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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. . . good wednesday morning, everybody. the time is 4:30. i'm laura garcia cannon. the breaking news is in sunnyville. the chp is issuing a state-wide am bergeron alert after a newborn was snatched from a sunnyville apartment. >> the baby was taken yesterday afternoon from a complex not far from el camino real and lawrence expressway. >> bob redell is live in sunnyvale and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the father, law enforcement tells us, who lives at this apartment with his baby's son and mother is the person that has taken his son, taking his son yesterday
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afternoon, hence the reason why you are going to see a lot of this when you are driving into work this morning. these are the lit-up signs on the bay area freeway notifying drivers there is an amber alert. they are going to ask you to be on the lookout for a brown, 2004, gmc envoy with a large american eagle in the window. this is not the actual vehicle. it is a vehicle that looks like it. license plate number, 6hil892. police believe the father is using this suv to take the babe bay away from the mother. the father is mesut guler. the son is anywhere from two weeks to a month old. he took his baby boy during an argument with the baby's mom at their apartment angelen avenue. the mom and police are worried, because he not only told her he
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was taking his son out of state but because in the past, he has threatened to harm himself and the baby. the police didn't receive the 911 call until after 10:30, even though the abduction took place at 4:00, 4:15 yesterday  afternoon. if you are wondering why you haven't received a text, we did pose that question about a half hour ago to chp, they didn't have an answer. they are still trying to figure that out for themselves. bob redell, "today in the bay." 4:32. let's get a check of the morning weather.
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beautiful day. 7 wednesday and thursday, changes headed our way. let's check your drive with mike inouye. around the bay, the same situation. we will take you to the maps and show you that overall, our speed censors are looking pretty good, west 581, no injuries. the driver standing over the center divide. we see a backup, a little bit of a dip in the speeds a live shot taken from our caltrans camera feed. the number of head lights starting to build a little bit. no problems as you head toward the dublin interchange. >> thank you very much, mike. turning now to decision 2013 voters in sunnyvale want to adopt new gun control laws so strict opponents are threatening to sue.
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measure "c" passed. starting january 1st, gun owners will have to inform police within 48 hours if their guns are lost or stolen and lock the guns up when not in use. it would ban the sale of magazines with ten bullets or more and make gun sellers crack the sales of ammo. >> it will become the ep template for the rest of the country city by city. something like this can become viral and spread. >> the measure was backed by new york mayor michael bloomberg and the organization, mayors against illegal guns. it violates the second amendment and has threatened to sue. >> voters rejecting propositions "b" and "c," that would have allowed a 134 luxury condo complex known as 8 washington to be built on the waterfront. just last year, the city's board agreeing to allow buildings to be built taller to accommodate plans. the voters, gathered thousands
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of signatures to chal tleng move. 8 washington was supposed to. opponents call it a wall on the waterfront. voters in santa clara county are passing measure "e" to renew local funding for the campbell district. a $96 million school bond passed. voters passing proposition "d" passed aimed as reducing the cost of preducks drugs they approved a temporary measure allowing people to shoot wild pigs within the city limits. we have been telling you about this for a while, pigs ripping up lawns and golf courses looking for the grubbs. for the next three months, anyone who wants to shoot a wild pig needs to get a permit from the california department of fish and wildlife.
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the alameda country club got a permit to hire someone to trap the pigs. a follow-up to a story we first brought earlier this week. a 16-year-old boy behind bars accused of setting an 18-year-old man on fire. oakland police arresting that suspect at a high school yesterday afternoon. officers say they still don't have any idea why that teenager lit the other man on fire. this morning, supporters continues to grow for sasha flashman. members say she is a victim and has second and third degree burns. they say flash man, it looks like it was a he. he was sleeping on that bus when he was set on fire. so far, this website has raised nearly $6500. >> detectives say they will not be releasing surveillance video because it is too graphic. they say cameras caught the
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attack and show the suspect getting off the bus and then on to another one to get away. >> it is 4:36. faculty and staff at san jose state university could find out today who is out of a job. the provost is holding a campus meeting this morning about the budget crisis. officials say they are unable to avoid budget cuts even after the passage of proposition 30. most of the cuts will come at the expense of nontenured professors. students say it is already hard to get to class and cutting faculty will only make it worse. >> the fourth annual bay area etch rouxing for the stars is helping. nbc bay area anchor raj mathai and our friend will be this year's master of ceremonies and brett jones will be a special guest speaker. that event is all opened to the public with the purchase of a
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tiblth. it will be from 8:00 to 9:30 at the crown plaza cabana hotel. >> get the pancakes ready and the ice skates ready. it is opening day for the holiday ice rink in san francisco' union scare. this is the sixth anniversary of the popular location. it will be open daley, closing before midnight. a special ceremony will be held at union scare at 9:30. >> it is open to people of all levels of skating skills. let's get a weather check with christina. a cool start. i like it that way. >> yes, kind of like you, jon kelley. good morning. we have a very cold start, temperatures expected to start in the 30s. cold enough for a heavy coat for the first part of the day. welcome to the warmest day of the week. i want to show you, over the past 24 hours, we have dropped by 12 degrees in fairfield. a much colder start in
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livermore. that goes for napa as well. we have lost those down sloping winds. temperatures are going to be very frim i had, specially in the north bay. high pressure will do its job to warm us up nicely. we will be about 75 in san jose and 73 degrees. last day of the 70s in san francisco. i'll tell you when that rain arrives, coming up. 4:39. first, we'll check your drive. here is mike. >> we are looking to southbound 101. we have a smooth drive right now. we have company. we do have word over the last few days. people have been coming to me saying, it has been a horrible commute that happens after the time frank as we look at the map. folks adjust their morning and specially their evening commutes. really kicking in for the evening hours. it gets dark right about 5:00 when everybody goes, i have to get out of here a smooth drive in the bay. the south bay, we have a crash reported west 237. you see a little slowing as you approach 101. reports of a crash involving just a single car.
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sounds like it might have sfpun out near a ramp. construction crews should be clearing from the area. that may be the cause. we are looking at oakland, 880 past the coliseum. smooth drive northbound with the tail lights, southbound. no problem for the nimitz right now. supreme court set to hear arguments about prayer at government meetings. plus, a college football uniform to honor veterans is causing controversy nationwide. northwestern university responding to claims that the new design looks like blood splattered over the american flag.
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welcome back, everyone. this is a sign that you will see if you are headed out on any bay area freeway this morning. there has been an amber alert issued this morning after a sunnyvale newborn was snatched from an apartment. the baby taken from a complex angelen avenue not f angelen angelen avenue not far
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from camino real. a case involving the separation of church and state will be heard. many governmental bodies begin meetings at prayer. at issue is were the town of greece, new york, crossed a line into the official endorsement of a specific religion but almost exclusively using christian prayers with many references to jesus. the brand new yelp headquarters opening today. they will be on hand for a ribben cutting ceremony. during that ceremony, the yelp foundation will give away $100,000 in grants. local nonprofits hand picked by yelp employees. the new headquarters near the corner of the newmont g montgomd howard location. twitter pricing their new
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ipo before going public tomorrow. for more, we turn to jackie deangeles. good morning. good morning, laura. futures higher after we saw a little bit of a mixed day fort markets. the dow snapping a two-day win streak. the nasdaq not in gape for three sections. disappointing economic data out of europe offset by a positive report on the service sectors here. no major economic day that this morning. we get earnings from the likes of time warner. we saw the dow fall, 15618. the nasdaq rising 3 to 3940. on to the big story of the day. twitter, set to price at shares of the ipo tonight what is arguably the most anticipated tech offering since facebook. twitter expected to sell 70 million shares to the public or roughly 13% of the company. the price range will be between $23 and $25 each. twitter would be worth that are
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than $13 billion. shares are going to start trading tomorrow. it has been a busy year for ipos, stacking up to the best for the market since 2000. finally, this morning, the government may crack down on debt collectors. the consumer finance protection bureau will announce a new set of proposed today. the agency wants to know whether collection agencies are providing accurate information about your debt. they also want to know whether people are being hounded by threatening calls and texts at all hours of the day and night or if they are being dragged into court for money they don't owe. laura, back over to you. >> that would not be a fun thing. thank you very much, jackie. a growing controversy over college football team special uniforms aimed at honoring veterans. some military families outraged over northwestern's red, white, and blue uniform. it appears the flag on top of the helmet is designed with splattered blood. karen meredith says, when she
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saw the helmet, all she could think about was the death of her son, army lieutenant, ken ballard, in iraq. >> my son was killed by a head injury. he was shot in the head. all i could see at that second was that's probably what his army uniform looked like, drops of blood. >> under armour designed these uniforms. most of the commenters on the facebook page, they want to buy the gear. under armour has responded saying, we apologize for any confusion. these jerseys do not feature blood but they do feature an authentic stressed pattern, a flag that is displayed proud le over a period of time. part of the profits will go to the wounded warrior program. 4:37. we want to check in with christina loren, halfway through our workweek.
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it is a cold start to our day. we are going to see the warmest finish we have had in quite some time, way above seasonal averages. the numbers tumble as we head into the end of the week and this upcoming weekend. happy wednesday. temperatures this morning are running pretty chilly, not quite as chilly as this time yesterday. as we head throughout the next hour, beare expecting most of the numbers to continue to fall. the only places yesterday where it was mild at this time. it is colder in places like livermore. everywhere else, we are looking pretty much the same or a touch milder. in san jose, the micro climates making a big appearance for today and then things change, 4:48 right now. you can see beautiful, clear conditions from our h.d. camera here looking really good in the south bay to start the day. changes, though, just around the corner. high pressure is going to be in control for one more day. as we head throughout the next couple of days, this big ridge heads off to the east. we are going to see the storm window up up for the bay area
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with the jetstream positioned on top of us as we head throughout the end of the week into the weekend, looking toward promising rain chances. for today, the good news is 78 degrees in livermore, 75, santa cre sa and 74 degrees in fremont. let's talk about those showers. not expecting a lot of action. we have about a 10% shot thursday into friday until we get into the sunday and monday. so i'm going to show you what we're talking about. we stop the clock at 9:00 a.m. monday a little bit of light activity in the south bay. we have a better chance as we head through monday and tuesday looks like a rainy day. 50 in oakland. .05 an inch of rain looking good for that as we head throughout the next couple of days. we are looking at a rainy pattern all the way from sunday through wednesday, maybe even thursday. up next, it just depends on how long that jet stays to the south. half an inch to an inch of rain pretty good. back to you. >> we certainly need it. thanks so much, christina.
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the kennedy cousin granted a new trial for the 1975 murder of a teenage girl will be in court this morning. a judge in connecticut will hear arguments on weather michael skakel should be released while he waits for his new trial. he was convicted in 2002 of murdering his neighbor, martha moxley, when both were just 15 years old. two weeks ago, they ordered a in you trial for skakel saying his original attorney did not adequately represent him. the world famous houston astro dome will be nothing but a memory. houston voters rejecting a plan to turn the stadium and multi-purpose dome into a giant convention and event center. once home to professional baseball and football teams that opened in 1965 will now likely be demolished. those against this measure said the $217 million to refurbish the stadium could be better spent on other projects. the astro dome has been closed since 2009 to all events.
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still ahead, "today" on the bay, getting your hands on a piece of bay area history, how you can become the proud owner of a piece from candlestick park. 49ers star, alden smith, speaking out for the first time sips returning to the team after his stint in rehab. looking out here, highway 110, the bayshore freeway moves very smoothly along the peninsula, as does 280. we have the view of university avenue. no problem. we will talk about the east bay and the updates on the crash in the south bay coming up.
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alden smith due back in court on tuesday to face weapons charges. he is speaking out in public about his recent stay in rehab. >> it was a combination of what was best for me. it was what i wanted to get at, bettering myself as a person. it seemed like the best thing to do. >>. the 20-year-old smith missed five games seeking treatment for substance abuse. he says he is taking everything one day at a time. there is a good chance 49ers fans could see him back in action on sunday for the home game against the carolina panthers. the 49ers getting another big name back on the field.
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a team posting this photo on instagram of wide receiver, michael grab tree. cleared to practice after he missed six months with a torn achilles. a very painful injury. crabtree left the team in interceptions. he could be ready to play by the end of this month. >> grab a seat to hold on to a part of history. they are buying the seats from candlestick park. they are going to be sold in pairs for $649. seats left over will go on sale to the general public on december 9th, just in time for christmas. >> cool. >> the proceeds will benefit san francisco recreation parks and youth program. the stadium will be demolished at the end of the nfl season. now, we are expected to learn more later this week about aaron rodgers injury. he fractured his left collarbone
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in monday night's game against the bears e says he has no idea how long he will be out but some rorlts indicate it will be at least a few weeks. >> that is kind of tough. ryan lochte has been sidelined from training because he tried to catch a young woman who ran and jumped into his arms on sunday. he tried to catch her, fell down and smashed his knee on the curb and tore a major ligament while spraining another one. this is not his first bizarre injury. he hurt his knee break dancing, fractured a shoulder falling out of a free and fractured a foot. what was more painful than all of that was watching his reality show. >> is that even on anymore? >> i don't think so, unless you look it up on youtube. >> maybe so. the best of the morning
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commute right now checking in with mike. >> what would ryan lochte do if he got to the bay bridge. a smooth drive. no problems here. look at that span. it is beautiful. we'll check the south bay where we did have a crash. it is still going on here. we have west 237 at 101. watch the connector partially blocked by the solo car spin out. 4:57. we continue following breaking news for you. an amber alert issued out of sunny ve sunnyvale. we will get new details coming out of the south bay. >> voters approve of a new measure opening one city up to a lawsuit.
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to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at a newborn baby boy taken from an apartment complex in sunny veil. the chp issuing a statewide amber alert. this happened overnight. we have just learned police say
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they now have a better idea of where the suspect is thanks to his cell phone. thanks for joining us. >> i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura gar kia cannon. the baby was taken from a complex near helen avenue. bob redell is live outside the complex. >> new information from law enforcement coming from the san diego police department. they tell us they pinged the father's cell phone last night. the man accused of abducting his baby son from their apartment here in sunny vevale. the cell phone indicated he was in the in the area. it is not clear if he is still in the area. yesterday afternoon, he abducted his baby son from his apartment


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