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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 31, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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first. the cpuc wants to make sure this is the case for b.a.r.t. and other transit agencies in california. we'll talk about what the agency is proposing after two workers were hit and killed by a b.a.r.t. train earlier this month. >> on the roads we have a new incident report for the east shore freeway. how that's affecting the development of the early commute. >> happy halloween to you. we take a live look outside. city by the bay, san francisco, all is clear. a cold start. we'll check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. she's in the house with some treats. it's thursday, october 31st, this is "today in the bay." again, very happy halloween to one and all. enjoy it. it's 5:00 on the nose. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with a developing story in the east bay. police are investigating a dog
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attack injuring four people in antioch. officers say they were forced to shoot and kill one of the dogs to try to stop the attack. this morning neighbors on larkspur drive are still on edge hours after it happened. that is where christie smith joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. four people here in antioch are recovering from a vicious dog attack this morning including three people who tried to help a man who was walking his two dogs on the street here. that's when two dogs charged at him from the open space area. this on the 2500 block of larkspur, happened around 9:30 last night. the man walking the dogs started screaming for help. >> it appears we have lost our audio to christie. but to continue the story a little bit, a man started screaming for help, officers eventually arrived, actually shooting one of the dogs, killing it. the other ran off but eventually
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came back, that dog is now in quarantine at the investigation will continue. >> we'll check back later on. as soon as we get the audio back and working. b.a.r.t. could soon have more stringent safety rules, potential changes inspired by the deadly crash killing two workers on the tracks earlier this month. marla tellez is in the newsroom with what the state regulators are now proposing. good morning. >> good morning. the california public utilities commission oversees rail safety for a dozen transit agencies state wide including b.a.r.t. of course. and ever since this deadly accident just 12 days ago when the two workers were hit and killed by a b.a.r.t. train, the agency has been rethinking the safety rules. so today, the cpuc will vote on a new set of safety laws being called first of their kind. if passed, all transit agencies, not just b.a.r.t. but also san francisco muni and the bta in
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the south bay would be required to immediately create a three-way communication system between central command, train operators and wayside workers, all workers would have to always confirm their locations and explain what they are doing to protect themselves before a train enters any work area. speed restrictions for the trains and warning flags would be required in all work areas. when 58-year-old christopher sheppard and lawrence daniels were killed they were work under what's called the simple approval practice, which actually allows employees to enter the right-of-way as trains continue at full speed. what this means is it's really up to each worker to be responsible for their own safety. the simple approval process would be wiped out if the cpuc approves the stricter rules. a b.a.r.t. spokeswoman says b.a.r.t. supports the change. the vote is expected at 9:30 this morning. >> thanks so much.
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5:03. a former cal state east bay professor who pleaded guilty sexually abusing an insfant headed back to a courtroom. an appeals judge tossed out ken kyle's 37 1/2 year prison sentence, that judge said the initial trial judge injected himself by saying he thought kyle should get a life term. if kyle renews his guilty plea he could get a shorter sentence. kyle was an assistant professor and administration. >> four years after a father was gunned down on the streets in front of his daughter, police have made an arrest. 24-year-old dareek turner will face murder charges. he is being held without bail. investigators say in november 2009 turner and thomas cunningham exchanged words outside a hayward liquor store. turner reportedly shot cunningham right in front of
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cunningham's 13-year-old daughter. cunningham and his daughter were out walking home after buying ice cream. >> let's get to the forecast. i think there is a treat in store for us. checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's always a treat waking up with you two. good morning to you. let's get right to that forecast for tonight. that's what everybody wants to know about. it's going to be pretty nice all across the bay area. we have a couple things you want to keep in mind. for halloween night temperatures are looking good. 6:15, 65 degrees, really comfortable condition for you this year. you don't have to worry about rain, thick fog or reducing your visibility. take it easy as the sun sets, there's going to be a lot of little ones on the roadway. let's check on the roads. here is mike inouye back in action. >> we're looking toward bay bridge toll plaza. give them cash or
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electronically. smooth drive. and the nice approach on the area. we're looking toward the east shore freeway. i'm concerned about a crash reported, in the direction of the arrow, up to powell reports of a crash. no mother details but we'll follow this. let you know but we're looking at the rest of the approach and the commute, or 24 westbound as well moving smoothly through the caldecott for highway 24. easy drive there. also starting a little tiny build here for west 580 and 84. no big deal as far as speed sensors. you see there is the san mateo bridge. >> appreciate it. happening now, this is one of the examples how far people will go for free stuff. they are lined up to win chick-fil-a meals for a year. you can see it become tent city. people jamming and camping out. that area headed this morning 6:00 a.m.
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the new chick-fil-a near mati ta avenue. they will get free chicken for a year. >> people are up and about. >> you got to get ready. start burning off calories. >> what kind of sauz are you going to put on? >> barbecue. each winner will get a meal per week. >> they are ready for that. >> some consider this next one of the most haunted places in the state. it's the banta inn. it's in tracy. it's so well phone for its spirits the owner had to exknowledge the fact it's haunted in order to receive the deed. >> but this halloween we want to go above and beyond. see truth and get proof. we sent bob redell to see. >> reporter: two ghost hunters walk into a bar.
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asks what can i get you. your finest, spirts of course. which they believe they have detected. >> there is definitely something here. >> the team was trying to -- what they have felt for years. >> i've seen a gentleman sitting in this chair. >> tony. >> he wears a plaid shirt. >> the bar tender who died of a heart attack behind this bar in 1967. >> as quickly as i thought. still. >> it went away. >> when it disappeared like a barkley thing or disintegration. >> disintegration. >> we were talking about the ghosts. >> shelly was skeptical. >> i'm one of those cups shot off the wall. >> after working in the kitchen. >> you become a believer. also threw a box at the
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dishwasher too. >> how? >> something actually tapped on my shoulder. >> this morning chris returns with his colleague fred spear not as customers but investigators trying to make hay of the unusual audio recording. >> this one here is my voice. followed by toning. following real, which is yes for sannish. >> when you listen to it live, it was crisp and clear. ghosts don't always act on cue f. they did it would make our job easier. >> what's -- >> bob redell, "today in the bay." >> no better than to cover that than bob redell.
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a mother and daughter died in a fire there but outside of that we hear it's good, the service is great t food is good and the alcoholic beverages probably help bring the coasts as well. >> appears to be fun. >> looks like a good crew. >> 5:10. bay area police shift admits he was the recent victim of a crime. >> we'll tell you about what the coast card is not saying about that barge in the bay that has people buzzings. >> another a, a scandal, we'll look in business and tech.
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this morning a new twist linked to google's mystery barge on the bay. the coast guard confirming it has visited the barge floating near treasure island. the coast guard won't reveal
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anything until the project is finished. the agency tells reuters at least one employee has been required to stein a nondisclosure agreement with google. google hasn't said anything about the barge. some wonder if it's a floating data center or store for google glass. >> a floating store. okay. well, could that barge be also some sort of just way of escaping the nsa. scott manage grew, the national security agency is tapping google and google serious. >> this was revealed in "the washington post." documents leaked by ed snowden reveal the nsa is tapping into the traffic from the cloud. yahoo! 2, this is a diagram that the post had, this is drawn by somebody in the nsa. you can see down near the bottom near the ticker there is a smiley face. someone at the nsa added a smiley face. google is not smiling. it thinks its future is in the cloud and evidence the u.s. government is apparently
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splicing into google's cables to access your data has googlers very angry and embarrassed this morning. google's chief legal officer gave a public statement expressing outrage. until recently google and the obama administration were close. google ceo eric schmidt on the left, then google vice president now yahoo! ceo marissa meyer with her back to you as well. the fed says easy money will continue. it will keep adding $85 billion to the economy every month. let's get a market preview with seema mody. good morning. >> good morning, scott. we're looking at futures lower after stocks pulled back on the fed decision yesterday to hold steady on monetary policy. the fed saying the economy is too weak for to the cut back on its stimulus program. we do get data on unemployment filings and manufacturing, plus earnings from oil giants. the dow falling 61 points, the
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nasdaq losing about 21, and it will be interesting to see how facebook opens after results last night. >> don't do that. not do this next story. and laura and -- we have technical difficulties. it will be about airplanes, though. i'm flying blind. there may or may not be airplanes on the screen. i'm going to throw it back to you. we'll talk about the nsa and its involvement in messing up our television. >> it is halloween. spooky things always happen. >> one time we went life from the mystery house and things were just going hay wire. >> have you recovered? >> no. i need go home. back to bed. >> christina loren is here. a crisp start and halloween on the way. >> it's going to be nice tonight. you know that's such good news. this is one of those holidays chances are if you've got kids
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you're headed out at some point. let's talk a little bit about that chill in the air this morning. i can tell you right now it's not as cold as it was yesterday but it's going to be cold enough for a jacket for the first part of the day. we have low clouds moving in. and those are kind of trapping in warmth for the time being. however, i can tell you right now it's going to be nice, beautiful sunny finish. i'm also tracking thick fog this morning. this just developed along the coastline. especially the peninsula coast. you'll find some thick pockets between half moon bay and san francisco. we only have about a mile and a quarter in half moon bay. quarter mile visibility in san francisco this morning. by the way, speaking of the winchester mystery house they are holding a flashlight tour tonight. yeah, they don't come around very often. if you can get out there that's going on tonight. i was out on sunday. it's pretty spooky. 78 degrees in livermore, 71 in fremont, 72 in redwood city and 72 in los gatos. the sun sets it's going to be
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cool. we'll see the 50s around sunset tonight. at about 6:15. 59 at the coast, 57 by 8:15 and 10:15, 56 degrees and don't come knocking on my door after 10:15 trick-or-treaters. keep in mind there's going to be a lot of little ones on the roadway so travel cautiously all around the bay area. great news, we're going to keep it coming. as we head throughout this sunday an extra hour of sleep. it's good news. temperatures, though, are going to be a little cooler as a result at this hour. we're going to be closer to sun rise at that point. it's going to be nice. we'll get more sunlight for the morning drive. bad news is, mike, sun sets at 5:15. >> exactly. that means a lot of folks tend to flood the road about 5:00, 5:30 and that changes up and impacts the evening commute. we'll remind you about that again as the days approach. looking here toward the beginning of the morning
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commute. no big surprise, typical flow of traffic. we'll take you through a few spots. a good deal of slowing and lights. looks like the earlier slowing has cleared and construction crews are on the move for most of these spots. we see the stream of yellow down the middle. down to 58, not a concern and that's an easy flow from 280, down toward santa cruz summit. over to the east bay and the peninsula, the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton, both moving at speed there. and a nice easy drive. we'll give you a live look at well. across the san mateo bridge, a smooth flow as we get live look westbound we saw a burst of traffic about 15 minutes ago. that's an easy drive toward 101 and from 880. a look at 880 through oakland and the food drive, a few with these headlights. back to the maps t approach through oakland and pretty much the entire east bay starting to build. back to you. >> thanks, mike.
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now to an exclusive investigative unit report. pot farmers are illegally using highly toxic pesticides to protect their crop. the unit found it's happening on or near our national parks and tribal lands. alise traveled from fresno to humboldt counties and witnessed the trash left behind and saw a form of poison that banned from being used on or near agriculture. they are using it to keep animals off their plants, scientists are beginning to understand the impact it will have. >> what we know there is a massive use of tox i can'ts out there and i don't mean over the counter, we're talking about restricted use and banned chemicals. these are specifically been banned for wide array of reasons and but one of them is for also the malicious poisoning that we're seeing out there for wildlife.
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>> there is growing concern it could be tainting the water supply. more tonight at 11:00. >> a monumental day for cory booker all street become the newest senator on capitol hill. booker being sworn in as new jersey's junior senator, he was elected earlier this month to finish the term of frank lautenberg who died in june. booker will be the second african-american currently in the united states senate. >> today, a judge is expected to decide whether to shut down production of chili sauce. the city sued to get to the stop making the cause because of the smell of pepper and garlic. residents complained the smell gives them headaches, burns their throat and makes eyes water. the company says it's looking into alternatives when the city sued. if the judge rules with the city the factory won't have to shut down, just have to stop making
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it until it figures out how to get rid of the smell. >> the search for a man who disappeared in a mining trip sadly coming to an end. yesterday the sheriff's department announcing a body matching the description of 65-year-old michael stever was found. he was reported missing back on monday when he did not make it home from a week-long mining trip. deputies, they are now awaiting the family to come and identify the body. >> san francisco's police chief is admitting he was the victim of a burglary. his car was burglarized a few weeks ago. the thief broke in and stole a jacket. he says the case remains unsolved. 5:21. coming up on "today in the bay," the unique way one nba all star decided to give back to his alma mater fresno state.
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welcome back. happy halloween. it was a very happy halloween eve out at oracle arena. they did turn it into roaracle. it was quite the opening of the season. a nice ceremony, the fans feeling it. the team actually took off once they hit the court. the warriors will be in l.a. taking on the clippers. last night it was the lakers in town and they served them. took them on. kobe bryant was on the bench, painfully watching the purple get spanked. the warriors, they have got so far ahead the starters took the bench in the fourth quarter. golden state its biggest home opening win in franchise history. 125-94. nba all star finding a special
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way to give back to his college basketball team. >> the pacers paul george bought out the remaining tickets to the home opener november 16. 15,600 seats in the center. no word how many he bought. he's a former bulldog and he signed a contract extension that could reach $90 million. and he plans to give away all of those tickets to good old bulldog fans. >> big caring giving heart to go with that big fat contract and big wallet. 5:25. christina loren probably has something big in store, talking about halloween and how the little kiddies enjoy the goblins and candy. >> oh, yeah, it's going to be nice out there. not too warm that it's going to melt your chocolate. a lot of kids are going to dress up for school going classroom to classroom. the good news is temperatures aren't that bad. we're talking room temperature in los gatos. 72. 78 in livermore and 74 degrees
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in fairfield. meanwhile, what a treat in san francisco. 70 degrees headed your way. we do have changes as we get into the all important weekend. getting so close to it now. first, though, let's check your drive and say good morning to our own mike inouye. >> good morning. i am back and we're so close to the backup. it will be coming over. the guys right now very easy drive so enjoy that trick. as the time changes on sunday going to see it shift. we'll watch that. standard for a thursday. fremont southbound with headlights building. no slowing on the sensors through south of the dumbarton bridge but we're watching the south bay as well as look at 101 northbound. you know, i didn't move that camera. it's a clear view and clear drive. there you go. that's 101, the one i meant to get. back to you guys. >> got to love the crew. >> thank you all. it's 5:26. back in the bay area when and
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where the president is expected to make his next visit. >> the castro valley care facility recently shut down by the state has a new problem. the latest on the search for one of its missing residents.
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>> a south bay neighborhood on edge this morning worried wild animals could put their kids at risk this halloween. >> almost two weeks after workers are hit and killed by a b.a.r.t. train in the east bay, the cpuc is set to vote on stricter worker rules. we'll tell what you those are exactly coming up. >> as we're just getting started on your morning commute we have a new issue for the east bay. i'll show you what's going on coming up. >> happy halloween. we've got a distinguish looking day shaping up, a comfortable evening for your trick-or-treaters. we'll take you through the forecast, tell you what's on tap for the weekend. lots to go over and your full weather report. >> live look outside, it's sunnyvale and you might be asking yourself why are there a
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bunch of tents in a parking lot at 5:30 in the morning? chick-fil-a is out there giving away free chicken for a year to the first 100 in line. more on this on this thursday, halloween, october 31. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning and happy halloween. we have an update to a developing story in the east bay. police are investigating a dog attack which injured four people in antioch. officers say they were forced to shoot and kill one of those dogs trying to stop that attack. this morning neighbors are still very much on edge just hours after all of this happened. that's where christie smith joins us live with the latest on this ongoing investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. four people are recovering from
5:31 am
a vicious dog attack that happened here in antioch including three people who ran out to help a man walking his dogs on the street. two dogs charged it. this is residential area, 2700 block of larkspur. it happened around 9:30. started screaming for help. neighbors came out, tried to help but they ended up being bitten too in the arms and legs and face. police showed up the dogs turned on them. they opened fire, killing one of the dogs. >> i checked it out. i saw cars like everywhere honking and heard people screaming. there was like a bunch of cop cars and i was scared. then i ran inside and i was like really scared. >> the other dog ran away but came back. officers were able to catch it. they have no bet confirmed the
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exact breed of these dogs. all four people taken to the hospital for treatment. neighbors say they had not seen these dogs before and the dogs don't have tags. the one that survived will be scanned to see if it was a chip. that one is in quarantine. unclear what will happen to it, though. reporting live, christie smith. >> antioch was the scene of another dog attack in august, a pair of pit bull ace tacked a 10-year-old boy at a friend's house. his ear was part ly received. the young man has been trying to recover since. both those dogs had to be put down. >> new safety rules could hit the tracks for b.a.r.t. after two workers were hit and killed. marla tellez joins us live in the newsroom with information on a vote expected later today.
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>> good morning. in four hours the california public utilities commission will consider strengthening saft rules for b.a.r.t. workers. when workers or on the track they what what is called a simple approval process. this allows them to enter the right-of-w right-of-way. this doesn't have or empraise sen checks and balances. the october 19th accident that killed two workers on the track, they were operating under this simple approval practice. so now the cpuc wants fwoort have a three-way communication system between central command, train operators and way side workers. they would have to explain what they are doing to protect themselves before a train enters sen sort of space. speed redrixs and warnings required in work areas. state regulators will vote on this at 9:30 this morning.
5:34 am
if these new laws past they go into effect not just for b.a.r.t. but the other agencies the cpuc owe veer sees. this includes the dpa and the south bay. >> appreciate the update. thank you very much. it is 5:34 now. a public memorial being held today for the menlo park couple tragically killed by a suspected frunk driver. police say balbir and kamal singh were out walking their dog when they were sadly hit and killed by marjorie reitzell. reitzell is expected in court. her' rainment was postponed for the third straight day yesterday. she complained of chest pains, that was monday, and she has not been medically cleared by the jail since. prosecutors say her blood alcohol level at the time of the crash was two times the legal limit. >> a man who talked away from a
5:35 am
controversial care facility is still missing this morning. take a look. his name is edmund bascom. investigators say one day after the valley springs manor was shut he wandered away. there is video of residents. 14 people were removed from that facility after investigators say they were abonded by most of the valley springs staff. only a janitor and cook were left. the janitor told us he did his best to care for the seniorsa bt only worked through two weeks. >> president obama making a fundraising stop in the bay area. we have quick details. this one a quick fund-raiser. the luncheon for the democratic party that will happen monday, twof 25. the event at san francisco's new jazz center. tickets for the record ranging between 1,000 to $15,000. if you recall his last visit was
5:36 am
in june. he was attending a pair of fund-raisers. >> not bad. >> better be tasty. i'm thinking lobster. >> let's chen check win chris key that lorenz. >> you know, it's one of those days it's acceptable. we have a good looking day shaping up. for your halloween plans, make sure you wear a jacket. something you can keep yourself warm with. pretty chilly out there. also we're talking, not in the dort may, it's right at the coast. you'll find pockets where you can see for a quarter mile in san francisco. making it more spooky this morning. let's travel cautiously. take a look at this treat we have for you later on today. temperatures climbing into the upper 70s.
5:37 am
72 in santa teresa. 71 in fremont and 70 degrees in san francisco. i've got your trick-or-treat forecast. we'll talk about the time change and the weekend numbers coming up. a little pog out there. >> i was noticing you had the read-out for a quarter smile watch parts of that bay area from oakland,y have to watch these lights. off to your defendant. that's an unusual pattern. it may be one of the plains closed. emeryville, so far the rest of your approach out of the maze, i see the dessensers. the approach throughout east bay looks nice, especially for west 80. highway 4 with a slowdown, it held steady to antioch. pretty good speeds in the 50s. an earlier crash or staal, maybe both. watch as you head past the
5:38 am
walnut creek enterdice. there is a try valley and 84 no major issues there. we'll end with 880 through fremont. easy flow right now. >> let's hope it holds. >> 5:38. coming up on "today in the bay" well tell you about the tribute to the boston marathon bombing victims after the red sox take the big world series victory. >> reporter: we'll take you live to the south bay. residents around one golf course community how to rid themselves of a pack of pigs. that story coming up.
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a hearing today on capitol hill will look at how the
5:41 am
government conducts background checks and clearances and this is coming in the wake of that deadly shooting at the washington navy yard. tracie potts she's live on capitol hill and she has all of the latest details. good morning. happy halloween, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. aaron alexis, the suspect in the navy yard shooting had a 10-year security clearance. after he was cleared there were arrests, concerns about mental health that never raised questions about whether he could get onto the navy yard. some lawmakers here, two democrats and two republicans, interestingly all women, now want to prevent that. they have come up with a new bill that's being discussed today at the senate homeland security hearing. that bill would require the government to do automatic reviews of public records, data bases and other areas looking for red flags for people who have already been cleared. some of this information is reviewed and has to be recorded periodically but they are trying
5:42 am
to prevent what happened here at the navy yard by looking at things like criminal and civil cases, financial information, terror watch lists and any publicly available information that might suggest that a person is subject to blackmail or changes in behavior or ideology. if that had been known about edward snowden it may have affected their security clearances and today at the homeland security hearing they are going to be talking about perhaps making some of those changes, jon. >> hopefully some kind of silver lining to this. thank you. >> new this morning another twis in the amanda knox saga. police reportedly leaked information to the media saying the only dna found on a kitchen knife reportedly used as a murder weapon. two other american were also
5:43 am
accused of the murder. knox admitted to using the knife to cook. she was convicted in 2009 but the ruling was overturned in 2011. >> compared to other cities new york will soon have the strictest limits on tobacco purchases. the city council voting to raise that minimum age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. this includes cigarettes, cigars, even electronic. this move will cut smoking rates and lead to a healthier city. new york city's mayor michael bloomberg endorse this is and should take effect next year. >> talking about halloween. this next, a neighborhood on alert keeping an eye out for a pack of wild pigs. they are blamed for destroying lawns, damaging a gulf court. bob has details how city leaders are trying to address the pig
5:44 am
problem. >> reporter: good morning. first off this is what people who live in and around the almaden country club will be on the look out for. feral pigs. no reports of them hurting people but they have been destructive especially when it comes the grass. so much so that they have dug up and destroyed part of the almaden country club. they have also dug up people's front and back lawns, so to get rid of these pigs it would be too expensive to put them asleep. fish and game won't allow them to be trapped and relocated but allow them to be trapped and shot. the state issued a permit. right now that goes against city law. city of san jose. why one council man has dropped
5:45 am
an ordinance that would change that. >> this is not an invitation to go opportunitying. after an animal is trapped by a licensed trapper, they are going to be able to discharge a weapon to put down the animal. >> it can't happen soon enough. this is about the seventh time. we're at a point we're not even covering it up we know to expect it until we get rid of him. there is no point reseeding him. >> i don't know if you saw resident peeking there, what looked like mini bomb craters. the city council will consider the ordinance this tuesday. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> they rip it up. >> trick and treat and pigs and all that stuff. what is it 5:45 rough bleary
5:46 am
day. >> wit till tomorrow. what are we looking senate >>ly get a lot of deer. one of those areas where you get nature on your doorstep. you're going to get trick-or-treaters likely tonight. and as we head through this evening, temperatures are looking pretty comfortable out there. we're starting out cool but temperatures are going to be nice. we'll see more of a blanket of low clouds develop throughout the night and that will keep our temperatures on the mild side this year for halloween. good morning to you. temperatures are running chilly. we have thick fog at the immediate coastline. i'm talking about the peninsula coast so. keep that in mind. san francisco, down to a quarter mile of visibility. you'll have a mile and quarter and that is it. six miles in san jose. and the clouds are keeping a lunch warmer than this time
5:47 am
yesterday. for instance, hillberg hit 31 degrees yesterday morning. so not as bridget. later on we're going to end up a few degrees warmer on the way to san francisco. 71 for fremont, 75 at bill roy and 74 in fairfield today. talk halloween. bayside, around the inner bay the clouds are going to keep things comfortable. you'll still need a coat but you don't have to worry about a wind fill factor. not expecting heavy wins. if you have not made those plans, we have a lot of free events, all of the bay area covered. and south bay it's on our home gauge. we've done all of the heavy lifting. 81 by friday we're going to peak tomorrow. then dropping off a little bit, monday and tuesday looking good. do you have the witle ones
5:48 am
dressing up? >> we do. candy passing out candy. talk about heavy lifting. looking to the south bay, we are having a typical build. we'll give you a look at the maps. the yellow that shows up from time to time. so far you're okay for 87, 280 and 101, the initial plits as the volume starts to build. we're looking to the east bay. 880 picking up volume but lowering the speed. northbound shows the feed. just for the time being a couple of slower vehicles but not a problem as far as that volume. driving across the san mateo and the dumbarton. we'll give you a live look outside, show you 880 and what it looks like toward the sol see up start to increase. you're at the limit for north
5:49 am
and south. the bay bridge we're going to end with this shot at the bay bridge. we're going to show you the cash lanes on both names but around ninth that could be an issue, i'll follow that and give you the up dates. >> more than 150 people now relieved to be back in the bay area after a scare in the sky causes an unexpect today with 4-hour journey. an engine problem forcing a delta airlines flight from tokyo to sfo make an emergencying landing in cold bay alaska. the land diagnose go smoothly. the passengers on board, they were sporesed to wait 13 hours for a plane to get them and take them the rest of the way. family members of those on board had to wait anxiously at sfo including a grand matter to could not wait to meet his new granddaughter just adopted from
5:50 am
china. >> 24 hours a little girl that is only a year old. >> she has done amazing. my goodness. she is a trooper. >> she's a trooper. >> yes, she is. >> indeed she is. and i got to call that guy our hero of the week. beautiful to see that family get together. the passengers we spoke to. everybody in coal bay, they were very welcoming. >> until she starts touching tough. >> give me that back, it's mine. >> the red sox now world champions. some people, you know the celebrations after the cardinals, you expect a little to get out of control. some fans overturning a car. never understand why you celebrate by destroying things. a bunch of knuckle heads. only made nine arrests despite that. >> the good thing is most fans
5:51 am
sell it the right way. some to the marathon finish line, the place that noms exploded killing three, injuring more than 200. boston strong others kissed the ground. >> that's the way to do it. the rork win came 6, captain off with a 6-1 victory. >> i love it. >> the celebration is on -- this is the first championship in the past decade. wrapping it up there, since 1918 been a guy might recognize a name, babe ruth. jonny gomes is there doing the sam pain bash. of course, big papi. david ortiz unbelievable. the red sox win 10-1 that they
5:52 am
start there from their starter gomes. >> it's great to see. i love to see the excitement. always next year. >> heartbreaking. >> i love april. 5:52. google glass. have you heard about this. southern california woman wearing a new gadget. >> fewer teens may be using the sight.
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back everyone. good thursday morning to you. happy halloween as well. perfect with this orange glow over the south bay this morning. waiting for the sun's arrival to warm things up. christina loren as well coming along giving us a treat in the forecast. 5:54. this morning it's still unclear
5:55 am
if a woman cited for wearing google glass while driving will fight that ticket. cecilia was pulled over earlier this week for speeding in san diego. that's when an officer noticed she was wearing google glass and cited her for that as well. state law prohibits video screens being turned on and facing the driver with the exception of the gps systems. she claims the glass wasn't on but the officer says it could still obstruct her view. >> at this point no word what kind of car she was driving but there is a chance maybe it was a tes tesla. tesla has a complete working charging station up and down the coast. >> they are all finished. san diego where she was driving all the way to can koover you can drive all the way in your tesla 1207ing to charge. there are a couple of tesla employees making the drive now, just north of l.a. tesla covers the electric recharging station. it's working on a similar
5:56 am
network off the east coast as well. the fed says it will continue to charge the economy with the electricity of easy money if you'll pardon the analogy. more than $80 billion in imaginary money will continue to flow into the economy each month. the nasdaq near 4,000. younger teens are using the cite less often. that's the first time we heard facebook say such a thing. the folks at the travel website hip monk. they say the last day you should buy a tekt for christmas vacation season is november 10. after that ticket prices will jump by an average of $250 on the 11th. hip monk created by the debate team manager at harvard. he had to fly his debate team from college to college and he thought there has to be a better way. he built it.
5:57 am
pretty cool. i like it a lot. >> i like the name. >> hip monk. chipmunk wasn't available. >> some good deals out there flying. >> get on them early. coming up dozens of people camped out in the cold and doing it all for a food cause. free food for a year, called chicken extreme. >> plus, under tight wraps, the government agency forced to say get google's secret projects in the san francisco bay. would look like john stamos.
5:58 am
5:59 am
wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. sounds too good to be true... it's thick, creamy but 0% fat and twice the protein. huh..! where did stamos go? he's here, the oikos are on him. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon. that happened during halloween it would have been horrific. >> dogs unleashed and on the attack. the overnight investigation into what caused the animals to turn on four people and a couple of
6:00 am
police officers, it's all next in a live report. >> also trick-or-treaters on alert. and on the lookout as a pack of pigs uproots a south bay neighborhood. >> it's a cold start to this halloween morning, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we'll tell you what to expect when the sun goes down for halloween night and i've got a look at your weekend forecast. >> this is no trick but it's not a treat. the backup at the bay bridge as we have an issue getting into san francisco on the bay bridge. we'll sort it out. >> a chick-fil-a location, it's going to be opening up for business in a few minutes and the first 100 people in line getting a special treat. going to tell you all about with it on this halloween morning, thursday, october 31, this is somebody. it's straight up 6:00. good morning and happy


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