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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 2, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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live." for our entire nbc sports broadcasting team, so long from santa anita. mucho macho man is the winner. a single man with a gun demonstrated the worse of human nature. tens if not hundreds thousands of people have demonstrated the best of human nature. >> with that officials announce temperature man that opened fire at l.a.x. yesterday has been charged with murder and could face the death penalty. good evening. i'm diane wire. >> the fbi in a news conference said this afternoon the gunman wanted to instill fear. a murder charge is filed against ciancia. he faces the death penalty if convicted. he's the only suspect in the
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shooting yesterday at l.a.x. terminal three. the attack left one tsa officer dead and others injuries. >> he d he target specifically tsa officers. his intent was clear in his note we recovered the note at crime scene. we recovered five loaded magazines. >> e.r.a. learning hr about the tsa agent killed. the widow of ger rar dough hernandez said he moved to the united states when he was 15, he was a kind loving man that took joy in his job. >> he enjoyed the interaction with passengers at l.a.x. he was a joyful person, always smilings, took pride in duty for the american public and tsa mission. hechs always there to help anyone in need and made people laugh with his sense of humor. >> hernandez would have turned
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40 years of age next week. >> the shooting created flight delays. the airport in the bay area is still feeling the effects. monty is live with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. there are 29 departures to l.a.x. to san jose each day on six airlines. virgin america was most affected by yesterday. the delays and cancellations continued here today. an airport spoke woman tell me two were cancelled this morning, both virgin. other flights experienced 30 minute delays throughout the day. yesterday five flights wur cancelled and three diverted because of the shooting at l.a.x. passengers that arrived here on a delta flight at l.a.x. within the last hour noticed a large police presence at l.a.x. it appeared to them things were getting back to normal. as for the delay, passengers are taking it in stride.
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>> i expect it's unavoidable. the police want to be thorough collecting evidence. i assume they use it to prevent occurrences in the future. >> everyone seemed understandab understandable. >> what's your reaction to what happened? >> surprised and shocked. given everything that's been happening throughout the years i guess it's believable. unfortunate for sure. >> reporter: delays continue here at the air. a duty manager tells us things are back to normal. three arrivings flights from l.a.x. cancelled this morning and one departure cancelled. all afternoon evening flights apeer to be running on time. two flights cancelled at l.a.x. today. all flights this afternoon and evening appear to be on time as well. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the update.
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part of highway one was closed after the deadly crash two miles south on highway 1 an hour ago. it's not clear when the highway will we open. chp says the drivers should use panoramic highway as a detour. it's over. the deal that ended last month's strike. bart officials reached an agreement last night with siau workers including a 15% raise over four years and improved safety conditions for bart workers. it requires bart work is tos to pay into pensions for the first time and increases health care costs. >> it will help us krole overtime costs and make changes to the equipment and technology to run a better bart. >> the riding public gets a piece of mind with the contract because of the no strike clause until june 2017. the contract goes to bart's
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board of directors for final a proofl. new at 6:00, the elderly man that had been missing for a week was found in san jose this weekend. officials say 65-year-old edmond was found on pay transit bus. he disappeared during the chaotic closings of the valley springs manner last week. he was the last patient unaccounted forward from the facility. last weekend 14 people were abandoned at the assisted living facility after it shut down. the investigation is underway to see if the owners create ood crimes. the teenage boy robbed an 11-year-old at gunpoint on the 2500 block of 19th avenue. a teen about 15 years old pulled a gun and took $5. he's described black male, 5'8", skinny, blue braces, wearing a
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dark gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and a black backpack. oakland police are hoping for the public's health. human traffic as good happening here in the bay area often in plain site. this morning people participated in a fundraising event to help the victims. we have the story behind the woman that cofounded the event. kimber kimberly. >> run for courage held the first race today around the lake that drew more than 500 participants. vickie is the woman behind the run for courage. she started the non profit after her own 17-year-old daughter was you abducted from the sacramento area and reportedly put in a human traffic ring. >> she never came home. her perpetrator took her from the parking lot. within five hours he had taken pictures and posted her for sex
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on craigslist and was trafficking her to the kba area daughter. >> she was found eight days later. she's seen here on a recent interview. her daughter is doing well and amazingly resilient. her experience prompted her to start the foundation in order to educate people about human sex trafficking and pref lance throughout the country. the money from today's run goes toward caring for victims and preventive programs that teach young people to keep themselves and others safe. bay area news. >> kimberly, thanks very much. we want to bring in our meteorologist, rob for more on tonight's wind warning. >> winds on the increase around the bay area. city mild with upper 60s around morgan hill. wind speeds have begun to increase around san francisco west 25, winds in the hills 15 to 25 miles per hour.
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11:00 tonight through monday, wind gusts could at times get choices to 45 miles per hour. so some very gusty conditions in the forecast. notice as we head into tonight, first off north bay hills, 25 to 35 miles per hour winds. tomorrow morning, notice the south bay, santa cruz mountains, tarsd campbell, strongest winds around sunrise and staying breezy through the day. tonight not quite as cold due to winds. gusts increasing through midnight tonight. we'll let you fwhee that means in terms of cool down and the full forecast in a few inmanies. >> thanks very much. coming up nx rks we'll have the latest from the rock in pack ki you stan. one country on the verge of another civil war. another seeking reconciliation after the drone strike killed a
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leader. the doctor in the investigation of the singer michael jan jackson's death taking steps to practice medicine again. and your dog may let you know what he's feeling. that is coming up. [son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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violence in iraq has risen to a level not seen in years. the concern is without the help of the united states military the country may slip back to civil war.
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president barack obama met with the president yesterday. also yesterday a u.s. drone attack killed the lead i of the pakistani taliban. the country is bracing for realation. richard has the latest from cairo. >> it's clear listening to iraq's prime minister that iraq is in trub. iraq is back in a civil war. according to the u.n. about a thousand people are killed in iraq every single month. the overall levels of violence have returned to 2008 level. that means the u.s. military surge have been wiped out. that's a significant statement especially if you were one of the tens of thousands of american troops that served in iraq to try and bring stability only the see the country return to where it is now. prime minister is in the united states now asking for help.
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drone, planes, things hechs getting when u.s. troops were in iraq but he lost when troops were pulled out of the country. the other big story. pakistan, a u.s. military u.s. intelligence drone strike killed the leader of the pakistani taliban. he's the man responsible of killing thousands of people, mostly bombing attacks inside pakistan. he's responsible for a cia attack in 2009 and a failed bombing in new york's time square. nbc news, cairo. >> pack kistani leaders say thi was a drone attack. yellow fever in the south bay. door to door warnings derek tors
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give to residents. what tens of thousands of people were doing in at&t park today that didn't have anything to do with baseball. we'll be right back. i love watching tv outside.
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yellow fever mosquitos are found in the park. residents are warned to be careful. dangerous mosquitos were discovered in august at the holy cross cemetery in the park. volunteers went door to door giving out information about whether to prevent the spread of the mosquitos. they warn that standing water makes for breeding grounds for them and should be reported. specialized traps to catch mosquitos and larvae are placed. >> these are daytime biters unlike mosquitos in the area that spread west nile that are
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more dawn and dusk biter. these are out in the afternoon when it's warm. >> five cases have been reported. michael jackson's daughter released from jay is suing to get his medical license back. conrad murray filed a suit claiming the board prematurely revoked his license. the former cardiologist was convicted in 2011 of giving jackson a lethal overdose of an anesthesia. kids learned about science today at one of the largest events in the bay area. the bay area science festival kicked you have this morning at at&t park. kids got to see engineering in action when the robot did the ribbon cutting honors like that. then off to the field to explore hands on activities at more than
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a hundrbooths as well as meet w scientists from areas. >> we have to lead by example. if young folks aren't engaged in science, what are they going to be in this country? >> organizers hope the event will encourage young people to pursue careers in science. perfect day for it. gorgeous out there. let's check in with rob with the weather. what's going on? >> winds picking up after a gorgeous afternoon. upper 70s inland. 69 san jose. expect temperatures tomorrow probably 5 to 10 degrees cooler. 50s and 60s outside now. numbers to watch are wind speeds that picked up from 15 to 25 miles per hour in san francisco. northwest winds getting to san jose. wind advisories in the hill tops. gusts getting close to 45 miles per hour. elevations above 1,000 feet will see the strongest gusts.
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it's breezy everywhere. winds part of the weather system not bringing us rain. the cold front is sweeping by. the cooler drier air is rushing in behind it. the cold front heads south and east. this is the pattern we're seeing develop tonight into the gusty conditions at times. tomorrow the weather for the raiders game looks good, increasing high cloud, no rain in the forecast. clouds on the increase towards tomorrow evening. gorgeous clear skies now. tomorrow afternoon, high clouds sweep through. nothing showing up in terms of rain producing clouds. it will feature out the sun at times as we wrap up the weekend. wind speeds are the story again tonight. notice first around fairfield sustained winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. the strongest in the east and north bay hills. toward sunrise tomorrow, areas in orange and red in south hills. hills south of san jose toward
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saratoga and campbell. thanks to the winds tonight hit should help mix the atmosphere toward sea level. we should not see 30s unless you're in the protected valley and north bay. 40s and 50s tonight. tomorrow's highs even if sunshine is running cooler, mid-60s san jose. high of 65. warmest spots in the valley, upper 60s maybe near 70. you see the thes cooling down. san francisco not change for you. mid-60s still. in the north bay down from 70s to upper 60s tomorrow. you see we have cooler breezy conditions monday. less wind monday afternoon into tuesday. more clouds later next week. maybe the best part of the forecast everybody gets the extra hour of sleep tonight. >> good reminder. >> we love it. >> my favorite day. >> coming up, what the wag of the tail may be telling you
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about your dog that you probably wouldn't guess. we'll share the results a brand new intensive study.
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dogs do a lot of tail wagging as we know. a study shows the way the dog wags the tail means a lot. >> that's what it says. >> researchers say dogs get anxious when they see an image of a dog wagging to the left. they stay relaxed if the wagging is on the right side. the scientific team found in a previous study dogs wag their tails to the right when they see something they want to move towards but wag to the left when they want to back away. >> i'm taking notes. >> why we're seeing dogs dressed up, i assume we're pulling files from the halloween contest. >> it doesn't seem the tail wag
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as good a communication but rather a result of how the dog is feeling. >> what if he's left tailed instead of right tailed like left-handed. do you think everything is backwards? >> do they stop in the middle of the tests? do you know? >> i know of one person that would know, henry. >> it's fascinating. >> i do know. i've done research. when wagging tails, it's a bad news story. that's what that means. >> really? >> cut it off. go for it. >> when they're wagging their tail, they want more sports. we've got cal looking for the second win of the season. how about the sharks looking to catch their breath with the return of the big time defense man and warriors looking for it too after kings give up 126 points to the clippers thursday. don't wag your tail at me, i'll be right back after the break.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. sharks sporth the second best record in hockey. they're 10, 1, 2. the head coach says the defense man boyle will play in tonight's contest against the coyotes. boyle missed the last seven
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games after being knocked out during the game against the st. louis blues. >> it's no fun being out. guys have played. can't say i've enjoyed it all that much. it's important for know get out there and get involved physically early hopefully and try to put that image that i have behind me. >> and speaking of coming back, the warriors are back at oracle tonight to face the sacramento kings who have won last three of four meetings. here's thompson with more of the rivalry. >> it's always when playing a rival. it's a must win for us. battle of good teams. you know, just like i said, got to protect the home court. >> be passionate out there wouldn't surprise me. if they get chip i, it is what it is. we want to win. >> perhaps not shocking. the giants have declined the
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club option on zito. giants declined the option of outfielder torres. we'll keep you updated. football cal lost six straight games entering this game. fourth quarter, down 12. jared finds lawler makes the leaping catch for the score. first since jackson with flthre touchdowns in a game. cal loses. their 11th straight pac 12 loss. spartans up seven. herring drops back to pass. he is intercepted by ben on the drive. spartans with the trick play.
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24-17 spartans. tucker runs 37 yards to the house. san jose state wins 34-24 your final. what about local product andrew luck and the colts getting ready to face the texans this week sunday night football right here on nbc bay area? chris collins worth says it's make or break time for jj watts' team. >> this is going to be a very emotional game. the defense, jj watt, the guys, whitney. they're fired up. they know their season is on the line. if they lose the colts here, they're done. if they beat to the colts and keep it going, they still have a shot. >> all right. looking forward to that game. before we get out of here, third round of the swap championship take aing place in san francisco. kenny perry your current swap leader with the points. drains the birdie 13.
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tied for 7th under par. your leader fred couples, knocks in the birdie on 14. couples takes the five shot lead into sunday's final round. that will do it for now. just for the record, terry and diane, we have a dog wagging its tail. i need to interpret that that means. can you explain that again? i love that. >> absolutely cannot explain it again. we still don't totally understand it. >> we're researching it best we can now. >> thanks very much. henry, that dog does hunt. thanks for choosing nbc bay area at 6:00. see you back here at 11:00. good night. 26 years, 9500 days.
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9500 days until relief. >> he's done his time. now he's a wanted man for the right reasons. >> anybody can do it. anybody can become more than the bad decisions of their past. >> a san francisco non profit helping teenagers rel their dream from the unlikeliest of places. >> everything i've learned and gone to be good at is because of these women. >> i love my country. >> he's a true patriot and found a way to honor veterans on football field across the country. >> i fell in love for this cause. >> she found a love and passion for shelter dogs overlooked and ignor ignored. here's bay area thomas. >> good evening. thank you for joining us tonight. we hope by


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