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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. we start with weather. if you thought it's been cold the last 24 hours, get ready for chillier conditions. it's time to bring in those pets, protect your plants, because a frost advisory is about to take effect. jeff ranieri has been tracking the conditions. it's going to get down right cold. >> for some isolated areas and
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that clear picture on the other side of the screen, that is one of the key factors that we'll see for these temperatures continuing to drop throughout the overnight hours. right now we are seeing a few locations from 5 to about 13 degrees cooler at this hour, compared to this time yesterday. half moon bay feeling it again. 13 degrees cooler this hour compared to this time yesterday. so let's get to the frost advisory. most critical for those of you in the north bay that are living in the hills above 1,000 feet to be concerned about this with temperatures dropping into the 30s. for the morning hours, remember that jacket and also to player. with a few areas of frost that will likely develop in the hills, you want to watch out for patchy, slick spots on the roadways, especially on the bridges and overpasses. common sense stuff like bringing in the stuff and protecting those plants. again, this is a temperature
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range of about 30 to 35 degrees in the hills above 1,000 feet, including areas just outside of napa and then you can see here just off to the west of here as well. this goes for areas here just to the west of san rafael, also fairfax as well with the temperatures from 30 to 35. north bay hills will be the coldest, ranging from 30 to 33 degrees. napa, 37. petaluma, 38. novato, expecting 39 degrees. south san jose, mid 40s. more coming up in the full forecast on how long all of this will last. plus a little bit of a warmup coming our way in that halloween forecast in about 15 minutes. new at 11:00, beefing up security tonight. the santa clara city council has approved spending $200,000 on background checks for new police officers to help patrol the
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stadium. levi stadium expected to open next august. the city plans to hire 100 police officers for 49ers games and concerts. officers will earn $55 an hour. to apply, candidates have to be a current or retired police officer. office duty pd will be given first choice. violence at nfl games has become a big concern after several fights at candle stick park in recent years. newly released surveillance video to show you. police in campbell some men here highlighted in this video were involved in saturday's shooting at a nightclub called the spot. officers say one of four people in this group shot a club employee after he came out of the parking lot and told them to turn down their music.
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the victim in the shooting is still recovering at a local hospital. following up an exclusive. a teenager accused of killing a paramedic awaits trial. boyer's widow spoke last night. as you heard, he was shot in the head during an attempted carjacking back on april 2. he was taken off life support two days later. today, a judge ruled there is enough evidence for 16-year-old christian burton to stand trial. the courtroom today backed with boyer's friends and co-workers and family, including his widow, liz. >> why feels like a pointless question when you talk about someone who should still be here, who wasn't done yet and had a lot left to offer to the world at large. >> barton is being tried as an adult. police think he and five other
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teens, some as young as 13, were on a crime spree when they targeted boyer. the other boys have been charged in juvenile court. new details on the investigation into the b.a.r.t. accident. the state legislature will look into worker safety. a hearing will take place next week, that stems from the week that killed a b.a.r.t. worker and contractor on october 19. a train driven by a trainee hit and killed the two men. the ntsb is conducting its own investigation. it's not just a problem in the plats but in the foothills and mountains. an increase in crime has led to an outpouring of concern for a lot of homeowners. crime is not something they're used to dealing with. new tonight at 11:00, george kiriyama is in the santa cruz mountains with the details. george? >> reporter: for many who have lived up here for deid kas, this is unchartered territory. they say they moved away from the big cities for peace and
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quiet. now crime is starting to climb up the mountain. the peacefulness that drew many people to live here. but in 30 short days, that's been shattered. neighbors feel different now. >> when you're violated like that, you feel vulnerable. >> reporter: their home was broken into almost two weeks ago. eight other homes have been burglarized in the last 30 days, making many concerned if they might be next. >> when you get burglarized, you realize there's a crime spree going on at this point. >> reporter: that's why more than 200 point showed up at this safety meeting. they learned the seclusion of the mountains is not immune to crime. >> the number of people that showed up tonight speaks for itself. i think the whole community, and this particular crime spree has been awakened to what's going on. >> reporter: the deputies urged the neighbors to communicate
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more. a definite challenge, because the homes are spread out. >> education is key. if we can tell them what to look for, how to better protect themselves, it makes them less of a chance to being a victim. >> it's going to take an effort by the neighborhood to keep an eye out and help the police track these people down. >> reporter: there was some talk of getting neighbors together in groups to together the discussion, as well as to get to know each other better. live in santa cruz mountains, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. now to continuing coverage of the controversial shooting in the north bay. an active bay of protests turned into apemotional night of remembrance. hundreds gathered to say goodbye to andy lopez, shot and killed by a deputy last week. the deputy thought the boy's replica rifle was real. jean elle joins us with more. >> reporter: jessica, you can
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feel the emotion in santa rosa tonight. at that funeral mass and here at this growing memorial for 13-year-old andy lopez. there is sandness, anger, and there is also fear. hundreds of tearful mourners watched silently as 13-year-old andy lopez's friends and family place his body back in a hearse. his emotional parents holding on, not wanting to say goodbye after his funeral mass. >> the mother was laying on the coffin. her heart was, you know, full of grief. >> reporter: for many, it was overwhelming, as loved ones remembered a teenage boy who friends say was quick to smile and played the trumpet at school. a 13-year-old boy killed by a sheriff's deputy one week ago. the deputy thought his replica toy rifle was a real ak-47.
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>> this is a big loss. >> reporter: pedro says the death has shaken the community in santa rosa. >> i have three kids, too. and i don't want that to happen with my kids. >> reporter: holding her 3-year-old daughter, kayla says she is heart broken. >> he was only 13, and now his parents have to offer. >> reporter: they say they came to the service to pay their respects, and also to demand justice and to do something to make sure this never happens again. >> i don't want my daughter to have to grow up and this happen to her in the future. i don't want this to happen and things need to change in our community. >> reporter: tonight, that community is united in grief. after the service tonight, this flyer was being handed out. it's information about another vigil in lopez's honor tomorrow night in santa rosa. jean elle, nbc bay area news.
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a few hours before the funeral for the young boy. hundreds, many teenagers, hit the streets of santa rosa, protesting his death. tensions were high as the crowd converged on the sheriff's office where they came face to face with deputies in riot gear. police say it was mostly peaceful and no arrests were made. straight ahead, a big change to twitter. the new feature that some say may be a little too visual. also, handing out letters instead of candy. one woman's halloween plan that is leading to controversy and concern for children. back in a moment.
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locked and loaded. a south bay city says it's ready to take on the nra. voters will decide on a measure which, in passes, would tighten gun laws in the city and possibly also prompt a lawsuit. chase cane is live where city leaders say they're okay with getting sued? >> reporter: they say they are. but they also tell us that nothing in this proposal should warrant a lawsuit. this proposal has four different parts. it would require that a gun that is inside a home be locked up when the owner is away. it would require that any gun stolen be reported within 48 hours. and it would require a detailed record of all ammo sales, and it would ban any magazines which holds more than ten rounds. opponents say that goes just too far. >> we need to do something. >> reporter: the mayor says gun
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laws didn't really matter to him until last december 14th. the day 26 people died in connecticut in that mass shooting. >> i got angry. i said enough's enough. when do we stop? >> reporter: and soon tlefr, a proposal for voters to give sunnyvale some of the strictest laws around, laws which the national rifle association has said it will sue to stop. so if this passes, you're okay with getting sued by the nra? >> yeah. not that i'm okay with it, but that's their typical way they do business. they're a bully. they act like bullies. >> reporter: if voters approve this measure on tuesday, it would come in a city that saw just three murders last year and fewer than 80 robberies. those statistics put sunnyvale well below the national average. >> we're a safe city, but it needs to start somewhere.
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>> reporter: eric fisher owns u.s. firearms. in yao were unsure, the signs and flyers in his store tell you exactly how he feels about the proposed gun laws. >> gun owners and gun shop owners, it's real important to us that we deal with the criminal and mentally ill component of what's wrong, because it directly affects our business. >> reporter: instead, he says the measure just strips rights from law abiding gun owners. >> i think it's big government mentality on a small level. if laws are to be effective, they need to be statewide or countrywide for them to have an impact. >> we need to do it and it needs to happen locally and go from ground up and not top down. top down is not happening. life has to be more valuable than we're treating it. i think this is where we start. >> reporter: the mayor will be termed out of office at the end of the year and said if this
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measure passes next week, he's talking to the city of mountain view about putting a similar ballot on their measure. we did reach out to the nra for comment, but they did not respond. >> chase, thank you. tomorrow morning, the federal official in charge of the obama care rollout will testify in congress. tonight, there's more trouble. for the second time in three days, an outage has kept customers from submitting new applications. it's had glitches since it launched october 1. earlier today, the administrator of medicare and medicaid appeared before congress and vowed to fix all the problems by the end of next month. >> to the millions of americans who have attempted to use, i want to apologize the website has not
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worked as well as it should. >> officials say a problem has to do with network issues. a twitter feed has changed all in the name of commerce. starting today, users will see photos and videos in the feed. in the past, you had to clix expand within a tweet to see the pictures. some analysts poim out it's easier to see the advertisements. twitter is getting ready to offer its ipo next week. a new and shocking way to stop a thief from making off with your iphone. it's an iphone case and stun gun in one. the case delivered a 650 kilovolt charge. if you're attacked, you can stun your attacker with the stun gun and run away. >> i know that it's been a hot topic, iphone thefts recently. my suggestion is vigilance.
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be aware of your surroundings. understand where you're using your phone and where you're not using it. >> the case, which comes in several colors are on sale on the company website and it goes for $99. look up in the sky. new video tonight, not fleet week, but it is impressive. jets flying over redwood city. six of them soared through the skies, making four low passes over redwood shores. all part of the battlefield for video game launch. for about ten minutes, the jets shot through the air with white smoke shooting out behind them. they got as low as 1,000 feet. just 100 days away from the winter olympics. today, russia kicked off the countdown with celebrations around the country, and the host city along the black sea, hundreds of volunteers formed
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the number 100 in the park, and the rush is on to finish all the projects before the games begin. of course, you can watch the winter olympics next february right here on nbc bay area. the u.s. freestyle ski team unveiled their uniforms in new york city today. the clothing company's factory right here in the bay area. go to for olympic coverage and sign up for a newsletter, as well. the weather there a little brisk. the weather here in the bay area also brisk. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> that frost advisory is in effect for the hills above 1,000 feet in the north bay. temperatures ranging from 30 to 34 degrees tomorrow morning. remember the pets, take them inside. and also cover up the plants. it will be the coldest again in
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the hills above 1,000 feet. but overall, expecting widespread temperatures ranging in the 40s. some of the coldest numbers, around 33 in north bay hills. napa 37. south san jose 45, and it will feel chilly out there. more on some of the other colder spots we can expect coming up in the forecast. let's get a first look at that wednesday and we'll start off mainly clear as we go throughout tomorrow morning and temperatures even at 8:00 a.m. in the mid 40s. so a day to bring out that new jacket. by the noon hour, temperatures not too warm. 4:00 p.m., below average on the cool side, with just a smidge warmer with those interior valleys. outside, you can see in san francisco, it is clear. we have maximum radiational cooling happening. clear skies and light winds.
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off to the south, other good news. in san jose, no airport delays. who will be the coldest again in the north bay? 37 in napa. throughout the east bay, 44 in almond valley. 47 in san jose. tomorrow, we'll see the numbers going up, but definitely not near average. still about 5 to 7 degrees below. 67 in san jose. 68 in morgan hill. livermore, 68. low 60s from san francisco to about pacifica with 67 in napa. cool during the morning hours and the afternoon. our afternoon temp in october 84 in livermore. we are way out of whack here. but we'll start to see things get back to normal in that forecast.
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halloween still looks okay. temperatures in the upper 50s and cloud cover for the trick or treaters. let's look at the seven-day forecast. there's that warming. by thursday, friday and saturday, temperatures in the low 70s inland. we cool back down again as we go throughout next week. so one more cold day and then looking pretty good here for the next couple of days. >> one more cold day. >> then trick or treat weather. thank you, jeff. just ahead, men look at women's bodies but women say, they might be just as guilty. the eye opening new research coming up next.
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a north dakota woman plans out hands out tricks instead of treats this halloween. she announced on a radio station she's going to give letters to children who she believes are
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"moderately obese." here's a look at the letter. it says, my hope is that you will step out as a parent and reprove candy this halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits. she says she wants to send a message. psychologists have proven something that women have known for ages, that many men look at women's bodies before their faces. but women look at other women's bodies first, as well. researchers used eye tracking technology and found both sexes fixed their gaze on chests and waists. they say evolution may be behind the stares since men are draup to women's bodies for child bearing. up next, the warriors are making news. and we also have jay. fun show tonight. savannah guthrie here from "the today" show, and audience member
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sizzle reel coming up.
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dave feldman joins us. it is opening night in the nba, and what are warriors fans saying tonight? we're not scared of the lakers. >> no, we're not. and they'll be tired when they get here. the nba season is already under way, with three games in the books. the warriors begin their season tomorrow, and they'll be without one of their stalwarts. harrison barnes will miss the first two games with inflammation in his left foot. tomorrow, make sure you flip over us to on bay area, starting at 5:00, and we'll lead you deep into the night with all the coverage against the lakers that you could ever want.
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the 49ers currently sit at 6-2, a game behind statle in the nfc west. today, the coach was asked about the strength of his team and how he views them in comparison to the nfl's best. >> beyond subtraction, multiplication, long division, i don't have an exact answer for you in percentage. i start seeing decimals and algebra and calculus there. the san diego state baseball team. every year they dress up in costu costumes. maybe the most entertaining scrimmage or all-time. this is the guy, dressed up as a chargers cheerleader, rounding the bases. also, you've got a jamaican bobsled team getting ready to
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bat. that will do it for sports. raj, the lakers beat the clinton tonight, so the lakers are hopefully tired because they have to fly up north and will take on the warriors tomorrow night. >> thanks, dave. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car...
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it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing. ♪ are you digging it? this is the new flight safety video. they sing, rap and dance through the must-do demo to keep passengers paying attention. yeah, put on your mask. it takes off on friday. the faa says you have to have one of these videos, but it doesn't say what your video has to be. so i like this version. >> i do, too. >> i would just like to know
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more about it. >> i liked the old boring way of doing things. >> we wake up tomorrow morning, nice and cold out there. temperatures in the 30s to start up in the north baby the afternoon. a chilly day inland. upper 60s. friday, mid 70s across the east and south bay. >> bundle up. >> bye-bye.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here. hey, i saw a survey for halloween of the scariest halloween movies. and number one scariest movie was "the exorcist." that was for women. scariest movie for men --


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