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tv   Today  NBC  October 29, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh, indeed. it is fun day monday. october 28th. kathie lee is out. guess who is here? jenna bush hager. you're sitting here, your phone dinged or buzzed. >> it buzzed. >> and what -- >> well, my mother who is watching wrote me this. just breathe, take deep breaths and go into zen mode like dad
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did before the debate. [ laughter ] >> all right. mom, for you, i'm going to do a yoga breath. >> this is so much fun. you were busy this week. i tried to call you, we were talking about the show. >> we were both at best friends' right? i was at my best friend's wedding she was the most lovely bride. was? she is. it was so much fun. we were in san antonio. look at how lovely she is. that's her husband, harry from new zealand. that's my husband. new zealand derers in texas. >> you two know how to cut the rug? >> oh, my gosh. >> why are their ties off? >> it's the late night tour. henry does this dirty dancing move where he picks people up. >> he does that? >> he's tall.
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he's big. mia weighs about four pounds, picked her up. my friend, six pounds i'm sprinting towards him and he's ahh -- honey, that's really rude, i'm married to you. my sister and i have a bucking bronco where i ride her across the floor like a horse. >> do you still? >> are we too old? >> how about you? >> i had a great weekend. i went to new orleans. like we said. we called you. karen, my best friend loves jenna. can we conference call you? we called you. anyway, we had a great time. i spoke at a conference. a whole bunch of college kids. god knows why they watch our show. they do. then i went to my old television station. look at me, i'm the idiot in the back. i photo-bombed the news desk. >> what are they thinking? >> carl -- >> that's me.
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i'm the weird one. i'm like a jack in the box. >> did carl know? >> carl knew. that's karen. we had a great, great, great weekend. halloween's knocking on the door. >> your little mila, how old is she? >> she's 6 months. i don't care about my costume. but the baby costume -- >> we ordered the costume. my husband doesn't want me to spend more than $15, $20. there it is. that is the before. there's the after. she freaked off. once it's off, she's like hallelujah, mom. in her mouth -- >> what was that? >> it was a lion. it was in her mouth. it was all up her nose. i had to get that squeezy thing and get it out. i'm a cat person, you all know that.
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when she didn't like her lion costume, we sent it back. we sent it back. we have a couple other things coming in the mail. >> you've been a mom obviously for six months. do you like it? what is it like? this morning, you woke up you what's it like for you? >> it's the best thing in the entire world. just to be with that sweet little -- how cow not love those cheeks. but also, she's cool. >> she already has a personality. >> everybody except my mom probably thinks that. look at that. she is going to be the funniest. she cracks us up. >> i've got to tell you, before i knew you, before i knew you -- >> you were scared of me? >> i was scared of you. i remember covering the news. every now and then, we'd put up a picture of you. you would pop up in our newscast. for some reason, i distinctly remember this one. welcome to the show -- you know why i love that picture, you're like the prince harry of your family. you're like the wild one. >> everybody has one black sheep, right?
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>> you set it free. you always did what you wanted. >> honestly, i was trying to make my dad laugh. and believe don't believe it. my sister has a stuffed animal she's had for 32 years. we were playing with it. i said, dad, watch this, my dad said, that's going to end up on the front page, you watch. that's his hand. it's going to end up in the front page. i was doing the elliptical about to do a speech, i'm great, helping my dad out, there it was. >> there was the one. >> it was humiliating, of course. luckily, they have a sense of humor. >> it's halloween. they did a survey, you guys, on the most popular candy. no surprise, jenna or myself, that reese's are the number one candy. >> who created chocolate and peanut butter? >> that's a genius move. number two, m&ms, three anythingers, four hersheys, five, kit-kat.
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my least favorite -- >> three musketeers? >> why? >> they're mushy and there's nougat inside. >> my least favorite is almond joy. >> why, you don't like almonds or coconut? >> i like coconut cake. but chocolate and almond, no thank you. >> you trick or treat for mila, what's that like? >> first of all, she's six months, she won't be having candy. we're going trick or treat, but i'm sure people are going to say, what's the president doing here? >> what! >> he's trick or treating with you? >> what? >> what an interesting costume. >> we got this on the half price rack. >> what do you get asked the most about your dad, your family? >> everybody always says, what's it like living in the white house.
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then they wrote -- i never really lived in the white house. it catches them off guard. it's like, oh, i thought we caught up with you. you never lived there. but then, of course, the oatmeal. >> what? the. >> the oatmeal at the white house. what do you mean why? >> the food? >> the food. the oatmeal in particular. >> there is a law. a nationwide law. pennsylvania touched on it that it is illegal to touch a woman's belly without her permission. >> while she's pregnant. don't touch my stomach right now that should be illegal. >> i think there's a thing where people feel -- i bet they did it to you, they walked up and put their hand -- >> it's a rite of passage. what pregnant woman was not touched by the starbucks employee? i was touched by the strangest people i didn't know. it was sweet. i didn't love when they were too high up or too low down. >> oh, gosh.
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>> okay. but it's sweet. sorry, mom, she just said enough. >> well, speaking of babies, the prince, the new prince has a new baby. we can't get enough of these photos. this was from the christening, you guys. we saw one with that long gown which is beautiful. you can even believe -- >> i mean, he is adorable. can you believe her? look how lovely and elegant she. >> she was playing volleyball, did you see her. she had on wedges. her stomach was flat as a board. >> i had a baby a few months before she did. looking at pictures like that makes me cry. >> do you feel when people have a baby around you -- >> it makes you feel a little bad. >> does it? >> the thing is, i have a baby to show for it. you've got an extra couple pounds. you eat it or drink it off. >> you suggested these margaritas. i wasn't for it. >> you said the tequila shot --
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>> i said that, i said, we should have that at 9:30. you said your mom would be mad. >> i said i might throw up a little bit in my mouth. >> speaking of that, miley cyrus is back on the cover. she's on the cover of "cosmo." she's speaking a lot. she made grammy statements that i'm literally the one everybody is talking about. she calls herself the underdog. it's almost like i'm like punk rock to like me. it's not the right thing to do. society wants to shut me down. >> i have to say i did dance to this song this weekend. we're talking about her right now. >> and i do like her music a lot. >> i can't help but like it. >> do you like dancing? how do you dance? >> like that. >> she did say on her breakup with liam helmsworth, this is
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the best time of my life. she did say this is the best time of my life. >> the truth is what girl is going to say i just got dumped. she looks great. she's very thin. a great body. dancing, singing. i don't know, i would personally want to wear a couple more clothes or want my child to wear more clothes and put the foam finger away or the tongue back in the mouth. any of that. >> well, nelly recently said miley is going to be the next madonna. i think she's talented and reaching for the edges. when you act strange, you have to keep up with the game. like what do you do? how much weirder do you get? >> i think people like people who are like themselves. if you have to be people that are not themselves, you can't be the next anything. madonna was the first.
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>> you're right. oprah was the first. favorite things, girl. what did you bring? show me! >> oh, yeah. these are the most precious boots from anderson bean company in mercedes, texas. they're $35. what texas girl -- every texas girl needs a pair. every american girls need a pair of those. >> these are only 35 bucks, that's a deal. >> aren't they cute? >> i love them. my go to gift. >> mine is -- i was in new orleans, had a great time, there was a restaurant called cochon -- >> been there. it's sick! >> food is crazy. they had fried spare ribs. i thought i don't know if i'm going to like them. fried spare ribs and mint jelly. sounds not great. >> i spent a new year's dinner there at cochon. >> that's how say it -- >> you say cochon?
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>> you liked it -- >> oh, my gosh. coming up, let's see jenna dance. we got the buzz coming up. we're going to talk all tab. and then last-minute makes that will have your halloween night very special. and kate bosworth and josh lucas are with us, they've got a new film. >> and there's a baby! >> they have a baby? after these messages. [ coughs, sneezes ]
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actors kate bosworth and josh lucas take on an american literary icon in the new film "big sur." >> the film dives into the life of alcoholism. and the relationship with his best friend neal, and josh lucas and kate bosworth, his mistress. it seemed complicated. >> kate's real life husband michael polish, and josh showed up with had its baby. your baby's here and we love him. >> my baby is here because my
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baby-sitter did not show up on time. i was racing to be here on time to make that. this movie created two relationships. kate with the director michael and they ended up getting married and my wife fell in love during this movie and there's our son. >> go watch the movie. you better. >> kate, you always wanted to work with your husband, but did you think you'd end up marrying him? >> you know, i've always admired his work, and i signed on to this film because i'm such a fan of his, such a fan that i didn't ever want to leave his side again. >> i love these pictures. is it at all awkward when your boyfriend is the director? how does that work on the set? >> well, we weren't together actually on the movie. we just worked together. no, it's such a natural way to work together. it doesn't get in the way.
2:22 am
it doesn't hinder anything. it only adds to it. >> josh, you said making this movie is magical. >> if you saw the location itself, it's truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. you're taking on this iconic graphic artist in jack kerouac to deal with his own demons. they came together with no money, purely with love. that's probably why the relationships and friendships came out of it. but it was a movie built on nothing but good. and something i think very beautiful came out of it which is it a very, very honorable piece of art. >> were you guys familiar with jack kerouac's work before the film? >> just a little bit. i became more of a fan working on the movie because we had to get to know him, his character, so intimately. >> and your character is in love with him in the film. tell us about that relationship. >> well that was interesting
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because it was making its way into the era of the hippie. much more liberal mindset. so my character does yes or no for a family unit, a very conservative way of living yet very experimental in dating these two mens. >> dating both of those men. >> that was complicated, probably, right? >> it was a complicated time. it was a time of relaxation and experimenting and also one where she's yearning for the family unit. >> josh, what do you think the modern day take-away is from this film? >> these were men and people who were breaking boundaries. they were breaking apart from some of the thinking of the 1960s, post world war ii. and moving into artist exploration and free love. but there's both a good and bad that came out of that. there's a sense of great personal exploration that the film tends to understand.
2:24 am
particularly, jack trying to understand his own madness and his own relationships. and to be free and not possessive. >> sure. >> we wish you guys luck with the film. >> it's going to be at the austin film festival, right? >> we were just there. >> thank you so much. chris brown gets arrested. two stars take to twitter for two different controversies. it's in "today's buzz." and if you're an admirer, don't walk away. it may be you, phantom of the week. >> but it's unlikely. [ male announcer ] this is mike.
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♪ all right. it's monday, that means it's time to surprise the fan of the week.
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>> drumroll please while we spin the globe. >> the winner is denise wilson from florida. she's watching us. she's joining us now. hey, denise, are you excited? >> yes, i am, thank you! >> we bet you are. >> denise, you created your own wine label. >> you did. now, we also heard that you have a little song, will you sing a couple bars? >> absolutely. >> do it. ♪ those two funny girls they lighten our hearts ♪ ♪ it's fun to be a part of it new york new york ♪ >> there we go, you guys are awesome! >> amazing. >> thanks, kids, you and your guests are headed right here to new york, new york. it's the newly renovated lexington hotel. four days and three nights. you get to see "after midnight." plus, you get to meet the cast
2:29 am
backstage. they're still singing. somebody is singing. where is that coming from? hotel and air accommodations by the lexington of new york city. are you guys excited? >> oh, my gosh. >> come by and see us. who are you taking with you, denise? >> my husband of 26 years. >> oh, we're so happy you're watching. thanks. >> jill martin has the last minute must-haves for halloween. >> which celebrities got into a little hot water over the weekend. >> oh, i can't wait to find out. all of that is coming up in "today's buzz." local news first. >> yeah, you know everything.
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♪ all right. we're back on this funday monday. getting you caught up on all things hollywood. jenna bush hager is here helping
2:32 am
me do a fantastic job. >> it's fun. kathie lee is enjoying a day off. >> here to fill us in on the celebrity scoop, my man, rob chuter. >> hello. >> all right, rob. let's talk about chris brown. >> this is a big story. >> what is wrong with him? >> over the weekend, he was caught in a brawl in d.c., in the wee hours of the morning, 4:30 in the morning, he got in an altercation outside the "w" hotel. a very fancy hotel in d.c. he was arrested, taken away. he actually got released this morning. >> was it true he said before, i just want to punch somebody? >> that's been alleged. we don't know all the facts yet. it's still murky. there's several stories out there, including that one. this is where he's going to get in terrible trouble. he's still on probation. >> what is the violence? >> what is he doing? >> i think at some point, somebody has to realize he needs to get serious help.
2:33 am
he has been to these counseling sessions, he's done his community service, but it appears it's not helping. once again, he's in trouble. >> he needs a serious change. >> i think this might be it. >> do you think? >> this could be the big one. julianne hough who we love, such a great girl may have stepped into it with a halloween costume. >> made a terrible choice. her show is "orange is the new black." we love that on netflix. she went for halloween in what some people say is black face. >> it is, right? >> she's wearing very dark makeup. to her credit, she knew immediately this was a terrible choice and sent out a tweet apologizing, taking responsibility, saying she's very sorry. >> to her credit, you almost wish she would have thought of that before she did it. >> this isn't the first time. do you remember when prince harry went out in brittain dressed as a nazi for halloween?
2:34 am
>> i remember that. >> i think sometimes, you just make silly choices. she's a great girl. >> it's never okay. >> it's funny, she didn't have funs around that said, honey, that's not a great idea. surprise shed walked out the door that night. >> was among friends that night who were all dressed the same. >> except for they didn't paint their face. >> let's talk about barney's. there's some been some controversy about african-americans who have been shopping there and have had the cuffs slapped on them accused of stealing stuff. jay z has a line or talking about a line at barney's? >> he has a successful clothing line. it earns a fortune for jay z. a lot of people have come forward, saying, jay, you got to pull the line. got to do something. jay z took to his own page on facebook. he said, let me talk about this. i don't want to rush to judgment, he said if we accuse of doing stuff before it's proven, aren't we as bad as people profiling them?
2:35 am
>> see, that's what i love about him. we're so easy to jump. it's nice to take a breath. >> he said, why vilify it. ultimately, he said, this isn't going to hurt barney's or me. but it is is going to hurt a charity that he has a lot of money for for some of the clothes he sells at barney's. >> we have good news. thank god, it's high time. who had a baby, somebody had a baby? or is pregnant. >> we love he's going to be a dad. they announced it. they confirmed it yesterday. they got engaged in january. they've been dating for a couple years. they met in the finale of "snl" a couple years ago. >> how cute are they. >> a baby, if it's a boy -- >> it's done. >> thank you. >> thank you, ladies. all right. are you thinking about taking
2:36 am
another trip down the aisle? >> i love how they play halloween music. that's scary. >> terrifying. some advice to help you live happily ever after this time around. and jill martin with halloween. who is that? the baby! the baby!
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♪ we did the mash we're back with the halloween edition of "jill's must haves." everything you need to have a
2:41 am
monster mash of a good time on halloween. >> if you still need a costume, don't worry. >> jill martin on "style watch." i'm looking at you, this is genius. >> it really is. >> okay, we're getting up in a minute. an instant medusa. i want to say if your kids haven't done their costume yet -- the fire flies. i have them in the orange room right now. >> i can't even stand it. can you believe that? >> oh. >> they're vikings. >> uh-oh. the fight started. >> no, it's not. he gets a toy if he wears the hat for the whole segment. last second costumes brothers matching. >> oh, okay! >> so that's last-minute costumes. then, of course, we start with drinking. i love these skulls.
2:42 am
you can get them at any store. you can make a little drink. and pottery barn, you see the lights. >> cute. you see the floating hats. let's talk about the wigs. this dress i had my closet. all i did, $15 from target, throw on the hat. it's instant. >> that's classic. >> here's all different ones. >> and that is great. >> this looks like -- hey, looks a little like hoda. >> it could be. it could be. >> and we have more options on the side there. there we go. >> how cute. >> oh, yes. >> just having a normal conversation. >> are you just acting like you're not wearing hats? what are you talking about? >> if you want to be nicki
2:43 am
minaj. >> oh, my gosh. >> i thought of you. h & m, also great quick options, great earrings, rings just to throw on. this the new thing, these monster high kits. $5 and up it's for the kids if they want to do their nails. >> cute. >> that's available at walmart. >> i'm wearing these from nails inc. you can personalize these. this is what miley cyrus wore. >> very cute. >> you just put them over your real nail polish. >> how cute. >> if you want to do-it-yourself. this housewarming gift if you're going to a halloween party. these are from guilt starting at $40. hundreds of hours. >> they probably look cool when they're melting. >> very cool. >> scary when it melts.
2:44 am
>> two for $5. all different halloween ones. you want to pass these outs. my grandmother used to give penny because she didn't like to give candy. >> i'm sorry, like the carrot -- ever get a carrot on halloween? >> i have a skull right here. you can give them out as gifts. if you're having a party, you want to spook out your bathroom. if you want to send a halloween candy basket. lollipops, the candy. who doesn't love dunkin' donuts and baskin-robbins? this is what we have going on for halloween. these cakes are already done. you can pretend you made it. >> i will eat it. >> jenna wouldn't eat a bagel. >> i would, too. i just had a baby! >> what you should know before you walk down the aisle again. >> and madeleine shows you how to indulge without all the guilt.
2:45 am
let me just tell you, not with the donuts. right after this.
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fall is finally here. >> and for every season there's a reason to watch. wake up with al weekday mornings on the weather channel. >> just right. all your local weather, travel updates and the day's top stories. >> the front will move through and it will change the temperatures. >> you just can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know first thing. >> here's the big picture. >> we're kind of like a killer
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all right. you know how you trick or treat with your kid. and you can't help but sneak a few goodies to munch on. >> and you stand at the door handing out the treats for the little goblins, before you know what's in the candies bag, it's good to know the calories. >> so you don't blow your diet with health and diet editor madeline. >> hi, how are you? >> we're going trick or treating together. >> we're going to door number 1. >> trick or treat! >> both of these treats have the same calories. five pieces. one has a lot less fat, is it the tootsie roll -- >> it's the tootsie roll. >> it is the tootsie roll. >> i love those. >> one for jenna. >> i like to ring door number 2.
2:50 am
>> okay. >> open the door. >> here's two candy favorites. fun size servings. three three musketeers and two of the reese's peanut buttercups. all fun size. which has fewer calories. >> three musketeers. >> i don't even want to know that because we prefer this. >> there's only 40 calories difference, if you want more volume, take these three. >> i don't like three musketeers. >> okay. >> next door, here we go. >> knock, knock. >> trick or treat! >> one of these treats has 50 call reese -- calories. is it the fruit roll up or fruit chewies? >> know it! it's the fruit rollup. >> it's the fruit rollup. >> all right. >> all right. >> ding-dong. >> trick or treat! >> now we have candy corn and plain m&ms which has less sugar
2:51 am
per serving. >> hoda? >> less sugar per serving. >> candy corn is eating pure sugar. >> i'm winning. knock, knock, knock. >> trick or treat! >> now, we have a popcorn ball or rice krispy treat? which has fewer than 100 calories? >> rice krispy treat. >> you are right. it is rice krispy treat. >> you've been trick or treating. 90 calories for that, 100 calories for the popcorn ball. >> this is the last door, it's double or nothing -- whoever gets this -- >> no, we have a bonus. >> except for the bonus. >> for 45 calories which -- >> dum-dum. >> dum-dum! >> okay. >> it's not fair. she went without a turn.
2:52 am
>> now, how many gummi bears can you eat for 100 calories, 10, 20 or 30? >> 20! >> no, wait. >> 30! >> no. >> this is it, 100 calories. >> that's all? >> so gummi bears -- >> jenna wins. >> nobody wins if this is all you can eat for 100 calories. >> we're all winners on halloween. >> at least you're not giving out celery. >> oh. >> that's so nice. thank you, jerry. >> thank you. how not to make the same mistake if you plan on saying "i do" for a second time. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ >> is it? >> it sure is.
2:53 am
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2:55 am
2:56 am
all right. when you say "i do" you want it to last a lifetime. but for a lot of couples it doesn't work out that way. >> kim kardashian was planning to take a trip down the aisle for the third time when she maris kanye west. what should kim and everybody know before tying the knot again.
2:57 am
the neuman method, creating your best marriage. >> and tracy has a book "why you're not married." i didn't realize the success rate of second and third are much worse than the success of a first marriage. >> second marriage goes up to 60% divorce rate. third marriage, 73%. >> is that surprising? >> it's not because -- very practically, usually the second marriage, there's children involved. we love our children. in fact, we love our children more than our second spouse. the stress is so tough it can ruin and create a conflict. >> people go into a marriage and say now i know what i want. i'm finding the right guy for me. >> you're still the same person, you know. >> you make the same mistakes again. >> you're still you unless you address what's going on with
2:58 am
you. you were 50% of your first marriage, chances are whatever you were doing in the first marriage that you didn't resolve, you just bring into the second marriage with you. >> so what's your advice on how to fix it? >> well, it's typical in that first marriage, people leave thinking, well, my spouse is crazy. i was young and stupid. they never take responsibility. >> right. >> you must say, what happened what did i do or not do? maybe i didn't get therapy early enough. maybe i was too aggressive and took things personally. you have to have this answer, what am i going to do differently the next marriage. if you don't have good answers don't go forward until you do. >> you can do this in a first marriage. we've all had boyfriends, significant others or girlfriends. you can kind of think what did i do in these relationships that would hinder my first marriage. >> you've been married a few times? >> i have. i got married too young. i got married in a fantasy. it was about the wedding or domestic bliss or security i was going to get.
2:59 am
it wasn't because i want to be part of a partnership and make it work. and really be of service to the other person. it was more what about i was going to get and how i was going to feel different. >> what if your spouse, if it's a second and third marriage, and they do put their children first, which everyone says that happens a lot? what's a person to do? >> the practical thing is to have communication and discussion. too many people don't deal with the tough questions. how are we going to discipline this children? how are we going to make the rules? you've got two 15 year olds. that's the heart of the resolution. >> we could be talking about this a long time. you guys are great. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. and a thank you to miss jenna, you were a great host. >> the margaritas, the candy. >> the doughnut holes. >> the company. >> the company. >> we'll have a great show tomorrow, anthony mackie is going to be here. mary steenburgen.
3:00 am
blake shelton's mother. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> have a great monday. we'll see you tomorrow. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause]


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