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tv   Today  NBC  October 31, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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their third title in a decade, their first at fenway in nearly a century. the reveal, our annual celebration is back. while the costumes on the plaza are awesome. wait until you see what we have in store today, august 31st, 2013. >> from nbc news.
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this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on the thursday morning. this isn't even our halloween costm. i'm matt lauer along with al roker. i am a yankee fan but you had to feel them good talking about all of what boston has been through and now they bring home the world championship. good for them. >> hard to take you seriously. >> with everything that boston has been through to. >> we are beard sox nation today. can we get over it now? >> more on the win in a moment and, of course, this is halloween and we all know that. we have a lot in store for you. two surprise concerts and our big costume reveal which might be our best yet.
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let us begin with today's top story the severe storms that are impacting halloween plans for a big section of the country. al, what do you have? >> we have a gotogepen we'll start in kansas. massive thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds, it is really a mess there. we're going to take a look at that. you can see flooding rains, big problems going on. we're also looking at currently our friends in austin, texas. austin, they saw a lot of rain and flooding. some parts of austin picking up 10 inches of rain so far. as we go to the radar, here's what we've got to show you. this basically is a massive system that's pushing its way in, so is the map. low pressure developing right now over minneapolis and also over texas. we have a frontal system that stretches from there down all the way into the systems behind it. colder air and then ahead of it this warm air and so between the two, we're looking at these areas that is causing big problems.
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we have flood watches, flash flood warnings. we have wind advisories and we've got high wind warnings all the way to the great lakes. this is going to be a real mess over the next 24 hours. it starts this morning from texas on into louisiana and arkansas. as we move into noontime, little rock, memphis, you're going to start to see the activity by the late afternoon, paducah, louisville, indianapolis and by late in the afternoon into this evening prime trick or treating time. south bend, detroit, the rain spreads to the northeast. high winds are going to be a big problem on into tomorrow morning. flooding also going to be a big issue, especially down to the south. and louisiana, some areas are going to pick up a foot of rain over the next 24 hours. so, this is going to be a widespread system, a long-lasting system right on into tomorrow morning. indianapolis already canceling their trick or treat plans for this evening, matt, and some other towns are following suit. it's going to be a rolling cancellation. we're going it see these all night long.
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>> we urge people to be careful, no question about it. we want to also mention no dampening the spirit up in boston this morning. for the third time in nine years the red sox are world series champions and this time it's even sweeter because it happened at home. ron mott is on the field at fenway. good morning in ing to you. >> they are cleaning up in boston. quite a scene downtown. take a look this is boyelston street chanting boston strong for this red sox team that went from worst to first from last season to this season. a season with far more at stake than just baseball. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years. >> when the season started, few fans, even the faithful could imagine this. >> world champions. >> the boston red sox one of baseball's worst teams just a
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year ago now world champion, brushing the st. louis cardinals 6-1, win the series 4-2. >> high fly ball to left. >> reporter: the game was knotted at 0-0 when shane victorino who had been hitless unloaded. clearing the bases with a three-run double in the bottom of the third inning, setting off a rally. >> 3-0, boston. >> i just went up there and said, hey, i'll get another moment. i missed two games. >> reporter: since april 15th, when a pair of bombs near the finish line of the boston marathon shattered lives people here forged a common resolve. boston strong they called it. and no one summed it up better than slugger david ortiz. big papi as he's known in these parts gave voice to what many were feeling.
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last night those feelings turned far more celebratory, though no less reflective of the setbacks overcome. >> go red sox. >> the red sox gave our city hope. we're back stronger than ever. >> it's exactly the year for this to happen. >> reporter: while it's the eight time boston fans have cheered, it's the first time in nearly a century, 95 years since the champagne was uncorked at historic fenway park. >> it's great. waiting my whole life to see them win here. unbelievable. >> as you might imagine, a lot of tired folks dragging themselves back to work and school this morning. here's the agenda going forward. today party, tomorrow party and then a big parade on saturday wrapping up an unforgettable season. >> thank you very much. not expected at the beginning of the season, right? >> a lot of analysts who picked them to finish third or fourth in their division. they played well from the very beginning of the season. congratulations, again. take a turn and go to washington and the white house
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is fending off new concerns that the health care website could be vulnerable to security threats including hackers. peter alexander has the details on that. good morning to you. >> privacy rights dwrup rights people say it's scary who will have access to the information that people put in and tough enough safe guards are in place. with october finally coming to a close, it's been nothing but a nightmare for the launch of obama care. the latest concern is the website secure. >> would you commit today secretary to shut down the system and do a security test so these americans can have their information. >> if you read the memo. >> i have read it. >> reporter: on capitol hill wednesday kathleen sebelius was grilled about a memo, which just three days before the october 1st launch date warned that security testing of the site was not finished. exposing a level of uncertainty that could be deemed as a high risk. sebelius insisted that
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monitoring and testing is under way. >> the october 1 deadline became so important that everything else fell by the wayside. >> reporter: according to the former head of the social security administration under presidents bush and obama, who spoke to nbc michael isikoff, before the crippled site debuted some within the obama administration questioned the adequacy of its privacy protection. >> there were shortcuts taken on the quality of the information technology and they decided simply to ignore the privacy rights of americans. >> reporter: privacy policy says personal data like social security numbers and financial information can be shared with local governments, private contractors, even the department of homeland security. >> we are just going to keep on working at it. we're going to grind it out. >> reporter: accepting full responsibility for the rocky rollout, president obama directly addressed the millions of americans getting health insurance cancellation letters, urging them to shop for a new plan. >> you will be getting a better deal. >> reporter: and vice president
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joe biden told cnn both he and the president had been assured that website was good to go. >> neither he or i are technology geeks and we assume that it was up and ready to run. >> reporter: now, about those security concerns administration officials say sharing data is critical to determine whether people qualify for government subsidies. the health and human services development consumers can trust the information they're providing is protected by security standards. savannah, matt. >> thank you, peter. chuck todd is nbc's chief white house correspondent and political director. chuck, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's start right here. kathleen sebelius went before congress yesterday and she did something you don't see happen in washington very often. she took the blame. she said, i'm accountable. whether she's to blame or not, what did she accomplish for the administration? >> she bought time. the administration was very nervous about her appearance before capitol hill because frankly her media ap have been shaky.
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when she went in front of jon stewart at daley show became a big problem. nervousness about how did she do? how did she handle it? she stood her ground and didn't take any bait. >> on the personal side playing the can she keep her job game for a couple of weeks' after the performance before congress, are you leaning in one direction or another? >> her job was never in jeopardy before march 21st. she will be in charge during the whole open enrollment. the question is, is she in charge on april 1. >> what happens is that website has to work. people have to be able to buy affordable health care insurance efficiently. let's look at the nbc/"wall street journal" poll. a flip in some numbers. >> there is. during the shutdown when the whole republicans were making the shut down about health care, we actually saw the numbers for
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health care get a little bit better. we're seeing the bad idea, almost the majority think the new health care law is a bad idea and that's continuously a problem for the president. >> let's talk about the president right now between syria and the shutdown and obama care. pproval rating this low at this point in time. when you look, he started the year at 52% and he has just gone down. during the shutdown i actually saw a bounce up but that was in comparison to the republicans. but when you look at the weight of everything, particularly syria, nsa -- we always forget about that one -- health care, and a shutdown, that's why he's sitting there. when you have a majority getting over 51%, and by the way, even his likability rating is upside-down for the first time. people are starting to not even like him as much. >> one side of the political coin, let's go to the others right now and see how republicans are faring in this latest poll. they're the ones who shut down the government. >> they are. things are so bad for them. we asked, if you could have a
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choice of a third party candidate the or the democratic or the republican candidate, what would you pick? independent candidates actually finished ahead of the republicans. once again the republican party had a new low in their personal rating, their brand rating. they had another low in their approval rating on capitol hill. seeing a question like this where they can't -- where they finish behind a mythical independent candidate, as bad as things are for the president, they're still worse for the republicans. >> chuck todd, thanks very much for coming up. we appreciate it. >> sorry i dressed as a tv correspondent. >> don't worry about it. there are some serious new allegations about the nsa this morning. natalie is over here with those. natal natalie, good morning. good morning to you, matt. that's right. the constant drip, drip, drip once again. the national security agency this morning denying today a report that it hacked into google and yahoo! servers as part of its spying program. nbc's andrea mitchell is in washington this morning with more on this story. trae, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. well, based on leaked documents from edward snowden, "the
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washington post" now reports that the nsa and british intelligence have hacked into the main communications links connecting google and yahoo! overseas. this would be a back doorway that avoids legal restrictions here in the u.s. that require a court order to access accounts. according to "the post" this enables the nsa to access hundreds of millions of user accounts including those of many americans. the nsa did issue a brief denial but it did not directly address this specific charge. yahoo! and google say they were unaware of the hacking but google said it has, quote, long been concerned about the possibility of this kind of snooping adding, we are outraged at the lengths to which the government seems to have gotten its intercept data from our data networks and underscores the need for urgent reform. natalie? >> all right, andrea mitchell in washingt washington. thanks, andrea. syria has met the november 1 deadline for destroying its chemical weapons production and mixing facilities. that deadline was part of the deal brokered by the u.s. and russia that preempted military action against syria. the next deadline in two weeks requires syria to agree on a
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detailed plan for existing chemicals weapons destruction. a flight was forced to make an emergency landing on a small island in alaska. the plane landed in cold bay, alaska. population there just 98. after an engine line came out, the plane safely landed. passengers got off and they waited in the community center until a backup plane arrived from seattle. soon here in new york city you'll have to be 21 to buy cigarettes. the city council voted yes to raising the minimum age from 18 to 21 on wednesday night. it's the first major american city to adopt such strict tobacco laws. advocates say higher age limits help prevent young people from taking up a hazardous habit. mayor michael bloomberg says he will sign the bill. an american indian tribe is insisting this morning that the washington redskins change their name. members of the oneida indian nation met with nfl representatives on wednesday. the tribe calls the redskins name derogatory and offensive. the nfl said in a statement they have listened and respectfully
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discussed the issue. they want for the dialogue to continue. however, team owner dan snyder who wasn't present at the meeting refused to change the name calling it a badge of honor. and take a look at this, caught on camera, a high-speed police chase in milwaukee ended with this dramatic crash. officers were trying to pull over a wrongway driver as he tried to change lanes, then hit that concrete barrier, goes flying into the air, into the deputy's car right behind him. authorities suspect the driver was drunk. both the driver and the deputy, believe it or not, they were hurt but they are expected to recover. so fortunately there. terrible when you see that video. gosh. right at you. natalie, thank you. trick-or-treat forecast. we're going to take a look at the entire country and show you what's going on. temperature wise we don't have any major extremes so it won't be all that bad, if we can put up the lights and show you, we're looking at temperatures in the 50s in northern new england. 40s and 30s through the northern plains. 80s down in texas. we do have this wide swath of
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rain stretching from texas all the way to new england. salem, massachusetts is going to be some showers. pumpkin center, north carolina, weigh a we are looking at 73 and sunshine. mummy pass in kcolorado. some snow and 57 degrees. and salem in the pacific northwest, we are looking at showers as well. we're going to get to your local, spooky forecast after the next 30 seconds. at farmeabout insurance.smarter because what you don't know, can hurt you. what if you didn't know that posting your travel plans online may attract burglars? [woman] off to hawaii! what if you didn't know that as the price of gold rises, so should the coverage on your jewelry? [prospector] ahh! what if you didn't know that kitty litter can help you out of a slippery situation? the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪
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good thursday morning to you. happy halloween. i'm meteorologist christina loren. i want to show you really pretty sunrise shots coming in. this is from san francisco live now, what a beautiful start to the day here. san jose, just as pretty. you'll notice it's nice and clear to start out your halloween thursday. temperatures are going to be comfortable later on. 70 in san francisco, 72 in los gatos. 71 in san jose. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al, so much. a bus driver that went above and beyond is being praised for a life saving act. mara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah, the driver's name is darnell barton. newly released surveillance video shows him driving his bus in buffalo when he spotted a young woman on the verge of committing suicide. he reacted right away, getting off the bus to guide her to safety. the video shows darnell barton driving the bus to state college when he spotted a young woman
7:18 am
standing outside on a narrow ledge of a highway overpass. >> when i saw her on the other side of the guardrail, i immediately, you know, something isn't right. >> reporter: he stopped the bus full of passengers in the middle of the overpass and called out to her. >> miss, are you all right? >> reporter: the woman appeared to be on the brink of suicide. >> once i opened the door and made contact, i saw her look back at me and look back at the 198. i knew that was it. >> reporter: after sever attempts to communicate with the woman -- >> ma'am, ma'am, are you okay? >> reporter: barton gets off the bus and literally coaxes her off the ledge. what happens next is remarkable. martin sat down on the ground and put his arm around her. i said, what, whatever it is, it might feel bad, it may feel bad, but, you know, that jumping is not the answer. >> reporter: barton says he believes he was driving by at that moment for a reason. >> knowing i saved somebody's life, it makes me feel good.
7:19 am
being in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: that woman is said to be in her 20s, and shortly after barton rescued the woman, officials arrived and he got back on the bus to a round of applause. that was certainly well deserved. >> good for him, that is fantastic. other people we saw, a bicyclist, went right past. that someone takes the time to stop and do something, it's great. >> a man of faith. he feels he was fully called to stop. >> it's halloween morning. we are getting a first glimpse at one of our costumes, apparently, carson is going from the smith brothers from that cough box. >> no, that's not true, matt. >> what is it? >> like you, i'm a big yankees fan, i'm boston strong, last place last year. they won the world series. god bless you. to the city of boston. i will wear this as we say here in the orange room. you have heard about the issue of texting while driving. this could be a glimpse of the
7:20 am
future, glassing while driving on tuesday in san francisco, california, cecelia is one of 500 people a part of the explorer program. she wears the google glass. she got pulled over for speeding. among other things the highway patrol officer cited her for wearing her google glass. right. here's the video we found on her profile. she obviously wore the glasses while driving before. this is from her point of view in the record mode. google put out the statement as we make clear in our help center, explorers should always use glass responsibly and put their safety and the safety of others first. it's not meant a to distract you from it. matt, you've worn the google glasses before. what are your thoughts? >> i didn't realize i was an explorer. i think of lewis and clark. i liked them. >> we talked about the distraction issue. it's as distracting as carson's
7:21 am
beard. >> california has a law, you aren't allowed to have a screen opened in front of your face once you are driving. once this thing goes wide, this could become an issue. people wearing google glasses while driving. >> it could be a distraction. >> by the way, real quick, in that whole little piece, there was a clue as to what my costume is going to be today, so go back and watch it. in less than an hour, you will see all the great reveals. >> thank you, carson. coming up, a "today" exclusive, a police officer and mother of two did not let being shot at point-blank range stop her from chasing after the gunman. >> that's an you be real story. and think helmets and mouth guards keep your children safe from dangerous injuries? the new report on concussions serving as a warning to parents of young athletes. but first, this is "today" on nbc. would look like john stamos.
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maple brown sugar, strawberry, blueberry. yeah, a little family reunion. strawberry, your whole grains are showing. ooops! [ female announcer ] try frosted mini-wheats hot or cold. the time 7:26. i'm jon kelley. four people recovering this morning after a dog attack in antioch. police say a man was out walking his dog late last night on larkspur drive when two other dogs attacked him. three neighbors came out to help that man, they were also hurt. police got to the scene quickly and say they were forced to shoot one of those dogs, that dog later ended up dying. the other one is now under quarantine at the animal shelter. the deputy who shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez says he can't remember if he identified himself as law enforcement before opening fire and shooting and killing that young man. both dispatch records and eyewitness reports show that only about ten seconds passed
7:27 am
between the time the deputy confronted lopez and the actual shooting. >> meantime, hundreds of people take to the streets of santa rosa again chanting andy over and over. they want justice for the teen's death. last week a deputy as we pointed out mistook the boy's replica gun for an ak-47 and shot lopez seven times. those marching believe the shooting was unnecessary and hope to make a change. the fbi now investigating this shooting. right now a check on the halloween forecast. christina loren says perfect for getting all of the candy you can. >> that's right. trying to eat it all at once. that's a bad idea. good morning to you. as you can see here looking really good to start the day. this is from high atop san bruno mountain. looking really clear at this point. as a result all of that sun coming in so early, temperatures are going to be warm. 78 in livermore, 72 santa teresa, 75 in gilroy and 70 straight up in san francisco.
7:28 am
trick-or-treating looks good inland, when the sun sets 65 degrees and the sunday outlook tells the story. tomorrow we peak, and drop off into the weekend. let's check your drive. >> good morning. things got wild in the south bay. number of incidents. the worst here is 101, congestion here, we'll look at the maps, talking about north 280 at saratoga a crash and north 101 at mckee causing all of that bottleneck. here very red north toward broadway and sfo through redwood city. an earlier crash has two lanes blocked. very slow up through san mateo. [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz
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>> 7:30 now on a halloween morning, october 31st, 2013. some people in the crowd already getting in the spirit. we are down on the plaza. what are we going to be this year? no hints. coming up in just a couple of minutes. could be our biggest reveal ever. inside studio 1a savannah guthrie, natalie morales. a fierce line of storms will make a halloween mess from texas to parts of new england. >> the nsa is denying reports based on documents leaked by edward snowden that it secretly broke into a main connection
7:31 am
link that connects yahoo! and google data centers overseas. the boston red sox clinched their first title home at fenway since 1918. congrats to them. straight ahead, some serious questions this morning for those of you with kids who play sports. kids and concussions. a new report sounding the alarm and putting at least some of the blame directly on parents. we have a quick programming note to tell you about. tomorrow and monday on "today" bernard carric speaks out. >> he sits down and talks about his release from prison and president bush's nominee for security. we'll have part one of our interview and he will join us live in our studio coming up on monday morning. let's begin this half hour
7:32 am
with a texas police officer hailed as a hero. she was shot twice, once in the face, still managed to pursue the suspects. nbc's janet chandley has more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt, talk about true grit, a 40-year-old mother of two who at 3:00 in the morning wasn't about it let the suspeck that shot her get away. she knew she was badly hurt. she also knew the suspects underestimated her. the bandage on her face is the only visible evidence when officer ann took two bullets at point blank range and then without missing a beat, hunted down the gunmen. would you have done the same thing? >> yes. >> no reservation? >> no. >> reporter: from her boxing career to her service as a u.s. marine, this tough as nails mother of two has always been a force to be reckoned with. fellow officers named her the top cop in 2012. >> i was very clear on what i was doing. >> reporter: it was a routine traffic stop at 3:00 in the morning.
7:33 am
but even as she approached the car with three men inside, something was wrong. >> reporter: your alarm bells went off? >> my instinct were telling me it was not a good situation. >> in fact, it was life-threatening. moments later, she says the front seat passengers leaned forward and started firing. >> i have been hit! >> reporter: she was hit twice first in the fabric and then in the fabric portion of her bulletproof vest. it probably saved her life. >> i've been shot in the face and i know that i've taken one in my, uh, vest. >> reporter: as the car sped off, she fired back, shooting out the rear window. bleeding and in pain, she got back in her squad car and made the decision to go after them. a high-speed chase that lasted 20 miles. >> i knew that it was what i needed to do to catch these guys. >> reporter: finally, the alleged gunman was arrested with the help of neighboring police departments. >> you can't shoot me and drive away. it's not allowed. >> reporter: she is off the streets, but just until she recovers. there is no thought of not going
7:34 am
back. >> you need people like me out here to do this and i'm so proud to do it and honored to do it. >> reporter: an officer thinking of those she served, a tough texas cop. you are a mom, you have two children, but all police officer at that moment >> yeah. because it wasn't an option for me to give up. i had to stay in that fight because i am a mom and they shot me and they were absolutely not going to get away with that because i will do everything i can to come home to my children every day. >> reporter: police are looking for the other two men in the car. this whole event was captured on dash cam video. police are expected to release that soon. we will have it right here on "today." back to you guys. >> between the bus driver and the police officer, could we have more inspirational people on the show today? >> unreal.
7:35 am
>> that gunman did not know what he was in for. she was amazing, fierce. >> who are >> all right. al is busy tracking a huge storm. >> that's right. we talked about the rain portion. the wind part of this system is going to be really incredible. in fact, we can see, this is a wind flow we have around that system. during the day today, it makes its way across the great lakes and see the wind flow starting to increase into tomorrow morning and, so, we are going to have really big problems as far as air travel is concerned. really from upstate new york all the way to minneapolis, chicago, cleveland. air travel is going to be a real mess. we do have the slight risk today stretching from ohio down into the gulf coast for today and then tonight for the trick or treaters from candytown, ohio, we have rain, we have treat, arkansas, clear skies and a few snow showers in spook city, 7:35. happy halloween everybody. we have a really comfortable day
7:36 am
shaping up. that means temperatures not too cold. we are not expecting a lot of clouds. 70 degrees in san francisco. 78 degrees in livermore for tonight. and temperatures at the coast cool. we expect highs in the 70s, inland as a result in the 60s and the sun sets at 6:15. at the coast expecting the upper 50s. not too bad. not expecting drizzle or showers. friday we'll peak at 81 degrees. fgs >> and that's your latest weather. there is a new move under way to better protect u.s. soldiers by bringing futuristic technology to the battledful. as jim miklaszewski explains, it could happen sooner than you think. >> reporter: ripped from the pages of comic books splashed on the big screen, the fictional super hero ironman may soon become a reality.
7:37 am
>> i'm the best. >> reporter: after 12 years of war, u.s. special operations commanders have asked private industry to create a real life battlefield version of the ironman. >> i saw first hand too many fellow soldiers taking gunshot wounds, being a part of ied blasts, long-term life changing injuries. 3 c3 prueba de balas, y cascos que un
7:38 am
and then on trending, photoshopped to perfection. you will not believe how drastically your looks could be altered. our big costume reveal on this halloween morning, but, first, these messages.
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7:44 am
when i hit the ground, i heard my head was ringing, it hurt so bad. >> reporter: did you realize in that moment that you were not the same kid you were five minutes before? >> yeah. i just didn't have everything there. i really couldn't think. i had memory loss. i didn't really know what i was and what i was doing. >> reporter: jake is one of 40,000 high school football players who sustain concussions every year. a new report from the institute of medicine looked at athletes between 5 and 21 years of age and found for males, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, wrestling and soccer result in the highest number of concussions. for women, it's soccer, lacrosse and basketball. >> each successive concussion, we worry about the risk for additional brain injury and perhaps long-standing injury and later effect itself. >> reporter: for jake's mom,
7:45 am
michelle, it isn't enough to pull him off the field. >> i wish he was 10, i wish i could pull him off. it is his last 84 an it is important and honestly, i think i would let him play. >> reporter: michelle says she is grateful jake told her when he was feeling concussion symptoms. the report highlights a culture of resistance, saying too often, parents, children and coaches underreport signs of concussion, for "today," dr. nancy sneiderman, nbc news, east rutherford, new jersey. coming up next, we shift goers, carson gets us ready for the big reveal of our costumes. not one, but two surprise the b[ male announcer ]ostumes. pepcid® presents: the burns family bbq. guys, you took tums® a couple hours ago.
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7:49 am
it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. . >> welcome back carson daly here for his first halloween. he is going old school over in the orange room. we are going old smoke,
7:50 am
apparently. >> well, you couldn't make it any oranger in there. >> i know, it'sfestive in there. snoop dog was in there, too. happy halloween. we have our insta- stops. instagram set up this insta-stops. if you are dressed up, hashtag it halloween today. it's a super fun morning. there's lots going on behind the scenes. i wanted to give you at home a glimpse at the house. we could put this whole show together. dom come with me. let me cake you where no one gets to go. all right. this is the makeup room upstairs. it's very busy. there is hoda and kathie lee, everybody. >> get out of here. >> give me a clue. who are you going as? >> cousin it. >> get out of here, good bye.
7:51 am
>> savannah? give me a clue. who else might we be able to find up here in the hallway? my good friend willie gois, it's carson here. >> putting on my spanx. >> that's a good clue. come on, let me see a leg, put a leg out. >> i'm putting on my spanx. >> that's all you will give me. that's a good one. how about, this is the wardrobe department. there is janine, hi, janine, give me a little clue. we're not getting anywhere, who is wearing this? >> i'm not giving anything ang away. >> what are you doing there? >> i'm not telling. you have as to watch. sorry. >> i tried. you have to stick around. the big 2013 halloween edition of "the "today show"" the costumes will be revealed, they will be awesome. we will do that. first your local news and weather, don't go away. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good thursday morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. should a pig problem in san jose be solved with bullets? a pack of wild pigs is blamed for tearing up lawns. the pigs caused thousands of dollars in damage at the almaden country club. wildlife granted the club a permit to trap and destroy the animals. management is waiting to see if trappers will be allowed to fire a gun. that means asking the city council to change the law. the council will consider the ordinance next week. the north bay teen who made headlines stealing guy fer airy's lamborghini, max wade was found guilty. he faces 30 years to life in prison when he is sentenced in december. we're going to look at the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you. good morning to you at home.
7:57 am
happy halloween. what a treat we're in for this year. temperatures are going to reach the low 70s around the bay. about 78 in livermore action 75 degrees in gilroy. so highs at about 4:00 p.m. once the sun sets at 6:15 it's comfortable bay side with the mid-60s headed your way. 60 degrees at 8:15 after two long hours of trick-or-treating, temperatures are going to drop. as we head through tomorrow we're going to boost numbers up to 81. 76 by saturday. 71 for sunday. let's check on your drive. here is mike inouye. >> getting crowded all over the bay. we'll look outside toward the peninsula for palo alto southbound coming toward us. the sunlight causing an issue. folks blinded for a second. watch as you approach university. north of there a slowdown northbound from belmont past sfo. the crash has cleared but slow through the stretch. northbound route to the south bay kicking in. watch 85 and 87 slowing over the last half hour. oakland 880 jammed up.
7:58 am
an earlier stall cleared. there is a jam at the coliseum.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." the moment has arrived. >> oh, time to get changed. i have to get changed. >> the wigs are ready. the makeup is out. halloween "today" is finally here and the results are down right scary, "today," october 31, 2013. ♪ ♪ >> it's their first halloween. ♪ >> who are you gonna call? ghostbusters!
8:01 am
♪ >> happy halloween! ♪ >> and welcome back to "today." i'm savannah guthrie, here with al roker, matt lauer, natalie morales, carson daly. >> you look fantastic. we'll get put our costumes on for the big ve reveal. >> plus, hand out only surprises for the best costumes in the crowd. a lot came dressed up this morning which is great. >> we have not one but two surprise concerts to go with our theme. we guarantee you will know every word to the songs you'll hear. >> whether you want to admit it or not. but natalie, you have to go get ready. get your costume. >> see you guys in a little bit. >> we say good-bye to natalie and say hello to thomas roberts with the top stories. >> good morning, everybody. there are new concerns this
8:02 am
morning about the troubled obama care website and the privacy of its users. on capitol hill, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was asked about a memo warning that the security testing was not finished before the actual rollout. >> would you commit to shutting down the system and doing an end to end security test -- >> no, sir, if you read the memo -- >> oh, i have read it. >> the department of health and human services says that the website users can trust that the information they're provided is protected by the stringent security standards. the national security agency is denying a "washington post" report that it hacked into the communications links for websites search engines overseas. now, the report that yahoo! and google servers were targeted is based on disclosures from nsa leaker edward snowden. nsa has been long worried about this possibility of snooping. the parents of a georgia teen who was found dead inside a
8:03 am
rolledup gym mat have won getting the video released. kendrick johnson fell head first into the upright mat and became trapped, but an independent autopsy concluded he died from a blow to the neck. the federal prosecutor is speaking publicly about the case for the first time. osha has fined circumstance doe low sail over a woman who fell. now cirque du soleil was cited for six violations. the faa is relaxing the rues for the use of -- rules for the use of electronic devices on airplanes. passengers will be able to read e books, play games and watch videos during all phases of flights with some limited exceptions. >> all right. you know it because boston is planning a weekend victory parade for the red sox who
8:04 am
captured the world series title last night. the 6-1 victory came in game 6. sent boston fans spilling into the streets. even sweeter it was the first time in nearly a century that the title was clinched at hometown fenway park. all right, it is now 8:04. let's get a check of the weather with al. hi, al. >> thomas, thanks so much. we have this long line of showers and thunderstorms stretching from texas all the way to the great lakes. the heaviest rain right now is situated into northern mississippi and parts of arkansas. already some areas have picked up ten inches of rain. severe weather today from victoria, texas. shreveport, louisiana. as we move into the noon time hour, we'll look at thunderstorms from memphis, shreveport, they continue on up to the north as get into the afternoon hours by 6:00. indianapolis, paducah and st. louis dealing with those heavy thunderstorms and that rain will start spreading into the
8:05 am
northeast late tonight on into early tomorrow morning with a lot of heavy wind and the rainfall amounts really as you look at it down here into the gulf, some areas ten inches of rain in central louisiana. add that to the winds, it is going to be a miserable 24 hou thank you. al. can't wait see to see your costume. here in the bay area we are going to get spoiled on this halloween thursday. taking a live look at san brunh wroe. mostly clear conditions here. a lot of sunshine across the bay area right now, and temperatures will be nice and comfortable today. 72 degrees in santa theresa. 71 in oakland. 72 for redwood city, and 70 degrees if san francisco. getting into the next couple of days. temperatures continuously climb into friday, and-.l then we lev off on saturday. a touch cooler for sunday. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. why don't we do "trending today."
8:06 am
time to look at the stories, trending from youtube, photoshopped to perfection. it's no secret that the glamorous images we see in magazines are heavily air brushed, right? now a dramatic new video is illustrating just how much work goes into the process. this time lapse video shows a makeup free model becoming a blonde bombshell. photo editors enlarge her eyes, shrink her nose, they tighten her tummy and stretch her legs and lighten her skip, giving it that certain glow. the final result looks like a completely different woman. >> don't even need the model. like weird science, make up the girl. >> let's be clear, she started and a blonde bombshell. i don't know she needed all the improvements. >> but it isamazing. you can't believe anything you see on print or tv. >> i think air brushing here and there, but that's crazy. >> well, a rant that's resonating with a lot of people is trending on huffington post. how did it get to be okay for people to be late to everything?
8:07 am
now it's the most popular stories online right now. this is a pet peeve for a lot of us, matt, go. >> i just don't believe how people think 15 minutes is the new on time. >> when i first moved to new york, that was the norm here. you've got 15 minutes, we'll give you 15 minutes. >> it's wrong. >> you're on time, you're on time. my dad had what we called ais time -- blank in seat. >> he was a bus driver. you're supposed to be on time. >> the author greg savage said an arrangement to meet someone for coffee at 3:00 means 3:10 and you get a text that says i'm ten minutes way which means 20 minutes. this is a deal breaker when it comes to business and friendships. i try to be puntional, but i have gotten into bad habits.
8:08 am
>> don't you have friends that show up late? >> i have had friends that you lie when the movie starts but then they get on the to you. >> we can do better. well, we are about to get into the halloween costumes. before we do, we wanted to share the top selling costumes over the years. this is trending on "usa today." so in 1983, it was princess leia, thanks to "return of the jedi." where's waldo and then in 1993, then it was barney. >> that took a lot of work. >> you guys remember the movie "scream," and then it was then it was a popular costume of obama in 2006. what do you think is number one this year? >> miley cyrus. >> robin thicke in the black and white outfit. >> yep. the twerking teddy. thanks to the now infamous miley
8:09 am
cyrus performance at the video music awards. you're absolutely right. that is the number one 2013 halloween costume. >> which goes back to that question we asked her when you said dud that performance go exactly as you planned? here we are halloween, people still talking about it. >> still talking. >> issue congratulations to any woman that can pull off that outfit. good job. that is what's trending today. up next, our costume reveal, it could be one of our biggest jet. we have got surprise stars, bands and a lot more. we'll do it right after this. [ both cheer ]
8:10 am
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8:13 am
♪ hi, everyone. i'm lester holt. television shows have been such an important part of our lives and i think it's because of all the joy, laughter and memories they have brought us through the years. so for one day only, today on halloween we're offering a special collection of all your favorite tv shows digitally remastered for you to own at one low price. let's start by bringing you back to the 1980s where the soldiers of fortune were the ones to call. >> in 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit. these men appropriately escaped to the los angeles underground. today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. if you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the a-team.
8:14 am
♪ >> oh, right, oh, man. how did i get here? oh, just jibber jaber, i've had it, i pity the fool who drop mr. t, i cannot take it. what am i doing in rockefeller center? >> also included this limited edition a very special never before seen episode of two best friends and their adventures in bottle capping. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ ♪ we're gonna do it give a steady chance we'll take ♪ ♪ we won't miss any rule or break it ♪ snow we're gonna make our dreams come true ♪ nothing's gonna turn us back now ♪
8:15 am
♪ on the track now >> this is much better than the city bus. >> i'm exhausted, i need a milk and pepsi. >> all this can be yours for $9.99, but if you call in the next two minutes we'll throw in the two police officers from the california highway patrol as they drive straight into your living room and straight into your hearts. ♪ 3 c3 chips! >> yeah. >> good riding partner. >> hey, you know what?
8:16 am
i think you're ready now for your own bike, buddy. >> tell you what, poncho, i can't wait to get my own bike. you've got all the moves, partner. you've got all the moves out there. >> you got it. hey! >> that's three tv favorites so far all on one disc. but that's not all. we've going to add one more just because you're a loyal "today" show viewer. now let's go way back to prehistoric times. for those of you who like the oldies, but goodies, brace yourself. things are about to get animated. ♪ >> yabba dabba do. ♪ flintstones, meet the flintstones ♪ ♪ and the bedrock, they're a
8:17 am
place out of history ♪ >> watch it! >> i've got it, betty. >> yabba dabba do! >> hey, wilma, you know what it's thirsty thursday. you know what that means? >> time for a bront asaurus burger and a pterodactyl. >> remember, this is not sold in stores. and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. but wait, what's that? we have just added from our archives a show everyone loved to watch. ♪ ♪ some people stand in the darkness ♪ ♪ afraid to step into the light some people need to help
8:18 am
somebody ♪ don't you worry it's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ because i'm always ready, i won't let you out of my sight ♪ >> mitch, we need help! >> you're right, where's cj? cj? where's cj when you need him? ♪3 c3 traje mi salvavidas.
8:19 am
>> come on! >> that is distractingly strange. look at you guys. >> hello. i know. >> hello. >> what's up? how you doing? good to see you. oh, my gosh. how are you, man? >> oh, wow. >> c.j., c.j. -- >> it's so chilly out here. >> it's a little cold. they're so alarmingly real on you. >> thank you. thank you. they do not look move. >> stop doing that. they're bigger than mine.
8:20 am
>> this is your third time law enforcement. >> yeah, anymore an investigator of crimes against children. on the 6th 06 november i have a meeting with the superintendent of schools of burbank. if i can get that school system, i can get the rest of the country to put internet safety in our school. >> and we've got car men e leg tra here. >> i've been working on music. it's really exciting. it presheers, "like it loud "here right on the show. >> you know, it's just as cold
8:21 am
here as it was in malibu on the beach. so, you know, you get used to it after a while. >> and you brought the hof with you. >> i did. >> this is from the rug in his fan. >> it's not long enough. it doesn't match the real hof? he has more? oh my gosh. >> speaking of dreams coming true, al? >> every day, mr. t. >> i thought it was mr. t. and how did you decide who would. laverne and shirley. >> well, i'm the sassier one. >> all my life i wanted to wear the l on my chest and my boobs
8:22 am
are almost as big as yours, mat. >> years ago you al and i played fred and barney. >> prehistoric. >> the hair on you, hoda. >> it's real air. didn't i didn't think hoda's feet would get bigger but i parentally they are. >> i watched a lot of "chips" growing up. i don't remember onbeing on the bike. >> i'm a rookie. my bike didn't work this morning. but we thought it was funnier. you know, "chips" had the coveted host nbc super bowl time
8:23 am
slot. >> iconic shows. >> a lot of hits growing up. >> we had a big crush on you. >> yes, we did. >> you had a lot going on. >> thank you. >> really? good. >> hoda mentioned if anybody ever out there wants to dress as a young lady and you're a guy and somebody comes at you with something called a concealer, run for your life. >> it's not undereye concealer. >> i can't even look at you. it won't be the same after this. >> i hope your son jack isn't watching. >> i hope he is. >> you're a beautiful blond. >> thank you. so are you, by the way. >> we've got a lot more coming up. >> we stay in this? >> all day. >> welcome to the team, carson. we'll take a look at the costumes out on the plaza and
8:24 am
give some prizes away. stay with us. much more to come after this. . >> the jibber jabber, i pity the fool. >> this is much nicer than the city bus. >> we lost it. i need a milk and pepsi. . >> yabba-dabba-doo! >> hey, wilma!
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> good morning. i'm laura garcia canon. all of a suddenon smith set to appear in court next month. he is facing felony charges as well as dui and drug charges. he is free on bail this morning after turning himself into authorities yesterday. surrendering by the end of the month was part of an agreement smith made with the santa clara da after he was charged with possessing a legal assault weapon earlier this month. the charges stem from a party smith threw at his home in the san jose foot hills last year. time now to check the morning commute with mike. how is it looking? >> it's a tough one. slow north 101. looking at that. the stretch up toward 87. guadalupe parkway, no major
8:27 am
injuries, but more of a congestion point there. 280 still slow as well as 85 in the northbound direction. the peninsula, very slow now northbound 101 and san carlos all the way up into san mateo, and an earlier crash caused all the backup, and still recovering. 92, you see it slow here and the live shot. we had an earlier stall on the high-rise, but there's a slow rise 880 from the peninsula and 92. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. i will be back with another local news update in about half hour or so. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. >> this is much better than a city bus! . >> your own bike, freddie. >> watch it, wilma. >> okay. bett betty. >> we need help.
8:31 am
>> 8:30 now on halloween morning, october 31st, 20 thrown. that was a scene a couple minutes ago as we had our big reveal of our halloween costumes here for this year and marvelous to all of you. can't we take a moment to thank donna richardson and brian and his team and the folks at saturday fight live andetty and joe and louis and all those folks and also eddie from the, eddie who created some of the sets here, they did such a great job as they do every year, thank you, thank you, thank you, guys. >> thank you to the folks that put all of this together. >> of course, our crowd is all dressed up, too. people have been tweeting their photos, hashtag with partners with instagram. keep them coming. >> friends from connecticut dressed up as, put it up there.
8:32 am
aha. >> today's greatest hosts. >> that's kout. >> very good. >> coming up, we will keep the party going, not one, but two live performances here. >> together they've sold millions of albums. one group known for their trademarks. >> that's right. others. >> back in the day. >> okay. so. >> you came across your character. >> let's meet our contest finalist from the crowd. >> right behind us, we will try not to block anybody. >> let's start here in the middle, okay. we had jennifer weidenbaum from jersey city, new jersey the olympic skier, did it last 84 the parade was cancelled. it's the first wearing it. it took eight weeks to make it. she is obviously a fan of the olympics. jennifer, how long did it take
8:33 am
you to get into it this morning? >> a good question, about 15 minutes. >> you had help? >> i had help. >> perfect timing with the olympics coming up in sochi. >> thank you. >> very nice. >> our next finalists, the kids are in the scrabble board are cousins. this is the tenth time they've come to the costume contest. they drive up every 84. mom, are you back there? oh, there she is. i got to give mom a little credit for coming up with this. >> they all helped out, also. i asked if their arms were tired, a poor little guy. >> a good workout for him. >> trick or treat. >> who knows? >> they put the candy in the mouth. >> you guys look great. >> last finalist, natalie. >> right over here, this is an amazing costume. we got zoe houston, right? you got zach your friend.
8:34 am
obviously, we know what you are, the chicago playbill. how long did it take for you guys to put this together? >> my wonderful mother actually spent a few nights working on this. so it took her a few days. >> why the chicago play? >> i think mom metro detroit be from there. >> come out here, bring your head out here. >> hiding behind the playbill. all right. great job, guys. we need a decision here. our finalists. we will choose a winner a little later, mr. t. >> we got trick or treat can always be a great time. but we can also do something nice. caroline stern is here the president and ceo of the u.s. fund for unicef. very nice outfit. >> hey, good morning, al, locking great. >> what's the message you want to tell me? >> when you get out there and get candy, can you do something big, you can raise money for children and the globe, trick or
8:35 am
treat for unicef. >> this year you have a message? >> our message is bebelieve in zero. >> that every single day worry out there, if our kids are trick or treating, 18,000 kids do i from something we know how to prevent. we will not stop until that number goes all the way down to zero. >> carolyn president of the u.s. fund for unicef. thank you very much. make sure you do nate. happy halloween to you. temperatures today are going to be unseasonably warm. we're talking about a lot of sunshine, and a mild off shore flow that i expect a lot of low clouds even tonight when the sun sets. 70 in san francisco. 71 here in san jose. inland cities because it will be so warm are still going to be in the mid 60s at 6:15. a comfortable year for trick-or-treating. getting into the next couple of days, temperatures are going to moderate a touch saturday and sunday, but we have peak warmth expected for tomorrow.
8:36 am
>> and back to your latest weather. >> all right. al, thank you very much. and we have two special performances this morning to go along with our throwback thursday and it has a halloween theme. >> that is right. first, he exploded on the music scene in the 1990s, selling 10 million albums in four months, the video, the number 1 hit always on tv, you know him, ladies and gentlemen, vanilla ice. take it away [ music playing ] ♪ ice, ice, baby. >> let's get this party started, it's halloween, you better believe it! all right, stop! happy halloween! ♪ all right stop, break and listen ♪ ice is back with a brand-new edition shots something grabbed ahold of me like a harpoon daily
8:37 am
and nightly ♪ i don't know, turn off the lights, now glow ♪ to the extreme, light up and jump like a candle ♪ dance ♪ feel that bomb ♪ filling your brain like a mushroom, deadly, the melody, anything less than the best is a felony ♪ you better gain weight ♪ you better hear the fools so the kids don't play ♪ you got a problem? i'll solve it ♪ check out my dj revolves it ♪ you know it ♪ come on ♪ ice, ice, baby ♪ go ninja, go ninja, go! ♪ let's get this party jumping. now that the party is jumping ♪ with the base kicked in and the babes all humpling ♪ pushed to the point, cooking like a pound of bacon ♪ you are quick and nimble. i go crazy when i hear a simble with a hot hat time to go solo ♪ rolling ♪ point 0.0
8:38 am
♪ curly is on standby just to say hi. did you drop? no i stopped by ♪ get going ♪ to the left. ♪ heading to the next stop. to a1a beach run avenue ♪ girls are hot, wearing less than bikinis ♪ rock men love them ♪ i'm out getting money shade with a gauge and manila with a 9. churches on the wall. number of 8-ball. goes out like a bell. a herwood urschel ♪ falling on the concrete ♪ took in my car. slammed ♪ try to get away, a nickel a scene, you know what i pine? ♪ this is what the problem, i saw it, check out the hook when by dj revolves it ♪ ice, ice, baby ♪ you know the words ♪ ice, ice, baby ♪ let me hear you, new york! ♪ ice, ice, baby. >> one more! ha ha, we got a party
8:39 am
♪ i'm a lyrical fool ♪ miami on the scene, you don't know it ♪ my town that created all the best town ♪ i'm going to go ♪ i need a vision there ♪ conducted at form ♪ this is a hell of a concept. we're making hype. shake plays on the babe ♪ suspect a ninja ♪ cuts like a raizor played so fast ♪ keep acting like a buzzer when it's time to get loose ♪ i kick my juice ♪ if it was a problem, yo, i solve it. check out the hook when by dj resolves it ♪ new york! yeah, baby. ♪ ice, ice, baby ♪ check it up, kick it up ♪ ice, ice, baby ♪ you know, you know ♪ ice ♪ word to your mother! happy halloween! [ cheers ]
8:40 am
. >> vanilla ice, thank you very much. we got more great music ahead. first, we want to say this. hey, happy birthday. >> thank you, al. >> we thought we would bring you a cake, rob van winkle. i think you can probably guess what kind of profiting we got. >> yes. >> thank you, guys, so much. >> can you believe everyone knows the words to this song? >> i love it. i'm so happy, i'm happy to be here and honored. you look great, my man. >> that was awesome. >> it's good times, man, i'm honored to be here on my birthday. >> it's so great to have you, really. >> thank you for giving us a real treat. >> have you smelled that? >> come on. >> i'm glad i don't have to blow out any candles. >> rob, thank you very much. >> coming up next, another surprise performer you remember well to hit our stage. first, this is "today" on nbc. really special.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
[ music playing ] >> we wait all year for this day. we are back with more surprises on this halloween throwback thursday. >> now a special performance from ''80s superstars loverboy. guys, take it away. [ music playing ] . >> everyone's watching ♪ to see what you will do ♪ everyone's looking at you
8:44 am
♪ oh ♪ everyone's wondering ♪ will you come out tonight? ♪ everyone is dying to get it right ♪ get it right ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ everybody's working on a few romance ♪ everybody's going off the deep end ♪ everybody's taking a stand ♪ you want a piece of my heart? ♪ you better start from the start ♪ you want to be in the show ♪ i'm saying, go ♪ how are you doing, new york? [ cheers ]
8:45 am
[ music playing ] ♪ everyone's watching ♪ to see if he's for you ♪ everyone's watching to come through ♪ everyone's looking to see what you will do ♪ 'cause everyone's waiting for you ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ everybody's watching a new romance hey, hey, hey ♪ everybody's going off the dope end ♪ everybody's needs a second chance oh ♪ you want a piece of my heart? ♪ you better start from the
8:46 am
start ♪ you wannabe in the show ♪ go! hey! [ music playing ] ♪ you want a piece of my heart? ♪ you better start from the start ♪ you want to be in the show? ♪ come on, baby, let's go! ♪ you want a piece of my heart? ♪ you better start from the start ♪ you want to be in the show ♪ come on, new york, let's go!
8:47 am
[ music playing ] aye yeah, yeah. [ music playing ] [ cheers ] . >> loverboy. guys, fantastic. thank you so much. carmen, come on up here. i don't know if you saw what just happened, but you brought out the bad girl in carmen electra. were you a loverboy fan? >> absolutely. i grew, you know, i'm from cincinnati. we would rock it. ohio! where you at? hi, guys. >> you guys are going to jamaica, tell us about it. >> we are doing a week in
8:48 am
jamaica. the fans can come watch us golfing. hang at the pool. it's in may, jamaica for the weekend. >> oh, i like it very much. >> do you still like being out there? do you like traveling as much as back then? >> i will get used to it after 25 years. it's something, i take three weeks off, i start staring at my luggage. i love doing it. i love the fans, i love traveling now. >> well, you do what -- your performances are great. literally, i was embarrassed because carmen was showing me up. >> like that was so hard. >> all right. when we come back, we've got more surprises and we'll also choose the winner of our halloween costume contest. >> another song from loverboy as well and a behind the scenes look at how this all came together. first, this is requested toot" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> welcome back to our halloween extravaganza on rockefeller plaza. we want to thank everyone who got us dressed up and also all the people that came down to the plaza. >> do you recognize this person, it's contributing editor jenna bush hager. you have been tracking our full progress at this time. >> i have, transforming into these characters wasn't easy, it took big air hair, big feet and, well, let's let matt fill in the blanks. let's see it. >> pots and pans incorporated. we're going to do it him? . >> the theme is tv shows that we love. >> do it our way. >> so the real question is, who is going to be the zh miel and who is going to be the schmodel. >> one thing is missing.
8:52 am
>> the l. >> this is the moment. >> aha! >> now, that's not bad. >> 24-and-a-half, everybody. i'm getting a wig made, i'm going to play not ponch, officer john, larry wilcox, i'm going to morph into him now, ponch, where are you? 10-4, little buddy. >> oh, time to get changed. i got to get changed! >> i pity the pool. i'm feeling my inner "t." ha ha. ♪ >> this will make good betty. >> i'm looking for the feet. >> yabba-dabba-doo. >> ♪ meet the flintstones.
8:53 am
>> oh my god, you look like her. >> but i'm younger. >> are you still out of your mind? >> ha, ha, ha ha ha. >> here's the shawl. >> brad smith barney rubble. >> i'm going to get hasselhoff today. the hoff. that's fantastic. >> nice! >> jenna, what do you think? >> i think that's disgusting. >> really prone to be a part of the matt's reveal. >> matt's costume this year has to be the most complicated. >> you look good for a woman. i really wish i could see you running in slow m-o. >> do you have any idea how uncomfortable i am right now. i am not a woman. if you get my drift. >> you know what, they did an excellent job. >> thank you. >> it's the morning of, all the
8:54 am
anchors have their costumes on, their ready to revolley. >> i pity the fool. >> all right, punky brewster, thank you very much. we have a winner in our costume contest. >> because it was a family effort, the prize goes to the moser-swisher-heinz family. we got two brothers, jennifer and zoe, everybody gets a prize. everybody is a winner. thank you so much, everybody. great job, much more after this. first, this is "today" on nbc. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
8:55 am
uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
8:56 am
. >> all right, guys, coming up, i have the drum sticks from loverboy. >> next years ago matt, i hope good thursday morning to you. this morning it's unclear whether the woman cited for wearing google glass while driving will fight that ticket in court. the thc pulled over sell he'sa  body in san francisco earlier this week for speeding. that's when the officer noticed she was wearing google glass and gave her a ticket for that as well. california law prohibits video screens from being turned on and facing the driver.
8:57 am
there are some exceptions for gps systems. she claims her google glass was not on, but the officer said it could still obstruct her view. she's believed to be the first person ever cited for wearing the device. another local news update coming up in just half hour. have a great morning. we'll see you then.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, schmiel, schmozzel, pots and pans incompetented. ♪ we're going to do it. give us any , we'll break it. we're going to make our dreams come true. doing it our way. you are going to turn us back now. get ahead. ♪
9:01 am
. >> i pity the fool! [ music playing ] ♪ some people stand in the darkness ♪ afraid to step into the light ♪ some people need to have somebody ♪ to the end of serenity. >> she's in trouble. >> i think she needs mouth-to-mouth. >> my thoughts exactly. >> wait. >> i always wanted to make out with you t.j.. >> deal, happy halloween! >> i pity the fool!
9:02 am
>> oh. >> carmen electra, ladies and gentlemen. >> best sport on halloween. >> always. >> great job. >> what a job for "today.". >> the halloween edition, in case you didn't know. i am the hoff. we have t.j. of baywatch fame and laverne and shirley. i think we pulled it off, guys. >> great team effort, yeah. >> the team who put this together is truly extraordinary. this was weeks and weeks in the making. >> i can't look at you. matt. >> what do you mean? >> what is that? >> as soon as this is over, i'm getting out of this by sunday. >> that concealer feeling. >> i need to pea. >> a little tmi. carmen, tell us, you got a few single coming up.
9:03 am
>> i do, it's called "work." it's coming out in december. i'm excited to get back to what i love to do, which is to perform, be on stage. that's the highlight of my career. >> can you sing a little? >> yeah. >> go ahead, sing. >> there she goes. >> she can dance. >> no, i'll do something. >> take it away. >> no, you have to stay here. >> we're back up dancers. >> what do you want us to do? sing? >> yeah. >> look at us looking locate we're state off the runway, turning heads like "the view." ♪ you know it's all in tune. >> she's got the attitude, well done. >> carmen, we love to have you here. >> we're having fun. can you come back tomorrow? it's up to you. >> you are welcome to back in
9:04 am
two minutes in a bathing suit any time. >> laverne, t.j., you guys get to go. we will head over this way. >> thank you. >> mmwah! >> she looks great, still. >> oh my goodness. >> we got to get to our take. >> look at all the costumes. >> i know, they did great. i like the giant toothbrush. >> come on over. >> all or never. >> the gift that keeps on giving here. >> did i tell you how hot that rug of chair is? >> that is glued on my body. >> thanks, carmen. >> thank you, carmen. we'll see you. >> see you, too. >> wow, when you peel that off, it's going to be, ow. >> painful. >> how long did it take you to get into this? >> not that long, it took about 15 minutes to get the hair and
9:05 am
the beard on. >> how much does the jewelry weigh? >> it's not all that heavy. they came together. they strung it altogether. >> this is a dream for you, living the dream, roker. >> my favorite action show ever. >> opportunity to do the -- >> in 1992, a commander was sent to jail, a crack commando was sent to court for a crime they didn't commit. these men probably escaped through the los angeles underground. today they survived the soldiers of fortune, if you have a problem, if no one else can help, if you request find them, maybe you can hire the a-team. >> they don't make teams like that before. >> you nailed it, you crushed it over there. >> we had it easy, it was easy, actually. there wasn't a lot going on with laverne and shirley. >> a striking resemblance. >> savannah said i pulled off a feat of strength.
9:06 am
i was worried about city traffic. please, so much has happened. >> carson on the motorcycle. you roll in, in the van. >> that's it. >> how much eric estrada, "chips" was one of my favorite shows growing up. so cool. >> i guess we're doing the rest of the show in costume. >> you have to, unless you want to peel your chest hair off now? >> if you hear a scream. >> that would be willie. >> a warm rug. it really is. a shag carpet on your chest. >> do have you chest hair? >> i have limited chest hair. >> this is bordering on too much information hair. >> how about the wig? >> the hair. that's awesome. >> she said she cranks out about 50 wigs a week. bomb. >> your hair is not far from that. you got that curl, that wig. >> it's not the hoff hair. no question about it. >> i guess we will talk
9:07 am
seriously about other things. >> we're all, of course, enjoying our costumes and i think the big costume of the year, i think the one everybody is going to give me a lot of that. >> i'm surprised matt wasn't into miley there i think it was too obvious. people saw that coming. >> plus, we had our theme going on, throwback thursday, halloween with the ''80s, tv shows. so -- >> miley's costumes you revealed it. we went to twitter, revealing pictures. you know what this is? i know what it is, because i have gotten it in front of me. does it look familiar? >> no, think of the vmas about 14, 15 years ago. >> i still don't know. >> not coming to me. >> lil kim. she has the one item. >> she had the one lil kim out. >> she did. >> that's one of the kims. kim one or kim two. >> the left kim. >> the lilest kim.
9:08 am
>> that was when don't na ross famously came over, they were introducing an award and plumped it up for her. >> diana ross plumped it up. >> wow. there was a bizarre halloween story coming up out of chicago t. trib bound reported the man punched the police officer after mistaking his uniform for a costume. >> that bone go over well. >> it happened on sunday, police responded to an argument at the bar t. an allegedly punched and officer who he later said he believed he was wearing a costume, sounds to me like the l.a..est of excuses. >> the operative is in a bar. >> that's it. >> do have you as to wear sunglasses the whole time? >> no, shades stay, that's non-negotiable. they stay, in honor of the hoff. >> i can't see the windows to your soul. >> you don't want to see it. it's a dark place. >> did the hoff wear it?
9:09 am
>> all the time. this is my stand on the hoff. >> are you going to take this home and go trick or treating with the kids? >> can we see that again the flip screen? he really did have chest hair there. >> not this level. >> you took it up a notch. >> this is going to yogi bear. hey, bubba. >> hey, christina, i'm home. the hoff is home. >> maybe knocking on the door. down how quickly she would close that door. >> call the police and you'd punch him in the face. >> do you think she would like this? >> i might embarrass the kids and take this on a trick or treat. >> i think you should. >> i think i look like my mom. this is probably the least sexy. >> i don't know. >> by the way, you just said your mom is not sexy. you have a hot mom. >> i do have a hot mom. >> she does, if you look at the
9:10 am
pictures of natalie's mom benefit she was natalie, they are dead ringers. >> the cindy william's face. >> i got to go over here. >> i feel foolish in this outfit doing the weather. we have serious weather to talk about. you can already see, there are some strong storms firing up down to the south. we are looking at this line of thunderstorms from texas into memphis now. trick or treating will be a big problem today for a lot of folks. look at this. severe risk of storms from houston, alexandria, shreveport this morning, by noon, memphis, little rock, you will be looking at heavier showers and thunderstorms, damaging winds, a possibility of tornado, be i the evening, when the trick or treaters went out, louisville, paducah, springfield, they'll have more storms. they make their way to the east as we move into the latter parts of the evening on into friday night. we will continue to track this. some areas already postp
9:11 am
happy halloween to you. we have a really, really nice forecast this year. it's all treats in the weather department. 74 for concorde, and 70 in san francisco. 71 right here in san jose. in your inland city they're still in the 60s when the sun sets at 6:15. however, at the coast we're expecting the upper 50s. about 59 degrees as the kiddos make their way out for trick-or-treating. fwegt into tomorrow, warmth expected up to 81 inland, and this weekend looks good. we'll shave off a few degrees, and still staying nice and comfortable. >> and, in fact, a case in point. we got a picture of natalie's mom. there she is. >> yes, my mom is beautiful. she is beautiful. >> i remember the home movies, you guys are spiting images of each other. >> oh, that's a huge compliment. >> your father had the wandering hand on the beach. >> he loikd things on the beach. >> he liked to check out the scenery as we say. >> the rear view.
9:12 am
>> the director's cut of the family's video. >> hey, you guys were doing a little of that. don't pretend you don't. >> carmen electra carrying her -- >> that's my craft. coming up next, vanilla ice, mr. van winkle, himself, goes ammish and does a little wood working. that's i'm here at a marathon to tell people how to finish strong with a fresher bum. can i talk to you about... bums? your nerves kick in, you've got to go. is toilet paper enough? no you want that. and you want that in every port-a-let. you need the dream team. combo! imagine how great it would feel on your bum. mmmm... yeah that's the face, isn't it? mmmmmm... [ cherry ] nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. so let's talk about your bum on facebook. off to my next destination. ♪ ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪
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9:15 am
because you get confused when you're hungry. better? better. [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry®. snickers® is halloween satisfaction. ♪ ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ ♪ i think it's wonderful now ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ ♪ ice, ice, baby. >> look at the crowd on the plaza celebrating halloween. rapper ron van winkle better known as vanilla ice made a name for himself with that huge hit, ice, ice, baby. he can belt it out. did you know he has a passion for design. >> on his new show, vanilla ice goes amish. his skills are definitely put to the test. >> do you have to pasturize it? >> taste for yourself. >> ha, ha, ha, oh. actually tastes pretty good.
9:16 am
there is a lot coming out. we will have a gallon of milk in no time. >> that's the best there is. >> we will maim i make some home-made vanilla ice cream. >> i'm still singing, ice, ice, baby out here. that was great. it's interesting to see. you made this turn to home design. how did that come about? >> about 18 years ago, i started doing it. i got the bug. i hired decorators, followed them around, i picked up their tactics and ways, i got the bug, myself. here i am, my own show. >> did it get fun, you want to hear it every time? >> i play it a million times, i love it. it never gets old, great times. great energy. >> some distressed wood makes you look old. >> what we will do is take a nice piece of wood, redwood, you can distress it, take this chain. how about it, mr. t? >> it's like a fireplace mant el. >> go, al.
9:17 am
>> oh, yeah. see the marks, the distress. you distress it. you see all around. have a good time with it right there. you can also news nails t. nails, hit them like that. you can see, it makes different looking marks. after are you done with that, have you fun with it. it's a good weekend project. we're making a mant el for a fireplace, after you boat it up, you will take some stain here, you will rub it on, it will bring all the character out in the wood. it really looks great. you can see after you do it. you can put a clear coat on it. do it in any sustain color. when you mark it down, the marks stand out. it's sharp, i'm telling you. >> can you put more than one coat on it? >> you can put any stain color you want. it will look older. you can see over here, guys, you can make your own corbials there
9:18 am
or put different casts, concrete. it likes a nice look. if you put these cultured stone, it will add to it. >> just in time to hang those for christmas. >> you punked out ap amish buggy? >> they know i'm an outsider, they were okay. they were laughing the whole way. it's amish buggy traffic right there. when i took it down to the middle of town, there wasn't heads turning, there were necks snapping. >> they can't, they kind of can if they go to their men mon night kid out -- menonites kids out. >> they are fun people. they're sweet. i learned everything about them. they love craftsmanship and carp entry and building furniture. it was a fantastic time. love the apple pie smell. the ladies the whole time, they were running around with the apple pies.
9:19 am
that's what the guys were working for, to get to that apple pie. >> thank you for your performance. by the way, new episodes of vanilla ice goes amish on the dyi network. coming up next, all the news you need before you head out the door. >> plus, special treats for your halloween night. you can feast on [man]ask me... [announcer] ...every wish for a bed that could feel perfect under every part of your body... [man]ask me about our tempur-pedic. [announcer] they're sleeping on the newest tempur-pedic bed... the new tempur choice... [man]two remotes. [announcer] firmness settings for the head,legs,and back... these real owners get that famous tempur-pedic comfort how they like it. [woman]ask me about the lumbar button. [man]lumbar button [woman]lumbar [announcer] tempur-pedic.the most highly recommended bed in america. now the fun begins! and these little angels build in strength. and that little angel says, "weeeeeeeee!" 60% more sheets than charmin.
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♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] kraft added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese to our natural shredded cheese so you can bring a creamier melt to any morning. ♪ life is amazing with the love that i've found ♪ ♪ it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet? . >> hi, everybody, good morning.
9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines, a report by the institute of medicine says for the one knows how long the youngest athlete suffers concussion. the report estimates there is a limited amount of evidence that helmets reduce the risk. the national research counsel is council is asking for a national report on concussions. they voted yes to raising the minimum age of 18 to 21 on wednesday night t. first city to do so. mayor blake i michael block berg says he will sign that bill. more than 200,000 heath sze knit motivation activated lights are being recalled. it can pose a shock had azard. here is something that might perk up your day for you. starbucks can now tweet a coffee to a friend through twitter.
9:24 am
you sync your starbucks and twitter account and tweet at tweet coffee and the twitter handle of that recipient. >> that sends the recipient a $5 digital egift. cool. every purchase through amazon smile racks up a donation to the charity of your choice. you can choose a charity at you are linked to amazon's home page. half a percent of every purchase will go to the charity. they begin trading on the new york stock exchange tomorrow. investors are expecting a strong debut t.ipo expected to raise $18 million. the dead came alive in tokyo today, take a look. around 1,000 people took to the streets. students at a local beauty college use make-up skills to get participants ready. most of those zombies were released to wreak havoc on the
9:25 am
street. i'm left to wreak havoc alone ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories.
9:26 am
think sugar, say splenda™ good morning to you. 9:26. i'm laura garcia canon. four people recovering this morning after awe dog attack in ant ok. police say a man was walking his dog late last night on lark's burg drive when two other dogs attacked hem. two people that came out to help him were also hurt. police got to the scene, and they say they were forced to shoot one of the dogs. the dog later died. the other is now under quarantine at the ant ok animal shelter. zimpl the deputy who shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez says he can't remember if he identified himself as law enforcement before opening fire. both dispatch records and eyewitness reports show that only about ten seconds passed between the time the deputy confronted lopez and the shooting. in the meantime, hundreds of
9:27 am
people took to the streets in santa rosa again last night chanting "andy." they want justice for the teenager's death. last week a deputy mistook the boy's replica gun for an ak-47 and shot lopez seven times. those marching believe the shooting was unnecessary and they hope to make a change. the fbi is now investigating that shooting. we're going to have a look at the forecast and, of course, the morning commute right after this.
9:28 am
happy halloween. we have a really nice forecast this year. it's all treats in the weather department. 78 in livermore. 74 for concorde, and 07 in san francisco. we're at about 71 right here in san jose, and your inland cities are still going to be in the 60s when the sun sets at 6:15. however, at the coast we're expecting the upper 50s. about 59 degrees as the kiddos make their way out for trick-or-treating. getting into tomorrow, peak warmth expected. up to 81 degrees inland. then this weekend looks good. we'll shave off a few degrees, but still staying nice and comfortable. >> don't go to that house
9:29 am
christina just showed you. that was scare where i. 0 this is want so scar. a little slower. good movement through oakland. we'll look at the bay bridge through oakland. you see a light backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, and the metering lights are still on. east shore freeway, not a problem. at the peninsula, we have a sticking point north 101 heading up out of the san carlos and san mateo. earlier slowdowns buzz dew to an earlier crash. we're seeing that recovery now. slowing in the northbound direction. send it back to you. >> thank you for joining us. another local news update is coming up in half hour. have a great halloween. [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this.
9:30 am
[ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. [ music playing ] >> welcome back to a special halloween edition of "today." it's october 31st, 2013. along with al and natalie, or shall i say, mr. t. we are not the only ones dressed up for halloween out here. we have three finalists of "today" children halloween costume contest t. winner gets a 30 second candy spree across the street at the spirit store. how cool is that? >> they won't have enough candy today. candy-free on top of it. here are our three finalists. we have three-year-old mishiko from new jersey the wicked witch of the west in the enchanted or
9:31 am
haunted forest rather. >> you just saw "wicked" didn't you? you really like that? >> practice that laugh. he's great. thank you, river. >> he's great. >> we have 8-year-old miracle from richmond, virginia, a monster party, she describes herself as fun and scary. she watches the "today" show every day. >> very nice. we love it. >> you look great. >> this one freaked me out. i had to think about this one for a second. jamie, 9 combreerld from liechltd are you zach the zombie, where did you get this whole contraption? >> it's hard to have this interview. we never talked to a head in a jar before. how does it feel to breathe in a jar? >> there is a hole in the bottom. >> good thing, we definitely wouldn't advise you put your head in the jar. >> are you all winners.
9:32 am
everybody gets a candy spree. >> candy spree. >> great job. you guys were great. thank you, moms, for bringing them out today. >> go have fun over there. go crazy, go crazy! all right. al, how about a look at the weather. >> let's show you what we got starting for today, trick or treat. ricky strong storms from the gulf coast up into the ohio river valley, rain into the day, casper, wyoming. we will see maybe a few snow showers. for tonight, trick or treat, bone creek. it's going to be sunny, clear but windy, mild conditions in the southeast. rain and windy here in the northeast, risk of strong storms from the ohio river valley down into the gulf coast. bone yard arizona, you will have a clear happy halloween to you. temperatures today are going to be unseasonably warm. we're talking about a lot of sunshine and a mild off shore flow that i expect a lot of low clouds even tonight when the sun sets.
9:33 am
70 degrees in san francisco. 71 here in san jose. inland cities because it will be so warm are still going to be in the mid 60s at 6:15. a comfortable year for trick-or-treating. getting into the next couple of days, temperatures are going to moderate the a touch saturday and sunday, but we have peak warmth expected for tomorrow. . >> and that's your latest weather. >> it's trick or treat time, a wild spread and despite the ghoulish guests. >> here with spooky snacks is mary giles, the senior editor of "family" magazine. >> i love this. this is stuff that looks hard, you say it's easy to make. >> let's start with the wizard of oz. these are our wickedly tasty cupcake, inspired by the wizard of oz, as you said. this is a cute little house made from chocolate graham crackers, licorice on top.
9:34 am
the boots are made from right over there, you set a house on top of the legs. we get the legs are maze from sambucca. the feet are made from a candy, a irheads, you microwave them a few seconds, they get soft and pliable. we drizzled on the look of the stockings there and set a cupcake on top. >> i love that idea. >> these are glue eyed ghosts. made from merengue. you can get a recipe at family spoon it into a ziplog bag, snip a half inch off the corner. pipe the ghosts on to a baking sheet. it's real fun to do. you guys want to grab some button candy eyes there. you put them on top. >> it's egg white. >> sugar, some vanilla, cream
9:35 am
and tartar. we drew some marker, food marker on. it's yummy. you bake them an hour-and-a-half. >> tell us about the eyeball snacks. >> jeepers, creepers, eyes, these are mazz relevant la halves on a round cracker with melba toast. those are roasted red pepper veins with a little olive on top. >> frank cookies. >> exactly. 18 oval shape cookie, grown frosting. dip them into chocolate sprinkles, use the sprinkles for the mouth, mini chocolate chip eyes. of course, you need bolts for the characteristic, franken stein eyes. >> a lot of assembly time here. >> that's what you got your kids for, right? >> nice. what are these little critters here? >> okay. these are so great for the kids,
9:36 am
creepy jeepers creepers, our family fun moms love them. they're healthy. dates, apricots. don't get a hair in the food there. super healthy. make holes with a toothpick or pairing knife. you may slits or holes, you do that. those are chow mein noodles. i can stick in banana chip wings. >> fun for the kids. >> the wednesday right in like that. >> what do we have over here? >> then these are breadsticks, refrej rates bredstick or piz have a dough. you want to help us out here, natalie, grab a roll here, you roll it to about a ten-inch roll, wrap them around and oil skewer like that. they come off super easy, when you got them ready like that, you snip a little in the end,
9:37 am
you put a red pepper mouth, olive eyes. >> again, fun for the kids, mary giles. before we go, we want to show some of the staff kids who are dressed up. >> they look adorable. get ready to say hi! say hi, aidan! [ music playing ] across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine
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9:41 am
♪ well, today may be the scariest day of the year, but some cities have spine tingling events all the time. >> that's right. there are plen toif spooktacular places to visit. >> and family circle's senior associate home editor danielle blendell is here to show us some of the scariest haunted cities in america. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. are you a scaredy cat? >> i'm a scaredy cat. don't take me to these cities. our first one up is actually gettysburg, pennsylvania, a big civil war town. it's all about the ghost tour here. companies like gettysburg ghost tours offer these family friendly candlelit walking tours. definitely hit up the sax covered bridge. three confederate traders are said to the haunt the area. >> ooh! >> according to legend they are still there. >> for the brave souls out there what hotels would you recommend in the area? >> you can relax at the gettysburg hotel.
9:42 am
what is scary about this is rachel, actually the ghost of a civil war nurse. she is said to be looking for soldiers all around the place, so watch out. >> wow! >> that sounds scary. let's move on to our next city. portland, oregon. what's scary about portland? >> what's cool about portland is you can have a fun night with the family. a haunted farm on four acres. super eerie. you hear the corn rustling and the screaming wind. >> that would scare me right there. >> what is a good place to say? >> the mcmeneman kennedy hotel. it was a school converted into a a hotel or a restaurant. you might see a spirit or two of an old student. avoid the bathroom, an older attendant is said to haunt that area, too. >> that's a bad place to avoid. >> it is. >> the ladies room. >> oh, okay. >> i, on the other hand, would have a b problem. >> a creepy ghost. he hangs out in the women's room. >> a little bit of a creeper. >> a bit of a perv. >> okay. >> let's go to new orleans.
9:43 am
new orleans is known for having lots to scare people there. >> right. vampires, voodoo. thrill seekers will love the vampire tours in the french quarter. you are traipsing around graveyards. there's tombs. the highlight is a voodoo queen's grave where mourners still leave tokens for her which is super creepy. >> what do you like hotel-wise? >> hotel monteleone is great. they have scary attractions. they give you disposable cameras so you can take pictureses of things that go bump in the night. maybe you can catch images of kids playing hide and seek in the b lobby which people have seen. >> let's head to the west coast, san francisco making the list as well as one of the best haunted cities. what is it about it? >> you may not think san francisco. everybody knows alcatraz. the prison is closed now. definitely creepier by night. take the evening tour. hit up a block where people have seen prisoner ghosts roaming around there, too.
9:44 am
they claim to have seen visions of that. >> there are a couple floors at the chancellor hotel we should worry about? >> yes. people have awakened in their sleep due to cold spells and seen a shadowy apparition, too. >> what'a hotel that you don't want to sleep, stay there. >> charleston, south carolina, you have spooky spots there? >> yes. starting with the u.s.s. yorktown. the aircraft carrier from the battle of midway. take the tour and you may run into ghosts of old soldiers who died in battle. >> you like the frances marion hotel, apparently a scary spirit lurking there as well? >> yes, this is my favorite one. there was actually a visitor in the 1920s, ned cohen, who jumped to his death from one of the windows. >> oh, dear. >> if you are brave, stay in his room. 1010. you might get awoken by chills. >> people have said the window has opened and closed, unexplainably. >> really? >> they have seen him walking around in his smoking jacket.
9:45 am
>> okay. classy ghost. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up next, we are putting our halloween and tv trivia to the test, with a game we're calling trick or treat right after this. calling trick or tr. right after this. explaining my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis to another new stylist. it was a total embarrassment. and not the kind of attention i wanted. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist about my treatment options. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority of people were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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recommended by dermatologists 2 times more than any other brand. now that's beautiful. neutrogena®. ♪ neutrogena®. >> it is time for a halloween trick or treat quiz. some questions will be tricks because they're false, some will be true, if you answer correctly, you win a point.
9:49 am
>> the person with the most treats wins. you can play along at home. >> we got these door knockers. we are ready to go. >> question number one, trick or treat, according to "" 20% of parents admit to sneaking candy from their kids after trick or treating. >> treat, treat, treat. >> definitely a treat. >> i think i heard him first. >> okay. the answer is trick. 90% of parents. >> yeah. come on. >> it was a trick question. >> trick or treat, laverne and shirley's famous theme song actually became a top 30 hit in the u.s. in 1976. >> this is a treat. >> treat. >> the theme song was the recent single. >> all right. >> number three, halloween is the third most commercially successful holiday. >> i would say it is the second. >> you are right.
9:50 am
the second. it's the second behind christmas. >> okay. >> question number four, david hasselhoff played mitch on baywatch for eight seasons, trick or right? >> trick. >> you are right. >> it was 11 seasons. >> yes, it was 11. >> question number five, halloween originated in america. oh, trick. you are right. it originated in ireland. >> oh. >> question number six. trick or treat. al roker has dressed as a woman on halloween more times than matt lauer. >> trick. >> trek. >> al dressed as a woman once as oprah. >> i looked like weezy jefferson. >> you did. >> all right. last two. are you ready? >> yes. >> question number 7, trick or
9:51 am
treat, miley cyrus is the most popular female. >> costume. >> trick. >> yes. >> definitely. >> a point there. all right. last question. question number 8. there are ten different colors of m & ms. >> trick. >> yes. how many, though? >> i'm thinking five. >> 25. >> oh. >> not the ones i buy. >> there are all different ones. >> if you go to the m & m store, that's where you get them out? >> a tie breaker? we both win. thank you, ryan, great job. >> we are back in a moment with more on nbc. [ music playing ] .
9:52 am
9:53 am
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9:54 am
so, we had our three costume winners, three great winners. we promised them a po-second candy spree. >> we will make eight minute. >> go for it. >> our three winners, river, miracle, jamie, kids, are you ready? get set. go crazy! >> let's go! [ music playing ]
9:55 am
[ music playing ] >> lots of loot there. >> way to go. >> good costumes as well. >> this has been a lot of fun. a great, great, halloween. >> boy, you make a great mr. t. >> and the hoff. >> when i woke up this morning i didn't think i wasn't jogging with carmen electra. [ female announcer ] now your most dazzling accessory can be your smile. colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than
9:56 am
a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. should a pig problem in san jose be solved with bullets. a pack of wild pigs is being blamed for carrying -- the pigs caused thousands of dollars of
9:57 am
damage at a country club. california fish and wildlife granted the club a permit to trap and destroy the animals. management is waiting to see if the trapper will be allowed to fire guns within city limits. this means asking the city council to -- they will consider the ordinance next week. the north bay teen who made national headlines by stealing guy fieri's yellow lamborghini is headed for prison. max wade was found guilty of a long list of charges yesterday, including attempted murder. he faces 30 years to life in prison when he is sentenced in december. the big question is will mother nature serve up a trick or a treat? let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> hey, thank you, and happy halloween to you. temperatures are looking prael comfortable later on today. we're talking about the upper 70s, so well above average for this time of year in places like livermore. 78 there. 74 for concorde, and 70 in san francisco. once that sun dropped off tonight at 6:15, temperatures
9:58 am
are going to stay mild inland because it will be so warm this afternoon. 65 degrees at trick-or-treating time inland. through the next couple of days we actually climb by friday, and then saturday into sunday temperatures drop off just a touch. we're looking good in the say good morning to mike. >> good morning. a little bit of relief so that's good news as well. for north 101, this is the trouble spot. sticking around. the first to show the slowing north 101 at 680 and now hanging on. this is the stretch all the way past our camera and 880. the rest of the south bay looking good right now. 85 had slowing due to an earlier crash sxsh the beens la finally recovered too. there you go. no major issues as you head southbound either. back to you. >> thanks. we'll be back at 10:26. ♪
9:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪
10:00 am
[ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. from nbc news this is a special halloween edition of "today". with kathy lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> yabba do. ♪ flintstones ♪ meet the flintstones >> with whoa!
10:01 am
>> it's so modern. ♪ have a gay old time ♪ flintstones ♪ meet the flintstones ♪ they are a piece right out of history ♪ >> they are in a lot of trouble too. >> thursday. thursday. ♪ >> are we ready? >> yes. >> ♪ here we come ♪ on the run with a burger on the bun and a dab of coleslaw on the side ♪ ♪ we'll tickle your taste with a cold pickle ♪ ♪ our burgers can't be beat because we grind our own meat ♪
10:02 am
♪ grind grind grind grind ♪ fred flintstone and barney rubble ♪ ♪ you're to blame for all our trouble ♪ ♪ and if you think we're going to forget, you're out of your mind mind mind ♪ >> i told you we should have rehearsed. >> have a goodshow. >> yabba do. >> fred, what are your going to give me? >> i'll take your burgers. >> bye big boy. >> yabba do. >> wilma, you know what? this is getting old. >> all right. let's see how well we did in terms of our looks. this is us. you're seeing us. >> by the way it's halloween. >> it certainly.
10:03 am
let's see how much we look like them. let's split screen. everybody tells me i look like lucille ball. we'll split screen. >> there's you. >> yeah, lucy. it's good. yeah. okay. betty. >> ready? i'm ready. >> that's cute. >> my wig is falling. it's difficult. >> some things never change. >> pebbles and bam-bam are wandering around. >> we'll have a lot of fun. real quick behind us we have a bunch of great, great costumes and we're going to select three from this group. we'll bring them inside. >> we'll have a little contest. >> take a peek. we'll call three lucky people inside. this morning was something. >> thank goodness it was a pretty day here in new york.
10:04 am
not freezing orange like they expected. if you missed the earlier hours. >> we were shocked. we didn't know what some of the people would be. it's been a secret. it was as much fun for us. >> let's take a look in case you missed it. >> i'm on the jazz again. ♪ give us any chance we'll take it ♪ ♪ give us any rule we'll break it ♪ >> i think you're ready now for your own bike, buddy. ♪ >> we're starting to get a little worried about matt. he's a little too comfortable now being a woman. >> by the way, watching matt come out in that, bust through
10:05 am
that thing with those jugs. >> yeah. >> we had no idea what was happening. is >> first of all he looks great. >> he's in great shape anyway. what your going to do with a man's manhood when you put them in a woman's baby suit. it completely disappeared whoever did it did a really good job. baby, it's cold outside. >> yes. >> all right. so we were singing a little bit of the flintstone theme song. we'll see if you guys know the words. there's a second verse that you may not have been aware of. >> i could hardly remember the first one. >> let's listen. ♪ flintstones ♪ meet the flintstones . >> they are a modern stone family ♪ ♪ they are a place right out of history ♪
10:06 am
♪ flintstones ♪ with the flintstones ♪ have a yabba do time ♪ with the family down the street ♪ ♪ when you're with the flintstones ♪ ♪ have a yabba do time. a dabba do time ♪ ♪ you'll have a gay old time >> our great wardrobe department worked hard. we wanted to be barefoot and wanted it to match to our skin tone. >> hoda had a little problem. >> mine have sand between the toes because we were out on matt's area. that's part of the situation. remember the thing wilma and betty used to say. >> there was a blast of a trumpet. >> and -- >> we have the whole tape. let's watch it.
10:07 am
ready. >> charge! >> that's when they went shopping. >> yes. >> some things work out and some not so much. apparently jimmy fallon has no career unless he talks about us every night. what's wrong with jimmy. >> we love it. let's hear what he had to say. >> finally, this isn't good i just read the fwlobl supply of wine is running low. yep. they are saying we're on track to have a massive shortage. then kathy lee and hoda were welcome to the "hunger games," bitches. >> that's actually very funny. >> i love it. there's a game that i should not have downloaded ever. >> so addictive. >> called candy crush. it's sick. here it is. the goal is to get three of these little candies in a row like you move one over and see how they disappear. okay. anyway. it's so much fun to play.
10:08 am
it is addicting. you'll be on the plane and before you know it you've wasted three or four hours of your life. >> so, you were life, exactly. >> dillon's candy shop have come up with the actual candies from candy crush so you can buy the candies. they have all kinds of different ones. if you're into the game maybe you'll be into these candies. what else? >> i guess it's thursday thursday time for -- >> my ihoda. >> i would make it for someone from every generation not just the teeny boppers. >> this is fun. >> this is king harvest. the old school version of "dancing in the moon light." don't you love it? let's do it. come on. ♪ we get it almost every night ♪ >> everything is filthy with you. ♪ it's super natural delight
10:09 am
♪ everybody dancing in the moon light ♪ >> okay. ♪ dancing in the moon light >> that's our song. that's good background music. because we'll select this moment our contest winner. here are the three contestants. >> we have no idea who they are. >> number one, come on in, a camping trip. >> oh, my god. >> you went through a lot of trouble. this is sara from brooklyn. she has a fire, a bear, a girl scout uniform. you are sick. >> this is awesome. >> that's brilliant. >> good for you. >> are you doing that too? >> she's twerking that rear end to make it work. >> tea 80s toys. >> mom is a cabbage doll toy. dad is monkeys in a barrel and son ryan is an action figure and
10:10 am
nathan san atari joy stick. >> scoot on in. >> they can. that's as far as they can go. >> the last one is the movie "gravity." debbie from sussex county, new jersey. >> they are all so great. >> we love all of you. took a lot of time to figure it out. first of all third place gets a $25 gift card, second place gets $30 gift card and first place gets $100. we have a tie for second. >> the tie for second is "gravity" and the toys. and the winner is -- step out here. the camping trip.
10:11 am
that was genius. take care of them. >> thank you. >> fred, you take -- here. >> that's amazing. all right, you guys. >> she's one funny former bunny. >> and share some very personal news right after this. >> how do you pronounce her last name? >> i don't know. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. juicier plums from th ripeness. pure pigments...edex one rate.
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10:14 am
♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪ kendra wilkinson one of hugh hefner's girlfriends. >> since she turned wife and mother called "kendra on top" and stars her husband hank basket and their 3-year-old son hank jr. >> so adorable. >> a cute little outfit. >> i was supposed to be elvis but someone around here said you look like sharon stone from
10:15 am
"casino." >> you have a lot going on. we should start with the exciting news. not every day we can break news on our program. tell us what your news is. >> well, as you said, "kendra on top." that's what got me pregnant with baby number two. >> can people on your reality show people will see and is your husband for it? >> no. we planned this perfectly. we planned this to be right after the season so we have a little time off and so i had the time to puke and, you know -- >> how far along are you >> first trimester. >> most people don't announce it until you're through and you don't know what you're having. >> not yet. 13 weeks i get to find out. >> congratulations, sweetie. >> thank you. great stage. >> you feeling good now? >> well, not physically. i'm going to the bathroom every
10:16 am
ten minutes. >> we'll make this quick. your other child is he excited about halloween? >> oh, my god -- >> what is he dressing up as. >> he's 3 years old so we finally get to have fun. >> that's the perfect age for the fun and magic of it. >> we get to carve pumpkins. he's going to be the flash, superhero flash and all into superheroes. i'll race back to l.a. after this. we have a whole grouch kids coming over. >> is mommy going like that >> not like this, no. we have a group of moms that we're going to be hang being out with. i will have something on a little longer. >> how does your husband feel about your growing family >> he thanks me every day. thank you for having my children. he takes such good care of me. i couldn't have found a better man. >> have things changed since the kids. >> it has. it definitely has. you have to put more rules out
10:17 am
there. you know, he goes to school. he goes to pre-school so that's when we fit in our working schedule, our reality show. we don't get a chance to have him in the show. it's not about parenting. my show is actually about more of my social life and my friends and everything because -- it's kind of hard-working a child. >> looks like high drama. >> you want your child to have a childhood. we don't get it early in our life we spend the rest of our life trying to get it. >> he sees the cameras popping out at the park. mom why are there cameras. >> we wish you good luck with your show, "kendra on top." >> thanks for choosing us for the good news. >> catch the season finale of "kendra on top" on tv.
10:18 am
>> and tricks and treats. he wants a bite of you, betty. >> we're not letting the holiday get in the way of our ambush makeovers. get in the way of our ambush makeovers. two lucky ladies get a real catch the butterfly effect. l'oreal introduces new voluminous butterfly mascara. get in the way of our ambush makeovers. two lucky ladies get a real spread your lashes. l'oreal's revolutionary asymmetric brush instantly volumizes from the root and stretches lashes towards the outer corner. for remarkable spread... remarkable volume. your look... truly captivating. new voluminous butterfly mascara from l'oreal paris. bold fanned out volume. catch the butterfly effect... you're worth it. behind the fresh taste of philadelphia cream cheese. we make it daily using fresh, local milk, real cream, and absolutely no preservatives. when it comes to fresh taste, philadelphia sets the standard.
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10:20 am
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10:21 am
you save $5. $6.77 on rollback. spooky savings. get more for your money at october savings event. going on now at your local walmart. halloween is not just about the kids, adults can get in on the spooky fun with some spirits and snacks. >> trendy brew of choice is cider. ray is one of our favorite guys. what have you got? >> i got lots of things for you. but i have apples and i would like you each to pull an apple out of this bucket because we're talking about cider. one red, one green. cider is one of the most popular beverages. we have the green goblin cider
10:22 am
and angry orchard. let's open them. so have a little green goblin. >> will i like this. >> i think so. cider has become popular. it's gluten-free, like blood. >> that's alcohol free >> no alcohol. >> really? >> moderate alcohol. same level as beer. cider has become a great alternative. and so also you need wine. also. the fangs are hard to talk with. you need wine for halloween. >> there's a global shortage. what are we going to do. >> stock up. >> buy it before someone else does. merlot from washington state. 12 bucks. happens to have a great black pitchfork on it perfect for halloween. >> very acidic. >> it's delicious. >> then, also for halloween you
10:23 am
need punch of some kind. parents need something, the kids get candy. that is apple brandi and apple cider. >> the whole thing? >> the whole thing. brandi hold back on if you want. >> i'll hold back on the cider. >> this is a version of sangria. it looks healthy. >> you know the origin of sangria. blood. >> try that. that's good. >> it's terrific. >> you also need a little halloween decoration for your drinks. and what we did for "food and wine" we came up with the idea you take lychees and put brandied cherries and eyeballs. >> blood shot eyeballs. >> put them in there. pour a little lychee syrup and freeze them and then you get this cool eye ball and put it in your drink.
10:24 am
in this case you have a raspberry liquor and apple cider. a nice color. it reminds me of blood. you float a little -- >> what's morrow man tick than eyeballs in your glass. >> why not >> here's looking at you. >> and, of course you need some snacks. and what you need for snacks is these beautiful fingers. you can try them. they are great. cheddar cracker with an almond finger nail. totally easy to make. 20, 30 minutes in the oven. these are rice krispie treats but made for adults but they are spies i with cumin, and delicious. they are seasonally candy corn for those of us who actually enjoy cocktails. >> thank you so much. what your dressing up tonight, ray? >> don't know. you have a beautiful neck.
10:25 am
>> all right. >> coming up, hair and makeup, we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. and the best move of all? having the right partner at your side. take the next step. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company to be your partner. go long. don't hide behind partner. your lipstick. use it to show the world how you feel. and today, i feel daring.
10:26 am
[announcer:] revlon super lustrous lipstick. mega moisturizing formula in 82 stay true colors. good morning to you. 10:26. i'm marla tellez. a dog attack happened in antiok. a man was walking his dog late last night on larksburg drive when two other dogs attacked him. three neighbors who came outside
10:27 am
to help the man were also hurt. police got to the scene quickly and say they were forced to shoot one of the dogs. that dog later died. the other is now under quarantine at the antiok animal shelter. we'll check the halloween forecast, and mike will have a look at the roads after the break. colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line.
10:28 am
happy halloween to you. we have a really, really nice forecast this year. it's all treats in the weather department. 78 in liver mosh. 74 for concorde, and 70 in san francisco. we're at about 71 right here in san jose, and your inland cities
10:29 am
are still going to be in the 60s when the sun sets at 6:15. however, at the coast we're expecting the upper 50s. about 59 degrees. as the kiddos make their way out for trick-or-treating. fwegt into tomorrow, peak warmth expected. up to 81 degrees inland, and then this weekend looks good. we'll shave off a few degrees, but still staying nice and comfortable. we got a pigeon's eye view of the 101 back up at 680. this is the last of the slowing for the south bay just north of tully all the way up to 880. a sluggish spot there. 58 also a tougher spot. a couple of crashes there, and we had a good slowdown on eastbound 237 now starting to move better over the last 20. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup clear about 40 minutes ago they turned off the metering lights, and no one is now waiting. not even in the cash lanes. >> it looks like a ghost town on this halloween. thank you, mike. well, halloween ghost story is an unassuming restaurant in california. actually the most haunted place in the state. our bob riddell tracks down the report of paranormal activity.
10:30 am
it's a really great story. we'll have that.sptñ plus, a lot more local news coming up in just 30 minutes after 11:00. hope to see you then. we're back on this thursday, and it's time for our ambush makeover, we plucked two lucky ladies off the plaza. >> our resident makeover time contributor to the stars. today contributor and contributing editor for people "style watch." hello. >> we know who you are. you guys look great. >> was it weird out on the plaza. there were so many costumes. >> he parted a few costumes and we found two people and they were great. >> mary somers is our first lucky lady. she's 60 years old today.
10:31 am
she's from hackensack, new jersey. as a school nurse she takes care of 600 kids. she was thrilled to be ambushed on the plaza. >> we have a 60-year-old witch today on our hands so let's put this down. happy birthday. what do you think about this gift >> this is the most amazing birthday gift that anyone could ever give me and i love the "today" show and it just means so much to me. you have no idea. >> you're so cute. >> wish my sisters were here. >> we'll see them on tv. what do you think in your mickey mouse tie? >> i think this is fabulous. this is my wife for most of my life. she's really cool. >> a little make out session. on that note we'll start our make over. >> i can make him over? >> they have fun together. >> joe keep your blind hold on and marry's hat until we reveal
10:32 am
her. here's mary's before picture. >> wow. >> don't look. >> take off your blindfold. mary. >> right here. >> there she is. >> mary, take a look at yourself >> you're great. >> how gorgeous does she look. she looks so awesome. >> joe, stand next to miley. >> anything? >> do you love -- tell us about the hair. >> okay. how great. >> oh, my gosh. >> first of all -- >> can't get over this. >> it's a sensational hair cut.
10:33 am
>> look at this. >> i think she likes it. i don't know. we gave her a chic hair cut. she looks like she's 40. >> cutest hair style. >> jill, that outfit rocks. >> i'll go quickly with the outfit. >> i new that you would do such a great job. i knew it. >> a big smooch, sweetheart. who is next? >> cutest couple ever. >> i love them. >> terry rush. do you want to get a room? terry rush, age 36 from rochester, new york.
10:34 am
she told us of her daily beauty routine zero makeup and throwing her hair into a pony tail. >> we didn't dress up today but we're dressing as a single woman looking for a great guy. so what your looking for? here's your chance. >> i am looking for a smart, intelligent, hard worker. yeah. >> that sounds good. >> i'll take that too if there are brothers out there. we'll make you all glam. >> thank you >> you're so excited. >> i'm so excited. she's with her friends lauri and doug. let's take one last look at terry before and bring out the neutery rush. >> let's see. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> okay. >> lauri and doug you want to take off your blinders. >> oh, my god, terry, you're beautiful. >> terry, you can turn around.
10:35 am
>> oh, my god. >> you look awesome. >> look she likes -- >> oh, yeah. she looks great. look at camera number 12. tell us what you did with the hair. >> terry wanted to, she's at the dating point and i wanted to give her that sexy look and that's what we did. gave her those swept away banks. i love that hair. you look awesome. >> you really do. what do you guys think? >> amazing. >> that dress is like a second skin. looks beautiful. >> it has belt in control panels because it accentuates the silhouette. this is new. >> i wanted the spirit of halloween for my costume. and for allowing me to twerk with louis because it's been my dream. >> where is my finger. >> don't tell us. >> thanks guys.
10:36 am
>> come on out guys. everybody looks terrific. >> they are going make you scream at the scream. >> jason kennedy and the scariest movies of all i'm. >> i wonder what fred and barney are up to. those guys. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is an acceptance letter. ♪ it's a diploma. ♪ it's a passport. it's a compass. it's a trainer and a coach and the jersey of the greatest team on earth. it's more than a uniform. it's an education you can't get anywhere else. there's strong, and then there's army strong. try it on at there's strong, and then there's army strong. the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie
10:37 am
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[ female announcer ] s.c. johnson. a family company. [ female announcer ] s.c. johnson. with a smartphone from straight talk wireless. we replaced sue's smartphone she'll get the same great nationwide coverage for half the cost. let's see if she notices. you bet she did. francois!! deux! ah, o!i he's french. she saved almost 950 dollars. that's enough to hire a french pastry chef for the pta bake sale! bon appetit , sue. the world needs more straight talk. same phones. same networks. half the cost. get a samsung galaxy s3. unlimited everything, just $45 a month. only at walmart. >> you could join the trick-or-treaters or glab a blanket and dimming the lights
10:40 am
and curl up with your favorite horror movie. jason kennedy is here with some suggestions that might make you want to swleleep with the light on. jason is "fifty shades of grey." >> not the tin man. >> we'll talk with the world's worst wig ever. is that kathleen sebelius's hair. >> yes. a lot of aqua net. >> we'll talk about our scariest movies. the one i chose is the scariest movie of all time. >> i didn't think so. >> it's the highest grossing supernatural movie. >> highest grossing scary called "the sixth sense." >> i see dead people. remember that one? >> i didn't think it was that scary. >> your kidding me?
10:41 am
>> there's haley. he talked to the psychologist and you find out he is a dead person. you're 15 years too late. >> guess everybody saw it. >> this put him on the map in terms of directing and writing. i liked it. >> liked it too. it didn't scare me. >> what scared you. >> "the exorcist." that's real life stuff. identify seen it. >> 12-year-old girl. demon possessed. her mom is trying to get her out of that and perform these exorcisms with two priests. i wasn't allowed to see it. >> when her head swirls around -- >> and she starts spurting guacamole it was unbelievable. >> it was genius from the director. >> remember "blair witch
10:42 am
project." >> that happened in maryland right near where i grew up. >> three college students trying to find the blair witch. she's is a local legend. they disappear. they find the footage, sound, put this together. people don't know if it's real, is it fake. i haven't gone camping since 1999. >> i can't take my eyes off the boogers. >> you know who is scared too, our husbands. >> they are such wimps. >> and the daughter. whose daughter. >> pebbles. >> barney -- >> excuse me. it should be some kind of animal fur. >> fred is sucking his thumb. you have a weird husband. >> we love you. >> thanks guys. >> they were not just for work on the weekend. >> lover boy is here, guys. >> before you can say boo some ideas for your halloween
10:43 am
6 children, 44 years... it's been a happy union. he does laundry, and i do the cleaning. there's only two of us... how much dirt can we manufacture? more than you think. very little. [ doorbell rings ] [ lee ] let's have a look, morty. it's a sweeper. what's this? what's that? well we'll find out. we'll find out. [ lee ] it goes under all the way to the back wall. i came in under the assumption that it was clean. i've been living in a fool's paradise! oh boy... there you go... morty just summed it up. the next 44 years we'll be fine. tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, save them. woolite detergents clean your jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes.
10:44 am
darrell here and the walmart is scaring up low prices. rollback-tober has got treats all over the store! like these batman, superman, captain america and other great kids costumes only $16.97. starburst candy corns it's only a $1.98. even big savings for the little ones. this crock-pot slow cookers is on rollback for $19.94. you save $5. $6.77 on rollback. spooky savings. get more for your money at october savings event. going on now at your local walmart.
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
>> did halloween catch you by surprise. no need to fear. you have a few more hours before those trick-or-treaters come knocking on your door. >> here's how to get in the spirit. hollywood set director and author stacy nelson. >> hello. >> you are looking very halloweeny. >> thank you. so happy to be here with you. you know, there's some things you already have at home that can make a fantastic halloween quickly and affordably. my favorite drink bloody alexander lined with a blood thick rim. take a drink. >> how do you make the rim work. >> what you do, regard red candy, crush it up. stick it in the microwave. isn't that delicious. a little bit of water, dip the
10:48 am
glass right in. i'm all about fast and affordable. go through your old halloween costumes. take out the masks, cut out the head. put a hole in the head. candy on the platter. make the kids think twice. >> all right. >> you all have trash bags. big bag spider. >> very cute. >> one back two-thirds full, one back a third full. stuff it with anything you have. fill it with leaves. for the eye, red solo cups. cut the bottoms off. >> that's genius. >> if you don't have black trash bags use the white ones. all you need is a white trash back. cut off the blue. or grocery bags for the head. stick it offer another bag.
10:49 am
tie it. use an old hanger to hang him with. isn't he cute. >> last minute here. >> my favorite toys of terror. >> that's awful. >> raid the kids' toy chest. use what they don't use any more. >> want some salsa. >> stuff him with pretzels. dip your chips. >> kids would go crazy for that. >> monkey carve out his brain and fill him with guacamole. >> if you have toys that are stuffed who wants to do the honors and cut the head off. >> can't. >> come on. >> cut it off. >> >> yes, you're on your way to toys of terror. >> oh, my gosh. for more information, go to our website. all right, coming up, get
10:50 am
ready for the ''80s flash back,a performance by lover boy. >> yeah. >> where did barney go?
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
♪ the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> oh. >> did you have fun today? >> yes, i did, wilma. be back with us tomorrow. >> okay. >> swimming with the sharks. >> but before we dry out of here on this halloween we have lover boy singing "lovin' every minute of it." have a great halloween, everybody. bye. ♪ ♪ i'm not a man, i'm not a
10:54 am
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10:56 am
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10:57 am
run ♪ ♪ turn that dial all the way, shoot me like a rocket into space ♪ ♪ lovin' every minute of it
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley has the day off. four people are recovering this morning after being attacked by dogs in antiock. neighbors on larksburg drive are on the edge. this is where today in the bay christie smith joins us live. officers shot and killed one of the dogs. good morning. >> one of the dogs turned on them, but we've been speaking with neighbors, and they are still rattled by what happened. they describe a wild scene of dogs attacking people. some of them had to jump up on cars just to get away from the dogs. i want to tell you how it started. a man was blocking his two dogs down thi


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