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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 31, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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tell us exactly where the kids are this afternoon. they're trying to protect these two young children because of what happened. there's no permanent damage. when asked where their mother was, police said the mother was at work and she had no idea that any of this was going on. their father is in jail in santa clara facing two felony charges. just into our news room now, aldon smith is back on the team. the 49ers reactivated their troubled linebacker. he's now eligible to play. the team deactivated him last month after he was arrested for dui and marijuana possession. the next 49ers game is november 10th. just two days before smith's court appearance to face the dui
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and weapons charges. the white house has reached out to two local engineers to help fix the obama care website. one of those engineers is from google and the other is from oracle. glitches have ranged from the site crashing to incorrect data appearing. it is the company's responsibility to serve all of their customers including the federal governnt's. it happened last night when the man was walking his dog on a trail near larkspur drive. suddenly two stray dogs attacked. three neighbors heard the noise and ran out to help. the dogs turned on them. >> it was on my arm first. then i moved it away and moved
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my leg up. they got the back of my thigh. i kicked it and i ran. >> fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. an officer arrived and shot and killed one of the loose dogs. new at 5:00, be careful. it might be the dorm food. more than 50 students are suffering from the same illness at stanford. what's the problem here? >> reporter: the santa clara county health department has been on campus for two days conducting their investigation. they are dealing with symptoms that are similar to the noro virus. they're going to sanitize the dining hall start iing later tonight which will shut it down
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for tomorrow and saturday. a total of 51 students started getting sick on wednesday with severe flu-like symptoms. four students were taken to the emergency room for dehydration. they were given fluids and were sent back home. the students that are sick are being kept separate from the other dorm residents even if they feel better because they still might be contagious. >> we do have a team from the santa clara county public health department here doing an investigation. >> just be more conscious of washing my hands and making sure i don't try to spread germs that much until they figure out what's causing it. >> reporter: the early indications are they are dealing with some kind of noro virus.
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along with sanitizing the dining hall, all of the common areas will go through a 24-hour cleaning using bleach and disinfectant. there have been no other reports of sickness since last night. they think this occurrence is all but over. a child care employee is accused of molesting an elementary schoolgirl on the peninsula. it happened at an elementary school in san mateo. a 20-year-old man was arrested after the investigation revealed he kissed and inappropriately touched a girl. >> we're disturbed and upset and disappointed. however, when it came to our attention, the employee was put on paid administrative leave
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immediately and the police were called and he's not been on our campuses for two weeks. >> the suspect also worked at another elementary school. police are working to see if there are any other alleged victims. just two weeks after two bart workers were struck and killed by a train, the state is mandating new safety laws. a three-way communication system, speed restrictions, and warning tracking systems are now required. >> at least two of the transit agencies, but possibly all the larger one in the state, took the most recent negotiated draft and actually started
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implementing that ahead of today's decision. they had already be >> they were set to be implemented today. several lawyers are offering to help free of charge. she was pull over tuesday night in san diego for speeding. when the officer noticed she was wearing those google glasses, the officer tacked on another citation for being distracted by a video or tv screen. she argues that google glasses are neither. we're getting more details about joe montana's project. he wants to build a nine acre site that would include a luxury hotel and entertainment space. the goal is to have the project
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done in time for super bowl l in 2016. >> we're in the very early stages. >> another developer has presented a much larger project. it would be on 215 acres. a different time of football will be the first event at levi's stadium. the earthquakes will host a soccer match there. the quakes will take on seattle sounders on august 2nd next year. the first niners came will take place later that month. a little after 5:00 and it is prime trick or treating hour,
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at least for the younger kids. beautiful night for trick or treating. >> hopefully this weather holds up. there's a pigeon there admiring the trick or treaters. >> we have a great forecast coming here as we head throughout the next three to four hours. clear skies right now. temperatures in the upper 60s. if you're out the door here in san jose, a little bit spooky, but an awesome forecast. temperatures right around 60 at 7:00. an eerily clear east bay right now. san francisco, upper 50s. we'll talk more about a hotter weather forecast coming up in about ten minutes.
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just ahead, breathing new life into a special bakery struggle to stay afloat. the bay area man that made all the difference giving dozens of people a second chance at success. a smuggling tunnel linking mexico to san diego, a rare look. good news if you like to surf and fly at the same time.
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take a look at some new video we have in the news room. it is believed there are many of these types of tunnels. this ones from san diego to mexico. agents are calling the tunnel highly sophisticated, not only because of electricity and
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ventilation, but it all has a rail system. 300 pounds of cocaine were seized. there are new rules for the skies that will make it easier for you to surf in the seat. scott budman is live. you're telling passengers shouldn't get their smartphones out just yet. >> reporter: not just yet, but very soon. these rules about to kick in. the faa loosening the reigns a little bit on your mobile devices while you fly. people love to surf and watch movies on their mobile devices. that's about to get easier. the timing could have been better for virgin america to launch its fun new in-flight safety video because just after that took off, the federal
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aviation administration changed course on its mobile device policy. that laptop, that ipad, that cell phone can be turned on during all parts of your flight. >> i am pleased to announce that airlines can safely expand passenger use of portable electronic devices during all phases of flight. today, the faa is providing the airlines with the implementation guidance to do just that. >> reporter: the new mobile policy is sitting well the passengers at san jose international airport. >> i think our lives with intwined in these mobile devices. when you turn that off, it's like you're losing you're umbilical cord. it will make it less traumatic. >> i think people are kind of attached to their phones and
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devices. >> reporter: great for surfers who can now go mobile their entire flight. you cannot make cell phone calls yet on the plane. we reached out by the way to virgin america to find out if they'll update their video and they declined to comment. the next big local ipo has a coming out day. twitter executives spent another day on their roadshow. it will likely begin to trade shares on november 7th. a member of the new york stock exchange says it is likely twitter will price its shares on the evening of november 6th and go public the next morning. customers who bought a ne r er mo-- newer model of a dell
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laptop are complaining of urine smell. you've heard about for profit and nonprofit businesses, but tonight's bay area proud is a less for profit business. >> you're piqued our curiositcu. >> we're talking about a wholesale bakery in richmond. their mission was helping needy people get back on their feet by giving them their job sales. financially, it wasn't working out. a new owner was found. spend a little time inside the
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bakery and a couple of things will stand out to you. first of all, who knew that making cinnamon bread was such a noisy, violent operation. and how could it be just a few years ago this bustling bakery was a nonprofit money pit. at least that's how it looked to andrew. >> the two largest costs you have the food, the ingredients, and labor. they were spending too much on both. >> reporter: four years ago, an acquaintance asked andrew to help find a buyer for the failing bakery. he couldn't. what andrew could do, though, was see past the bottom line. >> i really fell in love with that mission. against all my better judgment decided to buy it. >> we're packing pumpkin muffins
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for the holidays. >> reporter: using his business degree and food service experience, andrew has turned the bakery around. he inherited 14 part-time employees. he just recently hired his 100th full timer. it is not just the number of jobs that andrew loves. it's who's getting them. he can't recall a single job applicant checking yes when asked if they convicted of a crime. >> when it was the rub con, everybody checked that box. we needed to hire people that week. >> they turned out to be some of the best employees he's ever had. dave johnson has spent the last 17 years in and out of jail and
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now has a home at rubicon. he's out to prove andrew didn't make a mistake hiring him. >> i look real bad on paper, but if you look at how i work, you love me. >> there are few employees that i see that have been there years and years and i see them with smiles on their face. i know i did the right thing four years ago by buying this bakery. >> it was nonprofit when andrew bought it. the stipulation was, you buy the bakery, you have to keep the mission, but it didn't have to stay nonprofit. people are always coming to him asking him how do we run a nonprofit? he says, no, i know how the run a good business. >> any samples that you brought
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back for us? >> for you? they're right here. for you? i don't know. i think they got lost somewhere. it was a nice day. i hope it stays like this for the trick or treaters. >> i have to admit i already ate some of the candy. >> there's still plenty. >> we have a really good forecast here as we head throughout tonight. if you're getting ready to step out the door, crystal clear skies across the bay area and interior valleys. temperatures in the upper 60s. the east bay, clear skies. all t temperatures near 60 at 7:00 p.m. hope you have a safe and also happy halloween. let's get a first look at that forecast.
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it is going to get hotter by the afternoon. cooler weather inland. mid 40s. by 11:00 a.m., we'll hold on to the 60s. it is going to be another afternoon where the temperatures catapult by the 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 hour. it is going to stay clear and dry for tonight. we'll also bring you to here to emeryville. you can see a fog free halloween this evening with upper 50s expected. we have 39 in napa. 34 expected in walnut creek. 49 in san jose. by the afternoon, as we head throughout our friday, it's going to be getting even hotter. 74 in san jose. 75 in evergreen. 76 in gilroy. east bay, mid 70s. 75 in walnut creek.
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76 there in danville. coastline will stay in the 60s. 70 for san francisco. warming trend stays over the next two days. that storm track is going to be really close with some rain passing a couple of hundred miles off to the north. we continue with some great weather throughout friday and saturday. notice sunday, temperatures drop. we get some cooler air filtering in. don't forget those clocks on sunday. they do go back one hour. the winds will pick up on monday and tuesday and that chilly air will stay in the forecast at least for the beginning of next week. right now, it is going to be downright hot. still ahead, they may not be able to leave the hospital, but they still get to trick or treat. how one children's hospital
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brought the spirit of halloween to its patients. how a silicon valley company is looking to expand the horizons of people around the world.
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we're following some breaking news now. we have live pictures. this is from phoenix airport. a united express flight has been diverted and made an emergency landing in phoenix. it left from sfo at around 3:00 this afternoon. it was headed to san antonio, texas, but made an emergency stop in phoenix for a reported bomb threat. it is united express flight 5973, but an emergency stop at phoenix sky harbor airport after
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a reported bomb threat. what you're seeing is the flight, the plane in the background, in the fore ground two bus loaded filled with passengers. they were just deboarded from the plane. we believe everyone is okay. back to local news, a bay area tech company is expanding and going global. it provides open college level courses and it announced a partnership with the state department. it will launch 30 so-called learning h learning hubs in 24 nations. they'll be taught in english to expose foreign students to american colleges and discussions. young patients at the
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children's hospital who aren't quite healthy enough to go door to door got to dress up and collect treats any way. nurses and doctors turned two floors of the building into a haunted hospital. >> we asked staff to have appropriate costumes and outfits, but the kids are the scariest. they can be scary. this can be crazy. they can be whatever kind of fun they want to have. >> the kids who can't leave their rooms, that's okay. they can still in their beds and halloween comes to them. matt lauer channels his inner pamela anderson. you have to see this.
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i didn't know if i wanted to change the channel or keep watching. matt lauer has never looked so interesting. they dressed up as throwback tv stars. lauer was bay watch star pamela anderson. al rocker, mr. t. you get the idea. that's matt lauer in the blond wig. there's laverne and shirley. >> it's a one piece.
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the only real bay watch babe there is carmen electra. they look very good. he's very brave. >> happy halloween. electronic devices on planes. tonight a decision that impacts almost everybody who flies and on some flights it starts right away. halloween storms. severe weather from the great lakes to the gulf forcing some cities to cancel trick or treating all togethe tonight with this big storm system on the move. e-mail trail. amid the uproar over privacy concerns, a surprising look at where all those e-mails go after hitting send. and the town erupts thanks to a great team in boston. triumph follows tragedy and the crowd goes wild. "nightly news" begins now.


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