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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 5, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the one decision that could land one south bay city in court. >> and take a look at this. just a spectacular start to the day in san francisco. not a cloud in the sky. it's cold out there. we've got a warming trend today and tomorrow. i'll tell you when rain returns to the forecast. >> plus, more crews, more distraction and slowing. incidents on the nimitz and the ears shore freeway. >> mike, that will not slow down the good vibrations and the spectacular breath taking motivating and invig gating view over the bay bridge out there. this is worth getting up to every day ladies and gentlemen. today for the record if you check the calendar, tuesday, november 5, this is "today in the bay." gorgeous out there. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. we start off with that breaking news in new jersey where the investigation is now beginning
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into what motivated a 20-year-old man to open fire in that state's largest mall, then shoot and kill himself. the garden state plaza mall in the town of paramus, 15 miles north of manhattan. marla tellez has all of the details about the shooter, the gun that the shooter used. good morning. >> good morning. in my last report i told you that the suspect got the modified ak-47 from his brothers. now they say he did not have his brother's permission. the brother did own the gun legally. this photo has been released of the shooter, he is 20-year-old richard shoop from new jersey. authorities say he does not have an extensive criminal history though they know of him for his drug use. shoop was found after 3:00 a.m. with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. we reported a note from shoop
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was found at the scene. now officials are saying that note was actually left with his family. officials are not calling it a suicide note it does express that an end is coming. >> i do not believe that mr. shoop thought he would come out of here this evening alive. it could have been a suicide by cop intention, but it did not appear at least at the outset from what we know now that his intention was to shoot any. >> that was the case unlike so many shootings, this is different in that no one was hurt. it was just before 9:30 local time last night before the mall was to close that shoop walked in and fired six shots. we learned that he fires those straight up in the air so basically in the ceiling. he was dressed in black wearing a motorcycle helmet. one witness said shoop appeared calm. >> looked like he was having fun enjoying shooting. i don't think he was shooting
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anyone as far as human action. i didn't see anybody getting hurt. >> here is a live look at the mall. everything looks like business as usual but we understand that the mall is not going to open as it typically does because the investigation is just beginning inside. paramus police say hundreds of people, customers and employees were in lock down mode until early this morning when they were released and reunited. i'll have my next report coming up at 6:45. >> we'll check back with you. 6:03. federal investigators are looking to what motivated a man to open pir at l.a.x., killing one tsa officer and wounding two others. the fbi is.fá interested in searching the cell phone of the suspect, paul ciancia. agents want to look for
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information on his views on government including the existence on a flute impose a new world order. >> new this morning the search for a suspect after a police chase that spanned a good deal of the south bay. this has been called off. the chase started in sunnyvale. chp joined the pursuit in san jose as the two headed southbound on 101. chase ended when the suspect crashed off highway 101 in morgan heil. we can tell you one suspect is in cud toes. a second fled from the scene. still on the loose. police have not revealed what started this chase. >> oakland police looking over ambulance video trying to find out how a man riding a because caught fire. the bus was near the intersection of macarthur and
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ardley. the driver noticed a man on fire. he stopped the bus. several jumped out of the back of the bus. the victim has not been identified. we know he is treated at san francisco hospital. we don't know how badly he was further. after a heated debate city council limiting gun rights. last night city voted to limit area guns where gun stores can operate and require owners and employees to pass criminal background checks. dozens were at the meeting. the ordinance will get a final vote on november 18. decision 2013, sunnyvale voters are expected to take on the issue of gun control at the polls. this has a measure so controversial. it could land in court. >> today in the bay christie smith is live with the story for us. thank you. >> reporter: good morning to you. this one has attracted national
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attention, if approved this would go way beyond what stay lawmakers and even the government has try to do do. if this passes the nra made it very clear that they will go ahead and sep in and sue to try to stop its implementation. it would prohibit magazines over 10 and require people to report lost or stolen guns within 48 hours, require firearms to be locked up when not in use. and would require registration for ammo purchase which stellar would have to keep on file. propo meants say this might help prevent mass shootings. even michael bloomberg chipped in financially but the nra says it wouldn't reduce violent crime or accidents and they are read the go to court. sunnyvale's mayor had this to say. >> the first night i believe the
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city council, we're going to sue you. then sue us. we've got to stand up for the people who need to be detected. >> reporter: another one to watch in san francisco. prop b, known as the 8 washington street development. that's along the embarcadero. opponents are upset with the prospect of high rise construction that would block views. it has to do with publicly owned parking lot. you have probably seen a lot of commercials on that one. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> we will have the latest election results. you can visit and search elections. >> time to check back in to the weather department. it's going to be warmer and we're a day closer to the&n within. >> one f&dday. check monday, done with.
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we've got a good looking day shaping up as well. i want to show you right now this is from san bruno. the highest point we have, facing east, sam ra shiks a little bit. calmer winds than 24 hours ago. i want to show you san jose. facing east, beautiful start to the day. a little hazy. happy to report we're in the good to moderate air quality training. it's cold. hour by hour, a little wit of that wind, you're at 58. 47 in san jose and 35 and dropping. a nice rebound headed our way. 70 for fremont, 73 in gilroy and 70 in fremont for today. so we're looking good. that's a nice comfortable reading. also in san francisco. everything changes, though. these temps won't last long.
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you're ready to go to work, hold up. hi there. >> if you are going through past the coliseum you have to hold up. i watched it in the last couple minutes, the last of the flares burn out. the headlights going northbound through an earlier crash area. you see the off ramp on the right side. that's the area. we have one car on the shoulder and two more kuks up the roadway. the issue was the flares had to burn out. as we look at the maps we see this for 880, 580 westbound is fine but the corridor between hagenberger and watch a lot of activity there. the maze moves smoothly. the build for 24, it's westbound from the top of the screen, all the way down to san pablo and richmond very slow. it build up after an earlier crash happened. it's on the older with debris.
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it's been getting worse. a problem off the carquinez bring. through the -- 101 we're getting a build, no problems for 101, 280. i'll show you that coming up. >> coming up, the slots come with slowdowns. the new las vegas tile casino opening in the bay area. a huge traffic job. >> google wants to answer more of your questions. i'll have it ahead in business. >> another spectacular live shot. which need to squeeze all we can. bring these to you all morning. you pack up and head out.
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welcome back now. thanks for joining us on a tuesday morning. happy to point out it is crystal clear all across the bay area. about 15 minutes away from your official sun rise and a warmer afternoon. i'll tell you when showers return to the forecast. >> we're looking at 880 northbound with all of these headlights, things starting to loosen up as you approach the coliseum. a problem on the southbound side, a bigger problem for the east shore freeway. we have a big build this traffic tuesday. >> a look at today's top stories. the man police say opened fire in a crowded new jersey mall was found dead early this morning. investigators say 20-year-old richard shoop was found in a is a included part of the mall with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. no one else was hurt. his motive is unclear. >> anti-discrimination bill passing a key test vote.
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they could slovote in the next week. it's unlikely to pass the house. >> it is election day, bay area voters deciding on several measures including a controversial gun control measure in sunnyvale. for a list head to and search election. >> 6:14. how about this. google going above and beyond. the company wants to help your marriage, tell you what color to paint your kitchen and also culture, teach you shakespeare. >> scott mcgrew, ambitious project. >> they call it google help out. you can look. here is a fellow who will teach you shakespeare. you set an appointment and you get a live video feed where you can talk with an expert. now in some cases it's going to be free, in other cases it's expensive. it depends on the expert. and the advice as well. not a new idea. a website called pearl has been doing this for some years.
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we were talking about it a couple weeks ago. the diswasher repair guy makes more than $100,000 a year answering dishwasher questions from his own kitchen table. looking ahead to the trading day, futures calling for a lower open. tesla reports profits after the closing bell. we're going to see tesla's european sales numbers for the first time. solar city reports tomorrow. defending a new book about mckenzie bezos gave one star to the book about her husband called the everything store. she says the book is inaccurate. stone hess he stands by his reporting. the only one star that he's gotten on amazon. but there you go, the wife. >> she said she wanted to like it. >> yes. and a lot of critics say it's
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not harsh on jeff, the founder, and i guess it's a matter of opinion. >> there you go. thanks, scott. >> 6:15. happening today in a few hours the doors will open for the new $800 million graton resort and casino. the casino off highway 101 in rohnert park, this one comes with a lot. hundreds of table games but the other possibility would be huge and regular traffic jams. >> also there this morning bob redell is live inside the casino with more on what folks can expect as well as a long buffet line i would imagine. >> good morning to you. they are expecting thousands of people during the grand opening which is going to be a few hours from now at 10:00 this morning at the graton resort and casino here in rohnert park. this is the largest vegas style casino in the bay area. it could possibly be the largest in the state of california.
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ñ expensive it is. it cost 800 million to build, 340,000 square feet. looking at/,c one of the 144 t games they have here, and then you can see if you look out on the floor all of the lights, all of the slot machines, 3,000 of them. we spoke with the general manager not long ago. he hired more than 2,000 people, full time workers here at the casino. dealers and that sort to be working here. that's the impact you talk about as far as what they have on the local economy. according to standard & poor's, they did analysis and say this casino is expected to make a little over a half billion dollars in revenue by 2016. that means they expect a lot of people, but with those people comes a lot of traffic. that projection is an extra 10,000 vehicles per day on 101 here in rohnert park. police are aware, they will have extra officers. and chp, they tell us they have
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a few tricks as well. >> we are prepared to override the traffic lights, we're prepared to open up the carpool lanes to full traffic. we have social media. we'll update our personal facebook here, chp. >> i'm going to try to avoid it as much as possible. >> you think it's going to be a mess? >> i do. really bad. >> reporter: the general manager, though, makes the california are used to traffic, they will figure out a way to get around that. the new casino opens at ten clock this morning. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot, bob. all shiny and new. >> just have a driver, sit back and relax. >> if it's only that easy. win a lot of money. >> christina loren, the one thing you don't have to wish for, beautiful skies. >> not going to cost you a nickel or a quarter.
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>> you don't count on winning anything. 6:18 now. temperatures are looking pretty good. if you look at the statistics, there are books out about betting in casinos. slot machines, go figure, not your best bet. san francisco 46 in sunnyvale. here's where it's interesting. we talk about percentages in the weather department as well. hey, 20% chance of rain on thursday. how about a 50% chance as we head through sunday into monday. i bet that might spark your interest. that's what we're looking at. today it's going to be warmer this afternoon by a few degrees from where we ended up. getting into tomorrow another cold clear start, peak warmth expected. then things change into your thursday. the soupy conditions will return, temperatures are going to tumble. we're not counting on the rainfall until we hit sunday into monday for the greater bay area. may be a stray shower or two in santa rosa starting thursday,
6:20 am
into early friday. two systems headed our way. i'll show you how it looks on the forecast. 70 in fremont and 73 degrees down in san jose. let's get to it. this is what we're working with. cloudy conditions return by thursday, in the low 70s inland by friday, saturday looking pretty good a mix of sun and clouds. our next system comes through. best chance for showers right now the north bay looks like sunday night, all of that activity to the south as we head through the first part of monday. count on much cooler weather. if you don't have a heater in your house probably a good time to get that guy worked on. it's going to get cold reaching winter levels as we kick off next week. here is mike inouye. >> it is picking up here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a burst of traffic but now things have sorted out back to the fast track lanes so that's really good. this commute unlike yesterday looking a little lighter. yesterday we had a heavier
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boost. we'll see how this shakes out. the approach and the maps, we have a slowdown, this is partly due, partly caused the lighter backups because of these folks held up. the earlier crash at central and san pablo have been enough to cause a backup so past highway 4 it jams up toward golden gate racetrack, then you're okay toward berkeley and the maze. coming up from oakland we have a slowdown. the jam through el cerrito and the earlier crashes past the coliseum. northbound and southbound approaching high street caused disturbance. things are sorting themselves out. but we have distractions on the shoulder. we'll givey./ you another look toward the tri-valley. we have a good build for west 580, 84 through almost is slow. extra slow approaching the ge
6:22 am
plant. it sounds like the lanes are clear. the south bay not a major problem. we wend with 101 and that gentle build. >> all right. gentle build. >> make it feel easier to cruise through. 6:22. coming up, we'll tell you about a former stanford star, after suffering alleged bullying. we'll tell you about the comments one of his teammates is accused of saying. when our little girl was born,
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this story getting a lot of attention. we're learning new details about a major bullying scandal in the nfl. >> it's hard to believe. jonathan martin a former stanford star now with the miami dolphins left due to harassment. it appears mistreatment went beyond locker room hazing. the team suspended richard incognito. he left a voice moyl for martin which includes racial slurs and a death threat. there are reportedly text messages hes is he will track down members of martin's family and hurt them. the nfl is leading the investigation into what happened but reports out of miami say the dolphins will release incognito. >> 6:25. the future of the iconic
6:26 am
astrodome could be decided today what's going to happen next. texans heading to the polls to vote to save the building or tear it down. a referendum on the ballot would authorize up to $217 million to transform the astrodome into a giant convention and event center. last weekend more than 4,000 people waited in line for hours to buy a piece of the astrodome. a little keepsake. the so-called eighth wonder of the world once home to the houston oilers, remember bum phillips and baseball's houston astros. nobody's even played there since back in 1999. >> they are the throwbacks. >> the winter games in sochi 93 days away. the russians are sending the torch into space. >> i think that's a cool way to commemorate. the rocket is slated to transport the olympic flame to the international space station
6:27 am
and it was put on a launch pad early this morning. a crew of three will go up including an engineer from nasa. this one will lift off with the torch on thursday. two russians are expected to take the torch for a space walk on saturday. take it out for aó8q÷ stroll. before returning to earth on monday. that is quite the trip. >> 6:26. still ahead an update to breaking news. shots fired at a mall in new jersey. what we're learning about the 20-year-old gunman found dead. >> we'll take you outside, a spectacular look from our san bruno cam. the sky crystal clear, a little crisp out. may want to grab a jacket. would look like john stamos.
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wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. sounds too good to be true... it's thick, creamy but 0% fat and twice the protein. huh..! where did stamos go? he's here, the oikos are on him. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon. a new report out showing how much child care costs have gone up in recent years. we go live to washington, d.c. for the latest numbers. >> plus, a bill to end
6:30 am
discrimination based on sexual preference gaining steam on capitol hill. but not everyone is on board. >> a live look from the nasdaq. they bring it in ultra tech from san jose getting the ultra honor opening the market there today as they get set for all of the confetti and hand clapping and good vibrations. it's tuesday, november 5th. this is "today in the bay." welcome everybody. happy tuesday. always glad to see you. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. an update to breaking news we're following, a man suspected of firing multiple shots at new jersey's largest shopping mall has been found dead. the body of richard shoop was found in the back area of the garden state plaza mall early this morning. authorities say shoop killed himself with the same weapon that he used at that mall. no one else was hurt. marla tellez is getting new
6:31 am
information this morning from paramus police. she's going to have an update in about 15 minutes. >> no big surprise. the cost of child care going up. but did you know it's so expensive parents pay more for child care than they would for a college education in 19 states. that is a painful reality to all of us parents. tracie potts is here with exactly what is behind this major increase. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. it's painful in california. over $12,000 for an infant in a child care center. that's the most expensive scenario, as they get older or in family care it's cheaper but yes, california is one of those states where getting someone to take care of your kid is more expensive than sending them to college. 28% more according to this new report. if you are a single mom this is taking 44% of your salary in california. if you are a poor family, at the
6:32 am
poverty level, it's 63% of your income. and this is an interesting difference. if you have a younger child, the affordability factor, they ranked all of the states, california is actually pretty high up there. but for after school care, california is very low. number 46 out of 50. as your kids get older it gets a lot cheaper for someone to take care of them. >> you got to hit the lottery if you have more tan onea kid. thank you. >> it's 6:32. landmark legislation continues to claw through congress for the first time in more than 15 years. the senate is poised to pass a bill to give equal rights to lgbt employees. the bill passed a test 61-30. it needed at least 60 to advance to a formal vote. that should come later this week. it doesn't look like the bill has enough support in the house.
6:33 am
the federal law would prohibit discrimination based on sexual reference and gender identity. something the transgender legal center in san francisco deals with regularly. >> we see a lot of more people coming out and being themselves and work places want to be there so it's time for the laws to step up and bleat the rest of the world is at. >> a spokesperson for john boehner said the speaker opposes the legislation because he thinks it will cost american jobs and increase frivolous lawsuits. >> the santa clara county board of supervisors will review its policy how local law enforcement cooperate with federal immigration authorities. the board will discuss a county law restricting requests by ice officials to hold undocumented criminals up to 48 hours after they were supposed to be released. that allows ice officials time to arrest them for possible
6:34 am
deportation. the county now considering relaxing its current policy which restricts holds on youth and requires federal officials reimburse local law enforcement. >> the council debating a possible location for a softball complex. the city park officials have come up with a half dozen potential locations around san jose. the best so far just south of east wij mall. the county fairgrounds an option. the $228 million project was approved back in 200 under measure p. >> it's 6:34. you may know this story t iron worker who welded a statue. the old bridge is gone but his prank is living on. the bay area troll you see will be installed at the oakland museum of california. it will be on displace starting tomorrow as part of a major
6:35 am
extra. stories from our changing bay. the exhibit runs until the end of february. i thought they might find a different place for it. >> does that troll look like a goat that is fat and running like a sprinter. a troll is a guy with a beard. scary under that bridge. >> a scary story. >> what's happening outside? >> how does that troll not have a big belly. good morning to you. we like our healthy values here. temperatures this morning are just cold enough to where you can get outdoors for a run. it's not as cold as it was yesterday just make sure you're ready, now the sun is out. we're going to warm up a. gooding whoing day shaping up. temperatures mostly in the 40s and midwests. 47 in san jose. the only place you want to watch it's gilroy. that's only city. we're about 15 degrees milder
6:36 am
than 24 hours ago with nice north winds. 76 inland, bay side 72 at the coast 69 degrees, significant changes headed our way as we get into the end of the week and the weekend. i'm going to time that out for you. time line for the showers. but right now it's getting busy on a traffic tuesday. >> busier in atypical spots we'll show you. we're looking at 101 northbound where we typically see the build about now. but it's a traffic tuesday, we expect your flow of traffic throughout. look at the maps, talking about this area at the top. really concentrating on north 87. approaching curtner there is debris. looks like in the backup there is a fender bender. i'm getting detail ace round capital expressway. watch for that. north 85 showing the build as well as north 28 as far as the volume of traffic goes. toward the rest of the bay we're already as far as these patterns but we have a lot of east bay
6:37 am
spots. it's building out of hayward. west 80 coming off the carquinez bridge. and approaching central avenue with an earlier crash that started with debris in the area and we kept getting worse as far as the flow. 20 miles per hour. approaching golden gate field. more slowing as you approach the maze and the bay bridge toll plaza. watching reports of a stall on the high rise but i don't see it yet. >> you are going to want to see at 6:37, only on nbc, two sky diving planes collide midair. what the skydivers had to do and what they are saying this morning. >> wow. happy they are saying anything. that could have been real bad. it's getting nice outside as the morning is starting out. a shot of sunol with the clear skies. get our day rolling. ♪
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we heard of amazing survival stories. how about a couple of planes in midair crashing above wisconsin somehow all nine of the sky divers on board the planes and both of the$ú% pilots survive. hard to believe. >> it is. and this morning they are talking about the moments on the "today" show.
6:41 am
in fact, they have exclusive video from the skydiver's helmet cam. you can see one of the planes hit the top of the other, there is a fireball, then look how the people, they have to try to yum out. they are plummeting to the ground. all of the skydivers, though, they were able to open the chutes and land safely. >> let's not forget there are spin progress pellers. you heard those close to you. >> the sound i'll never forget. that's all i could do is stay forward. i knew i was going to live where i thought i could. >> that is you there. that is you getting knocked off the plane trying to hang on thinking you might get cut in half. >> it is really amazing. then you got to deal with pulling the chute. watch the interview this morninm on the "today" show. >> so lucky they didn't get hit by pieces flying. we're following breaking news in new jersey. the gunman accused of opening
6:42 am
fire at a mall he is found dead. we'll have the latest details coming up. >> get ready for the holidays. some stores will open on thanksgiving at 6:00 in the morning. >> it's going to be cold out there at 6:00 in the morning. thanksgiving. looking good for now. i'm tracking your forecast. i can tell you, though, between now and then we have a storm system brewing, could bring us showers as early as late thursday into friday.
6:43 am
6:44 am
right now i want to give you an update to breaking news in new jersey. police have found the body of the man who fired several shots into the garden state plaza mall. this happened late last night
6:45 am
and the mall is the largest in the state. it is in the town of paramus. this is located about 15 miles north of manhattan. marla tellez has been monitoring this all morning long. what authorities are saying about a motive. >> good morning. authorities say they do not believe that richard shoop ever intended to hurt anyone other than himself when he walked into the garden state plaza mall and opened fire. here's a look at the0 20-year-od officials say shot himself in the head sometime early this morning. police say they found his body in a back corridor. officials recovered a note that was left with shoop's family. they are not calling it a suicide note but do say it expresses that an end is coming. the terror started just before the mall was set to close at 9:30 when police say shoop walked in carrying a modified ak-47 and he fired six shots.
6:46 am
we learned he fired straight up toward the ceiling. that's why no one was hit and everyone did make it out alive. it was a terrifying ácéexperie. >> we were inside the store and i hear three shots. one next to the other next to the other. and i opened the front doors for the stores and i saw the security guard, all the security guard they started screaming and the people get out, everybody out. >> the mall was put on look down, keeping hundreds of people inside. that lasted about six hours. we learned that the gun shoop pssáq" belonged to his brother o did own it legally. and shoop did not have permission to take it. officials say shoop does not have an extensive criminal past though authorities do know of him. >> he's someone that does have a drug history. he has used drugs, but what possessed him to do tonight what
6:47 am
he did is no one can say. >> all morning long we had a live look at the mall. it shows the area where authorities focused their search. it looks like it's business as usual but it's not. the mall will remain closed today while authorities continue to investigate what motivated shoop to stop. >> we want to get the forecast we were seeing gorgeous sunrises. clear skies as well. kind of loving this time change. >> yeah. invigorating too. the sun comes up early, motivates you. >> you get the kids to bed earlier? >> i try to. >> at least you try. 6:47. going to start going down earlier the next couple weeks. keep that in mind. dark by 5:00 p.m. 58 degrees now in livermore, 47 in san jose. this is the coldest point of the morning and temperatures are
6:48 am
chilly out there. but nowhere as cold as we were 24 hours ago. some cities are running 17 to 19 degrees milder at this hour. than yesterday. look at livermore. 17 degrees milder. that's because we have dry downsloping northerly winds keeping your temperatures up. the same for napa. high pressure for the next couple days and this ridge of high pressure will start to break down. let's take through the changes. what you can expect. chilly morning temps, mild later this afternoon. through your wednesday, peak warmth, another cool morning but a clear start as well. then the fog returns as we head through thursday and temperatures are going to tumble. we expect our first showers in the north bay. we head through late thursday into friday a little bit of a break on saturday. then another chance for showers, a better chance late sunday into monday. i'll show you how that looks on the seven-day forecast. 77 for today in livermore. 71 in santa teresa. 73 for gilroy. 69 down in santa cruz.
6:49 am
about 70 degrees in san francisco. so here's the seven-day. show you what we are expecting. thursday into friday, temperatures are going to get much cooler and then saturday looks good, by sunday we're expecting our first shower sunday afternoon in the north bay. all of that action will spread to the south monday. and right now it's looking promising seven days out so i got to tell you chances probably better and better. speaking of which mike's always keeping us updated. good morning. >> yes. things are in flux. we talk about traffic tuesday being the worst of the week but today is better than yesterday in many spots. some worse. the bay bridge toll splaz about the same. and building past the overcrossing. one of the reasons it's lighter at the bay bridge toll plaza. folks are held up here. the maze moves nicely approaching. 24 not a problem through the caldecott. from the top of the screen. west 80 from hercules and pinole
6:50 am
we had a crash in the backup that caused this distraction, starting to sort themselves out. speeds in the 20s and 30s. we have slowing south 680 approaching an earlier crash now moved to the shoulder and debris cleared from that interchange. we're looking like a typical commute out of concord into walnut creek and danville. the tri-valley with the build for south 680 and 84 through livermore. we had an earlier spell but that has cleared. going to make up time. the south bay with an easy build from the northbound direction but some debris at kertner and a look at the sun sin folks' eyes, i guess not a problem. back to you. >> put on shades for us there. now moving to decision 2013. sunnyvale voters expected to take on the issue of gun control at the polls. it is a measure so controversial depending on the outcome it could land the city in court. >> christie smith live now in sunnyvale.
6:51 am
good9/ morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. people begin voting on this soon and this has already attracted national attention, even a little financial support from new york mayor michael bloomberg for measure c, what this is is four new gun control rules that would apply to people living in sunnyvale. you can bet it's caught the attention of the national rifle association which says it will sue if measure c passes. one nra attorney says this would put gun owners' lives at risk. proponents of measure c say it would help prevent mass shooting tragedies, suicides and accidents. if approved measure c would prohibit residents from having ammo magazines of more than ten rounds, require people to report lost or stolen guns to police within 48 hours of!y]÷ that happening and require firearms to be locked up when they are not being used. and require registration for ammo purchases which the seller
6:52 am
must keep on file for at least two years. the nra says this amounts to infringement on the right to bear arms. >> the first statement we're going to sue you. then sue us. because we have to stand up for the people who need to be protected. >> reporter: the mayor is the driving force behind c, says this isn't about reducing crime but making it safer for people who have guns in the home. i reached out to the mayor to find out when and where he might be voting. haven't heard back. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. reminder on this election day, stay with nbc bay area. both on air and on line, for the latest election results. you can visit and search election. >> new this morning the search for a suspect after a police chase spanning a good deal of the south bay has been called off. the chase started around 10:30 last night at the intersection of fair oaks avenue and central expressway in sunnyvale.
6:53 am
chp joining the pursuit in san jose as the two suspects headed south on highway 101, the chase has ended and it happened when the suspect crashed at the exit off 101 in morgan hill. right now we can tell you one of the suspects is in custody, a second suspect fled the scene. still on the loose. this morning police have not revealed and told us what started the chase. >> investigators are trying to figure out how a man caught fire on a transit bus. line 57 bus driving near the intersection of macarthur boulevard last night when the driver noticed a man on fire and stopped the bus to call for help. several people jumped out of the back of the bus. the victim has not been identified but he is in a san francisco hospital. the severity of his injuries also unclear. >> today the san jose city council talking about letting
6:54 am
people fire weapons within city limits to help take care of the feral pig problem. last week we told you about the pigs destroying lawns and homes and businesses causing tens of thousands in damage at the almaden country club. california fish and wildlife granded a permit but the reality is only law enforcement and people acting in self defense can fire a gun in city limits. the proposal would allow trappers to shoot the animals after catching them. >> happening today the doors open for the newck: $800 milli graton resort. the casino off 101 in rohnert park. there is the possibility of huge traffic jams as well. >> that's right. let the traffic and the good times and the cash flow. bob redell is live in the casino now with more on what we can
6:55 am
expect as people try to hit the jackpot. >> reporter: good morning to you. talking about 3,000 slot machines and as you come on the main floor you can see some of thekçm 144 table games this cas is coming alive this morning as the dealers are getting ready for the grand opening which will be in about threeçoi hours from now. this is a 340,000 square foot facility. $800 million to build. i bring up all of these numbers because it goes to the greater point this is the largest vegas style casino in the bay area and possibly the largest in the state. they hired more than 2,000 people. some are the dealers waiting for the doors to open. and according to analysis by standard & poor's this casino expected to generate a little over a half billion dollars in revenue for the casino, that would be by the year 2016. this is an indian casino, by the federated indians, they are the
6:56 am
owners. the fact they expect this money means they expect a lot of people to visit this location just off 101 in rohnert park. the projection is extra 10,000 vehicles per day on the stretch traffic jams. >> i don't know a californian that doesn't know how to navigate an interstate or find an alternate truitt a place that is important to them. i'm one of those people now and i know i know how to halve i gate roads. >> you don't think it will have a tremendous imsnakt. >> i think people who are savvy and familiar with traffic which all northern californians are, they are going to figure it out. >> reporter: policeçñy will ha extra officers to help. chp can override the traffic lights, open up carpool lanes to help out. we'll get a better sense when the doors open at 10:00 this morning here in rohnert park.
6:57 am
bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. speaking of money tesla reports profits. >> i like those. scoot mcgrew checks the markets. a local company opening up the nasdaq. >> ultratech out of san jose opening up the nasdaq. there they are on the right. nasdaq down about 20 points, dow industrials down 100. earlier talking about how the wife of jeff bezos had given the new book a 1 star review. there you see it saying the author brad stone had gotten his facts wrong. stone a few minutes ago posted a response saying he stands which his book called the everything store. he does say there are details only jeff and mckenzie could know. if they could like to point out the errors i'll gladly correct them. then kmart and sears will stay open all day thanksgiving and all day and night for what used
6:58 am
to be called black friday. now just going to be one long sale. thanksgiving now we call thursday. you don't have to go. >> exactly. sit at the table and eat pie. >> christina loren is here for some pie in the sky maybe. >> with your lap top on the table. you don want to miss out on those deals. good morning. we've got a good looking day shaping up. temperatures are going to be chilly to start by about lunch time. you can peel off your first layer, 72 bay side and at the coast 69 degrees. remember thed8 sun goes down a 5:00 p.m. and so check on your drive, good morning to mike. >> we're going to look at maps, the south bay. it's 85. look at this. really building but off the split. earlier crashes and 87.
6:59 am
debris at the capital expressway crash causing problems. the peninsula moves and the stall on the san mateo bridge is not there. back to you. >> good news there. thanks, mike. >> 6:59. a final check of the top stories. the man police say opened fire in a crowded new jersey mall was found dead early this morning. investigators say 20-year-old richard shoop was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. nobody else was hurt. his motive remains unclear. >> anti-discrimination bill pass as key test vote in the senate. they could vote in the next week. the law would prohibit discrimination based on sexual preference but it is unlikely to pass the house. >> it is election day in the bay area with voters deciding on several measures including a gun control measure in sunnyvale. for a list of all of the measures go to and search election.
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. a gunman walks into new jersey's largest mall and opens fire. hundreds of shoppers in lockdown for hours. this morning, the shooter is dead as police investigate his troubled past. voters head to the polls across the country. two big races may be the preview of the white house in 2016. and an nbc exclusive, the terrifying midair collision of two sky diving planes captured as it happens as cameras mounted on the divers' helmets. one plane ripping apart seconds after the miraculous escape. and they'll join us live today, tuesday, november 5th, 2013.


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