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tv   Today  NBC  November 2, 2013 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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terror in the terminal. >> stop run, run, run! >> a gunman opens fire in a crowded terminal at l.a.x. and killing one tsa officer and sending passengers running for their lives. >> the guy came in through the glass doors like nothing and comes in shooting everyone. >> who is he? definite a grudge against the tsa? we're live in los angeles with the latest. unsportsmanlike conduct. a miami dolphin leaves the team under mysterious circumstances. allegations of repeated bullying led him to quit. could a lunch room prank have been the final straw? rocky mountain high anxiety. the denver nuggets mascot passes out.
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during pre game introductions. an update on the mascot "today," saturday, november 2nd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill. alongside maria schiavocampo who is in for jen a and dylan dreyer. jen a, of course on maternity leave. >> the top story. the deadly shooting of the tsa agent in los angeles airport. the 39-year-old victim the first officer to be killed in the line of duty in the agency's 12-year history. the suspected gunman and several others remain hospitalized this morning and investigators trying to answer the question who set the shooter off as they continue to look for clues. miguel almaguer is in los angeles this morning and has the latest for us. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, lester. the suspect is 23-year-old paul ciancia. police say he entered terminal 3 here at lax, opened fire, killing a tsa agent, injuring at least seven others before he himself was wounded in a gun battle. now, this all happened at a busy terminal 3 at 9:30 in the morning on friday, during the middle of the morning rush. police say ciancia walked into the terminal, pulled out an assault rifle, killed one, moved past security into the terminal where he was pursued by police and later taken into custody. the tsa agent is identified as gerardo hernandez. passengers during all of this hid inside restrooms, many poured out on to the tarmac. there was bloodshed and chaos that filled the terminal. investigators were able to shut down the terminal.
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167,000 passengers here at lax, the third busiest in the country were affected by this. the terminal today remains shut down although the other terminals are operational. it was chaos and confusion all day yesterday, lester. but the suspect is in custody, lester. >> miguel almaguer at lax. thank you. pete williams has more on the investigation into the suspect and also a possible motive. he's with us from washington. pete, what can you tell us? >> i can tell you, erica, that federal officials are going through this person's background hoping to find out what led him to take a rifle and over 100 rounds of ammunition to the airport. they say paul anthony ciancia, age 23, originally from new jersey, was carrying some radical antigovernment written material they describe as harshly critical of the federal government in general and tsa in particular and in the airport they say he was targeting tsa employees.
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police in pennsville, new jersey, where the family lives there he sent his younger brother a text message saying he wouldn't be alive much longer. police and the fbi have questioned members of his family in new jersey. ciancia's father tells us he talked to him last week complaining of the economy and not having a job and a roommate in los angeles says all of this comes as a shock. >> never had anger or anything in him. when he was here, nothing. i didn't have any issues with him or anything. he was a really nice job. -- nice guy. a bit loner, introverted but nothing i would ever expect him to do something like this. >> reporter: both state and local official say they have no record of any trouble from before paul ciancia and at a loss to explain this morning why a 23-year-old who apparently didn't fly much would be so angry at the tsa.
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erica, lester? >> one of the many questions. pete williams, thank you. william bratton was the chief of police in los angeles for seven years until 2009. good morning. not it diminish their role, but tsa are not police officers and not armed guards. anyone to prevent someone from getting through the checkpoints? >> the tsa agents are, in fact, unarmed and you rely largely on airport police or local police for the armed security. >> i know los angeles airport is patrolled by their own police force, as well as lapd. there was an exercise we are told that was staged, ee vengsly practicing this very scenario and a thought that prevented, you know, further loss of life. at the same time, this gunman made it into the air side of the terminal and made it down toward the end and presumably could have gotten on a departing or arriving flight. did something go wrong in the process here?
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>> one of the things they will look at is how did he get so far into the terminal. l.a.x. has probably some of the largest and most physical security in the airport in the country and normally two uniformed armed officers right at the baggage checkpoint area that would normally preclude somebody getting past that checkpoint. they'll take a look certainly at where those officers at that particular time, the response units that they have in the airport in terms of where were they. there will be a lot of after the fact examination to try and preclude something like this from happening again going forward. >> you know, i remember in the months following 9/11, we came accustomed to seeing military troops, national guard troops patrolling terminals. that fell off. do we have a tendency -- and the thought that they were there for this very type scenario, albeit by terrorists, but do we have a tendency to lower our guard and is this an example of that? >> we certainly tend to scale back, although here in new york, you still see the national guard
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at the airports and train stations. but the fact that they had a training exercise as recently as several weeks ago for this exact scenario you may recall back on july 4th, 2002, at this airport, the international terminal, they had a similar incident, individual with two hand guns shot and wounded people before he was shot and killed. they learned a lot from that incident right after 9/11. >> william bratton, thank you for joining us. let get a check of the rest of the stories. >> good morning, erica, good morning lester. there are heightened concerns this morning that iraq is entering a downward spiral of violence. the country's prime minister met with president obama at the white house on friday. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engle is in cairo joining us with more. good morning. >> reporter: this is an awkward visit for president maliki coming to the united states effectively hat in hand asking for help because his country is back in a civil war.
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the u.n. said around a thousand people are now being killed in iraq every single month. prime minister maliki wants the united states to supply more weapons, to supply drones, and to generally get reengaged in iraq's security. and the level of violence overall in iraq is now returned to roughly 2008 level. now, that's a significant statement, because it means the gains of the u.s. surge have been effectively wiped out and that would mean a great deal for all of the americans who served there working so hard to bring the country some degree of stability to see it go back to where it is right now. >> richard, we are also getting more details this morning about a u.s. drone strike that killed the leader of the pakistani taliban. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: ma sued, he was the leader of the pakistani taliban that killed many people. it's believed he
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was killed by a u.s. drone strike and this is something of a vendetta attack from the u.s. intelligence because mussad was believed to be responsible for organizing an attack against the cia in 2009 in afghanistan and a sending a man, the bomber who failed to detonate a car bomb in new york's times square in 2010. richard, thanks so much for that. new revelations emerging this morning from a criminal trial in london where formal journalists are accused of hacking phones to get the scoop on prince william and kate middleton back when they were dating. prosecutors say a string of stories in the now defunct tabloid "news of the world" came from listening to private voice mail messages. the defendants have denied the charges against them. the u.s. isn't showing any leniency toward edward snowden after he pleaded for international help and asking for the u.s. to drop spying charges against him. a german lawmaker released the letter friday following a meeting with snowden in russia. snowden said he would like to
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testify before congress and he would be willing to help officials in germany investigate alleged u.s. spying there. honda is recalling more an 300,000 odyssey minivans to fix a problem that can cause the vehicle to break without warning. it affects the 2007 and 2008 model years. honda said the fix won't be available until next spring so it's mailing out instructions telling owners how they should drive to prevent the problem from occurring. a scare for denver nuggets fans at friday night's home opener and it wasn't just the score against the trail blazers. before the game the mascot rocky was lowered from the ceiling of the pepsi center to the floor for player introductions. the fans cheered and spotlight on him but one problem. rocky was apparently unconscious the entire time! he then collapsed to the floor where doctors did check him out. the nuggets say rocky is doing just fine but the team didn't fare too well as they lost to portland. 113-98.
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glad to hear he's okay. but is it the best idea to lower somebody from the elevation in the mile high city? >> the mascot uniforms are so hot! difficult to breathe. i'm glad he's okay. really scary moment. >> very scary. dylan is here with a check of the national forecast. >> good morning, everyone. we are getting a closer look at some damage that was left behind in texas. we had some very strong storms move through parts of central texas. this started wednesday night. three people have died and we ended up with about 13 inches of rainfall. so you can see just the flooding and crews are now just getting a better look to see just how much damage they have to clear out now. and eventually with the weather improving, residents will be able to go back and clean up some of that damage. but the flooding was brutal out that way because of the 13 inches of rain. this now is that cold front that has moved off most of the east coast, although we will see a couple of scattered storms move
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through central and southern florida today. a much bigger storm in parts of the northwest. in seattle, we have this cold front that is making its way on shore and behind it, we are seeing moisture streaming in. you can see some of that real heavy rain that is moving into the coast of the washington state area and also with the rain comes some very gusty winds. along the coast, we could see wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and about 3 inches of rain. that's a look at the weather across the country. it's a chilly start to the weekend, especially the north bay. 51 in san francisco. not much wind to start the day but that is going to chang. a cold front will sweep on by. it going to bring us cooler and dry air. we'll see gusts up to 45 miles per hour tonight into tomorrow morning with a cool are finish to the weekend and a little less wind by monday.
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erica? >> dylan, thanks. it hasn't even officially been released to the public yet but already the new bombshell book "double down" has many washington power players doubling up on their efforts. andrea mitchell has an inside look. >> reporter: the white house is trying to put out fires caused by the new book "double down" which reports that obama aides secretly polled to jump joe -- dump joe biden for hillary clinton in 2012. >> important to note that campaigns and pollsters, as part of campaigns, test a lot of things. >> reporter: the book has new details on obama's rocky relationship with bill clinton. when the two tried to bond over golf, obama couldn't even finish 18 holes, telling an aide, "i like him in doses." the authors write that after obama spent time with the famously talkative clinton in new york, they were supposed to share a one-on-one meal but obama couldn't handle any more undiluted clinton so invited aides to join. other nuggets. the romney camp opposition research on tim pawlenty to
5:14 am
michele bachmann to the iowa straw poll potentially knocking a romney challenger out of the race. they dubbed their search code fish and gave trade names. marco rubio, paul ryan fish con sin and chris christie puffer fish. the book says romney ridiculed christie's weight and said the garden state governor's background was littered with potential land mines >> i have a great relationship with the romney's and the campaign. it's all -- it's all just, you know, trying to make sure they sell as many books as possible. >> reporter: a book with new insights into christie, hillary clinton and biden all potential rivals in the next campaign. for "today," andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. >> chris matthews is the host of msnbc's "hardball." author of the book "tip and the gipper, when politics worked." nice to have you with us this morning. >> good morning, erica. >> today, chris christie is out
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campaigning in new jersey. there is an election there on tuesday. he wants to hold on to his job as governor. with these allegations that romney reportedly passed up on him because, quote, he was littered with land mines, any sense at this point what those alleged land mines could be and how they may possibly come out? >> you know, there's a lot of little things in there but none of them are really explosive. one is the fact when he was u.s. attorney he had a heavy expense account and spending too much money spending at the four seasons. i don't know this will kill anybody but it shows that romney didn't want to pick christie for a whole lot of reasons. >> any other reasons we should know about besides the four seasons? >> that is big. apparently romney would make fun of the governor's girth. he doesn't like people who aren't fit and who are late for meetings. look at the two guys when you see the stylistic and lifestyle differences. >> lot of differences there. >> the obama campaign as we learned looked at possibly replacing vice president biden on the ticket. i imagine that wouldn't probably
5:16 am
sit very well with the vice president. what are your thoughts on this and how this all may have happened? >> well, first off, i'm not sure it was ever cleared by the campaign staff themselves. i think this was something billy -- may have been involved in lightly. anybody who thinks about it knows you don't have to have focus groups to know that the president dumped joe biden, it would have been a sign of desperation like an airplane throwing furniture out the plane to lighten its load. he would have looked selfish and desperate and cold-hearted and if he had picked hillary clinton as a running mate and won he would have committed a clinton sandwich. would he lame duck from the second he got renominated. i think it was a stupid idea if they were thinking about it and i'm not sure they were seriously thinking about it. in terms of what's happening in washington with the president, the health care rollout, we are learning that six people were able to sign up on day one. yesterday, jay carney said this
5:17 am
is a dog bite man's story as we talk about health care but yet this is a big deal and we're learning more. is it accurate or wise i should say for the white house to downplay this as dog bite's man? >> i think they have to accept the fact this was a big screw up. i think new york mayor laguardia said when i make a mistake, it's a butte. this is something the president cares about more than anything in his legacy, the major contribution he has made to the social safety net. it will ultimately succeed, but it only succeed if he keeps his credibility. i think it's important as we go through this rocky period he is seen the man you go to. he always has to tell the whole truth. bobby kennedy used to say hang a lantern on your problem and let people know what your problem is so they will begin to trust you more. real quickly a yes or no. do you think the president needs to come out and talk more about this? >> no. i think he needs to be candid
5:18 am
about the fact the issue is still this one. does this country take moral responsibility for the 40 million people waiting in emergency rooms or not? focus back on the central question -- one party has the health care plan. the other party does not have one. and the one that does not have a health care plan is least able to be critical. it doesn't have a dog in this race. it hasn't tried to deal with the health care problem. it doesn't have the moral credibility to mock the one party and the one president who has succeeded. he has to return to the issue of morality and the fact we owe our brothers and sisters health care and make sure they take responsibility for it. it is, in fact, a political question. not an efficiency question. he can't get involved in letting this be judged on whether it's successfully rolled out or not. he has to make the question should we try to bring health care to people who don't have it or not and and put his enemies on the defensive. >> thanks dwep.
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again. bernard kerrick's went to president bush's nominee for head of homeland security. he wound up pleading guilty to tax evasion. in line to the white house. spending three years in a federal minimum security prison. earlier this week, he spoke to matt lauer days after being relieved from house arrest. he opened up about what he realized about life behind bars and his new mission now that he's out. >> bernie, you spent six years of your life running that jail over our shoulder there which is one of the biggest and most notorious jails in the country. when you look back at that place now, does your perspective change? >> yeah, it changes. when i ran that system, i focused on the day-to-day operations of care, custody, and control. what i realized today is, especially in the federal prison system, that's not necessarily the focus. >> reporter: despite a long and impressive resume in law
5:20 am
enforcement, kerik says only a few months after behind bars himself that he realized that criminal justice system was broken. >> these young men, first-time nonviolence low level drug offense their sentence may be five or ten years, but you know what? it's not a five or ten-year sentence. it's a life sentence. the collateral damage is for life. i am a convicted felon that will last till the day i die. >> reporter: i'm listening to you, bernie, but i can almost hear people watching this interview, say, yeah, it's tough but you broke the law and that's what you get. >> that's one way to look at it and the way i looked at it before i went in. except the reality is, you want to punish them? okay, punish them. but don't destroy them. don't remove all of their societal values and replace them with institutional ones and think they are going back to society a better person because they won't and they are not. >> bernard kerik will join matt
5:21 am
in a live interview on monday and talk about the decisions that landed him in prison. if you have a question for kerik tweet us using the #kerik on "today." still to come, another public official, under suspicion. toronto's mayor remains defiant as he faces a drug accusation. we are back in a moment but, first, this is "today." defiant as he faces a drug [ female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents
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♪ still to come on "today," it's an interesting pairing. a man, his cat, and a bike. they are riding through one of america's busiest cities. >> is there a punch line to this? >> later. i want to make you stick around for this. harrison ford on his new science fi
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introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing. good morning. looking live from the bridge at emeryville this morning, pretty clear this morning but chilly. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayedda. >> things are going to change by mid afternoon, a cold front, not seeing showers but a cool front gushing into the area. the wind speeds should not get quite as strong. you'll notice hour by hour, wind
5:27 am
speeds getting up around 45 miles an hour. starting at 11:00 tonight, mostly sunny, 60s and 0s for highs today. tomorrow, a little bit cooler and we're going to be getting that extra hour of sleep. >> i was singing the happiest time of the year song around this time. >> bart workers approved a temporary contract. union leaders announced a ratification about the outcome of the vote. the union approved the contract with an 88% approval. about 2,300 employees were eligible to cast ballots. if the board of director gives final approval, the bay area is safe from strike threats for the next three years. the contract, which expires in june of 2017 has a no-strike
5:28 am
clause. >> we continue to follow the developing story out of l.a.x. this morning, where a man carrying a high-powered rifle entered the terminal. one agent was killed and at least three other were injured when the shooter opened fire yesterday morning. cell phone video shows the fear, the panic and confusion. ciancia was able to get through the security area and through the exit where officers were able to stop the gunman and take him into custody. nearly 800 flights were impacted leaving passengers stranded in the the bay area and long.
5:29 am
>> some travelers got comfortable during long waits caused by cancelled and delayed flights from sfo to l.a.x. virgin markethad the most cancelled flights because it operates out of terminal three. coming up this morning, a die hard giants fan searching craigs list and ebay this morning hoping to find her prized gift from barry bonds. right now, the "today" show. ♪ ♪ i ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good.
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back now on this saturday morning. it is november 2nd, 2013. it's a beautiful fall morning here in new york city. look at those beautiful people out there on the plaza. i have a feeling some of them at this point tomorrow will be getting ready to do a little running at the new york city marathon as some of the folks on our staff are doing that as well. >> none of us. >> none of us. >> only because we are working. you could totally do it but we're working. >> yeah. >> and lester doesn't like to run. >> tomorrow is the clock day, right? >> yes! we ultimately get an extra hour of sleep! >> you have a terrible track record? >> i have issues. too much sleeping. >> you have a lot of sleeping issues. >> we will remind you before again before the end of the broadcast. a lot coming up this half hour including a sit-down with
5:31 am
actor harrison ford who stars in a sentence fiction movie based on a best selling novel in 1985 and talk to him about his role in the movie and why he will reveal his surprise role in the "star wars" movie. he is on the front lines working as an nbc news correspondent for decades but our martin fletcher is spending his days now writing and tell us about his new novel. >> a fantastic read. later, it may be november 2nd but if looking a lot like christmas these days, because a number of stores already have out not only their holiday decorations, but their holiday deals. could it be too much too soon? the age-old question. >> we ask that question every year. >> we do. it gets earlier every year i can tell you that. >> i haven't seen anything about hallowe halloween. might have been but i didn't see anything. >> i was speaking to folks in connecticut this morning. they said one of the anchors in connecticut said she was driving around and saw christmas deck
5:32 am
races before halloween in people's yards. >> wow. that is like white after labor day. >> it is just wrong, isn't it? >> so wrong! any way we will get to that. a nfl player that walked away after a lunch room prank that went wrong. shocking allegations out of toronto. a video set to show the mayor of canada's largest city smoking crack. that video appears to be in the hands of police. maria schiavocampo is back with more that. a lot of twitters and turns on that one. >> a shocking allegation. police have turned that video to the courts along with other videos, documents, and surveillance pictures. now the fate of the mayor ray rest in the hands of the justice system. >> can you get off my drive! get off my drive! get off my driveway! get off my property! >> i'm leaving. >> thank you very much! >> reporter: a media frenzy in the midst of a political firestorm. police say they have a video threatening to derail the
5:33 am
political career of toronto mayor rob ford. >> i can tell you the digital video file that we have recovered depicts images which are consistent with those previously been reported in the press. >> reporter: earlier this year, a video was being shopped around to media outlets. several reporters claimed to á say mayor rob ford smoking from what looks like a crack pipe and hanging out at what police describe as a crack house. now police are strongly indicating they, indeed, have that video. >> i think it's fair to say that the mayor does appear in those -- in that video. >> reporter: police have also now relieved documents and surveillance pictures detailing phone calls and meetings which they say link the mayor ford to an accused drug dealer. mayor ford has denied the existence of the video and dismissing calls for his resignation. >> i wish i could come out and defend myself. unfortunately, i can't. because i have no reason to
5:34 am
resign. i'm going to go back and return my phone calls and i'm going to be out and doing what the people elected me to do thank you. >> reporter: a bombshell allegation that is rattling canada's largest city. >> what will you tell us about -- >> thank you, thank you. >> -- released today? >> thank you. thank you. >> don't get run over. it is a baffling story. >> it is but we will see how this unfolds. another check of the weather now with dylan dreyer. >> good morning. it's pretty nice out here right now. you're running in the marathon tomorrow morning? >> we are. >> some people out here are running the marathon. 45 degrees and very windy. >> we will take that. >> that's okay? >> yeah. >> i'm just not a marathon runner. that sounds awful and my excuse to sit inside on the couch. a cold front is moving through the area. today it's really nice and gorgeous out here right now. we have a nice southwest wind and temperatures up and down the mid-atlantic will be getting 5 to 10 degrees above average but,
5:35 am
tomorrow, the winds start gusting out of the northwest. perhaps gusting up to 25 to 30 miles an hour and that is going to drag down some cold air. temperatures will go about 10 degrees below average. that's a look at the here's a nice view across the bay this morning. a mirror-like reflection. that will change as we get gusty winds later today. a little patchy fog around the golden gate. highs today upper 60s to low 70s. but tonight go b 45 miles an hour in the hills. watch out for the winds. a cooler finish with breezy conditions on sunday. is your latest forecast. erica. >> dylan, thanks. just ahead, the bicyclist turning heads and is a co-pilot. his co-pilot is always there by his side. look at that little guy.
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5:39 am
germany. great to see you. good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> fiction writing has become your thing now. although]v somewhat like a historical narrative. but so much has been written about the holocaust. you pick up after the holocaust at the end of the war. >> did that deliberately. so much fiction is written about the buildup to war that is the most exciting and dramatic period and the war itself and the holocaust. very little was written about the day after. what is it like the day after an incredible tragedy? so it's about what happened to two holocaust survivors after the holocaust, jews in germany, 1945. for me as a reporter having covered these kind of horrific events not in the@'m holocaustñ cars a wars and disasters that was the question what is it like to the people afterwards? >> you answer a question came up in a conversation one of our colleagues here. why would jews return to germany after the holocaust? and, of course, as we read this
5:40 am
narrative that you've put together of these two individuals, obviously, it's a very honorable choice on some levels that that he make. >> yeah, you know, i didn't know what to write about and i was asked that question, why would jews return? i said that is a great question. why would they? i didn't have an answer. i spent a lot of time in germany and was searching that question. one interesting thing i found a number of german jews who lived in germany and went back after the camps but noteúc!÷ one of t would talk to me. a lot of guilt associated with that. >> the final character jacob comes back and finds the happily home is occupied that is a common experience. >> both came to their homes and found them occupied by germans and one of the things about being a refuge. the most important thing you want to do is go home. go back. but there is no home. >> jacob in the book, jacob's oath=z
5:41 am
correct? >> yeah. the story is jacob was a concentration camp inmate. his brother was killed by a german guard and he swore revenge and swore in oath to kill the murderer. then he goes home and falls in love with another holocaust survivor. the whole issue of the book is what is more important? the past or the future or love or hate or love or revenge? >> i know this reads like a history book as well. you write about these groups of jews who are out really seeking revenge against their former tormentors? >> yeah. after world war ii two were british soldiers from palestine and came to germany and undercover secret group that assassinated. re moment and the extraordinary devastation of germany right after the war and makes it all
5:42 am
together with my story. >> it's a wonderfully written book and i would expect no less. the book isó oath." ♪ [ male announcer ] rocky had no idea why dawn was gone for so long... ...but he'd wait for her forever and would always be there with the biggest welcome home. for a love this strong, dawn only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein. help keep rocky's body as strong as a love that never fades. iams. keep love strong. now you can keep love fun with new shakeables meaty treats. and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it.
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5:45 am
returns to a new movie called "the enders game." ford plays a commander in a global military force who must find the best young mind to save the human race from an alien attack. >> we need minds like yours, ender. young people integrate complex data more easily than adults. if there is a chance and because of you, they might leave us alone forever, then i have to ask you to come with me..-x >> it's what i was born for, right. >> reporter: harrison ford is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> i wasn't sure what to expect because i haven't read the book which is helpful going into it. it draws you right in. >> well, that's good. it's a 28-year-old book that predicted the internet 28 years ago, predicted drone war fare, and so there's, you know, a sort of -- there is a real intelligence behind the telling
5:46 am
of this story. these young people are not being trained for a war for some national advantage or for religion or economic opportunity. this is a war against an alien life form that comes from another part of the galaxy and threatens life on earth. >> right. even though this is originally written as a young adult, the theme here is very much an adult one. is there something you would like to see as a takeaway for people? because it's kind of a thinking movie. >> it's a thinking movie but i'm not sure that i would like to pronounce a message for it because i think that kind of robs you of being able to participate. i think it's a great movie for young people and their parents to see together, because i think it will create -- the questions will be asked and, hopefully, in a family setting you might find some answers. it concerns things like the responsibilities of growing up and facing military training,
5:47 am
bullying are a lot of the things that -- that you experience when you see this film. >> there's a line at one point in the movie and i don't want to give too much away, that talks about a theme i think leach parents may talk about with their ki⌝y it's not always whether you win but how you play the game is essentially going other. how much of that did you feel going into this and once you read the script and you knew a little bit more about the part? >>7x-ñ well, you know, the character -- i don't -- i find it hard to judge a character that i'm going to play. it's often said that -- about actors that they need to love the character they are playing. i don't -- >> you don't need to love them? you don't need to love the colonel? >> no. but i think i understand what he is doing. and what he is doing is what the military dick 80s that he has to do. to train this young man and don't worry about it afterwards.
5:48 am
>> before we let you go, i know you said you would love to reprise indiana jones and talk about hans solo. would you like to talk about that? >> i'm not able to say much about it at this point. >> so we will read into that whatever we want to read into that, how is that? >> a work in progress. >> a work in progress. thanks for coming by. appreciate that.< the move is "enders game." and it's in movies nationwide. we will"k this is "today" on nbc. ♪
5:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside...
5:50 am
♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. ♪ you got a friend in me >> you know, dogs get all of the good pr about being the faithful companions and man's best frienñ but a philadelphia man who has got a favorite cat who is his best companion. >> a cat does get -- >> i love cats. >> i would be a cat lady but my
5:51 am
husband is allergic. >> hang out with my cat lula. >> i would love> another cat who really spends all of her time hanging with her favoria:s guy all around town d they really do travel in style. here is more. >> reporter: most cyclists choose to ride solo. their only companion is vq bicycle and the open road but one who never bikes alone. he brings his friend. ♪ >> let's go. >> reporter: who is this? >> this is mary jane. she's my company on the bike. she's about 15 months old and she's been riding her whole life. i took her out after she was 2month-old actually on street right here. we went down one end and came back and she didn't hate it. >> reporter: now you go all over with m.j. on your shoulder?
5:52 am
>> furthest we have gone out on a single ride is 25 miles. >> reporter: wow. like you're wingmen? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you guys kind of work together on the bike or do you do your thing and you know m.j. is sticking with you the entire time? >> i can read her body language so i know when she is a little uncomfortable. when she will do is switch from one shoulder to the other and then she is fine. >> reporter: no doubt m.j. loves the wind in her fur, but people not so much. do you think i could try to maybe? >> no one hak5we tried since sh has been this size but you're more than welcome to. >> reporter: really? now that we're acquainted, it was time to get to business so we couldn't hang out with you today without you taking me on a bike ride. >> of course. >> reporter: i want to warn you, i haven't ridden a bike in quite a while, like 15 years. following rudy and m.j. through the winding streets in
5:53 am
philadelphia and after a little wobbling, a few bumps, and a run away camera, we are good, we are good. i finally got the hang of it. still not ready for a wild one on my back but a stuffed one? absolutely! as for rudy, he'll stick to his favorite cat co-pilot. >> she just has always love it. you know, i've never gotten a bad vibe from her and that's why we continue driving. yes, that's exciting, isn't it? >> friendly little kitty. >> very socially. >> we have a lot more on "today" >> we ha[ kelly ]more on "today" people say it's really hard to follow a healthy routine. guess what? you can do it. that it's almost impossible to eat healthy. but you can do it. that you can't improve your mouth's health with a toothpaste. with colgate total® you can. [ male announcer ] colgate total® does more than protect. it fights germs for 12 hours. in 24 hours starts to fortify enamel. and in 4 weeks helps improve gum health. you see? for better mouth health, use colgate total®.
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. test test
5:56 am
. good morning, everyone. looking live at our camera, the golden gate bridge looking foggy this morning. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> good morning. san francisco a little extra moisture, they're keeping the temperatures up where it's dryer. temperatures closer to 40 in fairfield. you'll see a cold front come through this afternoon. high clouds passing by behind it, gusty, northerly winds, temperaturewise not too bad today. 70 inland today, tomorrow
5:57 am
turning cooler. the big headlines will be the gusty winds which may get to 45 miles an hour in the hills. sunday's highs mostly in the 60s. >>. >> it is finally over, the votes counted and union leaders announced a ratification of the vote. 2,300 employees bart employees were eligible to cast ballots. the contract, which expires in june 2017 has a no-strike clause. >> and we continue to follow a developing story out of los angeles this morning where at terminal three at l.a.x. a shooter went on a rampage with a
5:58 am
high power rifle. the alleged shooter is 23-year-old paul ciancia, a u.s. citizen. one tsa agent was killed and at least three other were injured when the shooter opened fire in a busy terminal yesterday morning. this cell phone video shows fear, panic, confusion in the moments after the shots rang out. he was able to get through the area and inside the area where armed officers stopped him and took him into custody. meanly 800 flights were impacted, leaving passengers stranded, not just in los angeles but here in the bay area and beyond. they are now back at the airport this morning trying to catch flights out. some travelers got comfortable during long waits caused by cancelled and delayed flight from sfo to l.a.x. an airport spokesperson said four airlines had cancellations.
5:59 am
virgin america has the most because it does operate out of terminal three in l.a.x. >> coming up today, a die hard giants fan now searching on craigslist and ebay this morning hoping to find her prized gift from barry bonds that has been hanging on her wall in her home for the last ten years but burglars broke in and swiped it. now here's more of the "today" show.
6:00 am
good morning. it's saturday, november 2, 2013. here's a look at today's top stories. could it have been worse? authorities say the 23-year-old man accused of going on a shooting spree at los angeles international airport had at least 150 rounds of ammunition and carried a grudge against the tsa. one tsa agent is dead, several other people wounded, including the suspected gunman. strike against terror. a u.s. drone attack kills one of america's most wanted terrorists, the head of the taliban in pakistan. he was accused of being behind an attack on the cia in afghanistan, and a failed car bombing in times square. experts say it's a big blow on the war in terror. and unsportsman like
6:01 am
conduct? a miami dolphins lineman leaves the team amid allegations of bullying. could it be a lunch prank gone wrong? i'm lester holt. >> and i'm erica hill. >> nice to have everybody here. we want to begin this morning with the investigation into friday's shooting spree at the l.a. airport that left a tsa officer dead. we want to get right to miguel alma gear in los angeles with the latest on the shootings and on the suspect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. terminal three where the shooting took place remains a crime scene. it is shut down as investigators still are trying to piece together exactly what happened. still 167,000 passengers were impacted by the shooting. it all came during the middle of the morning weekday commute. >> shots fired. >> reporter: hundreds scrambled for their lives as the lone gunman opened fire inside l.a.x. chaos and bloodshed at 9:30 friday morning.
6:02 am
police say 23-year-old paul ciancia walked inside the terminal, pulled this assault rifle from a bag, and unleashed round after round. >> one of the witnesses is saying that the gunman is targeting tsa. >> this morning, a man opened fire at l.a.x. terminal three killing a tsa agent. >> the agent killed was identified as 39-year-old girardeau hernandez. but the gunfire wasn't over. police say the suspect was on the move. now passed security and headed through the terminals. >> he came straight at me. i was five feet from here. >> panicked passengers hit in rest rooms. others poured onto the tarmac. >> i heard the gunshots, and i heard people kind of screaming. and i could see the terror on their faces. >> reporter: police gave chase. soon, a gun battle. >> airport police officers engaged the suspect, opened
6:03 am
fire, wounded him, and took him into custody. >> is he down? >> he is down. >> reporter: with at least seven injured and six hospitalized, the wounded were carted to safety. >> a man in a wheelchair as well as that tsa agent there covered in blood. his leg has been hit. or at least is bleeding. >> reporter: tactical teams swept the terminal. access roads and parking garages all shut down. later the all clear. the threat finally over. this morning, the suspect, an l.a. resident remains in custody as police continue to investigate the motive. meantime, l.a.x., the nation's third busiest airport, remains in some delays and cancellations. that may take a couple hours more for things to get back to normal at this airport here. erica? among the terrified travellers who ran for cover as the shots rang out in the
6:04 am
terminal were phil shin and tom and michelle lagos. good to have you here. good morning. >> good morning. you have somewhat of a timeline for us based on your experiences. phil, you heard the gunshots just after you had gone through the security checkpoint. you hit the deck, and then at one point you realized the shooter is coming up the escalator behind you. would you walk us through that scene? >> as soon as the first shots went off, that's when i heard the gunman yelling for tsa employees. so right then and there, i assumed he was a disgruntled employee. i hit the deck, and i just tried to stay as low and as small as possible. and i glanced up, and sure enough, that's when i got to see his shoes and the barrel of his assault rifle. so at that moment, that's when i actually felt -- feared for my life, thinking i may get shot right then and there. >> as you were making your way
6:05 am
out, what was happening around you? what were the other passengers doing, and was there any security that you noticed? >> when the first shots went off, there was certainly mild chaos, where everybody was just trying to take cover. but at that point when he was making his way up towards the security screening area, i didn't hear a single thing. that's what made it so weird, because, you know, we were all in danger at that point. >> now at the other end of this, you were at a gate down there. michelle, you had fallen asleep waiting for your flight, which was delayed at that point. tom, when you see all of these people start to rush toward the last gates of the terminal where you are to make their way outside, did you realize there had been gunshots fired? >> i had no idea. i had just gone out and gotten a coffee. and i was walking back to michelle, to our terminal, and then i looked back to see a sea of people running in our direction. and it was just sort of chaos. and everybody looked very frightened. and then i saw --
6:06 am
>> and, michelle, you helped people get out to the tarmac. is that correct? >> well, yes. we -- i woke up to chaos. everyone was running towards me. and then at some point, things -- people started looking around. and i think someone saw the door. i don't know how the door to the tarmac was opened. and then there was a sea of people just trying to get out. and there was a point where people started saying there's babies, there's children. and then i think there was a slight pause in the crowd. and sort of let the moms with the babies out. and i was right behind them, and sort of -- there was, you know, several people just sort of shielding them a little bit and making sure that they got out first. >> so you get outside. essentially, to what must seem like a safe place. you're out of the building, on the tarmac. tom, you decide to come back inside at one point and get your bags. and you saw the shooter. >> yes. and the confusion, michelle had just woken up. we had just made it to the
6:07 am
tarmac. we don't know what's going on. we don't know if there was just a scare, if it was a drill or whatnot. so i went and picked up our bags, and that's when i noticed the shooter was calmly walking around inside the terminal near the gates. and my first glance, you know, i thought he may have been law enforcement. but then i looked again, and i saw a slender white male wearing heavy baggy clothes. and just casually carrying around a rifle pointed downwards. i just picked up my bags and ran out of there. that's when i realized that there was a gunman inside the building. >> you all thought pretty quickly, and thankfully a lot of other people did as well. thank you for taking time to share your stories with us. >> thank you. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> phil, tom, and michelle, thanks again. >> thank you. pete williams is our justice correspondent. pete, what more do we know about the shooter? >> well, i think the big question, lester, is why a 23-year-old who apparently
6:08 am
didn't fly very much would have so much hatred for the tsa. they say he was apparently targeting only employees of the tsa. he was carrying some radical anti-government written material in which he called the tsa, quote, pigs, and said it was violating his civil rights. police in pennfield, new jersey, where the family lives, say he sent his younger brother there a text message early friday in which he said he was not going to be alive much longer. police and the fbi have questioned members of his family in new jersey. his father tells us that he talked to his son last week, who complained about the state of the economy and about not having a job. one of his roommates in los angeles says they never suspected him of anything like this. >> i'm absolutely shocked. i can't -- i'm still trying to wrap my brain around it. knowing this guy, i can't believe that he would -- it just doesn't make sense. >> authorities say he fired the
6:09 am
shots from a semi-automatic rifle like an ar-15, and they say he was carrying seven ral m several ammunition magazines. >> the tsa are the first line of security, yet my understanding is they have no arrest powers and are certainly not armed. could that change as a result of this? >> i doubt it. the people i have talked with this morning at tsa and homeland security say that was never what tsa people were envisioned to do. they don't have firearms training. they don't have arrest power. they don't do, quote, unquote, airport security. they do screening of passengers. the security of the airport is in the hands of airport officials, as it was in los angeles, with los angeles airport police who eventually encountered this shooter and shot him. so i doubt this is going to change, at least the initial thinking is this should not change the fact that tsa employees are not armed because they have an entirely different task. >> all right.
6:10 am
pete williams, thanks very much. time now for a look at the rest of the morning's top stories. >> good morning. new details this morning from pakistan, where a drone strike killed the taliban's top leader there, one of the united states most wanted terrorists. richard engel is in cairo with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a big get for the u.s. intelligence services do not acknowledge this kind of strike, but multiple areas have reported that hakimullah mehsud was killed in a drone strike. he was responsible for carrying
6:11 am
out a deadly strike against the cia in 2009 and for sending a man to times square in new york where he failed to detonate a car bomb. a man behind bars in missouri this morning after police say he opened fire outside a movie theater, killing one person. investigators say shots rang out friday night at the regal north star 14 theater in joplin. officials believe an argument may have led the gunman to pull out his weapon. well, it's that time of year again when we fall back one hour. daylight saving time ends tonight at 2:00 a.m., so don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed. the transition means we're going back to standard time, unless you live in hawaii or parts of arizona. for most people, it means an extra hour of sleep, brighter mornings, and darker commutes home. the party goes on for the boston red sox and their fans this morning. the world series champs are not only celebrating victory over the st. louis cardinals but recognizing the city's resilience in the aftermath of the boston marathon bombings.
6:12 am
the parade begins inside fenway park and takes the same route down boilson street. boston strong, as they say. and dylan is back with a check of the forecast for us as well. good morning again. >> good morning. and good morning, everyone. we are keeping an eye on this cold front that's moving through parts of the east coast. it's the same cold front that brought a mess to texas, where we saw 13 inches of rain. that storm started about wednesday night. also three people did die in that flooding. and we are still seeing that cold front now moving to the east. but a lot of cleanup going on. but at least now the sun is shining over texas. so that cleanup can happen pretty easily. we are seeing this cold front still bringing the chance of a couple of showers, especially down through central and northern florida. that will move into southern florida over the course of the day. we also have a secondary cold front. that one is sitting back across the great lakes. and that one is going to
6:13 am
reinforce some of the colder air that we are going to see as we go into the next couple of days. so looking at new york city, we are starting to see things clearing out. but on the backside of that front, we do have -- an echo in the room -- very dramatic. north winds gusting at about 26 miles per hour. so it's windy and cold for the marathon tomorrow morning, with san francisco with nothing near the golden gate bridge. we will see clouds this afternoon and windy conditions tonight as a cold front passes by. we will see gusts up to 45 miles an hour. look out for that. highs today 60s and 70s and tomorrow a little cooler as we wrap up the weekend.
6:14 am
>> that is your latest foreca and that's your latest forecast. there are new allegations this morning out of london that a now defunct british tabloid hacked into prince harry's phone. that came to light on friday. we have details. >> reporter: nowadays, we are used to seeing prince william and kate together. but when they were dating, the tabloids wanted nothing more than to get pictures of them as a couple. now stunning revelations at the trial of former news of the world journalists suspected of breaking the law in an effort to scoop the competition with juicy gossip about the royals. in court, prosecutors read a 2006 email from news of the world's royal editor in which he was trying to persuade his boss to continue paying a private investigator for royal gossip. there have been several close calls that could have made some great pics. we were five minutes away from catching kate and william together last saturday.
6:15 am
rebekah brooks is accused of approving illegal payment for a picture of prince william. although never printed, it apparently shows him at a costume party wearing a bikini. but most of the criminal charges relate to the hacking of cell phones. prosecutors say a string of "news of the world" stories came from listening to private voicemail messages, including those belonging to royals and palace insiders. among them, this story claiming prince harry had broken rules at the prestigious military training academy by asking for help on an essay. prosecutors read a transcript of a voicemail message left by prince harry asking an assistant for information on historical events. i need to write an essay quite quickly on that, but i need some extra info. please, please email it to me or text me, he is supposed to have said. the hacking trial is expected to last six months. nbc news, london. still to come on "today," don't adjust your tv set for
6:16 am
this next one. we're going to show you what happens when people knit live on television for nine hours. we'll explain. ♪ [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda™ [ barks ] ♪ [ barking ] [ male announcer ] now get free installation on all stainmaster carpet. nice. my husband's going to love this one. [ male announcer ] never stop improving. and better is so easy withrninge you cabenefiber.o something better felf. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it.
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6:18 am
in in norway, there's another yes answer when it comes to live knitting.knitting? >> we have been waiting years for this. a nine-hour extravaganza. dylan has more. >> it start with four hours of shooep sheari sheep shearing and went five
6:19 am
hours to knitting and got me thinking is there something we would watch for nine hours? it's funny because there are. i mean, think about it. will and kate outside the hospital door. how many hours did we wait for them to come on? also the smoke out of the sistine chapel, we will wait for that. yuletide around the fireplace? sure, there are things we would watch for nine hours. knitting, i'm not sure how i think about that but it got us thinking what would capture your attention nine hours at a time? tweet us. what are people saying on the plaza? >> another one thing that would hold my attention for nine hours is sleep and probably about the only thing. we wanted to know what people out here thought. by show of your paddle, would you watch nine hours of knitting? >> no! >> no. is there one knitting fan in the group? no. yes, there is one over there! so we have a lone knitting fan so i guess everything they say
6:20 am
about our attention span is true. nine hours of knitting looks like a no-go out here with the crowd on the plaza. >> you need a sports announcer. he has the needle and now hee is putting it in a pearl knit. i don't know the terminology. >> he is pearling three! look at that! >> that would bring some excitement to it. >> maybe we should talk to our associates at nbc sports about that. >> or a fight could break out like hockey? >> that would make it interesting. >> with a needle, not a good idea. >> you're right. not a good idea. >> we are will right back with more of "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents into an easy dinner with crescent dogs. just separate, add hot dogs,
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6:26 am
[ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. you're watching "today in the bay." >> this morning is nice and clear. hope you have a scarf you can wear to work. >> 40s and 50s outside right now. a little bit of patchy fog, 56 in san francisco, 41 napa, 40 in santa rosa. the thing we're going to be watching today will be showers in the north bay, sonoma county. this front will bring in cooler, d drier air. mid 50s in san francisco and
6:27 am
tonight wind advisory up for bay area hilltops with gusts near 45 miles per hour. we could have issues with tree branches and the like. sunday cooler to start the week and maybe by thursday and friday, a real chance of rain. stay tuned. >> thank you, rob. it is finally over and the votes have been counted. bart workers approved the temporary contract which ended last month's strike. union leaders announced the ratification with the union approving the contract at 88%. go 2,300 employees were eligible to cast ballots. the workers ratified the deal and now the board of directors for bart has to give final approval. what the riders get, the riding public, is three years of no strike threat. the contract has a no-strike clause. >> terminal three at l.a.x.
6:28 am
remains closed after mabb carrying a high powered rifle stormed the airport in a deadly rampage. the shooter is paul ciancia. a tsa agent was killed and at least three others injured. there is cell phone video which shows the fear and panic and confusion moments after the shots rang out. ciancia was able to get through security through an exit and continued inside the terminal. meanwhile, nearly 800 flights were impacted leaving passengers stranded in the bay area and beyond. passengers left stranded after flight cancellations are now back at the airport this morning trying to catch those flights out. under the watchful eye of police, travelers got comfortable during long waits. a spokesperson said four
6:29 am
airlines has cancellations with virgin america having the most because it does operate out of terminal three at l.a.x. >> coming up this morning, a die hard giants fan is searching craigslist and ebay this morning hoping to found her prized gift from barry bonds. it's been hanging on her wall in her mother's home for at least ten years but on halloween swb swiped it right off the wall. how you might be able to help and the rest of the day's news coming up at 7:00.
6:30 am
♪ ♪ turn the beat around >> we are celebrating our 20th anniversary with the "today" show! >> happy anniversary! >> came from minnesota! >> west virginia. >> detroit. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i came from pittsburgh to celebrate my 20th bird with the "today" show. >> happy birthday! >> i'm running in the marathon tomorrow but it's all about "today"! >> now that is good marathon energy right there. >> sure is. i talked to him earlier. it's his 60th birthday and a birthday present to himself. >> happy birthday. >> very nice.
6:31 am
>> he is to his left. we are back on this saturday morning, november 2nd, 2013. a great crowd out here on the plaza as you can see and hear behind us. as you just saw they are off the top of the show. thanks to everybody for coming out this morning! you guys help make the plaza so much fun. still to come on this half hour on "today," we are taking a look at the nfl player who lu5-u what we're told was a lunch time prank. was it just a breaking point? we will dive into that one a little bit deeper. >> we have barely taken down the halloween decorations and now they are trying to to getupf& u start our christmas shop and retailers, how they are trying to pull us in this early and we will ask that question again. are they starting earlier than ever? >> i thought it was interesting you slipped your christmas list under my door yesterday. it was a little hint. >> when it comes from me, i want always to think about it often. also coming up, actress kerry washington is not slowing down and announced her pregnancy and getting ready for a big
6:32 am
tonight on "saturday night live" and we will have more on that coming up. there is always a marching band so i tried it out with one of the hottest college marching bands around, that is ohio state university. i'll let you guys decide how i do and if i have a new career. >> isn't it the ohio state university? >> there we go! >> one to correct us. before we get to dylan's second career, though, we start with her first with a final check of the weather. >> today is easy. this is an easy career today when it's nice and mild out here but tomorrow the cold irair will settle in but it looks like a nice day across most of the country. that cold front that brought some rain to the area yesterday is now bringing most of showers and storms down across florida. we could also see a couple of rain and snow showers in and around the great lakes. mostly rain, though. the pacific northwest will see the pigs of these storm systems with wind gusts up to possible 60 miles an hour and tomorrow, that is going to start to spread eastward in the northern
6:33 am
cascades could end up with snow and a few inches out that way and showers and storms across central country. the rest of the country starting to cool off. temps from vi 60s toot in the east coast to the 40s and 50s tomorrow. so we are goingse/úñ to see muc colder temzbf u%ujp'd gusty winds too. we are looking at winds to gust up to around 25 to 30 that's a look at the weather across the country. a peek out the window across the golden gate bridge. temperatures this morning 54 degrees, 48 in san jose. nice ins trivalley. however, tonight gusty winds picking up. that's going to be the big story, wind gusts approaching 45 miles an hour in the hills from 11:00 tonight through the game sunday. a little bit warmer through the middle part of the week. for a today's top spot.
6:34 am
it's in austin, texas. our affiliate kxan where they are getting ready for the 22nd annual austin pow wow and indian heritage festival and one of the largest pow wows in the country. there will be a large market held with handmade art and jewelry. if you're in the area stop by. i want to say happy birthday. you can't wear these glasses and not say happy birthday. they look fabulous on you. >> they are from my friend donna. we are from greensboro, north carolina. >> i hope you have a wonderful birthday. turning to miami where team official are investigating allegations of bullying. defensive lineman jonathan martin walked away from the team what some are calling a lunch room prank. mark potter has more. >> reporter: jonathan martin is 6'5", 312 defensive tackle and been with the doches two years.
6:35 am
last monday, according to accomplished records, he stormed off the team after being a victim of a prank by other 34r5irs. >> i went to sit down with them at the table with the launch room and as soon as he sat down they stood up and may have been the straw that broke the camel'm back. >> reporter: when he didn't play in the game against cincinnati on thursday, joe philbin said this. >> he has been excused with nonfootball illness. our concern and support are with him. >> reporter: a source tells nbc news that martin endured a year and a half of bullying and hazing. and, as a result, couldn't play at a proper level. martin is not speaking publicly but the source says he is now with family and still wants to play football, but in a less contentious environment after news reports surfaced that martin bullying and suffering mental distress the coach read another statement on friday saying bullying won't be
6:36 am
tolerated. >> we have a culture of team first and accountability andd respect for one another. >> reporter: players and sports reporters say hazing and practical jokes in football locker rooms are commonplace. adam beasley of the miami herald says martin's response is highly unusual. >> it's against the cardinal rule you cannot leave your teammates particularly in the season. >> reporter: but a doctor, a psychiatrist, says bullizing a serious matter, not just limited to children. >> it doesn't matter how big you are and it doesn't matter how tough you are. emotionally, anybody can be bullies. >> reporter: the nfl players association is now reportedly reviewing the martin incident and considers it a major priority. for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami. now here is lester. >> thanks. forget black friday. one of the nation's lars retailers says the time to start your holiday shopping is now or even yesterday. stephanie governing is at a walmart store in new jersey with reaction to the early shopping
6:37 am
season. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. most kids have only come down from the halloween sugar high. pumpkins still on people's front steps so is it really time to start thinking about christmas? well, walmart says it is and they hope their loyal fans -- or customers agree. early birds, here is your chance. don't wait for 7thanksgiving. walmart's website says, start the season now. >> why wait? we have so much fun here at holiday and we really wanted to help our customers get a head start on the holiday season. >> reporter: an hd tv for just $300 and tablet for $50. all of it shipped for free.?÷&u so who is ready for the holidays? not this shopper. >> i think after thavergs is nks the right time to shop for the holidays. >> reporter: with a late thanksgiving, the holiday season is six days shorter than last
6:38 am
year. consumer confidence is down. the government shutdown and crisis over the debt ceiling have left a lot of people feeling uncertain about the economy. >> when the consumer and the general sentiment of the shopper isn't good, shopping doesn't happen, especially during the holiday and retailers are reacting to it. >> reporter: there are some customers out there waiting for a good deal. >> we are shoppers so we think shopping early is the best way to go. >> reporter: each year, it seems the holiday push starts earlier and earlier. black friday the shopping blitz after thanksgiving now really starts on thanksgiving itself. retail giants macy's and jc penny announced they would open on the holiday and starting in the foot steps of target and walmart and toys "r" us made the announcement last year. >> we are a society of consumers and americans like to shop. i wouldn't be surprised if five years down thep< road, we start
6:39 am
seeing christmas promotions in june or july.ubyc >> reporter: so maybe in the not too distant future, early bird shoppers will be sprinting out for those christmas sales in the middle of their fourth of july barbecue. for the rest of us, we will probably do what we have always done, that last-minute christmas eve dash. lester. >> stephanie, thank you. >> i can see that, yes, the last-minute dash.uyó mara is in the orange room with our latest online survey. >> i think never a bad time for a sale. we put the question on our website. we asked is it too early for online holiday sales? and actually 60% of you said, yes, it is too early. 40% said no. it seems like people want to ease into the holiday shopping. i guess when you start the sales too early is makes people feel rushed and pressured so a lot to do around the holidays and i think after thanksgiving is when they make the$p$$ turn. >>ñ hanukkah first night is on
6:40 am
thanksgiving and talk whether or not there may be some pressure to get those gifts bought. maybe it's just calling it a holiday sale is the touch part. you like a sale like i do. >> never a bad time for a deal. let's just establish that. the jonas brothers are calling it quits and we will find out what is behind the split coming up. first, these messages. [ female announcer ] announcing the latest chapter in mcdonald's story of caring for children's well-being. new happy meal books that make nutrition fun! once there was... a tinyasaurus who was mini and meek. a goat who ate everything. a pip with a squeak. she ate right... and she grew. and she grew. and she grew! crunch! crunch! chomp! chew! [ female announcer ] there's always something to love at mcdonald's. like these new happy meal books. your little readers will eat 'em up. [ chomping ] [ kids laugh ]
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this morning in today's hollywood headlines, something of a baby boom happening in> chris weatherspoon is here to take us through it all. good to see you. >> thank you. >> nice to have you with us this morning. the latest baby boom, there are a few ladies out there expecting and showing off the bump. >> yes. >> but the big excitement surrounding kerry washington with a huge hit with "scandal" on "snl" tonight"?z and reporte pregnant. >> they came out she is four months pregnant. she has kept this a secret and hasn't talked too much about it but a lot of kerry washington's life is a secret. she got married four months ago to her nfl boyfriend nnamdi asomugha. we will watch her tonight guest
6:44 am
hosting "snl." >> you think they write the bump in the scandal? >> i think they might. there was an actress bellamy who was on "ellen" saying a big bomb will drop on the big show. >> she is not the only starlet we noted who is expecting. >> i think something out in the water there in hollywood. kendra wilkinson was announcing she is pregnant and others are pregnant. don't go to hollywood unless you want to come back. >> i'll stay here. >> i want to ask you about gwyneth paltrow. a lot of people like her and some don't. i like the stand she is tag. i don't care. >> she is normally so private. she was named by "people" magazine the most beautiful person in the world and one month later she is called the
6:45 am
most hated celebrity):ve in hollywood. she is lashing out and speaking back and saying you know what? i don't care what you think. she says, i don't care bleep what you think, she is cursing and she said she is in a close circle of family and friends and cares what they think about her but she doesn't care what others think of her. she is incredible actress and is beautiful and has two kids and a great marriage from what we know of. >> i have a feeling this is not the last we will hear from of this back and forth between the two. >> i think she should speak out and hold her ground. >> we spoke about the jonas brothers canceling their tours >> a few weeks ago took down their twitter page and announced this week they are breaking up. they are brothers and not they break up forever as a family but the group has seen better days. the brothers are talking about how they couldn't come to terms on their new album and find out
6:46 am
what their new song was going to be. they have grown up now. one bother is married and has a reality show. >> there will be a reunion tour to come. >> it could happen on the plaza. you never know. >> 20 million albums sold so they have to come back and do it again. >> chris, thanks. >> thank you. up next, dylan joins the ohio state marching band. first, this is "today" on in business. 1, 2, 3! [ laughter ]
6:47 am
he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop.
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♪ the ohio state marching band steals the show at halftime of the college football games every time they do this. the members marching to one creative formation after another. the bandc millions of hits on youtube. >> but for the fans who make it to those games there is one that has stood the test of time and our own dylan dreyer had a chance to try it out. >> i can't believe they even taught me how to do this but, yes, i did get to learn one of
6:49 am
the oldest and toughest band routines across the country and i was actually given the privilege of dotting the i in that ohio and let's just say i'm still recovering from it.y >> reporter: before they were super. magical. or thrillers. the best band in the land had one consistent crowd pleaser. the script ohio and ohio state half time tradition since 1936. the rhine knooutine known to evn the buckeye state but not to this jersey girl. wow. complicated. ♪ >> reporter: is that what i used to do? that's right. i get to dot the i. the top honor in ohio. that's is some dreams to get to the senior year and dot the i.
6:50 am
>> it's the dream of ohio since they were this high. >> i never had one lesson but i needed a little training from the expert. hello. >> good to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. first up, %útv÷marching. how hard can it be? okay. >> bring that in. this is parallel and this is perpendicular to the ground. >> okay. that is every step? >> every step. >> reporter: that is exhausting! >> yep. ♪ >> reporter: well, i missed -- i need focus right now. my foot is cramping óm eight. this isn't going well. i know what i'm missing. this is a lot of weight on my shoulders. a 40-pound saxophone. that will make things easier. and throw in some high kicks. do i have to hop like that? unfortunately, it's too late for
6:51 am
me to grow any arm muscles. oh, no! rehearsal time is over. ready or not, here we go. ♪ >> 1, 2, ready, turn! ♪ >> reporter: i'm feeling pretty good until my first crossing point. i'm quickly becoming a liability. sorry! after three minutes of colliding -- i mean, marching, the grand finale. ♪ a quick high five, my signal to go dot that i! ♪ my arms are shaking. i'm out of breath!
6:52 am
but i am sure full of pride! yes! i could play this all day! >> that weighs 40 pounds. then when you try to take your hat off and do this. >> watch yourself. >> they make it look easy. they are so good at it but it looks like a lot of hard work. >> it is a lot of hard work and everyone who dots the i only dots the i once. they have to be a senior and played in the band all four years and they have to audition to even get the chance to dot the i. >> you came out here a moment ago and said this is isn't like the one i had there. >> this keeps hitting me in the head but i don't think the tuba i had will make a difference. >> we will be right back but, are you ready grandma?ck but, just a second, sweetie. [ female announcer ] we eased your back pain...
6:53 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ that is about all we got because we can't top that. >> it was a lot of fun. >> we wanted to blow our horns any way. an eight-year-old music prodigy composes her own music and has a couple of operas. >> not just one but a couple. she was born for that.
6:56 am
good morning, i'm kris sanchez. coming up, chaos. even passengers not in los angeles feel the impact. what's next for the thousands of passengers stranded at sfo and what we know about that gunman. and the union's approval of a deal that could mean no more bart strikes for the foreseeable future. and an irreplaceable item stolen. [ female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents
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6:59 am
from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good saturday morning. waking up in san jose, here's what you might see out your window. thanks for joining us.
7:00 am
i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. i was hoping it would be a little warmer. >> the morning is going to be cool. the gusty weinds later will be the bigger story. we'll be seeing highs up around 70 in san jose. gusts picking up enough for a wind advisory later tonight. look at the areas in orange and red showing up in the hilltops. we have a wind advisory starting at 11:00 tonight, could see wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour and maybe a shower or two in the far north bay as that system starts to drop on in. we'll have a closer look at the forecast and sunday's as well. >> thank, rob.


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