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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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bl >> everyone dropped to the floor and started calling. >> chaos at lax. a gunman opens fire and thousands of persons are still stranded at the airport. new details about the gunman. the story still developing at this hour. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> ever just into the newsroom, new cell phone video from inside lax as travelers evacuated the airport. you can see a lot with their
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hands in the air. very tense moments in the wake of the shooting. >> let's begin with stephanie stand on at lax. >> authorities are trying to determine what led a 23-year-old man here to walk into a busy firm here at lax and open fire. the tsa agents and injuring several others. chaos and terror erupted at los angeles international airport when a new jersey man living in los angeles allegedly walked inside the airport carrying this assault rifle and more than 200 rounds of ammunition. >> this morning a gunman opened fire in lax's terminal three, killing a tsa agent. the first to die in the line of duty. >> that agent is 39-year-old gerardo fernandez. this cell phone video obtained shows the chaos in the terminal as shots rang out. >> i was putting my shoes in the
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check out point and i hear shots. >> it was bang bang bang bang. >> i heard someone say run, run, run. all i could see was the crowd coming forward. >> he was able to get through the security area and the exit and in the terminal where terrified performs took cover. >> everybody dropped to the ground and started crawling along staying as low as possible. >> minutes later armed police officers were able to stop the gunman and take him into custody. >> i didn't overstate the competence and the heroism of the police officers that initially responded to this incident. >> operations were destructed and flights grounded for hours. >> there were about 746 flights affected. >> now as flights resume, authorities continue to investigate what led to this tragedy. officials say he texted his brother hinting at the
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possibility of suicide. their father early friday morning contacted police in new jersey whoa in return contacted the lapd. they went to his apartment to do a well mare check and spoke to his roommate. they said they saw him on thursday, but everything appeared to be okay. as we know now, things were far from okay. reporting live here in los angeles, i'm stephanie stanton. back to you. >> new at 11:00, we spoke with the friend and former roommate of the alleged shooter. james mincy had lunch with his fiance about a week ago and everything appeared fine. >> what i considered on the phone, he said he was going to work for his dad and family problems and whatever. i didn't know what was going on. >> the two men on craigslist when he was looking for a roommate, he moved out in
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january, but they kept in touch. while living together he doesn't remember anything odd or violent. >> out of terminal three, it is affecting travel in the bay area right now. some passengers expected to take off tonight will have to wait until tomorrow. jean is at san francisco international with the situation there. jean? >> jessica, what a long day and night for so many travelers. a spokesperson here at sfo said four airlines had flight cancellations connected to that shooting. virgin america had the most and lots of passengers will be right back here tomorrow to try to catch a flight out. under the watchful eye of police, some travelers got comfortable during long waits caused by canceled and delayed flights from sfo to lax. virgin america canceled more than a dozen flights. >> it was at 5:40 and i'm on the flight at 7:00 in the morning. >> marina will spend a long
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night and get home to germany a day later than planned. >> it was affecting me because i will be home a day later and i have to work on monday. >> the travel guide was working on making arrangements for 24 clients from china who expected to be in los angeles tonight. >> right now they say it's impossible. >> they are canceled and won't take off until early saturday morning. this group will be sleepy on the first day of sightseeing. >> i think they are very tired. >> becky is tired after spending hours at the airport waiting for a flight to texas, a six-hour delay means missing a wedding rehearsal dinner. >> i was supposed to go with my sister who i never met. >> she is looking on the bright side. her kids missed their flight to l.a. that would have put them in the center of the chaos at lax.
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>> they were supposed to be on the flight and then the second flight was canceled and we realized that's the time they would have arrived all by themselves in l.a. we were suddenly grateful they didn't make the flight. >> a spokesperson said he expects things to return to normal here tomorrow. a spokesperson for virgin america said the terminal three at lax, they kept make promises. if you are flying i it's best to call ahead and make sure you have a flight to catch. nbc bay area news. >> coverage of the l.a. shooting continues on line at you can hear more from travelers and get around the clock updates. >> now a follow-up. we obtained the 911 calls from the care home in castro valley. a cook and janitor called and they were left to care for 14 patients after the state shut down the facility.
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emergency officials say the workers called four times and never said the center was closed. neither had health care training. >> they were not looking at that. >> what's wrong with him? is he awake. >> yeah. >> we don't know? it's not working well? does he have pain? >> he look like he's in pain. >> is he breathing or vomiting blood. >> not vomiting or anything. >> we have paramedics on the way, okay? >> they prompted them to realize there were no professional care givers on site. >> eight people are recovering after a car fire flooded the tunnel with thick black smoke. that fire snarled traffic for hours and under scored how dangerous it can be and how difficult it can be for first responders to reach the injured. it is scheduled to open before
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the end of the year and it will have state-of-the-art improvements designed to stay alive. we have a look. >> bumper to bumper traffic in the evening commute at the caldecott tunnel. it's a pain for hundreds of drivers every day, but relief is coming. >> with the openingly of the four, there will be two tunnels in the traffic. >> they broke ground in 2010 slated to open by the end of the year. they died in a fiery crash and took eight people to the hospital for smoke inhalation and caused the traffic back up for miles. it reminds caltrans how important the new job is.
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>> now if there is a fire in the future, it will reduce traffic and reduce it by 50%. >> the new one has jet fans installed for state-of-the-art ventilation. there cameras and call boxes between the tunnels so people can escape danger if needed. the $400 million project is ready to go. >> the infrastructure whether tunnels or house, we want the best technology available to us. >> nbc bay area news. >> the chp said a drunk driver hit and killed a caltrans worker. here's the map south of the stock creek road exit. a drunk driver veered into a closed lane and hit two workers who were picking up traffic cones. one worker of dixon was pinned
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against his work truck and died. the second worker suffered minor injuries. the driver also went to the hospital with serious injuries, but expected to survive. the driver will face charges. breaking news in the east bay. it is finally over. the votes have been counted and late tonight workers have approved the temporary contract that ended last month's strike. a live look at the podium where union leaders announced application by the out come of the vote. they approved the contract with an 88% margin there of yes votes. about 2300. employees were eligible. the poll closed about an hour ago and now it's up to the bart board of directors to give the final approval. they are from strike threats for the next three years. the contract that expires in june of 2017 has a no strike
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clause. >> some 200 people gathered at the spot in santa rosa where 13-year-old carrying a replica assault rifle was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. they held the day of the dead observance in honor of the deputy. the deputy mistook for a real rifle. today is a mexican holiday that honors the very memory of those who died. the county leaders plan to address the concerns to tuesday's supervisor meeting. the boy's family said they will file a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court on monday. >> a prized possession from the law. live in san jose. tonight a giants fan wants a barry bonds autograph that was given to her when she was in the hospital bed more than years ago. her emotional story is next. >> also ahead at 11:00, does it
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go too far. the halloween costume that got employees suspended and why the punishment is not enough. >> throwing down tv. one unique approach that is flipping the switch on prime time programs. >> 74 today, but big time changes coming your way. i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking the windy and also cold weather for the weekend. our next chance of flan the next few minutes.
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. >> her prized possession has been stolen. a gift from giants legend barry bonds. george kiriyama joins us with the story. it was so important to her.
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they were a highlight to her for the families in the icu. >> the icu was a place where she spent weeks in 2003. she had to have a double lung transplant to survive and was in the icu where she met barry bonds for the second time. the first was at a make a wish event in florida when she was 8 years old. >> i see this huge man walk in my room and realize who it is. it was amazing. it was a bright light. >> bonds was visiting his father. heather summoned occupy the courage to ask him to sign the newspaper clipping. >> he signed it for he and i had it ever since. a treasured possession that is now gone and the family wants it back.
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unless i get the actual thing back, nothing can take its place on the wall. >> the autographed clipping was in the lower corner. the last check, the police did perform on halloween, but the case is still under review. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> hope she gets it back. three employees with two football coaches in a high school are suspended for wearing racially insensitive halloween costumes. one black face was a parody of a jamaican boy in cool runnings. the superintendent said they didn't mean to offend anyone, but the naacp said they did. >> they are misguide and need to learn their history. sometimes they don't know their history.
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we learned that they were on the field and the yard and were on the field this evening. >> a new way to fly on delta and jet blue. just yesterday the faa announced the policy changed and delta and jet blue were the first to get the official okay to move forward. jet blue celebrated on twitter with the photo of crew members and passengers raising their smart phones. >> halloween is over and the clock is ticking. wal-mart is wasting no time. they lost online offers today that resembled black friday and cyber monday deals. big savings on tvs and other electronics and free shipping on many orders. morgan stanley predicted the worst shopping season since 2008. that was the predict for this
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season. jcpenney's and macy's will open on thanksgiving this year instead of waiting for the next day which is black friday. >> head to the sierra. boreal mountain resort is opening lifts again tomorrow from 10 to 2. it opened at noon today for the first time this season. it's the 50 time in five years they didn't open in october, but only missed it by a day. >> we are so excited to be the first over here in california. they will be out here today. >> not a whole lot of snow, but it was enough for skiers to enjoy. >> if you are not shredding tomorrow, you can hang out in the bay area and chill out with jeff ranieri and the gang. >> why not? if you can find me, hang out. let's take a look at that weekend. colder systems and windy weather
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over the next couple of days. they managed that and track with the rainfall which is part of the north. we will get that colder air back behind the and we will see that wind increase. saturday does look like the event day of the weekend. we will start off on the cooler side for the fifth day in a row. temperatures in the upper 40s that is clear by the coast and cloud cover. temperatures primarily in the mid 50s. upper 50s by the bay. let us take you out to the skycam ra. we are looking at the weekend cool down that could equate to five to ten degrees below what we had for today. get ready to buy the changes into sunday with the weather alert by saturday night. winds pick up across the bridges and the hilltops. this comes one weekend after our
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last wind event so trees and power lines most certainly are going to be weakened. we will have more on the wind coming up. let's look at the saturday forecast. 74 in morgan hill and 72 in los gatos. to four degrees in the south bay for the east bay. we will see numbers go down by about five degrees. overall it will be a great saturday and plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. 74 in livermore and 71 in concord and 71 in castro valley. no more 70 no, sir san francisco. a slight onshore wind from the pacific. they dropped to 69. 71 in oakland and 72 in valet ho. as far as the wind goes, it will hold off until 9:00 on saturday evening. the coastline to the north bay, headed to the early sunday morning to about 10:00 and 11:00 as well and winds gust up here to across the east and the south
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bay. in the north bay at the coast, it could gust as high as 40 mirpts miles per hour as we head throughout sunday at this point. we thought we would like this. it has been so dry so far the past 30 to 40 days. by next thursday, we will see a storm lineup by thursday afternoon. we think by late thursday night also into friday, we should see a decent spread of rain that will mean even some sierra snow. let's get a check of the seven-day forecast and dramatic drop for mid 70s inland to upper 60s on sunday. don't forget the clocks and as we head throughout thursday and friday, we get the rain returning and more temperatures back down into the 50s. as i said earlier, don't forget the clocks. back one hour by sunday. >> we have a rhyming weather man. >> i get pate to do it all. >> just ahead, a change to a
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> don't call it a food court anymore. it is a dining terrace. the grand reopening in the dining area offers more than the standard fare. the eateries will have 18 places to dine and a wine bar, lounge seating and outdoor patio with fire pits. they have cable with built in tablets and allows diners to go online for free. >> speaking of food, they are changing the recipe to mac and cheese. they will tone down the neon yellow. kraft is removing the dyes marketed to kids. kraft is removing yellow from products like the spongebob square pants noodles and pab ricka and other spices will be used to add the color. this is not in response to the campaign to remove the dye.
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up next, bad news for one of the warriors and a makeover for one of the sharks. we also have jay. >> we will have melissa carthy on the program and from watch what happens, andy cohen is here as well. a great, great song and we play dare.
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already smiling. we haven't done anything. it's friday night. that's why. >> i have another three minutes. >> get going. >> we will start with basketball here. the pacific division in the nba experiencing with the lakers down. the clippers and warriors come and the kings will have to be part of that group as well. they take on the clippers and pick it up in the fourth. isaiah thomas driving to make a difficult jumper. kevin johnson is there with a game high 29 points.
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27 feet out. he had 26 points and pull away. they win 110-101. >> you can't put yourself in that hole. >> we are down by 15 points and we got back in the game. we got stop and meat the play, but it's a good team over there. >> warriors forward will miss his third game to start the season according to a report by the news crew. they go from left information and has not played since playing in a preseason on october seventh. in of the bo on, the celtics unveiled a 6'10" 600 pound statue of nba legend bill russell in boston. the hall of famer for the artist had done well considering what she had to work with. very self deprecating.
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forward brent burns underwent a makeover from charity. raised over $23,000 for charity and all he had to do was shave his beard and long looks. he said it was all his wife's idea. >> she came up with the idea that said get rid of everything and start all over. we can do what we thought we could get and it was fast. it was unbelievable. >> generous fans out there, the santa cruz warriors and his brother michael is giving them a curry and thompson of their own in the d league. my weekend starts now. not so lucky. more news after this.
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for special offers, visit >> what's next? draft growth.
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those could be the next big things. it's a new trend called slow tv. they have a four-hour documentary followed by five straight hours of knitting on a show called national firewood night. half of it was looking at a burning fireplace. maybe they know something we don't. >> you love that, don't you? >> yes. >> have a great weekend.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- melissa mccarthy. from "watch what happens live," andy cohen. the music of empire of the sun. and now, jay leno!
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! thank you! thank you! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you very much! did y'all have a fun halloween?


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