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tv   Action News 630a  NBC  November 6, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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complex where the baby and father were last seen. >> good morning. this is where the father allegedly abducted his baby son from this sunnyvale apartment complex on helen avenue. possibly in southern california. i want to show you some new video into our newsroom. this is videos of two locations in san diego where police down there say that the vehicle that this father is driving was spotted. so they have spotted this vehicle two times last night. also, last night, this is around 9:00 or 10:00, police pinged his cell phone and it did indicate the phone was in a neighborhood called kearney mesa ten minutes north of san diego. they have yet to find the father and his baby boy and do not know if he is still in the san diego area. they tell us his car is a brown 2004 gmc envoy. license plate 6hil892. there is an american eagle
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imprint image in the rear window. the father is mesut guler, 22 years old, six foot tall and 120 pounds. sounds like he is a pretty skinny guy, brown hair, brown eyes. his son, henry guler romero, black hair, brown eyes, two weeks to a month old. he took the son during an argument with his mother in the sunnyvale apartment complex. the law enforcement and the mother are concerned because he has threatened to harm himself and the newborn baby in the past. he told the mother he was going to take the baby out of state. law enforcement issued this amber alert after receiving the 911 call last night. you will see these bright orange signs on the way to work this morning. we ask you to be on the lookout for that brown, 2004 gmc envoy. reporting live here in sun
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sunnyvale, bob redell here in "today" on the bay. a 16-year-old boy in police custody this morning after he allegedly set a man on fire on board an a.c. transit bus. oakland police arresting the teenager at a high school yesterday. they say at this point, they don't know why he decided to light the man on fire. family members have set up this website to raise money for the victim, that is sasha flishman.ñ they say he had second and third-degree burns. they are already raised nearly $6,000. police say, bus cameras did catch this attack. police say at this point, they are not going to show it. the images are just too graphic. they showed the suspect getting off of the bus and hopping on to another one to get away from the crime scene. time to check the weather as we give you a live look outside. at 6:42. waiting for the sun coming up. we used to wait for its arrival. now, because of the time change, kind of getting used to that as well. get used to the cold weather
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sticking >> it is. only to get colder. good morning, jon and laura. good morning to you at home. want to start with this live picture from san francisco. at this time tomorrow, we will be tracking a return of the thick fog. make sure you get on out there if you can. a substantial dropoff in your temperatures in the city by the bay. we are starting off pretty chilly, 48 in san jose, 38 in gilroy. we want to give you an idea where we are headed temperaturewise. this is san jose, 75 for today. by tomorrow, down to 70. 67 on the way for friday. we'll be down to the mid-60s as of saturday. then we're talking about a return of showers as we get into the second half of the weekend and the beginning of next week. we're going to time that system out to your doorstep. 70 inland, 75 bayside at the coast. 72 degrees. get it while it is warm. things changing as of tomorrow. we will get that seven-day forecast coming in it next. we'll check your drive.
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good morning, folks, not a good morning for the traffic flow or a few drivers on the peninsula. we are looking at 101 in palo alto. we are looking to willow where traffic flows smoothly. everybody is clustering for the tail lights headed up there. look the at maps. crashing in both directions of 101 southbound. a motorcycle crash went into the center divide. we have a motorcycle down. we have cement in lanes blocking one and three lanes, your middle and far left lane. the northbound side, a crash. i'm not sure. we do have a crash involving a car there on the northbound side bogging down both directions as you head between redwood city and menlo park there. 280, a much clearer route along the peninsula. use that if you can. look at that 84 getting crowded as folks try to take that option and they head west through the city. we are looking toward the south bay where we have a pretty predictable build for 87, 85 and 101. 101 is going to get a lot slower now that there is a crash at
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mckee. i've swung our camara around. it is in position to take the build. we see traffic is clustering up on the right side of your screen as you approach the exit. moving better than a couple of minutes ago. they may have made progress. we will check on that. back to our maps. a smooth flow of traffic down the east shore or east bay. we are showing a slower drive getting out of san leandro. the approach to the bay bridge, no surprises. the upper east shore, we do have a crash that happened earlier. it has some cars and chp vehicles on the shoulder. additional slowing. highway 4 heading west, back over to sunol. you have been checking the commute. we have been checking the route for the amgen tour of california. some key bay area cities have been left off. the first stage will start in sacramento on may 11th. the tour will start in mt.
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diablo, san jose, monterrey before heading to southern california. santa rosa, which has participated in seven have of the last eight years did not bid. san francisco left off the race. it will cover more than 700 miles before ending in thousand oaks trail blazing legislation happening out in colorado. we'll tell you how much people there will be taxed about have they legally light up recreational marijuana. coming up next. will the houston astro dome survive election day? we have the outcome of the bond measure that would keep the landmark up and running just ahead. an update on the breaking news. a state-wide amber alert in effect for a baby named henry guler romero last seen on helen avenue in sunnyvale. the suspect is 22-year-old mesut guler, his father. the suspect possibly driving a 2004 tan gmc envoy.
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welcome back. after that hour of falling back over the weekend, we get these sunrises. a nice multicolored shot to help jump-start your day. it is 6:40. voters in colorado have agreed to tax marijuana the taxes are expected to bring in $70 million per year. recreational marijuana will become legal in the state of colorado starting january 1st. proceeds will go toward regulation of the new law and also towards building schools. in texas, voters rejecting a plan to authorize bonds to turn the houston astrodome into a sports center. it hasn't been a home for any sports teams since 1999 and has been closed to all events since 2009. coming up, we continue our decision 2013 coverage with a look at local results, including
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a tough gun control measure that has the nra threatening a lawsuit. we will tell you if sunnyvale voters approve the new restrictions ahead in a live report. our warming trend with 70s on the way even in san francisco. big cooling enters the picture tomorrow. we will talk about when rain moves in in your full forecast. right now, an update on our breaking news. a statewide amber alert in effect for one-month-old baby named henry guler romero last seen at an apartment complex on helen avenue. the suspect possibly driving a 2004 tan gmc envoy, license plate number 6hil892. it may have a large american eagle decal on the window. we are getting reports the vehicle has been spotted two times in southern kra in the san diego area. this happened overnight.
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a statewide amber alert in effect. a child last seen in sunnyvale not far from el camino real. bob redell joins us live. we understand you are learning the boy may already be in san diego. >> reporter: yes. possibly not in the bay area anymore. the father allegedly took his newborn baby boy during an argument with the boy's mother while they were here at their sunnyvale apartment complex where the three live together. the father is mesut guler. he is 22 years old, brown hair,
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brown eyes. his son, henry ghouler roe may ro romero, two weeks to a month old. this is where his car was spotted twice within the past several hours. once around 2:00 this morning and again around 3:30 this morning and also last night around 9:00 or 10:00. san diego police down there did ping his cell phone and it did indicate the phone was in that area. now, police have yet to find the four and his baby boy. they don't know if he is still in southern california. san diego police and law enforcement tells his car is a brown 2004 gmc envoy. it has an american eagle image imprinted in the rear window. license plate, 6hil692. the father has allegedly threatened to harm himself and his newborn baby boy in the past. he also told the baby's mom
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during this argument yesterday that he was going to take the baby out of state. law enforcement issued the amber alert. they are asking you to be on the lookout for a brown, 2004, gmc envoy, which has a picture, as i mentioned, of an american eagle in its rear window. reporting live here in sunnyvale, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> of course, we'll bring you all the very latest updates on this amber alert online and on air. you can always head to nbc bay and search amber alert. new this morning, investigators on the scene of a shooting in san francisco. this happened just before 5:00 this morning at third and bryant streets. that's only a few blocks away from at&t park. we are being told the victim was shot more than one time and is now suffering with life threatening injuries. police at this point have not told us what they believe led to the shooting or at this point if they have any suspects.
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>> time to take a live look outside as we give you a look at the sunol grade. kind of a cooler start to our morning. either that or the air just went on in the studio. let's check in with meteorologist, christina loren. >> it is chilly out there, kind of cold in here too. 6:47. today is going to be the warmest of the entire week. i have a present for you, jon and laura. >> a snuggy? >> just about as good as a snuggy. three little ones. 6:47. at you get your little ones ready, isn't that pretty? a beautiful sunrise to drive to work under. i can tell you right now, those mid level and high clouds are actually trapping some of that warmth in from yesterday. it is not quite as frigid as it was. we want to talk about this pattern shift that we are expecting as we get into the next couple of days. temperatures are going to tumble tomorrow. today, we will see the peak of the warmup. temperatures today approaching the upper 70s to low 80s, around 5-10 degrees above average. by this time tomorrow.
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those thick low clouds are turning. temperatures are going to drop off. you will see the biggest difference at the immediate coast. san francisco dropping by 10 degrees. we are talking about a rainy pattern. want to time this out for you. by sunday, really cloudy conditions develop. then, between monday and tuesday, our best chancet for rain. i stopped the clock on your futurecast at 4:00 a.m. tuesday. widespread showers down south to san jose. quite a bit of rainfall. i stopped the clock for you, getting into 5:00 p.m. tuesday. we could be measuring anywhere between .25 to .5 of an inch in the bay area. about .5 for oakland, .25 for san jose and somewhere around 1 inch up in the north bay. right now, looking very promising for those showers to move in. i do want to draw your attention to the fact that things will be changing. enjoy the warmth while it lasts, 78 in fremont for today.
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temperatures are going to be nice and comfortable getting into the next couple of days. we lose the 70s, down to the 60s monday and tuesday. on and off showers. don't worry about it monday and tuesday. mike and i will be here to guide you through it. it is 6:49. let's see what he is tracking now. >> we will be here. next week, christina, talking about for the rain. 101, this is a moving picture, he can tell by the southbound side. jammed from university all the way up. you can see this sign. it says march is two miles up. that's where we have a crash, both directions of 101 on our map is jammed up. northbound from palo alto. i just showed you from university up. the southbound side has a crash involving a motorcycle. the northbound side has a crash involving a car. use 280 if you can. today is your day to use 280. we are looking over here as a good alternate for you. you don't need one for the south bay. north bay, northbound routes
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looking good. a live look at fremont. we have a little build. no big deal as far as the speeds go. upper 50s at their very worst. south of the dumbarton bridge. the map shows you the tri-valley. we have your traditional slowdown. 580 holding pretty steady. the norm to your tri-valley. it moves smoothly past an earlier crash. 880 through oakland and 24 down through the caldecott, pretty standard there as well. a live look outside. i am going to save that for the next report. i want you guys too get back to the news. back to you. happening today, san jose state university facing major budget cuts this morning. the changes mean some pretty tough times ahead for students and teachers. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at san jose state where school leaders are holding an emergency meeting later this morning about that budget crisis. >> reporter: good morning. i am told most students start showing up at 8:00 this morning.
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i have reached out to a department head who is part of the emergency meeting. many faculty are angry. they say they weren't given much notice these cuts would be coming just as students are getting ready to register for spring classes and after california voters passed prop 30. most of the cuts, we're told, will come at the expense of nontenured professors. less faculty, more students. it could be much tougher for students to get the core classes that they really need. >> it already takes long enough to get a degree. add on that an extra year in financial aid and other costs, it gets more and more expensive. >> this is an example of how frustrated they are. one department head says she was asked at 4:00 p.m. to cut classes by 5:00 p.m.
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she only had an hour to do it. the campus says the acting departments would simply live within their budgets. at this point, it is unclear how many classes would be cut. emergency meeting happening at 10:30 this morning at sweeney hall. christie smith, "today in the bay." it is 6:52. san jose city officials planning to discuss using city funds to keep police officers from getting trained and getting out of town. council member presenting this idea. a new organization, probably a private, nonprofit, would give zero interest loans for new recruits tocc(y pay for their training. san jose would pay off the principle balance of that loan. each year, the officer ends up working for the force. the specifics for that proposal have to be worked out. it could save the city millions of dollars. >> 6:52. a follow-up to a story we have been reporting. the san jose city council has approved a temporary measure
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allowing people to shoot wild pigs within city limits. for weeks, those pigs have been ripping up lawns and golf courses. they are looking for grubs. for the next three months, anyone that wants to shoot a wild pig. you need to get a permit for the california department of fish and wildlife. the country club also got approval to hire someone to try to trap the pack of problem pigs. the club says the pack did $10,000 worth of damage through golf course so far. decision 2013, one of the most controversial matters in the ballot. gun control legislation has caught the attention of the national rifle association. "today in the bay's" marla tallez in the newsroom with the election results in sunny veil and in san francisco. good morning, marla. >> reporter: jon, good morning. the national spotlight is shining brightly on sunnyvale. now that voters have approved measure "c" with more than 66% of the vote. this means, as of the new year,
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sunnyvale gun owners are required to report lost or stolen guns to police within 48 hours, lock up their firearms at home when they are not being used, get rid of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and gun dealers have to keep logs of aammunition sales. why all the national attention? as we told you last week, the nra said it would susan any v l sunnyvale if measure "c" passed saying it infringes on the right to bear arms. a major backer, sunnyvale mayor, hopes it sets an example for cities country-wide. >> we have been hearing that the american citizens want something done about the gun violence in this country. this is the first step. switching gears to the election in san francisco where mayor ed lee and lieutenant governor, gavin newsom, did not get their way. they backed proposition "b" and
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"c," initiatives that would have allowed a 134 unit luxury condo complex known as 8 washington to be built on the embarcadero. voters rejected "b" and "c." opponents calling it a wall on the waterfront. >> getting back to measure "c" in sunnyvale, the question is now, when will the nra file suit? that's unclear this morning. however, an attorney for the group says it is prepared to take this battle all the way to the supreme court. laura? >> one we will continue to follow. thanks so much. new this morning, the brand new yelp headquarters in san francisco officially opening its doors today. >> mayor ed lee will be on hand for a ribbon-cutting ceremony this afternoon. during the ceremony, the yelp foundation will give away $100,000 grants to local nonprofits hand-picked by yelp employees. new headquarters near the corner of newmo montgomery and howard
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streets . >> they priced their shares at $18 a share for the initial public offering giving them about $74 million, laura. they chose the nyse. there you see them opening the bell there for their stock market debut, same as twitter. twitter's stock market debut comes tomorrow. be barracuda network trading as 'cuda, cuda. bear 'cuda network is going to raise about $74 million. we are thinking about $2 billion. compare that to visa. visa raised 20 billion in its recent ipo. facebook, about 16. the reason facebook, jon and laura, has an asterisk next to it, is because i am an idiot earlier. i said $100 billion.
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that's their valuation at the time not what they raise. every once in a while, i misread my own notes and i get an asterisk. >> we have now cleared it up, scott. 6:57. time to check the weather with christina loren. one final look at your wednesday forecast and beyond. looking good out there today. no, you are not an idiot, scott mcgrew, those are ridiculous words temperatures look good. 78, inland. bayside, 75. 72 at the coast. we're only human right, mike inouye. we are only human, that's why accidents happen. this is a big backup. as a result, northbound heading up from university, three miles of backup over towards the southbound side of 101. the maps, if we can take them, shows tied traffic for both directions on 101 as you head between redwood city and palo alto. use 280. that's a much better option. 92 and 84, woodside road, both
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westbound direction as they head over to 280. we're going to take you over to the san mateo bridge as well where the volume builds for the westbound direction. that's your commute. this is one of the many amber alert science you are going to see lit up because of the abduction we heard about in sunnyvale. updates throughout the morning in our newsroom. we have a little bit of a wrap-up at the end of the show. 6:58. one final check of the day's top stories. a 16-year-old boy behind bars this morning accused of a crazy crime, getting on an a.c. transit bus and setting an 18-year-old man on fire. oakland police arresting the suspect at a high school yesterday afternoon. officers say at this point, they still do not know why that teenager lit the other man on fire. san jose state university leaders will hold an emergency meeting to try to figure out how to deal with a budget crisis. officials tell us job cuts are coming. nontenured professors will likely be the first to go.
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right now, we want to update that breaking news. the statewide amber alert in effect for an infant named henry guler romero. police tell us that vehicle has been spotted two times overnight down in the san diego area. the baby, we can tell you, was last sf last spotted at an apartment complex on helen avenue in sunnyvale. the suspect is the infant's father, 22-year-old mesut guler. we are told that suspect is possibly driving a 2004 tan gmc envoy, license plate number 6hil8926789 the vehicle may have a large american eagle decal on the rear window. that would be a sign. if you happen to spot that, please call 911. we've been talking to sunnyvale police about this, chp and our sister station in san diego where that car was last seen. we'll bring you the very latest
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development. that's what's happening2d "toda in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a local news update for you as well. >> thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. good morning. front-runner chris christie storms to a landslide re-election victory. is he now the man to beat for the republican presidential nomination? >> maybe the folks in washington, d.c., should tune in their tvs right now. see how it's done >> the democrats picking up a key win in virginia this morning. the impact on 2016. breaking overnight, rafael solecito talks about amanda knox at their retrial for murder. and emotional journey, 27 years ago, nancy snyderman adopted a daughter. now they're meeting the birth mom for the first time. >> thank you. i mean


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