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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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right now at 11:00, a new jersey shopping mall is locked down at this hour as police search for a gunman. thanks for joining us. >> officials say they have identified the gunman and that he may be still hiding near the mall. not in the mall but near the mall. s.w.a.t. teams are going store by store looking for the gunman. shoppers ran for the exits after the shots were fired.
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we'll show you where the shooting happened. it happened in paramus, new jersey 15 miles from manhattan. employees say the gunman was dressed in all black with a motorcycle helmet on carrying a large gun walking past stores ten minutes before closing time. >> i saw he looked into the store and strolled past. it was very terrifying. >> straight up. >> a long rifle. >> so far police have found only one bullet casing. new at 11:00, we are hearing from one of the tsa agents hurt during friday's shooting at l.a.x. tony grigsby said his first thought is to help the passenger. >> i'm just a regular person. i came to tsa to protect people. >> grigsby was shot when he was helping an elderly man get to
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safety. and he took time to remember his tsa colleague who died. >> let me take time to express the sadness i feel in my heart over the last of my friend who was killed in the line of duty. only now it has hit me that i will never see him again. >> obviously an emotional time for him. mourners gathered to remember gerardo hernandez. he was a dedicated family man who was always smiling. we have new details about the suspected gunman, paul ciancia. lapd went to his apartment the morning of the shooting. his family received disturbing text messages from ciancia so they alerted the police. by the time that officers got to his apartment it was too late. the shooting had already taken
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place. a man is set on fire while riding the bus in oakland near the intersection of macarthur and ardley. by now you have seen the commercials for a las vegas style casino opening tomorrow morning in sonoma county. it brings thousands of slot machines, 144 table games and the promise of huge traffic jams. drivers can expect to deal with serious slow downs. nbc bay area eastery mcsweeney is joining us from the casino floor. the drivers will be putting their hands up like the freeway can't hold them. >> reporter: chp tells me they have prepared for opening of the casino the same way they would
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prepare for a natural disaster. tens of thousands of people are going to be coming to a place they don't usually come. but the chp is wagering on a smooth ride. >> some things in life are certain. if you build an $850 million gambling palace and advertise it, you will draw thousands of people every day. but the chp says don't bet on a traffic jam. >> we are prepared to override the traffic lights and open up the carpool lanes. we have social media. we will be updating our personal facebook here. >> reporter: the casino can keep cars moving into the parking spots there, should be no problem. the city police will contribute extra officers. >> i will try to avoid it. >> reporter: you think it will be a mess? >> i do. really bad. >> reporter: the casino general
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manager disagrees with that assessment. >> californians know how to drive. and they know how to find the routes that aren't the main routes. the routes that are the main routes and all the other ways to get where they get. >> reporter: the upside to the casino it provides 2,000 full-time jobs and if you just like gaming. >> i like when i win. it's wonderful. it's exciting. >> reporter: exciting for her. back out here live talking about 340,000 square feet of gaming and four full-service restaurants, three bars, 6,000 parking spots and tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. when this place opens we're going to find out about the traffic. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. this just in, after a heated debate about gun rights, the pleasant hill city council passed a proposal limiting gun
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right. the city can require owners and employees to pass criminal background checks. dozens of people were at the meeting at the city colin many opposed to the idea but it passes with a 3-2 vote. now to continuing coverage of the shooting in the north bay. the family is suing over the death. the lawsuit names sonoma county and the deputy who shot lopez on october 22nd. his attorney tells us that his client only fired because he was staring down the barrel of a rifle that looked real. no more discrimination based on sexual preference or gender identity. after years of debate the u.s. senate is poised to vote on the
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employment nondiscrimination act, a new federal law. jean ellie has more on the impact the law could have. >> reporter: the people who work at the lgbt center say that members of their community need protection from discrimination at the workplace. and lawmakers have been talking about it since the 1990s. >> i was fired because i transitioned in the workplace. there were issues around whether or not i could use the bathroom of my choice, you know, issues around name and gender and pronouns. >> reporter: claire farley knows what it is like to be fired because of who she is. being fired or not hired is a reality for many transgender people. >> after being fired i experienced a lot of fear and anxiety looking for work. >> reporter: california has laws that are supposed to protect
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lgbt workers but victims call the legal hot line with discrimination complaints. 34 of the 50 states don't have laws protecting lgbt workers. but federal protections are being considered. the senate voted 61-30 to put the employment nondiscrimination act to a vote this week. the law prohibits discrimination based on sexual preference and gender identity. farley who works at the lgbt center in san francisco says it's long overdue. >> we see a lot of more people coming out and want to be themselves. and it's time for the laws to step up and meet where the rest of the world is at. >> reporter: farley and a bipartisanship majority in the senate say that everyone deserves the right to work. >> i finally felt i had a job where i could be safe and people
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appreciated me for my skills. >> reporter: the bill is expected to pass the senate but may not have enough to pass the house. reporting live in san francisco, jean ellie, nbc bay area news. now to the sout bay. this morgan hill woman is behind bars accused of being drunk on the job at a daycare at 7:00 in the morning. she is a 58-year-old woman. police arrested her at the child development center daycare near peak avenue. she has been booked on child endangerment charges. a judge recommended a fine of nearly $7 million for poor and potentially misleading recordkeeping on gas pipelines in san carlos. but a puc member says a fine of
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$17 million is more appropriate. too many flights not enough well trained pilots. tonight we investigate if the system to train foreign pilots here on u.s. soil puts safety at risk. and dramatic video as two skydiving planes collide. a man arrested for this gas station fire. what he allegedly did to start it. cold air settling in over the bay right now. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, details on who is under a frost advisory and where the biggest impacts will be coming up in ten minutes.
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too many flights and not enough pilots. a growing demand for pilots and a change in the game in how they are trained. >> this comes months after the asiana crash. >> investigative reporter steven stock has more. >> reporter: the faa gave out 5,000 licenses to foreign air carrier pilots. most got their training here at u.s. flight schools. but we found former instructors there who say some of these pilots may be rushed into the cockpit of a jumbo jet way too soon. it took 23-year-old anthony
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three monts to get here. >> i wanted to be someone like that. it's special. >> a dream he's had since he was 10 back home in china. >> for a ten-year-old kid it was cool. >> a dream of becoming a commercial pilot. >> to be an airline pilot? >> yes, sir. >> this 27-year-old from tunisia shares that dream, getting his training at california airways flight school. >> i like to practice here. flying here. >> reporter: practice these students can't get at home because they don't have access there to smaller airplanes known as general aviation. >> america is one of the best countries in aviation. >> reporter: anthony had never set foot in an airplane until new year's day. he now has 100 hours in the
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cockpit. nearly 24,000 foreign pilots have got a commercial or air transport license over the last four years. thousands who come here to train hope to now join them. and california is a major destination state for these foreign students. according to the faa, arizona, california, and florida have the most flight schools in the country. 167 total. we visited and researched a half dozen of these schools in places like redding, around the bay area, bakersfield and phoenix. all of the schools are either run by foreign airlines. a retired marine is the head instructor here in redding. >> i'm telling the students you are going to carry thousands of people in your career and they are going to trust you to get
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them to their destination safely. >> reporter: he says all 147 students are from china hired by a chinese airline and paid in full. each get their pilots license in about a year. teaching foreign students has its unique challenges. >> someone might know how to teach, but how to teach someone who english is not their native language is something else. >> reporter: it's why they take english classes at the flight school. and a lack of access to small airplanes at home is the biggest obstacle to success. >> general aviation is virtually nonexistent in china. >> my favorite part? flying. >> reporter: students get 190 hours in a plane by the time they leave. >> we are flying every day. >> after they are done training here they go home and take a
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year to be rated on big airplanes, and then expect to end up in the right seat of cockpits as the pilot of jets with only 250 hours of flying time. >> what kind of plane do you want to fly? >> 747, my dream. >> reporter: here in the u.s., similarly trained pilots don't sit in the right seat until they have 1500 hours of flying time. that leads to safety concern. >> english was a big problem for them. >> reporter: this veteran flight instructor taught pilots from china for four years. he said he quit his job in frustration over safety lapses. he wanted to hide his identity. he doesn't want to jeopardize a career in aviation but he wants to expose what he considers to be critical safety issues. >> their decision making ability was lacking.
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they didn't want to make decisions on their own. they wanted someone to tell them what to do. >> reporter: this instructor said he was pressured by the flight school and the foreign-based airlines to pass pilots who were not ready to fly commercial jets. >> students who weren't rey, we'll just send them anyway. >> does that create a safety hazard in your mind? >> absolutely. >> we contacted that flight school, a manager there denied that pilots were rushed to graduate and given licenses before they were ready. this instructor said the pilots would go back home and within a year be a co-pilot of big jets like 737s, 777s and 747s. >> i had students two years after they left me and they were in the right seat of wide body
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aircraft. >> with 380 people behind them. >> we need to get them more training. >> reporter: listen to this man. >> they are unprepared if for the task. >> reporter: he was a flight instructor before retiring to fly corporate jets. >> there seems to be an indecent hurry to get young cadet co-pilots into the cockpit. >> reporter: all of the flight schools admitted they have no control over what happens when the pilots go back home. >> does it worry you we are not teaching the skills in the flight skills? >> it does worry me. it should worry any responsible pilot or co-pilot getting into a cockpit these days and quite simply they're unprepared. >> reporter: in a statement
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e-mailed to us, a flight school says it is dedicated to providing manual flight training skills far and above industry standards. a half dozen or so other pacific run airlines who we reached out to declined our request for comment. asiana airlines announced it was changing the way it trained future pilots and late today, the faa notified us that tomorrow in a news conference it will announce new training rules for pilots. coming up tomorrow night we take you in the cockpit with these student foreign pilots and learn what they learn at the controls. that's tomorrow night. we'll see you then. >> an unsettling report. if you have a tip for steven, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. we have exclusive video to show you that captures the
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terrifying moments when two skydiving planes collided over the state of wisconsin. you can see one of the planes hit the top of the other planes. the skydivers from both planes plummeted to the ground. all of the skydivers escaped. one pilot escaped with the parachute and the other pilot managed to land. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri and talk about the next couple days. >> it will start off cold. a frost advisory issued by the national weather service. widespread 30s for the north bay right through 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's when we expect the coldest weather. the numbers lowest in napa at 33
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degrees. possibly lower depending on the wind. as we head throughout tomorrow we will get a lot of sunshine but it's at 8:00 a.m. it will be in the mid-40s. in the afternoon, mid-70s for the interior valleys. let's take you outside to that high-definition sky camera network. from san bruno mountain winds 10 to 15 miles an hour and that is amplifying the temperature variations. the wind is creating friction in the atmosphere and keeping the heat around. but we will find the 30s in the no north bay. down to san francisco, not as cold. you are right near the water, per normal. that keeps the temperatures warmer. 43 in livermore and 44 in san jose. tomorrow temperatures go up by about 3 to 5 degrees.
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that sunshine, 72 in san jose will feel like 75. we'll have 74 in gilroy. not bad at the beach in the afternoon. 71 in palo alto. for the east bay, impacted by the same air mass and a slight offshore wind. 73 in livermore. and 60s right near the bay. san francisco, 69. san that rosa, 74. looking good in the grapevine. and 71 in oakland. let's push ahead to the next rainfall. with over 40 days without any rainfall, looks like sunday night into monday at this point we'll get wet weather in here. anywhere from a tenth of an inch to a quarter. great news as the averages are slipping to 30% of normal. low to mid-70s in the interior
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valleys. and that rain, sunday and monday. >> gave us a five-day head start warning. >> always looking for the rain. >> thanks, jeff. up in flames. dramatic video of a gas station fire. you won't believe it. we'll be right back.
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new video tonight of a gas station fire that left a georgia woman severely burned. she did survive the fire but the video is graphic. the woman's husband was pumping gas and he flicked a cigarette lighter. the woman's clothing catches fire. the husband is in jail facing misdemeanor charges. new details about the bullying scandal in the nfl. jonathan martin an offensive lineman for the miami dolphin has left the team due to
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harassment. his mistreatment went beyond hazing. the team has suspended i c incognito. there are text messages in which he says he will track down members of martin's family and hurt them. the nfl is leading the investigation into what happened. but the dolphins will part way with incognito. an eye opening performance by the warriors. anthony hopkins from the new movie "thor" and sting is here to perform.
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former teammate a message saying you're next. iguodala had a message for the 76ers. steph curry to iguodala for the alley-oop. that is a long range. second quarter, warriors up 15. around the back pass to david lee. third quarter now, iguodala from long range. his seventh three pointer of the night. mario manningham has been added to the 49ers roster. he has had a knee injury but is expected to make an immediate impact on the field. eric wright was also reinstated. the 49ers waved nnamdi
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asomugha. the 32-year-old married to kerry washington and is expecting a baby with her next year. the a's will not extend qualifying offers to bartolo cologne and grand balfour. bo both pitchers can sign with the a's but are free to sign with another team. that will do it for sports. more news after this. when our little girl was born,
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for 41 hours straight all the way through black friday. sears, kohl's and jcpenney will be open on thanksgiving. macy's will open most of its stores on thanksgiving night for the first time. >> we'll be on the couch eating turkey. thanks a lot. >> bye-bye.
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