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tv   Today  NBC  November 7, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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good morning. how tweet it is. twitter makes a debut on wall street this morning. will the company be able to avoid a rough start like facebook and who should buy in? fireball. a meteor lights up the sky in three states overnight. scientists reveal the threat of the strike is much worse than they thought. and nashville stars, the country music awards filmed with memorable, even some controversy. the highlights from country music's biggest night, thursday,
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november 7th, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to "today." i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer, against mr. al roker. here we are one week into no-shave november and this week we kick it up a notch because this whole thing has been about raising awareness for men's health and things like prostate cancer. this morning, al, you and i will get a prostate screening on the air. >> men over 40 have to do this. and they also have to practice ♪ moon river >> they have to talk to their doctors. again, we will explain much more about that. we will take you through the process live in a very -- >> tasteful way. this is taking the experience, bonding experience to a whole new level. >> what will we do to top that off? >> don't even ask. also ahead this morning, the
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olympic torch has traveled to a place where it's never been before. we are talking space. back on the ground, will sochi be ready in just 91 days? there are concerns from terrorism to the weather. the president of the organizing committee is here with a progress report. we will talk to him. we want to get to the today's top story, twitter, the site has changed the world, but should you stop tweeting long enough to buy? carl is live in our room. good morning to you. >> reporter: from wall street, twitter is going public. they priced at $26 a share. with all those problems facebook went through when they went public last year, can the company with that little blue bird make some green? hashtag ipo, today's opening bell kicks off one of wall street's most anticipated days of the year. social media giant twitter goes public. >> the twitter ipo is a central
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moment in their history. it's such a significant platform for so many people around the world. >> reporter: with 230 million users, twitter doesn't have a popularity problem, but it has its skeptics. especially in the problems facebook faced last may when it's stock went public, losing almost half its value in months. >> given the most recent blogs, i am a little skeptical. i think i will see what everybody else does at first. >> it's not for me. >> reporter: investors are betting there is big money to be made in under 140 characters. twitter generated $422 million in the first nine months of 2013, mainly from sponsored tweets and promoted trends featured prominently on twitter's home pages. twitter's investors are banking on profit strategies, like recently announced tv partnerships with comcast and nbc universal, the parent company of nbc news, which will bring new features from your
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twitter feed, your dvr to sponsored tv networks. >> the more we do those kind of things and how platform content are building more twitter, with more user value we can drive and the more beneficial it is. >> reporter: meaning companies looking to go from trending to trading high. >> we are investing for the long term. we think this is a long-term company. a company for which there is a fantastic use for every person on the planet. >> and it is worth noting even though facebook did have those problems after their ipo, it has since gone up to $49 a share, savannah, that's already 11 more than their ipo. >> for those who don't speak fluent cnbc, why does this ipo matter? >> it's a chance for their early investors to cash out. it's important for them. it's like when a college athlete goes pro, you want to know how the rookie season going to go, how is their first season going to go? do they have the stuff to play
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with the big boys? is it a sign of maturity going from a medium size business. >> you mentioned facebook, it's extremely popular but isn't turning a profit right now. >> the thing with social media, you got to go big or get lost. it's not that they're bringing in money, they're plowing it back into the business, hiring sales people, buying servers. sales servers, they know it's too easy to disappear if people don't know about you. >> bottom line, would you advise somebody to invest? >> you know, for the average joe, there is a saying on wall street, investing-wise, don't play with the rent money. that probably ablis to twitter. >> thank you. let's send it over to matt. >> savannah, thank you very now to politics, until election day 2016, is the presidential race under way? nbc's kelly o'donnell has been traveling with new jersey's newly elected governor chris christie. good morning. >> good morning, matt, good to see you as well.ell. governor christie calls the hype over his potential run for the white house a complement, not a distraction. well, "time" magazine is giving
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christie the front cover treatment with azinger referring to the governor as the elephant in the room. at a high school in the heart of a cuban community. chris christie said he is most proud that as a republican he won the majority of new jersey latino vote. >> if you want to make inroads to a communities you got to get there and work it. >> reporter: tapping into the national curiosity about christie's prospects, these students asked about his the governor's future. >> four years from now, i will be out of a job because they don't let me run again. >> reporter: but his ambitions go beyond new jersey. at a lengthy news conference wednesday, christie ruled questions about running for president. >> oh, please, it's a burden to speculate about me being the leader of the free world, stop, i'm burdened. that's a pretty huge ego to be complaining about that. it's complimentary. it's flattering and i have no problem with it. >> do you feel prepared to be mr. president now? >> i think whether that would
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apply to me being a better president or not, i just don't know. >> reporter: he is already running hard against washington. >> nobody is amused or entertained or gratified by what's going on in washington, d.c. right now. no one. everyone is frustrated. look at the numbers. the numbers don't lie. people want effective government. they want government to get things done. >> reporter: and christie is already poised to take on a national role as the new head of the republican governor's association, giving him a ticket to travel the country, fund raise for his party and road test his own popularity. he takes over that spot in a couple weeks. >> 1,097 days. thanks very much. thanks so much. let's go over to savannah. investigations into allegations of bullying by a miami doll fens player is getting new high powered help this morning. nbc's kerry sanders is with the dolphins again this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this morning
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is reporting the dolphins general manager was informed by jonathan martin's agent that martin was being bullied. the report goes on to say the general manager's advice was to fight back that, jonathan martin should punch his alleged tormenter richie incognito. this morning the dolphins have not responded to this specific report. this morning while the miami dolphins tried to stay focused on their game, the nfl has hired an independent investigator, prominent attorney ted weld, to look into allegations that guard richie incognito bullied teammate jonathan martin, reportedly leaving him hate-filled phone messages that included the "n" word. >> if the review reveals anything that needs to be corrected, we will take all necessary measures to fix it, to ensure that this doesn't happen again.
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>> and with reports surfacing, toughen up martin, head coach phil bin fended off questions about the scandal. >> everything we do here is for the best interest of the players. >> reporter: as for the two principle players, martin remained out of sight. his father gave a brief answer when asked how his son is doing. >> he's a strong man, he is doing fine. >> reporter: incognito was seen driving his new ferrari, he wasn't answering questions. his glendale, arizona, football coach described him as a hard kid. >> he wasn't a boy scout by any stretch of the imagination, but we didn't see this coming down the road. >> no, that's the craziest. i can't understand that question. >> i have been around this guy for four years, i know he don't mean it. >> he was like his little brother. he was the first one there to have his back.
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it's a big surprise what's going on. >> reporter: this morning the dolphins owner steven ross has issued a statement that says, in part, we take this situation seriously. as the owner, i am committed to creating a professional environment for all the members of the dolphin family. once the review is completed and i have all the facts, we will respond accordingly. team officials say martin reportedly checked himself into a local hospital for emotional distress is not expected to play in their next game, which is monday. savannah? >> kerry sanders, thank you very much. how about this is story raising a lot of eyebrows. there are new questions about yasser arafat. was he the victim of an assassination nine years ago? nbc correspondent richard engel is here with what some are saying is the new evidence and accusations. richard, good morning. >> good morning. we are still talking about arafat. he was a controversial figure in life and death.
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there is a new report now that suggests there is proof. a palestinian guerilla fighter, a terrorist to many israelis. a nobel peace laureat. now a report says yasser arafat may have been the victim of assassination. >> it's a political crime. it's a political assassination of a great leader. >> reporter: the proof is allegedly in arafat's bones. his remains exhumed a year ago a team of swiss scientists in contact with the tv network al jazeera said their findings moderately support the proposition that the death was the consequence of poisoning with pelolonium 210. arafat's levels, upwards of 18 times the normal level of the radioactive .son. the scientists says it could have been planted in his food, drink, or toothpaste. >> anyone that looked at this report had to conclude he had
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pelonium in his body around the time he died. >> reporter: the mystery around arafat's death goes back to a turbulent time in 2004. the peace process had collapsed, israel just retaken the west bank and arafat was holed up in his ramallah compound when suddenly he fell ill. quickly, palestinian leaders blame israel. >> now we know when and how. what we need is proof that the israeli occupation is responsible. >> reporter: israel denied it had any role in killing arafat. says he was 75 and unhealthy, an aging man, not a target. >> an israeli spokesman this morning was dismissive of this study saying israel has long been accused of conspiracy theories in the middle east. palestinian theories say, okay, how did this radio active poison get in his body? >> we will have to wait for this to be answered.
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let's switch gears. frantic 91 calls from the inside the shooting at the new jersey mall. >> reporter: it was about 9:20 p.m., minutes before closing time. >> there is somebody shooting. >> reporter: when hundreds of terrified shoppers and mall workers frantically began calling for help. >> somebody is shooting up the garden state plaza right now. he had a motorcycle helmet on. >> a motorcycle helmet, okay. >> all black and he had a big, long gun. >> reporter: 20-year-old richard shoop, police say, fired half a dozen blasts from an automatic rifle. >> we are hearing shots next to the nordstrom's. >> stay on the phone and don't hang up. >> reporter: those trapped in the mall locked themselves inside stores. >> we're in the bathroom. we didn't have time to lock the gate. >> reporter: some kept the 911 operators on the phone. >> do you still hear shooting? >> i, i haven't heard any, but i don't hear any sirens either, so, please hurry.
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>> reporter: finally for these women help arrived. >> okay. i hear comes. i hear cops. >> all right. you wanna go talk to them? >> yes, yes, yes. >> all right, sweetie, good luck. >> reporter: it took some six hours for the police to find his body in the basement. he shot and killed only himself. miraculously, thousands escaped the ordeal unharmed. ron allen, nbc news, new york. and natalie is here with a widening bribery scandal that has rocked the u.s. navy. >> it certainly has. this one they say the scandal reached high into the navy's officer core. the massive overbilling scheme run by an asian defense contractor allegedly provided prostitutes, cash and other kickbacks in exchange for information. nbc's chief correspondent jim miklazewski has the story. >> reporter: it's a high-sea scandal that stretches from the u.s. to southeast asia. three navy officials have been arrested and it's cost the u.s. navy millions. at the center of this scandal is leonard frances, owner of a
7:15 am
singapore-based company that provides dock-side service to navy warships. they accuse frances of bribing navy officials with large sums of cash, prostitutes and even tickets to lady gaga to steer the navy's business his way. prosecutors claim in one year alone, frances, aka fat leonard billed the navy out of $10 million. navy commander is charged with accepting bribes. in a speech to his high school in illinois this year, he told students he couldn't be prouder to be an american. >> we cannot let our guard down. >> reporter: a second commander, jose sanchez is accused of accepting $100,000 and after provided with prostitutes allegedly sent frances a facebook message, yummy, daddy like. a navy criminal investigator is
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accused of providing frances with details of the navy's investigation. all the defendants have pleaded not guilty, but if convicted, could face up to five years in prison. jim miklazewski, nbc news, the pentagon. caught on camera. take a look at this wild confrontation between the taxi driver and the driver of an suv. this happened last week on the north side of chicago. you can see the taxi driver blocking the suv by stapding in the middle of the street. when he tries to pull away, the taxi driver starts beating on the window and some sort of baton. he speeds away and runs into that taxi. the drive then goes into reverse, slams into a parked car, then he goes forward once again, hits the original taxi again and another vehicle. police finally track down the 19-year-old driver of the suv, he is facing a list of charges. >> where do you start? >> a lot of charges there. it was a hero's welcome for a louisville basketball player who returned to the court for the first time wednesday night since suffering a gruesome leg injury. you may remember that video of
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kevin ware when he suffered a broken leg in the ncaa tournament last march. much to the delight of louisville's faithful, ware returned to the floor last night in an exhibition game against pikesville. he got a standing ovation as you see there, later made his first shot, a three-pointer, nonetheless. he finished with six points and three rebounds. did well there. we all get the occasional wrong phone number. i love this story. it's rare this comes from the vice president of the united states. this is what happened on tuesday night. well, after martin walsh was elected the next mayor of boston, vice president joe biden called to congratulate him, the problem is he called the wrong martin walsh. the one he called a former aide to senator kennedy. he said, quote, you son of a gun, marty, that marty walsh was able to figure out what went wrong. helped the vice president get in touch with the martin walsh, the mayor elect of boston.
7:18 am
going through the white pages. somebody. >> did you just win an election? >> did you just win an election? >> great. >> natalie, thank you. all right. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> over the skies of southern california, arizona, one other state, they saw this. meteorites flying through the air. if you think that this is a really random occurrence, well, guess what, maybe not so much. remember back in february, that huge meteorite over russia that caused a lot of injuries and damage? we, nasa scientists say they used to think there were 3 million rocks up there floating around. maybe a one in 150 year occurrence. now they say there is about 20 million of those meteorites flashing around. this is now maybe one in every 30 years. so we better keep bruce willis on standby, maybe on speed dial. get the vice president calling. okay. our top weather today, where we got wet weather, part of a
7:19 am
frontal system pushing on through here. this front was pushed through. the good news is it will be pretty rapid. it moves on in, brings in light rain. we are talking maybe a quarter to half an inch in some spots. we also got behind this much colder air. it will turn windy and much cooler here. right now, look at these winds. 20 miles per hour in burlington, the areas in orange, the warmer air. the cooler air making its way into rochester, pittsburgh. we will see temperatures take a tumble over the next 24 hours. look at what happens as we get into the day on thursday. on friday i should say, a one-day temperature change of anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler than it was today. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪
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♪ 7:20. happy thursday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. i want to show you different skies across the bay area. this is from san bruno looking east. beautiful start to the day, high and mid level clouds, mostly clear in san francisco over the bay and look at this. san jose. mostly cloudy conditions. so we are going to see a fair amount of cloud cover for the first part of the day and cooler conditions later on this afternoon. and that is your latest weather. >> you know what a lot of people are talking about online? youtube going under. >> cameron, what is the story? >> let me show you some of the
7:21 am
things that people are saying online. @dle alroke,@today this will motivate me to to what i have been putting off. the reason you guys are doing it. some real talk here, this woman says it's great to raise awareness of prostate exams but do we have to see them have one? trust me, ladies, they're going to do it like vegas. what happens in vegas stays in vegas. it will be behind a door that we'll never get through. >> last but not least, @meredithvieira. good luck today, matt and al. >> what happens behind that screen, you will tell us but we won't have to see it. >> well done. coming up with three months to go, is sochi ready for the 2014 winter olympic games.
7:22 am
the torch repairs for its first spacewalk. a night of stars and surprises in nashville at the country music awards. all the highlights, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> coming up, why some women are not happy what lululemon say about those pants. to send to the fam. ♪g a d ♪ singing carol-oke with my best friends. ♪ ♪ hanging out with mom, ♪ making ninjabread men all day, ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ that's my kind of holiday, ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ what's your kind of holiday?
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one taste, and you'll understand. enjoy dunkin' donuts coffee anytime. pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'. 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. san francisco based twitter will trade on the new york stock exchange any moment now. scott mcgrew is live with his always unique perspective. >> good morning. twitter got its money, now we're waiting for some of the investors to turn around and f1 o here you see the four people that are opening the new york stock exchange again twitter not trading yet. that's patrick stewart and the lemonade girl from the bay area raises money from her charity as well. people who use twitter in an interesting way. the ceo on the floor of the stock exchange winging back to twitter today again jon, no
7:27 am
trade yet but we expect about 44 bucks a share. >> we'll check back later on. let's take it out and check in with christina loren telling us about the forecast and how the number is looking. >> looking good. check out this live picture. a beautiful start to the day in san francisco, jon. we have a nice looking day shaping up. i want to warn you if you live in the city, yeah, it is going to be a cloudy finish to the day. onshore flow resumes. then the fog rolls back in. that's going to limit your temperatures today. by about 10 degrees in san francisco from where we ended up yesterday. 65 degrees there. 71 in san jose and 72 degrees on the way to santa teresa. we expect a wet pattern late sunday into monday. best chance for showers, right now looks like late monday into tuesday with residual activity early wednesday. let's check the drive. >> christina mentioned santa tere teresa. 101 and 680 t maps show your
7:28 am
northbound slowdowns. 101 and 85 the worst of it. 280 following closely behind. no major crashes there. a crash north 680 approaching sunol boulevard but we don't see slowing. 880 a tough drive south off 230 after an earlier crash. northbound slowing into oakland and approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> as always we appreciate it. we'll be back in a half hour with another local update.
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pretty picture of the sunrise. i think you know where that is. st. louis. hi to the folks out there. tweet us your pictures of sunrise where you're waking up with the #todaysunrise. i'm matt lauer. get you caught up on the headlines today. twitter is making its debut on the new york stock exchange. the company is going public beginning the trading day at $26 a share. a lot of people out west spotted that fireball streaking across the sky last night. scientists believe it was, in fact, a meteor. victy for amanda knox. dna on a knife failed to conclusively prove it was the
7:31 am
murder weapon. coming up, the highlights from con's music's biggest night, the cma. >> there is a part of our no shave initiative to bring attention. matt and i will be getting prostate screenings live. >> we want to give you a little inspiration. >> you are not doing the screening. >> no, we are not. >> we will be headed down a couple blocks to a talented and skilled doctor to show people how quick this is. >> and why it is so important. >> absolutely. later on this morning, a very touching story. 12 kids with thal their adoptions finalized live on our plaza and a couple will meet their adopted baby face-to-face for the very first time. lots to get to. let's begin with the winter games in sochi. action begins in 91 days. so will that city be ready? we will talk to the president of the sochi organizing committee.
7:32 am
first, we have more on the preparations. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt. good morning, everyone. this could be a historic olympics for many reasons. the events include the women's ski jump. the first olympic torch will be taking by two russian cosmonauts. blastoff. the olympic torch sent into space this morning over sochi's soaring mountain. the winter games will be held here within months. the countdown started. the cranes and bulldozers still working. sochi will be ready, says russia's president. but there have been problems. the torch has traveled to the north pole across russia's vast tundra. but it's gone out 44 times. this will be one of the most expensive olympics ever, costing $50 billion in one of the warmest cities to host the winter games. they have been storing snow
7:33 am
under insulation. >> we can also make snow on the very high and transport if problems on the lower sport. i'm not worried about that snow at all. >> reporter: some worry sochi will be one of the most controversial olympics. there have been protests against anti-gay laws. regardalizeless of sexualori orientation guests will feel comfortable. two detained people. russia apologized. security is tight. sochi is close to a region where the boston bombers family were from. chechnya has seen war and terrorism, but russia promises the safest olympics ever, determined, the biggest winner. >> i think what we are about to enjoy is remarkable in olympic history. >> reporter: and holding the winter olympicics in sochi has been a personal dream for
7:34 am
president putin. he has his winter holidays there and he has been watching closely, matt, to make sure it is a success. >> yeah, there is a lot at stake. thank you very much. demtri is the president of the olympic committee. you had to build so much in sochi from scratch. roads, railways, hotels, venues. 91 days. are you ready? >> of course. we are ready. we already successfully tested all our competition venues during the most extensive test last winter. it was 22 international sports championships and efforts. >> let's talk about security. it's always a major concern when the world's athletes and media and spectators gather. this is the first time, though, in history, demtri the games will be staged right next door to what is considered to be the terrorist epicenter. the number one enemy.
7:35 am
in july that group urged islamist extremists to use maximum force to disrupt the games. can you keep the games safe? >> of course. it will be the safest games ever because we understand from the very beginning of our successful campaign that the secretary is the key priority of the organizers and it's a global threat. take boston, for example, this is an illustration that terrorists have no boundaries. from the beginning, we established we are a good administration between russian and american securities and they exchange intelligence and i know that everybody is confident that russia is able to provide this. >> there are two kinds of security. behind the scenes security and in your face security. is there going to be a lot of in your face security in sochi? >> of course, there will be security at any big events.
7:36 am
they will be addressed not in the military uniforms. >> let's talk about gay rights, another controversial topic. president putin insisted there will be no discrimination against gay athletes, we know russia is not suspending the so-called gay propaganda law. if an athlete marches in the opening ceremony with a rainbow pin or speaks out in favor of gay rights, will that athlete be arrested? >> absolutely not. what else can i add? when my president already several times express the germany tee guarantees on behalf of the state leader there will be no discrimination by race, religion or sexualori orientati and we organizers keep social incluseivity in our games and moreover, you know, the rainbow chancell chancellor.
7:37 am
for example, our official uniform for the games organizers is a rainbow color. >> what if it's more obvious, what if a gay rights group holds a rally or a protest? >> according to charter number 50, any propaganda or demonstrations is prohibited during the games. >> let me end on lighter subjects. the weather. it's a subtropical climate. it can be 50 degrees in the sochi area around the month of february. is there going to be enough snow? are we going to see snowboarders and skiers competing in short sleeves? >> no, this is a great example of the duality literally. we're in the subtropics but in the top mountains, we always enjoy a lot of snow. >> two other things the gold medal in men's hockey will go to -- >> russia. >> are you sure? how big a deal is that for you? >> nowadays, the energy is coming to russia. it's a great achievement and
7:38 am
another thing, the most desirable scenario in russia, we are looking for is that russia and you in the final russia won. >> i had a feeling you'd say that. finally, just clear it up for everybody here. is it sochi or sochi? >> sochi. we will put you on the map. >> thanks. good luck. 91 days. i know you have a lot on your plate, it's nice of you to join us this morning. >> i look forward to meeting you in person there. >> you just did. a reminder. nbc's coverage will kick off and we will be there. >> i feel like a little sushi right now. we have a big storm system into the pacific northwest and we're watching that and what we're also watching is this front making its way into the east. right now through central pennsylvania and central new york. we are looking at clouds now moving into new york city. so, we're watching that as you see our top of the rock cam. we also look for those clouds and showers to make their way into boston. in fact, another area of rain
7:39 am
and showers pushing their way into boston as we look at that shot, courtesy of earthcam. the bigger picture you can see for today, we do have that big storm system in the pacific northwest and rain around the great lakes with mixture of snow. plenty of sunshine through the 7:39. happy thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures out there are still chilly but not as cold as it has been over the past few days. 50s for now headed to the 70s later on. 73 in concord, 71 fremont and 72 in los at toss. we do have changes to tell you about. we're going to drop off for friday and saturday. then the storm window opens late sunday into monday. woods. weather. coming up on trending, should movies come with certain ratings just for women we'll investigate that. a night of big names and
7:40 am
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too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ tires screech ] [ laughter ] [ screaming ] [ tires screech ]
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[ laughter ] [ tires screech ] are you serious?! [ horn honks ] whoo hoo hoo! i had no idea we were capable of doing something like that. made me look at camry different. i'm shaking right now! [ man ] toyota camry. let's go places. >> there they are. al and matt making their way to the doctor for their prostate exams. we will check in with them in just a few moments. first, the awards show everybody is talking about, the cmas, janet shandly is in nashville this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. a big night in nash victim. blake, miranda, taylor swift is
7:45 am
going to have to make more room on her mantle. but if there was a theme for this night, it was probably country boys and their trucks. they got the show on the road with their summer hit, winning both single of the 84 and vocal dual of the year. >> hey, thank you for the our fans for making our dreams come true and the cma awards, for song of the year goes to, here we go. >> all right. >> i drive your truck. >> also riding highs, lead artist, song inspired by the true story of a fallen soldier whose truck is still driven by his father. but the show wasn't just about the boys. taylor swift picked up two iwards, including the cma pinnacle award presented by a legendary artist.
7:46 am
at just 23, she is the second artist to receive the awards. garth brooks was honored in 2005. >> i love you. you made me feel so special right now. thank you. >> reporter: tied with swift for the most nominations of the night six. newcomer beat out best new artist. >> seriously this first year for me has been indescribable. >> reporter: miranda lambert pecked up her fourth straight female vocalist award. >> carrie underwood, your performance blew me away tonight. >> reporter: it turned into a a couple's night as lambert's husband, blake shelton, won two cmas, best male vocalist and album of the year for "based on a true story. ". >> i really swear i did not
7:47 am
think this would happen this year. but it did. >> reporter: the night wasn't without some timely political humor. one of the biggest crowd pleasers a duet by hosts brad paisley and carrie underwood. ♪ obama care by morning over six people served ♪ >> reporter: paisley and underwood are hosting pros at this. this is their sixth year in a row. savannah and natalie, this is kind of interesting. unlike many awards show, mere mortals can attend. all you have to do is buy a ticket. i came with my three teenaged daughters last night. >> wow. >> reporter: it was the perfect girls' night out. >> lucky you. it was supposed to be a night off but we pulled you back in. we're so glad you did. >> i think the "duck dynasty" guys had a fun appearance, right? >> reporter: the who? >> the "duck dynasty questions gigs. i saw willie twerking. >> reporter: they were a big hit. robert thicke and miley cyrus took a lot of hits as well. there were a lot of barbs as
7:48 am
well. >> super mom. thank you so much. coming up, can you say adorable? the national zoo's new tiger cubs learn to swim. they throw them right in there. >> poor things. up next, we'll check in with tamron. i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. he recommended that i use it every time i brush. you feel like there is something that you're doing to help safeguard against the acid erosion. and i believe it's doing a good job. to help safeguard against the acid erosion. hurry in to sears for ourleep? veteran's day mattress spectacular get 50 to 60 percent off, plus an extra 10 percent off, with even more ways to save, better sleep starts here. sears.
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7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> 7:56. i'm jon kelley. the breaking news from the new york stock exchange. twitter officially going out for public consumption trading a few moments ago starts at $45.10. among the people ringing in the bell how about this, yes, that is actor patrick stewart. and also the bay area's lemonade girl vivian harr. she raises money for charity. they wanted people that tweet uniquely. they were chosen for the interesting things they do. deanza college the campus there police identified the man they say attacked a student there on campus. a 19-year-old woman reportedly being sexually assaulted by somebody she knows, she says this happened in the bathroom near the media and learning center on monday. we're told the suspect is an 18-20-year-old student and the police and the victim say they know who he is.
7:57 am
we'll keep you posted on that. right now find out what's happening and say good morning to christina loren. >> good morning to you. pretty day shaping up. it's going to be cooler especially at the coast. 65 degrees in san francisco, down from the 70s most of this week. 74 in livermore. 71 in san jose and 72 degrees at room temperature in los gatos. in the next couple of days temperatures will continue to drop off through art saturday. we'll bump up on sunday and monday to tuesday the storm window opens. shower chances for the greater bay area, the best chance looks like tuesday. more with mike inouye. >> tough throughout south bay. let's show you the map. the south bay in the red, as far as the northbound routes, actually 87 which is typically the toughest looks the lightest. 84 westbound a crash as you approach the dumbarton bridge. flow down 880 a tough drive into
7:58 am
fremont speeds in the 20s and below. there is oakland.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. the real reason for the beard. we are raising awareness for men. matt and al getting prostate exams live on our air. forever families. the plaza mr. finalize 12 adoptions right here, and one couple meets their baby for the first time live. ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ and cannonball. see the national zoo's new and cannonball. see the national zoo's new big -- captions paid for by nbc-universal television
8:01 am
for my birthday i want a picture with matt. >> macon, georgia, shout out. >> from the state that brought you duck dynasty. monroe, louisiana. >> i'm savannah guthrie along with cameron hall in for carson this week. matt and al, i'm told, have arrived at the doctor's office. >> they've made it. >> guys, good morning. how are you feeling? >> hey, guys. >> hey, guys. that's right. we're at the lenox hill hospital prostate cancer center just a few blocks from studio 1a. we're preparing to get our prostate screenings. this, i think you said it best. this is the reason behind the beards, trying to raise awareness and trying to get men of all ages to go to their doctors and talk about some of the key issues. >> certainly if you are 40 years old, not that everybody needs to do it, but everybody should at least get it once so they have a baseline that they can use for later on. >> and i think a lot of people have fears or concerns about what this must be like. we're going to tell you and show
8:02 am
you just how quick this procedure is. in just a couple of seconds, savannah. >> we're so proud of you for leading the way and inspiring other men who will do the very same thing, we hope. fantastic. >> we're going to do it in a tasteful way. this isn't the learning channel. >> no. they'll be behind the curtain, and they'll discuss it -- no peeking allowed. again, guys, we're so proud of you for doing this. >> hopefully it really inspires a lot of people. >> think positive. we turn the plaza into adoption center this morning just behind us. these amazing people have welcomed us into their world. we're going to get to see the ceremony coming up, and there's already excitement. one baby is, like, yeah. >> i don't think there's going to be a dry eye. we are going to finalize adoptions right here on our plaza. it's going to be great. we'll do that in a few minutes. we want to get the day's top stories. natalie is at her post at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. all eyes on wall street today with twitter making its debut on the new york stock exchange. the stocks opening price was set
8:03 am
at $26 a share. twitter is hoping to boost demand with new profit strategy that is expand them beyond the character message service. it was also hoping to avoid the opening day glitches that plagued facebook's initial public offering before that stock then rebounded. a house burglary in florida ended up with an unusual rescue. cell phone video shows the suspect stuck in a chimney with his foot dangling above the fireplace. his accomplice had to call police for help. it took rescuers more than an hour to hoist the man out using straps and a harness. the homeowner says his valuables was safe, but the chimney rescue left quite a mess behind. two of the national zoo's newest additions, sumatran tiger cubs passed a big test this week, and that means the public could get their first in person glimpse of the endangered cats very soon. nbc's kristen welker has the latest from the smithsonian's national zoo. >> reporter: nbc news got an exclusive look at the national
8:04 am
zoo's newest kittens, experiencing water for the first time, and preparing for a very important milestone. >> for us humans i would relate this to the first day of kindergarten. >> reporter: wednesday was the big day. zoo staff dropped the two sumatran tiger cubs into the outside moat where knee never been before. first up, the male. then his sister's turn. while it's cute, this dip is serious. it's a swim reliability test. the goal? to make sure the cubs can get themselves out of the water, a key factor in whether they're ready to go on public display. >> we want the cats to show us with this exercise that they have that instinct to get out of a dangerous situation. >> everybody gets an a-plus. everything went really well. >> reporter: caring for the cubs who live here is a top priority. sumatran tigers are critically endangered. it's estimated there are only 400 to 500 in the wild. the cubs, born in august, are healthy, and enjoy play time with each other and their mom,
8:05 am
and now the entire zoo is celebrating a day of success in unchartered waters. for "today" kristen welker, nbc news, washington. speaking of tigers, one wanna-be tiger had a costume so convincing he was actually able to fool an expert. a 2-year-old marshall shafer wearing his tiger outfit to the point defiant zoo in tacoma, washington. tallia the real tiger cub seemed to think she had a new teammate even if he seemed to have more energy than the tiger did. very cute. 8:05 right now. let's go back to al, who is at the doctor's office. al. >> natalie, thank you so much. let's show you what's going on. working with maria will rosa earlier on "wake up with al." on the satellite, we have showers moving into the pacific northwest. frontal system bringing rain making its way from new england all the way down to the gulf coast. st. louis, missouri, you're going to have a beautiful day. that punch cleared you. by this evening you have clear
8:06 am
skies. 51 degrees. rest of the country, wet weather along the eastern seaboard. showers along the central great lakes. another big storm coming into the pacific northwest. windy conditions, rain with mountain snows into western idaho, montana, and parts of the s.kotas. >> good thursday morning to you. temperatures will be comfortable out there today, but definitely noticeably cooler. in san francisco down from the mid 70s yesterday. hit about 65 in the city today with that coastal fog returning between about 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. 71 in san jose, and 74 degrees on the way to livermore. now, getting into the next couple of days, temperatures are going to drop off even more so. clouds increasing. by sunday night expecting our first showers up in the north bay. and that's your latest weather. savannah. >> thank you, al. by the way, be sure to tune in tomorrow on "today". we have a big announcement from sir richard branson.
8:07 am
it involves this show. it is very exciting. one other hint. we will say it is out of this world. >> okay. the guessing has started. it's a big headline. race to space. you put it together. >> watch tomorrow. up next on "trending" the presurgery dance party. you know i love a dance party. that will bring an absolute smile to your face today. >> it is really cool. >> something every man needs to do. matt and al get prostate screenings live and then a very special event right here on our plaza as eight families finalize their adoptions live right here, but, first, these messages. cup.) ♪ save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf.
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you support all the things that make your community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood. small business saturday is november 30th. get out and shop small. . >> we are back at 8:12.
8:13 am
we are back at 8:12. a woman's world trending today. guys out getting the prostate exam. . thank you. >> so let's get started. remember the debacle earlier this year, remember i do over the lieu lieu lemon yoga pants that left a little too much to the edge imagine? the company's co-founder gave an explanation for that getting on a lot of women's nerves. take a look. >> frankly, some woman's bodies don't work for it. >> don't work for the pants? >> don't work for some types of women's bodies. >> wait a minute. that's his wife and the co-founder. if we can do a thought bubble, she will say -- >> wait until we get home. >> tried clarify, it is really about the activities women are doing while wearing the pants. we reached out for a comment and haven't heard back.
8:14 am
no surprise, right? >> they got rid of those pants, revamped. >> the wife death ray. >> you shouldn't wear these when you go to the gym. the next time. >> zip t the decision to undergo a double mastectomy certainly not an easy one but a mother of two from san francisco did something just moments before her operation this is inspiring people everywhere. take a look. ♪ that is debra cohen facing her surgery with courage on tuesday, getting down to beyonce's hit song. debra is an ob/gyn. we hear her surgery was success. the medical team she is going down with. she is in good spirits. up and walking >> i want to go clubbing with her. >> listen to this, like, three times. >> she's got moves. >> really good. >> start something in surgery rooms everywhere. >> good stuff. have you guys -- ladies,
8:15 am
there are no guys here, have you heard about the new film rating system making waves in swede sunshine didn't hear about this until this morning it, it is designed to boost positive depictions of women on the big screen and correct decades of sexism to get an a-rating, the movie needs to have at least two female characters, check, and talk to each other about something other than men. "star wars" fail you most of the james bond movies and one of my favorite, which i guess i can't watch any mork the entire "lord of the rings" trilogy. >> wait, wait, wait, what's happening?
8:16 am
my pick is love actually. throw back thursday. pics from the past. pure, young love. . mine is "working girl" and here is the seminal scene. take a look. >> oh, this is good. oh, that's what we want to see. if you haven't seen it. tamron has not. rent it. >> i'm traveling this weekend. i'm putting it on my ipad in honor of you.
8:17 am
>> my favorite "16 candles." >> oh, you can't forget jake ryan, right? >> yeah. who's he? >> the guy that every girl loves. jake turns up of her sister's wedding. he shows up, who me? yeah, you. >> i love it. >> don't you remember? >> no, i don't. >> it's on usa over and over. "sweet home alabama." >> you want to go over the mountain now? >> guys, take it away. >> this is no shame november. we are trying to raise awareness
8:18 am
for men's issues. we have made our way to the prostate center. >> i am not a proctologist or expert. but because you are here, we want to talk about prostate health, because prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men. and while we are going to talk about screening today, we want to talk about the parameters around smart screening. we want to remind you, you are in a doctor's office. this is a doctor speaking. we will talk about real medical images. take a look. power, strength, and in control, just some of the images men try to convey. all too often, when it comes to medical tests, their attention comes up short. it is estimated that this year, more than 238,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in the u.s. and more than 29,000 men will die from the disease. one in six men will be diagnosed in his lifetime. the average age of a diagnosis
8:19 am
is 67. the prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland located in front of the rectum and below the bladder. it produces fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. >> the issue is that it surrounds itself with all these sensitive nerves that are responsible for sexual functions and that's why every man freaks out about it. >> reporter: the most common testing method for detecting prostate cancer is a blood test called the psa. it checks for elevated levels of protein produced by the prostate. also included are rectal exams, where a doctor inserts a finger to feel the prostate. with matt's psa tests already completed, al headed to the nbc medical clinic to have his blood drawn by specialist howard greenburg. >> how are you doing? >> i'm fine. >> after the test, the blood is sent to the lab for several days for a result. >> i feel a certain sense of relief, if you will. it really is about knowing.
8:20 am
>> a reminder, again, an elevated psa does not necessarily mean you have cancer. it means you should have an intelligent conversation with your doctor. if cancer is detected, there are a lot of options for men now. you should never feel rushed before doing something before you are ready. matt, again, i know you are here to have your prostate tested. >> we will do it better. dr. david sumoti, the chairman here. full disclosure, you are my urologist. we have been going through these exams for several years because i have a family history. >> we will save a lot of men with prostate cancer. i have been seeing matt for five years now. your psa has been quite steady, the numbers. we started around .7. now it's around .9. it hasn't moved. we pay attention with the velocity. >> that's one side of the screening. we will go in and do the other side of the exam. >> this is a digital rectal exam. you guys go off. >> the camera will stay out here.
8:21 am
>> nancy, as matt goes in, it's also very important, in the african-american male community, this is a big deal. >> i don't think most african-american men know they are 60% more likely to get cancer. many times, it's more aggressive. something happened in american medicine in the '70s, we took race out of medicine. it was a bad idea. race makes a difference with some cancers. the fact that you are being screened today and taking care of this is important. >> that was fast. >> doctor, are there any downsides to this, can there be any complications? >> there are no complications to screening. what we want people to know is get your psa baseline at the age of 40. certainly, talk to your doctor. that individualized medicine is extremely the key. we want to mention the trend of the psa. >> it's the trajectory of the change of the psa. because we do want people to foe
8:22 am
if you make an action based on one test, you can have problems with biopsies, et cetera. so we want people to make an intelligent decision. >> is there a range you should be in? >> there is no such thing. you look at the numbers. >> you are fast, too. >> certainly, family history plays a big role. we know it is more common among african-americans. >> big question, does it hurt? >> it doesn't hurt. it took 34 seconds. is it the best 34 seconds of your life? probably not. but in 34 seconds, if a guy like this can detect something that may save your life. what are we talking about? >> you know, it's my turn, right. >> i have to lose five funds to make my finger smaller. >> the bottom line is your prostate -- >> you go, we'll wait for you. >> it's healthy. a normal size. it's smooth.
8:23 am
i didn't feel any nodules, which is a big concern. >> would you have thought it's an underlying infection? >> if there is anything abnormal on the exam, i might repeat the psa, give antibiotics and go into biopsy. >> but you are basically feeling a spongeiness for the prostate and looking for nodules? >> it is usually soft like this, if we feel nodules and hardness, nancy, you are absolutely right. we look into it. so you get a lot of information from this exam. >> i think your patient is ready for you. >> al, good luck. >> we are going to use two finger for the second parent. >> we'll see you in a few seconds. see if you can beat 34 seconds, doc. >> we will have al in the next half hour. >> much more ahead. it's part of no shame november, raising men's awareness for men's health. savannah? >> all right. we are so proud of you guys. >> 34 seconds is all it takes. >> absolutely.
8:24 am
>> how did that go? >> the exam, it was enlarged, not terrible, i don't feel any nodules or abnormality. i will monitor him once every six months, every year, see whether the size of the prostate will change, find any kind of firm innocence the future and look at the psas. >> correlate his blood terkts change in it and what you feel and put that all together as part of his broos state health? >> what is important is to know whether there is any family history, anybody else who has prostate cancer, you put all this information and then you decide whether we are going to go for biopsy or not. your 15e 00% right. not every element appears. >> here comes al. ask you the same thing, this is what scarce men. did this rectal exam hurt? >> it's not comfortable, but it's certainly obviously doable and 34 seconds. >> i think a lot of guys are also concerned about the embarrassment factor of it. my advice would be find a doctor you're very comfortable with, that that embarrassment fact store not going to be an issue. >> remember, physicians aren't
8:25 am
embarrassed about doing this so we don't want patients to be embarrassed. this is a partnership. >> i think this is a very, very important point, you can save lives by doing this kind of thing. that information and the data is extremely important. don't be scared. >> thank you very much. we will have much more ahead. we will go across the street once again to savannah. >> all right, let's give you guys a hand. thank you very much. we hope a lot of people are paying attention. coming up, we have a great couple of stories. a couple will meet their new adopted baby girl for the first time live on our air. and we will make 12 adoptions official right here on our plaza. but first, your local news.
8:26 am
good morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia canon. it is a big day for san francisco-based twitter. the company goes public. among the people ringing the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. after patrick stewart there on the far right in the bay area's own lemonade girl, vivian. she raises money for charity. what a cutie. they were kwhoezen for using twitter in an interesting way. trading started for twitter at $45 .10. we've been watch it this morning. also watching things this morning is mike. >> here we're looking at fremont. folks are held up southbound just before you get to that shot. we have three pickup trucks involved in a crash there. no major injuries. we do have major slowing now, and another crash coming off of the adviseren free metropolitan
8:27 am
area as we head over towards the dunbarton bridge. now, 880 has a tough drive. the peninsula very slow, and we have the game. expect crowds around sanford area starting as early as this afternoon because of tailgaters and large crowds heading to the stadium. send it back to you, laura. >> go cardinals. another local news corrupt coming up in half hour. hope to see you then, and i also hope you have a great morning. when our little girl was born,
8:28 am
8:29 am
we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love.
8:30 am
it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . >> 8:30 on a thursday morning. a little 8:30 now on a thursday morning. a little reminder, the tree arrives tomorrow. we have a great crowd on the plaza. we have a bunch of families getting ready for a huge moment. they will finalize their adoption live. they are going over paperwork.
8:31 am
we have judges, pen, papers. >> smiles as well. >> so we're very excited about this moment. coming up, we will also meet a couple that will meet their adopted child for the very first time today. >> they're very excited. >> and we'll hear from some of the foster kids in the u.s. about their hopes and dreams for a family. we cannot forget those who haven't been placed yet. certainly, we hope they will be. >> we are talking about international adoption, very common in the u.s. sometimes you do not hear about parents in other countries who are just as eager to adopt. the dutch couple knew adoptions were rare in their country. so they turned to the u.s. in a moment, they will meet their new baby girl for the first time. first, their heartfelt message to her. >> hi, skye. this is your daddy. >> this is mommy. your name is sky. that means a gift from heaven. and we have been waiting so long for you.
8:32 am
>> your mum, she has a lot of love to give. >> your daddy, he's a great daddy. >> oh. >> and you will have a handsome brother. he is waiting for you also. the whole family is very excited to see you. we have a lovely house, with enough place for you to play. your room is finished and is waiting for you. okay. we like to go on holidays together. we like to travel a lot to birthday parties with family and friends. mommy is looking forward to go with you on the bicycle and cycle through our village. >> on friday, it's daddy's day. in the summer, we go for ice cream and i can't wait for that.
8:33 am
we know that your birth mom had a lot of medical problems, but she was a very brave lady and we are very thankful that she made this decision for you. she will be in our hearts for always and we will make sure that she will always be a part of your life also. sky, we will do everything to make you very happy here. you will have a great life. >> well, let's get that started. matt is back from the doctor. that's great. we have richard and priscilla here from the netherlands. we are seeing tears. what is going through your mind? you are waiting to see your little girl. >> we waited so long. we can't wait. >> richard, i seen a smile on your face from ear to ear. >> of course. >> are you ready to meet sky? >> yes, we are, definitely. >> we don't think we should make you wait longer.
8:34 am
we have little baby sky coming out. >> congratulations. >> she's gorgeous. >> got a blanket. >> oh, there she is. >> she's beautiful. >> priscilla, can you describe how you're feeling? >> like i'm in heaven. that's why we chose her name, sky. yeah, she's beautiful. we're very happy. >> she likes that pacy.
8:35 am
you have a 3-year-old in the hotel room watching, excited to meet her? >> yes. he will be the big brother. yes. >> sky's birth mother got to know you two through your application and loved the fact that you are both in law enforcement and felt that sky would be safe. >> yes, we are. >> she felt you were the perfect family. does that mean lots to you? >> that means lots. she will be safe with us. yes. >> that's very important. >> yes. >> well, you have the most darling little girl. >> and we want to mention the reason you let this be shared with our viewers to show that this process is about great families finding great children. >> it's very important. that's why we said we want to work with this. yeah. and also that open adoption is very good. >> you plan to have a
8:36 am
relationship with the birth mother? >> yes. >> lots of people don't know, for example, in the netherlands, it's very hard to adopted. there aren't a lot of opportunities, which is why you came to this country. >> that's for sure. also, open adoption is very important for us. >> priscilla, richard, sky, we are very happy to be here at this amazing moment. congratulations. she's a lucky little girl. >> yes, she is. coming up next, we will introduce you to foster kids looking for loving families. eight families will be finalizing their adoptions live on our plaza. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
. >> boy, what a stretch of adoptions. let's see water coming up for the weekend. first weekends together. tomorrow, rain in the pacific northwest. also in the central planes, windy in the northeast.
8:39 am
sunny and mild, gulf coasts, into texas, southern california. saturday we got rain and snow around the great lakes. windy and wet down in florida, sunny and mild elsewhere. sunday, sunday, blustery in the northeast. windy conditions, cold with snow in western montana, rain continues in the pacific northwest the southern third of the country looking awfully nice. that's what's going on. another adoption. thank you. good morning to you. temperatures aren't as cold to start the day. we do have a mix of sun and clouds out there right now. it's going to be nice this afternoon. especially inland. temperatures are only going to drop four to five degrees. livermore, 74 degrees. 71 in fremont, and 71 degrees in san jose. a big dropoff, though, in san francisco with the coastal clouds returning. that fog will be back as we head lou about 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. getting into tomorrow, cooler, cloudier, and then our first chance of rain moves in late sunday.
8:40 am
. >> and that's your latest weather. matt. al, thank you so much. nearly 400,000 children in foster care. one misconception is they are irreparably damaged. we joined up with tampa, an organization that uses video and photo exhibits to promote foster children. we asked the kids a little about themselves and the kind of families they hoped to find. >> it's funny and frightful. >> i was discarded as pretty. >> i think about being a basketball player. >> i want to be a mechanical engineer. >> i love doing stuff. >> love? >> love means that you have a warm feeling inside of you. >> so many people that never stop loving you. >> i would like a family that appreciates me and my brothers
8:41 am
for who we are. >> as long as i love something about me, i'm cool with it. i don't care if they're gay, straight, single parents, it doesn't matter. >> a mom and a dad and a big back yard to run around the plac place. >> never give up hope. >> jamari hernandez is a young woman in pennsylvania's foster care system since she was 12. she is 19 now. she is defining her forever family. it's nice to see you. how are you doing? >> good. >> the dream of these foster children is the same it seems. they want hope, they want love. they want a family. >> yes. >> that's what you have been dreaming for, for a long time. >> a long time. >> there are these misconceptions that children in foster care are damaged. what's the reality?
8:42 am
>> the reality is every kid has some problems. but every kid needs a loving family. >> i think people will look at you and say, she's 19-years-old, she's in college. by the way, she's upset. she doesn't need that anymore. that's not at all the case, is it? >> not at all. my friends are 20. i'm with their family. i'm 19 in dleej college, but i need a family piend i behind me, too. >> i know it's tough in college, people take offed a holidays. they go home. that's a tough time for you. >> i don't have nowhere to go. >> what can you offer a family? >> lots of love. i'm really outgoing. i'm good with kids. i love hugs. >> you set a date for yourself, a deadline. you said, if i don't find a forever family by january, i'm just going to stop trying. >> yes. >> then about three weeks ago, you are smiling. you got a phone call.
8:43 am
>> yes, my case worker called me and said, we found you a family. i started croixing. >> like you are almost crying now. tell me about that family. >> they're really, really amazing. they're nice, they're huckers like me. >> we were actually there when you met them. do you mind if we show some of that? what was this moment like for you? >> i was so excited and nervous and happy. >> the hug was key for you? >> yes. >> it's a little now like dating. you got to get to know each other to see how this relationship works. it's only been a couple of weeks. are you optimistic? >> we talk a lot. we have a lot of things in common. they live in the middle and i love it. >> i can see the smile. are you in a good place right now? >> yeah, i am. >> congratulations. i think more importantly, congratulations to your new family. they're getting something special. thanks for sharing your story with us. >> no problem. >> for more and to learn how to
8:44 am
adopt. head to our website "" >> 12 kids get their first families live on the
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> welcome back to "today" on a special thursday morning. as you may be able to see, we turned our courtyard into a plaza. eight important special families. >> they have gathered from upstate new york to finalize their adoption, filling out stacks upon stacks of paperwork. we are almost there. one that makes this possible is the honorable martha wolf. she is here. >> good morning. >> this is so special. this is something you started if your courtroom to celebrate national adoption awareness
8:47 am
month. tell me what you do and how you mark this occasion. >> well, each and every year we gather at the en-center ball room with the help of the executive joanie mahoneyny and my great administrative judge james taromi. what started with a handful of families to honor and raise awareness for foster and adoptive homes has grown into an annual community event attended by over 600 people. >> you have a lovely tradition. every time an adoption is finalized, you ring a bell. >> we do, we thought that was much more appropriate than banging the gavel. when hospitals who ring a bell every time an infant is born, we thought the bell would symbolize the creation of a forever family. >> your family is about to get even bigger. you got three biological children and you are adopting little chase today?
8:48 am
>> yes, we are. >> tell us about this journey and why you decided to do this? >> well, our older girls wanted me to be a baby years ago. we had the three. we thought that wasn't the route we wanted to take. and we got involved in foster care and never looked back. >> talk to me about foster care versus other forms of adoption. >> well, for us, finance has played a big part in it. we are didn't have any idea that you could adopt through the county. we had been on the website and learned through that. so. >> this was a family affair. you had to get a buy if from all the kid. tell us about that family meeting. i think it was at a denny's. >> yes, it was at a denny's. we met the three, this was before anna was born. which met the three at the time. we had to have a family meeting
8:49 am
and say, is this what we want to do? because we needed full buy in by our older children and it was a unanimous yes. >> christina, you are the oldest child, what is this process over the years, these adoptions, what have they meant a to your family? >> well, for me, personally, it has been a humbling experience having to sacrifice room and you are like supplying everyone. i love the kids, this is great. they fit right into the family. >> she has the pens. should we do the honors and make this adoption final? >> that will be great. >> earlier in court proceedings, we went over all the necessary documents. the only thing that remains is the motion that the adoption of chase be final and when we have a big family such as this, we always can for a family vote. so all those in favor of the adoption of chase say aye.
8:50 am
>> aye. >> congratulations. it's official. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> we are going to be ringing a bell. >> we are just getting started. we will have several families make their adoptions final. coming up, we will have that in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. [ music playing ]
8:51 am
8:52 am
. >> we are back now with the adoption of our celebration, 12 children here to finalize their adoptions and judge walsh hood i give you the floor, your honor. >> thank you, matt. there are currently over 100,000 children in foster care in this country right now dreaming of adoptive homes t. families here this morning have opened up their hearts in homes to adopt and you will make a profound difference in the lives of. during the actual adoptions month, the judges in my district, if fifth judicial district ring a bell every time they finalize an adoption and create a forever family. this morning, we ring the bells 12 times, a celebration of
8:53 am
chase, jada, jeffrey, stefan, sarai, emaline, gretchen, nicholas mercy, vida, and tyreke. skraulgs u congratulations, everyone. >> congratulations, everybody. judge, thank you so much. >> thank you, matt. >> it's really wonderful. thanks to the families for sharing this moment with us and our viewers. i don't know if you noticed, there are some orange bags at the end of the plaza there. there is one for each family. they have been donated. we ask you to take them home
8:54 am
with our best wishes. >> we want to thank kimberly brookes. she has been taking the first official family portraits all morning. we hope you have inspired a lot of people and educated a lot of people watching about what adoption is all about. can we have that one more time? >> for all the families. >> congratulations. we want to take a look at our new forever families. >> congratulations, everyone. >> today is a great day because nick is a part of our family forev forever. >> it is finally over. we are official. >> today is a good day. a perfect day to start a family. >> it means to me that on paper, it's legal, but in my heart, he's always been mine. >> aunty, i love you and i always will. >> oh. >> he's a part of my family. he's my life and he's my son.
8:55 am
>> there is a lot to think about. it's a warm, warm special thing. >> today means that our family changes forever. >> you and vita, you are very, very special. and i will always take care of you, protect you, and give you my guidance and i love you so much. i love umercy.
8:56 am
8:56. i'm laura garcia-canon. brace yourself for gridiron gridlock. the stanford card nolz hosting rival oregon tonight. it's a high profile battle of two of the top teemtz in the country. right in the middle of the eepg commute. more than 50,000 fans expected to show up at stanford stadium tonight to watch a game, so if you are not going to the game, we highly recommend you try to
8:57 am
avoid that area. kickoff set for 6:00, but palo alto police say it could get crowded as early as 2:30 this afternoon. adding to the potential mosh pit, palo alto high school gets out of class around 3:00. a lot of people already out there. in fact, tailgaters already out there this morning. i'll have another local news update coming up in half hour. see you then. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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9:00 am
interesting morning. >> did you notice? >> matt and i went over to his doctors, the ourologist the chairman of lennox hospital. we had prostate exams, because this is why we are growing these beards, no shave november, hashtag no shave, no november.
9:01 am
>> it's also one of the most kurable cancers if caught early. i guess men starting in their 40s need to have a conversation with their doctors, right? >> certainly. a lot of people recommend getting one done so you have a baseline? so maybe in a few years, if you have to start doing that, there are a lot of cariables as well. so you feed to have a conversation. >> i haven't had a prostate exam. i was struck quickly. >> is it uncomfortable? you know what, a trip to the dentist is more uncomfortable than that. >> right. for 34 seconds, it's worth the investment. >> the doctor is dwight standup. >> honestly. by the way, not really necessary, doc. while somebody is doing that, hey, if you want to do comedy
9:02 am
night at chuckles, please be my guest. >> a great place. >> minnie's boom boom room. john's iron fist room. >> oh, hey. >> did he offer you the sec finger for you? >> really. if you want comedy, you got to go to chevy chase. >> shall we go will? >> right. boom. >> you know my kidneys are feeling better in this position. maybe it's i'm not doing calisthenics or bent over like this, i'd probably feel 100% ♪ moon river, thank you, doc. you ever serve time? >> were you singing moon river today? >> a couple leans after that. >> it's still a morning show. i love. a great job by you and matt. i think you showed a lot of people, including me, how quick and easy it is.
9:03 am
>> a big tv event last night people are talking about. >> cma awards. >> they honored the 47th honorary awards in nashville. i got to tell you, they went a little edge. it was funny. >> it's starting to see more and more of the vmas, these artists are crossovers, you see taylor swift. >> brad paisley and carrie underwood, they picked on all their friends in the audience. they made fun of miley cyrus twerking and wempbt after obama care. check this out ♪ obama care by morning ♪ why is it taking so long? ♪ so long. >> so long ♪ i'm going to wind up with
9:04 am
hemorrhoids if i sit here until dawn ♪ we'll have cataracts and ho oh, this is getting on my last nerve ♪ obama care my morning ♪ over six people served ♪ >> so that was coming. >> that was a gorge strait song. can you kind of tell the politics of the different artists by the cut jay ways, some people laughing. others. >> stone face. >> not funny. >> like other awards shows. >> that dynasty guys, robin thicke twerking on the stage, pretty funny. >> it was a really good show. our favorite. >> my man, my man in an effort to congratulate the new boston mayor marty walsh, vice
9:05 am
president joe biden placed a phone call to marty walsh. >> oh, good. >> congratulations. >> it could be called the wrong marty walsh. >> he said, reported, oh, you son of a gun, marty, you did it. he actually called marty walsh, former aid to edward kennedy who is the president of the government relations fund in boston. >> who happens to know the marty walsh. >> the wrong marty walsh is sitting on the couch with his wife at home watching the election results. meanwhile, the other one, celebrating the boston mayor victory. >> you know, there is somebody placing that call for biden. >> i don't think so. >> of course, they r. they will be like, hey, get marty walsh on the line. >> i see joe biden. he is picking up his own phone. that's why, mr. vice president, once again, we beseech you, please come to the third hour, today's take and co-host our
9:06 am
show. >> right here. >> right here, right here, vice president biden. >> there is only one. >> we want you. one al roker for you. he will come for you. >> can you imagine the wrong marty walsh. you are watching tv, the phone rings the vice president of the united states, by god, you did it. way to go, you son of a gun. >> at least he's in politic, he knew what was going on, wrong guy, wrong one. >> do you remember you kwik click on the wrong person in the e-mail. >> i don't think you meant a this for me. >> oh, that is right. >> especially if your name is car loss danger. >> that's right. >> oh, don't touch car loss. >> a female teacher has been removed from the classroom for
9:07 am
posting a threat. the school confirmed the teacher had been frustrated with a student who pulled a prank in her class. so she goes on to her personal facebook account posting the following, i'm so furious, i could just kill this kid. police interviewed the teacher on tuesday, no charges filed. albuquerque school explained she had no intention of ever harming anyone and did not intend to threaten any student. she was placed on leave and will remain on leave until her case has worked its way through due progress once again, social media, we have become so engrained, as soon as we think something, we got to share it. >> you vent it. you can't take that back. saying something like this will forever live on and now probably didn't mean to. >> you are parents, your kid sometimes pushes you to your
9:08 am
last thought. >> you don't post it. >> you don't put it on my blog. >> i don't think anybody in their right mind means it. why would you post it in a public forum? i can't grasp that. >> she's a teacher. you would think she would know better. >> i think the line is getting blurred for people. i don't think they think this through. >> people use social media to vent their emotions, frustration, you name it. they forget. once it's out there. it's out there. >> ironically, this is the same school that student was duct taped a special needs student. >> the teacher was placed on leave. >> this is great. i love this story. after spending if better part of five days traveling home from afghanistan, 13 u.s. marines were able to spend the last leg of their trip from chicago to san diego in first class. american airlines has a policy
9:09 am
to update service men and women in uniform whenever possible. they have six empty seats, seven other first class passengers got up from their seats in first class so that all 13 service men could sit in first class together. >> it should be pointed out, though that, flight has 16 first class seats. so there were three people who stayed in first class. >> but also the manners g marin got to sit together. >> you know. >> we try to bring a little s sunshine. >> they should give them their seats. >> first of all, it's great for american airlines and others to do that. >> by the way, while we're getting ready to do weather, adam, what is the name of the young lady outside? >> becky. >> she has a bucket list. >> show us the bucket list
9:10 am
there. okay. on the bucket list, she wants a selfie with willie. you go on out. i will do weather. you head out there. becky, he's coming your way, baby! he's coming your way. let's check while willie is going out there. all right, today's top weather. we got two things going on, this wet weather, part of the frontal system pushing through you see the cold front, it's bringing rain. that's good news. you can see rainfall amounts a quarter to a half an inch generally throughout the area. the other thing this front will do, it is going to turn weather colder and wendier here in the northeast. look at the wend flow. right now, this is the warmer air the colder air. the blue. those winds are gusting. it's going to knock our temperatures down pretty significantly in the next 24 hours. as you can see, these winds blowing around. look at what you will see here. for today, the winds the temperatures. 46 in albany. 53 in new york.
9:11 am
we are down 9 degrees. atlanta city 52. boston drops 14 degrees from today into tomorrow. did willie make it out there? willie. >> yes. sorry. i'm so busy with the people here. becky, so your bucket list includes going to the plaza getting a selfie with me. don't you have bigger dreams? >> i do, it was actually today i was doing this. >> let's knock it out. let do the selfie. do you have your camera? here we go. >> i have the camera. there it is. and, hey, becky. willie ask her to hashtag that orange room. >> al says hashtag that orange room. we will put it up on the side. great to meet you. >> can you check my mouse? >> of course, i can. >> as as definitely noticeably cooler today in san francisco down from the mid 70s yesterday. you'll hit about 65 in the city
9:12 am
today with that coastal fog returning between about 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. 71 degrees in fremont. 71 in san jose, and 74 degrees on the way to livermore. now, getting into the next couple of days temperatures are going to drop off even more so. clouds increasing. by sunday night expecting our first shower up in the north bay. >> coming up next, forget what you have been told ability allergies, we are clearing up common myths for you and your kids, selfie man right after this. >> natalie says he didn't get a good one. >> i wouldn't say that. tresse go to a mat tresse go to a mat store and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. before you invest in a mattress, discover the bed clinically proven to improve sleep quality. the sleep number bed. once you experience it, there's no going back. final days for our lowest price ever on c4 queen mattress sets-just $1299. plus special financing until 2015. only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide.
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9:15 am
honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal. >> we hear all kind of advice when it comes to lrnls, especially our kids. >> so from pet allergies to food lrnls, we will debunk the most common myths. >> ladies, good morning. >> let's start off with what is
9:16 am
widely talking first about food allergies, something that's widely believed is you can't get a vaccine if you are allergic to eggs. >> yeah, this one has been shot down now. i think there are two things, one, soon we will be having vaccines with technology, but we know safely now that people can have vaccines even if they have an egg allergy. a lot of doctors will err on the safe side and watch someone in the office for 30 minutes. it's not true. get your flu shots. >> bottom lean, get your flu shots. we were told shouldn't give highly lrnlic foods to kids until they're 1-years-old, is it safe to give them milk, dairy, ec, nuts? >> the information keeps flip-flopping. the new data from the pied frat trick administration is you can introduce four to six months any of these foods. they have high allergy in foods. after a few months, there is
9:17 am
nothing wrong with this. like any food, introduce them one at a time, common sense, one new food to see how they react. >> if you introduce a food group at a time, your child has a problem, you have what the issue is. getting back to what our parents did, rice, apple sauce, banana, moving up to complex foods, there is a real rational for that. >> do we have a problem in this country? >> we have a self induced food problem because of the way we eat. you go to taipei, do you see people with peanut allergies? people become so concerned about germs, we have our immune systems on guard. >> actually the reverse is true. giving them high allergy foods, it stimulates them. >> if the child drops the food on the floor, for god's sake, let them eat it. the three second rule.
9:18 am
>> there are highlial lergenic foods. >> these are western foods you den see in other places, i think in a generation, we have altered, some is because we don't know longer eat from the farm. we have an adulterated food system in this country. >> a lot of people told me i can't have bread because i am allergic to gluten, rue? >> it's the fad right now. if have you celiac disease and you cannot process wheat, barley and rye, you are sick. have you gas, abdominal dissension, can you die. some people will have sensitivity to some foods, i hesitate if you are self diagnosed, you are only as good as your doctor. >> gluten is found in so many different foods. >> one thing we should point out, it's not better. you hear this all around. it's a protein found in grain. so it is wheat. it is mostly wheat. it is in rye, barley and ought grain. there are some other sources found in anything like hotdogs,
9:19 am
veggie burgers, sometimes in salad dressings, packaged gravy mixes. so it's very easy to eliminate if you want to. you don't necessarily have to. if you eat bread and have gas or bloating, cut it up. there are other sources, don't think by cutting this out, it's different. >> let me get to this next one. 10% of folks are allergic to pets. is it myself, my kid, are there hypoallergenic tests? >> no, it's not the hair, it's the glands, the oil the saliva. if you are allergic, you are allergic. we know people withdogs and cats have overall better immune systems. if you are not diagnosed early, i would have an animal in the house. >> thank you, ladies. coming up next, i will get you all the fuse you need before you head out the door this morning. all those who have a dvr backed
9:20 am
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9:24 am
ways of autism. they tracked eye movements of siblings with autism. they found eye contact may provide an early clue. they found children who would later be diagnosed would maintain eye contact less and less as they grew. therapists could intervene earlier. computer experts are warning about a new strain of mallware that encrypts your files and demands a payment. the cryptolocker initially spread as an attach. to phishing e-mails. your computer will function, you won't be able to access your personal files. experts recommend routine backups to reduce the risks. new baby pictures, these are adorable, coming from the brookfield zoo in chicago. a little girl, born to her mom named kula, no name yet for the baby gorilla. mom is holding on tight. wherever she goes, you see the whole family at the world africa exhibit in chicago adorable.
9:25 am
let send it back over to willie and al. >> like a mom with any baby, right? >> coming up, a ♪ i've got big plans this holiday. ♪ ♪ been pinning fun ideas along the way. ♪ ♪ thanksgiving photo booth, before the meal ♪ ♪ to capture all the joy we feel ♪ ♪ elf on a shelf, like it, pin it ♪ ♪ with my redcard, i'm in the game to win it. ♪ save big this season with price match, plus 5% off and free shipping with your debit or credit redcard. ♪ that's my kind of holiday. behaves like the surface of your skin. now watch what soap does to it. ♪ soap strips your skin. dove is different. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove doesn't strip your skin like soap. it means trying something new. [ woman ] that uncertainty of what's to come. ♪
9:26 am
♪ twitter goes public. among the people ringing in the opening bell at the new york stock exchange this morning, actor patrick stewart and the bay area's own lemonade girl, vivian hahr. they were chosen for using twitter in an interesting way. trading for twitter started at $45 .10. campus police have identified the man who they say attacked a student on campus. a 19-year-old woman reported being sexually assault bid someone she knew. she says it happened in a bathroom in the media and learning center monday. we're told the suspect is an 18 to 20-year-old student. both the police and the victim know him. the man accused of taking
9:27 am
his son without permission leading to a statewide amber alert will be in an arizona courtroom today. guler was found and he got in a fight with the mother two days ago and abducted the newborn. the baby is safe and in the custody of arizona's child protective services. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this. so what can i get you? we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way?
9:28 am
♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey! good morning to you. temperatures are not as cold to start the day, but we're going to end up cooler this afternoon. on shore flow resumes, and that coastal fog returns. 65 degrees down from the mid 70s in san francisco for today. 71 for san jose. 77, staying warm out in gilroy. we're going cool off even more so as we head through friday into saturday, and then the storm window opens up sunday, monday. best chance for rain for the greater bay area looks like tuesday. we'll be watching that for you. let's look at your morning drive. here's mike. >> we'll enjoy that dry commute today. look how luxurious it is through oakland. it's slow north 80, but it's
9:29 am
been like that all week. there is the least we've seen as far as problems in the area. we do have a slow drive heading up there. the east shore freeway moving in the 50 area. over here very slow, though, west 580. the earlier crash now caused all the backup very slow coming through livermore. that's a late commute out of the altimont pass. constitutional slow for west 237. we had some sort of obstruction on the area that has now cleared. slow from 680 to 880. rest of the south bay not bad, laura. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us this morning. another local news update is coming up in half hour. hope you have a great thursday morning.
9:30 am
>> welcome back to "today." >> say hi to the grown-up out there. >> they have no idea we're watching them. >> or they're on television. i think this is nostalgic news, blockbusters announced it will be closing its 300 stores by january of 2014. blockbuster first opened in dallas texas, in 2010, they filed for bankruptcy. the ceo says it's changing from consumer demand. >> i am broken up on this. how many of you can go, pick out your dvds and vhs.
9:31 am
if you didn't rewind, you'd get charged. >> i think, rewind. >> they cater to a select audience, but the blockbuster thing. it was in a shopping mall, a blue booth. you drop off your film. >> like vcs. >> how about dvds? >> everything is on demand, this replaced the technology.
9:32 am
>> blockbuster had a chance. >> as julia roberts said, big mistake. >> big mistake. >> we are looking in the pacific northwest, activity going on, thank you very much. >> look for showers. wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest. let's look, check in on our friends in denver, mile high city. they have sunrise today, 30 degrees right now. >> warms up to 57 as we head into today. for tomorrow, windy conditions in the pacific northwest. rain there, look for snow macing its way through the plains. sunny and mild and saturday,
9:33 am
thank you. good morning. temperatures aren't as cold to start the day. we do have a mix of sun and clouds out there right now. it's going to be nice this afternoon. especially inland. temperatures are only going to drop by four to five degrees. livermore, 74 degrees. 71 in fremont, and 71 in san jose. a big dropoff, though, in san francisco with those coastal clouds returning. that fog will be back as what heed through about 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. getting into tomorrow, cooler, cloudier, and then our first chance of rain moves in late sunday. . >> and that's your latest weather. >> you know all those tv shows aging dvds, piling up so high, it will be impossible to catch up. >> we want to get you up to speed with the help of chris weatherspoon, the editor. do we are have spoilers? >> plug your ears. >> la la la la, my favorite show "the black list."
9:34 am
i love this show. >> the number one show, fall seasons, starring james spader, who played the former most wanted guy. he turns himself over to be a reformed criminal. we think he will be a good guy, the only caveat is he will only work with les. they are hinting liz may actually be his daughter. >> you never know. >> you never know. >> this show takes you on the wild ride. the rent a was a terrorist attack on a subway in d.c. it plays on our fears. >> spader is chewing the scenery. >> it's a little of that relationship the hannibal lechter with agent starling. >> you don't know if he's a great guy. he may turn. >> next one, scandal, kerry washington. >> this schoe not be beggar, kerry washington is the hollywood "it" girl right now. we are on season three the
9:35 am
scandals keep happening, we think the love of her life the president of the united states fits may have killed her mother. >> whoa. >> the love of your life kills your mama. a lot of twists and turns. >> lisa can you do row is on the show, she is running for president. a kind of cool season there are so many love triangles. kerry washington is a terrific woman on screen. >> she is keling it. >> do you think it's because of a dip if ratings? because, really, giving you an option. >> last year was usher and shakira, now they swapped out christina and ceelo. >> i think it's the formula for making these shows work. we seen so many of these.
9:36 am
"the voice" is still killing it. it had an emmy award. they won the outstanding award. it is doing great, getting critical acclaim. we have a lot of great contestants that are must see three top contestants. right now it will go from the top 20 to top 12. >> a lot of people going home. >> the format is great. the tone is positive for celebrating people, not mocking people. >> there are great people like adam levine and christina aguilera. >> other shows that have been. >> like shelton won a cma award last night. >> glee. >> "glee" took a one month hiatus, they were honoring cory mon teeth, his we don't know how they're going to work around the show with fin being gone. they didn't want to address how fin died, so people will be
9:37 am
tuning in to see how fin died and cover amazing music. it's a great show. >> the previous episode was incredible. snoo such a tear jerker, and leah michelle might be getting her own spinoff from this show, which would be great. she's been carrying the show for the past two seasons, in my opinion. a great vocalist and amazing actress. >> a very popular show i love is "homeland." spoiler alert. my eyes had to cover her eyes in this last episode. it's getting intense. >> the big news is carrie is pregnant. carrie played by claire daines. >> spoiler alert. thanks a lot, chris. >> okay. >> i mean, we're supposed to say spoiler alert and then give the spoiler. >> i thought i would just give it away. carrie is pregnant, knocked up after a one-nightstand, and she still -- brodie is hiding. is he the war hero. >> next you're going to tell me walter white died in "breaking bad." >> this show can't get any better. it's an amazing show. we still have half of the season left. finale is september 16th. it's a great ratings get for showtime.
9:38 am
>> could you call me the night before and tell me what happens? >> i will tell you everything. you'll be the fest person i call. >>. >> so good. >> chris witherspoon, thanks. >> set your dvr's. >> coming up next, the sneak peek at the best black friday shopping deals so you don't miss out. >> after this. ♪
9:39 am
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ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen today. he actually told me that a lot of the foods that i thought were really healthy for me can do damage to the enamel on my teeth. i am a healthy girl, i love salads, i love fruits, and it's not something i want to give up. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel twice a day as my daily toothpaste. pronamel will help protect the enamel from future erosion. it's just so great because all of those foods that i enjoyed so much, i didn't want to give up, and now i can continue to have them.
9:42 am
. >> it's this time of year when retailers are trying to up each other for your family dollars. >> you need to have a plan before you buy to get the best deals. >> good morning. >> a lot of information out there who will be doing what on sale. >> absolutely. they're startling early. last queer we had 32 days to shop. they want to get their share of your money. >> and black friday still is a boone for retailers? >> absolutely. but thanksgiving is a bigger boone. the folks actually tracked where the best deals came from. more on thanksgiving than monday and cyber monday. so although i don't love the idea, you may want to go out and do shopping. >> after dinner. >> let's look at these deals. let's start with cashmere sweaters from macy's.
9:43 am
>> on sale for $39.99 a. huge deal. what is important to know about all of these deals is you have to watch the fine print. these are available from 8:00 on thursday to 1:00 on friday, then again from saturday morning just until 1:00. so if you see something you like, go online and find out exactly where you can get it. >> so you can go online as well? >> sometimes. macy's are rumored. >> these are action cameras. everyone is buying. >> this is from ace hardware $99.99 regular down to $50 ace hardware stores, though, individually owned and operated. the hours will be different. if you have a local ace hardware, call them. ask if they'll have the camera. >> diamond studs down from 150
9:44 am
to $14. >> they're 15 karat white gold. >> how about eb inventory? >> some stores are take precautions. this is leapster explorer, they're limiting you to two in store only. they're expecting this to go quickly. >> this is like an ipad for kids. >> what itself the dell on this computer? >> this is from radioshack, regular price is $3 -- it's $249.99. all these 9s are messing me up. so this is it radioshack, this is available thanksgiving night online, the following day in the
9:45 am
stores. >> thank you. there you go. >> how about the cast iron pots from our friend martha. >> the entire set all three available for 450 rough ly down just to put that in perspective, we think you can buy them as a set. split them up. give them to different people. >> these are the best things to cook in. >> fabulous cast iron enamels. >> happy birthday. >> coming up next, hot top topic, p before mike could see his banking and investing accounts on one page... before he could easily transfer funds between the two in real time... before he could even think about planning
9:46 am
for his daughters' future... mike opened a merrill edge investment account and linked it to his bank of america bank account to help free up plenty of time for the here and now. that's the wonder of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪
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yoplait. it is so good. store and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. before you invest in a mattress, discover the bed clinically proven to improve sleep quality. the sleep number bed. once you experience it, there's no going back. final days for our lowest price ever on c4 queen mattress sets-just $1299. plus special financing until 2015. only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized . >> we brought back a group of moms to chew over hot topics, renee seiler. carol sullivan is a former
9:50 am
newscaster. and a mother of one and a cardiologist at lennox hill north shore hospital. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. >> good morning. >> welcome to all. there is a lot of talk. first of all a recent debate parents in the new york times ask is it okay to bribe our kids? i'm a believer a little bribery won't teach them too much harm. >> i think the concern is the word bribe. i'm a pro results oriented parent. okay. if that's what it takes to get it done. we all work for some incentive. every day, we work for incentives. >> do you have maybe negotiations? >> when you approach with a bride, you are saying, i will give you this to react to this. you are giving them power. i want to set the table. if they want to negotiate, i love to negotiate. >> you have six kids. >> i am six. bribery is definitely there. i would say that i don't bribe
9:51 am
them to do things like they are supposed to do. we are also a political family. so our kids have to go to a lot of events they don't want to go to. i bribe them with dairy queen all the time. >> i'm a big believer. >> i think it comes when a child learns to do something, they read on their own or clean up. a sense of pride about that. when you make it all about money, it takes away from that. >> it's not about money. don't you do your job at the hospital for money? >> that an incentive. >> it's like you can play 20 minutes of the game if you do all of these things i tell you to do. >> you are preparing kids to function and succeed in the free enterprise system. it's all about incentive. who does it or who zvenlt i think it's great. >> let's talk finances, or maybe not.
9:52 am
is it important for them to know how much money you make, how much things are worth and whether or not? yes, you can afford it. >> you want a hormonally charged drama-filled team knowing how much you make? is your company with their boyfriend, girlfriend, tweeting they may have a prom dress tweeting about money? >> you need to tell them, though. >> so many parents out there afraid to say, i can't afford it. they go into debt. they don't tell their kids. i think there is a sense of resourcefulness, you can't afford it. guess what, you can work towards it. >> i think one of the big things about this particular article is talking about your overall finances as a family. your kids need to know what kind of finances you have in the event something happens to you. we haven't had that conversation, the reason is we're afraid they'll ask more
9:53 am
for alliance. >> how do you come down on that? >> what does it mean to save? how do i save? what investments are? what do life investments mean? >> i agree with that, smart advice, ladies, quick topics. appreciate it. good dialogue. we are back in a moment. in is "today" on nbc. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ]
9:54 am fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
9:55 am
. >> i want to tell you all next week, we have stories from people who inspired us all our lives. >> up load your stories, photos and videos. >> nice. well, these two ladies coming up next. >>
9:56 am
good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. if you are in the palo alto area tonight, brace yourself for some gridiron gridlock. the stanford cardinal hosting rival oregon tonight. a high profile battle of two of
9:57 am
the top teams in the country right in the middle of the evening commute. more than 50,000 fans expected to show up as stanford stadium tonight to watch the game. if you aren't going to the game, we certainly recommend you avoid the area altogether. kickoff set for 6:00, but police say it could get crowded as early as 2:30 this afternoon. adding to the potential traffic mosh pit, palo alto high school, which is right near the stadium, gets out of class about 3:00. well, it is certainly sweater weather out there. at least the latter part of the day. let's take a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. temperatures are not as cold to start the day, but we're going to end up cooler this afternoon as onshore flow resumes, and that coastal fog returns. 65 degrees down from the mid 70s in san francisco for today. 71 for san jose. 77, staying warm out in gilroy. we're going to cool off even more. as you head to friday into saturday, and then the storm window opens up. sunday, monday. best chance of rain for the greater bay area.
9:58 am
looks like tuesday. we'll be watching that for you. let's get a look at your morning drive. >> we're looking over to the bay bridge toll plaza. as you can see from this picture, we have a backup still in some of the cash lanes and the fast track lanes moving smoothly coming off of 580 directly. they're moving nicely, though. just a minimal backup. the maps will show you a similar situation. 880 northbound had a big slowdown past the coliseum, but now it's easing through do you want and rippling down to basically speed limit. here's the northbound route 101 really the only sticking point as you pass 680 and past the airport. palo alto, we're watching for a lot of congestion into and around the farm this afternoon. we even had tailgaters this morning. >> i know,s earl as 3:00 in the morning. >> we'll be back at 10:26 with or next update. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
9:59 am
this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant.
10:00 am
when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant from nbc news, this is "today" can kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. hello everybody. you have made it to thirsty thursday. we are delighted you are here with us today. today is billy graham's 95th birthday. i will be heading down to north carolina with frank later on to attend his party. we'll let you know about it next monday. >> happy birthday. we have a great show. we have our ambush makeover. >> wait until you meet our
10:01 am
everybody has a story winner. it is an inspirational story. we are exhausted. >> we were partying last night. we had our favorite things party. once a year we get together with our advertisers expecting us to party with them. >> we don't disappoint. >> this is some of our advertising crew. a bunch of good people. >> look at lewis. >> he has been working at his salon all day yesterday and he came over to say hello to us at our party. >> one of the favorite things was some vino. >> this is skinny vine slim chardonnay. it is $9.99. >> what's mine? >> from the sonoma coast. >> delicious wines, very smooth.
10:02 am
>> people were getting their brows plucked by sonya's brow bar. people were drinking wine and eating cupcakes. >> bobby is going to show us all of that stuff. we were busy because we went to matinee. >> we went to see a show getting a lot of buzz, "after midnight." >> it is jazz music, a lot of tap dancing. >> it is like an homage to the cotton club. >> it is a big cast. it has the duke ellington kind of orchestra on the stage. they give a vibe brnt show. last night you may have been watching the country music awards. i want to go so bad but they are on another network. >> why did they have brad
10:03 am
paisley and carrie underwood on there? >> they have a ballot section. i filled out the ballott. we are going to see how you did, honey. >> here it was. >> i can't read. >> yes you can. >> just tell me -- female vocalest of the year. you said carrie underwood. >> it is miranda lambert. >> you said luke brian for male vocalist. >> what did i say blake for? >> i don't know what you said blake for. entertainer of the year you said blake shelton. >> and it was george strait. >> you are on a role. >> single of the year i said florida georgia line. and it was florida georgia line.
10:04 am
♪ popping out of the south georgia water ♪ ♪ had them tanned legs ♪ baby you're a song you make me want to roll my window down ♪ >> new artist i picked lee bryce. >> it was casey musgraves. what about album? >> taylor swift. >> you completely -- if i had been there i would have been better at picking. >> congratulations to all of the winners. she better get back to work learning her role because she is going to be in "sound of music" live. that i'm staying up for.
10:05 am
blake and miranda both won male and female country artist of the year for how many years? >> four years in a row. >> can you imagine what it is like to go home? let's listen to their acceptance speech. >> male vocalist of the year goes to -- come on blake, come on over here. ♪ >> this is blake shelton's fourth win. >> not to completely echo the words of miranda but i swear i did not think this was going to happen this year. but it did. >> and he will accept it with gratitude. good for them. i didn't know it was bring your parent to work day. >> a lot of parents don't know
10:06 am
what their kids do. >> she has no idea. after all of these years she has no idea. i love you, mom. does your mom know what you do? >> my mom is the same way. >> your mother is not -- right in front of your mother's face, the wine. >> you know what is funny -- this is crazy. >> my mom is funny. she watches our show every day. she tvoes it. i used to call on the date line shoot. she would say is it on tonight. she is like you never know. she is like i am tevoing it. >> she is a great mom. i love your relationship with your mom. beautiful family. my mom 84 in january. >> we can't read that. >> it's by linked in. they said it is bring your parent to work day.
10:07 am
we have news on -- >> let's keep them here the whole show. >> jennifer lawrence has done something dramatic. >> apparently she is so sick of wearing the braid she had to wear for all of the hunger games movies that she has joined the pixie cut club. >> reaction is mixed online. if you do some sort of a poll with most men, do you prefer long or short on women? >> long. >> short. >> raise your hand if you like short. one. okay, peter. everyone else likes long. it doesn't matter because it is your head and your hair so you wear it the way you like it. >> i have done it. the older you get you realize what you regret in life.
10:08 am
i have regretted cutting my hair every time i have cut it really short. >> when you cut it dramatically. >> my family has been told no matter how much i beg to get my hair cut don't let me. >> this i hoda is for you. it is called throwback thursday so i decided to do a throwback. this is my very first favorite song in the entire world. first one i can remember loving. ♪ ♪ love will keep us together ♪ think of these days whenever ♪ some sweet talking girl comes along ♪ ♪ singing a song
10:09 am
♪ don't mess around you got to be strong ♪ ♪ stop because i really love you ♪ ♪ stop i've been thinking of you ♪ ♪ look in your heart and let love keep us together ♪ ♪ whatever we are still angry. neil sedaka in the rock and roll hall of fame. is it okay or not okay to believe in aliens? >> here is what we had to say about it. >> last i looked it is a constitutional right to believe any crazy thing you want. >> whatever you want. >> yes, it is okay. don't you think somewhere out there there are aliens asking if we really exist? >> i know there are aliens in your purse.
10:10 am
>> that's rude. >> that was cute. we have a big announcement to make. there is a big thing on our website on if you go there there is a button that says connect. you click on connect and it is an easy way to get into everything on our show. if you want to find out our favorite things or comment or submit questions or apply for johnson's baby of the week. >> everyone has story submissions. >> brittany made it her new home. please go to the connect button. >> we are looking for questions about holiday etiquette for our man panel. click on the connect button. hug your mother today. >> came to the plaza hoping to get hot new looks from lewis and jill. and the twilight scenes you didn't see and how you can watch them. ♪
10:11 am
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10:14 am
sleep number. comfort individualized grass grow under his feet. the 39 year old can be found in two hit tv shows. he is writing a novel and producing a tv series and a movie. >> one of his most famous roles is a compassionate vegetarian among vampires. fans can get all five films in a new dvd, "twilight" the complete saga. >> he had to run about ten blocks. >> they are like your hair looks break. >> it is wind blown from running.
10:15 am
>> five years, you had no idea, did you? you knew the books were hugely successful. >> when we did the first film it wasn't huge. there was a cult following. we were thinking if we get the numbers maybe we could do a second movie. we had no idea it would grow to this. the fans have been so supportive. >> what do you think about the fans? >> they are amazing. you get to know a lot of them through the years because they show up at the events over and over and kids who were like 2 are now 7 and you recognize them. >> you kind of made news the other day through the actress that you are dating. jamie alexander was on the red carpet. we saw her photo. she was wearing kind of a revealing dress. >> she looks stunning. >> what did you think about the buzz that this dress created? >> i don't know.
10:16 am
it is a dress. >> i don't think it is the dress so much getting the attention. >> it is elegant and beautiful and she wears it well. if she is getting attention for it that is good. >> long or short hair? >> stunning with either. >> in general? >> i'm more of a personality person. i don't notice when you get the hair cut because i am so in love with the person. >> i got one once and frank said hi, butch. he noticed. >> you like shorter or longer? >> whatever looks best. >> i like your hair right now. >> it is working for me, baby. >> you are working on "nurse jackie." >> and i am working on "glee" and a movie in louisiana called "the last word." it is a true story about a man wrongfully convicted of
10:17 am
murdering and raping a nun on halloween night. on his death bed he cursed people and he was never exonerated even though they found evidence which proved he might not have done it. >> take a deep breath. >> it is better from here on out. bobby thomas is here. she will show you some of our favorite things this year. we can't wait to show you new looks. first these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] kleenex tissues help stop moisture better than the leading competitor.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
last night hoda and i had a great time hosting our annual favorite things party in a new hot spot in the city, refinery roof top. >> it is beautiful. >> it is spectacular. we know how much you love our favorite things we decided to bring them to our studio and bobby thomas will go through the list. >> these are some of our very favorite personal things. this is the hair dresser stylist that works on celebrities but every industry hair stylist will tell you they use the products. the dry texture spray is the most amazing volumizer. the soft spray --
10:22 am
>> and your blow dry will last for days. >> maxnista will pump up the volume. >> mary is obsessed with hour glass cosmetics. so many tweets and facebook messages about your lip stick. you love the peach. it is a perfect natural color. there are lip treatment oils that you use. >> it plumps them up. >> let's move to the most important item. >> kathie likes a little more support up the back while hoda likes it up the middle. >> oh, my gosh. >> that pretty much sums it up. that could not be more concise.
10:23 am
>> i am so sorry. >> this is one of my favorites. >> she has been around forever. the best part about the brow pencil is that the tip is angled. instead of having to draw on eyebrows it looks like hair. >> it is the best brow bar in the world. >> this i really love. hoda has this eyn case meaning everything you need. >> i loved it so i got it for hoda woman. >> you open it up and you can put your credit cards in. >> it is a vanity and wallet on one. >> a lot of questions about the nail polish. >> opi. >> you love over the taupe. >> and you love susie loves
10:24 am
cowboys. >> hoda loves cowboys. >> opi is a really great collection. melissa cupcakes. i am personally obsessed with it. if you thought they couldn't get better now you can get this anywhere in the country. it is a great gift to send for the holidays. absolutely obsessed with this. and then we have the fantastic totes which you can customize. they are great for gifts. at the same time you can get the wine bag, perfect hostess gift for the holiday. these are things we really love here behind the scenes. >> we told you about the wine, of course. >> thank you. >> it was fun last night. >> all righty. >> what do we have coming up? makeovers ready for a close up. >> everyone has a story. >> the story of this young man is going to blow you away. the athlete whoó7! defied his disability wants kids to do the [ insects chirping ]
10:25 am
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it is 10:26 now. good morning. he i'm marla tellez. it is a big day for san francisco-based twitter as that company goes public. among the people ringing in the opening bell at the new york stock exchange actor patrick stewart and the bay area's
10:27 am
lemonade girl, vivian harr. she raises money for charity. they were chosen for using twitter in an interesting way. trading for twitter started at $45 .10. in the south bay college campus police say they found a man who raped a student on campus. a 19-year-old student says she was sexually assaulted by someone she knew on monday. the attack happened inside a bathroom in the media and learning center. we're told the suspect is an 18 to 20-year-old student, and police expect to take him into custody sometime today. we'll is a look at your forecast and traffic after the break. would look like john stamos.
10:28 am
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10:29 am
dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon. good morning to you. temperatures are not as cold to start the day, but we're going to end up cooler this afternoon as on shore flow resumes, and that coastal fog returns. 65 degrees down from the mid 70s in san francisco for today. 71 for san jose. 77, staying warm out in gilroy. we're going to cool off even more so as we head through friday and saturday, and then the storm window opens up sunday, monday. best chance for rain for the greater bay area looks like tuesday. we'll be watching that for you. let's get a look at your morning drive. here's mike. >> hang on here for just a second. oom going to reach across. we'll take to you the south bay. we're looking at north 101 where traffic just about cleared here. we do have one stall, but look at this, the overall view of the south bay no problems for your northbound direction aside from that one stretch of 101 which, again, just clearing up now. we have a smooth flow of traffic in the tri-valley, and slowing
10:30 am
from west 508 and a crash on 680 that caused slowing, and that is finally easing. there you go as you head towards the maze. no big issues. ♪ we are back with more of "today." since it is thirsty a thursday it is time for ambush makeovers. >> two lucky women were plucked off the plaza and sent in for a makeover. >> editor for people style watch and author jill martin. >> nice warm day in new york. >> incredibly warm. >> it is raining now so youeat the rain. >> it's raining now? >> jill, always up on everything. >> our first lucky lady is 39 years old from maryland. she is too busy taking care of her three kids to really focus
10:31 am
on herself. she jumped at the opportunity to be pampered for a few hours. let's listen to her story. >> i asked you your beauty routine. you said you bathed. which thank you very much is a good thing. >> i try to bathe daily. with three kids it is hard to get that in sometimes. i am excited to have this happen. >> we are going to up that today. you said i'm the mom and she deserves it. why? >> she has three kids and she is the caretaker. she takes care of them constantly and neglects herself. she just turned 40 and the mother of a teenager in one week. >> one week we are going to make you 40 and fabulous in three hours. >> awesome. thank you. i'm really excited. >> erica is going to come out in a second. dana, andy and kathie please keep your blind folds on. here is erica's before picture.
10:32 am
let's see the new you. >> i love the dress. >> oh, my gosh. >> take off your blind folds. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you ready? turn right around. >> gorgeous, gorgeous. >> you do look like christina h hendrics. >> she likes it. >> would you like to join us? >> tell us about the hair. >> this is a great haircut. it is gorgeous. it is a very believable red. it doesn't look like it is mine. the haircut, we left the curl and controlled it and flared it around the face. >> mom, what do you think? >> i think she is gorgeous.
10:33 am
>> how about andy? >> that is amazing. she has always been beautiful. >> she is a natural. sdwl you are 40? >> you do look gorgeous. >> i love the dress. flirty and sexy by maggie london. >> a big round of applause. >> you look great. jamie is 65. today is her birthday. she is from massachusetts. she recently lost 20 pounds so she asked us to give her a new look to go along with her new body. >> happy birthday. 65 today. everyone is already crying. why? >> because i'm excited about this. this is terrific. i couldn't ask for anything better. >> we are happy we can give you this gift. i know she tells me she is in a rut. >> that's for sure. when it's her birthday she deserves the birthday more than
10:34 am
anybody because she celebrates them and i don't celebrate them so i'm so happy for her. >> thank you very much. couldn't ask for anything better. >> she is here with that husband, steve, who loves her so much he couldn't take his eyes off of her a few minutes ago. let's look at jamie before and bring out the birthday girl. >> jamie's got a little cleavage, steve, i want to warn you. take off those blinders. >> wow! >> jamie, turn around, darling. >> who is that? >> wow. >> it's fantastic. are you going out tonight? >> we are going out tonight. >> tell us what you did. >> first of all, this is a great haircut for her hair texture.
10:35 am
she has finer hair so we cut it shorter. i created the illusion with hair color. to reboot her look at 65 to take off a few years. >> such soft makeup. she does a great job. >> you like it? >> absolutely. terrific. thank you so much. >> the dress is killer. >> she just lost 20 pounds. >> you look so good. >> thank you. >> she hasn't bought a dress since losing the weight. we got down to a size 4. >> so flattering. >> let's bring erica out. big round of applause. thank you. >> you are going to be so inspired by our everybody has a story winnerer. please stick around for this. catch the butterfly effect. l'oreal introduces new voluminous butterfly mascara.
10:36 am
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10:40 am
♪ our newest everyone has a story contest winner. bill lahe wrote in. let's listen to what bill has to say about his brother. >> in december of 1973 my brother pat was born prematurely. doctors were doubtful he would survive but he fought hard and made it. he was born with a rare genetic eye disease which causes limited vision which decreases overtime. because pat was legally blind with only 4% of his vision doctors said he would not lead a normal life. pat defied the odds. at age 7 pat announced he would sw in middle school he placed second in gymnastics. he was a wrestler. at age 28 while living in
10:41 am
washington, d.c. and pursuing a career in public policy he lost most of the remaining vision he had. true to his nature rather than accept defeat pat threw himself into life. he made contributions working for members of congress. an agency charged with insuring voting access for all eligible americans. pat and his guide dog had become regular fixtures at at washington sports club. with his vision gone pat was driven to work out more vigorously and started training to become an amateur body builder. pat competed against three men and won awards. it takes strength, courage and dedication to compete in body building. it takes an extraordinary person to compete blind. now pat is producing a documentary about his life to inspire kids with disabilities
10:42 am
to go after their dreams. >> bill and pat are here with their parents, bill and kay. what an extraordinary family you all are. it does take a family to bind together to meet the challenges in life. how important has your family been to you living the life you live now? >> that was the main thing i wanted to talk about here today. i am here because of my family and my friends. it extends further out. all of the people i have met over the years and coaches. people like at my gym, washington sports club. this family, my brother and my parents have always been there for me. >> and we love the pooch. >> and my guide dogs have been there. my family is the one showing up at graduation. it has been a team effort. >> when you talk about your brother did it surprise you how
10:43 am
accomplished he is or was it something you expected? >> it was something i expected. >> did it make you wonder what you are doing with your life? >> as a parent -- as parents it must have been difficult when he was younger. how did you overcome those difficulties as parents when it came to your son? >> i think mainly we thought here is what we need to deal with and let's go forward and make pat be able to be all he can be. >> there had to be fear involved on your end. it is the natural parental instinct to protect your child. >> one of our themes in our household was we will always do our best and give it our best shot and that is all we can do. we never pushed him to do anything. often he led us and said i want to do this and that. >> were you afraid sometimes that maybe he shouldn't? >> mom was more afraid. i was like let's go for it.
10:44 am
>> you knew it would bring him great joy to accomplish these things. >> time is coming up. we have a great song for your family here. >> a special song written just for you. it is going to be performed by broadway's [ rob ] our daughter is all kate. same grin, same walk. and the same beautiful hair. [ female announcer ] nice 'n easy. in one step get expert highlights and lowlights. for color they may just think you were born with. [ rob ] i'm a lucky guy. [ female announcer ] with nice 'n easy,
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10:48 am
♪ we are back with pat our everyone has a story winner. the song just for you is called "an extraordinary life". >> and here to perform it is broadway performer jeremy hayes. ♪ ♪ sometimes when a child is born long before it's due the doctors tell the parents there's little
10:49 am
hope for you ♪ ♪ your child will never live an ordinary life ♪ ♪ in my case they were right ♪ so i went on to live an extraordinary life ♪ ♪ something about the will to live the experts can't explain ♪ ♪ something about the human heart defies all reason and pain ♪ ♪ something about the will to survive surpasses all the science ♪ ♪ something about a miracle ♪ i am one of those miracles ♪ who refused to give up the fight ♪ ♪ i stood my ground until they came around and had to admit i
10:50 am
was right ♪ ♪ i am one of those special ones regardless of struggle or strife ♪ ♪ still standing tall in spite of it all ♪ ♪ an extraordinary life ♪ there's something about the need to share that you've been bless blessed to know ♪ ♪ that each of us can conquer the world if we are determined to grow ♪ ♪ tell them all to never give up ♪ ♪ for there is no goal you can't reach ♪ ♪ i am one of those miracles
10:51 am
♪ who refuse to give up the fight ♪ ♪ i stood my ground until i came around and had to admit i was right ♪ ♪ i am one of those special ones ♪ ♪ regardless of struggle still standing tall in spite of it all ♪ ♪ an extraordinary life [ applause ] >> good job. >> beautiful, jeremy. beautiful. >> we'll be back in just a minute with a very special gift for pat. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
10:52 am
10:53 am
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10:55 am
we are honoring such a special man. pat, here with his brother and parent. also broadway excellent performer jeremy hayes. you would never know this man almost had to cancel because he is seriously sick. he is awesome. >> we have bill's wife and their two kids emily and brendan. >> emily we will see on broadway. >> the song was great. the words were perfect. i am working on a documentary. and i totally get it. you have to keep pushing. >> the name off&d it? >> "blind lifter." i have a great team. >> sounds like you are planning your acceptance speech.
10:56 am
>> save it. >> no question you are going to get it. >> hoping to help a lot of kids with disabilities. >> we want to give you a little something. >> in honor of your accomplishments your brother mentioned it is difficult for you to vacation. so the radison resort has donated a get away weekend in aruba including air fare, breakfasts, spa treatments, water sports. >> i think your brother wants to go. it is up to you, really. >> you are a beautiful family. you inspire us all. it is a great, great story. what are we going to do tomorrow? >> tomorrow we are going to milk a goat. >> for god's sake. >> one of hoda's ex-boyfriends is going to be here. >> find out what pranking your
10:57 am
kids could be doing. and we are spicing up dinnerer. have a great thursday.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
at 11:00 _#ring. ring in as twitter goes public. >> hash tag, twitter. i got you. all right. >> is he goofy, and i'm marla tellez. >> i like to think of myself more as donald duck. i'm jon kelley. let's get to our business right now. this is reporter scott mcgrew. a good opening for twitter. >> go for everyone to like this morning. twitter founders, employees, they made a lot of money, jon. original investors made a lot of money. if you believe twitter has growth and profits ahead of it, well, then lots of people who


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