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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 3, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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on this sunday night, the investigation. as new details emerge about the suspect in the l.a.x. shootings, his motive and the victim's, we'll ask the former chief of the lapd what may now be done to prevent it from happening again. road to 2016. on the trail with chris christie as he runs again for governor. is his eye on the white house? as the drum beat grows for his potential political opponent, hillary clinton. shopping wars. the enticing offer some malls are using in the face of unprecedented online competition to keep you buying this holiday season. going viral. get ready for the first annual youtube music awards coming tonight to a laptop near you. and eternal flame.
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half a century after his assassination, restoring the jfk memorial and the mission of the woman in charge of keeping the legacy alive. good evening. tomorrow morning will bring the beginning passengers to los angeles international airport and likely very few of them will be able to pass through security screening without thinking back to friday's terrifying shooting. today paul krench, the badly injured 23-year-old man suspected of opening firing, killing a tsa screener and wounding three others was formally charged with the murder of the officer and violence at international airports. federal crimes for which he could receive the death penalty if convicted. nbc's miguelal maguer joins us.
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>> reporter: according to investigators, this is where the suspect was dropped off by a roommate who did not know what was coming. police say he walked right through those front doors behind me into the terminal, pulled out a gun and opened fire while alone. operations at l.a.x. are back to normal as we learn new details on the fatal shooting. >> reporter: with the heavy police presence, terminal 3 is again packed with passengers. it was here -- >> shots fired. >> reporter: where the panic, chaos and bloodshed began. investigators now say 23-year-old paul ciancia walked inside the terminal with this assault rifle, five magazines, a bag of ammunition and a mission to kill. police also found a handwritten letter. insight to a possible motive. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees.
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he addressed them at one point in the letter and said that he wanted to, quote, instill fear into their traitorous minds. >> reporter: according to this federal criminal complaint, ciancia fired multiple rounds at point blank range at tsa officer gerardo hernandez. investigators say ciancia then shot two more tsa agents and high school teacher brian ledmere. once he was past security, police say he made his way past this long corridor. according to some reports, he went up to witnesses and said tsa. they shook their head no. the suspect kept going. >> reporter: 60 seconds later, police cornered ciancia at the end of the terminal. a firefight ensued. shot multiple times, the suspect's weapon was recovered right here. he was taken into custody. then to the hospital. >> reporter: that tsa agent has blood on his hands. >> reporter: the officers tony
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grigsby shot in the foot and james spear shot in the shoulder were rushed to the emergency room. the first man injured, geraldo hernandez, did not survive. >> he was a joyful person, always smiling. he took pride in his duty for the american public. >> reporter: ana hernandez married her husband 15 years ago on valentine's day. she was supposed to celebrate his 40th birthday this week. she will instead bury the father of two. >> i am truly devastated. we are all heart broken and will miss him dearly. >> reporter: in critical condition, the suspect was shot multiple times, including in his head. he's been unresponsive because of his medical condition. we are told he is estranged from his father and just before the shooting sent a text message to his brother saying he was going on commit suicide. >> thank you. for more on some of the important security questions this attack raises, we turn on bill bratton, former head of
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both los angeles and new york police departments. now an nbc news analyst. you've had a few days to think about this. your former department used to work hand in hand with the l.a. airport police. what should or may change as a result of all this? >> i think in l.a., they will review their procedures at the baggage areas. since 9/11, they have had at least two officers stationed all the time at those baggage areas. evidently that procedure may have changed a short time ago. they will certainly take look at that. >> would they consider arming tsa agents? that's something that has to be thought about. >> that would be a decision made at the national level. the federal level, i think, it is not likely that they will look to arm tsa agents. they are civilian employees, they don't have any training, any background, law enforcement training. the quickest and best way to go would be more police presence at those baggage screening areas. >> thanks for being on tonight.
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a remarkable story this weekend involving the mid-air collision of two small planes. they were carrying a total of nine skydivers and were flying in formation over northern wisconsin when they collided. causing one to catch fire, break up and crash. ten of the 11 people on the planes jumped to safety while the pilot of the second plane was able to land it. amazingly, no major injuries were reported. we turn to politics and even if it is three years to the next presidential election, it might not have seemed that way this weekend. as new jersey's republican governor chris christie campaigned for re-election and democrat hillary clinton received an enthusiastic endorsement. kelly o'donnell is on the trail with christie and hints of 2016. >> riding a double digit lead in the polls and a week-long bus tour. governor christie's campaign style is jersey personal. wrapping an arm around voters, posing for voters in a packed
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diner today. >> in new jersey, we can handle his abruptness and the so-called bully. but i think that the other parts of the country may not respond well to that. >> when you listen to me you don't wonder what i'm thinking. >> reporter: christie has done his part to stump the 2016 speculation. are you trying to be a different kind of republican in this race? >> i'm just trying to be me. you can decide whether that's different or not. i'm just me. >> reporter: with the republican party bruised nationally, its defeated candidate mitt romney talked up christie's chances on "meet the press." >> chris could easily become our nominee and save our party and help get this nation on the right track again them don't come better than chris christie. >> reporter: today president obama gained the campaign trail. the president who did not campaign for christie's new jersey governor did turn out for terry mcauliffe as democrats hope to take back the state house. >> i hope you're toward fight for terry because he's ready to
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fight for you for the next four years. >> reporter: mcauliffe, a long time friend of the clintons, raised the 2016 clinton when hillary clinton appeared for him last month in her first political speech since leaving the state department. and democrats answered the christie buzz as new york senator chuck schumer served up an early endorsement. >> 2016 is hilary's time. run, run. if you run, you'll win and we'll all win. >> reporter: and this is the last stop on governor christie's bus tour today. he tell me that he hopes his voters will turn out on tuesday and maybe push him above 50% of the vote. if that happens, it would be the first time a republican had pulled that off in new jersey in 25 years. that, christie says, would send a message about his future prospects. >> thanks. overseas they're bracing for
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the possibility of more violence in egypt as the ousted president of that country goes on trial tomorrow on charges of inciting murder during protests last year. at the same time, secretary of state john kerry was in cairo today engaging in a bit of a delicate diplomatic dance with the military government that removed morsi from power. more from nbc's chief foreign correspondent, richard engel. >> reporter: egypt is on alert. 20,000 soldiers and police deployed in cairo before just a minute's islamist and democratically elected president mohammed morsi goes on trial tomorrow. there could be violence. his supporters from the muslim brotherhood have been holding small weekly rallies in solidarity. morsi himself hasn't been seen in public since the military removed him by force in july. the last time morsi's followers gathered in large numbers, they were gunned down.
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hundreds killed. this is an awkward time for a visit by the u.s. secretary of state, kerry in cairo today backing egypt's military, never once mentioning morsi. expressing confidence, egypt's generals will restore democracy eventually. >> and i think it is important for all of us until proven otherwise to accept that this is the track egypt is on and to work to help it to be able to achieve that. >> reporter: but democracy isn't the prevailing wind in cairo these days. instead, there is a government sponsored cheering campaign for the general who kicked morsi out of office. the u.s. faces tough choices in egypt. president obama has supported democracy in this country since the revolution here in tahrir square. now the u.s. can either stick with principle or embrace the generals calling the shots. today it seems washington is leaning toward the generals. >> as president obama has said,
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we are committed to work with and we will continue our cooperation with the interim government. >> reporter: democracy in egypt is on hold and washington says as long as it is on the horizon, it can live with that. richard engel, nbc news. cairo. another developing story we're keeping a close eye on in that region, an outbreak of polio in syria and the possibility of those trying to escape the civil war. nbc chief medical editor nancy snyderman is following this. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. when the reports of polio broke last week, the world took notice and the world health organization confirmed at least ten cases. experts tell nbc news, they're concerned that could be the tip of the iceberg because polio does not respect borders and as refugees flee, the virus can flee with them. in jordan where the largest refugee camp is, about 120,000 people in a semipermanent camp,
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almost 19,000 children were immunized with oral polio vaccine, trying to stop the spread of this disease. in lebanon, the concern is a little greater. they've had more than 1 million refugees crossing the border and unlike neighboring countries, the refugees are not concentrated in one area. in fact, they're in cities, in towns and in the countryside. nonetheless, the major common denominator is to intercept people as they're crossing borders and immunize them there. the once proud syrian medical system which could brag that more than 90% of children were vaccinated now has dropped to 60% and with that, the resurgence of deadly polio. >> thank you. back here in new york, the world's biggest marathon was back on course today after being canceled last year in the immediate aftermath of hurricane sandy. the new york city marathon also came less than seven months after the bombings of the boston marathon.
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the memories of that tragic day are still fresh. nbc's ron allen was at today's race. >> reporter: as some 50,000 runners conquered the streets of new york, the largest group ever, competitors like bill mcindicated had some unfinished business. we never give up as americans and as runners. >> reporter: he was on his final mile of the boston marathon in april when those two bombs exploded, killing three, wounding hundreds including six from his home town of stoneham. today he ran for them. >> it is just to show that we won't be intimidated and it is not a heroic thing. it is what americans do. >> reporter: security was very tight. hundreds of cameras monitoring the route. especially trained dogs sniffing for explosives, helicopters filling the skies. new york police have said they started reexamining their security plan for the marathon the day after the bombs exploded in boston. that's why there are literally
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thousands of additional office orders duty. this evening, nypd said no incidents were reported. two kenyans won the elite men's and women's competitions but the grand slam champion of them all was tatyana mcfadden. the first person to win chicago, london, boston, and now new york marathon, all in the same year. sandy canceled the marathon last year and was on many hearts and minds like brian lang's. his home burned to the ground. in breezy point, the new york community devastated by floods and then fire. >> everything we owned was destroyed and to sit today in central park and complete the new york city marathon is so overwhelming. >> reporter: new york has the largest marathon in the world and for many today, an enormous source of information. ron allen, nbc news, new york. when "nbc nightly news" continues this sunday, the shopping wars.
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the unusual steps some malls are taking this holiday season as online competition heats up. and later, maintaining the memory of jfk. the woman in charge of the eternal flame. [ male announcer ] coughequence #10. speechless.
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entertainment. >> definitely makes it very, very affordable for a family. >> reporter: the mall hopes they'll stick around. it has increased the number of events to more than 400 a year. everything from ice castles and rides -- >> this is the greatest mall in the world -- >> reporter: to celebrity appearances. anything to keep folks from shopping on the web instead. >> my shopping i actually do online. not too much mall shopping. >> reporter: the web is only a fraction of retail sales for the year but a new survey says it will be the number one destination for the holidays, thanks in part to more people shopping on their phones. amazon, the ecommerce giant, spebts sales to jump as much as 25%. >> on your mobile phone we want you to go from i want that to i have it in under 30 seconds. >> reporter: even walmart has a silicon valley lab where employees work to enhance their mobile app. so shoppers can compare prices
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in the store. >> you walk into any of our stores now with your iphone app it will flip to instore mode and you have all benefits of ecommerce in our stores. >> reporter: but malls aren't giving up. in yonkers, new york, the ridge hill mall hopes shoppers come for the music and face painting but stay for the discounts. >> you're making a memory and the children or the parents or the brothers and the sisters are saying, wow, let's go there again. we've had a really special time there last time. >> reporter: making sure in this web connected world you shop till you drop as the holiday season kicks off. carl quintanilla, nbc news, new york. when we come back, the newest music awards. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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here's nbc's janet sham leann. >> reporter: best known as a breeding ground for the wackiest viral videos. from laughing babies to those flash mobs. but the site has also become an influential outlet for music and not just for established artists. he was relatively unknown outside korea before youtube. and justin bieber was discovered from home made videos on the site. tonight both are nominees at the website's first awards show. underway now and streamed of course, on youtube. the music scene is already crowded with awards shows like the grammies and the mtv music awards. but youtube is hoping its version will create the kind of viral moments it is famous for. with just six categories -- ♪
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>> reporter: videos from top 40 royalty like taylor swift are going head to head with relative unknowns. >> music is an international language. music is spoken everywhere and it is spoken across all times of fans. you will see a lot of big digital companies, google or apple, they're using music to enter markets all over the world. >> some of the greatest music on youtube. go! >> reporter: it comes just ahead of the expected jump into subscription use. but tonight it is free and a democracy. >> the winner is -- >> reporter: winners are chosen from online voting and the best seat in this house is at home. nbc news. when we continue tonight, sacred ground. the restoration of the eternal flame at the gravesite of jfk. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
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finally tonight, later this month the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. this past week the eternal flame at his grave at arlington national cemetery was brought back after the fixture was renovated. that effort overseen by a woman who has dedicated her life to jfk's legacy. here's nbc's kate snow. >> reporter: almost five decades ago, it flared to life in one of the country's darkest hours. jacqueline kennedy meticulously planned and led the nation through funeral for the 35th president. from the relentless muffled drums to the riderless horse to
3:57 pm
the eternal flame hastily constructed at her request. >> it was a beautiful idea. an eternal flame burning forever in such a sacred spot but constant exposure to rain and the elements has made it an engineering challenge. what does it mean to you? >> to me this is a source of great inspiration. >> reporter: colonel michelle stewart is the keeper of the flame. earlier this year her crews moved to it a temporary location and worked to upgrade the permanent fixture. >> the flame is the symbol of the president's legacy and we can't let that legacy dim or go out no matter how much it rains, how cold it gets. >> reporter: an engineer with the u.s. army -- >> i don't see a lot of girl in the picture. >>. no i was the only female in the platoon. >> reporter: she first came to the memorial nearly 30 years ago after signing up for a life military service. took a photo of kennedy's words on that granite slab. >> he resonated with me. he helped reinforce what was
3:58 pm
already there. >> reporter: she has tackled enormous feats in her career. >> working in the confines of a fairly small space and under the watchful eyes of so many tourists, we have to get it right. just to have get it right. >> reporter: the eternal flame will have an underground system with six automatic triggers to make sure the flame never flickers out. on tuesday she hemmed transfer it back to its permanent home. >> i have the best job in the united stat united states army. >> reporter: an eternal symbol of kennejohn f. kennedy's legac still burning bright. that's "nbc nightly news." i'm lester holt. good night, everyone.
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reliant stadium in houston, where tonight, sunday night football features afc south teams coming off bye weeks, but in very different positions. with the surging indianapolis colts visiting the slumping houston texans. case keenum, a local favorite from abilene, texas, and the university of houston, will start tonight with a 2-5 texans. matt schaub is back from an injury but on the heels of five straight losse