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tv   Today  NBC  October 30, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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bob redell, up at oracle. good morning. breaking overnight, they were warned. nbc news obtained a new report showing the obama administration knew about problems with the health care website weeks before its launch, as cat l kathleen s heads to capitol hill toy for what's expected to be a contentious hearing. can she keep her job? her hero. for the first time, the wife of a nevada teacher who was killed during that tragic school shooting speaks out. >> he has told everyone that everyone he loves and cared about, he would lay down his life for them, and that's exactly what he did that day. >> this morning, her surprising message to the gunman's family. and show-steelers. the ohio state marching band's performances has the whole country talking.
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the story behind their amazing moves today, wednesday, october 30th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer alongside al roker and natalie morales. savannah is out in los angeles this morning after what she told me to describe as a triumphant appearance on "the tonight show" last night. >> she must have trashed you. >> no, no, i said so many nice things about you guys, but they cut it all out. i'm sorry. >> oh. >> the editing, right? >> we understand. did you have a good time? >> it was really fun, really, really fun. but an all-nighter here in los angeles. >> all right, well, you look none the worse for wear and tear. >> great. >> we'll check in with you in a couple of minutes. let us start with our top
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story today, a new problem for the president and the federal health care website that report of advanced warnings before its troubled launch. nbc's peter alexander is at the white house with more on this. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. kathleen sebelius is testifying right now before congress. we want to show you a live picture. just moments ago, she spoke directly to those americans frustrated by the obama care website's problems, saying you deserve better and i apologize. today, it's kathleen sebelius's turn on the hot seat, facing a highly skeptical republican-led house committee. >> it's one of those classics. either you failed to plan or you plan to fail, and we'll seek answers in that regard. >> reporter: lawmakers will be armed with new evidence of warnings about the crippled obama care website one month before it launched. overnight, nbc news obtained this status report that's been submitted to congress from's main contractor, indicating cgi reported significant concerns whether the site was ready to go.
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one heading describes top risks currently open and says the testing time frames are not adequate to complete full functional system and integration testing activities. >> this initial experience has not lived up to our expectations or the expectations of the american people, and it is not acceptable. >> reporter: today in boston at the very site where former governor mitt romney signed massachusetts's health care law, president obama will tout the benefits of the affordable care act, but it's his promises that have put the white house on the defensive. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. >> reporter: as nbc news has been reporting since monday, many americans who buy individual coverage have been notified that their current policy will be canceled or changed because it doesn't meet obama care's minimum standards. among the nearly 2 million facing the prospect of having to get new insurance, michael salamoni in st. louis. >> we were told to expect something, and right now they're
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really not, you know, meeting up to our expectations. >> but you say to nbc news, who says millions are going to lose their coverage? >> well, in all deference to the press corps, many of whom are here today, i think that it's important to be accurate about what is going on, and i would defer, again, to the president of the -- >> all right, reclaiming -- >> we will have ongoing coverage. >> reporter: so, to be very clear, 80% of americans are not impacted by these cancellations or changes because they get insurance through their employer or through the government. the white house emphasizes those losing their policies are getting better plans with roughly half of those expected eligible for subsidies. as for that status report, an administration official says it was not a dire warning but a list of things to do, savannah. >> all right, peter alexander. thank you. and as the white house handles those problems, it is also facing serious new questions about the nsa's spying program. how is the administration coping with these dual crises? let's turn to chuck todd, nbc's
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political director and chief white house correspondent. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. >> let's start with health care. we've moved beyond a website problem, now talking about cancellation of policies, something that goes to the core of insurance coverage. and even if it only affects a small part of the insurance market, should the white house have been more up front about it? is there a credibility issue here? >> reporter: i think there's definitely a credibility issue. and look at the point in time we're at, where the country, and its views of washington, and suddenly, you have the picture of two parties, a democratic party led by the president, that apparently doesn't know how to govern, has a competency issue when it comes to this health care website, juxtapose next to a republican party who apparently has no interest in governing. and the lack of precipitation and sort of laying the groundwork and of expectation-setting by this white house was poor from the get-go. i mean, having the president go out there and make a promise that he had no control to keep, right? making that promise, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. well, it was impossible to keep that promise.
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you can't tell a company, you know -- 80% of us, you and i, we don't get to control our health care policy. we work for a company who controls our health care policy, so, that was a promise that they couldn't keep, a false set of expectations. they did it on the website. and it's a continuing problem with this white house. they want to so hard -- they want to try so hard not to show any weakness, that they end up overpromising, and now it's led to a big credibility problem. >> well, let me turn to another problem, and that is the disclosure that the united states was spying on some friendly world leaders, allies. yesterday we saw two top intelligence officials on the hill vigorously defending most of these practices, trying to correct the record, but they have some explaining to do, including to allies, right? >> reporter: well, they do. and in fact, today, german's -- the germany counterparts to our national security adviser and our intelligence chief have come to washington for answers.
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they're meeting at the white house with their american counterpa counterpart, susan rice and james clapper. and every administration official i talk to on this issue with germany, and it goes to not just spying on merkel's cell phone, but maybe the fact that they misled germany on some of the surveillance that was being done, they truly do feel bad about this. it is going to lead to some sort of agreement with germany, maybe a low-spying, not quite no-spying agreement. but as far as the other countries complaining about surveillance, you heard in that testimony yesterday, they don't take the complaints from france or some of these other countries very seriously. but this issue with germany they take very seriously. >> chuck, so much to talk about. thank you so much. appreciate it. matt? >> savannah, thanks very much. natalie's here now with breaking news. unfortunately, a tranlic story out of south carolina. >> that's right, out of greenwood, south carolina. the bodies of six people were discovered inside a south carolina home tuesday night. sheriff's deputies were called to the home in greenwood county for a possible domestic violence disturbance. when deputies arrived, no one
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answered. the s.w.a.t. team entered the home, and that's when they discovered the bodies of four adults and two children. police say four other children had been released from the house before the shootings. police are investigating the incident as a murder-suicide. an off-duty pilot is facing serious charges this morning, accused of groping a 14-year-old girl during a flight. 45-year-old michael james pascal is charged with abusive sexual contact. he is a pilot for a delta connection but was on a delta flight from detroit to salt lake city as a passenger. the alleged victim says when she woke up from a nap, pascal was touching her. the girl told a flight attendant what happened and she was moved to another seat. washington redskins owner daniel snyder will meet today with the oneida indian nation, a group that believes that the redskins name is offensive. still, snyder says he has no plans to change the name of the franchise. that's what came out of a meeting between snyder and nfl commissioner roger goodell on tuesday. goodell has said in the past that the nfl must listen to those who find the name
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offensive, but a final decision on changing it lies with snyder. well, this next story has a nice ring to it. a football hall of famer whose super bowl ring was stolen 25 years ago now has that ring back this morning. lance alworth earned the ring after winning the super bowl with the dallas cowboys back in 1972. the ring was then stolen in 1988. alworth says he got a call two weeks ago from an unknown person offering to sell him the ring for $40,000. the ring ended up at a nearby auction house and it was returned to alworth. no arrests have been made. an update on a story we first brought you on tuesday about a surfer who helped save the life of a fellow surfer. video has emerged of those dramatic moments. miah gabeda was riding a huge wave in portugal when she wiped out. she was left in the water getting pounded by violent waves and fellow surfer carlos brolet saved her and carried her back to the beach where she had to be resuscitated.
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i spoke with him via skype earlier this morning. >> i think i'm fortunate to be lucky to be at the right place at the right time. it was a tough day. like i said, too, you know, it's really important to have maya with us, more important than anything else. >> gabeda suffered a broken ankle but is otherwise doing fine. brolet then went on later in the day to break a record by riding that 100-foot wave. amazing. pope francis got a surprise visitor over the weekend when a little boy wandered on to the stage in front of thousands of people. there was a crowd of about 150,000 gathered in st. peter's square for an event about families. the boy stood close to pope francis as speakers addressed the audience. at one point, the pontiff smiled, patted him on the cheek and the boy even grabbed on to his leg at some point. pope francis seemed to enjoy that moment. that's grade. >> some of his aides tried to usher the little boy off and he's like, no, went on and
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hugged him longer. very, very cute. >> grabbing on to the leg. >> got to love that. isn't that great? more reason to love pope francis. >> yeah, it really is. >> even kids know he's an approachable man. >> exactly. >> natalie, thanks. you have video of a dust storm. normally we look at these as a curiosity. this was deadly. >> fourth deadliest dust storm in arizona history, deadliest in almost 20 years. 3 people died, 19 people injured, over 20 vehicles involved in this. this is between casagrande and tucson, and phoenix, arizona. you can see the rescue choppers lifting off. let's show you on the satellite. we can actually see this dust storm on the visible satellite. you can see right here, the dust coming through. this is part of a front that is going to be pushing on through, and we're watching this system because we've got a big storm system that's going to affect a good portion of the country over the next 24 hours as we make our way into halloween. we've got this warm, moist air coming up ahead of this front. we've got a cold front back
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behind this, this warm front. this is going to be the big culprit here that's going to be bringing in all this warm, moist air up out of the gulf. so, from kansas city today to san antonio, look for the risk of damaging winds and hail. and tomorrow, for halloween, a wide area going to be under the gun for dangerous weather, from columbus, evansville, memphis, all the way down to houston. dangerous wind, hail, lightning and the possibility of tornadoes on halloween night. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up. ooh. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing.
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and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks very much. now to some dramatic testimony in court at the trial of the captain of that ill-fated "costa concordia" cruise ship, and it could explain a little bit about what happened that night. nbc's keir simmons has details on that. keir, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. a year ago, the captain of the "costa concordia" in an interview with nbc news denied he had had an affair, denied that the alleged lover was on
7:14 am
the brid >> the time is 7:13. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. make sure you are ready for that. 36, santa rosa. 37, napa. you can see mostly clear start to the day in san francisco. we are looking good there. otherwise, we are going to see a nice, sunny finish to the day. 71 in livermore. 68 in san jose. 70 in gilroy. the warmup continues as we head through the week. ship ran aground in 2012. >> people find out something that i tried to hide for two years from my life because this is my private life and i have a baby, and this is necessary for me to hide. >> reporter: on the night the "concordia" sank, she had been invited on to the bridge. now, dominique morton has finally conceded, reluctantly giving evidence in court that she was the captain's lover. >> the judge forced me to say something that is so private, and i hope that will help him or the process to go on.
7:15 am
>> reporter: on trial, captain francesco schettino, who is 53 and is married, strongly denies the relationship, despite this photograph of them together enjoying oysters. speaking a year ago to nbc news, the captain said he was not with dominiqua on the bridge that night. >> this girl, she was outside of the door. she wasn't my really guest, she was close to me, but she was outside. >> reporter: but as the ship sank, the prosecution questions why the captain fled, leaving 32 passengers to die. his lawyer denies it. >> the captain didn't leave the ship. he just tried to do everything to save people. >> reporter: dominiqua morton herself is seeking damages from captain schettino. he faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted of manslaughter. and we've also learned that when the ship ran aground, dominica went back to the captain's cabin to collect her belongings and that she was having dinner at the captain's table with him
7:16 am
until around 15 minutes before the ship ran aground. so, savannah, perhaps, just perhaps we're getting a little closer to understanding what happened that night, savannah. >> wow. keir simmons in london, thank you very much. now to a mystery on both coasts, secret floating barges that have the tech world abuzz and people wondering what's in them. here's cnbc's josh lipton with the story. >> reporter: it's a mystery at sea, or at least in the san francisco bay, a floating structure sitting on a barge off treasure island, a small piece of land under the famed bay bridge. >> my best idea is some kind of experience, customer experience. >> i thought it was a winery, so i'm not too sure. >> it will be a floating information center. >> reporter: the coast guard confirmed it is associated with google, the tech giant known for top-secret development and revolutionary projects like goog google's balloon-powered internet that will float in the stratosphere, but there's a nondisclosure agreement in place and the company had no comment
7:17 am
on the barge. >> a company like google wants to control its message, and whatever it's up to, we don't really know why, and that's what makes this all so intriguing. >> reporter: according to the tech website cnet, google does have a patent for a water-based data center. experts actually say the idea makes sense. the structure would be mobile, you could use water to cool it. while data storage isn't quite as exciting as, say, google glass, the mystery may be deepening. another barge reported to be registered to the same company as the one in san francisco appeared on the shores of portland, maine, last week. no confirmation if they are related, but residents there are curious as well. >> it looks a little mysterious and it looks a little iffy. >> reporter: building up intrigue about the barge floating under the bay bridge. for "today," josh lipton, san francisco. >> hmm. >> okay, guys, so what do we think it is? >> i don't know. i'm going to google it right after the show. >> yeah, exactly. >> i think it's a data center.
7:18 am
>> it has something to do with a shark and a laser. do you remember when you were kids trick or treating houses in your neighborhood that would give away pennies or fruit? >> that's not the houses we went to. >> there's always that one house. >> remember the ones that ended up with the toilet paper in the trees? >> exactly. well, lots of chatter this morning about a woman in fargo, north dakota, if you are a skinny little spider man you might get a piece of candy. however she is writing and sending out kids that come to her door and in part they say your child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this halloween season. this woman was on a local radio
7:19 am
show and went on to say this. >> i just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. i think it's just really irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy just because all of the other kids are doing it. >> well, go to the survey. during giving trick or treaters a letter instead of candy help fight childhood obesity? >> lauren writes on twitter this is disgusting and could be mentally scarring to vulnerable children to be isolated like that. let us know what you think. >> that's outrageous. >> she's in trouble. >> coming up the widow of the teacher that died in that tragic school shooting out in nevada speaks out for the first time, savannah. and doctors in a bidding war
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for your business. the website that could save you tens of thousands of dollars. but is it safe? but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, an adorable story t baby brought to tears by the sounds of her mom's singing voice. we'll meet them. ♪ and live from columbus, the amazing ohio state marching band and how they create the incredible formations. that's coming up right after your local news and weather. that khan academy is a not-for-profit with a mission of providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us and said, "we are really interested in making sure that everyone really understands personal finance." we're like, "well, we're already doing that."
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it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. san francisco police asking for the public's help trying to track down a witness. they are looking for for the man who reportedly told staff at sf general hospital he saw a woman's body lying in a stairwell. the body of missing patient, lynn spaulding, was found inside the stairwell several days later. there is another demonstration and vigil being planned for tonight for 13-year-old andy lopez in santa rosa. the rally comes after hundreds of people attended his funeral mass last night. the 13-year-old was shot and killed by a sun know onoma coun sheriff's deputy last week. he thought lopez' replica rifle was a real ak-47. they are conducting an independent investigation into the shooting. the nra says it will sue the city of sunnyvale if they pass a
7:28 am
measure enacted some of the strictest laws in the couldn't interest country. the measure will go before voters next tuesday. christina loren says we are expecting some sunshine. it is going to be nice later on today. good morning to you at home. it is cold to start the day, 36 in santa rosa. 37 in napa. 44 in san jose. we are in the upper 30s in gilroy. we want to show you a live picture of the reason why it is nice and clear to start the day. no blanket of low clouds to trap in the warmth. the sun is going to be out in full force later on. we will warm up. 71, livermore, 66, fremont. we are going to jump out of the upper 50s into the mid-60s today at the coast. by tomorrow, halloween looking good. 77, inland, 61 at the coast.
7:29 am
>> we had an earlier accident that had state route 24 closed coming in from walnut creek and concord. that has been open now. if you are using that route, your not having to deal with the closure. it was closed earlier this morning. the altamont pass continues to remain closed. we will see you in about 25 minutes with another update.
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back now at 7:30. there's a pretty shot of the sun coming up on a wednesday morning. it's the 30th of october 2013. we really want to see your photos. send us with #todaysunrise as the day is coming up wherever you are. perhaps we'll show it on the big board there. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie in los angeles this morning. matt, al and natalie are holding down the fort in studio 1a. >> all right, we miss you here, savannah, but we do want to take a look at some of the stories making headlines this morning. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius heads to capitol hill today to face what are expected to be some very tough questions about those glitches with the health care website. meantime, al is checking a halloween night storm th impact millions of
7:31 am
trick-or-treaters. severe weather expected from texas to ohio. a lot of people are talking about this little boy. he wandered on stage as the pope addressed a massive vatican crowd, and he would not leave his side. it seemed much to the delight of the pope. >> well, that one certainly got us all here, but this next story is going to really -- i think it moved a lot of people to emotion. a baby brought to tears by her mom's singing voice. i watched this one three times yesterday. couldn't get enough of it, savannah. >> we look forward to that one. but we are going to begin this half hour with new details on last week's school shooting in nevada. for the first time, we are hearing from the wife of the hero teacher who was killed, and nbc's joe fryer sat down with her. good morning, joe. good to see you. >> good morning, savannah. sharon and mike landsberry celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary just before the shooting. sharon says she was not surprised that her husband tried to stop the shooting and she holds no ill will toward the
7:32 am
gunman and his family. [ sirens ] >> i'm calling from sparks middle school. we have a shooting at our school. >> reporter: it was the definition of a tragic story, a 12-year-old opened fire outside sparks middle school last week, wounding two students and killing math teacher mike landsberry before taking his own life. but in the days that have followed, landsberry's family is finding comfort in a story of love. >> he has told everyone that everyone he loves and cared about, he would lay down his life for them, and that's exactly what he did that day. >> reporter: police say that he bought other students time to get away. what does that mean to you? >> that they were safe and he did what he told them that he would do. >> reporter: why was it so important for you to do this? >> i wanted everyone to know how much he loved his country, his family, his students. the last thing i heard from him that morning was, "good-bye, beautiful.
7:33 am
have a good day. can't wait to be home with you so we can go for our walk. i love you." and the last words he heard from me were "i love you, too." >> he is my stepfather, but to me, he's my dad. he loved me and my sister so much. >> reporter: because the shooter is no longer with us, we may never actually know why this happened. >> knowing why to me doesn't matter. my husband laid down his life doing what he loved to do and protecting the ones he loved. the family is going to grieve just like we are. >> reporter: if you had the chance, what would you say to his family? what would you want them to know? >> that i'm sorry that they've lost their son, and i know they're hurting, but mr. l. loved him no matter what, and his family does, too. >> reporter: and mike landsberry had two stepdaughters. the youngest one he actually
7:34 am
inspired to join the military. she had her graduation ceremony from naval recruitment training just four days after the shooting, and they still went ahead and had the graduation ceremony, which was incredibly emotional. >> i can't believe their composure and their grace. >> they're an incredibly strong family. >> joe, thank you for bringing us their story. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> back to new york and matt. >> savannah, thank you very much. and we'll take a turn and look at mr. roker and say what have you got? well, we've got a big, big storm that's going to be developing tomorrow for halloween. a lot of trick-or-treaters are going to be affected by this system. and you can see it's a wide area, stretching from houston all the way to columbus. in fact, to give you a sense of this, we are talking distancewise, i mean, it really stretches out from houston, as you make your way all the way up to columbus. we're talking about 1,100 miles. so, we're going to be watching this. the futurecast for this really shows the story, because it's going to be bringing in large hail, damaging winds, tornadoes. you can see the heavy activity
7:35 am
moving out of dallas, making its way as far north as chicago during the afternoon. and not only are we going to have a lot of rain with this system, wind is going to be a big problem. we can show you with this depiction of all the winds, and you can see the darker colors, the winds, they start to converge, so we're looking at heavy wind from dallas, making its way up to st. louis, chicago, heavy winds from minneapolis, across to cleveland. so, it's going to be wet, it's going to be windy, and that's going to mean some dangerous conditions. in fact, rainfall amounts basically about anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of rain. heaviest rain from north texas on in
7:36 am
don't forget, get your 3 c3 el tiempo en linea. continuación tendencias el >> a.l, thanks very much. coming up on trending, that website that lets doctors auction off their skills. is it the future of health care? >> and then, guys, at 8:07, how do they do it? the secret behind the ohio state marching band's amazing formations, winning facr i'm meteorologist, christina loren. it is cold out there this morning. this is the coldest point of the day. as we head throughout the next couple of hours, sun is already out in full force for most of the bay area. it is going to warm us up nicely. the only place we have low clouds, around the san francisco bay. it is a mix of sun and low clouds at this point. all that sunshine is going to bring our temperatures up this afternoon. 71. 66 in fremont. 64 in san francisco. 65 in oakland. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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7:41 am
"trending," it's happening. nbc's janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: it's a whole new kind of doctor-patient relationship, usually associated more with fine art than the medical arts. there is now a website called medibid, where doctors can go to auction their surgical services. >> for the person who is looking for what i have to offer, it's a good way to find -- for us to find each other. >> reporter: dr. adam harris is an orthopedist in san antonio. he thinks medibid is a win-win. >> my goal is to take care of individual patients as if they're family, and i charge a reasonable fee for high-quality service. >> reporter: it may seem more like ebay than er, but with medical costs soaring, it's catching on. >> i was in constant pain. i was eating advil like it was candy. >> reporter: perry hunts needed a hip replacement. his health insurance wouldn't cover it and the surgery cost $70,000. hunt found medibid, and for a
7:42 am
$25 fee, explains what he needed done. dr. harris came back with a bid of $21,000 for the same procedure. >> i read a lot of reviews, and every review that i read was positive. so, i knew that this was going to be my guy. >> i was underbid by another surgeon by i think $6,000, but he found value in what i had to offer and came to me for that reason. >> reporter: dr. harris says potential patients have to come and see him for a full evaluation before he'll take their case. for its part, medibid says it doesn't check out the doctors who bid for business on this site. they say it's up to the patients to do their homework and to ask questions. >> that's a lot of risk to take with your own life. >> reporter: medical ethicist dr. arthur kaplan says the idea of bidding on internet may sound great to some people, but cheaper in medicine often means not as good. >> we have more information when we buy a car at an auction than we do when we buy a surgeon at an auction. >> reporter: but perry hunt says he's happy. he's got a new hip and he saved $50,000.
7:43 am
news, houston. he is an assistant professor of surgery at john hopkins and author of unaccountable, what hospitals won't tell you and how transparency can revolutionize health care. good to see you. that's a lot of money to save. i'm kweworried about the qualit side. >> it's one of the places where you can't get a bid on the service. people are saying we want more free market with price transparency and there's demand for that out there. if you're paying more, maybe you're getting more quality but people are hungry for price transparency out there in some fraction of the health care market. >> the expression is you get what you pay for.
7:44 am
i'm okay with that when i'm shopping for a car or a vacation or something. i'm not sure i'm okay with that when i'm shopping for surgery. >> one thing that's missing from these websites is any metric or quality or performance. if you're just shopping on the basis of price, it creates a market incentive to cut corners on price. i'm sure there's folks out there doing quality procedures on his websites but you don't know. you're flying blind. >> if you're considering bidding online for surgery, what do you need to know going in and what questions do you need to ask the person who is doing the bidding. >> same thing as with any procedure. how many have you done? what's the back up? what happens if something goes wrong? do you have another surgeon or partner or another hospital you can be transferred to? ask a nurse that doesn't work with the doctor, who would you have to do your surgery? >> the guy in the piece was having hip replacement surgery. what surgeries would you say it's okay to use a website like
7:45 am
this? what would not be okay? >> i'm concerned about any website that doesn't list quality metrics but i would think a very low risk, perhaps a skin tag removal when you're on a trip. if you have family at a destination and you're not going there totally blind to who -- what the culture is there, a lot of people are going overseas for their medical care and the ama and cdc put out resources now saying here are important questions you should ask. up to 1 million people travel overseas for medical procedures. >> you and i both agree we'll see more of this in the future. >> absolutely. >> thanks. appreciate it. coming up at 8:13 on trending, do women actually look at other women's bodies as often as men tend to look at women's bodies? up next, carson is in the orange room with a story that will put a smile on your face. it's the touching reason why that baby is crying, right after this. [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore,
7:46 am
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7:50 am
amanda is in ontario and was singing to her 10 month old daughter marily lynn and she wa feeling it. all the emotions. high and low. [ singing ] ♪ i'm going to wake up missing you ♪ ♪ wake up missing you ♪ i'm going to wake up missing you ♪ ♪ wake up missing you >> mary lynn went on to turn her chair around too for her mother. that was a 1988 rod stewart song by the way if you were wondering. we caught up with amanda, the mom, on skype earlier and here's
7:51 am
what she had to say. >> since she has been in the woman i have been singing to her. every time i sing this song she starts welling up and i have no explanation why and then one day i told my husband how she acted to this particular song and he didn't really believe me so i was like i'll video tape it for proof. we were in shock. both of us. we can't believe it. we never expected that many people to be interested in our little video. it was meant just to be for family and ended up getting this far. >> not such a little video. that video put up on the 18th of this month and has over 5 million views. what song do you sing to your baby that makes your baby cry? i think for my daughter, she is crying for all sorts of reasons. >> anything i sing. >> not a good voice coming out. >> carson, that's so nice. savannah, don't you feel bad for suggesting it was just gas. >> oh, wow. >> i was going to say what do i
7:52 am
sing to my baby. my baby cries all the time, don't you matt? you're so fussy. >> i do. you get me right here. coming up, a behind the scenes look ativan van's big night on the tonight show. and then coming up at 8:07 we're live with the ohio state university marching band to reveal the as your life changes, fidelity is there
7:53 am
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7:57 am
campbell police hoping newly released surveillance video will help them catch a suspected gunman. these men were involved in saturday's shooting at the spot nightclub. a club employee told that group to turn their music down out in the parking lot. that's when one of those men reportedly shot that employee. the 33-year-old victim still recovering in the hospital. the state legislature now looking into worker safety or lack there after following this month's deadly b.a.r.t. crash. a special oversight hearing will take place next week. the hearing happening after a crash that kills a b.a.r.t. worker and a contractor on october 19th. the ntsb is conducting its very own investigation. time to take it outside for your wednesday forecast. christina loren is here to tell us about a cool start, nice finish. >> nice finish is right. good morning to you at home. a return of the 70s inland. 5-8 degrees warmer than
7:58 am
yesterday afternoon. 71 degrees on the way to livermore. 68% in santa teresa. 66 degrees in redwood city. we're going to climb out of the 50s today at the coast into the m mid-60s. feeling more comfortable in the afternoon hours. tomorrow, we keep on climbing to 77 inland, 71 bayside and 63 at the coast. let's check on the drive. it is getting busy out there, anthony. >> a lot of empathy for those commuters. every single highway is slow. you can see on the camera behind me that is in san jose, 101 northbound. even through the altamont pass. 280. that includes 101 even through palo alto. you can see as we take it outside once more. things are moving smoothly. but it is going to be very slow to get to this location. take it easy. you can see the sunshine is going to keep slowing things. we'll see you in another 25 minutes with another local news update. because i know it's out there.
7:59 am
i share as soon as i find it. because when you score a designer this amazing... for so much less. it's the best feeling ever. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista wait 'til you see the designers people are scoring. t.j.maxx.
8:00 am
>>3 c3 son las 8 de la mañana en today and life's big moments. and halftime heroes, an exclusive interview with the amazing marching band from ohio state. "today," wednesday, october 30, 2013. ♪ >> it's our first time in the big apple and we knew we had to come to the "today" show. >> we're from hanover, pittsburgh. i'm here with my son, andrew.
8:01 am
♪ >> how's it going? wow. that's a lot. >> hey, i'm brenda. this is al. it's my 25th birthday today again ♪ >> and we're back now. welcome back to "today." it's 8:00 on this wednesday morning. and matt lauer along with carson daly, al roker, savannah is out in los angeles. you have to hurry back here. carson had to be disbanded from the final flipper adjustment on your costume tomorrow. >> come home, savannah. >> well measurements are almost the same. so i have no fear. >> i wish. >> that is our way of telling you, don't forget we have a halloween extravaganza tomorrow morning out on the plaza. come dressed up. we are giving away prizes. of course we'll have our big reveal. >> the bad news is the bad weather making its way off, and
8:02 am
it will hold off tomorrow morning. >> so we're okay. but the trick-or-treaters are in trouble? >> yeah. >> it's all about us. that's all that matters. >> but now we want to get to the reason savannah is out in l.a. her appearance on "the tonight show" with jay leno and our cameras followed along. ♪ >> "the tonight show." >> hi. >> hello. >> "the tonight show," savannah guthrie. >> halloween today. >> hi. >> here we go. >> the lovely and talented savannah guthrie. savannah. >> i love this photo. look at this. >> no! >> i get really into halloween.
8:03 am
>> what are you going as? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> miley cyrus or robin thicke? >> right before the show yesterday, we were listening to the song, celine dion. she had a song called "water in plane." and he started to groove it to, singing to it. and then i said, you know, i had never heard that song. yeah, it's from estelle. i said, oh, i never heard of her, is she good? come on, estelle. i interviewed her. she did the james bond theme song. >> yeah. >> then i said, adele? you mean adele? it was the greatest moment of my life. >> yeah. >> wait, hold on. in matt's defense, estelle is a great artist. there's a great, great female vocalist named estelle. not that one. >> what worries me, that is the greatest moment of your life? >> i know. i know.
8:04 am
well, i went on to say, you know, matt is so good at this job and he's so perfect. >> don't try to suck up to me now. >> we can go and look at the tape. >> exactly. >> i know. i know. >> you had fun. looked like a good time. >> it was. it was really fun. >> good or the you. >> all right. let's get a check of the top stories. natalie is back in the studio with those. >> good morning, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is facing tough questions from lawmakers about the troubled obama care website. >> i'm as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of health let me say directly to the americans, you deserve better. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> and despite president obama's assurances, many americans who buy individual coverage have been notified their current policies will be cancelled or changed because they don't meet obama care's minimum standards.
8:05 am
in south carolina, six people are dead after an apparent domestic dispute. but we are learning more about four children who survived. gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: good morning. it was a horrifying discovery, a s.w.a.t. team stormed the home behind me last night and found six bodies. four adults and two children, all dead from apparent gunshot wounds. today, investigators are trying to figure out what led to the apparent domestic dispute and how four other children somehow managed to escape. before police arrived at the scene came a disturbing 911 call from a man the greenwood county sheriff described as edgy. he up the phone. >> reporter: sheriff's deputy swarmed. no response from inside the house. so a s.w.a.t. team stormed in and made a gruesome discovery. six bodies, four adults and two children. investigators believe a man in his late 20s shot his girlfriend
8:06 am
and the four other victims then took his own life. >> it appears to be a domestic situation. the investigation is on going. >> reporter: but remarkably, overnight police reported that four other children were released from the home before the shootings. deputies responded to the initial call, a neighbor called 911 saying she heard a gunshot and that the kids had fled to her home. >> it's a situation in a just takes your heart. i mean, it's sad. it's horrific. you have to feel your heart has to go out to everyone that -- every one of the family members and everyone involved. >> reporter: no word yet this morning on the conditions of those young survivors. the sheriff says that the shooting victims range in age from 9 years old to early 50s. natalie? >> all right. thank you, gabe. police in china announced the arrest of five people accused of planning monday's
8:07 am
suicide car crash in tiananmen square in beijing. the attack killed two tourist as long with three people inside the vehicle. officials said it was carried out by members of a muslim minority group. on a lighter note, i triple dog dare you, not to admire this new statue unveiled in indiana. you can see this depicts that famous scene in "a christmas story" when he gets his tongue stuck to a flagpole. how many kids wanted a red rider bb gun after seeing that movie? my favorite christmas movie, al. >> absolutely. right behind "elf." >> what is your name? >> cassie. >> you broke your arm. usually in broadway they say break a leg. you're a big fan of wicked. >> 17. tonight will be 18. >> wow. amazing. pretty cool.
8:08 am
let's show you what we got going on as far as your weather. today we have a risk of strong storms texas on into kansas. but tomorrow the risk of strong storms spreads out even more. this is for halloween. going to be rough from the gulf coast all the way into ohioment risk of tornadoes, hail, gaji damaging winds. it all gets going on wednesday. high winds, heavy rain, damaging winds, hail going to be a big problem for the trick or treaters from texas all the way into ohio starting tomorrow morning. on the contrary, al. we're in store for a weather treat on halloween. i'm christina loren. it's still cold. we're at 36 degrees in santa rosa. want to show you this beautiful live picture. mostly clear start over san jose headed twartsdz the low 70s. we're bumping up the numbers about five to eight degrees from yesterday's highs. 72 for fairfield. 0 in napa, and 69 in santa
8:09 am
cruise. we keep on climb and we'll level off at the we cans. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> thank you so much. now to our remarkable group that everybody is talking about. the ohio state university marching band has made halftime a must-watch. the band's dazzling performance is a huge hit online now and this morning, dylan dwyer, has made her way to columbus. how do they do it? where are you? how are you? ♪ >> thanks to technology for the3 ¿cómo estas donde estas?.
8:10 am
it's the marching band that's moon walked their way to ten million hits on youtube. the ohio state marching band is sometimes super. sometimes so good they're bad. known for putting on some of the most elaborate halftime performances in college football. tackling everything and taking on their archrivals. how do they do it? for years they followed the dotted lines on paper and now they have an app for that. >> as you can see, we can visualize the way this is moving. >> this season for the first time, they're using a special ipad app making learning these complicated routines in less than a week that much easier. >> the students are able to see their music. their drill formations and animations. recordings. rehearsal film, all of that on
8:11 am
the ipad. >> right here, got my spot marked and everything on there. >> meaning they have got everything they need right in front of them. >> i'm t-9. i can actually see the coordinate as it's moving throughout the animation. >> we're able to push the boundaries of what we can do, i think. >> it makes it easier. >> it's been a tremendous opportunity to use technology in what is really an old medium. and in the marching band. >> long before ipads and apps, there was the scripps, ohio, a tradition they started back in 1946. spelling out ohio and capping it off with the dotting of the "i." i became a buckeye for a day. give it all a try myself. ♪ >> that's good. >> and i can tell you it's even harder than it looks.
8:12 am
i had so clearly i'm still working on it but they did let me in on their biggest tradition and taught me how to dot that famous eye. so watch this week on weekend today and i promise i will have it mastered by then but i use the word mastered pretty loosely. >> well, i hope you from is trumbone mastered as well. i think i'm more impressed now that i know how they do it. what about you guys? >> how do you hold an ipad and play at the same time. >> it's still hard and i'm going to get in a lot of trouble.
8:13 am
ou, the most exciting band in the land. i still like them but osu is stepping it up. >> oh, yeah. >> what do the other bands do when they see that? they have to step up their game. >> no amount of technology would we be able to do that. >> that's good. anyway, coming up next on trending, it's sleeker, slimmer and creating a lot of buzz. is it worth it? we'll try out the newest ipad. and then at 8:18, a mom who lost her son in the sandy hook tragedy. she'll talk about her boy's final act of bravery and forgivens. but first, these messages. what you wear to bed is your business.
8:14 am
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8:16 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] elevate your style. introducing the all-new corolla. ♪ we're back at 8:16. trending on usa today is a study
8:17 am
that confirms what a lot of women have always said. women really do spend more time looking at women's bodies than admiring their beautiful eyes. so researchers at the university of nebraska lincoln used an eye tracking system that showed where men's eyes go when they encounter a woman and apparently very often their eyes go below the chin line. >> shocking. >> we didn't need a tracking device for that. >> right. but the real surprise here, men aren't alone. >> that's right. it's not just men who aren't looking into women's souls. it turns out that other women are just as guilty. if it's not the eyes, where is everyone looking? both men and women look at women's chests, waists and hips. now, i think we have an understanding of why the guys maybe gazing there but why do women do it? the scientists say it's to keep an eye on the competition. i don't agree. natalie, i'd like to hear you on
8:18 am
this. >> i do. i will admit to it. >> where. >> at the gym. i check them out. >> what are you looking for? >> i'm looking to see what they're doing because they look so good. >> you're like a living seinfeld episode. >> savannah you do this or don't do this? >> no, i do it all the time. it's not for competitive reasons. it's like that's a cute outfit or her arms are thin. i wish my arms were thin. >> sounds competitive to me. >> we'll admit to it. >> if you're looking for both tricks and treats this friday afternoon, after halloween, rather, apple may have what you're looking for. that's when the new ipad air goes on sale and our expert is here to give us the early look. good morning. >> hey. >> what is on the ipad air. >> all things thinner, lighter and faster.
8:19 am
170 million ipads have been sold today. this will be a huge hit come the holiday. >> does it have a security feature? >> it doesn't have a touch screen but it's the lightest tablet in the world. you can tell the difference if you've had an ipad previously. if you had the last generation ipad i don't think you need the upgrade but if this is the first time you're getting an ipad, go for it. >> google is unveiling a tablet coming out soon. is it really worth the price? >> i think the consumer market is locked up by apple. google, samsung, nokia came out with a new tablet last week. tons of people in the tablet market and no one is touching apple. >> does it have a retina display. >> it does. >> in terms of holiday sales between the mini and the full size, apple has it locked up. >> thank you. >> i appreciate that.
8:20 am
katie. thank you. that is what is trending today and now to a story we want to bring you that's a much more serious topic. this is a story of hope and heart break tied to last december's shooting at sandy hook elementary school shooting. we'll talk to a mom who lost her son. but first the tragic day and her boy's heroic last moments. >> reporter: on december 14th, 2012 hell game to the town of newtown, connecticut. >> he told us to go to the corner. >> a lone gunman shot his way into sandy hook elementary killing the principal and school psychologist that ran toward the sound of gunfire. he then turned toward the first grade classrooms killing teacher lauren rousseau and all but one of her students. in victoria's classroom they stood in the corner holding hands except for jesse mccord
8:21 am
lewis who stayed by his teacher's side. he shot and killed soto but then his gun jammed. law enforcement officials say it was in that moment that jesse yelled for his classmates to run. six managed to escape before lanza reloaded and shot and killed jesse. as the one year anniversary nears, newtown is trying to heal. on friday, demolition began on sandy hook elementary with a new school set to open in 2016. a community trying to move forward but never forgetting. and jesse's mom scarlet lewis is with us now. she has written a book. scarlet. it's nice to see you. good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> i read large sections of this book. i was so moved at it. things jumped out at me. for example, on the day jesse was born, you had -- is
8:22 am
premonition the right word, do you think? >> in hindsight it was. >> you didn't think he was going to be on this earth or you were worried he wouldn't be on the earth a long time. >> i said a prayer every day since the day he was born that i knew that he was a gift and i knew that he could be taken from me and please don't. i don't think i was aware that it was a premonition then. >> but if you're thinking that every day and saying that prayer every night, how do you live your life? how do you let your child out of your sight if that's in the back of your mind? >> it wasn't in the back of my mind. it was a prayer that i said. i didn't give it any thought. we had a great life. we were constantly on the go. >> the last time you saw jesse was the day before the shooting and you said my last morning with jesse began like so many others. i woke him up with a song and kissed him until he giggled and we wrestled until time tore us apart. how did you hear about the
8:23 am
shooting? >> i was at work and one of my co-workers instant messaged me and said there was a shooting at a school in newtown. >> and you ended up as one of the parents at the firehouse that we talked about so often in the days after the shooting and hours passed before you were given actual official news that jesse was gone. it came from a doctor, i think and you write about that. i stared at him and said nothing. i couldn't. at that moment i couldn't feel, i couldn't move. i couldn't cry. not until j.t., my other son began sobbing and i threw my arms around him and hugged him as hard as i could. you learned things about what jesse did in the classroom. tell me about those. >> yeah, we learned -- the story changed a little bit over the ensuing months per the investigation. but ultimately we learned that jesse used his last moments on earth to call out to his friends and yell to them to run and they ran because of what he said and
8:24 am
he saved their life. >> you tell a story in the book that jesse used to love to go on patrol at the farm. he would go outside and protect the property and you get the feeling almost that that's what he was doing in that classroom that day. >> i do. i knew when i was waiting at the firehouse and it was looking like he wasn't coming back, i knew that he had done something brave. so i wasn't surprised. >> as a mom, you naturally feel pride about that. but as a mom, don't you also wish he had run? >> absolutely. i do. >> how do you come to terms with that? >> i just -- i believe that jesse was put on this earth to do what he did and i believe that he fulfilled his purpose and i'm proud of him. and i believe that he left a message for me, nurturing, healing, love and i'm trying to fulfill mine. >> i need to ask you about the shooter and your feelings and
8:25 am
your thoughts toward him. is there possible forgiveness? >> you know, a read a book several years ago called left to tell and in it she forgave the people that murdered her family and when i read that i thought there is absolutely no way i could ever forgive anyone who hurt my family. i would kill them and then flash forward a couple of years and i knew that forgive ps was possible and i guess i have learned that forgiveness is cutting the cord to pain. it's taking your power back. and it's giving you the ability to move forward without anger yourself. not forgiving, doesn't feel good. >> i want to mention that proceeds from this book are going to a foundation you started. the jesse lewis choose love foundation. what's the mission of that foundation? >> to create awareness that choosing love is a choice and we're going to go in and let
8:26 am
kids know that they have control over their thoughts. this whole tragedy began with an angry good morning to you. 8:26. today officials in alameda are releasing more information about the discovery of more than a dozen seniors allegedly found without adequate care at a castro valley nursing home. deputies removed 14 elderly patients from the valley springs manor care facility. they say the patients had been left there with only three staff members for two days. the facilities' owner's attorney says his client does not agree with the state's findings and the facility was, in fact, properly staffed. let's go ahead and take a look at that wednesday morning commute with anthony who is in for mike. >> we have a few beings right now. in fact, this is 101 northbound in san jose, and you can see it's very slow, and that's the way it's about to be really for the next couple of hours coming
8:27 am
through that area. let's start you off, though, with a look at the peninsula. we have an accident in san francisco, and 101 at cesar chavez. that's on the northbound side. also we another accident on 280 southbound at the 380 connector. often to the east bay you'll notice 580 there's an accident on dougherty road, and you'll see this things are moving freely at fremont, and lots of cars, and also the same story into palo alto. marla, back to you. >> thanks, anthony. back at 8:56 with our next local news update. see you then. would look like john stamos.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
8:30 now on this wednesday morning. it is the 30th of october, 2013. and that of course means it is halloween eve. we have a great crowd on rockefeller plaza and we hope that tomorrow when they return they will be in costume. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie out here in los angeles. al roker, natalie morales, carson daly, and who did i forget? matt lauer. >> oh, wow. >> i appreciate that. that's very nice of you. coming up guys, the woman behind the popular blog man
8:31 am
repeller and the impact on fashion. jenna bush-hager will bring it to us. >> since halloween is tomorrow, what would halloween be like without witches? we have some cast members from wicked to perform for us live. >> a big anniversary, right? >> absolutely. coming up friday, something else very special. not one, not two but four oscar winners will be here cohosting our 8:00 hour. >> we're talking about michael douglas, robert de niro, morgan freeman and kevin kline. the stars of last vegas taking over the show friday right here only on today. >> we'll get to that but first could we say hello. she stars in a movie 12 years a slave. >> nice to see you. >> congratulations on everything. >> thank you very much. >> rave reviews.
8:32 am
your performance is unbelievable. before this movie you had never done a movie before. you were a drama student at yale. >> yes. >> how did you end up in this film? >> well, i auditioned. my manager got the script for another client of hers and she thought i would be good for the part. so we put me on tape in new york and then i went to l.a. and auditioned and then finally in louisiana. >> there was some very difficult scenes in this film. in fact, one in which you playing a slave are whipped. how hard is that for you to put yourself in that role? >> i mean, it was very emotionally taxing but it was such a privilege to be able to bring that woman's story back to life and take that part of history personally. it was the best teaching tool for me and it will be that for everyone that gets to see it. >> as you go forward, there's people describing you as break out star. winning awards. you have the golden globes and oscars coming up.
8:33 am
do you think about that? >> i can't. there's so much else to think about right now. i'm taking it one day at a time. every day brings new things. like standing here talking to you. >> it will get better than this. your agents phone must be ringing constantly. what's next? >> i don't know. i did a film "nonstop" that comes out in february and other than that, i don't know. i'm looking. definitely we have a few things that we're looking at and we'll see what's next. >> getting a lot of buzz. it's a pleasure to meet you. congratulations and the movie again is "12 years a slave" it's in theaters now. let's get a check of the weather. >> let's look at what you have as far as your halloween weather is concerned. we're looking at a risk from houston all the way into central ohio, rain in the pacific northwest. showers in new england and the northeast. sunny and warm along the coast and then trick or treat night a lot of wet weather from new england, the great lakes, the ohio river valley down into the
8:34 am
lower mississippi river valley. a few showers northern idaho. devil's lake looking clear in north dakota. pumpkin center californiaa clea as >> it's going to be colder today. make sure you bundle up. 66 fremont. 63 degrees in san jose. we're looking good for your halloween bayside. about 64 and sunshine. haven't made the plans yet? we have you covered on nbc bay look on the home page. you'll find a complete guide to everything happening around here. check it out today at the office. 77 degrees for thursday. looking good for halloween. warmer on friday. don't forget, tomorrow morning it's going to be a super morning on the plaza with our
8:35 am
halloween coverage. guys, back to you. all right, al. thank you very much. do you remember what you were wearing on your first day of school? or when your heart was broken for the very first time? today jenna bush-hager caught up with the woman behind the popular fashion blog and now new book called man repeller. tell us about this? >> good morning. she was on the forbes list of 30 under 30 and her blog was time magazine's 25 best blogs of 2012. we met up with her to see why she thinks fashion plays such a key role in our lives. >> reporter: in this new age of selfies, social media and oversharing, unfiltered fashion blogger has made a name for herself. that name, the man repel letter. >> man repeller. out fitting oneself- in a way that will result in repelling
8:36 am
member of the other sex. >> after a series of failed romances, she decided it wasn't her. it was her clothes. >> i was complaining about these three guys i was dating and none of them wanted to commit and i was trying on clothing, and she was like you're one of the man repelle repellers. >> reporter: fashion good and bad always played a big role in her life. >> tell me what you were wearing on these days. >> yeah. >> first day of school. >> a dress with huge sleeves and white peter pan collar. >> first time you got your heart broken. >> a marc jacobs henley. my hair was clipped like this. i don't blame him for breaking up with me. >> reporter: so we got to thinking, is she the only one that remembers her out fit. >> we remember what we were wearing as much as we remember who we were with or what we were doing because our clothing is a
8:37 am
big representation of where we are. >> reporter: to test this, we headed to the most fashionable d duo we know. >> do you remember what you were wearing the first time. >> it was a striped suit and blue tie. >> that's what i went with? >> looks like you were wearing a wig. >> you worked so hard to get this job. what about wearing in arizona? >> i remember wearing a red blazer on a special occasion like election night. you always wear a red blazer. the anchor, the reports like me. >> what you were wearing when you got engaged. >> i remember exactly what i was wearing. an orange dress. we were at the beach. >> could he tell you what he was wearing? >> i think he doesn't remember. >> i bet he does. >> let's bet on it. >> i won. mike e-mailed me stating i remember exactly, jeans, a white shirt and black loafers.
8:38 am
the fact is i remember just about everything in that moment. maybe it's not the actual items of clothing but instead the precious memories we hold so dear. >> do you remember your favorite childhood outfit? >> it was always the navy blazer. my father or stepfather at the time would take me out. we would tryon blazers and get it fitted and go to dinner. it was the time together with my dad and stepfather. it was tradition. >> i remember the 9th grade danceweari dance wearing a huge pink dress. we didn't have a lot of money but my dad said he would buy me a dress to go to the dance. the dress didn't hold up fashion-wise but the memory does. >> i do remember an outfit, this little number, a green blazer marked my first and last political campaign. i wore this baby when i found out that i lost secretary of my
8:39 am
elementary class. >> oh. >> things turned out so badly for you. >> but i remember my mom wiping the tears off the felt jacket. you remember the moments, really. >> i think i remember music. i remember places. i remember food at restaurants. >> i remember music too. songs. >> well, carson of course you do. you love music. but you don't remember any o outfits? >> i wear jeans and a t-shirt, i'm good to go. >> you don't owe me $20. >> i'm good for it. >> you don't have to pay me. >> but matt, the little blazer. i can't take it. >> i know. >> it's so cute. >> thanks. up next, the pioneer woman turns her leftovers into great new meals and we have a live performance from the cast of wicked out on the plaza. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz
8:40 am
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we're back now at 8:41 and on today's kitchen with tasty ways to use your leftovers. >> the ideas come from the pioneer woman and her new cookbook a year of holidays and she is out with a new children's book. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> you got me with the smell walking in here and chicken potpie which is my absolute favorite. >> it's comfort food to the max, isn't it? >> it is. >> and sizzling in the pan doesn't hurt. >> it has to do with leftovers too. >> you can cook your own chicken or use leftover thanksgiving turkey. you could buy a chicken and cut it into pieces. >> how about pizza? >> that is absolutely inspired. let me tell you. >> okay. you have a couple of vegetables in there sauteing. >> regular onions, carrots and
8:43 am
celery. then you go in with your cooked poultry. i have a new holiday cook book out and i have a whole section of thanksgiving leftovers. i roast huge turkeys to have the le leftovers. so after this all cooks a little bit, it's time to thicken it. so a little bit of flour and serve that around. natalie, pour in the broth. >> okay. broth first. >> then let that thicken up. we're fast forwarding today. >> the whole thing. >> the whole thing in there and i love putting it in potpie because it gives it this beautiful color. >> yeah. >> so this thickens eventually with a little cream to this which is just -- i mean, i could just put this in a spoon and eat it as lunch. >> now to create the pie, first of all, store bought crust or do you insist people make it at home. >> i don't insist. whatever crust you have.
8:44 am
do a big potpie like we have here or you can do little individual ones which is fun if you're having company. do individual pot pies and then roll out your piecrust. i cut squares. put it on top and this is a little bit of a fancy crust approach but i like the rustic approach. rustic means lazy in my world. >> brush it with a little egg. >> a little egg wash and bake it until it's nice and bubbly. >> beautiful. >> amazing. >> real quickly, you have a caesar salad here and can we go without the anchovies? >> we have leave out the anchovies for you. it's a blender dressing. it's olive oil. help me natalie. >> sure thing. >> vinegar, lemon juice. >> parmesan. >> exactly. no anchovies. >> put them in. >> let's live a little. >> just the whole thing. >> pop it in there and i like things like this. just swirl it around in the blender and this is what it looks like. so this takes a few seconds.
8:45 am
>> speaking of leftovers, you make your own croutons. >> i like to leave the leaves whole. toss it around. >> it looks great. >> toss it all together. >> always love when you're here. >> it's called the pioneer woman a year of holidays. coming up next, we have the cast of wicked here celebrating a major milestone live on the plaza. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on today, brought to you by toyota. >> wicked the award winning musical celebrates a milestone today. it is the 10th anniversary on broadway accompanied by only ten other broadway productions. >> to mark the special occasion, we have the current cast with us now including it's two leading
8:48 am
witches. lindsey and allie. good morning to both of you. >> ten years is a big deal. why? >> people love this story. people love this music. it's just a great story. >> and i think people come in already loving the wizard of oz and knowing the characters and then getting to see their whole story leading up to where we know it to start. it's such a great show. >> you all have a favorite scene or a favorite moment or favorite song? >> i love to sing popular. >> me too. >> my popular sounds nothing like your popular. >> guys it's halloween time. just looking at you, is it a no brainer that you show up like that. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> every day for you. >> it's my life. >> tomorrow you just dress normal. >> absolutely. >> natalie after a saturday night -- >> oh, wow. >> that hurt. >> the cast of wicked. ladies, take it away.
8:49 am
[ music playing ] ♪ what is this feeling so sudden and new ♪ i felt the moment i layed eyes on you ♪ my face is flushing ♪ what is this feeling ♪ does it have a name? yes ♪ ♪ loathing ♪ your face, your voice, your clothing ♪ ♪ every thought makes it begin to crawl ♪ ♪ loathing. there's a strange exhilaration ♪
8:50 am
♪ it's so pure it's so strong ♪ i do believe it can last and i will be loathing you my whole life long [ music playing ] ♪ ♪ well, these things are set to try us is it we're all on your side ♪ feeling so sudden and new ♪ it's the moment i layed eyes on you.
8:51 am
my head is rushing ♪ ♪ what is this feeling? loathing. there's a strange exhilaration ♪ ♪ it's so pure. it's so strong ♪ ♪ i do believe it can last ♪ and i will be loathing, forever loathing ♪ ♪ truly, deeply loathing you ♪ my whole life long ♪ loathing [ cheers and applause ] >> the cast of wicked celebrating 10 years on
8:52 am
broadway. congratulations folks and thanks. we're back in a moment on a wednesday morning. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
halloween is tomorrow and parents will let their kids break a lot of rules. stay up late, talk to strangers and eating lots of candy. >> that's right but it's also a great opportunity to share lessons about manners.
8:54 am
thomas farley is a columnist for the new york posts. >> sorry guys. i had to finish up that test. >> despicable manners. >> awe. >> put it together. >> let's talk halloween etiquette. a lot of costumes. women are very racy. it's like they take a schoolteacher and nurse and turn them into a hooker on halloween. what's the rules about dressing like that around kids? >> halloween is a great time where we can let go of the standards we maintain the rest of the year except when your giving out candy at the door. don't wear the sexy nurse if you're a woman. save that for an adult party but don't do it around the kids. >> i don't know what halloween parties you're going to. that's not what i see in my neighborhood. >> what if there's a candy bar you don't like. i don't care for mounds. i'll just say it. do i tell the person, i'm sorry, can i have the snickers?
8:55 am
>> halloween is a great chance to teach them manners that makes sense the rest of the year. it might be the first time they're around a lot of strangers for the first time. you don't like that candy, you don't complain, you take it graciously. >> yeah but when the door opens the kids should say trick or treat and not just put the bag out. >> or just go for it. >> there's a give and take. you don't give the treat until you say trick or treat. >> what about the age? sometimes you see a kid coming up to your front door and they're 26 years old. >> they drive their own car. >> yeah. >> roll down the window and they want drive-thru candy. what do you tell those guys? >> the generally accepted age to hang it up is about 13 or 12 unless you're taking around other little kids. >> then you hand them a beer. >> that's a problem. >> cute costume. >> thank you. happy halloween guys. >> don't forget our big halloween bash on the plaza,
8:56 am
tomorrow here on today. if you're in the area get dressed up and come on down. willie, natalie will be dressed up. carson will be dressed a funeral service will be held this afternoon from the menlo park couple killed by a suspected drunk driver. police say the couple were out walking their dog last thursday night when they were hit and killed by marjorie ritzel. she's expected to be arraigned in court today. she was supposed to appear yesterday, but her arraignment was pushed back to second day in
8:57 am
a row because of health issues. the san mateo district attorney says she complained of chest pains, and prosecutors are handling her situation "day by day." well, today's funeral service is private, and a public memorial will be held tomorrow at the chapel of the chimes in hayward. we will be back with our next update at 9:26. the hottest beauty trends. the latest handbags. style for your guy or your best friend. for less than department stores. check out all the designer brands maxxinistas are scoring. t.j.maxx.
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9:00 am
. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to today on this wednesday morning october 30th, 2013. al had to leave a little bit early this morning. halloween eve, tonight. >> yes, big, big night to get ready. get yourself prepared. but one woman in fargo, north dakota causing quite a stir in her neighborhood. >> let me say one thing first. this is a call into a radio station. i don't know if this is a gag or not. so let's pretend for a moment. let's work on the assumption that it's real. the woman phone a local radio station in fargo saying if a moderately obese child comes to
9:01 am
her house for trick or treating she will give them a letter instead of candy. what kind of letter you ask? >> i just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. i think it's just really irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy just because all of the other kids are doing it. >> she is giving out fat letters. her letter reads this way, happy halloween and happy holidays neighbor. you're probably wondering why your child has this note. have you ever heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child? i'm disappointed in the village. your child is moderately obese and shouldn't be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this holiday season. i hope you'll step up as a parent and ration candy this halloween and not allow your child to continue the unhealthy eating habits. so he eye balls the kids and
9:02 am
evaluates if the kid is obese or not. if the kid is, she hands them a letter saying they're fat. >> i think that's a legitimate call. i think what she is saying and doing is absolutely outrageous. i can't imagine as a parent getting a letter like that and, you know, the poor kids. the kids having to deal with that. that's so humiliating. >> well, that's the thing. yes, obesity is a huge problem and needs to be deltd with but you're getting a letter in front of all of your friends. they get snicker bars and you open a letter that tells you you're fat. >> it's one night of the year. let the kids have some fun. >> i agree. >> meanwhile, we posed this earlier in the orange room and we have adults. viewers agree and think this is outrageous. does giving trick or treaters a letter instead of candy help fight childhood obesity? 94% of you say no. i'm surprised that's not 100%. >> i think that's a majority.
9:03 am
that's the same 6% that approves congressional -- >> absolutely. >> that's crazy. >> that is insane. >> let us know if you get one of those letters. >> welcome neighbor. so our man kanye is back at it. >> once again. >> he has given a couple of interviews in the last two days and in true kanye style he made big claims. first interview, kanye talks about his wedding plan with kim kardashian. yes, there are fighter jets involved. >> oh, no. >> do you have a visual of how you want your wedding to be? do you have a date yet? >> it's going to be next summer. i only got two words in my mind so far, as far as ideas for the wedding goes. that's fighter jets. >> oh. >> wow. >> i like it. >> he'll get fighter jets. there's no question. >> you know it's every little girl's dream when she dreams about her wedding -- >> i'm not dreaming about fighter jets. >> f-16s flying through the sky. >> that doesn't go with the
9:04 am
whole imagine of walking down the aisle. >> kanye goes big as we saw with the proposal. >> exactly. >> then he had another interview with ryan seacrest yesterday. he made big claims about kim and his fashion kred. >> there's no way kim kardashian wouldn't be on the cover of vogue. barbara walters calls every day please let me put you on the most interesting. of course we're the most interesting and we're the most influential. nobody is look at what obama is wearing. michelle obama can't instagram a pick like what my girl instagramed the other day. >> that's correct. she cannot instagram bikini shots from the white house. >> meanwhile, michelle obama has graced the cover of vogue on a couple of occasions and look -- looks amazing as always. she is a woman of style, fashion
9:05 am
sense, substance and everything and then some. she is, you know, the first lady of this country. why should she not be on the cover? i don't understand the argument that kanye tries to pretend to make there. >> well, he and kim obviously are influential. that goes without saying but ask j. crew if michelle obama is influential. every time she wears something from that store the brand blows up more. >> they sell out of everything she is wearing. >> nobody is looking at president obama's fashion. he has a grey or blue suit. back and forth each day. >> that's what you expect to see the president in. not anything too fashion forward. >> healthy collection of mom jeans for the president as well. he'd be the first to tell you. >> you think so? i don't know. >> president obama? he's open about it. watch some of the first. it's not a decree teak of him or his policies. it's his mom jeans. >> al roker wears a good pair of mom jeans.
9:06 am
he can rock those. >> have you heard about this story? >> and the instagram photo getting everyone upset. >> her husband is carrey hart and he took his 2-year-old daughter on a motorcycle with no helmet and opened them up to criticism. he said this is a big day for us. first time on a motorcycle. it's just a bad move when you don't have safety gear on a kid. plus 2-year-old on a motorcycle. i can understand. i can see why people are upset about it. >> yeah, the only thing you don't know is did he put her on the motorcycle and roll up 10 feet. i'm sure he wasn't taking jumps. >> you can see the movement of the dust there under the bike wheel. looks like it's moving. pink took to twitter and defended her husband and said if any of you have more experience on a bike than my husband then
9:07 am
i'll listen to your opinions on how we should take my daughter for a ride. i can't promise i will care but i will listen nonetheless. she is promising to listen. i'm sure she can understand the idea of not having a helmet on a child. >> yeah, we don't know what he actually did. maybe he crawled 20 feet to the end of the driveway or whatever it was. >> he may be a great motorcycle rider. but still. >> put the helmet on. this is my favorite piece of video maybe of the year. maybe of the year. this is pope francis celebrating family day over the weekend. a young boy wanders up on the stage, didn't want to leave his side. the pope was addressing thousands of people during day of the family at st. peters square in vatican city. the boy looks like he was five or six and hugged the pope and stayed up on the stage. some of the cardinals tried to get the boy to come down -- >> i love that. >> look at that. >> grabbing on his leg there.
9:08 am
>> that's an incredible photograph. >> the pope doesn't seem to mind this. in fact, he is smiling and patted the little boy on the head and really seems to enjoy it. >> there's a great moment there. where one of the cardinals comes up and tries to offer the boy a piece of candy to get him away from the pope. the kid turns and takes the candy and goes right back to the pope. yeah, i'll take the candy but i have a thing with the pope over here. >> gives you more reason to love him. he's such an appropriate person and even kids love it. >> he handled that well. what a cute kid too. let's get a check of the weather from stephanie abrams in for al. >> willie, i don't think you should try to do that. hold on to the pope thing. >> there's a certain age at which it's no longer cute. >> below the waist it's okay. >> yeah. let's take a look at the weather that's active. we have a system in the west starting to get it's act together. it doesn't look very impressive right now. you're probably saying seriously abrams, that's weak sauce, we
9:09 am
have nothing going on. but we actually do. we have low pressure starting to develop here. you can see the storms are making their way throughout places in texas, also into oklahoma. this whole system is going to bring a lot of rain to portions of texas, oklahoma, and arkansas. in this area, 2 to 3 inches and then it's going to be progressing as we head over the next couple of days it will be progressing eastbound. let's look at the forecast for today. what does that mean? we could see severe weather throughout a big chunk of the plains
9:10 am
it's going to be a very active next couple of days and willie and natalie a very windy next couple of days. we'll have the halloween forecast coming up. >> stephanie, we would never say weak sauce. we would never say that about you. coming up, one year after hurricane sandy and 12 months of extreme weather all across the country, we'll tell you what you can do to prepare your family louis never smiles.
9:11 am
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[ corbett ] if you haven't checked your medicare drug plan this year, you could be at the corner of "i'm throwing away money" and "i had no idea." well, walgreens has your back. our expert pharmacists can help you find a plan that could save you more with our free comparison report. so you can keep your money where it belongs. check your plan at walgreens. and you could save up to 75% on prescription copays. at the corner of happy and healthy. it was a year ago today that we woke up to the devastation left behind in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. >> since then it's been a wild year of natural disasters. tornadoes, floods, fires, each causing overwhelming destruction. >> hurricane sandy is waging a war. the dune has been destroyed. the ocean is rushing in.
9:14 am
>> superstorm sandy pounded the new york and new jersey coastlines last october. estimated damages $65 billion. >> watch out guys. windows up. windows up. >> then this may, record breaking tornado outbreaks across the great plains. a powerful ef-5 tornado struck moore, oklahoma. winds up to 2010 miles per hour destroyed more than 1200 homes. the path of destruction, 17 miles long. 7 school children were among the 23 fatalities. in california the rim fire started in august and destroyed 11 homes. the largest blaze in reported history. >> wow, it's incredible the amount of smoke. >> and in september, flooding spread across colorado covering 200 miles over 17 counts
9:15 am
damaging more than 16,000 homes. destroying nearly 2,000. >> and there are things you can do right now to make sure your home and your family are protected and prepared in the event of another natural disaster. he is diy network's million dollar contractor. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> we were looking at that piece and it's coast-to-coast and in between. >> times are changing and the weather is getting rougher. we need to be prepared. during an emergency, you usually react. you don't think. so if you think ahead of time, you'll be well prepared for any emergency. >> let's get to it. you say most important thing you can do before a storm is photograph your home and put away important documents in a safety deposit box or somewhere that's going to be weather proof and water tight, right? >> exactly. everyone has a smartphone. take a picture of every room because god forbid when you come back something is destroyed, you'll have photographs of every individual room including the outside. when it comes to safety deposit
9:16 am
box, put away all your documents, birth certificates, medical records. things that are going to be hard to retrieve later on, especially if you're not in your home. >> when one of these storms is coming people run to the grocery store to stock up on food. what are the right things to get and what don't you need? >> you want to have nonperishable goods. tuna, beans, things that are not going to spoil. i always tell people keep three gallons of water per person. >> we have all of this behind with us the water, the canned goods. you don't want to really have a lot of protein like meats or anything because when the power goes out you'll be tossing that. >> exactly and you may have to take it with you. you're very well prepared by the way. >> yes, we are. >> we try. >> thanks to you. you also recommend a survival kit and one you keep in the car. not in the house. >> yeah. >> what's in it and why in the car? >> i keep it in my car because if you have to leave, you may only have a few minutes to go. you want to keep batteries, flashligh
9:17 am
flashlights, duct tape, anything you need outside. maybe medicine. your medical supplies. if you have allergies or something. transistor radios. especially a radio with batteries. flashlights. >> the whole thing. >> anything you may need outside. >> and speaking of getting away in your car, you do want to have a full tank of gas as well. we saw last year gas shortages. >> two hours i waited in line during sandy last year. so the night before, even two days before get some gas. maybe get a five gallon container and keep that with you. >> all right. let's talk about prepping the house both inside and out. first of all, what do you want to do to the outside. >> look around and find anything that's loose. make sure your doors are tight and your windows can lock. you may want to board up your windows. trim your bushes, your trees. pick up things from outside and store them inside the garage so they don't fly around. >> what if you have a pool and you mentioned the trees out there. what can you do to keep the trees from falling over? >> it's not about the falling over. it's really about the branchs
9:18 am
that are adjacent to your house that may snap into the window. when it comes to pools, chlorine and vegetation doesn't mix. the chlorine will get out and destroy your landscaping. >> what about from the inside? >> unplug all small appliances because if you come back there maybe some electrical problems. you don't want to get shocked. inside, you also want to raise the temperature of your refrigerator. pack the food with dry ice. you don't want to open the refrigerator a lot. you want to keep it nice and cold in there. >> we saw a lot of house fires as well after sandy. that's something to also keep in mind. what should you have in your home to prepare if you're in that unfortunate situation. >> smoke detectors. have smoke detectors. right there. change the batteries twice a year. i always tell my family twice a year we're going to go over our evacuation, get ready if something would happen. colapsable ladders.
9:19 am
they're approved. you want to teach the children to never hide from a fireman if there's a fire. i always tell people sleep with the doors closed it's safer. if you can get sprinklers even better. >> all right. steven, thanks for getting us ready. >> my pleasure. >> maybe take some of these for our house. >> absolutely. >> coming up next, i'll get you all caught up on the news you need before you leave your house this morning. >> plus last minute halloween costumes you can put together today to have a big i'll call you in a little bit. google... how do i get home? getting directions.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines this morning. health and human secretary kathleen sebelius is facing tough questions about the health care website. and many americans who buy individual coverage have been notified that their current policies will be cancelled because they don't meet obama care's minimum standards. you probably heard that smoking makes you look older but according to a new study this is actually true. researchers compared the faces of 79 identical twin pairs. one of which smoked at least five years longer than the other and they identified a few major areas of accelerated ages of the smoking twins. the smokers upper eyelids drooped and they had more wrinkles around the mouth area. here's scary news just in time for halloween. there is a possible wine
9:24 am
shortage on the horizon. according to a report, the global supply of wine barely exceeded demand last year and a shortage is on the way if we continue drinking at the current pace. at least if hoda and kathie lee continue drinking at the current pace. french drink the most wine then followed by americans. >> nickel and diming is paying off for the world's airlines. revenues are prepared to reach $43 billion this year but that number may grow higher. they're rolling out new fees covering extras like hot meals in coach and even ipad rentals. if you're trying to decide what to have for lunch today, we have a suggestion for you. how does this look? a deep fried twinkie burger? yeah, pyt started serving these up on tuesday. it's a bacon cheeseburger in between two deep fried twinkies. no word on calorie count if you even dare to try to count the
9:25 am
calories on that. willie, back to you. that makes my stomach turn. >> natalie, ladies and gentlemen... toyota corolla! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] elevate your style. introducing the all-new corolla. ♪ got it! i...did not get it. [ female announcer ] you may not be the best with a smart phone but you know what's best for your kids. so we listened when you said gogurt should have only natural colors and flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. thanks, mom. and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. and no high fructose corn syrup. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely.
9:26 am
so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. 9 kron 26. i'm marla tellez. san francisco police are asking for the public's help tracking down a witness. they're looking for the man who reportedly told staff at sf general hospital he saw a woman's body lying in a stairwell. the body of missing patient lynn spalding was found inside that stairwell several days later. another demonstration is planned and also a vigil tonight for a 13-year-old andy lopez in santa rosa. the rally comes after hundred of people attended his funeral mass last night. the 13-year-old was shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy last week. the deputy thought lopez's replica rifle was a real ak-47. the fbi is now conducting an independent investigation into the shooting.
9:27 am
the nra says it will sue the city of sunnyveil if voters enact a measure. measure c would require gun owners to lock up their weapons at home when they're away and report a stolen gun within 48 hours. among a couple of other things. the measure goes before voters next tuesday, november 5th. we'll have a look at your forecast and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
good morning to you. temperatures will be warm this afternoon, but it's still pretty cold out there this morning. make sure you bundle up. 71 for livermore. 56, fremont. 68 in san jose. we're looking good for your halloween bayside. about 64 when the sun sets at 6:15. haven't made the plans yet? we have you covered on nbc bay look on the home page. you'll find a complete guide to everything happening around here. check it out today at the office. 77 degrees for thursday. looking good for halloween. warmer on friday. >> you know this morning we are still tracking very heavy traffic in oakland.
9:29 am
right now 880 northbound you'll notice things are very slow, and there is an accident at broadway that's keeping things even slower on an already slow spot. let's also switch gears and show you what it's looking like in hayward. two accidents approaching the san mateo bridge, and that's keeping the southbound 880 really slow. even in san jose, you'll notice 101 is slow right now, and as you look outside, that's not the only highway. 280 and 85 continue to be slow. starting to pick up. marla, back to you. >> thanks so much. we'll be back with our next local news update at 9:56. we hope to see you then.
9:30 am
welcome back to today. it's wednesday morning, october 30th, 2013. i'm willie along with natalie. this story out of california. the city filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the hot sauce which a lot of people know. >> i love it. it's delicious. >> they asked the company to stop production of the sauce until it controlled the odors coming from the factory. it overwhelms the town. it's causing eye and throat irritations and headaches. so overpowering one kid's birthday party had to be moved inside to escape it. >> they said the company should install a filtration system. we're going to give it a try this morning.
9:31 am
>> willie, come on, you first. >> we didn't have tracrackers s just use the spoon. >> cheers. >> is that a lot? seems like a lot. >> really good? >> and hot. i can see why that would shutdown a kid's birthday party. >> oh, yeah, sweet. >> oh, heavens to betsy. >> i don't think i can talk anymore. >> you take it. >> you, with the weather. say something. >> say something. well, it's hot at the desk and it will be hot as well here along the east coast. we're going to see a warm up ahead of our next system coming in. expect warm temperatures here to the southeast of course the threat of severe weather where you do see the red shading on the map. everyone wants to know what the forecast will be for halloween and there it is for you. we can't see that threat for severe weather here. rain anywhere from the great lakes to the gulf coast on into the northeast. so what i think is you just
9:32 am
dress like a meteorologist who is out in a storm so you have the slicker on and the hat on and the whole nine yards so you don't have to worry about the rain. that's my idea for your ha good morning to you. temperatures are going to be warmer this afternoon, but it's still pretty cold out there this morning. make sure you bundle up. 71 degrees for livermore. 66 fremont. 68 for san jose. about 64 when the sun sets at 6:15. we got you covered on nbc bay and look on the home page. you'll find a complete guide to everything happening around here. check it out today at the office. 77 degrees for thursday. looking good for halloween. warmer on friday. let's go back to natalie and willie and see if their esophagus has stopped burning. >> i think i burned my vocal cords if that's possible.
9:33 am
>> are you all right? >> that was hot. if you still have no idea what you and your kids will be dressing up for halloween -- i still can't talk. my tongue is fused to the top of my mouth. >> here with last minute costumes you can make yourself is lori richmond, editor of the it's not too late. >> it's not too late. all of these ideas are things you can make for the whole family with what you already have in your house. >> i love these ideas. family game night, this is a favorite at everyone's house. >> they are dressed as classic board games that we made out of pillow cases. and basic arts and craft supplies. so what we did was drew the boards on the front of the pillow cases using fabric markers and paint and added accessories to each costume. dad is operation and we added kitchen tongs for the tweezers. >> she's like is that me?
9:34 am
>> that's you. >> and then for mr. monopoly we did money on the front and printed it out and then added the iconic top hat and made a mustache with cotton balls. and here in the front is our checkerboard. we drew that and made cardboard checkers to give it dimension and mom is twister and we created the spinner using just some cardboard and glued it to a head board. >> serious art skills. >> you can trace it. >> with the monopoly you scanned on the home computer. >> yeah, straight lines and circles. >> great. happy halloween. >> moving on to the four seasons. >> next are the four seasons. >> we have the cunninghams. >> i love this. >> this is great because this entire costume can be made with stuff that's already in your closets at home. >> summer has passed out by the way. >> yeah, the baby is summer. she is still ready for a day at the beach. we have all of her summer gear
9:35 am
on and mom here is fall and this is a great ensemble because we made it out of trash bags and leaves from the backyard. cut two holes in the trash bag and put it on like a pair of pants and then get leaves from the yard and clue them on to the shirt and pinned them in her hair. >> okay. we have spring and winter over there. >> yes, springtime, an april showers theme with all the rain gear. the rain jacket and boots and umbrella and then we have winter. this is stuff we're getting out of the closets already. it's getting cold out. a way the whole family can get involved is to make the snow flakes. cut them out and decorate the jacket. >> beautiful family. >> thank you guys. >> happy halloween. >> next up, the zuker family is the at the time tris tribe. >> can you believe this? >> dad, how are you holding up? >> everybody remembers tetris,
9:36 am
right? we created this out of simple cardboard boxes and covered them with construction paper and added the detailing and you could use black duct tape. we hot glued the boxing together. you could add arm holes as well if you want and extra points to any family that can actually put together the formation while they're in this costume. >> bonus points for trying to walk in that. >> where do the hands go? that's a whole other story. >> thank you. >> let's get the royal family, the prestons with baby matthew. >> everyone just loves will and kate and we created this look from when they first introduced prince george to the world. >> so cute. >> mom looks exactly like kate wearing the polka dot dress and for dad button down shirt, jeans and a belt. instant prince william. roll up the sleeves because he is a hands on dad and then for
9:37 am
prince george, a little crown -- >> baby matthew here. >> baby matthew playing the part of prince george. we made a crown out of felt and added jewels and wrapped him in a blanket. this is the same style blanket the real prince george wore. >> great. >> and finally when all else fails, there's this easy costume. >> this is as low cost and low offer as it gets. toilet paper and double sided tape and the whole family can get involved wrapping each other in the toilet paper and definitely you need a mummy walk. this is a high impact costume. can you put your arms out in front of you and act like mummies. >> there you go. >> looks great. >> lori richmond, thank you so much. great ideas. coming up next, the wackiest the day my doctor told me i had diabetes, i remember thinking there's a lot i have to do... check my blood sugar, eat better. start insulin. today i learned there's something
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9:42 am
routine. >> yeah, works every time. >> play ball. the best basketball shot of the month at the fraternity in arkansas talk about three stooges. >> no way. >> oh, that's great. now get back to class you buckle heads. >> our oops of the month. a high five. >> no. >> you have to wonder. in korean baseball. here's the pitch. what a blast. the pose, the bat flip. that's tremendous. that's for a foul ball to left field. the olympic torch in moscow, it goes out. >> hey, buddy, you got a light? >> our rules of the month in england, is panting -- i don't know, how about kissing in basketball. she smooches her opponent and gets called for a technical
9:43 am
foul. >> come on. >> in germany, does the ball have to go in to count? apparently not. the ball goes around the side and through a hole in the net and they counted it. in sweden, the ref has a choke hold on the player. hey, mr. ref, excuse me. you can let go now. >> and a new rule this year, this is real, you can't take off your helmet to fight but you're allowed to take off your opponent's helmet. works out nice. of course this one time at band camp in austin. and there they go. the domino effect. our umpire of the month. this took place in northern california, remember this guy. >> whoop, there it is! >> our play by play of the month. the japanese call, the wreck in nascar.
9:44 am
>> do you know what the translation is? other than one broken thumb, nobody got hurt. >> touchdown after the patriots win. unicorns, show ponies, where's the beef? >> you know, you learn that in sports casting school. unicorns, show ponies, where's the beef? >> anybody can say touchdown. >> exactly. >> it's about a big moment. >> you've done it again. >> always making a big moment here. where is the beef? all right. thank you. coming up -- >> wow. >> a little sharknado action for willie when he gets up close and [ female announcer ] it's a mountain grown morning with folgers lively colombian. it's deliciously dark, just before dawn. it's welcoming the sunrise with a taste of vanilla biscotti. with folgers gourmet selections, you can enjoy a variety of roasts and flavors
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9:48 am
to our natural shredded cheese so you can bring a creamier melt to any morning. ♪ life is amazing with the love that i've found ♪ ♪ first there was shark week and then sharknado. sharkmania is everywhere. people can't get enough including this guy, willie. >> it's the jaws imagine. the imagine of sharks that researchers are trying to change about the endangered animals. i joined one team off of florida and dove right into the action. >> reporter: off the tip of the florida keys, neil and his team
9:49 am
from the university of miami's marine conservation program spend their weekend searching for sharks. >> you'll see. it's a lot of comotion but everybody gets in and does their job and gets out and puts the sharks back in. >> everything they catch is released safely but only after the researchers have taken valuable information and tagged the biggest sharks with a special satellite device that tracks their feeding and migration habits. the team hopes the prize data can help illuminate the world of sharks. but before we gather data, we have to catch something. >> you want big fish, you need big bait. >> reporter: oh. >> we dropped 30 lines and then pulled them up one by one hoping there's something alive at the other end. we strikeout on the first two tries. >> there's no shark on there now. >> reporter: but then, a small black tipped shark is on the hook.
9:50 am
once the shark is up on the boat, we pump saltwater into his mouth to keep oxygen flowing and i take measurements. then we clip a tiny part of the finn and take tissue samples for analysis. then, in a matter of minutes the shark goes back into the water. >> good job. >> he got off in a hurry. >> reporter: sharks are increasingly threatened around the world by human activity. often hunted only for their finns. >> when most people think about extingt animals they don't jump to sharks. there's the idea that they're the great predator at the top of the food chain and they'll be okay forever. what's the reality? >> some of the species declined 80% over the last 10 years. a lot of the animal versus been threatened and some of them endangered with extinction. >> guys, we have a strong nurse shark. >> reporter: then we get on a roll. >> 186.
9:51 am
>> caught three sharks already. the feeling on the boat is the big one is still out there. >> hammerhead. >> we pulled up a hammerhead. we decided too small and too fragile to tag and do the full battery of tests. we look how long it was and sex and send it on its way. >> reporter: researchers hope with all of this data they can understand and protect the lives of sharks. >> so three nurse sharks and three black tips. a hammerhead which was rare. it's only my first time doing this but it feels like a good day. >> that's a great day. three different species including an animal of conservation concern. really good data points. not more you can ask for. >> that was a fun day. it looks a little rough but the team there follows a really strict set of safety precaution with the hooks they use to get the sharks and they take the
9:52 am
samples out of part of the body where there's no nerve endings so it doesn't hurt the shark. >> how do they find out the sex of the shark? >> we left that up to the scientists natalie. they have their methods. what's your take away? we're trying to save the sharks here and she wants to know how you tell a male from a female. the scientists have methods. >> we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
9:53 am
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9:54 am
what's going on? >> look whose back. >> she's back. >> we've been waiting for you. >> i'm going to cut my 20-year-old pillow and see if there's fecal matter. >> you have a 20-year-old pillow. that's disgusting? >> i have an 83-year-old husband. you got something to say about that too. >> we love dr. oz and that's what he said. >> he said you can't keep your
9:55 am
pillow more than two years. so we're going to see. >> fecal. >> fecal? >>
9:56 am
good morning to you. 9:56. i'm marla tellez. campbell police are hoping newly released surveillance video will help them catch a suspected gunman. these men right here highlighted in the video were involved in saturday's shooting at the spot
9:57 am
nightclub. officers say a club employee told the group to turn down their music in the parking lot. that's when one of the men reportedly shot the employee. that 33-year-old is still recovering in the hospital. state legislature is now looking into worker safety following this month's deadly bart crash. a special oversight hearing will take place next week. the hearing happening after a crash that killed both the bart worker and a contractor back on october 19th. the ntsb is conducting its own investigation. we are sure you felt that chill in the air, but it's going to get better, so let's take a look at the forecast. >> hey, thanks. yes, you know what, cold start. sunny finish. warmer afternoon headed our way. we're actually going to lime by five to eight degrees from where we ended up yesterday. it's going to feel really comfortable later on in livermore at 71. 66 degrees in fremont. today 68 in san jose, and 69 in santa cruz. sunday at 2:00 a.m.
9:58 am
daylight-savings time ends. your new sun advise 6:3 a.m. the new sunset, early, 5:15. overall warmer weather as we head through the end of the week. this morning we are talking about heavy traffic on the peninsula. in fact, headed down on the southbound 101 side. that's where we're still finding lots of congestion through palo alto, and there is an accident right through burlinggame, and once you goss past foster city, things do improve. same story on the east bay. that's where we're looking at another accident approaching the san mateo bridge. once you get past that, things do improve. even in the south bay, not too bad right now. we are finding conditions improving. not bad, marla. sdoo kind of like the forecast, anthony. thanks. we'll be back at 10:26 with our next local nauz update. so what can i get you?
9:59 am
we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪
10:00 am
♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey! >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathy lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. so good to see you. it's wines day wednesday, october 30th. one day to go until our big halloween show. it looks like the rain will hold off. >> we cannot tell you our costumes. we think you'll love them. we are grateful because you have been sending us some of your halloween costumes. >> you've been going to parties and all that sort of stuff. >> we did get a couple of them.
10:01 am
eileen and farrah went as us. >> that's just an excuse to drink. >> there they are as us. the one is holding a picture of frank. the other one is holding a picture of blake shelton. >> we'll have a big costume contest tomorrow. >> who has the greatest one? >> come out early. stay for us. at 10:00 we'll do our own costume contest. >> we'll be out on plaza for the first time. >> they rarely allow us. we're too disruptive apparently. >> yes, we are. we'd like to apologize for something. >> here's why. >> there is a global wine shortage. >> it's coming. >> i'm so sorry. >> apparently it's happened globally in the last five years and we did the math. we started our show. so we think we are partially responsible for the global wine shortage. there are some reports that
10:02 am
what, production hasn't kept up, that it's down 12%, the world's wine production. what do you think of that. >> why? nature? >> people are consuming more. >> they'll have to make more. i'll try to do something about that next year. i cannot think about -- reveal any such thing now. are we going to see what natalie had to say? >> here's scary news just in time for halloween. there is a possible wine shortage on the horizon. according to a report from morgan stanley research, the global supply of wine barely exceeded demand last year an a shortage is on the way if we continue drinking at the current pace. at least if hoda and kathie lee continue drinking at the current pace. the french drink the most wine, then followed by americans. >> sorry. >> okay. >> so anyway. anyhoo. we were busy yesterday. if you watch dr. oz, a lot of
10:03 am
people watch dr. oz. >> he's such a nice man. >> we had fun with him. >> we didn't know how much fun it was going to be. take a look. >> is this the kind you like, dr. oz? >> yes. no more brushing on the set. >> grab your wine. >> can we say we slept with you now. >> everyone saw it. >> we went to bed with you. >> i get scared. >> i'm serious. i get scared. i'm serious. >> i was the biggest wimp in the world. >> only when it comes to things like that or ice skating. >> if you wouldn't have been holding on to the two of us, you would have eaten that thing. >> this thing we're about to show you is an interesting thing about pillows. let's take a look at that. >> you should change your pillow every two years because what you've got on the inside of your pillow after that amount of time
10:04 am
is nothing but the fecal pellets of mites? >> that's right. when it gets clumpy, get rid of it. >> we're going to cut it open and see next week. i've had it for 20 years. >> this is my pillow. i sleep with two of them. and so does frank. we love them so much. who knew you're supposed to change them. i always put a cover over them. right? i said oh, my gosh where am i going to find this pillow again? it says bloomingdales. >> we're going to cut it open and put whatever is in there in a plastic bag and send it to the lab. >> careful. >> flying fecal pellets. >> here. >> oh! sorry. >> no indeed. >> we're going to put it in the lab. >> that's enough. that's enough. >> wait a minute. look at it.
10:05 am
look at it. your favorite thing. >> i don't want to eat it. >> can i hand this to you? we're sorry. >> it doesn't look good. hoda, look. >> oh, my gosh. >> there are -- let me see. >> oh, no. that can't be pretty. we're going to send it to the lab and let you know in a week what is in klg's pillow. >> i'll be at bloomingdale's later on to get four more pillows. >> thank you, jerry. >> on jimmy fallon jimmy decided to have fun with us yesterday. let's take a look. >> tonight we will be taking a look at the pros and cons of being dracula. pro drinking the blood of the virgin gives him immense power. drinking the blood of hoda and kathie lee gives them an immense hangover. >> that's 40 proof. >> they're fun people, though. >> here is a video that's so moving. it's one of those videos that
10:06 am
shows you the power of music. you don't have to understand the lyrics or anything. here's a mom from canada. her name is amanda singing to her baby. >> mary lynn. please watch this. ♪ i don't want you to come around here no more ♪ ♪ i beg you ♪ you don't know how strong my weakness is or how much it hurts me ♪ ♪ cause when you say it's over ♪ with her i want to believe it's true ♪ ♪ so i let you here knowing tomorrow i'm gonna wake up missing you ♪ ♪ wake up missing you >> he's trying to say the words. >> are you crying?
10:07 am
you're crying, monkey. mommy's done. okay. >> oh, my gosh. that is the most moving thing. some people are upset about it because they think she's being cruel. not at all. you can tell she's a loving mother. she sings to the baby all the time she says but that's the only song that elicits that response. they made the video to prove to her husband. >> her husband didn't believe it. it has 5 million views on youtube. >> it's absolutely precious. >> kathy ryan said to me yesterday, you have to see this video. then she's like the great swany. >> it's a huge thing on the air. >> honestly, kathy. >> i do want to say, i went to california to see my daughter who is in college there. saw cody as well. we had a great, great time. i am sadly muzzled and can tell you about anything. thursday night i went to charlotte, north carolina. there's an organization called
10:08 am
harvest center. where they transition -- there's my dear friend. ann nielsen. she has an amazing book "angels in our midst." she's a brilliant artist. that's the gentleman who runs the organization. the other lady is the lady who was in charge last year. they transition homeless people and they feed their bodies and their souls they teach them how much god loves them and they transition them into new beautiful life. >> that's great. >> you know i don't do a lot of that stuff anymore. if i do, i try to do it locally at home so i'm not traveling as much. this was worth it. they're the most hospitable people. i turned on -- it was billy graham parkway. i felt like i was home. >> you were home. >> any town that has a billy graham parkway is my kind of town. >> if you've been traveling a lot, you see the videos that tell you to buckle your seat belts. >> everyone ignores them. >> virgin america has decided they were going to make sure you
10:09 am
took notice. take a look at their new in-flight video. ♪ i have a safety tip you have to know ♪ ♪ trust me it's something you want to hear ♪ enjoy the show before we move into the stratosphere ♪ >> cabin pressure changes. ♪ you know we won't be leaving you hanging ♪ ♪ oxygen flow ♪ take the strap and put it on your mouth and your nose ♪ ♪ put your mask on first before you offer assistance ♪ ♪ in the unlikely event we need to get you outside your exit is equipped with inflatable ♪ >> okay. >> it seems like it's gear toward kids. they'll watch it. >> that's the hip airline anyway. if you go on virgin america or virgin atlantic, it's
10:10 am
everything -- the mood, the lighting is different. the music is different. the entertainment system is different. and they -- they're hip and cool. >> yes. >> you can get a pedicure and back massage. >> i'm going to do that. sticks and stones my break their bones but names can never harm them. >> how to teach your kids to develop a thick skin and how you can do it yourself. >> we want to hold these up. it's the last opportunity for the month of act. >> breast cancer awareness month. >> go online for this wonderful t-shirt. >> cheers. >> i missed you. >> i missed you, too.
10:11 am
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10:14 am
whether you're dealing with bullying on the playground or negativity at the work place it can be hard to maintain a thick skin. >> but you can train yourself to bounce back when you're knocked down by learning how to be resilie resilient. here to hem is psychologist jennifer hartstein. and alexander levy, a teen ambassador for stop that bullying. hi, guys. welcome. >> we talked about a lot how terrible bullying is and it sounds weird to say, there may be some positive aspects to bullying because it shows kids that they have to sometimes toughen up. >> right. we have to think when it gets to safety point, we have to step in.
10:15 am
the earlier parts, we have to figure out how to be able to walk talk, walk with confidence, to act as my friend nancy said, to act opposite to vul nernlt. you know my weak spot and you're going to keep poking me. if you can say, i don't like your sweater, you can say, i do and walk away. go talk to somebody who's more positive in my life and get some support from them. and that gives me confidence. >> alexander when you were getting bullied, how did you do it? >> well, i think the important aspect to remember, not too much is the growing thick skin aspect, i think it messover the empowerment and to find something that inspires you. i like this sweater, a comeback like that, you need to find something that's an inspiration to you.
10:16 am
>> it happened -- it started early for you, right, you were quite young, you went to a different school and it got better and then it got worse again. >> i moved in fifth grade and then it's collated to the point where my arm was broken. >> the second time the school did something. >> the second time the school came in support of me. >> kids who are bullied or picked on they don't know how to say something or what to say, it takes a lot of courage to stand up to someone who's popular in the school. how were you able to do that? >> the problem was just being a fifth grader, it wasn't just fifth graders picking on me, it was sixth graders. it got to the point where i stopped going to school. >> you grades probably suffered as a result? >> it's not extreme like it was here and for kids who are getting picked on in school, what are some tips they can take
10:17 am
away to learn to stick up for themselves? >> who in their circle of their life is supportive. all we see is the negative and we don't see positive, if we can give them a note or put them on the phone. to problem solve, what can i do. sometimes it's bigger than us. >> if your school won't support you or your teachers won't support you, that's an issue. the world needs to know it's not cool to be a bully. >> thank you. did your teacher make the grade? we'll reveal the finalists for our teacher of the year contest. and then, one of the broadw broa wisest kid in the whole world? we need a new recipe. hmmm. let us consult the scroll of infinite deliciousness.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
♪ time has arrived when we reveal our teacher of the year contest finalist. we received some wonderful submissions, nominating teachers who are really making a difference in your lives and the lives of your kids. >> but we had to narrow it down to three. so here they are along with the women who have nominated them. we begin with a teacher whose classroom was destroyed when storms ripped through her tennessee community. >> i feel that the teacher it was on the teach -- to be the teacher of the year because she lets the students think outside the box and be creative. this year is especially difficult for her because her classroom collapsed and she lost 30 years of personal items and
10:22 am
she started over this year with nothing. but she did not give up. >> i have been here for 36 years and i have never received such recognition as this. so just the fact that i was nominated by parents that thought i had made a positive influence on their children, it's just completely overwhelming. >> mrs. bull sees that all children have the ability to learn and she positively impacted our life in one small school year. i was a child with special needs and susan found a way to teach her. she came to us so that she could figure out what would motivate and what would challenge her. she came home a different child. >> i'm not really comfortable about getting all this attention. but when i realized that this incredible mother, taking time out to nominate me, how else can
10:23 am
you feel? but humble. honored. and so loved. >> deborah young is an integral part of my children's life. not only does she care about her student's well-being, she cares about their family life as well. in 2011, i lost a son. she and a few of her colleagues made sure i did not have to whory about cooking dinner for my family for a couple of weeks and that was a wonderful thing. no one showed kind gestures like that anymore. >> my initial reaction was shock. for anybody to take time out of their lives to thank you for what you're doing. you just feel appreciated and like you're making a difference. and that's really all any teacher could ask for.
10:24 am
>> well, we love all of them. we love the people who nominated and the people that did the nominating, you know, that's what makes the world go around. for more information on each teacher, go to klg and vote for the teacher you liked the best. i hate that. >> i know. >> we'll announce the winner here live with everybody here in two weeks. we are about to test your olympic i.q. we'll play who knew with johnny weir. six-time emmy winner and all-around awesome guy tim conaway is coming up after this. that's our tim. >> love him. discover the all-new look of triple nutrition from garnier fructis. so powerful, even dry, distressed hair is totally transformed. with a nourishing formula, plus: avocado. olive. and almond oils... triple nutrition works deep... restoring hair all the way to the ends with every use. get touchable-softness, spectacular shine and defy dry!
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10:26 am
because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm moorla tellez. san francisco police are asking for the public's help tracking down a witness. they're looking for the man who reportedly told staff at sf general hospital he saw a woman's body lying in a stairwell. the body of missing patient lynn
10:27 am
spalding was found inside that stairwell several days later. there is another demonstration and also a vigil being planned tonight for 13-year-old andy lopez in santa rosa. the rally comes after hundreds of people attended his funeral mass last night. the 13-year-old was shot and killed by a sob olympica county sheriff's deputy last week. the deputy thought lopez's replica rifle was a real ak-47. the fbi is now conducting an independent investigation into the shooting. we'll check the forecast and the roads after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
good morning to you. temperatures are going to be warmer this afternoon, but it's still pretty cold out there this morning. make sure you bundle up. 71 degrees for livermore. 66 fremont. 68 in san jose. we're looking good for your halloween bayside. about 64 when the sun seths at 6:15. haven't made those plans yet? we have you covered on nbc bay just look on the home page. there's a complete guide to everything happening around here. check it out today at the office. 77 degrees for thursday. looking good for halloween. warmer on friday. zoo know this morning we're still looking at slowdowns approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. still right now the backup goes all the way through the maze, and there is an accident right at the treasure island off ramp, and that's keeping things even more slow than they usually are. even in the north bay right now folks coming in from san rafael. it's been kind of stop and go leer, but because of earlier frosty conditions, folks are getting through with no problems. we do have sunshine, though. even in palo alto, sunshine, slowdowns, and, otherwise,
10:30 am
things are moving sploothly. marla, back to you. >> thanksing, anthony. more local news coming up in 30 minutes at 11:00. jon kelley and i hope to see you then. ♪ we're back with more of "toda "today." we're ready to play our weekly trivia game called "who knew." we're 99 days out from olympic games in sochi. kathie lee is ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right and those who get it wrong is kathie lee cd. two-time olympian and the newest figure skating analyst in sochi, his name of course is johnny weir. >> hello. >> i like your outfit. >> i wanted to do very graphic black and white for you today. >> i'm into it. are you ready? >> let's go across the city.
10:31 am
>> this woman is from metro poll lis, illinois, which of the events is new to the 2014 sochi olympics? men's downhill, ice dancing, ice sculpting or biathlon mixed relay? >> ice sculpting. >> wonderful news, she gets scandalous. >> tell us. >> first of all, i want that cd. i'll get every question wrong for as many copies of that cd. >> the correct answer is -- biathlon mixed relay. >> oh, really. >> that's apparently skiing, cross country and shooting and there's a mixed team of gentlemen and ladies that will go across russia. >> oh, my gosh, that sounds interesting it sounds terrifying. >> it does. back across to kathie. >> here from columbus, ohio, who's the most decorated winter
10:32 am
olympian of all time? shaun white, apolo ohno, dick button or bonnie blair. >> shaun white. >> who is the most decorated olympian? >> apolo ohno and "dancing with the stars" as well. >> he's a nice kid. >> he's friendly, nice guy. incredible speed skater. looks great in tights. >> look at you, johnny. >> johnny is going to be an awesome addition to our winter coverage. he's from chicago. al and matt have teamed up to you try all of the following olympic sports except? >> wrestling? >> no, they did that. >> you're so popular. okay.
10:33 am
what is the one thing they did not do? >> they haven't figure skated. they synchronized. >> this was my favorite. is this the luge? and matt was on the bottom. >> that and the wrestling was one of my favorites. >> that's is so sexy. >> which is one is not a mascot for the sochi olympics? >> the snowman? >> how did you know that and break my record? >> oh. >> they have multiple mascots? zwl russia was very specific in choosing very russian animals, a leopard, a hare, a polar bear. >> that's cute. time for one more. >> from santa fe, new mexico, which is the following is not a term associated with figure skating?
10:34 am
>> hammerhead? >> wow. nice. >> she has bummed out. >> that is not one of terms? >> hammerhead is a shark not a figure skating term. >> what is your outfit going to be? >> it's going to have sparkles. i will outshine them sitting thin my little chair. guess who's here? we love tim conway after 50 years of across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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10:38 am
and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes. here's a question, if you asked who's one of the greatest comedic actors of all time, one name stands out among the rest, tim conway! >> from mchale's navy to a carol burnett, he won six emmy awards. he landed in the comedy hall of fame. take a look. >> hi. i'm a leopard. >> reporter: if 11 years, tim conway he won hundreds of applause on "the carol burnett show show." to the old man routine.
10:39 am
to the novice dentist afraid of his first patient, conway could be counted on to crack up his cast mates as much as his audiences. creating classic moments that earned him a place in entertainment history. how happy are we to look at -- >> take your time. >> i mean, just to watch those sketches and then to see what you're up to now. tim, we love you. >> we do. >> hi. >> tim and julia andrews in one week. >> how is your book? >> i haven't read it. but it looks good. it's about 200 pages. it took me almost three days to write it. get a copy of it. >>'s such a fun book. >> really. >> you know what's funny, you have been in the studios for about 20 minutes you have people from all different generations
10:40 am
cracking them up. >> that's amazing. that really is. am i true? no. >> we know you so much from the carol show. >> you don't define yourself that way. >> you talk about everything on this long journey. >> yes, well, i have to. >> i didn't realize that -- >> they didn't make you regular right off the bat on the carol burnett show -- >> no. they did 33 shows a year and i did 32 the first year. and the last week, i said i had to have to off in case i had to guest somewhere. >> are you guys all still close? >> no, i never liked anybody on this show. especially carol. >> we lost harvey. >> we lost him, but we know
10:41 am
where he is. >> harvey, you described harvey as the same man but just taller. you felt simpatico with him? >> simpatico -- >> you like the guy and he liked you, and you worked seamlessly together? >> we did. >> you know what -- >> yes. >> i'll be over here if you need me. >> what's funny about these sketches, one thing in common is you're cracking jokes anding everybody's joking back laughter -- >> very poor performers i worked with, especially carol. >> it was so well known that you went off script a lot. >> well, i can't read, so, where am i going to go? >> you did have a dyslexia
10:42 am
problem growing up. >> yes. >> was that a way to cope with humor growing through school, because you weren't a great student? >> yes. no, i wasn't. for those of you who have ds and fs, please keep trying because that's what i had. i would make a b out of a d, so my parents never knew. >> i had two mothers but not a father. the birth thing was unbelievable. >> we love a lot of your characters. which one do you get asked to do? >> i do x a lot. well, i think -- >> i love x. the little golfer. >> yeah.
10:43 am
yes, they used to bury me in the ground and one day i was buried in the fairway and i adog came over and took a leak on me. they cut that out. >> there you are. >> there you are. >> tim, we love you. >> i don't know why a man of this stature, three minutes. the book is terrific. it's in stores. it's a terrific book. >> tim, thank you. >> do you want me to quietly go? >> coming up, his story has inspired millions around the world. [ laughter ] >> we'll have more coming up right after this. [ mixer whirring ] my turn daddy, my turn! hold it steady now. i know daddy. [ dad ] oh boy, fasten your seatbelts everybody. [ mixer whirring ]
10:44 am
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mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. even after his death nearly two years ago on christmas day,
10:48 am
texas teen ben continues to inspire millions before his passing. >> four times his heart failed. but he was comforted each time by a white light confirming his belief in heaven. he shared his experiences on flash cards and his message has been viewed more than 12 million times. >> his sister has penned a book "when will heaven begin." she's here with her parents. >> what an inspiring brother you had? i mean, how many times have you watched that video of him with the flash cards? >> actually, i have only watched it maybe three times. >> is it just too hard? >> it's very emotional to watch it and i like to think of the memories that i have with him and him not being here. >> he had such a message, tell
10:49 am
us about your son's message? >> i think his message a beautiful one, if he takes the whole idea of his flash card statement, i'm very proud of him for recognizing that god was in his life his whole life. that's where his joy and peace came from. >> so many people that struggle or suffer, struggle with also the question of, why me? he wasn't like me. i'll ask your dad. >> he didn't seem to let his heart condition get him down, he kind of wanted to live life just everybody else, he pushed the limits a lot of times and stretched us. >> how so? >> well, he was a big wakeborder and he like to do and do tricks out on the water and it was one of the few sports that he could do because the boat was pulling him rather than him exerting
10:50 am
himself. >> allie, he's going to impact a lot of people's lives with this book, but he had an impact on yours? >> he did. despite the suffering he went through, he woke up every day with a huge smile. >> it seems like it's contagious among your whole family. who's with you? >> parents in law. my parents in law. and uncle rusty. >> you're a beautiful family. >> you're a great family. >> thank you all very much. one of broadway's biggest music musical, "wicked" celebrates a big milestone. >> they celebrate on the plaza.
10:51 am
[ female announcer ] now your most dazzling accessory can be your smile. colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line.
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10:54 am
♪ ♪ i'll hello you be popular kristin chenoweth, love her voice. the musical "wicked" marks ten years on broadway. >> a special anniversary i decision of the grammy-awarding recording is being released. >> we sign off with "wizard and i." ♪ ♪ ♪ one i prove my worth, i meet the wizard what i waited for ♪ ♪ and with all of his wizard wisdom, won't be blinded ♪ ♪ do you think wizard is --
10:55 am
♪ i see who they're truly are and ♪ that's how wizard and i ♪ i'm with the wizard, my whole life will change ♪ ♪ because you're with the wizard no one thinks you're strange ♪ ♪ no father is not proud of you, no sister acts ashamed ♪ ♪ and all of us have to love you, by the wizard ♪ ♪ ♪ what a parent will be the wizard and i ♪
10:56 am
♪ and what a pair we'll be, the wizard ♪ ♪ my future is unwritten ♪ and i just have a vision like a prophecy ♪ ♪ i know it sounds truly crazy and the vision is hazy but i swear someday that will be a celebration throughout oz ♪ ♪ will have to do with me ♪ and i'll stand there with the wizard ♪
10:57 am
♪ and i'll never show it, i'll be happy ♪ ♪ the rest of my life and everything else ♪ ♪ when people see me they will scream ♪ for oz's favorite ♪ ♪ the wizards and i ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. san francisco police are asking for your help in solving a mystery. police are searching for a man who first reported seeing a woed in a missing stairwell in san francisco general hospital. after telling a supervisor, that man disappeared. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at san francisco general now with an update on this mysterious investigation. good morning, christie. >> good morning to you, marla. yeah, we're learning a little more about what happened here. that man was actually locked out on a fifth floor stairwell, an exterior stairwell. when he got back in after banging on the door, told the


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