish you had a cool blues -- cool blues. i mean, hugh laurie is a great,cool name. >> thank you for lying to me. >> jimmy: no, hugh laurie is a great name. hugh laurie. i wouldn't say that -- it could be a good blues name. but, like b.b. king. >> i know, i know. >> jimmy: you know, muddy waters. >> i know. they're great names. i did -- there was a name -- the man who was credited with having writing "careless love," was a
1:00 am
piano player called willy "drive 'em down" hall. and i tried going -- when i was a teenager i tried using that. >> jimmy: you took his actual nickname? >> call me drive'em down. and it didn't work. >> jimmy: it didn't work. no. you got a lot of good people singing and playing on this record as well with you. but you guys, you pick this up if you enjoy blues. it is a really, really, great record. please. and i was wondering, if you don't mind, can you stick around and we'll play game maybe with celine? >> no, i actually have got a -- no. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: hugh "drive 'em down" laurie, right there. "didn't it rain" is in stores now. follow him @jlumbrozo on twitter. celine dion joins us next. come on back everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ okay now, jeremy. the overseas data bills are outrageous. son, you have to stop sharing every little thing on your phone. eggs are eggs, jeremy. who wants to see that?
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a five-time grammy-winning artist who has sold, get ready for this. she's sold over 220 million albums worldwide. [ cheers and applause ] she's talented. she's beautiful. here is her latest album, "love me back to life." comes out november 5th. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome celine dion. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: please have a seat. welcome.
1:05 am
welcome to our show. >> thank you. >> jimmy: first time on our show. we have been dying have you on the show. we're giant fans of yours over here. i love you. everything you do, i love. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: i do. everything -- if you have a new jam, i'm like, i'm right there. i'm there first in line. >> thank you so much. we love you, too. my husband is watching your show. >> jimmy: yeah. i know, renee. i met him. >> -- so much. >> jimmy: he's a good man. oh, i love him. >> i mean, i take care of the kids and he watches tv. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he watches "late night." that's a good deal. that's the way it works. this has been -- this has been a -- while since you came out. we've been trying to get you on. you have been doing the vegas show. >> that's right. >> jimmy: then you did -- came out with an album. >> that's right. >> jimmy: but it was not -- in our language. [ laughter ] >> yes. well, i thought music was an international language, my dear. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: [ speaking jibberish ] [ laughter ] [ speaking french ] [ laughter ] here we go. look at this. "love me back to life." congrats and it's gorgeous.
1:06 am
love that picture, too. i heard a song today on soundcloud. on the interweb with ne-yo. incredible. beautiful song. fun song. loved it so much. and i heard the song you just sang. >> thank you so much. i have to tell you about ne-yo that might sound artsy. renee charles, who's going to be 13 years old soon could not believe that ne-yo sang and wrote me a song. he thought it was a mistake. he said, "that cannot be true." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: why? why? >> he said, "mom, you are my mom. you are not cool." >> jimmy: up can't be cool, mom. duh. >> you are not cool. he says thea. the real thea. how do you spell thea? maybe it is not the real thea. >> jimmy: it's a different thea. thee-ya! yeah. >> thee-yaa. >> jimmy: different thea. totally. but no it's not. but you -- i was going to say -- here, i saw you have a duet with stevie wonder. >> isn't that amazing? i'm so proud of it. let me tell you something. the first album that i could afford to buy myself was the
1:07 am
orange album. the stevie wonder album where he had like the braids. i kissed that album so much he had no braids. [ light laughter ] the braids -- [ singing ] no more braids. >> jimmy: he had like a white afro around his head. >> exactly. >> jimmy: it's very interesting. >> jimmy: well -- "loved me back to life" is the record right there. pre-order right now it's good stuff. i was going to ask, hugh already said yes. so i was wondering if you would agree with hugh and play a game with me? >> and hugh? >> jimmy: and hugh. >> yes. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: and all of hugh. [ laughter ] >> i think we need a doctor. >> jimmy: it is called singing password. >> okay. >> jimmy: it's a brand-new game. >> i know about the passwords. i know about singing. but a singing password? >> jimmy: let's see if we can do singing password. i have no idea. celine dion, hugh laurie and i are playing singing password when we get back. i think it is going to be fun. [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: welcome back to "late night," everybody. to my right is award-winning actor, my friend and musician, hugh laurie. hugh, who are you playing with tonight? [ applause ] >> hugh: tonight i will be playing with the lead guitarist of the roots. captain kirk douglas. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: and to my left is the host of nbc's "late night" and sovereignty sweetheart, james fallon. who is your partner, jimmy? >> jimmy: thank you so much. my partner is grammy-winning and music superstar from quebec, celine dion right there! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ and we're going to play singing passwords. whoo! ♪ >> steve: i'm your host steve. the rules of the game are very simple. i'll give each of you password and each of you will come with a one-word clue. one word only to get your partner to guess the password. but there is a catch. since this is singing password, all of the passwords are those
1:14 am
one-word song titles. and you must sing your one-word clue and sing your password answers. scoring starts at 60 -- [ speaking fast ] [ gibberish ] [ laughter ] any questions? great! >> survey says -- >> steve: first clue. goes to hugh and jimmy and hugh, since you are the guest. we will start with you. >> the password is -- africa. [ laughter ] >> well, i don't -- >> steve: got it? that's the clue. that's the artist. >> hugh: all right. [ laughter ] um -- >> steve: no tension. >> no, no, tension. >> steve: you got it. ♪ [ singing ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: one word! >> hugh: i'm still -- the word's still going! >> jimmy: are you stuttering? i didn't know you had -- i'm sorry. >> hugh: where do i come from, we like to sound out our continents. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: yeah, exactly.
1:15 am
he's got it. >> jimmy: you didn't do it there. >> steve: we will try it again. >> steve: you were incontinent for a while weren't you? >> hugh: yeah. >> jimmy: no, i don't talk about that. [ laughter ] >> are they losing now and it is our turn? >> steve: no. way for that one -- >> hugh: i got to the end of it. if i was allowed. [ light laughter ] [ singing ] ♪ continent that's where i was headed. >> jimmy: thank you. [ light laughter ] >> -- ♪ continent -- is what you just gave me. >> hugh: well i tried to give it a bit more melody but i got -- [ light laughter ] [ clock ticking ] >> pass. [ buzzer ] >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: that's not what pass word means. >> so now, do we have the same word? do we have to guess? >> jimmy: same word. so that's a clue. [ laughter ] [ humming ] ♪ serengeti >> africa! >> jimmy: yes! [ ding ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ dang! ♪
1:16 am
>> hugh: toto. >> steve: all right. next clue. jimmy and hugh. >> jimmy: is it? no. >> steve: yeah, yeah. okay. start with you this time. >> jimmy: start with me this time. >> the password is respect. >> oh my god, i'm so excited. >> steve: okay, we're going to start with you, jimmy. you got it? get ready. no pressure. >> jimmy: well some -- >> some pressure. [ laughter ] [ singing ] ♪ jimmy are you okay are you okay are you okay jimmy ♪ ♪ jimmy are you okay jimmy are you okay jimmy are you okay jimmy are you okay jimmy ♪ ♪ jimmy are you okay ♪ >> but that was not the word. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know. ♪ aretha >> aretha franklin. what? respect. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that was good.
1:17 am
[ talking over each other ] >> hugh: the whole sidekick thing. >> jimmy: sidekick thing. we're really getting there. >> you are singing in vegas with me. >> jimmy: let's do it! i love it! i'm opening act. i love it. >> steve: celine. kirk. >> jimmy: yes, captain kirk. >> the password is thriller. >> jimmy: sounds easy. [ light laughter ] >> hugh: is that the easy sound? >> jimmy: in america they do that -- >> hugh: that's a hard sound. >> jimmy: yeah, all right. >> steve: are you ready? celine is going to start. ♪ scary [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> hugh: that would be thriller. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: son of a bee sting. we're gonna give it to them. >> i'm back now. >> jimmy: barely back! celine was supposed to go first. >> oh, no. >> steve: celine, you are going to go. >> thank you. >> jimmy: kirk is not listening to us. are you here or are you in a soundproof booth?
1:18 am
[ light laughter ] [ sad tuba ] >> was it her turn? [ talking over each other ] >> the password is kokomo. >> steve: okay. now people know. people at home know the password. >> hugh: that's hot. >> steve: now it's celine's turn. not kirk's. >> oh, gosh. [ light laughter ] >> no. >> jimmy: not kirk's turn. >> steve: no, not kirk. >> thank you. >> steve: anyone's turn but the kirk. [ laughter ] >> it is all on you. >> oh, my god. >> steve: that's three words. [ laughter ] >> steve: my bad. >> jimmy: wasn't playing yet. >> oh, no. >> jimmy: yes. >> oh, no. >> oh, no. um -- [ buzzer ] >> steve: kirk, you ready? now it is your turn. >> now it's my turn. >> steve: we got all the time in the world. >> hugh: i think we know it. [ singing ]
1:19 am
♪ carribbean [ laughter ] ♪ carribbean [ laughter and applause ] ♪ carribbean [ laughter and applause ] ♪ carribbean >> hugh: okay, okay. >> steve: do you have a guess? >> well, i -- i'm -- i'm pretty sure i don't know -- i'm not familiar with the thing. [ light laughter ] but -- i'm going to plunk for the word jamaica. no. [ buzzer ] >> steve: don't say jamaican me crazy. [ light laughter ] don't say that. >> jimmy: i wouldn't say that. >> steve: you were about to say it. >> jimmy: no you said it. >> steve: oh, i'm sorry. you're right, i did say it. [ whispering ] >> you do it so much better -- >> am i going have to say that, too? >> jimmy: no, no. that's one clue. i got it. ♪ carribbean [ laughter ] from the movie "cocktail." >> from the movie "cocktail." >> jimmy: okay, so -- >> go ahead.
1:20 am
>> jimmy: no, no, you had -- >> i can't. i don't have this one. >> jimmy: it is same word. same word. you got the same word. all right, here we go. ♪ carribbean [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he did it already. you have to give a new -- you have to give a new word i would guess. i didn't not guess yet. >> jimmy: i have a guess. >> steve: what is it? >> jimmy: kokomo. >> oh! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: what? >> jimmy: what? what? ♪ caribbean >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> hugh: you handed it under my nose. i could have just -- >> steve: on a silver platter. >> jimmy: but jamaica is one of the words in "kokomo." [ singing "kokomo" ] ♪ bermuda bahama come on pretty mama ♪ ♪ key largo monteigo i wanna take you down to kokomo ♪ >> jimmy: you are making me
1:21 am
crazy. this is the last one right here. [ light laughter ] >> oh. >> jimmy: all the points right here are worth double. >> steve: double points. except to hugh. >> the password is crazy. [ southern accent ] >> hugh: mad. >> steve: do that one more time. >> hugh: -- i don't -- [ southern accent ] mad. >> steve: did you say mad?
1:22 am
yeah, mad. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he's english. mad. >> steve: not american mad. [ clock ticking ] >> oh, no. >> okay. [ imitating buzzer ] >> oh, no. >> steve: so close. >> jimmy: i think i've got this. ready? we can get this, celine. >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: ready? >> i hope so. [ singing ] ♪ insane [ cheers and applause ] >> in what? >> jimmy: sing it again. ♪ insane ♪ insane [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. i buy it. no, that's not a clue. sorry. [ light laughter ] >> it's like -- >> steve: just one word. the song is one word.
1:23 am
>> jimmy: please forget what he said. forget what he said. >> no, no. >> steve: well, kokomo helped. ♪ insane ♪ insane [ laughter ] >> steve: five, four. [ drum roll ] >> a singer, and the beatles and lionel richie i don't know. >> steve: three, two. [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: all right, hugh. >> steve: your turn. >> don't tell me it's one of my songs. >> jimmy: no, it is not. but you are gonna -- >> phew. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that would be bad. that would be great. oh, my god. ♪ insane >> steve: hold it! hugh to kirk. >> hugh: come in, kirk. [ laughter ] >> beam me up, scott! ♪ psychotic ♪ crazy [ cheers and applause ] [ ding ] ♪
1:24 am
>> jimmy: there's your winners right there. captain kirk and hugh laurie. [ cheers and applause ] my thanks to hugh laurie! celine dion right there! celine dion performs after the break. come on back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes
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and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza® has not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza® is not insulin. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include: swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat, fainting or dizziness, very rapid heartbeat, problems breathing or swallowing, severe rash or itching. tell your doctor if you get a lump or swelling in your neck. serious side effects may happen in people who take victoza®, including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), which may be fatal. stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis, such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest will release her first new english album in six years "love me back to life" on november 5th. performing the title track once again, my partner, celine dion! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i was walking dead ♪ ♪ i was walking dead stuck inside my head i couldn't get out turn the lights down ♪ ♪ the voices inside were so loud needed a jump-start
1:30 am
catatonia ♪ ♪ i couldn't feel i wish that i could disappear the voices inside were so real ♪ ♪ but you stood by my side ♪ night after night night after night ♪ ♪ you loved me back to life life ♪ ♪ from the coma the wait is over you loved me back to life life ♪ ♪ from the coma we're lovers again tonight back to life ♪ ♪ back to life
1:31 am
back to life back to life yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ you woke me up one touch and i felt alive you loved me back to life back to life ♪ ♪ thought i died the voices inside were so quiet but you stood by my side ♪ ♪ night after night night after night you loved me back to life life ♪ ♪ from the coma the wait is over you loved me back to life life ♪ ♪ from the coma we're lovers again tonight strong hands thick skin and an open heart ♪
1:32 am
♪ you saw through the pain saw through the mask you never gave up on me yeah ♪ ♪ life life the wait is over you loved me back to life ♪ ♪ life from the coma the wait is over ♪ ♪ back to life back to life back to life, back to life yeah yeah ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, right there. oh, my goodness. i love it.
1:33 am
celine dion! "love me back to life" in stores november 5th. we'll be right back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:34 am
1:35 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our thanks to hugh laurie. [ cheers and applause ] celine dion! and the greatest band in late might, the roots, right there, ladies and gentlemen. stay tuned for carson daly. thank you for watching. have a good night. hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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