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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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afternoon after crossing the border in mexico in arizona, about 800 miles from sunnyvale. he was stopped at a checkpoint inside mexico. almost immediately after the amber alert went out overnight, people reported sidings of him down south and his gold suv in san diego. they got pings off his cell phone down south as well. the mother said there was reason to believe he would head to mexico because he has several friends there. when he is turned over to the border patrol, the baby will be handed over to social workers who can care for him until he can be reunited with his mother. >> the u.s. border patrol has made arrangements with the arizona child protective services to be at the border crossing with them. when the baby does arrive, they can take custody of the baby. >> this all began when he left with the child around 34:30 to run errands then sent text messages saying he was not going to come back and threatened vie len against himself in the baby
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and she contacted police. it was a dispute over moving the family to new york. now again guler is in custody in mexico. there's lots of paper work as you can imagine. but he'll be handed over to u.s. border patrol and eventually transported to the bay area. already, they're work on what charges he may face. when he is handed over, arizona's child protective services will have him in their care. as nip who's had a two-week-old baby, you know they need to be with their mothers. so the story ends very well and hopefully very soon for that mom. >> okay, chris. thank you. >> we have new details tonight in the case of a tanler set on fire on an a.c. transit bush. the attack on luke fliesh man could have been a hate crime. a fund to help pay his hospital bills has already reached $20,000. nbc bay area is live at san
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francisco's st. francis memorial hospital where fliesh man is being treated. sglaen. >> 18-year-old is lith listed in stable condition here at the burn unit at st. francis memorial hospital. according to the family web page, he had surgery on his leg today to treat severe burns. and oakland police are looking into whether hate was a factor. luke fleischmann season your average teenager. when he's not study, the high school student spends his free time volunteering for vintage rail cars. the director of the alternative maybeck high school in berkeley says fleischmann is popular on campus. >> he's a wonderful, exceptional student. . >> her child often wears skirts and identifies as general dral neutral.
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they're trying to determine if that's what led a 16-year-old to set his clothes on fire as he slept on an a.c. transit bus on thursday. the oakland police chief says the detectives are examining several possible motives, including hate. >> we're looking into that possibility. >> he's at the st. francis hospital burn unit in san francisco. he's listed in stable condition. a pair of bystanders on the bus stamped out the flames. >> they put themselves in danger in the process. but, you know, very likely saved even more significant injuries from happening to this person. >> meanwhile, a fund stet up to help with fleischmann's medical bills has raised more than $20,000 since yesterday.
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>> we're coordinating cards and gifts that can come through the maybeck office. >> those cards and gifts will be brought here to the hospital. now the oakland police department is still asking for witnesses to come forward. they're asking the two skblen who helped put out the fire to come forward so they can be recognized as heroes. we're reporting live. nbc bay area news. >> after several weeks of questions and controversy, the sheriff of san francisco is finally speaking publicly about the bizarre death at san francisco general. he revealed today a series of missteps in the death of a woman who was found in a hospital stairwell. cheryl, ross has kept a low profile. what prompted today's announcement. >> he says he wants to be open and transparent. like you said, it's the first
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time he spoke publicly about what happened here at ssf general. he read from this statement. it is also the first time the family got detailed information about what happened here. >> it's more and more troubling that now they're looking for an african-american woman or they're looking for an asian woman. they don't seem to know who their patient was. >> this is the lawyer for the family of a whom who vanish from a hospital room only to be found in a hospital stairwell weeks later. >> it's critical for the families to know how their mother died and to know how long she was out there. and to cope with one suffering one might have had, they starved to death or died from dehydrati dehydration. nobody really knows that.
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>> sheefs admitted to the hospital on october 19. she was reporting missing two days later. the sheriff releasing a time line of movements the hospital made when she couldn't be found. the most glaring error, her race. >> when asked by the deputy for a description, the caller said, quote, she's an african-american lady, 57 years old, female. she's wearing a hospital gown. >> later that day, there was a hospital log entry describing spalding ford as an asian female. new of which are true. >> we're eager to figure out what happened. >> attorney harris says h he's not surprised by what he heard today. >> the kind of rhetoric to hear,
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we're sorry we're looking into it, we're going to do all we can so it doesn't happen again. that doesn't help the two kids left without a mother. >> san francisco general hospital officials released a statement late today. they say it is also the first time they've heard of this happening. and also help lead to what caused this tragedy. >> today, twitter set the price for their i.p.o. they stand to raise $1.8 billion in the offering before expenses. the price also values twitter at more than $18 billion. so how does that compare to facebook? back in august, facebook broke the $100 billion mark.
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coming up, the latest on another local company celebrating an ipo. campbell-based barracuda network. new at 6:00, the bullying investigation in the nfl is expanding. a league has appointed a private attorney to look into the bullying and harassment accusations within the miami dolphins. the scandal hals has some deep local connections. a new report claims the doll fens coaches asked lineman richie incognito to, quote, toughen up teammate jonathan martin. voice mails and text messages include racial slurs and death threats have since surfaced. martin who played at stanford just a couple of years ago left the dolphins last week. 49ers coach jim harbaugh was martin's coach at university and addressed the issue today. >> epitomizes the student athlete model and he's a personal friend, so i support jonathan. >> espn is now reporting that
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martin checked himself into a south florida hospital for emotional distress, but is now with his parents in southern california. >> a call for help from the police department. investigators are looking for witnesses into a crash that tilled two people. they already have a suspect, 54-year-old marjorie reicell. her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when she hit and killed a couple as they walked their dog. if you think you saw anything, call police. in the south bay, eating expensive landscaping is having deadly consequences for some ferile pigs. san jose city council has approved a temporary measure allowing hunters to trap and shoot the pigs within city limits. for the next three month, the state fish and wildlife department will issue permits. they're looking to find the
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grubs williving in the soil. >> we're hoping that through this ordinance and by our measures of fencing, and we've been doing night patrols, that once we get to the rainy season that we'll be in a much better situation. >> permit applications begin today, but council members want their staff to research long-term solutions to dealing with these pigs. >> still ahead here at 6:00, who's to blame for a government glitch? tough questions in saktd today for the people who left hundreds of thousands of caliifornian, let them go without their benefits. >> also, google breaks its esilence. what the tech giant is willing to say about the mystery barge project. plus -- >> it's not quite like laying off my brother or sister, but it's like family. >> and a campus emergency that's leaving many people frustrated. the cuts coming to a bay area university that could derail some graduation plans. >> and cloud cover right now moving across the bay area with
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a storm system just off to the north. details on how much cooler tomorrow will be. plus when that much needed rain arrives in the full forecast.
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o. the founder of the digital library says the site has about 3 million users every day. the damaged building was used as a scanning center. >> but the equipment inside was maybe $600,000 worth of high-end digitization equipment so that's a loss. there are some materials in the process of being digitized, physical materials. most of those were in a locked closet which wasn't affected. there were things that were out and were destroyed.
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>> well, thankfully, most of the data was not lost in the fire and no one was hurt. the cause of this fire remains under investigation. >> now to an nbc bay area follow-up. a new development in a story we broke ed yesterday on nbc bay area. college deans and department chairs at san jose state university called for an emergency meeting after learning they have to cut classes and professors by the spring semester. i don't quite understand. these are people, they're like a family. many of these people have been here. many of them have been here for 30 years. >> san jose state says it noticed about a month ago it was overbudget and met with the deans to discuss how to cut roughly $3.8 million by next
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june. >> the challenge we had, last year, we were unable to absorb all the cuts that we were provided. so we're having to address those continual deficits from last year to this year. >> the cuts come as student enrollment climbs at the university. ultimately this budget miscalculation could hit those students the hardest. >> i can't graduate in four years fwauz with of all thoo these budget cuts. >> these are things all campuses have done. we have taken the cuts probably later than most campuses. because our campus has sufficient reserves. >> image is everything. he warns spartan country might be losing a big part of its branding. >> reputation is everything. we know that here in silicon valley. we have one of the best programs in journalism, advertising and pr worldwide and everybody knows it. >> the university vows to keep looking for the best answers to minimize the budget impact. damian trujillo, nbc bay area
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news. >> sacramento lawmakers demanded answers today on why thousands of caliifornians haven't been getting their unemployment checks on time. the problem is blamed on a botched upgrade to its 30-year-old benefit system. the september checks did not arrive, people complained to their local lawmakers. >> i think the frustration that we got from our constituents were just the lack of answers. the lack of -- number one, i was frustrated that we weren't warned beforehand that this was going to happen. >> the company hired to upgrade the system is deloitte. the same thing happened when the company upgraded florida's unemployment website. >> you wouldn't know it by the weather today, but the holidays are upon us and the ice skating rink at union square in san francisco is now open open. the holiday ice rink opened in its sixth year. the rink is open every day through january 20. events like drag queens on ice will be back. and new this year, singles in
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the city. a session for those seeking love. >> already that time of year? >> yes, it is. yes, it is. >> and we're going to have a bit of a cooldown to get into the holiday spirit. >> yeah, we are. over the next couple of days. i have some fond memories of the safeway ice rink a few years ago. i think i bit it out there on the ice. 43 degrees temperature jump today. gilroy had one of the largest temperature spreads by this afternoon. we started off at 38 this morning. enabling temperatures to drop off. then by this afternoon, warm air flooding up from the south. trapped in the higher elevations, got up to 81 degrees by this amp. but that was the harmest. 76 in san jose. 69 in san francisco and 76 in sap that rosa. it's one of those days where the car thermometers were all over the place, depending on where you were. in fremont right now, it is a dry commute.
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even though that cloud cover increased for tonight. slow, especially in the 880 northbound view you're seeing right no uh. lots of brake lights. and we also bring you here to our next skycam a shock. san jose and visibility excellent enough at the lower levels that wae eve been able to see the air traffic tonight and no reports of any delays. a first look at the forecast as we begin thursday. it's goen to be high cloud cover all the way through 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. but the key thing to notice is temperatures are a little bit cooler than we have for today. after numbers in the upper 70s to about 80 today. low 70s inland for thursday. and here we go. by friday, inland. close to 70 on saturday. but it's really the signal. the dropping temperatures of a system that's going to be building in as we head throughout next week's forecast. we are going to be talking about this rain time line and we'll figure out these projections and
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what it could mean next week in about 20 minutes. . >> you may have pairly noticed what a low turnout could be. leaders are pushing for more. going public on a new york stock exchange, want to know what it's like to have an ipo? we've got an exclusive look coming up.
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voters said yes to sunnyvale measure c. gun dealers will have to keep records of ammunition sales. and a gun can't hold more than ten rounds.
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so far there's been no reaction from nra who threatened to sue. the measure was backed by no mayor michael bloomberg and the organization, mayors with nearly 70%. >> developers spent seven years and got city approval but opponents complained it was too tall. they formed thegroup. plenty of issues but simply not enough voters. wlarry, a lot going on, but not much going on in terms of the turnout. >> not much, which was really telling in itself. look, you already touched on the two biggest issue, san francisco's waterfront development and sunnyvail's gun
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control ordinance. but other than that, it was a real snoozer. >> the turnout was incredibly low. four out of five registered voters decided to pass, but it was all potential voters, it would be even more than that. but here's the deal. take a look at the turnout in the most recent presidential election, 2012, and the gubernatorial election, 2010. the last time around, both of them. voter turnout percentages here are much higher, 72% in 2008. and equivalent numbers in 2010. no, no, no. it tells you something. it says that local elections just don't carry sway. and the reason is pretty clear. for most people, city council races in a few ballot issue, just aren't interesting enough. so a handful of voters are often left to decide what can or what cannot be important. and you know something, that's a
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problem. >> you're a well known, nationally known political writer, commentator and profess professor. what's your answer to you would of this. the easy answer is to consolidate local leks with state and federal elections, rog. that move would generate two positives. higher turnout because of more significant stakes and lower costs because of fewer elections. if this seems like a pipe dream, sunnyvale voters decided to do just that yesterday, move their elections to even-numbered years. don't be surprised if we see more con stoll dated elections in the future. it may be a smart way of bringing voters back into the polls. >> within the next ten years? >> i hope so. i think we're going to see it bit by bit. it won't happen all at once, but you'll see more of it. >> thank you, larry. >> still to come, political assassination? proof that former palestinian leader yasser arafat may have been murdered. lso -- >> inside the little known world of foreign pilot training here
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in our own backyard. coming up, we will take you up in tt air and inside a system that critics say could put your safety at risk the next time you fly oversea ps
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. an update no to our breaking news. a man who kidnapped his baby are back in the united states. they have just now turn ed turn
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over. the child's mother told police he said he was going to run some errands and left with the baby texting he would hurt himself and the baby if he called police. the baby is safe and the father has been arrested. >> eel with the rules are changing. the faa has now announced new tougher requirements for pilots training to fly commercial airlines. our investigation exposed the questionable training that foreign pilots receive. when we talked about in, the faa knows there's a problem here. >> absolutely. the faa changes were first prompted by a fatal crash of a commuter flight outside buffalo back in 2009.
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but these new rules also address an issue that the ntsb is investigating as a possible cause of the crash of the asiana flight just this past july. that accident prompted us to begin our own investigation into exactly how foreign-based pilots are trained here in the united states. and whether they're being rushed into the cockpit of big jumbo jets too soon. >> flight check is complete. . >> less than a year ago, anthony yan first set foot in an airplane. now he's flying one at a flight school in redding. >> it's a huge responsibility. >> in hope that in another year's time, heel be flying back home in china. >> being a commercial pilot is a special job. >> last year alone, the faa issued nearly 5,000 individual commercial and air transport licenses to foreign pilots. many of them go on to fly large commercial jets within a year of leaving these u.s.-based flight schools. schools like this one, located
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outside phoenix, where 450 student pilots train every year. 90% of them from china. for this school in bakersfield, which is act which you wouldly owned and run by ana. this veteran flight instructor taught foreign pilots at a similar school for nearly four years. he talked only on the kwn we not fied identify him. because he fears for his future year in aviation. >> more people need to speak up about what's going on. >> he said foreign airlines constantly pressured the school where he worked to graduate the students once they reached a certain number of hours on those training. >> if they went over the hours, that would fall on the flight school. they would say you can not go over. do what you have to to get them ready. >> the pressure to get more pilots in the cockpits of as asia-based airlines has never been greater.
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according to this boeing market outlook, growth in the asia airline market, including new orders for airplanes as far outpaces the rest of the world. one concern expressed by every instructor we spoke to was the ability of young foreign-based pilots to fly the plane manually without the help of automation or a computer. >> when things go wrong and things don't work, buttons don't work, you've got to fly the aircraft. >> eight flight instructors told us the students quickly go home and get into jumbo jets with automated cockpits, leaving many of those pilot unprepared. >> i don't want you to fly with an auto pilot. i want you to be able to do it by hand. it's very important. i think you should always feel like everything is going to fail. >> thigh ear not hand flying the airplane as much as they should. >> one flight instructor even warns the student, once they leave their small cessna cockpits and graduate to large
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jumbo jets, hundreds of lives will depend on those manual aviation skills. >> those skills degrade, once they leave the little airplanes and they go to big automated airplanes. is this jeopardizing safety of international flights especially in the pacific rim? >> i believe so. absolutely. because, you know, the quality pilot may not be as it could be for sure. >> in terms of avoiding navigational errors while you're taxiing. >> that's why the faa has sponsored special training sessions like this one in the bay area last month. >> has to be disciplined about not letting hichls be on consumed by the automation. >> local pilots are taught not to rely too heavily on automation. >> the pilot has to exercise some flight discipline. and maybe sometimes just turn the automation off and fly the plane. >> it's why instructors want student pilots like anthony yan to make the most of their time
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training here in the ufs, flying manually in the cockpit. >> the smaller airplanes for now, not possible to fly it anymore when i get back home to china. >> now, as part of the new faa training rules, pilots will be expected to spend more time practicing recovering from airplane staals. as well as enhanced simulator training, and they will be monitored much more closely, including the use of data by commercial airlines to track pilot deficiencies. and then hopefully correct them. after the faa's announcement, ntsb chairman debra hersman applauded the move saying once these changes are implemented, it will actually improve safety in her mind. we will continue to monitor this issue. >> very good information. if you have a tip for steven or anyone in our investigative unit, you can give us a call at 888-986-tips or send us an
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e-mail directly to the unit. kathleen sebilius testified again on capitol hill about the obama care website debacle. she said some of the glitches have been fixed allowing more people to enroll for health care. the technicians will need to work day and night to fully prepared website by the end of this month. some called for sebilius to resign saying she put the health care system and the u.s. economy in jeopardy. >> a decades old tradition being debated in the highest court. the justices are deciding whether prayers at local government meetings violate the constitution. one jewish, the other ooitist sued their town for excluding faiths. >> long suspected and today
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proof. it's believed former palestinian leader yasser arafat was pois poisoned. his widow is calling it political assassination. she says results from a swiss forensic teams found her husband was poisoned to death in 2004 with radioactive ploen yum. an investigation was launched last year after traces of that ploen yum were found on his personal belongings. a french forensic team is still conducting its investigation. ms. arafat says she doesn't know who may have killed her husband but said he had a lot of enemies. >> one of the first sky scrapers in san francisco has a new anticipate. winston churchill conducted one of the first transatlantic phone calls there. today, congresswoman nancy pelosi and ed lee welcomed its latest tenant. >> certainly there's no better place to test a model of community than san francisco. >> san francisco was a key player in yelp's origin story.
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we built an amazing community of reviewers here that made us realize that yelp might just work. >> major enno vagss started last year with about $100 new mexico pumped into the building. still ahead here at 6:00, finding earrr signs of autisms newborns. why the answer may be in their eyes. >> what happened when your company goes public? a look inside the ipo. >> and i know you want that rainfall. good evening. i'm jeff with details on the weather coming up. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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in "health matters" new signs of autism that show up in babies only 2 months old, and it's all in the eyes. doctor doctor babies who did not make as much eye contact with people were later diagnosed with autism. more research needs to be done, but the study is a break through. special technology was used to track the eye moves. and experts say parents should not worry if their child does not look them in the eye. >> a new body part has been discovered and it could be very helpful for doctors. two belgian surgeons have found another ligament in the knee. it's called the all. it connects the thigh bone to the shin bone. it could be the reason people with acl injuries have lingering
6:40 pm
issues. and the discovery cowl mean a big change in how we treat acl injuries. >> okay, it was a beautiful day. hope you all enjoyed it. did you? >> of course i did. yes, i'm the weather man. i know the exact second to get out outside. i did that today. >> that's how confident i am in my forecast. let's look at our san francisco view. you can see mainly clear at the lower levels. we'll talk more about the cloud cover. yes, much needed rain in just a few minutes. >> jeff, i'll get the drum ready. jim harbaugh taking some time out of his day recently. he was coaching up some willing exr youngsters. that and more. you've got to see this harbaugh stuff.
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we finally know what google is building on the bay. the internet giant says the floating barge will be used as an interactive learning scepter where people can learn about new technology and possibly buy products. rumors were swirling that google was building a floating data septemberer. a second barge has been spotted off the coast of the portland, maine. >> >> new to a story you'll see only on nbc. the champagne is flowing tonight in campbell and likely be flowing tomorrow in san francisco. a lot of new millionaires in the bay area tonight. scott budman taking us behind the scene with a very happy and what do we call him, newly rich bay area company? >> i think newly minted is the term, rog. there was another hot ipo in the bay area today. in fact, a very strong showing.
6:44 pm
and we've now got an sdloouf look at what it's leak when a silicon valley company goes public. >> after ripging the opening bell on wall street, barracuda employees rang even more bells back home. hearing their good fortune as the company went public. >> just watching the founders and key people involved in the ipo process on tv. i ploebl shouldn't say this, but it brought a little tear to my eyes. i'm an emotional guy. and it's been a lot of hard work. >> it's kind of weird because we've always been, for five years, at least as long as i' been here, you look around and see all these public companies and you're just like oh, we're a private little small company. and now to see it sort of blow up, it's pretty cool. >> barracuda is blowing up
6:45 pm
because fit's been a leader in the security software space. all the more important these days with privacy concerns on the minds of so many businesses. now the food at headquarters tastes a little sweeter. and watching cnbc is like watching your bank account grow, a lot better than business as usual. >> this is something that's spoken about in whispers and, you know, at lumpbl time, when are we going to be going public as a company. and being able to be part of the organization as it experiencing, you know, this event, it's really fun and exciting. >> another silicon valley ipo with more to come in the near future. on day one, the company says it will use some of its newly minted wealth to grow and hire more employees. the ipo parade continues
6:46 pm
tomorrow with twitter. we will cover that for you as wealle. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> another big day tomorrow, thanks, scott. >> probably a pretty big one. great weather for those of you in campbell enjoying that new ipo. cloud cover this evening. but temperatures will be dropping off into the 40s. a real comfortable night coming our way. we do have a storm system just off to the north. but at this point, it's continuing to show, at least our forecast models, no sign of any rainfall for us. so let's get right into that thursday forecast. we'll keep the high cloud cover from the system that continues to pass off to the north. all the w11:00 a.m. for tomorro. jofr yawl numbers will continue to be cooler from thursday here on out. let's get you outside to that high definition skycam a network. best eyes in the weather department are these, looking
6:47 pm
outside. you can see us continually clear here at the lower efl levels. but at the higher levels, we wont to have the cloud co-ever streaming across tonight. let's look at the next view. you'll see here in emoriville, no fog in place, but look once again you'll see straight up, the cloud cover, we need rainfall. 46 days since our last storm. more on that coming up in about a minute and a half. let's get to those temperatures for tomorrow. it is going to be cooler by about 3 to 5 degrees. a lot of the car thermometers reading the upper 70s for today. 37 in south san jose, 77 in gilroy. that will likely be the hottest spot. castro valley, 70. 72 in dublin. also low 70s here in livermore. for san francisco, out of the low 70s, the financial dris district, 67 tomorrow.
6:48 pm
if you're concerned about the game there in candlestick park, it will be cooler. you'll need the jacket. fog moving in by about 3:00 or 4:00, but overall, dry weather expected. we're going to save that next largest change in the forecast as we head throughout next week. this is going to all shift off to the south. and here we go. going to finally see a fall pattern moving on in. this upper level trough is going to slide on in. and here's the problem. some of the forecast models have this a little bit more to the north and the others moving to the south. and with that, you get rain variations. what we' done here is split the difference on what we think is the best indication for this bafl by next monday and tuesday. santa rose sa, about half an inch and san francisco, 0.37. as this compared to the last
6:49 pm
storm, it doesn't look as strong. weed that that last rain on september 21. but even any kind of rainfall at this point is going to be some good news. on the seven-day forecast, we also notice temperatures dropping off quite a bit .upper 60s inland. we'll city at about that upper 60s, 70-degree line through next sunday. and the possibility of rain as we head into monday and tuesday in that forecast. so still not too bad for tomorrow. not a bad thursday coming our way. >> thank so much, jeff. >> all right, jim, are the ducks in town yet, jim? >> i think they are. that rain is going to hit them and make them feel comfortable. we talked with smith. today we heard from crabtree. our mindy bach has the report from san da clara.
6:50 pm
>> the surgery, five months, 27 days as of sunday. so yeah, five months, 30 days today. >> to see any player come back from serious injury, understanding the gruelling rehab that's taking place. i'm just excited to be back. it's a roller coaster now. >> crabtree is not looking at any timetable for a return to the game. he's simply going with how his body responds. he says once he's able to take part in a full practice and find a groove with colin kaepernick and the offense, that's when he'll be ready po play. mindy bach, nbc bay area.
6:51 pm
>> here's what rog is talking about. organ ducks and stanford cardinal. battle between two of the the top five football teams in the nation. this week, oregon's running back was quotesed as saying the ducks should, quote, at least put up 40 on stanford. stanford associate head coach mason responded accordingly. >> that's it? just 40. listen, they're a good offense. we're going to go out and play our type of ball game and draw them close. let's see what they have and take them into deep water and see what happens. >> it will be fun on the farm tomorrow. how about nba? warriors four-game red trip in minnesota for the timberwolf. his first action of the season, he gets right at it. barnes going right to the cuff. he had eight points in the first half. second quarter, get used to this. curry to andre iguodala. ten points in the first half. right now, warriors with a lead
6:52 pm
on minnesota. they got a game going on in there. jim harbaugh recently made a commercial a reality for kids down in santa clara. >> when you have kids in a commercial, it comes off good and fun. today we're bringing this to life as well. >> the body thrives on contact. collisions. >> i got it hooer. everything is tucked in. nice and tight. and pulled up nice and high. nobody can grab my shirt. >> imagine he's talking that shirt in. got to get up high here. tuck that shirt in when you're going there. can you tuck in a sweatshirt into the chinos? >> he pulls it off. >> eh pulls it very well.
6:53 pm
>> he has that marker, that sharpie on his neck as well. >> his signature look. >> i like it. >> all right, guys. >> thank, jim. for a full half-hour of local sports coverage, you can watch comcast sports bay area at 10:30.
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>> we've heard i it for weeks. gang-related crime in san jose is down. but we've ouncovered that may not be true. she join us live in the news room with more. >> city officials have been very vocal about how well their gang suppression plan worked over the summer claiming they dropped
6:56 pm
more than 40% compared to this time last year. but our investigation reveals the city may simply be playing a numbers game with crime statistics. high-ranking sources say the public has been given a false perception of what's really happening. >> the administration is saying that gang-related crime is down. is that true? >> no. it's not true. some of the homicide that are gang related aren't being class fid as gang related. >> so they're being treated as gang-related cases by the department, but the public has no idea? >> that's absolutely right. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll give you an inside look at some of the crimes and what police didn't tell you. rog, back to you. >> thank you. we'll see you at 11:00. finally tonight at 6:00, it's a sign of times. blockbuster is closing its doors. they're closing the last of its 300 stores nationwide. there are three remaining stores in the bay area.
6:57 pm
they'll close by the end of this year. blockbuster will also stop its mail order service. the company was bought by dish network and is trying to compete with other rental and digital streaming services. it will continue streaming contents to dish customers. it wasn't that long ago we would all go to blockbuster on a friday or saturday, get a bunch of movies. >> i loved walking down those aisles and checking out the movie. >> spent an hour and a half with your family. >> by fund, the cloud cover increases. temperatures upper 60s inland. then monday and tuesday, an extended weekend. you can spend all day sitting in bed, watching those movies. we head throughout next monday and also tuesday. >> have a great evening. >> good night, folks. presents...
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will smith's half-naked photo scandal with a beautiful blonde, now on "extra." will and his sexy co-star getting wild in a photo booth in the these new pics. is it the final straw for jada how kerry washington's eating scandal went from rock bottom to the it girl. shocking photos of 4-year-old bob with mysterious red marks on his face. charlie going to war today to strip his ex, brooke, of custody.


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