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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 6, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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they now have a better idea of where the suspect is thanks to his cell phone. thanks for joining us. >> i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura gar kia cannon. the baby was taken from a complex near helen avenue. bob redell is live outside the complex. >> new information from law enforcement coming from the san diego police department. they tell us they pinged the father's cell phone last night. the man accused of abducting his baby son from their apartment here in sunny vevale. the cell phone indicated he was in the in the area. it is not clear if he is still in the area. yesterday afternoon, he abducted his baby son from his apartment
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complex in sunnyvale just outside san jose where he lives with the son and his mother. this picture of the actual vehicle, just one that is similar. the license plate number is 6hil892. police will be he using the suv to abduct the baby boy and take him out of state. the father is mesut guler. six feet tall, about 120 pounds. brown hair, brown eyes. his son, henry guler romero, anywhere from two weeks to a month old, pretty much a newborn. he took the boy during an argument with the baby's mom. the mom and police are worried because he not only told her he was taking her son out of state
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but because in the past, he has threatened to harm himself and the baby boy fuchlt are wondering why you didn't receive a text alert as we have in previous abductions, we posed that question to chp earlier this morning. they are still trying to figure that one out for themselves. reporting live here in sunnyvale, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> something to look into. thanks so much, bob. a decision that 2013 voters landing their city out in the national spotlight. this coming after approving controversial new gun restrictions. "today in the bay's" marla tallez in the newsroom with a look at that and other results. >> we told you about the extremely controversial measure "c" in sunnyvale last week. we explained that if it passed, which it has, the national rifle association said it would sue the city of sunnyvale. posting this statement on its website. i believe we have this to show you. yes, here we go. the nra saying the law is an infringement on the right to
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bear arms, on the second amendment. clearly, the people of sunnyvale feel differently. measure krfrmts pass asure "c" passed with more than 60% of the vote. gun owners will have to inform police within 48 hours if the guns are lost or stolen and also lock up the guns when they are not in use. measure "c" also prohibits sunnyvale residents from having magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. and, it requires gun sellers to track ammunition sales. measures backed by sunnyvale's mayor and new york mayor michael bloomberg contributed to the campaign. mike gives it his thumb's up. >> it is something that everybody can get behind tichlts not about getting rid of something or denying people their rights. it is about being more responsible gun owners and having a safer society. >> as for some election results in the city of san francisco,
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voters there rejecting propositions "b" and "c." initiatives that would have allowed a 134-unit luxury condo complex known as 8 washington to be built right on the waterfront. >> last year, the city's board of supervisors agreed to allow buildings taller to accommodate plans for 8 washington. voters gathered thousands of signatures to challenge this. opponents calling it a wall on the waterfront. now that that has been shot down, the luxury condo project will be revised. as for the gun control legislation in sunnyvale, now that measure "c" has passed, it is unclear if and when the nra is going to go through with what it said, to take sunnyvale to court is the story we will continue to follow. jon? >> appreciate the update. thank you very much. we will continue to bring you election results throughout the morning. you can get a complete look at the final tally on our website. look at the top left-hand corner
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and click on election results. major budget cuts are coming to san jose state university. this morning, school leaders are holding an emergency meeting to talk about the budget crisis. today in the bay a's christie smith live with what the cuts could mean for faculty and students there. >> reporter: good morning. department chairs are rattled by this. they are holding an emergency meeting here on campus at 10:30 this morning. many said that word of these cuts came as a surprise to them. some faculty members are angry and students are worried about what classes will be available to them. millions of dollars in budget cuts will fall on nearly every department even after california voters approved prop 30 to fund state schools. most of the cuts will come at the expense of nontenured professors, less faculty, more students coming in at the same time. exactly how many classes might be cut, that is still unclear. this news came just as students started to register for spring classes.
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>> this is what i see. the students are doing that and the money is doing that. at the same time, we've got the administration quite rightly saying they want us to improve the retention and success rate of graduation. i get that. how do you do that under those circumstances? >> it is unfortunate, because it already takes long enough to get on a degree and add on to that an extra year in financial aid and other associated costs. it just gets more and more expensive. >> according to the merc, when the new university president came in in 2011, he says he cut the school's $32 million deficit so starting this year, they would have a balanced budget. last month, academic programs looked like they were on track to overspend by nearly $4 million. department chairs and directors holding an emergency meeting at 10:30 this morning. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay."
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the time is 5:06. the refreshing friend starts. christina loren here, good morning. good morning to you, jon and laura. good morning to you at home. plenty of 40s out there. upper 30s in gilroy. 39 there. 47, livermore. 46 in napa. major, major changes headed our way. we are going to get into the rainy pattern again specially if we head throughout this weekend. i want to show you where we are headed today, in san jose, 75. it is going to be comfortable out there. things really change to 78 in livermore, 75, san jose, 74, oakland for today. 73 in san francisco. this is the last day of the 70s as we head throughout the next couple days. major changes. san francisco, you are going to drop by almost 10 degrees. a significant dropoff in the city. that's because we are going to see the morning cloud cover return. as we head deeper into the weekend, that's when we are tracking our next best chance for rain. we could see up to an inch.
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i'll show you where we have the best chance for that and how long this wet pattern will last. let's say good morning to mike inouye. it has been busy over the past couple of days. you are right about that. >> people adjusting to the time change. morning commute affected. keep that in mind as you plan your day. we are looking over here toward 101 with a smooth flow of traffic. the maps will show you overall, the south bay has mostly green. we are going to zoom into a couple of spots. your typical overnight construction, the road crews providing a distraction. we are seeing a little slowdown there. over here, west 237, approaching that 101 interchange, you are going to see some flashing lights. a single car spinout has part of the connector blocked. from what i understand, the whole connect nor may be blocked. our use matilda.
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to the tri valley, a smooth drive. a noninjury motorcycle crash. we do see that build overall on the right side of your screen. southbound or westbound 84 coming through the city. a quick look at the golden gate. no problems for the north bay. send it back to you. >> thank you very much. have you seen this up close and personal? the bay area troll. the bay bridge troll. it's been on display. it's going to go on display starting this morning at the oakland museum. the troll is actually welded on to the old eastern span of the bay bridge back in 1989. a good luck icon for the workers repairing the damage caused by the earthquake. an up close and personal look. >> the route is all set for next year's tour. some of the key bay area cities have been left off the list. the first stage of the bicycle race will start in sacramento on may 11th. the tour will start in san jose before heading down to southern
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california. santa rosa, which has participated in seven of the last eight years did not bid as a host city. san francisco was simply left off the list. the eight-day race will be covering more than 700 miles before ending in thousand oaks. >> it is 5:10. we are going to tell you where you can get a little taste of winter starting this morning. >> we will take a look. >> we will also tell you what happened in that very tight race for virginia governor. >> unofficial election results are out. palo alto voters have rejected a plan to make way for senior housing and single family homes. voters have renewed an $85 per year parcel tax. a tax has passed in the loma prieta joint union school to fund a core academic program. when our little girl was born,
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a state-wide amber alert in effect after a one-month-old baby boy was taken from his home in sunnyvale. at this hour, police think that suspect is driving a 2004 tan g.m.c. envoy with the license plate number 6hil892. one signifying note. this automobile may have a large american eagle decal located on the rear window. please be aware and watch for that. >> to decision 2013 now, chris christie will remain the governor of new jersey. provided he doesn't have aspirations for a higher office. the republican easily won re-election with support from
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not only his own party but independents and moderate voters. he is one of the frontrunners to represent the republican party in the next presidential election. governor terry mcauliffe has won his bid. he narrowly beat out ken cuccinelli. he received a congratulatory phone call from president obama. the white house says he called mcauliffe as well as winners in new york city and boston. detroit has its first white mayor in nearly 40 years. voters electsed the former medical chief mike duggan last night. he complained on a campaign of fixing the neighborhoods and putting a dent in the crime program. they are currently acontrolled by a state manager. any money that he hopes to have
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and spend will have to be approved first. you will see that detroit filed for bankruptcy this past summer. this is the day we think twitter nails down a final price and the big investor buy-in. >> the initial public offering. you are using that term just right. initial public offering will be to inside investors, big banks and the institutions. that's the public and ipo. that happens tonight. the company will, if everything goes to plan, price tonight, make that initial offer and then tomorrow, those new shareholders will start trading that stock if they wish on the open market of the new york stock exchange. generally, we shorthand this whole process as the i.p.o. when people are talking about it tomorrow, you can say to yourself, that i.p.o. really happened wednesday night. so they will soon be tracking twtr on the new york stock exchange. let's see what they are tracking today. jackie deangeles is live at cnbc world headquarters.
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good morning, jackie. >> futures higher this morning after a mixed day for the markets on tuesday. the dow snapping a two-day win streak but the nasdaq for a third straight day. that was all set by a positive report on the services sector here in the united states. no major economic data this morning but we are getting earnings out from the likes of humana the dow falling 28 points. 15,618 is where we clothes. the knack dnasdaq rising three. >> tesla has sold 1,000 model sedans in europe and will move ahead to sell cars in china. that stock is under pressure from investors that wanted to hear more. even elon musk has warned the stock price has outpaced the company. san ramon-based chevron has signed a deal with the government of ukraine. a huge deal to look for shale gas. it is worth $10 billion. helps ukraine's effort to gain
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energy and independence from russia. chevron reported profits as well, jon and laura. just under $5 billion in profits on $58 billion in revenue. it shows you what the margins are. it is a thin business. hard to make a profit. it takes 58 to make five. let me give you a comparison. apple made more money in profit than chevron did. $7.5 billion in profits but only on 37.5 billion revenue. making iphones is relatively cheap. pumping, drilling, refining gas, that's expensive. >> exactly. interesting to look at. thank you so much. >> well, a sign that winter is almost here. holiday ice ring in san francisco's union square opens this morning. california kind of winter. this is video of crews setting up the rink last month. >> get the guy. hanging in there. >> do what you can. skaters can hit the ice starting at 10:00 this morning. the rink will be open through january 5th. talk about getting you into that holiday spirit already. >> i'm excited about it. it is a chance for you to go out and work on your triple axles.
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>> very talented. >> are you going to launch me into the air. >> juts list like i did last ye. >> ice-skating means winter is really coming. >> i'll catch you if you fall. 5:18. winter starting to feel like it. it is really going to feel like it as we head into this weekend. a much cooler pattern headed our way. today, we are going to see the warmest day of the week with temperatures climbing close to 80 degrees inland after a cool start. i went ahead and overlaid your temperatures over your satellite imagery to give you an idea of what those low clouds are doing. your temps, trapping in some of the warmth. up in the north bay. count on a chilly start and a nice, sunny finish. temperatures are going to fall from the upper 70s to low 80s into the 60s inland. i am going to show you that on your seven-day forecast. high pressure stands firm for one more day. it will start to push off to the east as we head throughout the
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next 48 hours. our next best chance for rain comes in after we see a steady dr dropoff between your temperatures. late sunday into monday and specially tuesday. we have a wet pattern headed our way. we are talking about the potential. this is early on. let me tell you right now. it is pretty early on to have these kind of totals. they could get better as we head throughout the next couple of days. we are going to be watch teeing for you. most models bring that system over the bay area. we are talking about maybe a quarter of an inch in san jose. over a half after inch of rainfall. i do want to remind you, we are getting into that time of year where we combine the cold and the wet weather. make sure you have the umbrella ready to go. for today, 78 degrees in livermore, 74, fremont. as a result, which are going to drop almost 10 degrees in san francisco. 73 today to 63 for tomorrow. that is a significant dropoff in the city.
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thursday into friday, as you can see, tpts are going to be cooler. saturday, sunday, that's where we are watching our next storm system starting to move into the bay area producing our first showers. best chance for the whole bay area, monday into tuesday. tuesday night will clear out. we'll check your drive and see how you are doing. >> i did see that. the rain animation on this side of the screen. we are looking at this part of the peninsula with a smooth drive. the south bay where we had a couple of earlier issues. southbound 880 starting to sort out the speed. initial crews from the area around stevens creek boulevard, look like they have cleared out the problem. we do still have that, west 237 approaching 101. that connector from what i understand is completely closed because of an earlier morning spinout there. no injuries reported or at least that's the report. we do have that closure. you have to move back on 237 from eastbound and take north 101 or use matilda avenue and head back up. there is an easy access loop for the on ramp.
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looking to the tri valley. no problems here through the dublin interchange after an early morning crash. west 580 moves smoothly. these folks are headed through livermore. no issues as far as speeds for 680 down through sunol and 580 through the castro valley area. a greater look over this portion of the east bay. a little slowing develops over here at the caldecott in both directions, traditional as the volume starts to build. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no backup there. approaching through oakland, a nice smooth flow. still at the limit for 880 and 580 heading through oakland. south through the san mateo bridge, a blurry lens. i'm sorry about that. there is the sign. the amber alert we've been telling you about this morning. back to you. it is 5:21. now to an exclusive investigative unit report. gang violence has taken center stage in san jose. you will recall the city ruled
5:22 am
o rolled out the gang suppression plan over the sup mer. officials have said gang crime is down. our investigative unit has uncovered, that may not be true. san jose police department claims gang-related murders dropped more than 40% compared to last year. our investigation reveals the city may simply be playing a numbers game with crime statistics. high-ranking sources within the department say the public has been given a false perception of what really is happening. >> the administration is saying that gang-related crime is down. is that true? >> fno, it is not true. >> tonight at 11:00, our investigative unit gives you an inside look at some of the crimes and what police did not tell you house minority leader, nancy pelosi, stepping away from the action on capitol hill to host letterman's top ten. that's coming up next the unofficial election
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results. >> narrator: are in. they renew a tax to fund core subjects. measure "s," a $60 million bond aimed at improving aging buildings in los ame dose district has passed. >> voters in menlo park have approved a $23 million bond that reduces classroom crowding but measure p.a., a $130 million bond in the san mateo/foster city school district has failed you can get complete results just search elections on our website.
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>> a little fun for your morning. san francisco congresswoman, nancy pelosi, in "david
5:26 am
letterman." the top things you never knew about the house of representatives 19 representatives have gone on to become president. ten have gone ton to manage a siz zers. every month, we are tested for steroids. members tap silverware against water glasses to encourage the house leaders to kiss. the tea party isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds. >> that was classic. >> strong stuff. always a pleasure and always an honor to be on the top ten list and she nailed it. >> i think she even said they have -- the house of representatives has the power to eliminate late night hosts. >> to impeach late night hosts. >> letterman was like, what are you waiting for? we continue to follow breaking news for you. the vehicle listed in a state-wide amber alert has been spotted in southern california. police looking for a newborn baby boy taken from his home in
5:27 am
sunnyvale yesterday by his father. bob redell is talking to police right now. he is going to have the very latest details next. and, there are also some budget troubles. we will tell you about the emergency meeting this morning to try and save dozens of courses at one south bay university. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now.
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the search is on for newborn baby taken from his home in sunnyvale. a state-wide amber alert is now in effect. just moments ago, officers told us the suspect's suv was spotted twice in san diego. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i'm jon kelley. the baby was taken just yesterday afternoon from an apartment complex on helen avenue. bob redell has an update. >> reporter: good morning. this abduction allegedly took
5:30 am
place more than 12 hours ago from this apartment here in sunnyvale. in that time, the father has allegedly made it down to southern california. this is new information we are just receiving. san diego police telling us his car a brown, 2004, gmc envoy, license plate 6hil892, that specific vehicle was spotted twice last night in two different locations in san diego. also, last night, around 9:00 or 10:00, police pinged his cell phone and it indicated the phone was in a neighborhood called kearney mesa, about 10 miles north of san diego. police have yet to find the father and his baby boy. they don't know if he is still in the area. he took his during an argument with the boy's mother at the sunnyvale apartment complex where the three of them live together. law enforcement did issue this amber alert after receiving the 911 call last night. you will see these bright orange signs on the way into work this
5:31 am
morning asking you to be on the lookout for the 2004 gmc envoy, which, by the way, does have a picture of an american eagle in its rear window. the father is mesut guler, 20 years old, skinny man, brown hair, brown eyes. his son has black hair, brown eyes, anywhere from two weeks to a month old, a newborn. the mom and police are worried because he not only told her he was taking their son out of state but because in the past, he has threatened to harm himself and the baby boy. reporting live in sunnyvale, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much for that report. at 5:31, now to decision 2013, voters in sunnyvale are getting national attention now that voters have approved a controversial new gun restriction. "today in the bay's" marla tallez live in the newsroom with a look at that and other results. >> that national spotlight is shining brightly on the city of sunnyvale this morning. voters approving measure "c"
5:32 am
with more than 66% of the vote. this means as of the new year, people in sunnyvale are required to report lost or stolen guns to police within 48 hours. gun openers must lock up their firearms when they are not being used. the measure also prohibits sunnyvale residents from having magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and it requires registration for ammo purchases which sellers must keep on file for two years. why all the national attention. as we told you last week, the nra, the national rifle association, has threatened to susan any vail isue sunnyvale. this measure infringes on the right to bear arms. >> what it says is we have been
5:33 am
hearing that the american citizens want something done about the gun violence in this country. this is the first step. switching gears to the election in san francisco where mayor ed lee and lieutenant governor, gavin newsom did not get their way. they backed proposition "b" and "c," that would have allowed a 134-luxury condo complex known as 8 washington to be built on the waterfront. voters rejected "b" and "c." throughout the campaign, opponents calling it a wall on the waterfront. back to measure "c," it is unclear when the nra will officially file a lawsuit against sunnyvale. i'll tell you how the mayor feels about this impending lawsuit and why it may not cost much to fight the battle in court. laura? >> thank you very much. we will, of course, continue to bring you election results throughout the morning. you can also get a complete look at the final tallies on our
5:34 am
website, look to the top left of your screen. click on election results. san jose state university now facing major budget cuts this morning. the changes mean tough times ahead for students and teachers. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in san jose state where school leaders are holding emergency meetings to talk about their budget crisis. good morning. >> good morning to you, john. that's right. many faculty members here at san jose state are angry. they say they didn't see this coming at all. deep cuts happening at just about the time when students are getting ready to register for spring classes. as you said, a little later this morning, they are going to be holding an emergency meeting to try and handle all the questions that have come up as a result of this. directors and department heads learned just before students started to register for those classes, coming after california voters approved prop 30 to restore funding to california education. we are talking about millions of dollars in budget cuts now to
5:35 am
fall on nearly every department at san jose state. most of the cuts will come at the expense of nontenured professors. it might be tougher to get the exact classes they need. >> it is not easy. you want to do the best for the students. you want to be loyal to some extent to the employees that have been here for millions of years. it is not a good way to run things. >> the merck reports that one department head says she was told last thursday at 4:00 p.m. to cut 20 classes by that same day at 5:00 p.m. one hour to cut what amounts to about $55,000 expenses. so where do you cut? exactly not clear which classes might not be available. you get the idea. faculty and students very frustrated by this. that emergency meeting will be held at 10:30 at sweeney hall on campus thank you very much. very difficult when something as important as education is
5:36 am
impacted by the dollars. 5:35. we want to check the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. we saw christie smith bundled up. >> she has the scarf on, the heavy coat. good morning to you. you are going to neat thoed tho items. this morning, chilly out there, 47, livermore, 48 in oakland. 48 to start the day in gilroy. i can tell you this afternoon, you probably do want to dress in layers. it is going to be nice. almost 80 degrees in some cities. san jose looking really good to hit about 75 degrees in the heat of the day. you can see a nice clear start to the day here. san francisco, some major changes headed your way. want to kind of give you a preview of the next few days. we are going to hit 73 degrees this afternoon. highs coming in at 2:33. 63 by thursday. a ten-degree decrease between today and tomorrow. friday and saturday, we see a return of the upper 50s. we are not talking about the showers moving in until late
5:37 am
sunday into monday. we are going to talk about your shower forecast coming up. count on temperatures today to be nice and comfortable if you have been putting off the outdoor plans, make sure you are ready. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike. we are looking to the bay bridge. i saw one of the cars make a last-minute change. that's a dangerous situation. be careful. we have a light backup for the cash lanes as we look at the traffic start to build. let's look at the map and the approach toward the bay bridge. the maze moves smoothly. from the top of your screen to the berkeley curve, an easy drive. in san francisco, we have two crashes reported, north 110. i saw some lights slowing just north of there, traditionally where we see the build. here, south 280 at caesar chavez, another crash reported there. they are out of lanes and i haven't seen a lot of slowing at the immediate scene.
5:38 am
that volume is going to build through the area. we will track that. moving to the south bay where we had an earlier crash west 237 at north 110. that has cleared from the connector, better news. as you just saw, the rest of the south bay kren censors are show green lights. it is 5:38. coming up on "today in the bay," we will tell you about the college uniform that has one bay area blue star mom very upset. >> voters decide the fate of houston's astro dome. >> looking at local results, sunnyvale voters have agreed to change the city's election from odd number of years to even numbers to help the city reduce election costs. they also approve measure "b" allowing the hotel tax to be increased by 1% and measure "g," a $96 million bond for the
5:39 am
sunnyvale school district to help the district modernize schools. this one has also passed.
5:40 am
5:41 am
we continue to follow breaking news. a state-wide amber alert is in effect. police looking for a newborn baby boy just a few weeks old. they say he was taken by his father. the suspect is going to be driving a 2004 tan gmc envoy with license plate number 6hil692. it may have a large american eagle decal on the rear window. the car was reportedly spotted in the san diego area sometime late last night or early this morning. bob redell is talking to police. he will have a live update at the top of our hour. right now, we get you to decision 2013. voters in colorado, they have agreed to tax marijuana at a 25%
5:42 am
rate. the taxes are expected to bring in $70 million per year. recreational marijuana will become legal in the state of colorado starting january 1st. proceeds will go toward regulation of the new law and also towards building schools. in the meantime, maine adding its name to the list of states where possessing a small amount of recreational marijuana is now legal. while voters in three michigan counties have approved proposals that offer some legal protection to people that use small amounts of marijuana. voters in texas rejecting a plan to authorize bonds to turn the houston astro dome into a giant convention center. this means the stadium will likely be torn down. the astro dome has not been home to a sports team since 199 a9 the u.s. court hearing arguments on the separation of church and state.
5:43 am
they begin meetings with a prayer. they often used prayers of different faiths. at issue is whether the town of greece, new york, crossed the line into the official endorsement of a specific religion by almost exclusively using christian prayers with many references to jesus. a growing controversy over a college football team's uniforms aimed at honoring veterans. some are outraged over the red, white, and blue uniforms. they say it appears the american flag design is splattered with blood. bay area mom says when she saw that helmet, all she could think about was the death of her son, army lieutenant, ken ballard, in iraq. >> my son was killed by a head injury. he was shot in the head. all i could see at that second was that's probably what his uniform, his army uniform looked like. that it was drops of blood.
5:44 am
>> we can tell you the football uniforms were designed by under armour. most of the comments on facebook, they would like to buy this gear. some are just as offended as meredith. under armour is responding saying we apologize for any confusion. these jerseys do not feature blood. they do feature an authentic distressed pattern which depicts a flag that has flown proudly over a long period of time. northwestern issued a similar statement. the school also adds, part of the profits from the sale of this special gear will be going to the wounded warrior program. 5:44. the san jose runner who died a day after running the new york marathon will be featured on the "today" show this morning. 86-year-old joey johnson was the oldest participant in sunday's race. she has run it every year since 1988. she will show off her medal to
5:45 am
al roker. she was wearing bandages after falling near aisle 20. the following afternoon, she lost consciousness. johnson would have turned 87 on christmas day. >> sad story there. this is a much brighter note. time to get out those ice skates for opening day in san francisco union square. this is the sixth anniversary of the popular attracts. that ice rink will be open daley, closing just before midnight. hang in there. you are going to make it. a special opening ceremony will be held at union square starting this morning at 9:30. >> the olympic skatesers make it look easier. >> let's get on the ice. >> let's fire up the van and head on out. a cool start. might be some frost in some areas. >> just about in gilroy, we are
5:46 am
getting to that point. as you know, the coldiest point of the day, right around sunrise. a beautiful sun rise over the bay area. last clear morning. i want to show you san bruno. this is the bay bridge from san bruno mountain. that fog returns tomorrow. along with those thick, low clouds, temperatures are going to tumble. keep in mind if you are looking for warmth. "today" is your day to get on outdoors. maybe you have been putting off raking the leaves tichlts going to be comfortable for you to do so. today will be the warmest of the week. the changes will start to kick in. 78 degrees in livermore. 73, san francisco. 75 degrees on the way to san jose. gilroy, 78 degrees and down in santa cruz, right around 74 degrees as we head through this afternoon. so, yeah, maybe take a mental picture of these numbers. they will be fading fast. this is what we're looking at as we head throughout the next couple days. temperatures steadily drop off.
5:47 am
we will drop by about 5-10 degrees between today and tomorrow. even more so for friday. late saturday, into sunday, our next storm system arrives. we are not expecting the bulk of the moisture to come through until we hit late monday to tuesday. this is what we are talking about. look at some impressive totals. upwards of a 0.5 inch of rainfa rainfall. it is still early. the system is still days out. i can tell you right now, we have a wet pattern headed our way. warm for today. getting into thursday and friday. low clouds return. temperatures drop off. rainy pattern develops. temperatures are chilly. our seven-day forecast in just a moment. keep in mind, a cold start to the day. sun coming up early. grab those shades. here is mike inouye to talk about your morning drive. i want to take you out here to the roadways. we are going to talk about the flow around the bay. we have a build for traffic
5:48 am
southbound. novato out of the farther north reaches. the crash has cleared from 231 and 101 in sunnyvale. the clearing has slowed. a build for north 101 as you are coming up north of 680 up to 880. a typical pattern nor the south bay and the build. traditional for the tri-valley as well. westbound 580 and 84 coming through livermore. no problem yet. it will take a while for more folks to head through the area. the slowdown coming over eastbound. that's traditional out of castro valley. at 238, we have a new crash. mission boulevard. we do have a trash now partially in lanes. a motorcycle involved. i am tracking that. we will look at 880 through fremont. we see traffic flows nicely southbound. northbound, no problems. that's standard south of the dumbarton bridge.
5:49 am
we are going to look out here and we'll see how things are shaping up. a smooth flow of traffic. oakland, heading up toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the cash lanes, guys. we'll send it back to you. 5:48. this afternoon, san jose city officials plan to discuss using city funds to keep police officers from getting trained and getting o ut of town. a new organization, probably a private, nonprofit, would give zero interest lopes for new recruits to pay for their training. san jose would pay off the principle balance when the officer worked for the force. the specifics still need to be worked out. it could save the city millions of dollars. approving a temporary measure allowing people to shoot wild pigs within city limits. we have been telling you about this problem for a while. pigs ripping up lawns and golf
5:50 am
courses looking for grubbs. for the next three months, anyone that wants to shoot a wild pig need to get a permit from the department of fish and game. they also got approval to hire someone to trap the problem pigs. they did $10,000 worth of damage to their golf course. the state of richmond striving to be one of the greenest in the united states. the city council decided move forward promoting urban counseling and steep property tax discounts to local organizations that convert plots of urban land into food-producing gardens. the second calls for an ordinance requiring gmo labeling of food sold at local grocery stores is. it is 5:50. a bizarre injury that has sidelined swimmer, ryan lochte.
5:51 am
we will continue that and our coverage of the twitter ipo ahead in business next. i will show you some other unofficial results. continuing funding for police patrols, road repairs and emergency responders. brisbane voters passed measure "t." this increases the city's license tax. voters rejecting measure "b." this would have amended the current wording of the city's utility word tax. >> measure "u" has passed to increase business tax. they have approved measure "q" to reduce the town's utility user tax.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
ryan lochte has been sidetracked from training trying to catch a woman who ran into his arms. he kind of caught her, fell down, smashes his knee into the curb, tearing a major ligament and spraining another one. not good. this is not his first strange and bizarre injury. he also hurt his knee break dancing. that's why they call it break dancing. he fractured a shoulder falling out of a tree. fractured his foot during a scooter accident, strained an mcl reaching for his cell phone in his car. >> just sit still, ryan lochte. big changes for twitter. starting today and tonight, we expect executives and bankers to
5:55 am
set the final price and, scott mcgrew, the public buys? . >> kind of public with air quotes. the initial public offering are insiders, bankers, high net worth individuals. the rest of us have to wait until tomorrow when twitter starts trading on the open markets. the money that twitter makes tonight before the stock market, that's really the ipo. once they are on the market, those jurs the sales between individuals. for twitter, it is all about the price tonight. this determines how much money twitter keeps. they want to keep the price low enough. there is a bit of a pop on the market when the rest of us get our hands on it, if we want t not too much, though. anything that happens tomorrow is money twitter doesn't get. linked in doubled in its first day of trading. you can make a reasonable argument that the bankers messed this up. the ipo was too low.
5:56 am
linked in missed out on money. by that line of thinking, facebook priced it right. they maximized the money they could squeeze out of investors. the perfect pricing, jon and laura, a little bit of pop. you don't want to disappointment investors. if you underprice by 10%, 20%, you will get that little climb and everybody is happy. any of this tomorrow is twitter. >> everybody makes money. everybody is happy. >> thanks so much. >> unique science, this ipo stuff. how about nancy pelosi stepping up to the plate an delivering "david letterman's" top ten list? >> we will show you how she did it. >> the new ploy to legally recognize same-sex marriages we continue following breaking news. a possible new lead in the search for a newborn boy taken
5:57 am
from sunnyvale by his father. we will let you know what we are now hearing from police coming up in a live report. >>. a live look outside. pretty safe to say the metering lights on at the bay bridge. we are going to have a look at the morning commute and a talk of rain come up in next week's forecast. a lot more news ahead. 5:57.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now, amber alerts lit up on highway signs statewide as authorities try to track down a missing infant they say has been taken from his sunnyvale home by his own father. new word they may have gotten as
6:00 am
far away as san diego, perhaps further. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. that baby boy and his father were last seen at an apartment complex on helen avenue not far from tamarac lane. this infant was last seen last night. the father may have been in san diego before this amber alert was called early this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon and laura. law enforcement is concerned because this father had allegedly in the past threatened to harm himself and his baby son. he did tell the boy's mary yesterday when he allegedly abducted the baby that he was going to take him out of state. law enforcement believes that he left the bay area and could possibly still be in southern california. san diego police tell us this morning that his car, the brown 2004 gmc envoy, license plate number


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