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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 8, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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a 26-year-old man struck and killed by a car and now hundreds of south bay drivers having to reroute their commute. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. just a sad and rough way to get a friday morning started. this happened at 87 at the off ramp add the alma avenue exit. bob had a chance to speak with officers. bob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, it's going to be at least another two hours before this roadway is open. we're on northbound 280, and you're looking down the northbound 280 on ramp, highway 87. where you see all of the lights and the wrecker, that's where this man was hit and killed. it happened around 5:00 this morning. there are at least two, possibly three vehicles involved. what chp believes happened based on their conversations thus far with the drivers is one vehicle glanced this man, 26-year-old man as you mentioned, then the
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next one hit him square on, possibly a third did the same. as you can imagine he is still down there waiting for the coroner. they know he is 26 because they found his i.d., they know who he is but not releasing that information because there hasn't been a noticecation yet. chp does not know what he was doing. that area is an elevated portion of the roadway, so for him to get on the freeway he would have had to enter back here where we're at where you can get up a dirt embankment. there are homeless encampments in the general area, not clear whether he was a transient. this is according to chp. their initial impression is that he is not a homeless person who was up here but they do not know what he was doing up here at all especially at 5:00 in the morning. as far as the traffic is concerned, if you are looking to the left you can see it is slow, that's northbound 280, the brake lights heading northbound 280, the traffic is slowing especially slow further back.
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so this is certainly going to have an aim pact on this morning's commute. their eta is at least two hours. traffic slowing because you cannot get off on the southbound 87 into downtown san jose, a lot of looky whos who want to see what's going on. and i know mike's going to fill us in on alternate routes. you would want to go northbound and make your way back down to san jose. reporting live here on northbound 280 at the southbound 87 on ramp, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we thank you for that. right now more breaking news to tell you about. serious devastation going on, one of the most power ifle storms ever recorded in history, slamming right into island after island, this is across the philippines overnight. with roaring winds ripping through buildings, knocking out power and flooding streets.
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>> at least four are dead, millions threatened as hundreds of flights are canceled. the super typhoon showing no signs of stopping as it takes a direct path through the country's capital city and really beyond. >> you see that man trying to protect his child. we do have a team in place for this covering the devastating form. meteorologist christina loren she's tracking that storm and letting us know where this will head next. >> let's begin with marla tellez with amazing video from overnight and breaking details. what do you know? >> right now authorities say as many as 12 million people are still at risk. it's hard to imagine trying to endure a storm so strong and powerful, more than a million people have been forced to evacuate as jon mentioned this video here, this man doing his best to protect this child from the torrential rains, emotional video. i know christina will talk about the wind speed and gusts but it bears hearing more than once. when typhoon haiyan hit landfall it was a category 5 with
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sustained winds of 195 miles per hour. gusts between 220 and 230 miles per hour. it's now a category 3 so it's weakened a bit but not before leaving at least four people dead. locals are dealing with flash flooding, mudslides, land slides, waves up to 30 feet. the destruction is so widespread. the brunt in the central philippines, in some perspective in the state wees thought superstorm sandy was bad. haiyan dwaufs sandy. >> no one can imagine what a 195 mile per hour wind dwuld to their home. this is going to be a bowling ball that rolls right through the southern philippines, devastating everything in its path for 20 miles on both sides there won't be a home standing. >> adding insult to injury thousands of evacuees just endured a 7.2 earthquake last
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month. they were living in sort of tent cities and now they are dealing with this. also worth mentioning the typhoon of similar strength hit back in 1990, that killed more than 500 people and left almost 250 missing. with this said we expect the death toll, unfortunately, to rise. it stands at at least four dead. >> thank you for that. that typhoon keeping hundreds of flights grounded. in the philippines, 12 airports now closed. a total of 453 flights have now been canceled. 445 of those flights are domestic. eight international. here is a live look from our san bruno camera overlooking san francisco international airport. none of the eight flights are bound for sfo and no flights to the philippines are scheduled to take off today but we can point out it appears one flight that did leave sfo is bound for philippines, that one is still
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heading to the capital of manila. we suggest you call the airlines for more, we have a live look from flight showing philippine airlines flight 105, if you have friends or family on that, it appears the flight will arrive as scheduled at 3:30 on saturday morning philippine time. >> for more we're going to bring in meteorologist christina loren. the thing is that the after effects still lingering. >> yeah. a lot of people in the bay area have family and friends in the philippines. so this is one we're going to watch closely. it is weakening at this point. i want to give you perspective though. this is a record breaking storm, the strongest to ever make landfall. in fact. it could end up being the strongest storm recorded on the planet. they are going to assess the situation. but it's not looking good. category 5 hurricane starts at 155 mile per hour wind speeds. we saw wind speeds sustained at
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195 miles per hour gusting to 230 miles per hour, devastating, millions already impacted and more are going to be as we head throughout the next couple days. this is the future track and intensity. it's a category 3 storm, as we head throughout saturday we expect another landfall off the coast of vietnam. that will be about 10:00 p.m. our time. 100-mile-per-hour wind speeds still at that point. as this system makes its way to southern china we're talking about 50-mile-per-hour sustained speeds so still expecting numerous reports of damage as we head deeper into the weekend. this is a record breaking storm, something we have not seen in the meteorological community at this point. we'll keep you updated. our thoughts and prayers going to everybody involved over there. >> thank you very much. check in back with more. happening now, dozens of people out locally braving the cold there to sign up for food and toys. this is all at sacred heart
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community service center near the intersection of alma and monterey road in san jose. registration is officially opens up this morning. more than 2,000 people total are expected to be there to sign up for hem. >> also new, about 30 minutes ago the u.s. labor department released the october jobs report. the number is slightly skewed but the report shows 204,000 jobs were added last month. and the unemployment rate is 7.3%. that's up from 7.2 in september. scott is crunching the numbers, he's going to have an update in a few minutes. >> 6:08. let's check with traffic. mike is here and unfortunate deadly accident in the south bay. >> definitely. i want to check latest message bob sent me. he is confirming some information. i'll tell you this is bob's camera where he is on 280 northbound approaching highway 87. you see chp on the scene. the coroner has not yet arrived.
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the reason as we are aware a deadly crash at north 280 at 87. and that's closing the connector ramp from 280 northbound to both north and southbound 87. what this means if you're on north 280 heading to downtown san jose you cannot get there directly from 280. you have to go the race and loop back and take 87, or you'll go to race and get off on the city streets. there is that off ramp. the flares, we're looking at probably two hours till they reopen. thats 8:00 in the morning. that is going to be terrible through the area. of course we're also following the issue of the person who was killed, why they were there. bob is getting us as many details as he can. looking at the maps we see the traffic is largely affected now coming off 101, slowing all the way up to the scene of that crash. then past the area. watch that area for the south
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bay, the rest of the build pretty normal for the bay area but we're watching a new crash north 101 has cleared eight caesar chavez involving a motorcyc motorcycle. we give the warning for the bay bridge and much of the east bay, low clouds and fog. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. i can't even show a lot of the traffic because of that thick fog. you got a look at the forecast. what do your sensors tell you. >> even down in san jose it's been a rough ride when it comes to your commute. give yourself extra time and travel cautiously. mike will be updating you all morning long. he knows all of the short cuts. 48 in sunnyvale and 52 in san francisco. look what happened. the past 15 minutes we can see all 48 floors of the transamerica pyramid and now look at this socked in with fog so you want to travel cautiously. it's going to burn off mostly
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between noon and 2:00 at the coast. 63 degrees at the coast, up to 65 degrees today it will be cooler with the return of the onshore flow. 74 degrees inland. we'll slow you the forecast, rain on the way. we'll detail that when it arrives coming up. back to you, jon and marla. >> thank you. it's 6:11. still ahead, rushing the field, coming up we'll recap stanford's win against oregon. >> look at that crowd. >> it was amazing. the coach think the cardinal might take a dip in the ranking instead of climbing closer.
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the day's top stories. the strongest typhoon this year and maybe the strongest in history marking, making a serious mark on the central philippines.
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generated landslides and knocking out power to several provinces. at least four people reported dead. >> the northbound 280 to 87 connector ramp is closed now as officers investigate a deadly crash in san jose. a vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian off the highway 87 off ramp at alma avenue. no word on when they will reopen that interchange. >> a connecticut prosecutor right now asking a court to block the release of 911 recordings from the sandy hook elementary school shooting. the state freedom of information commission ordering the recordings be released. the state attorney arguing crime victims and witnesses should be protected. 6:14. here is a struggle. economists, they were all set to ignore today's jobs report because they said the government shutdown would skew the data. >> we were bracing for terrible numbers. >> for terrible numbers. we got good numbers. so here's the question that jon
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was talking about. do you still ignore it? this is like going into a game, thinking you're going to get pummeled and you say it doesn't matter if the you win or lose but you win. the u.s. economy added 204,000 jobs in the month of october. that's a good number. but it is data delayed from the shutdown probably skewed as well by the government shutdown. unemployment ticks up slightly higher. the problem is we don't know what in this number is real. somewhere in that number there are some facts hidden in there. so, let's ignore the jobs report, get back to what we do know and what we do know is the stock market has come unmoored from the economy. the economy and the stock market they aren't on speaking terms. the market took a hit yesterday, went down because of data that showed the economy was getting better. it's the classic case of the market being upset, really upset, at good news. upset at the potential of things finally recovering enough that
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the fed will stop monetary easing. because the market is all about the fed these days, and nothing else. the economy's not getting better for everyone. that was the protest outside of twitter on thursday remember. and okay, maybe it was a bit shrill but these people have a point. lots of people are still left behind. the latest wage data show the median pay in america, $27,519. median means half the people in america make more, half make less. it's better than -- more descriptive than average. if you want average, 42,500. really rich people, most americans make less than the average, and the classic math example of this you probably heard. factory workers in a bar, they are let's say 10 of them. they make $40,000 a year. bill gates walks in. the average pay of workers now in the millians but the median
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stays the same. what was that, 27. >> right. exactly. >> do we tend to forget that. >> the working poor. i never really heard the whole and bill gates walks into the bar analogy. >> you see what it does. everybody's on paper average, with hundreds of millions. >> thank you, scott. the people you got to remember out there. >> 6:17. christina is back to talk about weather. no matter what it's friday so we're smiling feeling the magic. >> even after our statistics lesson from scott mcgrew. it was good. yeah. you know what, that might be the best one i've had. 6:17, temperatures are looking really good out there this morning and the reason why is because we have a blanket of low clouds. it's a good and a bad scenario when it comes to low clouds. they are dropping off and right now we have really thick pockets right at the surface so that could interrupt your smooth drive to work this morning. mike's tracking several issues. we're going to get to his report. 46 degrees to kick off the day
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in concord. sun is starting to come up. one of those mornings in the high rises, in the san francisco area, you're going to be able to look above that thick deck of clouds and then as we head through about with 12:00 to 2:00 we'll see significant clearing. 66 degrees today in san francisco. 71 in redwood city and 72 in los gatos. warm for this afternoon. high pressure remains in control. it's high pressure that's forcing that moisture to the surface and producing the visibility. we're got big changes next week. gusty winds in addition to showers, the best chance right now looking like sunday night in the north bay. might see a shower monday morning as well, then the system slides to the south. tuesday and wednesday. looking like the best bet for wet weather south of the golden gate bridge. getting into thursday, temperatures will start to creep back up, the sun will come back out and we'll be left with good air quality. hopefully significant rainfall totals as well. they are not looking that impressive. in the vicinity of a quarter of
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an inch to a half inch in the north bay. let's check on the drive. a busy man. good morning. >> we're both busy. talking about rain in the future but we have fog, a lot of moisture causing issues. here in the south bay a tragic situation, this is causing a problem for drivers. commuting through downtown san jose. it's north 280 at highway 87 where there is a crash, a pedestrian was on the roadway. hit and killed early this morning. bob is out there. we saw all of the traffic jammed up. we have this big stir, folks having to pass by and loop back, or loop back to 87 because it's closed off, north 280 to 87, either direction closed by this accident investigation. we're looking at two more hours that will clear. that's going to be tough for the morning commute. san jose north 101 also typical slowing. the tri-valley not a problem for 84. but approaching westbound 580 we have a crash involving a big rig but whatever the case it's blocking the fast lane.
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this is a bad time at a bad spot so watch for more to build in this tri-valley quickly. across the bay a smooth drive. we had a disabled vehicle around the toll plaza out of lanes. 92 and 84. watch for the clouds and we have our sensors. so this is the weather here. around the peninsula, orange, that means denser fog. tougher to see and possibly an issue for visibility, may be below quarter mile. tough to see the roadway. i'll show you also the east bay. we have that around the oakland hills approaching the bay bridge. we'll get you some -- the toll here and this is soupy condition as traffic flows down the east shore freeway. i can't see our oakland camera roadways. we have rooftop cameras so be careful. we'll end with the peninsula at palo alto. the fog creeping in. so this is an issue on 101, 280 and highway 1 watch it as you
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dumb to daly city, be careful. back to you. >> thank you for that information. time for college football and yes, for the second year in a row stanford ripping the rug right out from under oregon. loving every minute. costing the ducks another run at the national championship. stanford students feeling good, just rushing that field after the number 6 ranked cardinal win the game, 26-20. number 2 oregon did not score points until fourth quarter. stanford dominated. they did hold on for the win and then the head coach says guess what, it might not be enough to give thaem boost in the rankings. >> you know, let the people talk, i told our guys i don't care, they might go down in rankings after that fourth quarter which is fine. >> no, i don't think that's going to happen. a nice bump. the game, front page news with one columnist saying quote confidence is cardiac cardinal
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at an all-time high. i like the sound of that. stanford our producer katelynn, the next game is on the road taking on the trojans at the coliseum, one week from tomorrow. kaylin action they a proud trojan alum. >> we stay true to our college. good night on the farm. 6:22. much more ahead. coming up a show of support and solidarity. how students at a bay area school are banding together to pay tribute to a classmate who was set on fire on a bus ride.
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this is not the typical morning for students at one bay area high school. they are getting ready for classes in a very unique way by banding together wearing skirts and kilts. they are doing it as a tribute for a classmate involved 18 bizarre and scary scene. he was set on fire while sleeping on a bus. christie smith is live at the high school and has all of the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. maybeck high school is a small campus and the students were shaken up by this attack on their classmate. it took place where students are accepted for who they are, not a lot of bullying. sash a fleishman's family said e didn't identify as male or
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female. he often wore skirts so some of the students say they plan to do the same thing today, boys and girls will wear a skirt or a kilt to high school today in honor of their friend. fleishman, it was a horrible attack he was set on fire riding a transit bus in oakland on monday. 16-year-old richard thomas was charged as an adult in this crime. there was an enhancement of a hate crime. thomas told police he did it because he was homophobic. outside of court thomas' grandmother said he's not a hateful person. the family says he is very remorseful. >> he's a good kid. >> very good kid. i don't know. he was joking around. >> reporter: i checked online and a website that was set up shortly after the attack to help raise funds for sasha's recovery says that it is reached and
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exceeded its goal of $20,000. sasha is undergoing a number of skin grafts on his burned legs. i have to tell you there are also a lot of very kind words for him, a lot of support on that website as well. reporting live in berkeley, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a nice tribute. thank you. 6:27. still ahead one of the most powerful storms recorded slams into the philippines. we've got new details about widespread damage and the rising death toll ahead. >> also, a deadly crash closing a major south bay on ramp going on for an hour now. we'll give you a live look at that scene here and come up next and tell you about what's happening.
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a deadly crash in san jose shuts down a major freeway intersection. we'll give you a live look at the scene and updated information ahead. >> one of the strongest storms on record wipes out power and most communication in the
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central philippines. we have an update on the rising death toll and widespread damage next. >> there it is, live from the new york stock exchange ringing in the day. the numbers bouncing around. a pretty positive year on the market as the job numbers are out today. we'll look and see how that will impact everything on this friday, take it in, it is friday, november 8th, this is "today in the bay." a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. some breaking nous right now. a tragic deadly crash is creating a traffic nightmare on what's one of the busiest commutes in the south bay. this is a live look at that scene. this is the northbound 280 highway 87 interchange. that's where a car has hit a 26-year-old man walking, yes walking out on the freeway.
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that happened at about 5:00 this morning. police do not expect to reopen the ramp for at least another hour and a half. mike inouye has been all over this and will be along with the impact this will have on your morning drive and other information on the crash. >> another update to breaking news, in the philippines one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded has slammed into the island setting off land slides, knocking out power and cutting communication. right now the damage is mostly across the country's central region. the storm will eventually make its way to vietnam. right now the four people are dead two people were electrocuted, one person killed by a falling tree, another struck by lightning. we're tracking this devastating storm. we'll have live team coverage coming up. >> to capitol hill, so far there is no end in sight for the trouble around the so-called
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obama care website. this morning the secretary of health and human services hitting the road trying to win support for the affordable care act. while the president is out speaking exclusively to nbc for this failed rollout. melissa is live joining us in washington, d.c. the president going as far taking it upon himself to say yes, he is sorry and he is the one to blame for the problem. >> reporter: he is taking the blame at this point saying quote i'm sorry and he had some regrets how things happened, jon. we know he is apologizing to a lot of people in really especially concentrating on those who are going to lose their insurance because they have to sign up for something part of his plan. of course for a long time months and months he has been saying that is not something that was going to happen. you could keep your insurance if you liked it. but it is happening now. he says what he is trying to do is change that and make sure that folks can sign up or for the plan they want or keep the one they currently have. about 5% of the population who
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buy insurance on their own at risk being forced off the policies. the plans don't neat new standards. this despite repeated assurance from the commander in chief that would not happen. >> we didn't do a good enough job in how we crafted the law. that's something that i regret, something that we're going to do everything we can to get fixed. >> reporter: in the meantime you talked about kathleen sebelius, she will be talking at a symposium. we learned more what she is going to talk b apparently some new rule she wants insurers to take so they cover mental health issues, addiction issues the same way they cover physical illnesses. >> thank you for the update. president obama making some promises the website would be fixed by the end of november. >> 6:33. turn our attention now to wall
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street where twitter is on a tear. san francisco based social media site starting its first full day of trading. scott joins us. twitter closed strong so how is it shaping up so far? >> good morning to you. we're seeing a little bit more eeking out of twitter. twitter is up about 2% this morning. let's call tot $2.5. up 1.10. the other thing you see that we should be paying attention to is the jobs number. an unexpectedly good number. 204,000 jobs added in october. unemployment ticked up, you can safely ignore that. we were kind of prepared to ignore the entire report because the assumption was it was going to be skewed, people would have shown up as unemployed. we were expecting this bad number. a good number and we're not sure
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whether to ignore it or not. twitter getting another 3% now out of the market. >> investors, we'll take it. >> feel goods to see those numbers pop a little bit. >> let's check the weather numbers. checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> they are not popping but they are dropping. your visibility numbers. a live look, san francisco look at this. pea soup, fog thick in san francisco. and we have reduced vbltd down to a quarter mile in novato, oakland, san francisco. you have no visibility. you can see for about 100 feet in places in half moon bay up the coast. take it easy this morning as you get out there for your commute. even san jose we're starting to drop off. good in livermore and gilroy. two of the warmest cities later on this afternoon. you're not going to see a lot of low cloud cover. this picture from san bruno mountain. as you can see the sun is starting to come up. the sun burns off that fog from the top down. we expect that clearing to take
6:36 am
place between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. but we have to wait for it. inches will be comfortable. 74 inland. 72 bayside. 65 and part of the reason why we're going to hit warm conditions later son because we're starting out pretty mild, all of the fog trapping in warmth. it's been a rough drive so far. don't expect friday light. >> for sure. partly because of the fog but really this is a major issue, 280, the fog visibility tougher and we don't need anything hampering the commute. look at the flares in the background. they are blocking the connector which is crawling up 87, you cannot get on highway 87 from northbound 280. takes you to downtown san jose, into south san jose, that not available. you see the flares, the cars, and you see that parkway off ramp. you have to pass it, you loop
6:37 am
became around on south 280. we're looking here toward the red zone. north 101 typical. north 280 is the problem we showed you that. as you get into downtown this is the big issue. folks are looping back, back to downtown and hitting city streets. this has been the cause of quite a stir. possibly past 8:00 a.m. the rest of the bay, two factors, the orange, the fog on the traffic sensors because of the traffic and weather tie-in. a tough issue along the peninsula. i can't see the san mateo bridge camera on the peninsula side. also in the east bay tough to see, can't see the oakland roadway from the oakland camera. quite a bit of slowing and that fog, the metering lights on. in the north bay fog, southbound to the hillsable lincoln, we have traffic jamming down. >> it is a busy one. thanks, mike. >> still ahead, airport security coming to a halt. we'll tell you about a planned
6:38 am
stoppage and why nobody will be allowed through check points for a brief time.
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new this morning palestinian officials say the only suspect in the death of yasser arafat is israel. today palestinian investigators called arafat's death assassination though israel has denied involvement. according to the bbc the head of
6:41 am
the committee set up to investigate air a fat's death believe he was poisoned though they have not said how they think it happened. the leader died in 204 after suddenly becoming ill at his compound. >> a moment of honor, security check point operations will be stopped at hundreds of u.s. airports all across the country at 9:20 this morning marking the shooting death of a tsa agent one week ago. gerardo hernandez was the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. he was shot and killed at l.a.x. by paul sciancia. two others were injured before police shot him. he is still in the hospital as of this morning. a public memorial service for hernandez will be held tuesday in l.a. >> 6:41. flooding, mudslides, power
6:42 am
outages, we'll look at the damage left in the wake of one of the strongest storms ever recorded. >> we'll tell you about a deadly crash in san jose, tying up the morning commute for hundreds out there. we'll tell you which freeway intersection is affected ahead in a live report.
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at 6:44 this morning, 12 million people now at risk as one of the most powerful storms ever slams into island after island across the philippines, roaring wind, ripping through buildings, knocking out power and flooding streets. >> so much devastation. at least four people right now reported dead. millions of others still threatened. hundreds of flights canceled and
6:45 am
right now the super typhoon is showing no signs of stopping. taking a direct path right through the country's capital city and this one moving beyond. >> right now we have a team in place covering the devastating storm. meteorologist christina loren is tracking the storm for us. where it's headed next. >> we'll start with marla tellez in the newsroom with breaking details there. >> good morning. we made contact with someone over the phone in the philippines who is in the thick of it now. we're going to hear from him in a moment. we want to mention it's nearing midnight in the philippines. it's friday night there. those lucky enough to have escaped the wrath of the typhoon are tucked away in shelters, churches and government buildings. you can see families spread out on what appears to be a gym floor. during the day this video tells the story of utter destruction, torrential rains, flash flooding, devastating winds and gusts between 220 to 230 miles per hour. christina will talk more about
6:46 am
that in a moment. entire towns wiped out. officials say about 100 coastal homes have been flattened. the brunt of the storm over the central philippines, even a popular tourist spot has been hit hard. one of our production assistants has been working the phones over the last couple hours, working the phones trying to make contact with anyone in the philippines. she finally did, she got in touch with a local hotel moments ago and here's how an employee there describes the scene. >> especially for the guests. most troubling after typhoon there were major power outage here so right now most of the city is really completely blacked out. >> the entire city is blacked out. there was just sincere panic in the hotel among the local guests there. so far more than a million people have been evacuated. we expect the death toll now as jon and laura mentioned at least
6:47 am
four, to dramatically rise, unfortunately. already local nonprofits are jumping in to help. we came across this face bok page of project pearls based in san bruno. the group is organizing a donation drive for sunday to collect thing likes canned goods, baby formula, medicine and toothpaste. if you would like to help there are organizations out there you can contact. >> boy, the devastation. you know the typhoon keeping hundreds of flights grounded. in the philippines, 12 airports now closed. total of 453 flights canceled. 445 of those flights are domestic. only eight are international. and none of the eight international flights are bound for sfo. it appears one flight that left sfo bound for the philippines is still heading to the capital of mani manila. it shows flight 105, it appears the flight will arrive as
6:48 am
scheduled at 3:30 on saturday morning philippine time. >> a tough reality when they touch down so. many families and kids affected. you've been watching this as well. it's rough. >> a lot of people in the bay area are, they have family, friends in that region. we're going to talk about this for some time. >> they are going to need help. >> definitely need help. hopefully as we head throughout next couple days we'll continue to see the storm weaken. look at the massive size of this typhoon. like we told you a couple times so far this is the strongest storm to ever make landfall, the strongest to ever be recorded on the planet. it has that potential. i do believe it will end up with that reigning area as we head throughout the next couple days we'll see it weaken. this is one of those, a little choked up when you think about all of the people who live in this part of the country. as of sunday, 4:00 a.m. we expect 100-mile-per-hour wind
6:49 am
speeds, by monday 50-mile-per-hour wind speeds. and this is the kind of storm that gets meteorologists thinking maybe we need to add a sixth category as you know category 5 hurricane, stops at 155 miles per hour. this 195-mile-per-hour at its strongest. so something our thoughts and prayers go to all of the people in this area. gusts to 220 miles per hour. let's get your local story. we have some fog, though, it could be problematic throughout the morning. mike is tracking some serious situations out there on the roadways for you. we want to show you your visibility. though we're used to the fog it usually doesn't get this thick to the point we can only see for about a quarter mile. that is the case in oakland, san francisco, no vatso. areas of hundreds of feet available to you. make sure you're aware of that.
6:50 am
you may encounter thick fog. the sun is coming up it will start to burn off. we expect clearing by about 1:00 p.m. for most of the bay area. so keep that in mind. we'll see a cooler day as a result of the low clouds. highs will be comfortable, 75. 66 in san francisco. we have big changes to tell you about into this weekend. we have a dip in the jet stream headed our way. that opens up the storm window. the best chance for rain right now is looking like tuesday into wednesday. 68 degrees tuesday, 69 on wednesday so much cooler weather to accompany the showers. yeah, mike, it's been a rough, rough drive so far this morning. as you know a lot of people here in the bay area they do have family in the philippines. it's a love morning overall for a friday. >> first this, because it's happening now. we'll talk about the other issue. toward north 87 t connector just opened as you see now. right as we take this live -- 280 reopened at 87.
6:51 am
give at few minutes till all lanes are clear and so do our media crews and other crews. we're watching for one lane on the connector to reopen. there you go, north 280 to 87, you see as it happens the connectors have reopened but very slow on the backup. to the maps we'll see what's going on. take the maps into the san jose area. 280 jammed over from this side, northbound off 101 is bogged down. solid because of that closure earlier. there is a deadly crash going on. bob is going to give us details. he is out there. southbound side of 280 approaching the area also slow because folks giving them about a half hour to sort themselves out. hook at allel of this backup off 680. that forced more the take 101 as a possible alternate. north 87 into the area saw a lot of activity. we'll see this area over the next half hour, 45 minutes and this could cause repercussions.
6:52 am
some tried to take 17. the ripple effect in place. the latest update and details at the scene. here the tri-valley moves smoothly. west 580 toward a big rig on the right shoulder. we had a crash and a big rig with a double trailer. it's out of lanes. we have your backup out of the altamont pass. by the time you get that interchange. here toward the maze the big issue is it no the volume of traffic it's the fog. that's where on my maps you see dense fog, we can't see the road from our cameras because it's so thick. be careful approaching the bay bridge. the toll plaza has fog all over. tough to see. and especially over toward san francisco where south thereof we have thick fog. one other shot, as we look from the hayward side, into the flat
6:53 am
section. we have a stall along the flat section as well. sounds like it's off to the shoulder but low visibility and a stall on the bridge we're watching for any warning but so far traffic has been smooth. the peninsula starting to build. the dense fog for 101 and 280 and watch your daly city, south san francisco area. >> the breaking news mike was talking about we're following all morning long, 280 back open after a deadly crash at 87 off ramp and in the last few seconds we've seen both lanes reopen. i want to check with bob on the scene. you're going to have to move out soon. >> we are. good morning to you. chp is still on the scene but the accident, the fatal pedestrian accident took place there where the chp car is passing. that's nobody 280 looking at the southbound 80 connector ramp. it is reopened in the past three
6:54 am
or four minutes. much early quer than anticipating. can see that there is an impact on traffic, some slowing here northbound 280 mostly because chp is still on the scene. we'll be getting out in a bit. you can see they are trying to pick up all of the flares. this was the seen about an hour and a half ago when it was dark out. this happened around 5:00 this morning. chp tells us there was a 26-year-old man on the second of roadway. this is an elgated section. so he must have walked wait to a distance to get up here and at least one car glanced him, a sect game and hit him square on. and then there was a third car. did rear end one of the other two cars. it did hit them. the man was killed on the scene, all three drivers did stop. they are cooperating with chp.
6:55 am
chp not sure what this man was doing up here. this area in general does have some homeless encampments nearby. for whatever reason they do not believe he was a transyet. do not know what he was doing up here and they believe the driver known for his drinking, a horrible accident. so as you can see, traffic slowing, northbound on 280, this is basically into the downtown san jose area. if you are trying to get to the downtown to do your job, the connect ramp you can see is back open and has no traffic going in. i would imagine the slowing is going to wrap up as soon as chp is able to get the flares picked up. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. happening today students at a bay area high school now finding unique and heart felt way to show support for a classmate. they are all wearing either
6:56 am
skirts or kilts as a tribute for sasha fleishman who was set on fire while sleeping on a bus. christie smith is live at maybeck high school. she has all of the details. >> reporter: we're keeping an eye out for the students when they show up. we haven't seen any yet but i can tell you maybe i can go to a small private high school, they decided to wear skirts or kilts in support of their friend. sasha was set on fire while riding a transit bus in oakland. he and his family said he is gender neutral. doesn't identify as male or female. often wore skirts. opened doors, open minds, a price flag is outside of the building. 16-year-old richard thomas was
6:57 am
charged with a hate crime enhancement. in court prosecutors said that he told police that he did it because he's homophobic. family says he's not hateful and is remorseful that perhaps it was a joke. on line this morning a website set up to help raise money for fleishman's bills says it has reached a goal of $20,000 and gone over that. fleishman is undergoing a number of skin grafts. i have to tell you there are encouraging words of support left there on the website for fleishman as well. live in berkeley, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much for the report. >> we want to check in with scott mcgrew. keeping our eye on twitter. it is taking a dip down about to 44 4404. >> right, in the first full day of trading we're seeing the
6:58 am
first negative mum bers. after a huge run-up, what, thursday, all day thursday up better than 70%. two of the stocks, the volume at tesla. there was a trade fire. and ubiquity is up 17% started by an apple engineer who still lives in a two-room apartment. this white device is going to plug into the car. it's automatic. it attached to the port under the dash. every car built since the 90s have it. it sends valuable information to your iphone. the cost of the trip, whether or not i drove faster than gas mileage. and each time i park the car or mentions the location the my
6:59 am
iphone. i come out of the 49ers game i know exactly where my car is. $1-. i think one of the most valuable thing is getting them to drive to work. >> that's going to tell brant when i stop at the maurl and how much i spent. >> you can give permission to tell where you've been. it's helpful if you are a city dweller and have to leave a note. >> where's my wife? >> looking like a dope when i walk around the parking lot hitting my alarm. >> i've done that. >> thanks a lot. that is what's happening "today in the bay." it's a busy one. we're going to be back at 7:25 with a live local update. >> reminder it is friday, so please go out and enjoy your weekend.
7:00 am
>> there guy never forgets when it's friday. >> always on the horizon. good morning, breaking news, catastrophic. one of the most powerful storms ever recorded with wind gusts up to 230 miles per hour slams directly into the philippines overnight. we're there live. i'm sorry. a rare apology from president obama to americans over the health insurance rollout debacle. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation. more from the president in an nbc news exclusive. and ready for takeoff? after conquering just about everything on weather, sir richard branson is getting set


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