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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 4, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good monday morning. here's what's coming up on "early today." a mere collision between aircraft but everyone survives. new details on the l.a.x. shooter who terrorized one of the busiest airports. gary kubiak's major health concerns among nfl coaches. plus, this high flying mascot passes out high above the rafters. "snl" tackles adversity head on. and soccer fans take adversity to a whole new level. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, november 4th. very good morning. it's nice to see you, i'm richard liu. we begin with a fiery collision 12,000 feet in the air. and the skydives on board dramatically leaping to their safety, remarkably everyone survived. it happened in the skies in wisconsin late saturday.
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one plane was following another preparing for a jump maneuver. the four sky divers were ready 0 leap but that's when things took a heart-stopping turn. the trailing plane collided with theirs. >> you hear this tremendous loud bang. you see the wing come off. you see it on fire. ands, you know, right there. five feet from you. >> as sky divers, we live for the excitement but tonight was a little over the top. >> one plane ultimately plummeted to the ground in flames but all nine jumpers and both pilots survived. one pilot had minor injuries. an investigation is under way to figure out what went wrong. new details on the alleged gunman, his victims and a possible motive in the los angeles international airport shooting. friday, the gunman opened fire. here's nbc's sarah dallof. >> reporter: new photos of terror show passengers huddled together inside a bathroom. an eerily deserted checkpoint.
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and armed officials. as airport operations returned to normal on sunday, flowers left inside of terminal 3 serve as a solemn reminder of the deadly shooting. 42 of federal criminal complaints, 23-year-old paul ciancia came prepared with an assault rifle. high capacity magazines. a bag of ammunition and a handwritten manifesto. >> we found a statement where we he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> reporter: as he made his way through the terminal, ciancia reportedly asked some people if they were with tsa. and moved on when they responded no. but at the security checkpoint, he opened fire. tsa officer gerardo hernandez who was about to celebrate his 40th birthday was killed. agents tony grigsby and james speer shown here were both wounded. as was teacher brian ludmer.
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ciancia made it about 100 yards into the terminal, before police shot him multiple times and took him into custody. officials are waiting to interview him to gain motives into the shooting. the head coach of the nfl houston texans gary kubiak is recovering after he collapsed on the field during last night's game. as kubiak walked off at halftime, he stopped and squatted down. houston's general manager told nbc, that kubiak was lig light-headed and dizzy. he was removed on a stretcher and taken to a local hospital but did not have a heart attack. denver broncos head coach john fox felt dizzy playing golf saturday. after testing at a hospital, fox underwent surgery to replace a heart valve and is expected out a few weeks. a bomb threat prompts a two-hour evacuation at a major southern airport. an employee at birmingham's international airport found a note in a bathroom on saturday.
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bomb squads swept the terminal, but didn't find anything. this morning, everything is back in order but officials say the threat was enough to evacuate the terminal. voters in a handful of states head to the polls tomorrow, in a series of high-profile races. democrat terry mcauliffe is facing off against republican ken cuccinelli. the gop has built a race as a referendum on obama care. phil deblasio has been the first democrat to lead new york city since 1989. polls have given him huge leads over republican joe lhota. in new jersey, governor chris christie is hoping for a second term. democrat barbara buono has painted christie as someone who wants to be president not governor. a new poll gives christi with a 19-point lead. and a more that 60-point advantage with independents. if you tried logging onto the obama care health care exchange this morning, you probably noticed it was offline.
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operators temporarily shut down the site in attempt to make improvements sunday. mitt romney said the fiasco is rotting president obama's second term. >> perhaps the most important lesson the president, i think, failed to learn was, you have to tell the american people the truth. and when he told the american people that you can keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that plan, period, he said that time and again. >> right. >> he wasn't telling the truth. >> but governor, on that point -- >> i think that fundamental dishonesty has put in peril the foundation of his second term. >> rim romney responded to reports that he dumped running mate chris christie because of contention, >> he dismissed the notion saying the governor provided health records and there were no concerns. all right, so perhaps you saw us on sunday, as the spectacular solar eclipse which was visible for about 30 minutes right after sunrise in the eastern united states. this was a rare hybrid which happens only once in 160 years. it began as an annual ring of fire eclipse.
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that shifted to a total eclipse. dylan dreyer joins us. did you see it? >> i didn't. it was cloudy in new york, so even if i knew it was happening, i wouldn't have been able to see it anyway. they're awesome and half the time the video is usually better than what you see in person, anyway, just because you can never get that angle of the solar eclipse, it's hard to look at the sun. but we're going to see a lot of sunshine in parts of the southwest today. it is looking like temperatures will warm up nicely, it's 61 in l.a., 55 in las vegas, about 41 in seattle, where it has been extremely unsettled. but the wind and the waves from the big storm over the weekend, those have finally eased and it does look like we'll see a couple of showers instead. we're seeing a little bit of snow falling across parts of northern idaho into western montana and there's the possibility we could see a couple of inches in the higher elevations. more heavy rain making its way
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onshore into tonight and tomorrow, you can see the snow in the northern cascades will start to spread east as we head into tomorrow, especially. we could see a couple of inches. we're seeing the snowflakes falling, but it doesn't look like it will be all that intense. that's a look at the weather ou around 38 degrees, it will be 60s across most of california. so we're getting to the time of year, get the big wind storms out in seattle, you get the snow in the mountains. but it's already november. >> the months that snuck up. >> already the sun setting at 4:30. >> for us we'll never see it because of the hours we work. coming up, a student gets trapped between two buildings for hours. a major recall for honda owners. plus, 20,000 people are evacuated when an unexploded 4,000-pound bomb is found.
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details when "early today" returns.
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a 19-year-old nyu student was rescued sunday night after getting trapped in a narrow space between two buildings. the student was reportedly stuck for more than a day but it's still not entirely clear how he got into the predicament. more than 1,000 people attended the memorial saturday for the nevada teacher shot and killed by a 12-year-old student. former marine michael lansbury was remembered. a 21-gun salute during the ceremony. police confirmed they have a video showing mr. ford, mayor of toronto, smoking a crack pipe. the mayor did not reference the video but does want it released to the public. >> and chief, i'm asking you to release this video now. whatever this video shows, toronto residents deserve to see
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it, and people need to judge for themselves what they see on this video. >> ford says he has no plans to resign. over 20,000 people were evacuated from their homes in dortmuth, germany, after authorities found a 40,000-pound bomb. left over from world war ii. the explosive was safely defused without complications. and a mascot lowered on to the court for pregame intros. rocky the mountain lion was apparently unconscious the whole way down and collapsed once he hit the floor. thankfully, he is said to be doing just fine. thank goodness for that. now for a look at all things money. cbc cnbc's bertha coombs. a new poll by cnbc and associated president said 30% of people believe buying twitter stock is a good investment. 47% say it is not.
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ahead of facebook's ipo last year, 51% said that company was a good indevelopment. only 35% believe that twitter will be successful in five years. ebay may start accepting more forms of digital currency. the company's ceo tells the "financial times" the initial focus will be on incorporating retailers' reward points programs into pay pal. and lululemon is fielding new complaints about the quality of its yoga pants. earlier all-of pants because they were too sheer. some consumers say they're still too sheer and fall apart after a few months of wear. honda is voluntarily recalling 2007 and 2008 to fix a minivan problem. ikea is experimenting with a second hand online flea market for their customers who want to unload their gently used furniture. massive cache of paintings
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thought to contain work by picasso and matisse were recover covered among 1500 works of art, the pieces were confiscated by the nazis in the 1940s. just ahead, all your football highlights and plus, things get heated at a soccer match in serbia. next.
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hello, kent. >> well, well, well, rachel maddow. >> kent, i'm going to tell you the most important mistake you ever made, after this break. so, kent, that mistake you made that fundamental life changing error, that cosmic fail -- >> just tell me already! >> after this break. sponsors, got to pay for the program, now the latest in sports. we start with "sunday night football" as you mentioned earlier, the texans played without their head coach after he left after collapsing. in the first half, the colts struggling themselves. this kick blocked. in the fourth, the colts andrew luck connecting taking the lead 27 to 24 there. the texans miss a last second attempt to tie. colts take that one. you got your money's worth this weekend with two overtime thrillers. the seahawks had the biggest comeback in franchise history. down 21-0 to the winless bucs. seahawks marching back, less
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than two minutes left, seahawks tie it with this. overtime we go. seattle kicks the field goal winning 27-24. in washington, a chargers touchdown pass forces overtime. then an extended play, washington runs it in for 6. then the win 30-24. the vikings and cowboys, last-second squeaker. cowboys trail by 3. tony romo connects for 6. cowboys win 27-23. steelers at patriots, a 600-plus yard offensive barn storm. tom brady's arm on fire. an 81-yard pass to arab dobson there. the steelers give up a franchise record 55 points in the loss. the kansas city chiefs still perfect. a clutch pick six interception. by shawn smith, end zone to end zone. 27-13. the eagles backup nick foles. gets seven touchdowns against the raiders. only six other qbs have done that in nfl history.
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the new york city marathon was a sea of 50,000 runners. it was emotional for many after last year's cancellation due to superstorm sandy. a pair of kenyans. geoffrey mutai and priscah jeptoo took the prize. and a $100,000 prize each. ha do you do when you're losing to your bitter rival? we, it looks like you set fire to their stadium with some flares. the game was delayed ten minutes, if you can believe it as fire trucks settled the flames. just ahead, dylan drier with your forecast. and during leah michele's darkest hours after the death of her love, cory monteith. guess which star invited her into their home?
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good morning, welcome back, it's getting cold out there right now. it's only 29 in denver, casper, wyoming at 23 degrees, up and down the northwest, we're seeing temperatures in the low to mid 40s. it is still unsettled in parts of the pacific northwest, where we still have a couple of showers, but they're light, not nearly as heavy and not as windy as it was over the weekend. still unsettled. we're going to see the storm system move into parts of idaho especially going into tonight and tomorrow. we could end up in the northern cascades with a few inches. it doesn't look like this is going to be a blockbuster storm. in the southwest it is nice and quiet. 63 in las vegas and 78 degrees in los angeles, it doesn't get much better than that.
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>> southwest looks like it's the place to be right now. now for entertainment round. harrison ford's new sci-fi flick took the top spot at theaters with $28 million. "jackass" and kerry washington hosted "snl" over the weekend where she got the chance to poke fun at the lack of cast diversity through a number of quick costume changes and also took a jab at some current pop culture. take a listen. ♪ ♪ grandmother says oh, my hip ♪ but there's one sound that y'all should know ♪ ♪ what's up my girls say ♪ nyah nyah >> it's an easy lyric as well. the inaugural youtube video awards with eminem taking artist of the year. and lea michele graces the cover
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of "elle" magazine after cory monteith's death. >> in it she reveals who helped her cope after monteith's death. she said i called kate hudson and said i didn't know where to go. she said you're going to stay at my house. oprah raised money for her leadership academy. she can add biggest yard sale ever. she raised over $600,000 for her leadership academy. one of the highest ticket item, a set of chairs that went for $60,000. i guess, it's hers and when you can say she owned it, why not? katy perry is the big bird of twitter. she has 46.5 million followers. just beating out justin bieber, who has 46.49 million. that will change in another month or so. and the boys are back for the entourage movie. the cast got together to celebrate with a few drinks.
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from the looks of things. they have definitely hugged it out. looking forward to that movie. a few celebrities ran the marathon yesterday. pamela anderson tweeted after the race. bill rancic ran for his wife's charity $30,000. >> are you a runner? >> i'm not a runner and we both live in the same part of manhattan and boy, it was packed, wasn't it? >> there was a a lot of traffic, but it was great. the number of people who turned out for it, especially coming off of sandy last year. >> it meant so much to new york city runners and boston runners in town for that. >> i'm richard lui, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day.
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leading the news in "the chicago tribune," morsi faces trial. egypt's first elected leader mohamed morsi is facing charges of inciting violence. during his presidency. in "the boston globe," obesity linked to puberty in young girls. a new study says the greater a young girl's body mass index, the earlier she will undergo puberty. and some stories that you might have missed. edward snowden says his leaks have brought about change with reform, supervision and laws being suggested. german magazine "der spiegel" published the manifesto of the truth sunday. the self-professed leaker said telling the truth should not be a criminal offense. however, the white house has scoffed at his request for
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clemency, urging him to come back and face justice. west point hosted its first wedding saturday. between two men at the military academy. west point hosted two same-sex weddings of women last year. and the tatyana mcfadden wins the new york city wheelchair marathon. completing an unprecedented grand slam. she also won titles this year in boston, chicago and london. she finished in 1:59:13. history-making, congratulations to her. things got really hairy in germany over the weekend. some 300 men from 20 countries with all spectacular facial hair took part in the world's beard championships. trophies were given in competitive categories such as best dolly mustache. salvatore dali. best free style mustache. most fashionable beard. best goatee.
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best sunburn sideburns. i watched a special documentary on this, they eat special diets. >> where would you grow the best beard, mustache, beard? >> one hair here, one hair there. >> president obama welcomes the stanley cup winners. >> for the second time in four years the chicago blackhawks will be honored. on this date, the iran hostage crisis as reported by "nightly news." >> the guard was tear gassed by students. but that wasn't enough. hundreds of iranians finally overran the embassy compound. seizings about 90 people, mostly americans. happy birthday to matthew mcconaughey, 44, sean p. diddy combs, 44 as well, and laura bush. 67. i'm richard lui, along with
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trial of ousted egyptian president mohammed morsi is adjourned. we'll tell you what happened in the courtroom early this morning. >> plus t new details we're learning about the man accused of opening fire inside l.a.x. an update on one of his alleged victims. >> the ultimatum that could force the a's and giants to share a stadium. >> that might not look bad after all of the exploding toilets. oakland coliseum, they have it fixed now. hopefully they do. on this monday, november 4th, this is "today in the bay."


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