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tv   Today  NBC  November 1, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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case. >> that's what's happening today in the bay. good morning. potent and powerful. the storms that have slammed the midwest moving east right now, a system that's already led to deaths, dangerous flooding and this scary scene when a school bus fell into a swollen river. >> i thought i was going to die. > six people? that's the number of applicants who were reportedly able to sign up for health insurance on the government website's first day. did the white house know that number and were they too embarrassed to talk about it? and the mt. rushmore of acting. de niro, douglas, freeman and klein. for the first time, four oscar winners, the cast of "las vegas" live in our studio.
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they're co-hosting with us today, friday, november 1st, 2013. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker and natalie morales. and next hour, we're going to add four oscar-winning names to that little introduction. >> pretty exciting. >> do you have an oscar? >> oh, is it required? we have emmys, but no oscars. >> need a bigger mantle. no question, that should be fun when they join us. also coming up, a "today" exclusive. for the first time since release from prison, former new york city police commissioner and one-time nominee for director of homeland security, bernard kerik speaks out. why kerrick says his time behind bars changed his entire look on the justice system.
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first, today's top story, and it is those powerful storms making a mess of the morning here in the northeast. they're also blamed for this . a school bus carrying a group of kids ran off a bridge into a flooded creek. they were safely rescued, but as you can see, the bus is still in the water this morning. nbc's john yang is in chicago with more for us on the storms. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. already big travel delays. the website says flights into new york's laguardia airport delayed three hours, and that's likely to ripple across the travel system, including big hubs like here at chicago o'hare. but overnight, as the storm moved east, it turned deadly. overnight, the halloween storms that ravaged most of the country turned deadly when a 9-year-old boy was electrocuted by fallen power lines and later died outside of nashville. in austin, texas, more than a foot of rain caused flash
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flooding, swamping more than 600 homes and sweeping away cars. >> everything is gone. i've seen everything float by. pets were rescued by boat and by helicopter. some barely escaped with their lives and the clothes on their backs. >> i lost complete and total control and was coming up and down out of the water, and i seriously, i saw two of my dogs wash away. >> reporter: she fears her 18 horses all drowned. in houston, streets were waterlogged and trees came down. across the midwest, it was a soggy halloween. >> it doesn't really matter. i just go trick or treating with my umbrella. >> trick-or-treat! >> reporter: some places moved trick or treating earlier to beat the storm. >> if the weather's going to be bad, there's no need to put a child at risk. >> reporter: in louisville, kentucky, halloween became mahloween, children going store to store. >> because of the weather, i think a lot of people may say, you know what, these kids need a
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place to trick-or-treat. >> reporter: and while most kids were getting ready to go trick or treating, a group of students aboard a school bus in douglas, kansas, got a big scare. their bus crossed a small bridge, slipped off the embankment, flipped over into a creek and got submerged in fast-moving water. >> water came in the bus. and then i needed some help. >> reporter: all ten students got out safely, including kindergartner reese alexander, who was home in time to go trick or treating with his sister. in kansas, officials want to know why that bus driver took the risk of crossing the bridge when water was already rushing over it. back to you, savannah. >> all right, john yang. thank you very much. what a picture. >> it really is. al, how bad is this getting? >> well, in the southeast there, we've got more heavy rain to talk about. look at some of these rainfall totals that they saw in texas yesterday. wimberly, texas, over a foot of
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rain. 12 inches in austin itself. teague, texas, 11 inches. 6.5 inches in cameron, texas. and we've got this very potent frontal system making its way now into the northeast. as it does, we've got strong storms, we've got severe thunderstorm watches extending all the way into central and western new jersey. and down to the south, more heavy rain is going to be starting to work its way into the southeastern atlantic states. we could be looking at anywhere from 3 to 4 inches of rain locally, could be up to 5. when we come back in the next few minutes, we're going to be talking about winds that are going to be affecting the northeast all the way back to the midwest. air travel reports right now, laguardia, 3 1/2-hour delays. >> it's already breezy this morning. >> al, thank you very much. there's word this morning that the number of people who were able to sign up for health insurance on the government's website on its opening day was shockingly low. according to new documents, it was just six people on that first day. chuck todd is nbc's chief white house correspondent. he's got the story. chuck, good morning. what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: well, here's what the administration says. they don't deny that number. these numbers came from house republicans, who have been doing some -- or who have been holding hearings, preparing to hold more hearings about the rollout of the website. according to administration officials, these are based on handwritten notes. they don't believe the numbers. they acknowledge, obviously, that the website was very problematic in the first couple of days. and so, while this is all they could confirm, six on the first day, six -- that's right, one, two, three, four, five, six -- a couple of hundred on the second day, they don't believe their own numbers. and of course, we do know the state exchanges in just over a dozen states, they did have a lot more enrollment numbers, but they're not denying that this website was a total mess, savannah, and they know that they had a bunch of problems and that people couldn't finish the process. >> yeah, and the white house so far has not released any official numbers about how many people have been able to sign up. >> reporter: no. >> can we ask you about the
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politics of this? because there's word that on the hill, a lot of democrats are getting very anxious about how this is all going. >> reporter: well, they are, especially senate democrats, and this is really, you know, all politics is local. well, for senate democrats, they want to stay in control. they want to stay in power. and in 2014, right after the government shutdown, they thought, boy, they're going to keep their majority. the only thing that has them nervous is health care, and it's led by a bunch of the quote/unquote red state democrats who have to seek re-election, mary landrieu, kay hagan. these are the folks that are driving this nervousness, savannah, because they're -- you know, the president's popularity rating hit an all-time low nationally in our poll. well, if it's 42% nationally, imagine what it is in arkansas, imagine what it is in louisiana, where democrats have to win re-election in order to hold control of the senate. so, that's what this is all about. they're extremely nervous and they think that health care could cost them control of the senate if this rollout doesn't
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improve very quickly. >> chuck todd in our washington bureau, thank you very much. there is another revelation that has a lot of people in washington talking this morning. a new book claims top aides to the president, president obama, gave serious consideration to replacing vice president joe biden on the 2012 ticket. nbc's andrea mitchell has details on that. andrea, tell us what you know. >> reporter: good morning, matt. three years ago, their book changed the game with revelations ranging from sarah palin's private meltdown to john edwards' very public one. now, mark halperin and mark hileman are reluising "double down," another tale of upheaval over running mates. in late 2011, as republican front-runners traded places, the new book reveals that the president's team considered a high-profile swap of its own, replacing vice president biden with hillary clinton. nbc confirms that then chief of staff bill daley went so far as
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to secretly poll how voters might react but learned it wouldn't improve obama's chances. but the campaign did shut biden out of tragedy sessions after he preempted obama's plan to endorse same-sex marriage by doing it first on "meet the press." >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women -- >> reporter: late thursday, president obama's political adviser, david plouffe, tweeted, "never any, any considering of the vp switch, not even entertained by the only person who mattered." a year before the election, savannah asked clinton about the rumors. >> is there any chance you could be vice president in the second term? >> no, there is not. >> do you think it's in the realm of possibility? >> not in the realm of possibility. >> reporter: and according to the authors, the pair of presidents rarely spoke in the first term, and when they made a very public attempt to bond over golf, they didn't even finish 18 holes.
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"i like him in doses," obama told an aide. even worse was bill clinton's lavish praise for mitt romney's business experience, undercutting an obama attack line. >> a man who's been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold. >> reporter: but obama turned to bill for advice after his disastrous first debate and to deliver a stem-winder at the democratic convention. >> and you must re-elect president barack obama! >> reporter: as romney sought to balance his ticket, he toyed with choosing chris christie, but the authors report the new jersey governor was less than forthcoming about his medical history and past work as a lobbyist. the garden state governor's background was littered with potential land mines," the authors write. they respond that the christie aide got the romney camp to issue a statement, saying christie complied fully with all requests, including his medical report. the book, which goes on sale monday, is already setting off sparks for the next campaign. matt and savannah? i think you've got a big
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interview with the authors themselves on monday. >> that's right, andrea. thanks very much. >> that's right. they will sit down for their first live interview, the authors of "double down" here on "today" monday morning. and a reminder, mitt romney will be david gregory's guest on "meet the press." that's sunday. an exclusive. hope you tune in. natalie's here now with the headlines, including now that they closed that door on the airplane, we can still use these? >> that's right, you can still use your devices! >> i like that. >> hallelujah! >> not the phone part. >> can't do the inflight phone calls, but airlines are moving quickly today to take advantage of the new faa rules letting passengers use personal electronic devices from gate to gate during take-offs and landings. delta and jetblue have already submitted plans for adopting the new guidelines, which were unveiled thursday. the new policy, still, though, does not allow internet use when the plane is less than 10,000 feet in air and phone calls still banned in flight. more than one-third of the abortion clinics in texas could start closing as early as today. a federal court ruled thursday
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that tough, new state restrictions can take effect immediately while they're being appealed. the bitter fight over the abortion law gained national attention this summer when state senator wendy davis staged that filibuster to delay its passage. three suspected drug runners are under arrest following the discovery of a smuggling tunnel that runs from tijuana, mexico, it had electric rail cars, lighting, even a ventilation system. this was the eighth large-scale drug tunnel found in san diego in the area there since 2006. former newark mayor cory booker made history when he was sworn in thursday as new jersey's first black senator and only the ninth in u.s. history. booker, a rising star in the democratic party, won a special election to fill out the term of the late senator frank lautenberg. a wild ending to last night's bengals/dolphins game. with the score tied in overtime, miami's cameron wake sacked cincinnati quarterback andy dalton in his own end zone for a safety to end the game. the score there was 22-20.
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and 45,000 runners are tuning up, getting ready for sunday's new york city marathon, and it's the first since 2011 because last year's, as you remember, was canceled in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. extra security will be in place because of the boston marathon bombings, but as one athlete said, "we don't plan on running scared." good luck to all of them. james bond has nothing on daredevil katie hampton. check out this incredible video just starting to go viral on youtube. it shows fearless katie jumping out of a plane. she opens her chute, then makes that perfect landing in the passenger's seat of a moving convertible. i wonder how long that took to get that just perfect. >> she didn't know the guy! [ laughter ] that's amazing! >> surprise! coming in for a landing. >> he picked her up hitch-hiking. >> thank you. >> that's great video. >> that's cool. >> very cool. >> she sticks the landing. >> she does, thank goodness. >> more on that storm system. it's going to be bad today for a lot of folks. air travel, if you've got a high-profile vehicle and you're
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driving, the wind's going to be a big problem. we're also looking at very strong storms firing up. look at these temperatures ahead of this system. we are seeing temperatures, while not record-breakers, they are going to be warm. that's because we've got this cold front here, big jet stream on top of it coming up, and we've got warm air riding up there. so, temperatures -- it's already 72 degrees in washington, d.c., 69 in new york city, but behind the system, 53 in cleveland. we're looking at 45 degrees in chicago, and we've also got high winds to deal with. this is a big system that's going to be dominating. and as it does, look at these. we've got wind advisories, high wind warnings, gale warnings, wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour, wind gusts in the advisory areas up to 45 miles per hour. you can see these swirling. it's going to be a real mess. look for massive airport delays from chicago, minneapolis, cleveland, boston, new york and washington. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. happy friday to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have quite a temperature swing in store for today. we're starting out crystal clear in san francisco. no flight delays out of sfo, san jose or oakland. trying to get to the east coast will be problematic with a storm system headed that way. 81 degrees in livermore. 76 in san jose. 73 degrees on the way to san francisco.
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and that's your latest weath weather. >> all right, al, thank you very much. we have new developments on a story we brought you thursday. a texas police officer who survived being shot twice, including once in the face. this morning, the dramatic dash cam video. here's nbc's janet shamlian. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> this officer had never been shot before, but the former marine and mother of two had run the scenario in her mind a million times. now it was happening. >> looks like he's southbound. southbound. >> reporter: and despite her wounds, officer carrazales was in a high-speed chase with the gunman. >> i couldn't even tell you if i heard it and felt it or if i felt it and then heard it, but the burning, the loud ringing in my ear, just the shock of knowing that you've just been shot in the face. >> reporter: the bandage on her face is the only visible evidence now of the incident that began with a traffic stop at 3:00 a.m. carrazales sensed something right away something about this one just wasn't right. >> he looked at me and then he
7:17 am
looked at my gun. >> reporter: then the shots rang out, one and then a second. [ sirens ] >> give me the channel, please. give me the channel. i heard the second gunshot and i felt it strike me in the chest, and then it was immediately survival, you'd better get into this fight because you're in a gun battle and you're not returning fire yet, so -- >> i've been shot in the face and i know that i've taken one in my, uh, vest. >> reporter: but the gun battle continued. >> they're shooting at me while i'm in pursuit out a back window. he's firing. he's firing. >> it went on this way for 20 miles until the suspects turn into an apartment complex and other officers take up the chase. then, as calmly as if she were ending her shift for the night, officer carrazales gets out of her car. about her fellow officers than herself. >> tell them to watch your back. watch your back. >> reporter: a short time later not far away, the alleged gunman, identified as sergio
7:18 am
rodriguez was arrested. >> there are thousands and thousands like me who put the uniform on every day and tell their families good-bye hoping that we'll see them later. i think i struggle sometimes with thinking that maybe i'm not the greatest mom because i am so free to give that 150% to my work. but my children know me and they love me. >> would you have done the same thing again? >> absolutely. no doubt. no reservation. none. >> reporter: for today, nbc news, houston. >> that's impressive no matter how many times you hear that story. >> her children have a hero as a mom. >> absolutely. do you ever have that weird dream that robert de niro, kevin kline, morgan freeman and michael douglas are in the orange room. >> are we awake? >> we had so much chatter about
7:19 am
matt lauer i had to enlist those from "last vegas." i don't know if you had a chance to see jimmy fallon last night. >> i did not. >> good. take a look at this. >> everybody over at the "today" show was wearing costumes this morning. very festive. they all dressed up as classic tv characters and matt lauer really went for it this year dressing up as pamela anderson from bay watch. look at this. oh. i just figured out where in the world matt lauer is. my nightmares. >> true. mine also. how about some reaction from our friends here. what do you have to say about mr. lauer. >> tell him what you said a second ago, michael? >> what a package. >> well, there you go. we're going to have -- the fellows will be here all morning
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long. actually co-hosting next hour. good to see you fellows and congratulations on the film. we'll talk to them more. twitter was a buzz as well. >> thank you so much. and matt, thank you for the wallet-sized pictures. >> absolutely. >> we are all really appreciating. >> i have mine too. >> do you? >> great. >> nice. >> i'll sign those for you. >> by the way, do you know what i want to show you? here's the gadget. here's the magic tool right here. there's the concealer. there's a little slice of heaven right there. >> wow. >> tell me you washed that. >> i did wash that. >> are we on tv? >> yes, we are. >> coming up, we're going to change gears dramatically. coming up, former new york city police commissioner bernard kerik speaking out for the first time since his release from prison. >> and much more with the stars of "last vegas." but first on a friday morning.
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turn any day gourmet with folgers gourmet selections. ♪ the breaking news is happening in the south bay in milpitas. this is where traffic on the stretch of northbound 680 is backed up all morning because of an overnight crash that killed a construction worker. damian trujillo is live along 680. police say alcohol may have been involved. >> reporter: yes, this is now a crime scene investigation. they are getting ready to open a third lane. they are waiting for daylight to make a sweep, see if they could find evidence. the body of the victim is still here, his truck is still here and so is the car that slammed into both of those workers. the workers were employed by statewide traffic safety and signs, a company out of fairfield. both victims are from vacaville
7:27 am
between the ages of 25 and 35 years old. that's about as much information as they are giving us. looks like they are getting ready to open the third lane. they will process the rest of the evidence on the shoulder. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. let's check the roadways along 680 with mike. >> you see where damian was along side the freeway there. he's clearing the scene as well as the cones so let's clear that. there you go. you see the activity by the caltrans workers starting to clear one more lane in the northbound direction. a slow drive on the maps past the area. slow from montague past scott creek road. use 880 northbound and cross over mission boulevard. the south bay has the northbound routes continuing the typical friday build. no big drama, we had a crash at saratoga that caused some slowing. the rest of the bay area pretty good, standard for a friday. it is friday so of course we're interested in the forecast. >> thank goodness it's friday.
7:28 am
good morning to you, mike, at home. this is from san bruno. a nice sun rise here. we don't have any wind to tell you about. until we hit this weekend. a wind event slated for late saturday early sunday. today the warmest day of the week. 76 in santa teresa. 75 in fremont and so staying nice and comfortable even in the city by the bay. getting into this weekend it will start to turn breezy by saturday evening. blustery for the first part of sunday.
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it is the first of november, 2013. that's a pretty shot of the sun coming up. what does it look like where you live? send us your photos. use #todaysunrise, and we will show them on the air, perhaps. good morning, everybody. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lawyer, al roker and natalie morales. let's look at the headlines this morning. much of the east coast being hit by the storm system that's battered parts of the midwest already. heavy rain and high winds expected from the carolinas all the way up into maine. according to new documents released by house republicans, only six people were able to enroll for insurance on the
7:31 am
first day of the government's health care website. and top aides to president obama's re-election campaign considered replacing vice president joe biden with hillary clinton. that's the revelation in a new book called "double down." also coming up this morning, the cruise industry under scrutiny. are ships getting too big to sail safely? and we are really excited to have the cast of "las vegas" here, michael douglas, robert de niro, morgan freeman, kevin kline, four oscar winners, all co-hosting our 8:00 hour. >> very, very cool. but let us begin this half hour with a "today" exclusive. bernard kerik is a law enforcement legend in new york. as head of the notorious rikers island jail, he ran one of the largest jails in the country, and he's credited with turning it around. kerik went on to lead the new york city police department during 9/11, and with his career on the rise in 2004, then president george w. bush nominated him to be secretary of homeland security, but that came to an abrupt halt when kerik pled guilty to tax evasion and lying to the white house. he served three years in a
7:32 am
federal minimum security prison in maryland, and he was released back in may. we spoke to kerik exclusively earlier this week, just days after his home confinement ended, and i began by asking how he's doing. >> i feel pretty good. it's all a transition. it's a pretty intense transition to come home. >> talk to me a little bit about daily life. what was it like for you? >> there isn't much you can do in prison. my daily life consisted of reading. i think i read over 300 books while i was there. i did a lot of writing. i exercised a lot. >> you thought a lot, i would imagine. >> you do a lot of thinking. >> did you mix with the other inmates? >> yes. i mixed -- >> are ywere you scared about t? >> no, but i was with men that were sentenced to 30 years. a lot of people were skeptical.
7:33 am
a lot of people were, you know, a lot of people didn't want to come near me, didn't want to talk to me. but over time, i got to know many of them. over time, i got to help many of them. over time, i got to teach. i taught a life lessons class there. >> you talked about your writing in prison. a year into your sentence, you sat down and you wrote what i'll call a white paper, okay, on what was going on around you. a lot of these inmates, according to you, feel as if their lives are over, basically. even when they get out, they will never be whole again. one inmate told you that prison is like dying with your eyes open. >> these young men, they come into the prison system, first-time nonviolent offense, a low-level drug offense. the system is supposed to help them, not destroy them. >> at the core of your argument here is that these minimum mandatory federal sentences are not doing what they intended to do. >> no. you know what, when i came into
7:34 am
the system, i didn't realize --. hold it. feel the weight of it? feel it? >> yeah. >> i had no idea that for 5 grams of cocaine, which is what that nickel weighs, 5 grams, you could be sentenced to ten years in prison. i was with men sentenced to ten years in prison for 5 grams of cocaine. that's insane. that's insane. >> and i'm listening to you, bernie, but i can almost hear people watching this interview say, yeah, it's tough, but bernie kerik and others broke the law. that's what you get. >> that's one way to look at it, and that's the way i looked at it before i went in, except the reality is, you want people to be punished, you want to punish them? okay, punish them, but don't destroy them. anybody that thinks that you can take these young black men out of baltimore and d.c., give them a ten-year sentence for 5 grams of cocaine, and then believe
7:35 am
that they're going to return to society a better person ten years from now when you give them no life improvement skills, when you give them no real rehabilitation, that is not benefiting society. >> your perspective is unique here. >> no one in the history of our country has ever been in the system with my background. no one. unless you live within the system -- >> you have to be in the bars, on the other side of the bars? >> you have to be on the other side of the bars. you have to see what it's like to be a victim of the system, so to speak. there's no way to do that from the outside. >> there are going to be people saying, wait a second, this guy ran the new york city police department, you ran rikers. he put people in jail and he threw away the key for years and years. and now that he screwed up and he's a convicted felon, he's had a change of heart, and they're going to say, give me a break. >> this has nothing to do with me. i did my time. i'm done. this is about a system that is broken. the system isn't going to change
7:36 am
if you don't open the eyes of the american people and congress. if the american people and members of congress saw what i saw, there would be anger, there would be outrage and there would be change, because nobody would stand for it. >> we're going to have more of this interview tonight on "nightly news" and then on "meet the press." and again, he's going to be here live on monday. i think what's going to happen, people are going to listen to him. some people are going to say i don't want to hear it from this guy, and others are going to say, you know what, his perspective is something we need to hear. >> it's a unique perspective. >> it's incredible to see somebody who spent his life in law enforcement now saying, almost serving as an advocate for those who are serving time in prison. it's fascinating. >> is he going to do something to try to make a change? >> he would like to have a voice in the debate. whether anybody allows him to have that voice because he is, in fact, a convicted felon, is still questionable. >> interesting. >> amazing. so, we have the interview live on monday. if you have a question, tweet us, #kerikontoday and of course,
7:37 am
"nightly" tonight. >> more of the interview tonight on "nightly." and we have much more ahead, including you, i think, mr. roquer. >> that's right. we have cold air to talk about. in fact, kevin kline was just over admiring our new weather -- you were impressed by it, weren't you? >> yeah. >> would you like to help me press button? >> could i? >> come on, come on. >> tell me what to push. >> the red arrow. you're going to see temperatures changing. boom. all of a sudden, the cold air is starting to come in. hit it again. boom. here, i want you to help me draw a jet stream. bring your finger over here. >> yeah? i'm just going to, ooh, like that. oh. >> ooh. there, you like that? is that magic? >> yeah. yeah. >> that's a sweet smell of weather there, yeah. you watch the temperatures, the cold air funneling in from canada is just going to continue coming on in and we'll see a real change temperaturewise. along here, we've got that cold front that's bringing more
7:38 am
showers, more thunderstorms, more windy weather. >> you got it? >> it's impressive? >> yeah, i'm agreeing. >> all right. that's an oscar winner agreeing with my weather, l hey, good morning to you. happy friday. a good looking day shaping up. the golden gate bridge, a beautiful start. not a cloud in the sky. we head throughout the afternoon it will be warmer, 81 in livermore. 75 fremont and 73 on the way to san francisco. getting into this weekend temperatures are going to drop off by 5 to 8 degrees between today and tomorrow and we're going to get gusty winds late saturday into early sunday. keep that in mind. overall looking pretty good for the start of next week. and you can get that weather any time you need to. go to the weather channel on cable or online. doesn't matter on sunday, because you're going to be inside. why? because it's "sunday night football night in america"! the colts coming into the houston texans, reliant stadium. it's a retractible dome, but
7:39 am
they're going to keep it open. why? clear, mild, upper 50s to mid-60s. that's your weather for "sunday night football night in america." >> that was an oscar-winning performance. >> yes. >> pretty good. >> thank you. coming up next, have cruise ships become so big that they're now impossible to evacuate in an emergency? we'll talk about that. then at 8:10 on "trending," do women really try to change the way men look? we'll tell you what a new study says and our four oscar winners will weigh in on that and a whole lot more. but first, these messages. famout comes any way you like it! [woman]ask me about the lumbar button. [man]she's got her side...and i've got my side. [announcer] tempur-pedic.the most highly recommended bed in america.
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7:44 am
the industry's under new scrutiny after a series of recent high-profile black eyes, and now there are questions about the size of those ships themselves. as "the new york times" recently put it, are they just too big to sail? nbc's tom costello is at the port of miami. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning. they are big and they are beautiful. you know, the newest ship can be as big as an aircraft carrier. under international regulations, they have to be able to evacuate everybody within 30 minutes. that's 5,000 to 9,000 people on the open ocean. that would be a huge challenge. they are the giants of the high seas, floating cities, really, capable of carrying 4,000 to 9,000 passengers and crew members. memorable vacations for most, but for some, a nightmare. in february, the "carnival triumph," dead in the water for four days with raw sewage seeping through the ship. in may, a fire on board royal caribbean's "grandeur of the
7:45 am
seas," and last year, carnival's "costa concordia" disaster killed 22. on board that day, this family from los angeles had taken 70 different cruises, but no more. >> we will never go on a cruise again, okay, until there is major changes in the cruise line and their safety program. they are not putting passengers' safety first. >> the latest generation of mega cruise ships are just too big, and they've got too many people on board them. >> reporter: bill dougherty is a former safety manager for norwegian cruise line. his fear, it would be nearly impossible to evacuate and then save so many people. >> what do you do with 9,000, 10,000 people in the water in life-saving craft in the middle of the ocean? >> reporter: cruising has never been more popular. 21 million people this year alone. but in the first nine months of 2013, the cruise industry has had three ships run aground, five ship fires, five collisions, 28 mechanical problems and 16 ships that
7:46 am
failed health inspections. >> certainly, the kinds of things that are going on on cruise ships are raising concerns among passengers and are eroding confidence in the industry. >> reporter: largely to avoid u.s. taxes and labor laws, most cruise ships are flagged in third countries like panama or the bahamas. senator jay rockefeller has introduced legislation to strengthen u.s. oversight. >> i believe the culture of safety that americans expect, as they should, is clearly not always a priority for cruise lines. >> reporter: but the cruise line industry insists its accident rate is remarkably low for the numbers of passengers it carries. it's invested in new technologies, adopted new training procedures and a new passenger bill of rights. >> there is no correlation between the size of a ship and safety. and so, we, again, all ships, regardless of size, must adhere to the same strict standards of regulation that exists for
7:47 am
safety. >> reporter: they have now invested $700 million to ensure its ships are more reliable, and among the changed, two rooms operated independently. back to you. >> i think you're seeing the carnival cruises. thank you very much. al, i think you've been replaced. >> really? >> no. he's breaking your toy. >> oh. >> uh-oh. >> oh, oh, okay -- >> black screen is not good, right? >> you break it, you buy it, kline. he's out in space now. >> i think that's the constellatio constellations. it's the big dipper! >> oh. actually, yesterday matt was the big dipper. >> oh, that's not nice. that's not nice. coming up, we're going to have a lot more from our four oscar winners, then a big announcement. why the men of "today" are going to look very different by the end of this month. we will explain. >> as opposed to yesterday. but up next, how people are reacting to our headline-making costumes, right after this.
7:48 am
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7:52 am
he is hanging with us. >> it's awesome in there. great movie too. you'll have more on that in a little bit. we weren't the only ones that dressed up yesterday for halloween. >> i hear. we'll start with the great costumes you might have seen on tv. from celebrities wearing them. heidi klum is the queen of halloween. here she is as herself a few decades into the future. >> that's great. >> that's amazing. even her hands and her armed aged. >> ellen yesterday -- look at the detail on that. >> wow. >> isn't that attractive. let's move on from that. hard to believe that's heidi klum. >> ellen went as nikki minaj. she was on the show a few weeks ago and her shirt was not. that was the inspiration for ellen to go as nikki and as you can see there the crowd loved it. >> she has you beat, matt. >> i think so. >> your boobs were -- we'll get to that in a minute. "access hollywood" they were
7:53 am
dressed as chris and bruce jenner. look at kit. looks just like her. >> that's crazy. >> and then of course obviously the talk of the country yesterday was you mr. lauer. what does it feel like? what was the reaction for you? everywhere you went -- >> i got a comment on twitter that said i think matt has a fetish side he gets to exhibit every halloween. bryant gumbel sent me a text that said i'm worried about you. >> we all are. >> he's not alone. >> enjoyed it too much. >> we have wallet sized pictures of you everywhere. >> we're back after this. [ male announcer ] you got to love the weekend.
7:54 am
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning to you on this friday. 7:56. i'm marla tellez. an update to breaking news in hayward. police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger shooting a woman last night outside an apartment complex on slepy hollow avenue. officers say the woman was shot multiple times. there are no suspects in the case. police are speaking to witnesses to see if they can provide any suspect description. >> in the south bay a crash scene is now a crime scene. a suspected drunk driver crashed into a construction worker killing him. this happened northbound 680 near scott creek road. that driver is now in the hospital but the person's condition has not been released. 680 is backed up as a result of this investigation. we'll check the commute with mike. first let's look at the friday forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you.
7:57 am
it's still cool enough for a jacket out there especially in the north bay. 39 in santa rosa. 40 in gilroy. the marine layer offshore. we're starting out clear. by lunch time close to 70 degrees. you'll be at 67 at noon in fremont, 68 here in san jose. rounding out the day at about 76. 81 in livermore. 80 in fairfield and 77 degrees on the way to concord. san francisco meanwhile, hit about 73 degrees throughout the day. tomorrow we have changes. tomorrow&háhp &hc&hanges. will get windy into early sunday. good morning to mike inouye. >> the forecast looks wonderful. look, it's lighting up the cars, north 880 and south, jammed approaching 23rd in downtown oakland. we have a crash both directions have crashes in fact. blocking lanes in each direction. that's all the slow drive. 580 okay. fort 680 jams up because of the investigation. that will continue till past 8:00 a.m. we don't know when it will
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 in the morning on today. me and my fellow "last vegas" co-stars are teaming up to help host the next hour. here's what we have lined up. >> driving across country in 29 hours. how they pulled it off. >> they will not be ignored. why most women admit they try to change the way their men look. >> and the big chill. the truth behind matt's revealing halloween costume. today, friday november 1st, 2013. november 1st we came to kick
8:01 am
off turkey season with the "today" show. >> happy 1st of november. >> it's drew's birthday. >> it's my sweet 16. >> i came to spend my 13th birthday with al on the "today" show. >> you're officially a teenager? >> yes. >> all right. >> marry me, savannah. >> and we're back now on today. 8:00 on this friday morning. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, al roker, carson daly and a crowd outside. but take a look at the crowd inside. we have our special co-hosts on this hour. kevin kline, michael douglas, robert de niro and morgan freeman. it's good to have you here. >> good morning. >> did anyone tell you were also going to be co-hosting this hour? >> yes. >> they did? >> so you agreed. >> but then we asked what was
8:02 am
that mean? i don't know. >> are you morning people? >> i'm not. >> i am. >> you are too. >> i am but -- by 9:00 you're going to be in great. >> somewhere after lunch he kicks it in. kevin, are you a morning person? >> yeah, when forced. >> which would be right now. >> i'm loving it. >> we're energetic around here. we're so happy to have you and lots to discuss about "last vegas." but first natalie has a check of the top stories of the morning. >> good morning to you all and good morning once again. a powerful and dangerous storm headed east this morning after bringing flash flooding to the middle of the country on halloween. many in austin, texas lost homes and cars. some escaped with the clothes on their back. in other places it was too dangerous to let the kids trick or treat so they'll have their halloween today. in kansas, a school bus with 10 children inside was swept off a bridge into a swollen creek. as the bus filled with water the
8:03 am
kids were able to climb out safely through an emergency exit. police are investigating why the driver attempted to cross the bridge in the first place. >> new developments on a story we have been following. a teenager in georgia whose body was found inside a rolled up gym mat. the death was ruled an accident but now as gabe gutierrez reports a federal prosecutor reopened the case. >> reporter: today a federal prosecutor is formally reviewing the death of kendrick johnson and the fbi will help. >> i want the truth. >> we have a body. there's a dead body out here. >> the teenager was found dead in a rolled up gym mat at his high school in valdosta, georgia. these clips show his final hours but don't know how his body ended up inside the mat. his parents hope 1900 hours of
8:04 am
other imagines from cameras might show more. they believe their son was murdered and someone tried to cover it up. >> we won't stop until we get the truth. >> reporter: local officials concluded his death was an accident. that he fell head first reaching for a shoe and suffocated but in a second autopsy, a private pathologist said it was due to blunt force trauma on his neck. a mystery they hope to sort out. the doctor convicted in michael jackson's death is suing to get his license back. dr. conrad murray says the state of texas pulled his license prematurely. he says he has the right to work until all of his appeals are exhausted in the state of california. boston's world series trophy is making the rounds today.
8:05 am
even the ice couldn't cool down the crowd. the red sox victory parade will be held tomorrow morning starting at fenway park. it's going to be a great celebration there. it's 8:05 right now. let's check on the weather. >> it's all right. kevin is still -- >> they're beautiful. i've never seen it from this angle. >> almost 3-d. >> almost 3-d. >> well, we have this front coming right across the northeast bringing a lot of wind. friends in chicago dealing with a lot of wind as well. we had a beautiful picture but it's gone. >> kevin broke it. >> showers, thunderstorms, 48 degrees by sunday looking at gorgeous weather -- it's okay. in any event, we have that front laying right across the east coast. that's going to bring heavy rain, showers, thunderstorms, windy conditions all the way back to cleveland. rain, showers and fog in the pacific northwest. 79 in houston
8:06 am
and that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. >> coming up next, how long would you take to drive across the country? the guys you're about to meet did it in 29 hours and no speeding tickets either. >> then at 8:16, we'll tell you why the guys here on today are going to look a whole lot different throughout the month of november. >> and from cooking to their favorite roles we have a fun
8:07 am
hour in store for our favorite oscar winners. but first, these messages. >> don't look so happy about it. i'll call you in a little bit. google... how do i get home? getting directions.
8:08 am
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is what makes us different. we take the time to get to know you and your unique health needs. then we help create a personalized healthcare experience that works for you. and you. and you. with 50 years of know-how, and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts, we're a partner you can rely on -- today, and tomorrow. we're going beyond insurance to become your partner in health. humana. all right. we're back now at 8:11 with what's trending today. stories making news online and we have the cast of "last vegas"
8:12 am
with us. robert de niro, morgan freeman, michael douglas and kevin kline. guys jump in. trending on twitter, when it comes to holidays has political correctness gone too far? hallmark's new sweater ornament says don we now our fun apparel. they used the word fun to replace the word gay. critics are calling the move homophobic. hallmark said it never intended to offend anyone. is this political correctness gone too far? >> doesn't hallmark make cards? >> and ornaments. >> that's what they got in trouble with. >> kevin? >> it doesn't deserve a comment. >> it doesn't. >> it's so bizarre and stupid. >> what do you guys think about political correctness? >> what do you think morgan?
8:13 am
is this political correctness gone too far? >> yeah, yeah. we have a tendency to do that anyway. you get politically correct. i all of a sudden became an african. i'm not african. >> let's ask our italian-american. do you think there's too much political correctness? >> that goes a little far? it's fun to go against that when you can because i think it's absurd. >> happy holidays. >> merry christmas. >> we'll take a turn. thanks to a story trending on facebook, we're going to let you in on a little secret fellows on this side of the table, it is true that women want you to change. there was a study that said 68% of women admitted to trying to change their man's appearance. 36% were embarrassed at the
8:14 am
first of their relationship. it took about six months to morph them into mr. right. these are men that don't need changing. >> there's no question. but you're married. not married. kevin you're married. michael? >> yes. >> took an awkward turn. >> well, look at the time. listen. >> scratch your nose again. scratching the nose, there. but have women in your lives tried to change you? robert? >> no. not that i'm aware of. >> michael? >> i mean, why stylists. i think when you get -- i don't know what age that is, they're putting up with what they see.
8:15 am
maybe earlier on but not now. >> you all always look great too. you don't need changing. let's just put that out there. >> i know. >> somebody once said that women marry men with big plans to change them and men marry women with the hopes that they're never going to change. and there in lies -- >> well, also trending from the new york post, three buddies drove from new york to l.a. last month in 29 hours with no speeding tickets. 11 hours faster than google maps said it should take and three hours faster than the previous record. in a hmecedes. they said it took them 15 minutes just to get out of manhattan. >> i went across country out of
8:16 am
college with three guys and we went nonstop from california to new york and it took us almost three days. >> there you go. >> we didn't stop. >> and of course the older we get, we have to stop more often. that's the problem. >> all right mr. lauer. all morning long we have been talking about your many performances in drag and we asked folks online what they think is your best look and 51% said over the years, j.lo. did you have a favorite? >> j. lo was number one but it does raise the question, what about you guys, have you -- liberace, we know. have you ever done drag in a movie? >> no, just the movie i did, the film in england -- stardust? >> you played a woman? >> a ship captain who likes to dress up.
8:17 am
>> morgan? >> no. >> would you do it? >> absolutely. >> i thought this last one you had, this pamela anderson, it's the best. >> kevin you have done drag for movies or performances, right? >> yeah. >> when don't you. >> i can't think of the ones when i didn't do drag. >> do you enjoy it as much as matt appears to? >> no, i did it for wild, wild west and when they finished the four hours of turning me into a woman -- >> you came out looking great. look at the monitor. >> that's it. >> you're an attractive woman. >> no. >> are you looking at that picture? that's a handsome woman. >> he's the one the on the right. >> how long did it take you guys to remove your prosthetics yesterday? >> they came off but the tape
8:18 am
hangs around for awhile. >> okay. i think we've seen enough of that. and that is what is trending today. meantime, i think people will going to be noticing a little change around here when it comes to the men of today. >> this is a serious subject but we're going to have money with it. you may have heard about movember when guys grow mustaches for prostate cancer. we're adding a layer and we're growing full beards. we're calling it no shave november. all the guys are on board. willie is also on board. he left us this message. >> guys i'm sorry i couldn't be with you today for the big announcement. i'm on my way to see a witch doctor in the caribbean who wears he can grow hair on this face because trust me it's never happened before. it's going to be a long month. >> this is an important thing. seriously, we're trying to raise awareness about men's health. prostate cancer in particular,
8:19 am
one in six men will be diagnosed at one point in their live. 96% of those over the age of 50 and 97% success rate in treating it. >> yeah, that's pretty exciting that we bring this to the floor for people to get help. >> it's going to be an every day reminder for us as we have a little fun but we'll be thinking about it. >> i'm just saving the beard. i'm not shaving the mustache. >> i'm just happy. [ inaudible ] >> our whole crew is involved as well. not just us. >> look at these guys. >> our entire crew lining up to do this. even down in the control room. >> no shaving. you can trim a little bit. >> come on guys hand it over. >> in solidarity i'm not going to shave my legs.
8:20 am
>> all right. come on over. >> eat your heart out. >> yeah, exactly. they can own october. we're going to own november. carson we have people at home and we'll ask them to join us as well. >> yes, we are. it will be interesting for me because the live shows on the voice start on monday and tuesdays in november. let us know, #noshavetoday send us pictures and join us. take your razors and shaving cream and put them away for the month of november for a good cause. we'll be tracking this of course all month here in the orange room on today. and that's going to be a good thing and i think for guys at work or if you're like me, i'm not sure how it's going to work with the voice being live but i think you got such a good cause here. every day that you don't shave, you'll be thinking about some of the efforts for prostate cancer. >> when was the last time you grew a beard. >> i grow fast. >> you shaved completely this
8:21 am
morning. >> this is within 45 minutes. >> that's amazing. >> how about you? >> i can't. i do it. it comes in greyish. my 14-year-old said dad, you look like a bum. >> what's the longest you have gone? >> two weeks. i had surgery on my knee and they said for infection so i couldn't. >> #noshavetoday. matt, back to you. >> thank you. now the main reason why michael douglas, morgan freeman, kevin kline and robert de niro are here. that's movie "last vegas." >> four friends head to sin city for a bachelor party to realize they're not as hip as they used to be. >> one of the best suites in all las vegas. gourmet kitchen and all the amenties you feel before you. >> do you know what i feel like? >> so intimate. that's what i love. >> i'm at your disposal for anything else you might need. >> is that your job? you're just here for us.
8:22 am
>> you won't believe who i'm supposed to be hosting this weekend. >> 50? 50 cent. curtis jackson. >> oh, from the jackson five, sure. >> gentlemen, good morning to you. you're all oscar winners. you never worked together. i'll ask a question that seems crazy, was anybody nervous to work with the other? a little intimidated? robert? >> no. we all have been around for awhile. so we all were comfortable in the whole process. i mean it was a lot of fun and everybody gives everybody their space and everybody has their own thing and so it's easy and john was terrific as the director and orchestrated us all. >> get these four guys together, this isn't a chick flick. this is fun. a lot of people like to say it's the hangover -- [ music playing ] -- >> somebody hit the jackpot.
8:23 am
>> people like to say it's the hangover for old guys. i think that's oversimplified. there's a lot of tenderness. it's about friendship and time passing and the feeling that maybe there isn't enough time left to find happiness. themes that you guys identify with. >> sure. >> well. >> i'm not -- you know, i sort of accept where i am pretty much. i'm not concerned so much about the time left. i have a lot of time left. a lot. i don't expect to check out before maybe 105, 110. something like that. >> that's exactly the way your character in the movie deals with it too. he says i may not be a young man chronologically but i'm a young man here. >> yeah, that's where i am. >> it's a story of friendships and relationships. your character realizes how much he appreciates his wife through an unusual set of circumstances. is that part of what appeals to you about the role?
8:24 am
>> no. >> it was the drinking and the gambling? >> no. >> he didn't know he was going to experience that. >> no, that was -- no. what appealed to me about it is that it was a wonderful serial comic blend of really touching things about long lasting friendships and setting these four old fish out of water in the -- in las vegas which is, you know, las vegas. it's so youth crazy. and it's just -- it's just funny. >> i got to experience a little bit of the movie making process. i came down to atlanta to watch you guys shoot a scene. it was an elaborate funeral scene with all cast of characters from las vegas. i think it took place over a couple of days. you guys took over a school and when i looked at the movie the other day, that entire scene was
8:25 am
absent. it wasn't even in there. does that happen a lot to you guys? >> it does. >> yeah. >> sure. >> whole sequences. more than the scene. the whole sequence. >> whole characters. >> they go out of town and try to play out when you go out of town and they change things based on the audience reaction. so they have movies and screenings and they see what works or what doesn't work and then -- >> did you know that scene wasn't making it when you shot it? >> no, you never know that. >> it wasn't going well? >> no, the secondary character that ultimately didn't need to be in. >> you look at the time, how far over are we on this? how much leeway are they going to give us on time. the theater owners say how long a movie can run. >> that makes sense.
8:26 am
>> tonally where it fell in the movie, i think they made their decision before testing to say good morning to you. i'm laura garcia canon. an early morning fire in downtown san jose forced nine people out of their home. the fire department tweeted this picture from the scene. you can see the flames shooting through the roof of the victorian style house near the corner of east st. john and north 12th street, not far from san jose state university. the good news, though, crews were able to quickly knock down the flames just before 6:00 this morning. no one was hurt, but nine people now have to find a new place to call home. want to check the morning commute with mike. some travel up in san francisco. coming from the knott bay, no problem. we'll get to the maps and look at a big drama as you travel 280 and 101. we had a crash into the guardrail involving a dump truck, a car hauler, and also
8:27 am
coming northbound another crash there. big slowdown on that side of the city. now, over on the east bay we had earlier crashes at 23rd for 880. both sound like they're cleared from the roadway, but look at the slowing into downtown oakland. 580, a better bet there. north 680 still slow from san jose to scott creek road at the south end of fremont. the investigation continues to block the slow lane. northbound 280 as your alternate. the rest of the south bay. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. i'll be back with another local news update in half hour. what can you score at t.j.maxx?
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on this friday morning. your turn to talk. okay. we are in great company. we've got michael douglas, robert de niro, morgan freeman, kevin kline. this is the glamorous part of the job if you were wondering when that was going to happen. it's now. are you having fun? >> yeah. >> definitely. >> oscar winning performance. >> it was. it was fantastic.
8:31 am
fast forward, we'll be cooking and on the menu, beef tenderloin and a timely pumpkin dish. >> who's the best cook? >> cook? >> yeah, chef. >> sounds about right? >> no, no. >> he has his own restaurant. >> we're ready. >> but first, time for a pop quiz on our latest "today's" book club pick. bridgette jones mad about the boy. >> here's the question. so where does george want to set the film version of hedda gabler. you'll have a chance at the signed copy of the book and the author will be joining me for a google plus hangout on monday. go to our website and find out more. >> let's get another check of the weather. al, i can report it's windy. >> very windy. this is just getting wound up. let's show you what we have for today.
8:32 am
or tomorrow. wet weather, showers around the southeast. sunny and cold in the plains. sunday, sunday, we're expecting cool conditions, but sunny along the southeastern atlantic coast into the south. more rain moving into the central parts of texas. look for wet weather in the pacific northwest and mountain snows, interior sections of the that's what's going on arounrou the co happy friday to you. you've made it to the end of the week. we have a good-looking weekend shaping up. temperatures climbing by about 42 degrees in santa rosa between your morning lows and where we're headed this afternoon. up to 78. we'll be at 81 in livermore. san jose, a comfortable 76 headed our way. san francisco, what a lovely day in the city. 73 degrees. very little cloud cover. mostly clear throughout the afternoon. saturday into sunday, temperatures will drop off, and those winds will pick up, especially saturday night into sunday. don't forget, always get your forecast and weather on the weather channel and
8:33 am
for the day after halloween, vampires are hotter than ever. and we will exploerk more -- explore why we love vampires. >> james spader is fantastic vampire. i'll live for eternity. >> i would love bill cosby as a vampire. you see i would like to put my mouth somewhere on your neck and bite down because you have the blood and you taste just like the pudding pops. >> very funny. >> all right. so tamron along with chuck nice on the special. day after halloween, you've got all these vampire things. why are they so hot? why are vampires hot? >> in a word "trueblood" and jonathan rhys meyers. >> there's five words. >> i think they're sexy.
8:34 am
>> favorite character? >> of all time. bela lugosi. i go old school. >> chuck? >> for me, blade because, you know, he's like a martial artist. he's a vampire. a real man's vampire. he's man-pire. >> i can see that one coming. so what was the most fun vampire fact you found? >> you know, we talked to the cast of "trueblood" and they said that acting with the fangs is not as easy as it looks. >> i would bet. >> i can't imagine. you're a comedian. you know the funnier things. >> no, the one fact i like the most, have aal pyvampires they't jedi mind trick. they can make you do whatever you want to do. which for me i would love. i'd have silence in my house. >> may favorite -- my favorite
8:35 am
performance is bela lugosi and abbott and costello. they were the first to do that. okay. why we heart vampires. tonight at 8/7 central. wow. look out! look out. we're about to lose the big canvas. >> like a scene from the wizard of oz. >> we're going inside. we'll do a little cooking with our oscar winners but first this is "today" on nbc. abandon ship.
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> announcer: today's kitchen is brought to you by macy's. >> well, we survived the little wind storm outside although we haven't seen toto in 15 minutes. we're back inside now with the "last vegas "edition of today's
8:38 am
kitchen. >> and de niro, freeman, kline are here. are you ready? the book is called cooking from the heart. my favorite lessons learned along the way. >> thrilled to have a few friends here promoting my book for me. >> but these are fall recipes we'll be cooking. >> yes. this is something fun for the holiday season, period. i thought like all of these fellows are so competitive we'd have a cookie competition. what do you think? >> i'm game. >> yeah. >> okay. what have we got? what are we starting with? >> we're going to start right over here with -- actually, let's start with the pumpkins. >> okay. think of this as a casserole with it baked inside the pumpkin. >> this is easy for you. >> guys of a certain age even know what that means. >> those are pumpkin seeds. >> those are pumpkin seeds.
8:39 am
we'll take those out and scoop all the good pumpkin meat right into the bowl. >> over here what we want to do -- take your beef tender llo and pace it on top of this. wrap it with rosemary and we're going to bake it about 350 degrees until it's nice and golden brown. >> mine is already done. >> what will happen to caramelize these over here. >> what do i do here? >> i know you like figs. >> just start with a little bit of sugar. drop the figs in. caramelize those up. and we'll do that kind of like over medium high heat. >> do you put butter in there or no. >> not yet. >> no? >> now this, some of these herbs all over. there's a lot of salt. we're baking it where it's
8:40 am
steaming like a beef wellington if you will. >> this is rosemary, correct? >> this is rosemary. >> there we go. fold that up. >> like a burrito. got it. >> never thought of it that way. robert is over here and matt. >> aren't we going to cut to the shot where the whole thing is done over here. >> pumpkin -- >> come on, matt. >> we need power tools here. >> what is -- >> we con convenieveniently hav the filling already made. a little bit of parmesan, garlic, nutmeg. a touch of cream in the center. right into the oven. >> how long does that cook? >> that will cook for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees. >> john, we need you. >> or you could just hire a chef to do this. >> we're trying to caramelize these figs but the pan says error. >> what did you do?
8:41 am
>> i didn't do anything? i put the figs on the sugar. >> and then it started leaking. >> what we're going to do in this case is cut to this beautiful dish that we have. >> that's what i would have done if it had been working right. >> michael actually did a great job with his. >> i sat on it. >> looks great. >> this is a chef, gentlemen. >> does he win for individual or for the whole team. >> you get a fork. thank you. you have won the contest. >> just dig in there. >> look at that. >> let's cut away. >> over here in our section, don't worry. to my pan that won't work. >> kevin kline is.
8:42 am
[ inaudible ] >> he has a hot pan. >> it sounds better in french. so the whole point really easy as you can see. pop into the oven. food that you can cook in a day and allows you to have a party and invite all of your friends over and you're not fussing over the small details. >> this is a way to use all the pumpkins. >> you just carve right in. >> don't eat the dough. >> what does the dough add to this? >> it adds a lot of flavor. >> give it a shot there. >> a couple more slices. >> cut that in half. >> don't eat it. it's a salty pastry but it seasons the meat and steams the
8:43 am
meat. >> if the pan actually worked, you just caramelized these. how about that. can you imagine? >> bust pumpkin i ever had. >> beautiful pumpkin. >> could you do this with any kind of squash? >> any kind of squash. >> this is not going to be attractive. >> or we could all just go to one of john's restaurants and have dinner. exactly. congratulations on the new book. >> thank you. >> and as always continued success. john besh. for the complete recipes done the correct way go to our website at >> that will be done in three hours. >> and up next, he came out of retirement and is about to compete in one of the biggest races of his life. but first, this is "today" on nbc. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms, jalapeños, bacon, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci".
8:44 am
create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu. once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class.
8:45 am
mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. back with the guys from
8:46 am
"last vegas" and a remarkable come back story. gary stevens is one of the most famous and notable jock i cans of all time. now he is coming out of retirement and competing in the famedbreeders cup. here's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: in the sport of kings, he is riding royalty. >> winning by a head. gary stevens. >> reporter: gary stevens has won the belmont stakes and the kentucky derby three times each. >> they dominate in the belmont stakes. >> reporter: when stevens walked away from the sport in 2005 he collected over $220 million but the years of rough rides and bad falls had left his body a wreck. >> gary stevens went down. he did hold on to win. >> when you have 12 thorough breds going at 40 miles per hour and somebody makes a mistaked in front of me and falls, a chance
8:47 am
of getting tram pled it's not fun. >> he worked for nbc sports and appeared in films like sea biscuit. >> i wish it was you johnny. >> reporter: but he missed it so at the age of 50 he got on the saddle and made it to the winning circle shocking the racing world. >> imagine if you hadn't drove a car and now go 180 or 200 miles per hour like race cars. we're on horses going 45 miles per hour. >> top jock i cans need incredible strength, reflexes and endurance. all of which favor young men but stevens says he is better than ever. >> there's a lot of ways that my wisdom and experience over the years helped me greatly. >> are you the best rider you've
8:48 am
ever been in your life right now? >> i think so. >> reporter: this weekend stevens is back at the breeders' cup hoping to add to his legacy. >> this is my come back. after seven years and riding at the level i'm at, 2013 is the biggest achievement of my career. >> reporter: a legendary career that isn't over yet. for today, miguel almaguer, nbc news. and even as we talk about his legendary career, we should just say thank you and note these legendary careers. robert de niro, morgan freeman, kevin kline and michael douglas. thank you for giving us your time and thanks for bringing us so many great films over the years and "last vegas" that opens today all across the country. >> who's going back to bed now? raise your hand. >> i'll going back to bed.
8:49 am
>> thank you. it was a treat. >> great. hope people check it out. come back any time. you're always welcome. >> well, thank you, savannah. >> we'll be back right after this. would look like john stamos. wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt.
8:50 am
sounds too good to be true... it's thick, creamy but 0% fat and twice the protein. huh..! where did stamos go? he's here, the oikos are on him. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon. we are back at 8:50. not a day goes by that as a parent you don't question at
8:51 am
least some of your abilities but what would your kids say about you if they were given the chance? thanks to the website some lucky moms got a chance to find out and what their kids had to say turned into a very moving tribute. ♪ >> i am a perfectionist so it's hard with kids. >> there's definitely days when i have my doubts about my abilities. >> i struggle with my temper. >> i struggle with how i react with situations. >> i wish i knew how to, i guess, just calm myself before speaking to them. >> i wish i was better at taking time to sit down and just listen more to my child. >> i wish i was more confident in being a mom. >> i'm not the most patient person in the world. >> patience.
8:52 am
>> patience is far and away probably the biggest struggle. >> i just want them to know how much i love them. ♪ >> my mom is totally awesome. >> she's fun to snuggle with. >> pretty, funny. >> she is unique. that's why i love her so much. >> we go on dates together. like we go shopping. >> she loves me a lot. >> i have a lot of favorite things about my mom. >> we like to watch movies
8:53 am
together and cuddle and stuff. >> we go to church together. we volunteer together. >> she's like my heart, i guess you could say because she's that close to me. >> my favorite thing is to jump on with my mom. that's my most favorite thing. to go up high. >> we get ice cream or something and like go to the nail salon and have fun. >> my mom is my hero. >> she's pretty and beautiful. >> she is my hero. >> she just will care about me and just always love me forever. >> she's the best. >> that's so awesome. >> i always seem to focus mostly on the negative and i guess i can walk out of here and say that i'm doing something great and that my child is viewing me
8:54 am
totally different than i view myself. so that's inspiring. >> this is my calling. this is my job. this is what i love to do and i will do it better and with love each and every day because those kids count on me and they love me for what i'm doing. >> not a dry eye around here. you can have my tissue. >> we are so hard on yourselves. >> we mirror what we saw. >> we are hard on ourselves and we think our kids think the worst of us but that shows you they don't. >> i'm going to go home and force my kids to say nice things about me. >> and definitely record it. >> especially after they saw you as pam anderson. >> that's right. that is definitely really sweet. coming up from the vacuums to kitchen gadgets. the folks at consumer reports will tell you what's worth your
8:55 am
money. >> we'll take a look at those but first on a friday morning, a check of your local news and weather right after these messages. have a gre
8:56 am
8:356. a big rig crash in san francisco causing some major traffic problems for drivers on northbound 101. let's go to mike right now. >> good morning. we're looking over here towards hospital curve ash as you get off of the skyway, we'll cover this first with a live shot wrush see folks starting to slow right around that bend. the map will show you this southbound direction from basically interstate 08 on our maps down to 280 is jammed solid
8:57 am
because of this crash. big rig one truck dangling over the side of the freeway as well. big problems for that rescue, and cleanup effort there. we're looking at northbound 101 down from sfo all the way up to the scene as well. this is a drama situation. use 280 to avoid all that drama on that peninsula. recovering for 880 through oakland. that's better. really special.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and look at our crowd braving the elements outside. welcome to "today" on this friday morning, nember 1st, 2013. i'm al roker along with natalie morales. willie geist not here because he actually had a wax appointment this morning. he is getting waxed. that's right. he is getting a full brazilian. wow. >> that chest hair is going to take awhile as well. >> speaking of waxing, you guys are giving up the razor blades for no shave november.
9:01 am
now this is a great cause. you've heard of movember. well, here today, all of the guys including the crew and maybe some of the ladies in solidarity. i may not shave my armpits or legs. we could go back to the 1970s around here. we're doing this for a great cause. it's to raise awareness for men's health issues. >> two causes during november. prostate and testicular cancer awareness. >> one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. it's one of the most highly curable cancers if it's caught early. so good reason for us to get involved in the cause and remember, we kind of started this whole thing with willie not shaving for a weekend. >> yeah. take a look. >> of the stubble. >> two days. >> this is two days and it just looks like he has a dirty face. didn't wash his face. >> but al, now, you could start
9:02 am
to look a little bit like an old photo of you if we go back in time. >> that's from 1974. >> is that what you're going to go for here? >> no, i'm going to go with the mustac mustache. i believe so. >> can you trim is the question? >> yeah, you can trim. but you can't -- >> you can't shave, shave. >> the rules is the mustache can't touch the side burns. >> have you v to keep it trimmed. >> we'd love for you to join us and tweet photos of your new beards and mustaches by using #noshavetoday. >> i can't wait to see the photos coming in. join in on the fun. >> i did it once for about a month after i had knee surgery and they didn't want me shaving in case i cut myself and got an infection. >> what did you look like attend of the month? >> it didn't look pretty. >> i'm thinking about the end of the month here, some of you are not going to look so pretty. >> no, but it's all for a good
9:03 am
cause. >> are you guys in? oh, yeah. >> wow, what a rousing response. >> ladies. who is joining in ladies? there you go. >> there you go. all right. halloween. >> and you still have some glue on your head from the mohawk. >> it's tough to get that stuff out. it doesn't come out. >> for a second there i actually thought mr. t was doing a camio appearance. >> you guys were dopplegangers for laverne and shirley. >> here comes al to the rescue. >> i always loved that show. so to be able to do this -- >> and this was the best. >> yeah, we had to pry her out of willie's hands. >> she was getting really into it. >> carmen electra. and then it went horribly wrong.
9:04 am
>> i still can't get over that. my eyes are still burning. >> we weren't the only ones baring flesh. check out ellen degeneral risk as nikki minaj replicating an outfit she wore back in september. >> that is very disturbing. >> my eyes are up here. this year i decided to go as something really scary, half naked. of course i'm nikki minaj. she was on the show a few weeks ago and her shirt was not. she took our show from pg to double d. that's what she did. i got the whole look down. i even have the same shoes on. i think i do. i can't see my feet. i normally don't wear things this sexy but when you're dressed like nikki you have to. here are my boom booms and here's my super base.
9:05 am
>> so the question is who wore it better? matt or ellen? >> i think i have to go with ellen. >> ellen. >> i think so. >> looked good. >> i liked her face. like she was surprised she was half naked. >> oh, do you mean these? these things that are hanging out of my shirt. >> but how about billy bush and kit from "access hollywood." >> they were chris and bruce jenner and in character most of the show. >> both of them got botox. >> i think billy had work done to make this work. >> kit hoover, she looks just like kris jenner. >> wow. >> i'm beginning to think there was some filler or something going on there. that was amazing. they did a great job. meanwhile, jenna bush-hager it was the first halloween for her little girl and grand pa was able to carey a little astronaut around. i just love this photo. how adorable. >> and the former president going as a gang banger.
9:06 am
i like that. that's pretty good. >> or a baseball player. >> i like that look on him. >> that's good. >> wow, you don't see a former president with the hat backwards. that's cool. way to go. >> i love that. >> that is such a beautiful -- look at the love in his eyes for that little girl. >> look at her eyes, too. she is looking at him like why are you wearing the hat backwards grandpa? >> not a lot of astronauts have a binkie. >> we're all celebrating that pretty soon when you board a flight you don't have to turn your gadgets off anymore. you can keep using them but you can't make phone calls. >> can't use the phone part. >> but pretty soon they're going to start allowing you to use gate to gate your gadgets. >> your e-readers. >> ipads. you can keep playing your aungr birds. it will make alec baldwin very
9:07 am
happy. >> the airlines have to demonstrate the aircraft won't be at risk because of potential interference. probably by the end of the year. >> they're trying to make sure they can speed it along as quickly as they can. that will be great. it will be good for us. we can keep listening to our music. >> but no phone calls. hopefully they will never allow that on a plane. >> yeah, think that's definitely something that would be very annoying. having to listen to somebody else's conversation. >> i'm so looking forward, though, to this weekend because we roll back the clocks. spring ahead, fall back. >> favorite time of year, you get one hour of extra sleep, sunday. so i guess saturday overnight into sunday. so turn your clocks back one hour today light -- to daylight saving time. what would you do with one extra hour a day?
9:08 am
30% say they would relax. sleep in a little extra. spend time with the family 27%. 24% said they would get up and exercise. i don't think so. >> this last one though, 20% said house work. >> really? come on. you have an extra hour with your day you're going to go vacuum? >> it's also a good time to check the batteries in your smoke detector. >> a good reminder. >> meanwhile, speaking of time, holidays are quickly upon us and starbucks already rolling out the holiday greetings cups. yeah, you'll start getting your lattes in this on november 1st, today. is it a little too soon for this? >> i think they could have waited until like thanksgiving. >> yeah, i mean, this is just a small sampling of the catalogs that came yesterday. the target coupon books. >> how many trees? >> i throw them right into the recycling bin right away.
9:09 am
i mean, sometimes i look through them but it's just enough already. >> enough. we're done. we're done. >> drink your starbucks latte and enjoy. check of the weather mr. roker? >> let's show you what we've got going on. big storm system making its way across the country. we expect to see a gorgeous day out west but here not so much. why? this storm system coming across, it is bringing heavy rain, strong winds also into parts of the east and look at these temperatures, they have really popped up. new york city, 68 degrees right now. we're looking at 64 degrees in syracuse new york. washington d.c. 72. it's all ahead of a cold front that's going to be bringing heavy showers and thunderstorms. we also have high winds and this is going to cause big problems as far as air travel or if you drive a high profile vehicle. we have high wind warnings, gale
9:10 am
warnings. winds of up to 60 miles per hour expected. could be 45 in the light blue areas. you can see the storm system getting itself together and it will be bringing the winds in. up to 30. 30 miles per hour gusts. the areas of purple 40 to 50, even 60 miles pes per hour wind happy friday to you. you made it to the end of the week. it's a daylight-saving weekend, and you get an extra hour of sleep as a result. want to show you the major temperature swings we're headed towards as we head throughout this afternoon. 36 in santa rosa to start. 78 degrees later today. 79 in gilroy. 76 in san jose. meanwhile, we're expecting the low 80s in your extreme east bay cities like livermore. 79 in gilroy. it's pretty warm for this time of year as well. now, saturday and sunday temperatures drop off, and those winds really crank. come on. not me. him a kiss. >> natalie. who wants natalie. >> all right. give me a kiss.
9:11 am
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[ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. body washes with paper that reacts like skin. if others can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] dove is different. its breakthrough formula changes everything. dove. this is care. back know with your ticket to hollywood. celebrity photos, tweets and sneak peeks all the talk. >> from katy perry's new claims about mick jagger to the over the top halloween costume. jason, good morning. >> good to see you. >> let's start with our star power category, katy perry speaking out about the supposed encounter with mick jagger on an australian radio show. let's listen first and then we'll talk. >> okay. >> actually went to dinner with him one time and he hit on me one time when i was like 18. >> are you serious? >> yeah, but that was a long time ago. and since then he's been very
9:15 am
kind and i got to play "beast of burden." i got to sing "beast of burden" with him on the rolling stone tour. >> so she is doing this australian radio show and apparently she is 18 years old singing background vocals for mik, takes her out to dinner, makes a pass at her. the story got out. she says. so mik representative says is this true. and he denies it, categorically not true, never made a pass. but as she said right there, it was 2011, they have worked together again, he's a nice guy so all is good. but after this accusation, who knows where it's going to go. >> in fact, the -- we reached out, mick jagger's representatives said, quote, mick jagger categorically denies he has ever made a pass at katy perry. perhaps she is confusing him with someone else. >> i don't think you confuse mick jagger with someone else. >> hard to do. i was saying the same thing. >> mick jagger is mick jagger. >> not the end of this story. >> photo of the week, heidi klum always known for her over the top costume at her -- new york
9:16 am
city's club marquis. this year, boy, did she outdo herself. >> way over the top. >> this is the party you always want to be at her 14th annual scary dollhouse was the theme. my friends, that would be super model heidi klum as an old woman. i mean, look at the veins, the varicose veins. everything. she uses the same stylist, the same makeup people every year. and she didn't do the party last year, because of hurricane sandy. >> sure. >> so they were really ready for it this year. all the celebrities go out. i know we have a couple -- >> she even did the legs and the hands. it's amazing. >> the whole nine. and when she was with seal, he would get very decked out and dolled up, as well. she takes it very seriously. >> she sure does. >> another angle. >> 2010 she did transformer. >> yeah, a human body, a hindu goddess. the ideas and creations are just phenomenal. >> all right. next photo of the week, this one features beyonce. >> selfie ever. >> i love this selfie, sneaks up behind her fan. >> so this 15-year-old girl in
9:17 am
australia at the concert, makes her way up to the front of the stage and snaps a shot, and it looks like beyonce is photo bombing. so the picture went viral. everybody said oh, my gosh, i can't believe beyonce photo bombed. turns out the girl took to social media and said after i made my way up i asked in the middle of the song, which get a photo and she said yes. so if you look closely -- >> she is still singing, mid song, shaking one girl's hand and also taking a photo with another girl. that's true talent. >> that's multitasking. >> that's really multitasking. that's amazing. tweet of the week comes from comedian ricky gervais/he always has something to say. >> he has like 5 million followers. a great follow if you're not following him. he says, if you're in hollywood or upper east side new york, be extra careful. it's not just recent cosmetic surgery, before you say "nice costume." i've done this before. not the cosmetic surgery thing but walked up to a co-worker two years ago, it was halloween and said "loved the outfit." i'm not dressed up, jason.
9:18 am
it is an awkward thing. >> so is your relationship with seacrest still good? >> it's dicey, al. we don't have the time now. >> our sneak peek, finally, latest trailer. martin scorsese's. the wolf of wall street. >> so excited about this one. martin is doing this. they pushed the start date, was supposed to be november 15th. it's going to be coming out christmas day which makes it eligible for oscars and -- >> a lot of oscar buzz. >> absolutely. so ly owe dicaprio plays a crooked stock broker. jonah hill is in this. matthew mccounaughey. it's going to be a great, great movie. a lot of buzz. this thing has been in production for a while now. so finally, it has an opening day, and that will be on christmas. >> martin scorsese, usually an oscar to follow. >> absolutely. >> jason kennedy, thanks so much. >> nice to see you guys. next, we get you caught up on the news you need before you leave the house this morning. >> plus, to products live up to
9:19 am
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♪ guys, you took tums® a couple hours ago. why keep taking it if you know your heartburn keeps coming back? that's how it works. you take some tums®. if heartburn comes back, you take some more. that doesn't make any sense. it makes plenty of sense if you don't think about it! really, honey, why can't you just deal with it like everybody else? because i took a pepcid®. fine. debbie, you're my new favorite. [ male announcer ] break with tradition, take pepcid® complete. it works fast and lasts. get relief from your heartburn relief with pepcid® complete. taking a look at some of your headlines. only six people were able to sign up for the health insurance on the first day that the
9:23 am website was open for business. this is according to documents released by house republicans. administration officials have said that early enrollment numbers would be very low, because of heavy traffic and glitches. apple's new ipad air is in stores today. the ipad air is thinner, lighter and faster than the last generation of ipad, but it's not cheaper. the basic model costs $499. a major change in the use it or lose it rule for medical flexible spending accounts. you can now roll over $500 from one year to the next. this is the pretax money that you can choose to set aside for medical expenses. previously, you had to forfeiture any money left over at the end of the year. and for the first time, schools have national guidelines for handling food allergies. they include using nonfood items as prizes or incentives. more training in the use of allergy inject tore pens and making sure that kids with allergies are not excluded from activities. you can find a full list on the centers for disease control website. the washington monument will soon be free of that unsightly
9:24 am
scaffolding. it has been closed since august of 2011. repairs on hundreds of cracks and loose pieces of stone are nearly done, and officials hope to reopen the monument by spring. do you ever wonder what your dog is really trying to tell you when it wags its tail? italian researchers say if your dog wags to the right side of its body that means it's feeling good. but if it's wagging to the left, that's a sign of being scared or angry. now, if they can just figure out what it means when your dog tilts its head to one side like that, i'll send it back over to al. what does that mean? >> my dog doesn't speak italian. so i don't -- >> neither does mine, but mine speaks french. >> thanks so much. coming up up -- that's when she goes out. friday night winner with a french twist after your local news and weather. ♪
9:25 am
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better it with benefiber. 9:26. i'm laura garcia canon. details of the contract weren't released, but some of them were leaked. workers will have to pay a little more for health insurance and contribute towards pensions. the two sides also agree odd a series of safety improvements. the ruts of the vote will be released tonight. police are still trying to track down the owners of two pit bull mix that is attacked four people in antiok. a man was walking his dog who two dogs came out of nowhere and attacked him. neighbors that tried to help were also bitten. officers shot and killed one of the dogs. the other is being quarantined
9:27 am
by animal services. the man accused of opening fire inside jewelry mart will be back in court today. a status update is expected for barry white jr. he is charged with 16 felony counts, including murder and at the same timed murder. he has pleaded not guilty. in july police say he entered victoga jewelry store and opened fire killing two women and injuring the store owner. we're going to have a lot more coming up as we take a look at weather and traffic.
9:28 am
happy friday. we get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. overall looking pretty good. just want to show you the extreme swing in temperatures as we head throughout the afternoon. jumping by about 40 degrees in some cases. that means 80 in -- 77 in san francisco. this will be the warmest day of the extended period. we drop like a rock getting into saturday. the winds pick up late saturday into early sunday. then we've got a really good first week of november monday through thursday. let's check your drive and say
9:29 am
good morning to mike. >> good morning. or bad morning for this driver here. courtesy of frank chung. he just tweeted it out to us. this picture, we still have this rig over the edge, and that's what's causing all this problem. this is north 101 approaching 280. look at the maps how backed up traffic is. it's all the way up to the interchange in southbound coming off of the skyway. the same area. use 280 into or out of san francisco. much better route. meanwhile, the south bay north 680, the drag coming out of san jose to the scene of the crime scene investigation. use 880 to the east bay. >> we'll have another local news update in half hour. hope you have a great friday morning.
9:30 am
hanging out outside on this friday morning november 1st, 2013. still a little brisk going on. >> coming up we have a line we're going to show you in a little bit. bad stuff coming. >> plmt roker keeping us on top of it. willie is off by the way but we're here. you've of course seen the swagger wagon. >> swagger wagon. >> say that three times fast. the toyota swagger wagon. take a look at this. do you remember this? [ music playing ] ♪ if i were you i'd be jealous of me in the swagger wagon ♪
9:31 am
>> well after struggling to conceive, they're from north salt lake utah, they wanted an awesome way to announce they were expecting to take a look at what they created. they did their own parody. ♪ it's the taylor baby. is it a boy or a girl? it's the taylor baby ♪ >> nice. >> nicely done taylor family. their baby due in may. congratulations to them. >> we love that commercial. >> i have a toyota swagger wagon. i've had like three of them. >> when you get in it are you like -- >> i'm rolling. >> got my hat on backwards like president bush. >> that's al roker. watch out for him when he's driving in your neck of the woods. >> greatest thing going. >> you got a check of the weather for us?
9:32 am
>> yeah, we'll show you what we're talking about. this line of showers and thunderstorms coming in. not very good. you missed a spot. you can see we have this line of showers and thunderstorms. there are severe thunderstorm warnings in effect until later this morning for much of new jersey. it will get extended into new jersey as the system makes it's way. it moves through quickly. that's the good news. sunshine along the eastern seaboard. nice and mild. beautiful weather throughout much of the central part of the country. rain along the pacific northwest and then sunday, sunday plenty of sunshine in the mid-atlantic states and the southeast. nice and warm down through florida. rain developing and moisture coming in to central texas. more rain in the happy friday to you. you made it to daylight-saving weekend. that means we're going to get an hour of extra sleep. 2:00 a.m., that time change.
9:33 am
today is going to be the warmest day in the exended future. we're talking about a return of the low 80s. 76 in redwood city, and overall looking good for a comfortable weekend. i do want to tell you the we understand is really going to start to pick up as we head throughout late saturday into sunday. don't forget to set those clocks back one hour, 2:00 a.m. sunday daylight-saving time comes to an end. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, thank you, al. well, if you're buying a new vacuum or next best kitchen tool or looking for a quick fashion fix, it can be overwhelming. >> well, consumer reports tests thousands of products a year. mandy walker is here with some that work well and some you may not think is worth it. >> may want to skip it. >> let's start off with what everybody needs. >> pans. >> pots and pans. this is a nonstick that did great in our test. we cook pancakes to see how evenly it cooks. did great there. put fried eggs in to see howell the nonstick part works and then
9:34 am
we take steel wool and scrape it over the non-stick pan about 2,000 times and it was like -- >> wow. >> a lot of times the cheaper ones chip. >> then you have a problem but this one did great. >> all right. >> very good. worth your money. >> yeah. >> over here, let's talk about -- this is the chair yot. >> some of that $14, $15. you can get it online. >> just have to push it down and -- >> eat a lot of olives i guess. >> so the mess stays in the machine. it doesn't get on you and it comes right up and you can take it apart and put it in the dishwasher. >> good for recipes. >> or if you're making a cherry pie. >> i love the thought of this thing. this is the i robot vacuum. >> it is and it does a random pattern and it cleaned up the fruit loops and the sand and the paper and everything we put on
9:35 am
the ground. >> it has a remote control. >> it does and it can do a spot clean. if you have one area where you have a bunch of things on the floor it will do that as well. >> it know where is the dirt is. >> it goes around in a random pattern but it repeats it so many times that it picks everything up. >> great. these are the things your team wasn't so in love with. >> let's start with the rollie egg master. >> crazy like an egg on a stick. >> this could be handy on my way out in the morning. >> this is good to grab and run. the problem with it is -- >> there you go. >> it takes about 8 minutes or so to cook. so if you're feeding a family of four. >> 32 minutes. >> unless you get four of them. >> and it costs $30 plus shipping and handling. the pan is $40 and you can cook for a family quickly. you have more alternatives. >> if you like your egg to look
9:36 am
like a hot dog -- >> it takes 6 to 8 minutes to cook an egg what makes it special, though, is the fact that you do not need to hover over a pan and tasty eggs on a stick for on the go meals are fun cooking for the entire family with no dirty dishes. i like the egg on a stick idea. >> okay. so next we have the buttoneer and it can put it on with just the little machine here without needle and thread. so you have to put in the little plastic piece and it only work with small buttons. we found it didn't work well on some materials. especially thicker materials. you have to position it in and push it through and then hold it down and plunge it on. >> it didn't work. >> it didn't work. >> we have gotten it to work but a lot of materials. it was kind of a pain. >> they say it is a long lived product over 20 years has had thousands of fan who is have found it both usable and
9:37 am
effective. we'll take consumer reports comment with thanks and make them part of our regular product review. >> sounds good. >> first we're going to take a look at the infomercial and you'll talk about this product. >> do you love the look of sleeveless dresses but hate the look of your arms? you need amazing arms that lets you wear anything in your closet and look amazing. >> it's basically an arm bra. >> exactly. >> pantyhose for your arms. >> that's good. >> it goes in the hair a little, though. >> we had about 13 panel lisist wear it and it had trouble fitting and tended to punch up or it was too loose. it was uncomfortable. it was itchy and hot. >> it is certainly a different look. >> it is. >> idea village respond with the product provides support and a more polished appearance without
9:38 am
the saucesage-like feeling of other body shaping products. it helps soften the new fabric. satisfied customers across the u.s. >> mandy walker. >> it keeps me warm at least. >> thank you so much. >> coming up next, one football family takes what they learned with their son and pays it forward after these messages. [ female announcer ] enjoying breakfast together is a pretty wonderful thing. but when you have a picky eater... won't touch this. it can be a bit of a dance. ♪ won't touch this. ♪ won't touch -- stop. eggo time. [ female announcer ] eggo waffles can win over the pickiest of eaters so everyone can enjoy breakfast...together. can't touch this. ♪ [ girl ] l'eggo my eggo™.
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9:42 am
>> announcer: brought to you by walmart, save money, live better. walmart. >> so when the texans take on the colts this sunday, chris myers will have one very special fan watching. his baby son. >> when the 8 month old smiles it's as good as anything that can happen on the field. he was born with a cleft palate. now myers and his wife are going the extra yard to spread the word about the condition. >> reporter: chris myers may be the pro bowl center for the houston texans but the center of his world is his family. for awhile it was his wife jenny and two daughters and last year the couple learned they would be having a son. >> it's a different feeling when you find out you're having a little boy. >> but at jenny's 20 week
9:43 am
ultrasound something looked different. >> it was devastating to be honest. >> reporter: the little boy would be born with a bilateral cleft. the lips and soft palate of the roof of the mouth don't fuse together. in some cases it's genetic. in others like the myers, there's no clear cause and it's not just cosmetic. >> they're unable to seal and purse their lips which effects their feeding and their ability to speak. >> reporter: making those first few days of his life scary. >> i had a little break down in the nicu when he having to get tubes on and off and him having to be fed through it. >> reporter: they took to the internet and learned they weren't alone. they found a whole community of cleft parents like britney and her daughter adley. >> they need to know it's happened. it's nothing the kid versus done. mostly for moms to know it's
9:44 am
going to be okay. it's a struggle in the beginning but we'll get through it. >> reporter: support helped them learn how to use a retainer-like device to reshape his lips and provided hope during the first of several surgeries that will likely continue. chris and jenny also paid that support forward visiting other children in the hospital. the girls and their cousins made bracelets to raise money for operation smile which provides cleft surgeries for underprivileged kids around the world. chris reached out to his texan's teammates. >> i thought it was my part to be able to say, listen, this is what my son is going to have and i want you guys to understand that. it's been complete support from the get-go. >> reporter: and jenny with other moms and the same struggles she had. >> jenny saw me crying in the waiting room and came up to me and told me it's going to be okay. when someone offers help to you,
9:45 am
it's like you're not alone. >> reporter: the myers witnessed stairs from people that don't understand. >> he has a scar on his lip. that's all he's going to have. >> reporter: they have all learned to do exactly what he does, smile. because they know there's a whole team supporting their little guy. for today, kristen dahlgren, nbc news, houston. >> his prognosis is great. his lip is already prepared. they'll do another round of surgery in a few weeks and he'll have to have more surgeries as he grows but eventually it will be a small scar. you see some of the kids from operation smile and the smile train, it's amazing the work he does. >> he lights up. >> incredible. >> the taexans and the colts sunday night football night in america. coming up next, an easy friday night dinner with a twist. right after these messages. walmart invited 1000 kids to choose the season's hottest toys. my favorite toy is the furby
9:46 am
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♪ ready or not. [ female announcer ] you can be up there. here i come! [ female announcer ] ...down there, around there... and under there for him. tylenol® provides strong pain relief and won't irritate your stomach the way aleve® or even advil® can. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. chicken could be a little boring but not today. a one pot chicken and vegetable recipe with a french twist. >> it's so simple, healthy, delicious, mark murphy put it on the menu of his new restaurant here in new york city. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> your team ended up with kale which is the hottest vegetables. >> it is and i decided i have to
9:50 am
use that stuff. i started researching kale and there's all sorts of different kales. so on my menu i have a grilled kale salad. some of it we're blanching it and the rest i'm throwing on a grill. it's simple. it's let me juice, olive oil and lemon zest and then almonds in there. >> this is so good for you. >> it's good for you. >> friends with benefits. >> exactly. i was looking up some of the interesting facts about it and it's a heck of a green. it has vitamin c, vitamin a, vitamin k. i don't know what vitamin k does but it's got to do something good for you. it's called a vitamin. then we're going to toss it with beautiful green olives and some
9:51 am
ald mondaalmonds which i toast. don't use them raw. you're allergic to them sometimes if they're raw but if you toast them a little bit -- >> add cheese to that. >> and then garnish it. >> let's get to the main event. >> all right. >> that's what we're all about here. >> how do you dress it. >> hello chicken. how are you? >> works every time. >> and you have to put some salt. >> you have to get intimate with your chicken. >> you have to get in there and put salt and pepper and seasoning. i have thyme and rosemary and garlic. i already stuffed this little guy here. >> but the other neat thing is you're going to cook it in the pan with vegetables. >> very simple, make a figure 8 like this, come around and keep these guys close and flip her over and tie it. >> tie. >> it's so simple.
9:52 am
but go around twice so the knot doesn't slip. >> put that in the pan. >> we have like 30 seconds. we're doing the speed version. >> a little olive oil on here. >> crisp up the skin nicely. >> then your salt and pepper. >> let's go where we have the finished deal. >> in the oven in the one pot. >> there we go. >> that is perfect. >> did you put the vegetables in after? later? >> about 15 minutes into the cooking process. >> the juices are more combined. >> you want the juices to be part of your dish. >> how long would a chicken of that size -- >> i'll take a little bit of kale. >> how long do you want to let it sit? >> at least ten minutes. you want the juices to relax. >> chef, thank you so much. if you want to try this at home head to >> we'll be back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] now your most dazzling accessory can be your smile.
9:53 am
colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line.
9:54 am
9:55 am
lester holt and erica hill are here to get a sneak peek of what's coming up this weekend. >> good morning. happy friday. just ahead this weekend you'll meet a young girl who would put all of us to shame. that's okay. she is 8 years old. she has a cd full of music that she composed and she is in the middle of working on not her first but her second opera. >> wow. >> are you kidding me? >> and she'll play some of her music live in the studio. do you have any musical talents we don't know about? >> i can play the radio. >> really? >> violin or something? >> i played the flute. >> yeah, i think when you are required to play an instrument, i played. >> wow, i could picture you. >> i played the flute in high school. we were in a military school so i couldn't marchand play at the same time. >> lester had
9:56 am
good morning. 9:56. we want to take you down to southern california and give you a live look. this is where reports of a shooting are being reported at los angeles international airport. this is the scene outside l.a.x. right now. you can see somebody being
9:57 am
loaded into the ambulance right now as we speak. now, early reports say in a police and fire are obviously on the scene telling passengers -- telling airport officials they heard shots fired inside the virgin america terminal. at least one person reported to be shot. this is a tsa agent that was shot in the leg. this is a very developing story right now. we're working to get the latest information, and we will bring that to you just as soon as we learn more. in the meantime, back here in the bay area, family from brazil is in san francisco franticly searching for a missing loved one. anna rodriguez and her mother flew in after paolo nedo called family and said he was in trouble and someone was trying to hurt him. his cell phone location shotwell in the mission district. no one has heard from him since those calls. rodriguez says it's very unusual for nedo not to be in touch. he was supposed to take a bus back to l.a. sunday, but never
9:58 am
boarded. his family filed a missing persons report with san francisco police. we'll take a look at weather right now with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, marla. good morning to you at home. clear sky over the golden gate bridge. winds starting to pick up. you can see that from the flag there. 81 in livermore. we are going to hit the warmest day in the exz tended. 75 for fremont. 76 in san jose, and 76 degrees in los gados. if there's any good piece of information about the weekend, it's the fact that we have a wind event slated starting saturday to early sunday. keep that in mind. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> still a nightmare getting into and out of san francisco because of this crash, in part. let me show you there. the truck over the railing still blocking the lanes. north 101, 280 to the scene, and now southbound cesar chavez and another accident blocking the slow lane.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. it's friday, november 1st. hope you're recovering from that halloween sugar rush. >> this is called a hangover. >> mm. what's your favorite? >> this one i'm eating. i didn't have one last night and i said, i'm having one in the morning. this is a recess peanut buttercup. you know i don't like sweets. but when i have one, i make it count. another big recess.
10:01 am
i love it. what do you like? >> i like the reeses a lot. i like the hershey's milk chocolate. >> i didn't know, no one told me, jolly ranchers makes a lollipop. did anyone know? jolly ranchers makes a lollipop. >> they're begging for them in the back. >> okay. here's the thing. finish that please. i can't do it. >> i can. >> you're nobody until you have instagramed your butt. did you know that? hoda, you got to get with it. you got to be hip. you got to instagram your stuff. >> everybody is posting their junk. so we just went through some of them. that was kim kardashian picture. we've completely blurred it. >> even though the whole world's seen it. i love our standards and practices. >> well, not on air. here's lady gaga. >> what is that? you can't even tell. >> although they didn't blur out
10:02 am
her thong. what's the point? >> seriously, this is embarrassing. >> this is embarrassing. >> this is hysterical. they put a blur in the crack. can you see? that's the blur. >> that's hysterical. >> well, she might be crackless, we don't know. >> nicki minaj. >> that's nicki minaj? >> you can't see it, because it's cut out. >> i'm going to take my daughter, take a picture of her and stick my face on it, that's what i'm going to do. >> that's rihanna's. >> rihanna does it every day, right? >> well, let's pretend that we did -- that's you. you look good. i like it. >> same hair. >> let's talk about it. look how you made her darker. how cute. that was cute how you did that. oh, gosh, i don't know. >> look, what do you think? >> i just think nothing is ever sacred anymore. you know, it's one thing to have a little sexy thing with the
10:03 am
person you love. but do you love 9 million people and you want to show everybody? we have such -- our whole society is all about, you know, showing off. i think that makes things that used to be romantic and special and sacred not so much anymore. i just -- i think people are missing out. they're missing out in their own personal life by not keeping something special. >> and it's funny how the men who are with these women, at least some of them, seem to like it. they think it's fun that their girl. >> look at my woman. >> look who i have. >> what if one of these men who sees it takes away that woman and then he gets to look at it? >> exactly. >> this is what happens. because somebody else's old one is somebody else's new one. you can write that down. >> it's complicated but it's worth it. we always like these because we have a segment on awkward family photos. there's another book. it's called awkward family holiday photos. we chose a few of them. >> is that a floating head?
10:04 am
>> where are the dogs? nothing's funnier. >> did we blur that too? >> tomorrow, i am bringing in -- >> if we can't show dogs. >> what can we show? >> nothing. i like that one. >> i did take a picture of bambino humping louie with lola just sort of yawning. it's a doggy orgy at my house. >> well, you need to tweet that video. we need to see it. >> okay. >> here's the question, what is do you think the sexiest language in the world? >> bake ebakersfield. the way frank talks. >> asked 8,000 people. the third sexiest accent is british. >> when it's colin fifrth.
10:05 am
>> i think british is one of those. >> yes, not the cockney. >> second is italian. >> and the number one? >> the sexiest accent on the globe is -- >> french. >> a french one. take a listen. >> -- robert de niro. [ speaking foreign language ] >> but thank you for the question. i knew everything he said. i was trying to listen. >> now you know how i feel when you sing when somebody -- you ruin it for people. >> what do you mean ruin it? >> when somebody's singing a great song and you start singing it, it ruins it. so i just did it for you. >> it doesn't ruin it, it
10:06 am
enhances. >> no, it ruins it. first of all -- >> what? >> he can speak anything and it's sexy. all right, you know what i'm saying? >> my favorites are -- i like the british and i like southern. >> you do? >> i like southern. there's something about a southern -- >> she lived in the south for a long time. >> there's something about that accent i just like. it's slow. >> it's seductive. yes, ma'am. >> you look awful pretty. oh. just feels good. feels very tingly. >> hoda falls for it every time. do you need a doctor? and you say? >> why. >> and he said, because your body is sick. she falls for it every time. >> i love that one. >> i like an aussie one. australians. if they happen to be surfers, it's over. >> extra. okay. all right, so here's a question for you. it ran on the social cues column of "the new york times." is it okay to ruin a surprise
10:07 am
party? so this is a question a person got asked. a husband asks about his wife's 70th birthday party. the friends and family are throwing it. he knows his wife doesn't like surprises. >> hates then, hates them. >> she just wants a quiet dinner. >> give the woman what she wants. >> his question is what should he do? tell his wife, look, they're throwing a thing for you, just act surprised? or just let her walk into the lion's den? >> or try to get the people -- she doesn't want this, please, you're not going to make her happy. if you really are going to make her happy -- the woman's 70 years old. at that point, you start running out of birthdays. let her have a birthday she enjoys. so anticipating parties are half the fun of it and many need more than three seconds to prepare for the onslaught. >> try talking to the party planners. >> if you really love somebody, give them what they truly want. >> some people say, i don't want anything. and then they're like, you didn't do anything?
10:08 am
some people don't say what they mean. they just say something. like -- >> well, remember this past big one for me this supper. >> you didn't want it. >> and i didn't want one at all. i said, if it's going to happen, i just want to sit and eat crabs with people i love. >> what if you walked into a room and there were tons of people and they all screamed happy birthday kathie lee? >> you put up with it and you say you're glad. one time frank did that to me. it was for my 40th. i just had cassidy. i was nursing her. nursing her in our elevator going up to the apartment. i'm nursing her. i go, i open the door, and i'd just taken her off the teat. >> off the teat. >> and 40 people looking at my teat. >> yes. >> so, you know, come on. >> i get that, yes, your right. >> i just smashed her little face right on there. >> you know what it's time for? >> it was okay.
10:09 am
>> what? you know what it's time for? kathie lee's friday funny. >> a guy was in a cave looking for buried treasure. he found an old lamp, picked it up and decided to rub it. a genie came out. the genie said, i will grant you three wishes but your ex-wife will get double of anything you wish for. the man thought about it a moment. finally agreed to the terms. first, he said, i wish i had a mansion. poof, genie granted it. his ex-wife got two mansions. next, i would like $1 million. the genie again granted it and he got $1 million and the ex-wife got 2 million bucks. the man thought very hard about the third and final wish for a moment and then he said, my final wish is scare me half to death. >> that was awesome. >> i know.
10:10 am
>> that may have been one of the best ones yet. >> it's time for "today's" -- >> johnson baby announcement. our first up is brianna nicole graat. born in palm spring, california, on september 16th. her parents say she's a great sleeper, she's very easy going and she's a go with the flow baby. >> next up is walter rhodes howard. born on october 1st. weighing 8 pounds, 5 ounces. in macon, georgia. their second baby, and they say he's an absolute angel. >> born on september 5th, riley anne holtz, the first child for the couple, lisa and bobby, and they say their new daughter loves to be outside and already seems to be curious about the world around her. >> our final johnsons baby of the week is brady james scott. he was born on september 5th in wilton, maine. baby was born with a full head of hair, blonde hair, and his mom samantha says her son is
10:11 am
already a mama's boy and loves to cuddle. >> congrats to all our babies. if you want your baby to have a chance to appear on our johnson's baby of the week, go to >> our teacher of the year contest. it's time for you to vote. we need you to vote on this. they're such special ladies. >> here they are. >> interesting, they're all women. >> yes, they are. billie yeardley. at jefferson county high school in dandridge, tennessee. >> susan bull, a second grade teacher at duke public schools in oklahoma. >> and deborah young, elementary school in haslett, texas. >> and you have until monday, november 4th. >> we're going to reveal the winner right here on the air in a couple of weeks. she's going to receive $10,000 world of school supplies from >> if i were not here, do you know where i would be?
10:12 am
i would be in branson, missouri, tonight, because the lennon sisters, over 50 years in this business, and the osmond brothers, over 50 years in this business, are combining their talents and their wonderful show biz pizazz to put on the christmas show. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes, at the andy williams theater down there. i wish them all the best. >> what happens on broadway after midnight? >> fantasia fills us in right after this. a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom.
10:13 am
we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ? >> good day, lester holt in new york to report a shooting that's occurred at a los angeles international airport in the morning, 9:30 in the morning, about 40 minutes ago. at least two people have been hit, according to officials, although we've seen a number of people taken from terminal 3 at l.a.x. on stretchers and wheelchairs, and taken away by ambulance. this reportedly happened at a checkpoint where virgin america airlines, outside security, according to witnesses -- one witness reported hearing eight to ten shots. we're told the shooter is down. we don't know if that means is
10:14 am
now a prisoner or has been shot himself. let's go to mike taibbi now in our bureau in los angeles for late details. mike, what are you hearing? >> reporter: hi, lester, how are you? we have heard from some federal officials that are describing the incident over at this point, although the situation at terminal 3 is fluid. as you say, at least two shot, including the alleged suspect himself, seen and described by an eyewitness as someone with a rifle near the security checkpoint at terminal 3. right now, there's a ground stop for incoming flights to l.a.x., which it already complicated by weather problems, but the incident according to federal officials is now over, though the situation remains fluid. >> let's go to pete williams, who's monitoring sources in washington right now. justice sources. what are you hearing from there? >> reporter: lester, what we're told now is that this happened at the point where when you go through the security system in an airport, the first thing you do is someone checks your documents. you know, they look at your driver's license, they look at your ticket, or your boarding pass before you actually get to
10:15 am
the screening checkpoint where you take things out and put them on the conveyers. what we're told is that this passenger went up to one of the document checkers, and then pulled out a firearm and shot the security official there at the checkpoint for documents. that is the person we saw being taken out onto an ambulance a bit ago, who was wounded and has been transported to the hospital. we believe that the man with the rifle, who fired the shot, was then shot. so, we know that at least two people were wounded, lester. >> all right, pete williams in washington. you're looking again at some of the pictures taken from the scene. we've also seen paramedics setting up what appears to be a triage area you would expect with a mass casualty situation. we have no indication that this is such a situation. but they are preparing obviously for every eventuality, but the important word is, the shooting incident is over. still trying to get a handle on how many people have been hit. certainly what the motive was,
10:16 am
and we're told not only air traffic briefly halted at l.a.x., but automobile traffic cannot reach the airport right now, because of all of the emergency activity. we'll continue to monitor this story. there'll be full updates throughout the day on msnbc, and we'll have more on "nbc nightly news." for now, i'm lester holt in new with dule hill. >> we have people that work here that at night are spies on broadway. they saw it this past weekend and said it was fantastic. they said, it's fantasia. >> actually, when i first came in, they were in rehearsals already and i was able to sit and watch the show. i was blown away just watching the show, thinking, okay, what am i doing here? because you have great tap dancers, great singers. this man right here, oh, my god -- >> he's got his shoes on. he's going to dance for us in a bit. he doesn't know it, but he will. >> here we go. >> fantasia this is kind of a guest-starring role so you came in and wynton marsalis is the musical director on this show. >> doesn't get better than that.
10:17 am
>> tell us about your role. >> i am myself but i am emboding some great women by the name of billy holiday, really fitzgerald, josephine baker. >> shoes you have to fill, that's not overwhelming, is it? >> oh, yes, it is. >> she fills them very well, i must say. i watch from the winging every day. she's doing it. >> he messes with me in the wings every day, that's what he does. >> that's what men do. >> dule, you are playing the host. your role is? >> i'm the captain of the ship. i take you on the journey. i greet you at the door and send you on your way. >> was there a real person at the cotton club who actually did that? >> i believe so. i wasn't there. but there was always an emcee. >> frank gifford was and i was. >> frank, you tell me what happened. >> in the 1920s, he wasn't but yeah, a legendary time, no doubt. >> there was always an emcee, whether it was cab or duke. somebody holding it down. >> there's no real story line, or is there? it's about just the great music. >> the story line is the time of
10:18 am
the music. the time, the music and the experience. of the cotton club. >> how long are you booked for, fantasia? >> i'm here for five months, but, you know, i never thought i would say this, i would love to stay longer. i think this is something that was much needed for broadway. jazz music still lives and it is great music. >> it's amazing. and the dancing. everybody thinks the jackson five started that stuff. it was here long before them. >> that's true. >> with wynton at the help, tell us what it was like to work with him, such a legendary jazz great. >> i was nervous. insay he is music. he is music. i learned so much. in one day, you know, scatting as a vocabulary, another different language. >> was that natural for you? do a little scatting for us. he's going to do a little tapping. ♪ ♪
10:19 am
>> i love it. >> now bring it home, bring it home. bring it home. ♪ >> oh, she's got it! she's got my job! you see that? you trying to take my job. >> up next, kathie lee. by the way, that was awesome. if it's this much fun in the theater every night, you're going to do great. thanks for coming to see us. >> she's trying to take my job. >> you're our next special guest star. >> next, all the buzz. >> we'll have it after this. that's it. that's it. hey, where are you going with...this? oh, you don't need it anymore. i don't? no. we got a better way.
10:20 am
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it is time for bobbie's buzz. whether you're looking to trick out your tech toys or unplug, there are a couple of options out there. >> here is author of "the power of style," bobbie thomas. >> hello, ladies. i'm going to convince you some of this might be cool. >> i'm so into tech now. i'm jane jensen. podcast and everything. >> when you're on your cell phone, sometimes people you don't know are standing next to you on street, they can see what you're doing what you're surfing. 3-m has privacy screens now for mobiles and tablets. when i'm looking at it, you can't see it from the other angle. >> not at all.
10:24 am
>> yes, because hoda likes to you know what download stuff. >> this is really cool. they have these sheets you can cut to your own phone. they have galaxy, iphone, whatever. i have a problem in my office i think a lot of people do. with apple being so popular, there are so many laptops that are silver that look identical and people have swapped and taken the wrong computer. these decals you can 1.$99 and up. also amazon. you can get either whimsy like the girls in my office like or leather and these skins not only protect but id and also these keyboard covers are great. >> so you don't get shmutz in your keyboard. >> you can wrap your phone in this. and then little henry who has even spawned a girlfriend, not henrietta. >> hetta.
10:25 am
>> this is a vacuum for your keyboard. >> we love it. it's time to go swimming with the sharks. >> right after this. catch the butterfly effect. l'oreal introduces new voluminous butterfly mascara. spread your lashes. l'oreal's revolutionary asymmetric brush instantly volumizes from the root and stretches lashes towards the outer corner. for remarkable spread... remarkable volume. your look... truly captivating. new voluminous butterfly mascara from l'oreal paris. bold fanned out volume. catch the butterfly effect... you're worth it. she can't always move the way she wants. until now. only stayfree ultra thin offers flex fit for movement, thermocontrol® for dryness, and free fitness classes with purchase. so keep moving. stayfree. and free fitness classes with purchase. save them.
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10:27 am
virgin america terminal, according to officials. police still outside. very active scene still. one witness said he heard about a dozen gunshots from terminal 3. no word yet on the actual condition of the tsa agent, though we are hearing the person was shot in the leg. there could be more victims. now, federal officials say the incident is over. no word yet on a suspect. we do have crews heading to local airports here in the bay area as this is likely going to affect flights here. we'll have the latest at 11:00. inkzó hayward now, police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger shooting a woman late last night. this happened outside an÷n apartment complex on sleepy hollow avenue. tenison road. the woman was shot multiple times. right now there are no suspects in this case, and police are speaking to witnesses to see if they can pry any sort of suspect description. we'll take a look at your friday commute after the break. would look like john stamos.
10:28 am
wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too.
10:29 am
wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. sounds too good to be true... it's thick, creamy but 0% fat and twice the protein. huh..! where did stamos go? he's here, the oikos are on him. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon. welcome back. look for a slow go near the called cot. eastbound 24 is jammed up. thatt eastbound from the calle cot tunnel is closed because of a car fire in the tunnel. folks remembering there was a big fire there, so we're watch this carefully in the newsroom. one in each direction should remain open. slowing on both sides. south 101 at cesar chavez starting to clear, and clears a couple more lanes at the 101, and the crash still has to be cleared there as well. >> all right, mike. thanks. coming up in 30 minutes at 11:00 we continue to follow this
10:30 am
breaking news out of l.a.x. here's another live look where we are hearing at least one person has been shot and we'll bring you the verx3÷atest in 30 minutes. we'll see you then. we're back on this try day friday. have you ever wondered why pots have a hole in their handle or why juice boxes have such thick tabs on their side? >> you may be surprised to learn how many everyday products you're using incorrectly. >> hi, sweetie, nice to meet you. >> we're very excited. >> we have no idea what you're talking about, so what are you talking about? >> everyday objects have all kinds of uses that will make them easier or just sort of more fun. we're going to start here with tin foil, sarin wrap, anything that comies on a roll. you take one sheet of something and it will fall everywhere. but it turns out there there's a little hidden tab on either side
10:31 am
that you just poke in. it is the easiest thing in the world. >> do you see that? >> that controls it. it can't go anywhere. >> exactly, exactly. >> all these years. >> you can just pull it out. >> it's not going anywhere. >> this is an important one. you give your kids apple sauce in their lunch box. you forgot a spoon. what should they do? >> you can use the little foil on the top to make your own spoon. >> stop it. >> uh-huh. >> look, look, look. >> how adorable. >> so what do you do? >> you want to have the little nubby part forward. then you just twist it. twist, twist, twist. >> that's the strong part right there. >> you have a little spoon. it also works if you happen to like apple sauce and on a bus ride, it's perfect. >> the chinese food containers. >> this is my personal favorite. if you want to add a little touch of flat ware.
10:32 am
turns out that all you need to do is sun hook this little part on the side here. and it will unfold into -- >> a plate. >> a plate, right here. >> you know what, i like it. great. >> and it's going to fold back up again at the end. >> not for you right now it's not. >> i know, i know, this is terrible. >> okay, now here's something. whenever i have tick tacks, you say to someone, would you like one, and like seven comes out. >> or zero. all you have to do is tip it and it's going to fall into that little hole right there. but you got to do it gently. there's a nice little tap. >> look how -- >> but they have that there for you. we didn't know that's what it's there for. >> the exact size and shape of a tic tac. >> when you see these pots -- i thought this was here to hang them up if you needed to hang them up. what's it for?
10:33 am
>> it actually turns out, it's to hold your spoon. when you're making a sauce, you don't want to leave the spoon in the pot, your don't want to put it on your counter because it was all messy. >> was that the original use for that? >> sadly, i do not know the answers. >> juice boxes. the two flaps on the side. >> this is brilliant. this is to keep the juice from squirting everywhere. you can drink it just like that. >> all right, here we have the straw and can combo. if you just put a straw in here, the carbonation is going to keep it from staying in place. all you have to do is turn it around. >> brilliant. >> oh, my gosh. >> you will never mess up your lipstick again. >> the last couple. >> this one is to keep extension cords from getting all tangled and gettingen done. super easy. all you have to do is tie a nice little knot. then voila, right there. >> yeah, so, it doesn't tangle.
10:34 am
>> when you step on it, it's not going to come undone. when you're vacuuming. this is for storing organic peanut butter. you know how the oil always rises to the top. it's yucky. you don't want a sand like that. if you store it upside down, it's going to be absolutely beautiful. >> you're a genius. you are a genius. >> thank you, honey. all right, we all have -- >> hody does. >> those awkward family photos. you're going to have to see to believe. >> a woman faces her fear of swirling with the sharks. right after this. [ male announcer ] this is an acceptance letter. ♪ it's a diploma. ♪ it's a passport. it's a compass. it's a trainer and a coach and the jersey of the greatest team on earth. it's more than a uniform. it's an education you can't get anywhere else.
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10:37 am
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even if you find a lower advertised price later, we'll give you the difference on a gift card. walmart. it's time for our be bold contest. we asked you to submit a video telling us about the one thing you've always wanted to check off your bucket list but you have been terrified to d so. >> this time, we chose gina steel of minnesota to be bold and conquer her fear of the ocean and swim with the sharks. >> good for her. >> let's take a look at gina's submission. >> the boldest thing i could do was swim with the ocean in sharks. first of all, to get in a bathing suit. i don't do that. shark, in the ocean, water that i can't see the bottom, that's my biggest fear ever. >> oh, my gosh. >> a lot of people feel that
10:39 am
way. >> we sent gina, who didn't even own a bathing suit and has never been to a beach, to swim with the fisheses. >> calm down, we're not that bad. we didn't send her into the deep dark sea. we sent her to the florida aquarium in tampa, florida. take a look. >> i have had this fear of swimming with sharks since i was probably 10:00. after seeing "jaws." >> i think gina's like most of america, where they see sharks and they're certainly afraid of their menacing appearance and the impression they have based on the media. >> when i look out at the water, i think what's under there. >> today, she's going to overcome that fear by swimming right alongside these amazing creatures and see they're not interested in her as a food item. >> i'm feeling way scared and nervous and i want to have a heart attack and fall over and do the floppy chicken right here and i'm afraid of this. >> hi, gina, i'm erin.
10:40 am
it's a pleasure to meet you. i'm going to be your dive master today. taking you in, diving with the sharks. are you excitede eexcited? >> yes. >> i'm going to need you to be blindfolded first. on the count of three, i need you to take your blindfold off. ready, 1, 2, 3. and take a look out. >> i have to go in there? >> you get to go in there. aren't you excited? >> no. yes. >> yes. it's a real coral reef, just like you see in the wild. >> i don't see it in the wild though. i don't go in the wild. >> those are our sand tiger sharks. >> oh, my god, it's too big. >> all right. well, we've seen the exhibit from outside. now are you ready to get inside and go for a swim? >> okay. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm going to throw up. >> well, that's okay.
10:41 am
more fish food. where you are, just kind of crouch down and bend over and just put your face in the water. >> oh, my god. >> what did you see? >> there's stuff over there. >> they're right there, huh? >> oh, yeah. >> there's one right there. >> there's a shark? >> yes, here it comes. >> those fish are very close.
10:42 am
♪ >> they're so close. there was one in the water, just like in "jaws." it was so scary at first and i was screaming and everything. i would probably go in the ocean now. not too deep. but i wouldn't be as scared. i conquered my fear. i swam with sharks. i know. oh, my god, right? >> wow, that's amazing. >> good for her. >> we've got gina steel, nerves of steel. from her home in laverne, minnesota. hi, gina. >> hi! >> you've had a chance to think and reflect on your experience. tell us a little bit about what it was like. >> oh, my gosh, it was amazing. i'm still trying to process. i still can't believe i did it. tuesday, i was watching hoda and
10:43 am
you had said your fear was to drive into the water. >> yes, drown in the water. >> and that is mine too. before i did this, i would have sat in the car and drowned. >> oh, that's so great. and what did your six kids think of this, their mom overcoming her fear this way? >> well, they're glad, because now i'm actually go to the lake with them instead of -- >> that's awesome. >> we're so happy for you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for entering the contest. god bless you. >> thank you very much, ladies. >> all right. coming up what were they thinking? >> those awkward holiday photos. heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup.
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10:47 am
if you look back into your family's history, chances are you'll uncover some very embarrassing family photos.
10:48 am
whether it's your child posing with a creepy easter bunny. >> the guys behind the wildly successful awkward family photos phenomenon are back with your cringe worthy book "awkward family holiday photos." you guys are totally -- >> just unashamedly. >> when you publish, do you get millions of pictures from people? >> we do. >> you put out a request on your website? >> via the website. we let people know we're doing a holiday book. >> and they're thrilled to be involved. >> of course they are. >> yes, absolutely. >> can we start with christmas? what makes for -- tell us your awkward christmas pictures. >> well, this is classic sibling christmas photo. >> rivalry. >> yes. here, taking is better than receiving. >> i like that one. >> this is val be tine's valentine's day? >> this is christmas. >> look at that baby. >> a theme.
10:49 am
>> why is he in a diaper? >> we're not sure but it's part of their holiday spirit so let's go with it. >> terrifying. what's up next? >> this is a valentine's photo. we think they were saying that their love will never run out. but obviously why posing with some parking meters, i don't know. but it's sexy. >> oh, indeed. >> nothing is as sexy as denim. so why not for valentine's day? the book covers all the holidays. >> she thinks she is drew barry moore and he is ryan gosling. >> this is one you have to look at for a second. it's an easter photo. they're about to go to church. grandpa before going to church wanted to make sure -- >> grandpa's getting ready for church. >> whatever gets grandpa through. >> i love it, great shot. >> that would be frank at our house. >> oh, look at this. looking at the pose. >> everyone has their own patriotic spirit. this is her salute.
10:50 am
>> she knows she looks good and she's milking it. >> yes. happy july 4th. >> this mother's day. >> poor son. >> is that a toga or -- are they in a towel? >> no, it is a toga party. and, you know, obviously they are adoring mom in this photo. >> you need to see the whole picture of that. it's creepy. >> look closely. >> this is another mother's day photo. we celebrate mom in different ways. this child is showing his appreciation. >> how adorable. >> well, you guys. >> oh, no. >> let's end there. >> that is charcoal. just in case you're wondering. people take these pregnancy photos. they send them out to their familyings. this one obviously very graphic. >> look at the guy. >> that's kind of funny though. >> can't wait to see what you come up with next.
10:51 am
thanks so much. all right. after seeing those photos, you're going to plan on traveling, i'm sure, to see your family over the holidays. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
glee only half of us who plan to travel over the holidays are already booked on flights. >> the other half may have a hard time finding what they're looking for. with airfares up 9%, are there certain strategies you can use to find the cheapest tickets? >> here is orbitz travel editor jeannine. >> we love her. >> you say it's important to book right away. >> it is. there's 50% of travelers going who haven't booked yet. prices are only going to go up. there's going to be no sales this year on prices for airfares over the holidays. you want to book now if you haven't already. >> now, they say -- we always
10:55 am
wonder if there's a good day to buy tickets. is there a good one? >> those rules kind of go out the window when come also to the holidays it the busiest travel day for thanksgiving is wednesday, the day before, everyone's leaving town. if you're willing to fly on thanksgiving morning, you can still get there before your turkey dinner. chicago to atlanta, you'll save $72 if you fly on thanksgiving morning versus that day before. >> what about tuesday, if you could get off the day? >> it's really wednesday sunday are the busiest and most expensive days to travel over the weekend. >> if you're trying to figure out whether you can fly for thanksgiving or christmas, is there a better option? >> in terms of airports? >> yes. >> really, in looking at all the airports within a 60 to 90 mile radius, you should do both in your destination as well as your origin cities because there are a lot of times smaller airports that are cheaper. parking and traffic is better. san francisco to phoenix, you're going to save $68 if you fly to
10:56 am
oakland versus san francisco international over the holidays. >> but then you have to rent a car or you got to drive further? >> oftentimes. sometimes if you're driving your car, parking can be cheaper at these smaller aerpt airports an traffic may not be as bad. >> what about people who have points and travel rewards, things like that? >> $16 billion in loyalty points every year are kind of left on the table. so the trouble people run into over the holidays are blackout dates and restrictions. you want to see what your program offers. or if it's a new loyalty program where you can earn them immediately, so that's what you want to look for over the holidays. >> you talk about avoid connecting flights. >> takes all day. >> the amount of money, is it worth it, with the time of your life? >> that's the big thing you have to weigh. if budget's your big concern, you want to look at them, but at the same time, over the holidays, there are more delays.
10:57 am
the other thing is, you don't want to get stuck in an airport in a city that's completely unfamiliar to you. >> time to spend with the people you love that you're traveling to see. >> exactly. >> you're a sweetheart. >> we appreciate it. >> so weird to say that. >> coming up, performances by il divo. >> and hunky british actor nathan statham. >> and everyone has a story. >> we have written a very nice song. >> have a great weekend, everybody. god bless. bye-bye. we all have our little tricks.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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yoplait. it is so good. good morning. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. we are following breaking news out of southern california right now. police and fire are on the scene of a shooting at l.a.x. we've learned that the shooting has turned)zñ deadly. nbc bay area's laura garcia cannon has been following the situation very closely. she joins with us the latest information. laura. >> and the very latest information, marla, includes nbc news reporting that a tsa agent was killed at los angeles international airport this morning. it all started about 9:20 this morning with reports of a man with a rifle inside terminal three at los angeles international airport. chaoen


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