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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 5, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. i'm jon kelley. new at 11:00. we can tell you an 86 yeshld marathon runner from the south bay died after finishing that new york marathon this past weekend. her family says during the marathon she fell and hit her head. she thought she was fine, and then suddenly yesterday she passed away. nbc bay area's christie smith is live right now in the willow glen neighborhood in san jose where she has just spoken to that woman's family. what a tragic, tragic day. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, jon. certainly joye johnson's family is grieving this morning, but they're also sharing a story of an amazing 86-year-old woman. they say she still normally got
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up very early and came here to willow glen high school to work out, run with her friends. they called themselves the track pack. she ran the new york marathon for 25 years, met al roker a number of times, but then took a fall during the race sunday and later passed [cyaway. these are photos of johnson meeting roker after the race outside the "today" show monday. normally she did this. it was a usual thing for her. her daughter tells me that she called roker a nice young man.5] johnson still bandaged there from the fall. she fell. they checked6mh her out at a medical tent. she was okay. then a day later her daughter tells me she was unresponsive. her family is trying to remember how she lived, making calls today to friends who knew and loved her, once a teach earnings track coach, volleyball coach, swim coach. she once worked at willow glen high and san jose high. she started running in her 50s, and the rest is history. became the oldest runner in consecutive'ses in new york
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marathons and that's called being a streaker. ran races in the bay area and beyond. always had big plans when she was in new york. met friends, watched shows, and, of course, the big run. her daughter says she got a lot of attention being an 86-year-old runner, but that's not why she did it. >> of course, she's very special to us, but she has a wide variety of friends all over the world really, and a lot of them through her running, so like i said, her faith and her family are very important to her, but running and all the friends she's made through running just nothing can -- just loved it so much, and i'm just glad that that's what she was doing. >> her daughter shared a photo of joy from 2003 outside of the "today" show with her sisters. she loved to do that. she moved here from the midwest, seven grandchildren. her daughter tells us that she would have turned 87 this
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christmas day. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> such a sad reality, but what a legacy she left. thank you very, very much. the family of the woman whose body was found in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital is responding this morning to a new claim by the attorney for the sheriff's deputies who are being questioned in this case. yesterday the attorney questioned claims that a witness spotted an unresponsive woman inside this stairwell that wasn't used very often. that was days before lynn spalding's body was found. her family released this statement saying, in part, "this is yet another story about this baffling and troubling case which seems more intent on protecting the reputation of people in whose care lynne was placed and less about getting to the truth. none of it explains how a woman admitted for and under treatment for a non-life-threatening illness ended p dead and neglected for 17 days on a
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stairwell of san francisco general hospital." a suspect remains on the run this morning after leading police on a chase throughout the south bay. that chase started about 10:30 last night at the intersection of fair oaks avenue and central expressway in sunnyvale. chp joined that pursuit in san jose as two suspects headed southbound on highway 101. that chase ultimately he wanteded when the suspect crashed at the avenue exit on the 101 to morgan hill. one of those suspects is in custody. the second fled the scene and is still on the loose. this morning police have not yet revealed exactly what started the chase. oakland police are looking over surveillance video this morning trying to find out how a man arriving in an ac transelt bus caught fire. the line 57 bus was driving near the intersection of macarthur boulevard and ardley avenue when the driver noticed the man on fire and stopped the bus to call for help. several people jumped out of the
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back of this bus. the victim has not been identified, but we do know he is hospital. the extent of his injuries is still not known. an east bay man will be in federal court today facing charges of sex trafficking of children. 23-year-old jamal broussart of herbing lose accused of forcing two underage girls to work as prostitutes. court papers say the girls worked as prostitutes in several states over a period of two and a half years. if convicted, he faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison for each time one of the women was transported out of state. we can tell you a street that's back open now after crews mov removed 200 hypodermic needles that spilled out on the road. the fire crews used brooms and shovels just to pick up all those needles and then put them back in the container they came from.
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at this hour it's still unclear how those neeldzs got out on to the road or what they were used for. well, today is election day, and voters all across the bay area, they are now heading out to the polls as we speak. there are a few hot button measures to tract a lot of attention this morning. >> the controversial 8 washington project, as it's called. it will affect proposition b and c. a yes vote on either measure would clear the way for more than 130 luxury condos to be built across from the ferry building. if rejected, the project would be revised. the south bay sunnyvale voters will be deciding on measure c. this is a wide-ranging gun control proposal that cracks down on gun possession and ammunition sales. if this measure passes, the nra says it's planning to sue the city claiming this one violates the second amendment. >> now, also in sunnyvale,
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measure g seeks a $the 6 million bond update to improve schools and pay for technology, and in campbell measure e would renew a $85 parcel tax for eight years to help fund the school district's seven campuses. stay with nbc bay area both on air and on-line for the latestp election results. visit bay ar=5 and search election. we have new details this morning about the gunman who shot and killed himself inside a busy new jersey mall. authorities say they don't believe at this point richard schoop ever intended to hurt anyone except himself. ron allen has the latest from garden state mall. store by store trying to make sure that, in fact, the area is completely safe. the mall is closed for today, and until further notice. police believe it was a single gunman that was responsible. apparently police knew who
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richard shoop was due to a previous run-in with the law. we're not sure exactly what that involves, but ut bottom line is they still don't know why he did this. he appeared at the mall around 9:20 just ten minutes or so before closing dressed in black, wearing a motorcycle helmet of at least six times. described as a long rifle, something like an ak-47. police say he had the opportunity to shoot and kill people, but he didn't do that. he fired in the air, fired at property, and then retreated deep into the mall somewhere. it took several hours, six hours, before the police found his body. he shot himself in the head, a self-inflicted wound. he was dead. his, of course, is that no one else was injured, and the situation obviously could have been a lot worse. now, police, authorities here, are reviewing security. the question is what can you do with such a soft target here or at malls like this around the country? bottom line, though, one fatality, the gunman. no other injuries. a situation resolved that could
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have been a lot worse. now back to you. >> okay. that was nbc's ron allen reporting. officials also say they recovered a note that was left with his family. they're not calling it a suicide note, but they are saying it expresses an end is coming. this morning we are hearing from the parents of a boy who opened fire inside a middle school near reno killing a teacher before turning the gun on himself. >> we wish this had never happened, and we are hopeful that everybody involved can go forward as best as they can with their lives. >> jose reyes and his wife apologizing for the grief their 12-year-old son caused. they say he never complained about anything or anyone at the school. they did, however, say their son was sometimesnbjd.ñ teased for speech problem. he was working through it. they stressed they don't understand why he opened fire.
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two other students were hurt in that shooting. still to come, dramatic video you'll only see on nbc, as two sky diving planes collide in midair. what those sky divers are saying this morning about those terrifying moments. >> wow. also tell you about the new las vegas style casino opening in the bay area this morning. they expected huge traffic jams. they're already getting them. bob riddell tells us about it. we know ted laselle well. how is he doing in europe? we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are going to climb for today and tomorrow, and then those numbers crash. we have a have i strong storm system on the way. i'll detail the changes in your full forecast.
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just into our newsroom.i/-pñ great news for 49ers fans.
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the 49ers will have michael crabtree at practice for the first time this year. crabtree was just cleared bywmq doctors to practice with his team as early as today. >> that is huge. >> the wide receiver tore his achilles during an offseason workout. it happens when you get a little older. >> i know the feeling. >> he could see action in game in just a couple of weeks. >> i saw you look at me when you said that. all right. >> i was thinking about myself too. i have to stretch more. we have an update ons02árq coach of the houston texans. he collapsed on the field. kubiak suffered a ministroke and that caused the loss of blood flow to part of his brain. the problem, good news, is treatable, and he is not expected to have any residual side effects, and, well, he could recover very quickly. it remains righp">fw that is he in the hospital this morning, but reportedly, kubiak is j also, we're being told, in good spirits. happy to hear. we're learning new details this morning about the bizarre bullying scandal.
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it's very intent that happened in the nfl. >> jonathan martin, a former stanford star and now a lineman more the dolphins left the team due to harassment. it appears his mistreatmentw wet far beyond normal locker room hazing. >> the team has suspended his dolphin teammate richie incognito. espn reporting incognito left a voice mail that uses a racial slur and also includes a death threat. that is beyond bullying. there are also reported text messages in which incognito says he will track down members of martin's family and hurt them. ridicud77,. well, the nfl right now leading this investigation to exactly what happened, but reports are out of miami they say the dolphins plan to release -- that means they plan to cut incogn o incognito. >> tonight the santa clara county board of supervisors reviewing its policy on how local enforcement cooperates with federal immigration authorities. now, the board will discuss a county law restricting requests
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by ice officials to hold undocumented criminal suspects up to 48 hours after they were supposed to be released. that allows ice officials time to arrest them for possible deportation. the county now considering relaxing its current policy which restricts holds on youths and requires that federal officials reimburse local law enforcement. today the san jose city council talking about letting people fire weapons within city limits to help take care of the city's ferrell pig problem. last week we told you about the pigs that are destroying lawns . they've caused, in fact, tens of t(+fands of dollars in damage right here at the almadine country club. the club was granted a permit to hire someone to trap and kill the animals, but only law enforcement and people acting in self-defense can legally fire a gun within city limits. the proposal would allow trappers to shoot the animals after they catch them. happening right now, i guess
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we can call this one the vegas of wine country. >> good one. >> thousands of people right now flooding the brand new graton resort and casino just opening in sonoma county. >> it's loetsd located right off 101. the doors opened just a couple of hours ago. nbc bay area's bob riddell is live above 101 overlooking all the traffic. apparently it's a very big hit already, bob. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning to marla and jon. they're actually having to limit the number of people going in and out right now because they're near capacity, so they don't want the casino to become too crowded. you can see why. you're looking northbound on 101. we're on the park expressway and we're looking towards golf course drive and the exit where people are getting off for the graton resort and casino that just opened a few hours ago. you're looking northbound. now pan over and look southbound. you can see how far you're now looking south how far this traffic jam extends. this is what it was like a few
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hours ago during the grand opening ceremony after the lucky chinese dragon danced. people were chanting open, open. there were at least 1,000 people out at two entrances, and they finally did open the door an hour earlier than planned. at 9:00 instead of 10:00. a lot of people wanting to come to see this casino because it is the largest vegas style casino in the bay area, and one of the largest, if not the largest, in the state of california. it's 340,000 square feet across $800 million to build, 3,000 slot machines, 144 table games, and for a lot of people who like to gamble on a regular basis, for them it's nice to have this in their backyard instead of having to drive a super long distance. >> this is our home right now. you know? this is so cool that it's unbelievable, and all the fighting that went on, all the
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court fights and everything else all -- they're making out like nuts on this thing. >> reporter: the graton resort and casino is an indian casino owned by the confed rated indians of general ranchorina. this new casino has created more than 2,000 jobs and according to analysis by standard & poor's, this casino is expected to generate a little over a=/% hal billion dollars in revenue by the year 2016. that means a lot of people have been saying, as you can see here, back live, you're looking on northbound 101 here. the projection is an extra 10,000 vehicles per day on this stretch of roadway. i'm going to say they're off. i think it's like 10,139 -- oh, i can see the other one. 10,140. a lot of cars out here. chp was talking about a little tricks of the trade that they'll be able to pull as far as adjusting the traffic lights and opening up some of the commuter
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lanes. of course, we're past the commute hour, so it's not really relevant at this point in time, but definitely the concerns about there being a traffic jam have come true. whether it's going to continue throughout the day, weeks to come, well, we don't know that. this, of course, is a grand opening day. only been open for a few hours right now. reporting live here, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> i'm just amazed by the popularity. bob, thanks so much. >> wine and gambling goes hand in hand. >> eegs. >> speaking of that, investors who invested in tesla saw their gamble pay off big-time. >> scott mcgrew has them out big ahead of theziwñ quarterly repo. >> we're going to get so tee all kinds of numbers with the quarterly report. one of the things we'll be most interested in is to see how many cars tesla sold in europe. this would be the first quarterly report3÷ the carrix y has made since it started selling cars on the continent. we'll get these numbers after the closing bell today.
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tesla, they're a dime a dozen here in northern california. we would like to see what the sales are like in countries that have much poorer weather, europe. tesla shares really up in anticipation of this report. that's musk there in the dark suit -- or, excuse me, in the green holding his son. this was a while back ago, last december, when his other company, solar city, went public. solar city will be reporting its profits on wednesday. elan musk owns about 75% of that. other than twitter, it's a very elan musk week. back to you. >> yeah. it seems like it's a lote(y÷ of times that it's his week. the man does everything. >> it's good to be him. >> good to be a billionaire. i stepped outside just a little earlier, and it was gorgeous earlier this morning. a little chill to the air, but look at that. well, maybe a little haze, christina. >> a little haze out there. good morning to you, marla and jon. taking a live look, this is san jose, and we're starting to see a lot of cmse)ing all across the bay area.
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in the sky. that's the case for today and tomorrow, and then change is headed our way. highs will be comfortable. 77 degrees in livermore. 71 in fremont, and 70 in san francisco. looking good as we head throughout the end of the day. unseasonably warm. then the evening temps drop off fast as the sun sets now at about 5:15. getting into tomorrow, another cold and clear start, but we'll see peak afternoon warmth and the changes come in as we head through thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. the jet stream starts to dip to storm window for us here in the bay area. the best chance right now for showers looks like sunday into monday of next week. overall looking pretty good until we hit the end of the weekend. back to you, jon and marla. >> not too shabby. thanks, christina. >> we'll take it. be right back. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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two planes collide in midair, and somehow all nine people on board, sky divers and the pilots, they all survived. >> the sky divers told their scary story to the "today" show's matt lauer this morning. this is exclusive video coming up from their helmet cams. you can see one of the planes -- >> this is crazy. >> hit the top of the other one. >> watch the people. >> there's a fireball, and the sky divers from both planes plummeted to the ground. all were able to open their parachutes and land safely. >> let's want forget, there are spinning propellers here. you heard those propellers? >> that's all i could do is stay forward and try not to move because i knew i was going to live where i was or thought i could. >> that is you right there, isn't it? >> yeah. off the plane trying to hang on thinking you might get cut in half by one of those propellers. sarah -- >> that's crazy. one of the pilots escaped using his emergency parachute.
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the other was able to land. this is why i'm not going to ever sky dive. >> wise woman. scary stuff. glad everybody is okay. still to come, we have the countdown right now for the final prep underway this morning of russia getting ready to send the olympic torch into space.
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to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california.
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the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. the winter games in sochi are 93 days away, and the russians are getting ready to send the torch into space. >> going to where no torch has ever gone before. the rocket is slated to transport the olympic flame. actually the flame won't be lit for safety reasons. they're taking it to the international space station to put on board the launch pad in kazakhstan. a crew of three, that includes an engineer from nasa lifting 3ñ on thursday. two russian cosmonauts also expected to take that torch for a space walk, get it out on saturday before coming back to earth on monday. >> out of this world. >> spectacular. >> thanks for being with us.
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