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tv   Today  NBC  November 8, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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>> there guy never forgets when it's friday. >> always on the horizon. good morning, breaking news, catastrophic. one of the most powerful storms ever recorded with wind gusts up to 230 miles per hour slams directly into the philippines overnight. we're there live. i'm sorry. a rare apology from president obama to americans over the health insurance rollout debacle. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation. more from the president in an nbc news exclusive. and ready for takeoff? after conquering just about everything on weather, sir richard branson is getting set
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to head into space. he is here about our role in that adventure today, friday, november 8th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. big finish. >> big finish. welcome. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker and natalie morales. i don't remember that team music being so disco. >> we'll have more on that big announcement later on but first the storm is amazing. the top story today. massive typhoon is in the philippines and wreaking havoc right there. angus is in manila. what can you tell us, angus? >> reporter: good morning, matt. experts were warning this would be the storm of the century. a category 5 super typhoon with wind speeds of up to 200 miles
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an hour. this morning, the people of the philippines are counting the cost. when typhoon haiyan made landfall at record speeds, it shows no mercy. tearing apart houses and whipping up giant waves and forcing almost a million people to flee their homes. power and communication in large parts of the country were down as the super storm lashed the central island and tourist areas. some 12 million people were at risk, but early evacuation kept the death toll low. so far, four dead have been reported, but the numbers may raise. haiyan is the 24th storm to hit the philippines this year and this is prime storm season. this province is still recovering from a massive earthquake last month and now residents are fearing for their lives a second time. >> the strength of this typhoon
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is massive and, luckily so far, we don't have too many reports of flash floods. we'll have to see what the extent of the damage is. >> reporter: the storm is moving but experts say it may prevent trosk catastrophic flooding. normally the cause of most deaths from typhoons in the philippines. a ray of hope of perhaps in a country that will have to pick up the pieces yet again. the storm has now been downgraded as it heads for us here in manila and then off toward china and vietnam. back to you. >> that's right. that's angus walker for us this morning. thank you very much. >> let's bring in al for some perspective here. one of the strongest storms ever recorded? >> that's right. stronger than hurricane andrew or even camille that was one of the strongest ever and this system now is 232 miles south, southeast of manila. it's got -- even though
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it's not a super typhoon now, technically, 165 miles per hour winds, it's moving west at 25 miles per hour. this storm is about 300 miles wide. roughly the distance between boston and philadelphia. it made landfall as one of the most powerful typhoons. give you a sense of this. hurricane sandy had winds of 80 miles per hour at landfall. it's also on par with hurricane mitch and this same area was hit by an earthquake that killed over 225 miles per hour. to give you a perspective of 195 miles per hour winds, i was in hurricane wilma in 2005 with 185 miles per hour winds and that's what happened. imagine an entire area or country being buffeted by these. it is really rough and now this weekend it makes its way out into the pacific and heads on toward vietnam. where there will probably be more damage. >> we will continue to follow it throughout the morning, al. thank you. also ahead, our exclusive interview with president obama.
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he sat down with nbc's chuck todd and issued a direct apology for a big promise when it comes to the new health care law. chuck is at the white house this morning. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. it's been a rough 40 days since the october 1st health care rollout that dominated much of the discussion i had with the president, but we also heard from him for the first time after the authors of the book, "double down" revealed that his campaign team researched the idea of switching joe biden for hilary clinton. i will start with health care. it's probably the most quoted thing or requoted thing you have said in your presidency. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. if you like your current plan, you will be able to keep it. >> reporter: do you feel like you owe these folks an apology for misleading them. even if you didn't intentionally do it they feel mislead. but they feel misled and you've
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felt the anger that is out there. >> even though it's a small percentage of folks that maybe disadvantaged, it means a lot to them and it's scary to them and i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we have to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and that we're going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> reporter: do you understand people are going to be skeptical of the next promise you make? of the next -- or are you concerned that people are going to be wondering, geez, what's the fine print he's not telling me? >> i think, for the most part, people know that i speak my mind and i tell folks what i think and i have been very clear about what i'm trying to do. i hope that people will look at the end product and they're going to be able to look back and say, you know what, we now have protections that we didn't have before. we've got more choice and competition. i didn't have health insurance, i now have it. i had bad health insurance and
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now i have good health insurance. the website is actually working. i'm getting my kid on my insurance plan even though he's got asthma or some other pre-existing condition. >> reporter: did you really not know your campaign was researching this idea of swapping joe biden for hilary clinton? >> i am in charge of 2 million people in the federal government and that was true, by the way, even when i was running for president. so people do all kinds of stuff. here's the one thing i can say for certain. if they had asked me, i would have said there's no way i'm not running again with joe biden, because i genuinely believe he has been one of the best vice presidents in our history. >> reporter: did you and the vice president talk? >> absolutely. and what i told him -- and he knows and he believes me -- is that i would not be here if it weren't for the support that i've had from joe biden. he is a personal friend and advisor.
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>> reporter: probably the most he has said publicly about joe biden ever, matt. but going back to health care, he promised that he's going to come up with some sort of administrative fix. not go to congress, but an administrative fix that he says should be able to allow some of these people who like their health care plan to keep it. >> all right, chuck todd at the white house. thank you very much. sticking to politics, a programming note, new jersey's newly re-elected governor chris christie will be david gregory's guest this sunday morning on "meet the press". new developments overnight on the alleged bullying that lead a miami dolphins player to leave the team, another player suspended. according to the first player's lawyer, the harassment was more widespread and severe than previously reported. nbc's kerry sanders is at the training facility again for us in south florida. kerry, good morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, savannah. until now, we have not heard
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from jonathan martin. he's the offensive lineman that claims he was allegedly abused by one or more of the players, bullied by one or more of the players here at the dolphin training facility. as you noted, overnight, his lawyer issued a statement on behalf of martin and it includes a new claim that he also endured a physical attack. explosive new allegations this morning. we're now hearing jonathan martin's side of the story. late last night, martin's lawyer david cornwell released a statement that says, in part, jonathan endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing. for the entire season and a half that he was with the dolphins he that he was with the dolphins, he attempted to befriend the same teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harassment. this is a textbook reaction of victims of bullying. despite these efforts, the taunting continued. and for the first time, a new claim, that jonathan endured a malicious physical attack on him by a teammate.
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but teammates have expressed near universal support for alleged tormenter richie incognito.3 c3 es mi compañero, lo vamos a >> reporter: as the investigation gets under way, documents surfaced alleging incognito displayed inappropriate behavior toward a female volunteer at a dolphins golf tournament a year and a half ago. according to a police report, that woman claimed incognito proceeded to lean up against her buttocks with his private parts as if dancing. incognito was not arrested or charged in the incident. martin's claim of an attack comes on the heels of an nbc sports report that dolphins manager jeff ireland advised
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that the best way to confront the bullying was to fight back. >> the told martin's agent that he should physically confront incognito. >> reporter: the dolphins say they won't comment on that report. >> we are all aware there is a lot of information out there. we also know that the nfl's coming down here to conduct the review. >> reporter: attorney ted wells is expected to begin his investigation as early as tonight. savannah. >> kerry sanders, thanks so much. let's turn to tony dungy, a former head coach and player. coach, good morning to you. >> hi, savannah. how are you? >> very well. we have to be clear here. the nfl locker room is not a garden party. we have to understand this in context. do you think what is alleged here goes beyond normal locker room behavior?
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>> well, i do. we have to understand that it is different. that doesn't make anything good. you have to have respect for your fellow players. it has to start in the management. it has to start with the coaches and general manager creating an atmosphere of a safe environment. the players have to carry it on from there. >> let me ask you this, is this also an indictment of the leadership of the dolphins? is there any way they would not have known this behavior and conduct was going on? >> well, i'm not sure what happened in the dolphins locker room. you have to have the head coach and general manager setting the tone and the players have to carry that on. somewhere there was a breakdown. let's not point the finger at football. this happens everywhere. the florida a & m band had a
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drum major that was killed. it is happening in your society. >> you are familiar with richie incognito. you had the opportunity to draft him when you were head coach of the colts. you chose not to, why? >> i don't know richie incognito personally. i know the reports we had and the difficulty he had in college and some incidents on and off the field. we did not want to bring that into our locker room. that is not to say he is the guilty party in this. i don't know everything that happened there. i know the reputation that richie incognito had. it wasn't what we wanted in your locker room. >> this seems to be focused on the alleged victim here jonathan mart martin. so much so that his lawyer's press release said his client's toughness is not at issue. is that where the conversation is? >> we really can't have that
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football locker room -- that has to be a place where no matter how you are as a person or your personality, that is respected. everybody is not the same in the locker room. you will not get 53 people all sit in the same way. good teams and strong organizations promote that type of environment where you don't have to be like everyone else to flourish. >> coach tony dungy, always good to get your perspective. thank you. >> thank you. >> natalie is here now with an unplanned trip by the secretary of state. >> it is leading to high hopes about nuclear talks with iran. so much so that the secretary of state john kerry is taking part. the talks seem to be moving closer to a deal. we have ann curry who broke the story on thursday is in geneva, switzerland with more. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. the possibility of a first phase of a nuclear deal with iran has sparked a high level of participation in geneva with
7:15 am
security including bomb-sniffing dogs and dramatic force of the media. the state department says the secretary of state kerry is coming quote, in an effort to narrow the differences in negotiations, there are indications that the deal may already be virtually done. the negotiators with britain, u.s., china and iran worked late into the night last night in advance of kerry's arrival. this morning, the british foreign secretary tweeted he is also heading here for the talks. we also saw the french foreign minister arrive a short time ago. to be clear, this is the first step of the comprehensive nuclear deal. it would be significant, however, we don't know the full details. we know the u.s. official says this would reign in advancement of the nuclear program in return for a limited eases of economic sanctions.
7:16 am
and already israel's prime minister warned that iran has a bomb and this is close to the deal being an historic mistake. the iran foreign minister told us in an interview there will be political fallout for iran and the united states if this first deal is indeed signed in the coming hours. natalie, now back to you. >> ann curry curry reporting from switzerland. and a moment of silence at l.a.x. after the tsa agent was killed last friday. the airport will pause at 9:28 a.m. eastern time. the unemployment rate is up 0.1%. the economy added 204,000 jobs in the government shutdown. a heart felt tribute for billy graham. hundreds of people gathered in asheville, north carolina to
7:17 am
wish him a happy 95th birthday. he talked about the spiritual awakening. and officials in san antonio just released this after a car veered in the path of a bus. the bus crashed through trees and into the house. amazingly, the driver, the only one on the bus at the time, was not hurt. i don't think the same can be said for the house. it sustained a bit of damage there. >> all right. natalie, thank you very much. >> can we say happy birthday to billy graham? >> america's pastor. mr. roker, more on the typhoon and local forecast. >> we have a gorgeous shot for you today. we basically are looking at lake-effect snow in the great lakes. clipper coming across the plains. no big deal. let's go to swain, north carolina and show you a beautiful sunrise in the great smokey mountains. we try to get that going on. we are not having that happen. there it is. is that gorgeous?
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today into the weekend, you have a great weekend to look at all of the beauty that is our national park there. that is spectacular. let's show you what else is going on for today. again, gorgeous day here in the northeast. on the windy side. we have another system coming in the pacific northwest with showers there. plenty of sunshine in the south. 72 degrees in l.a. today. a gorgeous one. that's what's going on around the country. the local forecast in 30 seconds. ng. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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happy friday to you. you made it to the end of the week. we've got a good looking day shaping up. i want to show you a return of that pea soup fog in san francisco as a result limited sunshine for the first part of the day will keep your temperature cooler this afternoon. 66 degrees on the way to san francisco. 71 in san jose. by this weekend temperatures are going to stay relatively steady, but we're tracking our first showers up in the north bay late sunday into monday. a better chance for the bay area tuesday and wednesday. >> al, thank you very much. let's go in the orange room. carson is doing work elsewhere. we have willie geist in there this morning. >> good to see you all. we're talking about something that seems to be happening more and more often. that's a big american company apologizing for a tweet that goes out on its account. today we're talking about home depot. a tweet that went out about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. home depot sponsored a television show, espn game day. a pre-game show for college
7:20 am
football. they posted this. which drummer is not like the others? see more at college gameday picks. you swipe to the photograph and that's what you see. two men playing the drums with a guy in a gorilla suit. the tweeted was deleted quickly. home depot acted quickly. here's the statement they gave us last night. we have zero tolerance for anything stupid and offensive. the outside agency that created the tweet and the home depot associate that posted it have been terminated. we're also closely reviewing our social media procedures to determine how this could happen and how to ensure it never happens again. obviously home depot is saying somebody else sent this out. we take responsibility for it. we fired that person. they have acted very quickly. we have seen this a lot lately. kenneth cole sent out tweets about syria and promoting the sale of shoes. there's not much of a filter
7:21 am
between what goes on in somebody's head and what goes out to the world and this morning it's home depot. >> just because you have two thumbs doesn't mean you should hit the send button. >> it's hard to believe that made it into the public domain. coming up, can he keep his job this morning? the mayor that admitted to smoking crack now caught on camera making death threats. and the stellar announcement involving us. sir richard branson is going to talk about the edge of space. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up the pilot forced to jump out of his burning plane after that midair collision. we're going to hear from him in the exclusive interview. >> later on on trending, the future queen of england on the bus after your local news. >> good for her. the future queen on the bus.
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good morning. i'm jon kelley. students at maybeck high school in berkeley planning to wear skirts and kilts in school in support of their classmate who investigators say was the victim of a hate crime. luke sasha fleishman in stable condition in the hospital. earlier this week police say a 16-year-old boy lit fleishman's skirt on fire. he reportedly told police he did this because he was, quote, homophob homophobic. he is charged with a hate crime. family members telling us the teen is remorseful. george shirakawa jr. being sentenced today. this is all part of a plea deal that happened in march. he pleaded guilty to several felonies, stemming from abuse of
7:27 am
public funds. shirakawa is blaming his bad behavior on depression and gambling addiction. shirakawa is also charged with false impersonation for allegedly helping send out campaign flyers in 2010 that contained false information. it's friday and christina loren is here to tell us the weekend is upon us. >> i love hearing those words. a good looking day shaping up. you can see here mostly cloudy conditions, across the greater bay area. but the thickest fog is at the immediate coast. that's going to limit the sunshine into san francisco. a quarter mile visibility there. parts of oakland you can see for hundreds of feet. now that the sun is out we'll see a good deal of clearing the next couple hours and then quite a bit between noon and 2:00. 66 in san francisco, and 71 degrees here in san jose. the seven-day outlook tells the story. good for the weekend, then the rain moves in monday, tuesday
7:28 am
and wednesday the rain chance. best chance for the greater bay area looks like tuesday into wednesday. here is mike. a rough drive. >> did someone say fog? this is san jose. rarely looks like this. 101 north of 680. it's very slow here. look at the map. 101, but 280 recovered after the early morning sigalert. all lanes have cleared there. no major issues around the bay but crashes building. look at the orange section on the peninsula. dense fog there into san francisco. the bay bridge t east bay oakland area. what can you score? designer jewelry. the hottest beauty trends. the latest handbags. style for your guy or your best friend. for less than department stores. check out all the designer brands maxxinistas are scoring. t.j.maxx.
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what a pretty shot. 7:30 as the sunrises on this friday morning over manhattan. you can always use the #todaysunrise. show us what you got. i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer, al roker, and natalie morales. >> take agoing a quick look at headlines this morning. a typhoon with wind gusts over 200 miles per hour in the philippines. there's power outages and landslides. >> president obama said he's sorry to anyone whose health insurance plan was cancelled because of the affordable care act.
7:31 am
and the attorney for the miami dolphins player that was alleged target of bullying released a statement saying his treatment far exceeded hazing and included at least one malicious physical attack. well, still ahead, richard branson is on a mission to bring you to space. we're going to talk to him and his son, coming up. and we'll let you know that monday on "today," former republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin will be here for a live interview. we'll get her take on the current political landscape and talk to her about her new book and what her future holds. that's monday on "today."
7:32 am
>> we want to begin with new 3 1 trouble for the embattled mayor of toronto days after he admitted smoking crack in the past. a video in which he is admittedly drunk has surfaced. ron mott is in toronto for us this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. the full context of the video is unclear but what is clear is the mayor is angry about something. and a word of warning, his language is graphic and could offend some people. if ever there's a video called mayor's gone wild, rob ford may have earned top billing. >> it's extremely embarrassing. the whole world is going to see it. >> reporter: just days ago after months of denials he admitted smoking crack, reportedly captured on video and now this. a new video is out from the toronto star newspaper showing the mayor making death threats against an unnamed man. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: thursday surrounded by a crush of media again, the
7:33 am
mayor talked about what angered him so much. >> i apologize. >> reporter: the mayor has been under a dark cloud since he was caught on radio smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine which he said he tried about a year ago during a, quote, during a drunken stupor. during this video, ford paces a room almost like a wrestler looking like he is inflicting pain on an opponent. ford has said he has no intention of stepping down. >> if he won't find the exit, i think we have to show him the door. >> reporter: meanwhile, the late night comics weighed in. >> it clearly looks like outtakes from "tommy boy." >> he is bright red and ranting. it is like the hey kool-aid guy was mayor of your town. >> admitted he was smoking crack, but blamed it being in a
7:34 am
drunken stupor. he admitted he was drunk, but blamed it because he was high on crack. >> reporter: some counselors are trying to force the mayor out of office after getting legislation passed. meanwhile, they passed court papers to try to get sealed wire taps for his driver who was arrested in extortion in relation to the crack video. the story is far from over. back to you. >> ron mott, thank you. it is funny, but not funny. unbelievable. >> if you run for mayor, you think you do that because you want to help a city. this is clearly not helping the city of toronto. you think he would put the city above his personal interests. >> when your best defense is i was drunk -- >> that seems to be the best defense over and over. >> let's turnover to the fabulous and sober al roker. we have really cold air
7:35 am
coming up this next week. i mean major league stuff coming. big arctic air mass in canada. the jet stream will take a dip and it will allow it to come in here. by early next week, we have cold air from minnesota all the way into the mid-atlantic states. look at the sttemperatures. they will drop 30 degrees below average. in detroit on sunday, 48. 60 in washington. 57 in new york. watch what happens by tuesday, the high in new york, 34. 35 in detroit. 31 in green bay. some of the models hint at a nor'easter coming up the coast with c 7:35. happy friday morning to you. temperatures are going to be comfortable later on this afternoon. 75 on the way to livermore. 71 fremont and 66 degrees in san francisco. do have to warn you though,
7:36 am
there is dense fog out there. make sure you travel cautiously on the way to work. we have a good looking weekend shaping up. counting on showers not until monday in the north bay. tuesday and wednesday for the greater bay area. all right it's a dome stadium. we're looking at the cowboys coming into the saints. a lot of people like to go outside and tailgate. partly cloudy skies and mild and 66 to 69. on the greatest night of the week, sunday night football night in america. mr. roker, thank you very much. we are getting some new perspective this morning on that frightening mid air collision
7:37 am
with two sky diving planes in wisconsin. one of the pilots and all of the sky divers joined us this week. the other pilot forced to jump to safety joins us. matt was an experienced pilot with more than 400 hours of flight time. he was a rookie sky diver with just two jumps under his belt. his flying skills and jumping skills would be stretched to his limits. he has the scratches and cuts to prove it. >> all of a sudden, i hear this loud bang. >> did you see something at the same time? could you see the shadow of the plane? >> i just heard a bang and the windshield shattered. >> let's look at john's camera.
7:38 am
john is in the plane with you.31 and that's it. you smile a little bit. >> i had absolutely no idea that this is what it actually looked like. >> now the plane is going straight down basically. >> i began to pick up more and more air speed and i realized that i have no control of this aircraft and probably thought it was in my best interest to not be in the aircraft. >> you're harnessed into the seat. >> i took the seat belt off and looked to my right and saw that the door was open. it was actually gone. it was gone with the wing and i reached out with my right hand to hold on to the outside part of the door and i just jumped head first. >> head first. >> the most miraculous thing about this, this guy gets out of
7:39 am
his seatbelt and is wearing his parachute. and this is only the third time he had ever gone sky diving. the first two times he had instructors with him. >> does he say whether he would do it again? >> i think he would. >> all of them said that. >> you can see more of this remarkable story of survival tonight on "dateline" here on nbc. >> coming up next, richard branson's out of this world announcement will take us to a place we have never been before right after this. save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness.
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i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. . we're back now, it's 7:43. pretty sunrise over chicago. sir richard branson founded virgin galactic in 2004 in an effort to become the first space tour company. >> he's here with his son sam with big news to share. good morning. virgin galactic is going to blast off in 2014? >> it certainly is. we're delighted to be working with you lot letting the world
7:44 am
know about it. >> nbc universal is going to help praft the trip. >> it's an incredibly exciting year. as you mentioned, eight years in the making. but it's a beautiful baby when it's finished. >> we are happy to be a part of this product. tell me about the testing, there are milestones and benchmarks, you have the propulsion system, the feathering of the wings to go down smoother. what's next? >> we broke the sound barrier. that's a great milestone. over the next couple of months, we'll be getting up to two times the sound barrier. we're doing the final rocket test, and then by, you know, by early next year we'll do our first test flight right to the edge of space. >> you and your children are going to be the first
7:45 am
passengers. that's the greatest vote of confidence that it's ready and safe. >> yeah, any rational person would be slightly nervous. but i trust the team. they're an amazing group of people who are working to make this a reality for people around the world. >> but it raises the question, did you say that's a great idea, dad, or that's a great idea, dad? >> i've been brought up around his crazy ballooning adventures. space is just the next frontier for pushing himself and exploring the world. >> he's done a few extraordinary things as well, three months crossing the arctic. and crossing the channel. >> it's in the dna. >> exactly. >> it's $250,000 to get a ticket, i hope that's the whole can of coke when the beverage
7:46 am
cart comes around. you have people buying tickets? >> nearly 700 people have signed up. they're the pioneers. they put their trust in us. from leonardo delaware capri owe to steven hawkins. tremendous group of people. and i think most people ithis world would love the chance to go to space if they could afford it and guarantee a return ticket. >> just a reminder we are broadcasting this flight when it occurs live. we will host that and nbc will be part of the process. we're thrilled and we wish you the best of luck in future testing and keep moving forward. >> we'll be seeing a lot of you. >> thank you. >> coming up, the couple who had a procedure live on today. >> and we are live right after this.
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7:51 am
back now at 7:50. let's go this direction over to the orange room. mr. geist. >> we're one week in to no shave november as we try to get people thinking about men's health and we have some on to give us a progress report. here's matt over the course of the week. here's al. al is starting to show his beard today i noticed. here's my. i incorporated some of my old mug shots into this sequence. and we have the viewers participating which is the best part of all of this at #noshavetoday. growing out the mustaches and beards. keep them coming. we have three weeks left of this guys. a friend of mine said to me you look like the villain in a low budget film. >> what kind of low budget film are we talking about. >> oh, natalie.
7:52 am
a little dark side there. very nice. >> willie playing buck naked. all right. willie, thank you very much. coming up on trending, look out kids, batdad strikes again. >> bat dad. >> and what some say is a safety leap hole wit ♪ we're just looking, right? of course. this is the leo diamond. [ woman ] wow. it's the first diamond ever independently certified to be visibly brighter. it's...perfect. it even fits. that's because... ♪ ...i already had it sized. will you marry me? [ female announcer ] the visibly brighter leo diamond. handcrafted by the master diamond artisans at leo schacter. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. yes. ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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7:56 am
>> good morning to you. 7:56. i'm marla tellez. here is a look at stories we're following. students in berkeley are wearing skirts to school in support of their classmate recovering in the hospital from what investigators call a hate crime. this video just in to the newsroom, investigators say a 16-year-old boy lit luke sasha fleishman's skirt on fire while aboard an ac transit bus. the 16-year-old apparently telling investigators he is quote homophobic. family members tell us he is remorseful. more officers will be on patrol especially muni reminding people to stay alert during the holidays. they hope it will prevent thefts especially cell phones. you made it to friday. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. yeah, friday, taste delicious. 75 degrees in livermore.
7:57 am
71 fremont and 71 in redwood city. there is some dense fog all across the bay area. mike's going to show it to you. give yourself extra time if you can this morning. a few showers on the way tuesday into wednesday. that's our next big weather event. here is mike with the morning drive. >> speaking of fog and allowing extra time. we have visibility again where our camera can see the road. so it's soupy in spots and issue slowing for drivers. we'll get to the south bay and look at the northbound routes which are moving after early problems for 280/87. that's cleared. a slower drive past the airport. we see the orange along the peninsula. there is thick fog through south san francisco, san mateo county. be careful into and out of the city. slow between the san mateo and dumbarton bridging. there is the orange, foggy around the bay bridge. >> thanks so much. we'll be back with our next update at 8:26.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
the iconic rockefeller center christmas tree arrives. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> as we welcome it it to its new home today. mississippi girls love the "today" show.
8:01 am
>> soccer moms love "today"! >> we love al roker. >> you came back! ♪ >> i'm here to be your body double. and we are back now at 8:00 on this friday morning. we have decided we weren't going to let al have all the fun. normally he ushers in the christmas tree to rockefeller plaza. we have all joined him on the truck with with this beauty. >> that's right. 76 feet tall, 12 ton. this is going to be a gorgeous tree. >> we want to thank the family who donated this tree. took 12 people to cut it down. it is going to take a lot more than that to decorate it once it
8:02 am
turns the corner here. >> 41,000 led. environmentally friendly as always. >> and then we are all getting -- >> we are all getting together. >> we are part of the tree lighting ceremony on december 4. the four of us will help flick the switch. make sure you mark that down on your calendar. it is always a fun event. why don't you do a mobile my people. >> my people! my people! >> it's our people! >> by the way, to give you a perspective of how tall this is, if you took a rockette and then she is about 5'8", if you put 13 rockettes on top of each other and stood them next to the tree
8:03 am
they would not be as tall as this beautiful spruce. >> we have the rockettes here. >> they are lining up. don't tell anybody we are on the curb now. we are way on the curb. >> i hope this guy knows how to parallel park. >> they will have this upright in just about an hour or so. watch the progress later. nathalie is here. willie is at the news desk. >> always like to measure things in terms of rockettes. damage casualties mounting as one of the most powerful storms hit the philippines. >> no one has seen anything like th this, the storm of the century. it slammed into the philippines today causing wide spread damage
8:04 am
and disruption. no one has seen anything like this for a long time. it is probably the strongest storm ever recorded in asia. there are a number of storms around this region all the time. about a million people have been forced to leave their homes, a massive evacuation mission ahead of this super typhoon making landfall. thankfully because of that the death toll has been relatively low. there have been huge waves crashing into the coast line. many areas are still cut off. perhaps sadly the death toll may rise as some of the information comes in. the authorities here are saying that the storm will now be downgraded as it crosses the capital and then off towards china and vietnam. back to you, willie. >> we are just seeing the beginning of that. an exclusive interview with chuck todd president obama apologized thursday to americans
8:05 am
who are losing their health insurance plans. he promised they could keep the plans once the affordable care act took hold. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in the situation based on assurances they got from me. we have to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can. >> the president told chuck he is looking at fixes his administration can make on its own and not options being posed in congress. secretary of state john kerry flew to meet with benjamin netanyahu. iran is offering nuclear concessions in exchange for an easing of economic sanctions. we told you thursday about
8:06 am
the latest harmless gaff by joe biden who called the wrong walsh. a woman said she got a voice mail intended for walsh. anything i can do to help you in terms of the needs in boston, holler man. the woman plans to keep the message. a bus driver's act of kind msz is reaping rewards. a woman was ready to jump from an expressway overpass. he was given a $10,000 check sent by donald trump. he has been showered with gifts and hopes to start a mental health foundation with all of it. his message, if we want a better world we have to be a part of it. barton doing the right thing and being awarded for it. we send it back outside to
8:07 am
savannah, natalie and al. >> we are hugging the tree. tree huggers. >> she keeps telling me she will give me $100 if i ride it like miley cyrus. beautiful day. we have rain down through texas. as we go to st. louis and look at the arch, very lovely. and you're going to have over the next few hours beautiful sunshine, clear skies at night. temperatures in the mid 50s. afternoon temperatures today chilly across the plains and the great lakes. the only warm weather 80s in the southwest. looking for showers in the pacific northwest. a little clipper brings snow. sunshine and windy but lovely here in the nort
8:08 am
8:07. those whiskers coming in nicely, al. good morning to you. temperatures are looking good later on this afternoon. we have to get through the thick fog. want to give you some perspective, though. socked in on the goeltden gate bridge. above the clouds can you see plenty of sunshine from san bruno mountain. you can expect clearing mostly between about 12:00 and 2:00 today. 71 for fremont. 70 in santa cruz. staying comfortable. the weekend temperatures level off. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. ♪ i came in like a wrecking tree ♪ >> who sings that song? >> miley cyrus. >> still ahead -- >> a new video from the one and only bat dad. >> favorite dad. also we have a great update. remember the couple that we saw get inseminated live on the air
8:09 am
here? well we have an update on their progress and their pregnancy. >> and coming up in trending, don't you hate people that always top every story you tell? we'll have more on that coming up after these messages. if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns.
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8:11 am
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8:13 am
[ tires screech ] [ laughter ] [ screaming ] [ tires screech ] [ laughter ] [ tires screech ] are you serious?! [ horn honks ] whoo hoo hoo! i had no idea we were capable of doing something like that. made me look at camry different. i'm shaking right now! [ man ] toyota camry. let's go places. back now at 8:13 with what's trending today. matt had to leave a little early today. a lot of talk about this new cover of time magazine. have you seen it?
8:14 am
for chris christie's the cover story, it's on newsstands today. it features the headline the elephant in the room. now we all know the republican party mascot is an elephant but a lot of people that looked at this thought is this also kind of a jab about his weight? the cover was not meant to be expensive. when i first saw it that's the first thing i thought. >> of course they did. >> they meant to be provocative and make people talk about it. >> the article was on cnn yesterday and he said yeah, he was making that jab so -- >> there you go. >> but governor christie has sort of run into all the questions about his weight. he was on letterman that time and in the middle of the interview he pulls out a doughnut and starts eating it. he's working on it. >> i don't think they had to go that far. i don't think people appreciate that but people can connect to a struggle with weight. so i think, you know, i don't think that's a bar to him seeking further political office. >> absolutely not. >> we'll see what happens. >> the burning question of the
8:15 am
morning, why oh why was the future queen of england seen riding a bus? ska kate middleton took the rare trip on public transportation to help raise money for charity. this may prove she is just like us. a little more royal. >> absolutely. >> this is where she may be just like us savannah. a lot of people pointing to a couple of grey hairs. >> leave her alone. >> look, she is 31 years old. she's a new mom and not getting a lot of sleep. that's when you start sprouting the grey hairs. maybe she hasn't had time to go to the hairdresser. what do you do with those? >> you pluck. but i leave them because i think they'll grow back even more. isn't that the rumor? >> well, i think that's the old wives tale but i don't know if it's true or not. >> i like that he road the bus. our mayor road the subway every day. >> the queen has been on the subway. >> can i tell you a story about
8:16 am
willie back to about five years ago. the make up room for morning joe and willie was getting ready for his show and i was offhandedly looking in the mirror and i said what do you do when you get a grey hair? and willie said find a younger woman. >> whoa. >> yes, he did. >> slanderous. >> yes it is. >> i'm calling my attorney. >> wow. >> and you're on the phone right now. >> oh, yeah. >> what is that? >> you know, there's a couple of things you've said in the make-up room but we're in the going to go there. but if that's where you want to go, girl. that's what you want. we'll go there. don't you go taking my boy willie down. >> i deny all the charges and encourage you to contact my attorney. >> i am your attorney. >> oh, that's right. let's just say off the bat we're guilty of the next one. the rockefeller center christmas tree and the rockettes here,
8:17 am
we're playing christmas music but it's only november 8th. is it too soon for christmas music? >> it's too soon for that steam roller song. >> i like the steam roller. >> in a new survey more than half of americans say not cool. totally unacceptable to begin playing holiday music before thanksgiving. the older you are the more unacceptable you're likely to find it. >> we have a much shorter season this year. >> they need to start playing it sooner to get people shopping sooner. and the radio stations right after thanksgiving go all christmas all the time. >> yes. >> this reminds me of something you said in the make-up room -- just kidding. >> okay. >> sorry, we're still fighting. >> a few weeks ago we introduced you to the internet sensation known as batdad.
8:18 am
he's a dad of four from georgia that won fans from all over his world with his six second videos. he puts on a batman mask and mimics the voice and struck again. >> make sure you color in between the lines. >> who do you think i am zbl. >> get off facebook so we can go to the store. >> what are you doing out of bed. >> oh my gosh i love that guy. >> i'm wondering at what point his wife is just going to -- >> facebook. >> kick him out. >> she looks like she was caught red handed. >> he couldn't stop laughing. that was perfect. >> the last time we did batdad al spoke in that voice for a full week. >> i love it. i annoyed the kids at home. i'm going to come home and do that some more. >> can you do what's trending today in that voice? >> and that's what's trending
8:19 am
today. >> that's nice. >> we'll take a turn now and to a story of what some are calling a safety loophole when it comes to prescription drugs. jeff rossen is here with details on this. good morning. >> good morning. this effects all of us. a lot of us take prescription drugs and most of the time your insurance company gives you the generic. more than 80% of the time we're taking generic drugs. they're cheaper than the name brand and the fda says just as safe. what if the drug has terrible side effects and hurts you? this morning they say there's a major grap in the law putting u as risk. she has trouble eating and drinking and breathing. she twitches uncontrol bli. it all started after taking this generic drug for acid reflux. >> i was a happy person and i liked to smile and i can't smile
8:20 am
now. there's no smile in there. >> reporter: she took the prescription drug for more than five years thinking it was safe. >> the doctor told me, he said, this is going to make you better. but it didn't. it only got worse. >> reporter: she stopped taking the drug in 2009 when the fda issued a warning that long-term use can cause the neurological disorder she has. so she tried to sue the drug makers saying the warning label for her pills was misleading and inadequate but the court dismissed her case. why? under fda rules only name brand drug makers are responsible for safety warnings. generics have to copy them. they have no control over the label. so they can't be sued. >> if you take a brand name drug you still have your rights to go to court and hold them accountable. if you take a generic drug you have no rights and most people
8:21 am
don't realize that. >> reporter: not only that, some experts say it's dangerous. 84% of prescriptions are for generics. he is with the watchdog group public citizen. >> the generic drug companies have no incentive to be vigilant to monitor for safety risk with their products. >> because they can't be sued. >> that's correct. >> reporter: he says that puts us at risk and his group petitioned the fda to change the rules. >> ultimately, we believe that generic companies need to be the ones primarily responsible for insuring the safety of their product. >> who is it now? >> no one is doing it adequately. >> they told us patient safety is the foremost concern and their products are just as safe and if the rules were changed it would create unnecessary confusion and could drive up costs. in her case, the drug maker said it provided a detailed washings about the possible risk of her disorder t. same warning as the
8:22 am
name brand. but she says that wasn't enough to protect her. her condition is irreversible and she is still unable to have her day in court. >> i don't want anybody else to have to go through this. >> reporter: this morning, a potentially big development in the story. the fda now says it is getting ready to change the rules to improve safety allowing generic drug makers to update their warning makers and that means open them up to liability in case patients get sick. ask your doctor questions. am i getting the name brand or the generic and ask those questions at the pharmacy as well so you know. >> pharmacists can be a good resource as well. thank you very much. let's head over to natalie. >> thank you, savannah. back in september we brought you our born today series that included a live ivf procedure. dr. snyderman has been keeping up with them. >> this is an amazing couple
8:23 am
that invited us into their lives. we first met them in st. louis and we have followed their journey toward parenthood. after so many years of trying for a baby without success, this morning, we have an exciting update. >> i want to be positive and i think that we're going to have twins and i think that they're going to have red hair and blue eyes. >> reporter: after being challenged with fertility issues for almost a decade, 33-year-old jessica and her fiancee derrick are a heartbeat away from starting their family. >> that's really the moment of conception. >> reporter: that moment, captured on live tv for the very first time, in vitro fertilization. >> this is now a fertilized egg. >> reporter: a fertility expert at st. luke's hospital in st. louis performed the procedure and days later transferred two embryos into jessica's uterus. ten days later, they got the results.
8:24 am
>> well, guess what, your pregnancy test is positive. it's amazing. we have a baby in there. >> reporter: the couple shared their excitement live on our air. >> i'm so ecstatic. so overwhelmed with joy. we feel so blessed. >> reporter: but the journey had just begun. seven weeks into the pregnancy, what would the first is sonogra reveal. >> hopefully we get to hear the heartbeat. >> we're looking for one or two sacks and a fetal heartbeat of 130 or 140. >> after a brief meeting with the doctor to go over expectations, finally the moment had come. >> that's the heart right there. and i'm only seeing one. one sack. with a really good heart beat.
8:25 am
>> beautiful heartbeat. just looks perfect. >> i can't say that i'm disappointed because i'm happy that there's one. one picture. one heartbeat and for this couple a priceless moment. >> it's been such a long journey to get to this point and i'm just so excited. i'm so glad that we're pregnant. >> i can't stop looking at it. >> they're a wonderful couple. as for derrick and jessica that strong heartbeat means they're well on their way. she has had morning sickness. we all know what that's like. most of us know it and this kind of exhaustion is a good thing. >> we're thrilled for derrick and jessica. >> what about the reality of a successful ivf these days? >> it means going to the right center. we think that infertility has to do with women. a lot of times it's men and age related. you want to go to ask a center that does it well.
8:26 am
it's not just getting pregnant. it's a live, healthy baby. >> dr. nancy snyderman thank you so much. still to come this a very good friday morning. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. hillary clinton will be delivering a much anticipated speech tomorrow. clinton will speak at the national association of realtors conference. tomorrow night she'll be with her daughter, chelsea, as san francisco's regional ballroom to raise money for the clinton foundation. both events are closed to the public. let's see how open those roadways are right now. checking in with mike. >> you know, they're relatively open. we just can't see them because there's fog, and that will be an issue for drivers as well. this is the view of the san mateo bridge toll plaza. you can see for about a quarter mile. that is an issue crossing the
8:27 am
bayview. be careful especially on the bridges. we traffic getting lighter as we travel 880 between the san mateo and dunbarton bridge. 101 and 85 is where the dense fog is. north 101 and 286. look at that. all throughout san francisco. the east bay from the dunn barton bridge and oakland and the east shore freeway, a tough drive. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update is coming up in half hour. have a great day.
8:28 am
to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"...
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welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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>> announcer: the toyota concert series on today, brought to you by toyota. [ music playing ]
8:31 am
8:32 am
[ music playing ]
8:33 am
>> the world famous radio city rockettes right here on our plaza. thank you so very much. they always freeze for us. now morgan is a member of the rockettes since 2005. you look great. >> thank you. >> how many times do you have to audition to be a rockette. this seems like a hard gig to get. >> it is definitely. there's only a few spots open. i auditioned three times and practiced, practiced, and i made it. >> it's amazing you can talk. >> it's really exciting. >> there's always something new every year in the spectacular. can you give us a hint about
8:34 am
what we're going to see this year? >> we're so excited for the show this year which opens today. we're running through december 30th. we have a new theme in the show called snow. there's new lights, costume, music, and the theater is transformed into a winter wonder land so you don't want to miss it. go to or a box office for christmas. >> it opens today and runs through december 30th. ladies, thank you so very much. >> all right. >> all right. >> you won't say that anymore. >> get in there. >> let's do a strut. >> as we start doing our strut i'm going to say. >> up. >> there we go. >> time with the music. as we do this, let's find out more --
8:35 am
[ inaudible ] -- >> it really is a majestic tree. >> reporter: for over 20 years this tree has been at the root of the family home. >> it's just been such a part of the house and it holds the snow well in the winter. >> she has watched over our family for the past 20 years. >> reporter: after john bought the house in 1992, the tree became a landmark. >> we used to tell people it's the house on the left with the big christmas tree in front of it. you can't miss it. >> reporter: but when they had their son, it became an integral part of their family. >> looking back on pictures seeing the boys waiting for the school bus under the tree. we had baby swings in the tree, it's always in the back grown. it's always there. >> i don't know if i can climb all the way up there. >> reporter: 15-year-old nathan and 12-year-old noah has grown
8:36 am
up along side the wide and welcoming branches. >> it's been here my entire life and it will be completely different without it. >> i always asked my dad to put me on this branch because i wouldn't reach up but now i can. as you can see. >> yes, as you can see. you can climb to the top. >> reporter: the 75 foot norway spruce was planted over 60 years ago by the original owners of the home. after the family purchased it was a christmas tree. >> it's ironic that it started as a christmas tree. >> it started as a christmas tree and going toend it's life as a christmas tree. john always said he was going to hire someone to decorate that tree and now it's going to be decorated better than i think anybody coul ever decorate it. >> who made you decide to donate her. >> i keep telling it her. yes, you know what, time after time neighbors have said it would be a great tree for rockefeller center. it's the perfect shaped christmas tree. you should send it in. that they did.
8:37 am
it seemed only natural to give the tree that's given to them to all the thousands of visitors that come to gaze at its majestic beauty. >> not just new york and u.s. but for all the visitors from all over the world that come down, especially just to see the tree. it's a big thing. >> it's going to be really great knowing that so many people across america are going to see this tree and then it's going to be a cool feeling knowing we're the ones that had it and we're the ones that donated it. >> reporter: donating a beloved tree that's grown along with this family. >> and it also symbolizes the growth of your own children. >> exactly. we have a high schooler now and we've started looking at colleges and in a couple of years he's not going to be here. the tree's not going to be here. so yeah. i'm sorry. a lot of people say it's just a tree. but no, it's not. it's not just a tree. it's a big part of our family. and we're going to miss it. >> reporter: but they look forward to seeing the tree in
8:38 am
it's true glory. >> she is going out with a bang. everybody gets to enjoy her. >> reporter: jenna bush-hager, shelton, connecticut. >> and without further adieu we want to meet this wonderful family that has given a piece of their heart in this tree. al, over to you. >> thank you as we get a bird's eye view from our friends in chopper four. john, how difficult was it to say good-bye. >> it was. once we bot the word that it was going to be our tree we sat back and thought about it. we didn't realize how much we were going to miss it. >> guys, what's your favorite memory of the tree? >> me and my friends always climbed it. that was just a great experience. when they came over we would climb it. >> yeah, same kind of memories. >> now, louise what is it going to be like for you on december
8:39 am
4th when the lights are on your tree. >> seeing it lit here in rockefeller center and letting the world enjoy it is going to make us feel good and give the christmas spirit to everybody. >> well, thank you so much. again, you guys, thank you for donating it and sharing it with the world. ththank yo happy friday to you. well, once we get rid of that dense patchy fog, we have a really nice sunny afternoon shaping up, but it will take time to clear the immediate coastline for today. 66 degrees on the way to san francisco. 71 for fremont, and 71 in san jose. getting into the weekend, and you made it this far, it's looking good. 73 on saturday. 72 for sunday. then monday into tuesday the pattern changes. we're going to drop off your temperatures and bring in some showers. best chance looks like wenks. and that's your latest weather. we have folks here talking about a great event going on in support of helping the fight
8:40 am
against autism. >> yes. 11 locations across the country we are pairing teams and assembling a hamburger together and enjoying it with each other and it's from 11:00 to 1:00 tomorrow and it's inspiring friendship and kindness and acceptance and breaking down social barriers. >> if people want more information where do they go? >> fest events or our twitter or instagram right here. >> thank you guys so much. >> thank you. well, the miss universe competition is tomorrow in moscow. you can catch it right here on nbc and thomas roberts is serving as one of the hosts this year. thomas, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning to you. we are in the thick of it right now. we're in city hall here in moscow. it's 5:30 in the afternoon and they are doing the final act of rehearsal over my shoulder right now. so technally they have just
8:41 am
crowned miss universe, the new one for 2013. you can hear a voice over me. that's the director telling us to hold but my stand in right now is doing the actual work with my co-host mel b. and he is younger and better looking and has better hair than i do and he's readediing the teleprompte better than me. steven tiler is performing and pab pan panic at the disco. >> this is an interesting experience for you. we know about russia's antigay laws and people said thomas should you be cohosting the show and you answered your critics last week. what does this experience mean to you? >> you know, savannah, it's been an incredible experience so far. i don't want to be a commercial for russia or anybody that feel
8:42 am
or understand that the propaganda law here is discriminatory. i certainly personally feel that way. i haven't run in to any discrimination during the time i have been here but i have been reporting for msnbc on that. but visibility is really important and me, i'm openly gay. i think it's an interesting fact but i'm certainly not embarrassed about it. i'm proud of my marriage and who i am. so i stand tomorrow night in tuxedo shoes very proud to be coming to you from moscow from miss universe. >> it looks like a really cool opportunity. you're the perfect person for it. thank you so much. we want to remind everybody you can catch miss universe 2013 tomorrow night at 9:00, 8:00 central in nbc. >> how to handle the people always trying to one-up you in a conversation, story
8:43 am
8:44 am
back at 8:44 this morning on the social are you a story
8:45 am
topper? one of those people that -- >> that can't help one-upping the conversation, for better or for worse. >> my insurance company said if i completed this class they'd lower my rates. >> mine said they'd lower my rates too. i guess my insurance company is better than yours. >> we all know a story topper. someone that feels the need to top a story with a better or more outrageous version of their own. >> my grandfather is yorj washington. he's on the dollar bill. i am too. that's my eye on the pyramid. >> everybody wants to be top dog and when it's story telling time and you have a gathering of people, the person with the best story is top dog at that point in the social setting. >> unlike some toppers i know i try to listen to a person's story and then i make a little comment like that's so great for you and then i go into my topic. >> we all do it in some ways. just some people are worse than
8:46 am
others. i've done it myself. you've done it. you've done it. >> when it comes to social media, everybody has a story. >> facebook toppers. >> oh. >> this is where people go crazy. you put like vacation pictures up and then they tell you about the better vacation that they just had. >> correct. and then he also post their vacation pictures. >> i am a name dropper too. not only am i a topper, i'm a droerp. >> you're a topper dropper. >> i'm a topper dropper. >> i would say like i was hanging out with dustin diamond the other day. >> i'm hanging out with dustin hoffman. >> see. >> what do you do when you encounter the dreaded story topper? >> thomas farly, always good to see you. why do we do it? what is it about us that has the need to top somebody's story? >> it serves a dual function. it helps keep the conversation going but there's a little bit
8:47 am
of insecurity in there so people feel like they need to one up. there's a lot of names for this. there's the one upper and the been there done that person. i think it's something that people really struggle with at a party and i think we have good tips for how to deal with it. >> there's a fine line between just connecting and say you had that experience, i had a similar experience too and being that obnoxious person that's trying to one up you. >> that's right. when someone is trying to steal the thunder it's a problem for them. >> would you confront the person? >> if you're at a cocktail party and it's happening once i wouldn't stay there once or waste your good stories on the person. so save it for a more receptive crowd. >> await a better audience. also stand up for yourself. what do you mean by that? >> maybe thanksgiving is coming up and maybe you know uncle sam has the stories to top everybody. i'd say i love your stories and i appreciate that you're world travelled but i don't feel like i ever get in a word edge-wise. >> should you have an even
8:48 am
better story. maybe start with story number three and try to outtop the topper? >> very strategic. >> oh. >> that's a battle you can't win. they're always going to have one better than you are. it's almost like a contest. >> i like the ones that are just a complete lie. well, that's interesting, i went to the moon once. >> really? i walked to the moon. >> lady gaga, she is doing her concert in space, i'm going to that in a couple of weeks. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> well, lady gaga is my sister. >> thank you. >> thomas, thank you so much. coming up next, the skill is that about to come in handy. four ways to tie the perfect scarf. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we are back at 8:50 with the art of tying a scarf. it can really transform an outfit from boring to beautiful if you know how to do it the right way. that's why she is here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i love scarves and they have
8:51 am
sass up a outfit but it's hard to know how to do it. >> these are three ties easy to do. wearable with every look. so first up, the infinity scarf. we're starting simple. you'll kind of bunch your scarf like this and take tends and tie them in a knot. du doesn't have to be pretty. this is a fun, fake cow neck. >> do a big loop. >> put it over your head. loop it around. >> oh, the double loop. >> the double loop. >> we're getting fancy. >> and then you give it a little -- and you can make it like a cow neck or drape it more but it's fun. >> it's warm too. >> it's warm and practical and very stylish. >> i like it. >> okay. next up -- >> if i can get it off -- >> if you can get it off. so next up is the muffler which sounds like we kind of see it there. there's a way to do it to make
8:52 am
it look really impressive. take your scarf, we've got a rectangle, fold it into a square. you've got your square. >> yes. >> now take one corner and fold it into the middle of the other side. down like that. >> yes. >> now take these two ends. so it's not a perfect triangle. >> it's triangle-ish. >> that's the key. >> now tie it behind your neck. >> that would be cute under a coat or something. >> great under a coat or with a cocktail dress instead of a statement necklace. this gives it more triangle. >> i like that. >> it's fun. >> the last one. >> i saved the more complicated. okay. take your scarf, let it go long, rectangular. place it behind your neck. equal on both sides.
8:53 am
take one side. tie a knot but leave it open as close to the collarbone as you can. >> okay. >> see if i can do it backwards here. now, not as open. you've got a key hole. reach through. grab this side. >> yes. >> grab the other side. >> yeah. >> pull it through get a little loop. >> mine didn't have a loop. >> wait, hold on like this. >> yeah. >> got it. >> now you're going to tighten the knot, your original knot. >> you know, i practiced. i practiced. >> and look, i love that. >> it's very polished and you can add jewelry to it too. put the barrett on it. >> thank you so much. your results at home may vary. >> practice makes perfect. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> i want to try that again.
8:54 am
8:55 am
yours looks fabulous. >> thank you. >> i kind of like it. >> very manly. >> nice. >> let's make it even more manly with a little pin on it. >> oh, there you go. >> we're going to do it. >> carson is working on the voice and wanted us to pass along a message. >> the voice patter inned with twitter in a new and exciting way. if you are a fan and want to save your favorite artist, head to to find out how you can save them.
8:56 am
>> what's coming up? >> in the third hour, we talk about the proposal to eliminate transfats in foods all together. good idea? good morning. i'm marla tellez. people are action newsing shsly waiting for their first chance to get the much needed holiday help. these people started lining up overnight outside the sacred heart community service just to sign up tore their annual holiday program in order for families to get their hands on free food and toys. they need to register this morning, and it all starts at
8:57 am
9:00. >> for people that are low income, it's stuff you need. i have a big family, and i'm able to cook a big meal for everybody for thanksgiving. >> more than 2,000 people are expected to sign up. we'll be back with our next local news update at 9:26. would look like john stamos. n wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. sounds too good to be true... it's thick, creamy but 0% fat and twice the protein. huh..! where did stamos go? he's here, the oikos are on him. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon.
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9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a very special friday morning, november 8th, 2013. i'm williest along with al roker and natalie morales. yes, you saw the tree right there in that shot as it rolled in. it is here. it is time. you guys were on board as it made it's way into rockefeller plaza. >> giant tree. >> shelton, connecticut. >> they donated it this year. absolutely it was planted in their yard as a christmas tree i guess over 50 years ago. >> i think it's 80 years old. >> it's grown obviously into
9:01 am
this beautiful blue spruce. >> when you see the tree come in and the rockettes on the plaza, it's time. >> yeah. >> what's so great is its so much a part of people's family traditions. i remember my dad and my uncle bringing me and my brother and my cousins down here to see the christmas -- not then. back in the day not only did you see the christmas show, you saw a movie. we saw the absent minded professor. >> like a big screen outside. >> no, inside. >> wow. >> at radio city and you would see a movie and it was -- >> for your dad, he took the whole day. >> yeah, he and my uncle left. >> it's over. >> by the way, you can watch the christmas in rockefeller center special december 4th, 7:00 eastern time as we light up the tree. >> look how we are wearing the hats. >> you are. >> al, yours is getting a little high there. in the news this morning, chuck todd had an exclusive interview
9:02 am
with president obama yesterday. >> made a lot of news. >> made a lot of news because the president apologized to americans losing their current health insurance plans as a result of the affordable care act. >> do you feel like you owe these folks an apology for misleading them? even if you didn't intentionally do it? but at this point they feel mislead. >> even though it's a small percentage of folks that may be disadvantaged it means a lot to them and it's scary to them and i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we've got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and that we're going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> so hard to say i'm sorry. just straight i'm sorry, right? >> you kind of start with i'm sorry that they find themselves in this position. >> well, the small percentage of americans. >> the small percentage that are in this position. >> and that adds up to a lot of
9:03 am
americans. the president's comments were made 10 days after lisa myers, her investigative unit report that the administration has known since 2010 that millions of americans could lose their insurance under the new law. the president has apologized. he admitted the website has been a disaster. so now the question is what does he do about it and what happens next? >> he is still in support of kathleen sebelius in that interview. it's clearly going to take a lot of soul searching and figuring out how to get this thing to work. >> yeah. she's not going anywhere. big story across the country, they're calling it a fat-wah right? they announced a proposal that would eliminate transfats in all foods. they're used in processed food in restaurants to improve the texture textu texture, the self-life, the flavor of food.
9:04 am
>> thank you. >> new york imposed a transfat ban back to 2007. i don't think i missed or noticed a difference. have you noticed a difference? >> people gave bloomberg a lot of flak but he's been ahead of the curve on certain things. >> the donuts still taste like the donuts in other parts of the country. >> and they can make it work. we had the satisfries from burger king. they were tasty. >> the fda will collect comments on the plan for the next two months and will announce a phase out timetable to get rid of trans fats. different foods have different time lines. that's what the companies will be forced to do. get rid of the trans fats and find something not so bad for you. >> i don't know that science behind the trans fats because clearly there's a lot of science. it's what makes your food, the tastiness in french fries.
9:05 am
but there's plenty of other substitutes and going back to the farm foods, the old butter which seemed to be just fine. >> the old butter. >> yeah. let's go back to the butter. >> the old butter. >> i remember the old butter. >> whole buttermilk. come on. >> buttermilk actually has very little fat. >> very little fat. >> oh, i don't know. on the farm, what do you call it? old butter. >> old buttermilk sounds like a saw horse coming into the barn. >> all of a sudden you're on the farm. >> oh buttermilk. >> so it's only a matter of time before trans fats are gone. i don't know how you feel about the next one. >> i'm outraged. >> let's stop this. >> i'm a gig fan of go go. >> that provide the wireless internet. >> wifi on a plane is a great thing. >> but now the system that
9:06 am
allows passengers on some flights to use their phone. don't do it. no, no, no. >> nobody wants this. they already offer this on business flights and like, for, i guess, those very elite who fly in those private flights. >> if you want to talk in private on your private plane, do it. >> you have a private jet, god bless you. we don't. >> as soon as we land, people, hey, hey, i just landed. yes, right, i'm going to be home in about 30 minutes -- do you really think they care? >> no. >> if you sound like that at home, they're saying stay away awhile. >> you download an app before you take off and you click on it and make phone calls. they're in discussion with commercial airlines. >> this is opening up pandora's box. once you put it out there you can't take it back and then people are going to be -- you can't shut the person up next to you. >> we don't like to listen to old buttermilk talk there and
9:07 am
certainly don't want it on the plane. >> wifi is great. you can check e-mails. if it's a six hour flight. >> yeah. to me, my flight time is my zen time. i like the fact that i usually don't go on a go go and i just chill and read a book. when was the last time you watched all of your shows back to back? that's what i -- >> maybe they can have an area in the cargo hold where you can make the phone call. >> yeah. >> and a button. if you get too loud they can eject you off the plane. >> i'm sorry, there's a dog next to me right now. we'll be on the ground in about 30 minutes. >> and there was exotic snakes calling you i love it. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> let's show you what's going on. >> you know you want the trans fats. >> he's going for it. thank you so much. we have super typhoon haiyan. 232 miles south, southeast of the philippines.
9:08 am
165 miles per hour winds. this thing is huge. it's 300 miles wide. the distance from boston to philadelphia. wind speeds 165 miles per hour. give you some kind of correlation here, hurricane sandy where it came on land had 80 miles per hour winds. would you hold that for me? thank you. we have lake effect snow coming in here but let's go to the mile high city. take a look at denver. beautiful day #todaysunrise. you'll have sunny skies and temperatures mid-50s. showers and maybe a little mild weather later on tonight. we have a beautiful day here in the northeast. lake effect snow showers. western new york, western p.a. beautiful here in the southeast. sunny skies. on into texas. phoenix, arizona, sunshine and 86. another system coming into the acific northwest and we have a clipper that happy friday to you. well, once we get rid of that dense patchy fog, we have a nice
9:09 am
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from tragedy at the lax airport, the week was filled with memorable news stories. >> a lot of them were captured with a picture perfect imagine. good to see you again. >> good morning. >> let's talk first about chris christie, the elected -- newly elected governor of new jersey once again. let's take a look at photos of him and his family. we love this one. it shows a priceless moment. embracing his family. >> most certain. he beat out barbara buono and you can make out the children in the background. this is a big deal. a lot of people are expecting him to be a contender in the republican nomination for the presidency of course in terms of the race. what i loved is he is hugging his wife but he gained popularity after hurricane sandy and hugged obama after hurricane sandy and there was controversy around that and he was having to deny it wasn't a hug. it's a handshake. it was interesting how that story continues and he was on the cover of time magazine.
9:14 am
>> which has controversy of its own. >> is it a reference to his weight or the fact that he's republican? >> exactly. >> terrible tragedy last week at l.a.x. where a tsa officer was shot and killed. >> of course. this is a tribute to the fallen officer. she is holding the same flag that is going to be used at the funeral service. and he was the first tsa officer that's been killed, you know, in the line of duty since 2001 when the agency was founded. there were two other officers injured and what's most troubling and perplexing is the note they found. he is the shooter and there's a note on his body that had said he wanted to kill a tsa officer to instill fear in the mind of the tsa officer. >> sick, sick person. now we have all been awed by the story of the nine skydivers that survived the mid-air collision
9:15 am
between two planes. >> that's unbelievable. >> phenomenal and what's really powerful is that five of them had the cameras on their head -- >> the go-pro. >> exactly. they captured this moment. the plane lost it's wing. it captured the moment of the pligs and it exploded into a fire ball. this was above superior, wisconsin and there's a date-line special coming up. like special. i know that the investigation is still on going in terms of how this happened but the pilot survived as well. >> that's the good news. >> look at the position they're in right there. it's amazing that some of them made it out of there. >> it almost looks like it's in formation how they're falling. >> yeah. >> they were in a total sky dive at that point. >> incredible. >> let's talk next about -- this is a different flight story. the great swiss man known as the jet man that got an up close
9:16 am
view. >> what's so compelling is both of these photos taken at 12,000 feet. this is again in japan -- not only did he go around once, he went around nine times. >> show off. >> at a speed of 190 miles per hour. i'd like to travel that but i don't know if i'd like to do it that high. >> not when your body is safe. >> it was homemade. can you imagine that? >> he is a pilot so he has some skill there is that may help with that. >> exactly. >> we have a great picture now with the pope. >> yes. >> oh, the pope, yes, fantastic. of course, this is the pope. he is kissing -- this picture went viral. he is kissing a man who has -- i forget exactly what the illness is -- i don't know what the illness was but he is quite disfigured and this photo is endee indeering because the pope has shown a side that a lot of people feel is impressive showing empathy and humanity. >> beautiful photo. >> went out and washed the feet
9:17 am
of some people several months ago. that's the kind of things this pope has been doing. >> very in touch. >> on a completely different note, jay-z, beyonce, blue vivy >> they're silhouetted so you don't necessarily see their faces. so it's not as invasive and this was posted by beyonce herself on her tumblr blog. usually we see more photos of blue ivy with beyonce than jay-z. so this is nice. >> and it's nice to show that fathers are just as important and make a big difference in their child's life. >> and some say all the more important. >> i would think so. in some ways. >> moms are. come on. all right. thank you very much. coming up next, we'll get you caught up on all the news you need before you leave the house this morning. >> and a little bit later, have you been digin'?
9:18 am
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taking a look at the headlines, the nations unemployment rate edged up to 7.3% in october. that's up one tenth of a percent. the economy added jobs during the partial government shutdown. >> exclusive elements during the dolphins bullying investigation. he says the alleged abuse of his client by one or more teammates included a physical attack and included a threat to sexually assault his sister. he left the team last week and has not returned. the nfl hired an attorney to investigate the case. airfare has ranked services and frontier airlines is number one followed by virgin americans, jet blue,
9:23 am
alaskan airlines and southwest. and the winner for the second time in six years, the cat lack cadillac sedan. >> some restaurants across the country are planning a special thank you on veteran's day. applebee's is among them with the annual tradition of offering to active duty military personnel that show proof of service. last year applebee's served more than 1 million free meals to those that served our country. the nation's oldest veteran is getting a lot of salutes these days. he looks great. lives in austin texas. he served in world war ii and at a ceremony on thursday he was honored with a standing ovation and a box of cigars. the key to living at his age, he says, is staying out of trouble.
9:24 am
>> and the toy hall of fame has two new inductees. rubber ducks and the game of chess beat out my little pony and the magic 8 ball. they were picked based on their longevity and innovation. rubber duckie ♪ you make bath time so much fun ♪ >> i would have liked a little more imaginatioimagination. how about a woodblock. >> the little green army guys? >> they're definitely on there. but nothing is quite like the rubber duckie in the bath. ♪ posting the turkey on instagram. ♪ ♪ filming a card to send to the fam. ♪ ♪ singing carol-oke with my best friends. ♪
9:25 am
♪ hanging out with mom, ♪ making ninjabread men all day, ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ that's my kind of holiday, ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ what's your kind of holiday? but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. [ dad ] tide and downy together. you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪
9:26 am
good morning. students at mabek high in berkeley are wearing skirts to school today. this is in support of their classmate who is recovering in the hospital. from what investigators call a hate crime. investigators say a 16-year-old boy lit luke sacha sleichman's skirt on fire while aboard an ac transit bus. he says he is "homophobic," but family members say is he remorseful. officers will be on patrol in san francisco, especially on muni reminding people to stay alert during the holidays. they're hoping the increased presence will help prevent thefts of especially cell phones that account for two-thirds of robberies. hillary clinton will be in
9:27 am
san francisco tomorrow delivering a much anticipated speech about 22,000 expected to show up to see clinton speak at the national association of realtors conference. tomorrow night she'll be with her daughter, chelsea, at san francisco's regency ballroom to raise money for the clinton foundation. both events are closed to the public. we'll check the forecast and the roads after the break.
9:28 am
good morning to you. happy friday. we have a pretty good manufacture looking weekend shaping up. there's thick fog out there this morning. should be burning off mostly between about noon and 2:00. 71 on the way to san jose. today 75 in livermore, and those temperatures will tumble as we get into next week with showers on the way up in the knott bay starting on monday. better chance south of the golden gate bridge tuesday into wednesday. we're going clear out and see a little bit of a warmup as we get into thursday. hope you have a fantastic weekend. fog still burning off as well. we have a heavy flow of traffic through fremont.
9:29 am
808 into the south bay. we're looking at the south bay map. one shoutout. there's a crash on the first street line here with a light rail walk watching for delays. there's a little slowing past the airport. not a big deal. the orange all over the peninsula is heavy fog, dense fog. tough for see there as well as east bay approaching the bay bridge. i cannot see our oakland -- ride from the oakland camera. low clouds hovering around the maze and back up at the toll plaza. no big surprises other than a slow drive on the approach. back to you. >> mike, thanks. we'll be back with our next local news update at 9:56. see you then. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a
9:30 am
pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. welcome back to today on this friday morning, november 8th, 2013. i'm willie geist with al and natalie. good news america, we've got oprah's list of favorite things. >> some of your favorite things too. >> it's here. she revealed the big list of favorite things. we picked four of the quirkiest items. let's start with the sweater mug. >> what is it? it's not even a real sweater on the mug. >> it looks like a knit sweater to keep your coffee warm or something. >> it's part of the mug. >> it's porcelain. >> it's a pretty mug i guess. >> it's lovely. >> how about these custom illustrated pillows. you send in a photo of your pet and get a hand drawn illustration on the throw pillow. >> before i got pepper, before
9:31 am
we adopted her i really would not -- but i'm in on this. >> the funny thing is -- >> they took sort of like our dogs. >> these are $395, though. >> wow. >> pricey. >> i'll just give my son a magic marker and a pillow. >> but that said, they just sent these randomly to us. that dog kind of looks like pepper and this dog looks just like my zara. that's complete consequence. >> are you sure we didn't prepare these? >> they said no. it was totally random. >> how about a shot salt glass. >> it's made out of salt. >> no, it's great to cook with. you cook with it all the time. >> i cook with it all the time and i have these plates i use on the grill. you grill directly on the salt plate. >> i wonder how long these last, though? >> as long as you clean it out -- >> oh, heavens it's really salty.
9:32 am
>> yeah. >> okay. man, you know what, joe is in for a great weekend. >> it's been one thing after another today. there's a darkness here america. >> it's friday. >> america there's a darkness in this right here. >> it's friday. it's been a long week. >> it is salty but if you put tequila in there you don't have to put salt around the rim. i love oprah but this disturbs me. >> this is the chocolate nativity scene. you can eat the three wise men and go right down the line. >> no. >> this is a big platter of wrong. >> no, no. >> that's cruel. >> there's blasphemy there perhaps. >> and i think it's cherry inside. >> just opens right up on you, doesn't it? >> that's not something we need to see or want. >> i do like my pillow. >> yes. >> and take your salt and have a
9:33 am
party. >> have a weekend. >> okay. you've got a check of the weather for us al. >> yeah, we do. let's show you what we've got for the weekend. saturday we've got snow around the great lakes. rain in the pacific northwest. shower ri conditions down through southern florida. then sunday, sunday, windy and snowy in northern new england. another clip coming across the plains to bring cold air and happy friday to you. well, once we get rid of that dense patchy fog, we have a really nice sunny afternoon shaping up, but it will take time to clear at the immediate coastline for today. 66 on the way to san francisco later on. 71 for fremont, and 71 degrees in san jose. getting into the weekend, and you made it this far, it's looking good. 73 degrees on saturday. 72 for sunday, and then monday into tuesday, the pattern changes. we're going to drop off your temperatures and bring in showers. best chance looks like wednesday.
9:34 am
and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. well, if you have been busy this weekend and say you want to curl up with a page turner, you can use suggestions, we have free apps and websites you want to check out. >> randi zuckerberg is the founder of zuckerberg media and great to see you again. >> happy friday. >> oh. >> you're digin' with us. >> we are. >> she's on to this new word we're trying to create. >> the dot book, the kid's book is in rotation at our house. >> thanks guys. that makes my day. >> kids love it. this changes the color of your computer screen. >> i don't know if you are as guilty as i am, i'm always getting in one last level of candy crush before i go to bed or answering that one last e-mail but that bright light effects your ability to go to
9:35 am
sleep and sleep cycles. so it's a great website. you can put in your location. it snows where you are and it dims your screen accordingly to the room you're in so it won't effect your sleep cycle. >> that's mart. >> tells you when it's sort of time for lights out there. >> exactly. >> we sampled this on our today show homepage. next up is an app that recommends books depending on whatever mood you're in and what you want to read. >> that's right. so assuming you already read through dot by randi zuckerberg. sorry, shameless plug. you can go to which book and you have sliding scales you can put in. do you want an ending that's predictable or love story, crime, you put in what you're looking for and out pops a book. >> this is really great. very useful. >> that's for if you don't trust your facebook friends recommendations on books.
9:36 am
>> cool. this one needs a little more explanation. fiver. >> anything on this site you can get someone to do for $5. >> we found a funny one. there's a guy that said he will be a human billboard. he will write anything across his face, across his body for $5. >> oh, wow, that's not good. >> but you can get some great services too. you can get people to translate. people who are actually write blog posts for you. all kinds of interesting stuff for $5. >> well, this one is probably going to be my favorite new app. free karaoke. >> we have to queue it up. sing with me ♪ you can dance, having the time of your life ♪ >> she has a great voice that is
9:37 am
another segment for another time, though. >> you want to do karaoke come with me any day. >> i'll sing with you any day natalie. waze is a great, great site. so you can take a look here, we have a grid of manhattan. it shows you where there's police you might need to look out for. where there's really heavy traffic and you get the information from other drivers that are on the road with you. i actually -- i always use waze even if i know exactly where i'm going. >> how are they getting that information? are they driving and like -- >> crowd source. >> so anybody that uses waze relays information. >> hopefully you're at a stoplight. >> hopefully so. >> next one really quick is lama. >> lama. >> this manages the ringer for you. >> let's say you forget to put your phone on silent at night it can auto detect where you are
9:38 am
and set your phone to quite for you. >> nice. like that. randi zuckerberg. >> she can do it all. >> happy friday. >> coming up next, drew brees inspires kids in the your adventurous side is waiting. your relaxing side is calling... your let's do it all side has arrived... and an unforgettable disney vacation is all within your reach. and right now, you can create a 7-day package including a select walt disney world resort hotel room and theme park tickets for as little as $75 per person per day for a family of four so come on. show your disney side, this year at the place where dreams come true. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup.
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balance bar® dark. what can yodesigner jewelry.xx? the hottest beauty trends. the latest handbags. style for your guy or your best friend. for less than department stores. check out all the designer brands maxxinistas are scoring. t.j.maxx. [ female announcer ] when did we start thinking that eating a tiny breakfast would help us weigh less? ♪ with the special k® breakfast, eat all this, with new, hearty special k multi-grain cereal. data shows women who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don't. so eat right, not less. ♪ a new perspective. what will you gain when you lose? ♪ >> announcer: today's extra yards brought to you by walmart. save money, live better. walmart. all right. on today's extra yard, we are in
9:42 am
the superdome. we're going to big easy. pay a trip down there to see drew brees. >> through the dream foundation they raised more than $20 million for the city of new orleans and other charities. >> they're look ago head to the future teaming up with high school students. today contributing correspondence jenna bush-hager has more. >> the big easy. a city built on reinvention. as quarterback of the new orleans saints drew brees has emotions bodied that spirit before the super bowl win and the mvp awards. >> i didn't have a team or home at the time. new orleans embraced us. more so than that it was a calling for us to come and be a part of the rebirth of this city and this community. >> brees and his wife britney dove head first into the renaissance opening shops and
9:43 am
starting businesses in new orleans. invested in the people too. four years ago he partnered with idea village. a local non-for-profit that launched the crazy idea challenge for high school students. >> he came as an entrepreneur. it was so amazing to see his excitement and intensity and thoughtfulness how about we could truly impact the kids of new orleans. >> reporter: students are teamed up solving an issue facing a new orleans business or school. everything from increasing school spirit to increasing youth t-shirt sales at a local store. >> they're having to put their heads together and turn that into a legitimate business to help their school. help their community. >> reporter: students like lucy and ma'lik that competed against each other last year are mentored by professionals and taught how to develop a business plan and market their product. >> it gave us an opportunity to
9:44 am
take an experience outside of the classroom. >> i see myself in the future as being an entrepreneur. i know there's going to be failures as well as achievement and i'm prepared for that. >> you watch a lot of these kids completely come out of their shell and become really confident individual which is great to see. >> reporter: julie smith participated in the challenge from the conception and now is a freshman in college. she says she has drew brees to thank for her confidence. >> he shepping us to see what we can do and open up to ideas we didn't think we were capable of. >> the challenge continues to grow with google adding a tech focus to this year's competition. more students are signing on. >> when they look into the face of someone like drew it takes their work to another level and opens their minds to what they're able to accomplish. >> brees and his wife pick the annual winning team awarding scholarships and grants to their school.
9:45 am
>> every kid has a dream and every kid needs someone to believe in them and foster at a belief inside of them. >> what was your crazy idea? >> our crazy idea was probably to come to new orleans. >> a city that tanhanks to his effort and the kids he has helped is on the way to having a crazy strong future. for today, jenna bush-hager, new orleans. >> that's terrific. >> i love him. just love the brees family. >> done such a good job off the field but also won a super bowl which doesn't hurt. >> you can watch the saints and the cowboys sunday night. sunday night football night in america kicks off at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on nbc. >> still to come, we'll show you how to spice up tonight's dinner with exotic flavors
9:46 am
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9:49 am
all right. so you're looking for something to spice up your dinner tonight, you bring the flavors of the world to your table. >> she has done the traveling for you and she is the author of the new book exotic table. >> thank you for having me. >> you travel a ton. >> yes, i do. >> you find spices and flavors from all over the world. what are some of your favorites recently? >> i love places where there's a bunch of different cultures that have come together. peru, i was in lima which was amazing. turkey. i kind of went all over.
9:50 am
istanbul and south africa. >> what's great here is you have taken the flavors and brought them together in something recognizable so our kids will eat it. >> that's what the book is about. global influences on every day food. this is how i cook at home based on my multicultural heritage. my husbands. my travels and it's about familiar foods. >> yeah. >> get in here and tell us about this. >> so this is a couple of pounds of ground lamb we have at room temperature. always start with room temperature so it cooks all the way through. and we have shallots that have been cooked with garlic. >> can you replace this with beef or chicken if you wanted to? >> you can replace it with your favorite ground meat. we have egg yolk we'll add in there and bread crumbs but it's really the spice blend that gives it all of the flavor. and there's a couple of spices that add smokiness. spanish paprika and then we have
9:51 am
a little bit of heat from chili pepper and black pepper as well. >> can people find them readily or do you have to look far to find the more exotic ones. >> you can find most of them. you might only find the green kind in your regular grocer which you can substitute. >> we're going to do it gingerly because meat can toughen up if you work it too much. so you just want to do kind of a claw-like thing and just fold it all together basically. >> all right. i'll give you that. you're going to scoop it. >> but these are smaller meatballs. it cooks quicker. these are great for cocktail parties but you can also make some pattys or burger and throw it in the freezer. >> you're putting these on parchment paper. >> yes, keep them there before you throw them in the pan. we have these here are browning up and that's real the first step. we're going to just brown them
9:52 am
for a few minutes to just get color on them and throw them in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes. >> do you mind if we taste? >> oh, yeah. >> pair it up and make a nice salad and you have a great meal. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. they're so good that i can't even finish my sentence. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> the recipes are at we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> oh, that's good.
9:53 am
9:54 am
our good friend erica hill is here with a preview of what's coming up on weekend today. >> christmas music. >> we are. we got the blake shelton christmas album a little late last year. my kids were obsessed with it and started asking for it a couple of weeks ago. >> it is blake shelton. >> it's okay. >> anything he does. >> we don't have christmas music this week but what we do have for you is important shopping
9:55 am
advice. when you go to the grocery store there's a debate of whether or not you should save the money and go for the store brand or go with the name brand that you know. there's a lot of concern sometimes about quality. well, we did some tests. we did a few tests and we looked at one mom who also did a test of her own for us with her family. swapped out some things. you'll see what happened there. i do the generic. >> you do? >> my new england mother taught me well. >> i think it depends a lot to me on what it is. >> that's the truth. >> cereals sometimes aren't quite the same. >> i swapped out the box. my kids like honey nut cheerios. >> i swapped out the box. my ki[ male announcer ]cheerios. pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add some beef, sloppy joe sauce and cheese, fold it all up and boom!
9:56 am
delicious unsloppy joes perfect for a school night. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. [ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ] don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey. toaster strudel! colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. time now 9:56 brsh good morning. i'm jon kelley. east palo alto interim police chief taking over today. city officials appointing frederico rocca as interim chief. he is replacing john davis.
9:57 am
davis announced he was leaving to head the office of community oriented police services for the department of justice. he has been the police chief since back in 2005. bart officials work to update safety procedures they say new rules could mean fewer trains out on the tracks. since two workers were killed just last month, employees have really worked to simply keep trains away from the work site, but that has been causing a lot of delays, so bart employees have been looking for other solutions. a safety hearing yesterday officials say a more permanent solution could be most of the work at nighttime, but that then means less time for trains to run. right now let's take a look at that forecast and check in with christina for the friday forecast. good morning to you. happy friday. we have a pretty good-looking weekend shaping up. happy to tell you that. thick fog should be burning off mostly between -- temperatures will tumble next week with
9:58 am
showers on the way up m north bay starting on monday. better chance south of the golden gate bridge tuesday into wednesday, but we're going to clear out and see a little bit of a warmup as we get into thursday. hope you have a fantastic weekend. over here towards fremont there's still some haze with fog and a much lighter situation now. visibility is fine for drivers, and so is the feed for 880. 808 not the problem. 680. we have a crash still in the lane blocking two of your lanes. very slow down towards mission boulevard. the fog kicking in for the peninsula. still holding through the city and over the east bay. approaching that bay bridge toll plaza. very congested morning. >> all right, mike. thank you very much. we'll have a local update for you in one-half hour from right now. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it's friday, friday, november 8th, one week into no shave november. and we're tired of being left out. >> not really. >> yes, we are. >> the whole reason. >> i can't breathe under here. okay. anyway, it's to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. so the men of the "today" show have not shaved. >> oh, no. >> yeah. >> no, no. >> we like our matt clean shaven. >> here's al.
10:01 am
>> not that much difference. >> it'll grow in. we'll see. >> willie looks like a teenager. >> willie is starting to look like a movie star, excuse me. i'm liking it. >> what? >> yeah, big willie's looking good. >> willie's is growing in sparse. what about carson? >> we have to see his. >> i think his is going to grow -- >> that was a selfie. >> we're all doing it. we're having fun with it. but we take men's health along with women's health very, very seriously. i know it's hard to believe when you're looking at us. but hoda has been through cancer personally and she can tell you that -- tommy can attest. tommy actually looks better. >> anyway, you guys. >> humor gets you through. >> sure does. do you like a man with a beard? >> or chest hair? >> or chest hair. >> okay. do you like a man with a beard? >> no, i don't. >> okay. >> we're going to play a game.
10:02 am
and it's called "guess that beard." we're ready. >> beard number one. >> i can't wait. >> oh, that's what's his name. >> not hugh -- >> ben affleck. >> and beard number two is hugh jackman. >> you can wear anything you want. >> and number three. >> huh? >> oh, that's the guy from -- >> kevin klein? >> no. it is -- i know, john hamm? and beard number four is -- >> george clooney! >> wow. >> and the last one? "duck dynasty." our my cousin from appalachia. >> did i tell you we were brilliant again? >> we had the biggest day and forgot to remind you we're brilliant. that's what the daily news says. >> you can still get it online
10:03 am
at >> we're starting to have lunches with people who help us with that column. and they are a wild and wacky bunch. >> here's a question for you, have you gone into a restroom at kind of a nice restaurant -- and bathroom attendant hands you towel or soap or something and they're standing the person is standing in there. there's been a debate about whether or not that -- >> first of all, they're necessary. second of all, do people like it? or are people put off by it? and it all started when the editor of "business insider" wrote a blog. he said he was uncomfortable with the encounters in the restaurants. he says he feels guilty. he says "poor guy" in a tuxedo with a terrible job of standing in the men's room all day. there are different sides to every story. >> if you need a job and you'll take the job, then, fine. i always feel bad. i feel bad when someone is handing you a paper towel.
10:04 am
it's sitting right there, you can get your own. i feel bad and i always also feel like you should tip. you should give something because there's no point in going in there. >> if it was every room, we got used to it, but it's once in a while. and i'm always caught off guard without cash. then you go back to the table, bring back some cash. which is fine. but there was a gentleman who just passed away about a week or two ago who every time you went to the restaurant 21 here in new york -- >> he was there. >> he was legendary. they called him the reverend. he was a reverend in real life. loved his job and helped how many presidents and captains of industry and nice people through the years. he loved it. and he was beloved. >> yes. >> but the point is -- i think it's -- i always -- i sometimes in public restrooms, i don't like going in there because -- when someone's in there, sometimes i feel uncomfortable. do you? >> only when you're the only two. and you know they're listening. i hate that feeling.
10:05 am
i sing. i sing really, really loud. and most of the time they go, oh, sing something else too. so i'm in there for a while. you know what i do like? >> what? >> when you go into a restroom and there's a lady attendant and she's not just there to hand you the towel because you can do that as you say yourself. when she's got hair spray and she's got mints and she's got all kinds of goodies, that i like because then you're getting something for the tradeoff. >> right. okay. so there's a new thing in wine. >> oh, this is a segue. >> i was bored. you were pretty much done with it. so there's a new trend in wine and there are paper wine bottles. >> and i believe we have one in front of us. >> they're called paper boys. >> look at this. >> heavy as a regular bottle. >> cardboardish. 85% lighter than a regular bottle. >> it is? >> yeah. >> it's heavy, though.
10:06 am
it's -- >> not really, you can still list wine. >> jerry, may i have a real bottle of wine, please? >> yeah. here's the good news about this, might surprise you, you can put this in an ice bucket and it won't fall apart according to the company. >> you can? >> it is between $13.99 and $14.99. at wine does come in cardboard, it's not unique. >> and i wonder if it's much better for the environment or how many trees have to die for this. >> it's got a screw top on it. >> people love it because you don't need a corkscrew. >> but it's always in the taste, hoda woman. come on in and get your 100 dollars. >> by the way, every time a crew guy gets on tv, they get $100. >> drives everybody crazy. >> ready? >> yes. >> and good luck to you. oh, yeah. you do feel it then? but this is a particularly large bottle of wine. it is.
10:07 am
>> -- bottle of wine. >> no, it's not, it's a nice, big hefty one, hoda. >> jerry says no. >> jerry says no and i believe jerry. i'm wrong and i'm wrong, i'm a big enough woman to admit it. there's a hotel in shanghai that is trying something new. this one decided to -- instead of going above the ground to go underground. it's a five-star hotel in a massive hole. and it's in shanghai. that's what it's going to look like when it's done. >> oh, now that i'm seeing it -- i thought that you wouldn't be looking out windows and things like that. that's actually gorgeous. >> what is it? >> that looks like it was built into the dead sea or something. >> well, it's underground and it's -- >> wouldn't that mislead you when you just read it was going to be underground meaning like tunnels you've got to go down to. that's quite beautiful. an artificial waterfall and lake will connect with the nearby river to keep the water clear
10:08 am
and as a reservoir in case of fire. >> what happens if it rains like new orleans, it's like a bowl. >> i don't know. these things, i hope, are being thought of beforehand. >> i like when you make sound effects. okay. so there is a new study that -- >> always. >> half of the travelers prefer a male pilot to a female pilot. so when you get on the plane or you hear the voice. >> yes. >> and you hear a male voice or female voice, how do you feel? >> it adds so much, doesn't it? >> here's the thing about that -- >> that's the graphic we waited half an hour for? >> i don't listen for male or female voice. you know what i listen for? calm. when there's someone who sounds like they're a teenager, i get afraid. >> yeah, you don't want to hear the youth. >> when there's a young guy or girl -- >> hi, so glad you're with us today. >> especially on the regional jets because that's where they practice. >> right. >> no, it's like mickey mouse is up there.
10:09 am
>> i don't mind male or female, i do mind -- >> i didn't realize that only 6% of the pilots in the world are women. so they're making gains but pretty slowly, wouldn't you think? >> maybe that's why people are unsettled because they're so unused to having female pilots. >> i like to balance it out. if there's one thing, we should have another. i'm all for equality in the cockpit, if you know what i'm saying. oh, yeah. you know what it's time for, hoda? your friday funny. hold down the laughter. >> an elderly woman decided to have her portrait painted to hang over the fireplace as a gift to her husband. when the painting was almost completed, she asked the artist, listen, can you add some diamond earrings and maybe a diamond necklace? sure, said the artist and added the items to the painting. lady lifted the painting again and said, you know what, i think i need emerald and ruby bracele bracelets, as well. okay, the artist hesitantly said
10:10 am
and added the new items to the portrait. then she said, let's add one more thing, an expensive-looking gold watch. the artist finally getting a little frustrated says, excuse me, ma'am, but i have never seen you wear anyone of those items before, why are you adding all this jewelry? to which she responded, because in case i die first and my husband marries some young girl, i want her to go crazy looking for the jewelry. nuff said. you know how hard it is to find clean jokes? >> all right. you know what it's time for? >> johnson's baby announcement. >> our first johnson's baby of the week is elaina marie. her parents say her 3-year-old brother andrew has really taken to his baby sister. loves to tickle her. >> next is isabella johnson born september 10th in new york. her mom says her daughter has the most beautiful smile.
10:11 am
and appreciate every moment with your new baby. even all through the night when your baby is up. >> now on to a baby born on september 29th in new jersey. james robert fulton jr. weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, this is the first baby for mom jennifer who says her baby boy is full of smiles. >> good. he doesn't have any gas then. that's good. and our last johnson's baby is dominic isaiah garcia, weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces, born in california on september 6th. little dominic loves to be held when he's falling asleep listening to aunt kathie lee's cd. but he likes to wake up again because he likes to hear more. >> we want to congratulate all of our babies. and if you want your baby to appear in our baby of the week go to and go to the connect button. we are connecting. all right, they have the boyfriends and body you wish you had. >> how to stop being jealous of other women. it's a dirty job but
10:12 am
someone's got to do it and today it's going to be us. wait until you see what we have to do. we are going to milk a goat. >> oh, lord. >> we'll be back. it could be worse. hershey's is more than chocolate, it's an opportunity to stop and savor the unmistakable taste that reminds us that life is delicious. ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors!
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same networks. half the cost. get a samsung galaxy s3. unlimited everything, just $45 a month. only at walmart. maybe it's the woman who has always got it together or the mom who gets to work out and have lunch with her friends. but momentary jealous happens to all of us just like the girls from "sex and the city." >> so he bought it and you're living in it. >> yes together. >> but he'll own it. >> oh, miranda, haven't figured out the details, i'm a smart girl. i'm sure i'll figure out something i'm comfortable with. >> i want to make sure you're being smart here. >> i appreciate that. but for now, can you stop worrying for me and go ahead and feel what you want you to feel? jealous. jealous of me living in this gorgeous penthouse in manhattan. >> all right. i'm jealous. >> oh, thanks. >> well, you can use that jealous to your advantage and pump up your self-esteem if you
10:16 am
listen to these ladies. janet taylor, welcome ladies. >> hi. >> is there a difference between, i think there is, envy and jealousy? and what do you think it is? >> well, there is a difference. if you think about jealous, it's that threat. it's when you see somebody who has something, you think i should have it or i could have it. or envy, you're operating from a deficit. you probably don't have what it takes to get it. >> it's almost like, sometimes you're in the park and you'll see someone running and you're s struggling, and she's got a great outfit and her body's terrific and you can't help be go, oh, my god, every day i'm in this park and i can't look like that. how do you fight that emotion? that feeling? >> most women do feel jealousy at some time. we feel guilty about it. some try to push it out of our minds. and the research shows when you
10:17 am
try to push it out of your mind, it actually comes back stronger. so instead of saying i should be happy for her, you want to say, okay, i'm feeling jealous, that's normal. how could i support myself a little better in some of the things i'm seeing in other women i want to? >> so jealousy to me, is -- you have something i want and i think i'm going to -- i'll take it from you so that i have it. envy is, oh, i love that dress, i'd like to have one, as well. wanting to take away from somebody as opposed to i would like to have that also, as well. >> you probably could never fit in it. but then, again, you can use it as tara said as a cue to take a self-inventory to say what do i really need? what do i really want? not that i want to take it from someone else, destroy somebody else, but how can i use that to pump myself up? >> some women get upset when the subject comes up. but we did ask on facebook. we said, you know, tell us some things. these are some of the reactions we got from our facebook
10:18 am
friends. shawna blank says jealous that kathie lee and hoda get to drink at work. jill turner says i'm jealous that women have gorgeous hair that air dries like it was styled. >> i have that. i have that. when i see that, i have that. >> i have to fight hoda-esque hair. i think her hair looks awesome now. >> karlie says firm boobs. after breast-feeding all three i have tube sock mamas. >> ma'ams. >> anyway. what about that. >> it's interesting, all of those things are about external appearances. and one of the pitfalls is when we compare our own insides to other people's outsides, right? and social media has made that harder to not do. >> so what's a way we can try to fight that? i know you say address it. but what can people do? >> look to your own self-confidence and self-esteem.
10:19 am
use it in a way you can get them to help them be more in alignment as opposed to pulling them to the side and starting rumors and saying can you believe that? be positive. >> people don't want to put in the work sometimes to get the effects of it. thanks for joining us. not jealous at all. is it okay to? we're going to find out. she's got beauty, brains, personality, the always lovely bobbi thomas. we're not jealous of bobbie. in addition to dust, you might find a little latte. ♪ and maybe something beastly. mixed in with the dust, you may even find some pixie sneezes. compared to a dry duster, a can of pledge picks up more dust and cleans 100% of messes. pledge multi surface. dusts better. cleans more. s.c. johnson. a family company.
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10:22 am
go olive garden. google... how do i get home?t. getting directions. it's time for "bobbie's buzz." >> author of "the power of style," we love her she's here with three mommy must haves. this first one is adorable. >> yes. >> okay. i'm in training for some day. but this is the most genius.
10:23 am
it goes on like an apron. when it's bath time you don't have to be soaking wet down in the tub. but then you take the little one out. i wish i had a doll. but then you kind of wrap them, dry them off. but then it also converts into -- >> you've got the baby still in there. >> well, you can take the baby out. but it's for toddlers, converts into a robe. this is the smartest thing ever. >> that is adorable. >> this is the 4 in 1 parenting towel by aqua. >> very cute. >> this is another breakthrough. this is the world's first self-heating baby bottle. >> what? >> yeah. you just put this as made inside, you put the heating cartridge in and shake it. and in four minutes, you get 6 ounces that is heated for 20 minutes. so on the go, you pop in the cartridges and you can get five for around $8. >> and you're absolutely assured it will not burn the baby's
10:24 am
mouth beyond a certain temperature? >> this is something that's been tested and approved. but i always say you should check it on your wrist. it's also 100% bpa free. >> that's good. >> this is an award-winning design. >> okay. >> i ask you tough questions. >> it's smart and stylish. now, this is catching on in europe. bubble bum. for kids in between and they need a booster seat, don't need a car seat. this is inflatable. >> oh, that's cute. >> and it folds up and attaches to the car seat. there's also a shoulder strap. but what's so great about it, kids can have it in a bag. it deflates into a bag that can be carried to school. cars, restaurants, this is a great buy. >> and it's affordable? >> yeah, $39. >> oh. bobbie. what's worse than this? not wearing underpants or wearing dirty ones? >> oh, i guess not wearing them.
10:25 am
i don't know. >> we're going to come next. you never know. >> after your local news. imagine a new level of skin quality. refined, perfected. at pixel level. new l'oreal texture perfector. refine texture. reduce pores. diminish lines. even close up, skin looks remarkable. new youth code texture perfector. only from l'oreal paris. ♪ hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey.
10:26 am
that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] kleenex tissues help stop moisture better than the leading competitor. save yourself from an awkward situation. don't get caught without kleenex tissues. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. students at mabeck high school wearing skirts and kilts today in support of their classmate who is now recovering in the hospital from what investigators call a hate crime. investigators say a 16-year-old
10:27 am
boy lit luke sacha fleschman's skirt on fire while on board an ac transit bus. the teenager in question apparently telling investigators he is "homophobic." family members telling us that the young man is now remorseful. more officers will be on patrol in san francisco today. especially muni reminding people to stay arert during the holidays. they're hoping the increased presence will prevent thefts, especially cell phones, which count for two-thirds of robberies. we'll have a look at your weather and traffic coming up right after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
good morning to you. happy friday. there's fog out there this morning. should be burning off mostly between about noon and 2:00. 71 on the way to san jose today. 75 in livermore. those temperatures will tumble as we get into next week with showers on the way up in the north bay starting on monday. better chance south of the golden gate bridge tuesday into wednesday. we're going to clear out and see a little bift a warmup as we get into thursday. hope you have a fantastic weekend. looking over here towards the end of the commute right here for fremont. look at the map. 808 a little slow getting up into the camera shot. still slow south and 680 down to one lane closed right now at auto mall and durham. slow out of senole. the northbound route really good. look at the bay bridge toll plaza, have still has a backup over there. we'll get over there, and look at the fog. represented over here by the san mateo bridge. both moving on the bay bridge
10:30 am
still a backup. we'll bring you back to the "today" show. we are back with more on "today." a fun little quiz game called which is worse. >> we all take shortcuts when it comes to the daily routine. here to help you make better choices is megan murphy. >> hi, megan. >> you look so good. >> congratulations on the birth of her third baby. >> oh, my gosh. >> the products of bobbie's are awesome. >> i was eyeing that towel. >> of course you were. we're ready. >> okay. this -- first question. eating dinner right before bed or going to bed hungry. which is worse? >> which is worse? >> i think kathie -- >> go to bed hungry. >> yes. >> i was going to say that. >> scavenge for food. >> go to bed hungry. >> which is worse? not wearing underwear or donning
10:31 am
dirty ones. >> not wearing any. >> the dirty ones. >> am i right? >> nope. better to go commando. >> that's what i said. >> i said which is worse. >> worse! >> the worse one is dirty. >> which is worse? wearing dirty underwear? >> yes, that's what i said. >> no, you said going commando. >> moving on. which is worse? >> hand soap. >> hand soap is worse than applying over it. >> you're right. >> could she maybe get the question out first? >> which is worse, feel better with sweets or relieve stress with booze. >> feel better with sweets. >> the sweets are worse. research proves the alcohol's going to relieve stress. which is worse, all nighter or two hours of sleep?
10:32 am
>> two hours is worse. >> the all-nighter is worse. even a little bit of sleep our sleep experts say help you process memories and learn. >> wow, hoda's having a difficult day. >> which is worse? this one's good. a purse on the floor or purse on the table. which is worse? purse on the floor or purse on the table? >> purse on the floor. >> no. it's purse on the table. >> yes. hoda's got that one. microbiologist say nearly 1/3 of our purses have fecal bacteria on them. keep them on the floor. >> don't put your purse on the floor. >> listen to megan. >> better than the table, though. which is worse using the old tampon in the bottom of your handbag or leaving one in a couple extra hour. >> oh, stop it! >> i know. >> i'm going to go with, which is worse, the dirty one in the purse. >> actually worse to leave it in. >> oh, my gosh, i'm so sorry i'm not sick today.
10:33 am
oh, lord have mercy. >> okay. moving on. >> who cares? >> which is worse, bar snacks with drinks or a healthy meal later? >> what? >> snacks. >> bar snacks. >> bar snacks not sex with drinks and a healthy dinner later. what's worse? >> bar snacks with drinks is worse. >> actually the healthy dinner later. you want the snacks to soak up that little bit of alcohol. >> you know what -- >> every single person in here is going -- wait. >> this is the tie-breaker. >> one more question. which is worse? driving barefoot or throwing on flip-flops. >> flip-flops are definitely worse. >> it's true. it's true. and it's not illegal to drive barefoot so please feel free. >> it's not illegal in some states. >> we did some research. not illegal. >> oh, good. i love these.
10:34 am
>> best underwear ever. >> are they clean? girard tested it out. thank you, megan. is it ever okay to prank your kid? or are you scarring them for life? you may be surprised what the experts say. >> and we're going to be milking a goat live. with the host of "jobs that bite." i don't know. >> right after this. [ male announcer ] with only minutes left before kickoff, thousands of tailgaters realized they needed one thing...and fast. mom, i need a bathroom. [ male announcer ] that's when the charmin tailgating potties rolled in, providing real relief to everyone. it felt like i was at home. that was an awesome experience! [ male announcer ] clutching victory from the seat of defeat, charmin saved the day. we scored a td with this tp. [ male announcer ] tailgating potties. one more way the charmin relief project is helping people enjoy the go. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not.
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10:38 am
if you like to get down and dirty like hoda woman, then you're going to love this segment. >> all right. it's called jobs that bite on natgeo wild. eww. >> nobody likes to see that. >> it's fascinating in a weird, sick way, though, isn't it? >> it is. it's fun. >> is this tailor made for you and your particular skills? >> exactly. no, i grew up with two dogs and i wasn't born on a ranch. >> a dog? >> exactly. this will be the second time i milked a goat. >> and that makes you an expert? >> no, exactly. that's why i'm no expert and it's fun to watch the show. hopefully people can live through me and see through me. what's he going to do? >> what made you decide this would be fun to do professionally? >> you know, it's part of my line of work. and they asked me to host a show for natgeo wild, i'm on it.
10:39 am
>> you need to do that? >> every time you snap that, it's trouble. >> it's never good. >> so you have a goat and we know the clock is ticking because the goat is eating and it's going to be done soon. what are the abcs for milking a goat? >> well, since i'm such an expert. >> oh. >> once she gets comfortable, she may dump a little out the back. no, we're just going to -- this is a technique. this is what i learned from gil at the oasis camel dairy in california. get as far up as you can pinch with that -- >> without making her uncomfortable. and of pinch, squeeze it down there and squeeze the rest down with the rest of your finger. >> so where do we stand? >> either side. >> why? >> grab a teat.
10:40 am
>> you're the expert. you've done it twice. >> well, you can do it from either side. these are it right here. >> oh, wow. i don't think she likes that. >> oh, honey, it's okay. pinch it and you can aim it. it shouldn't be messy, okay. you can squeeze it right down. >> i feel like i'm violating her dignity. >> you guys aren't going to use a bucket. >> put it in a wine glass? >> yeah. >> want to come on this side. oh, lord. right up against -- >> there you go, yep. >> oh. >> pinch as hard as you can with your index finger. >> that sounds awful. >> i got some. i got some. >> oh, no. oh, i'm sorry, honey. >> they like it. they like it. >> look, kath, i got it. >> hoda's killing you, kathie.
10:41 am
>> hoda is in a foreign country. >> what did you do? >> i don't know. i wasn't looking. >> i don't know. >> shot out. >> that happens. >> some things in life i'm not very good at. >> this show's perfect for you. you can just hang out and watch me do it. >> you have four kids, there's not much you haven't seen. >> i do. >> what do your kids think of the show, by the way? >> they love it. what are you doing next? >> where are you going next? >> i don't know where i'm going next. this weekend we're doing the lion dentist. we're at lion country safari. lions, chimps, giraffes. >> milking the whole world. >> is it harmless fun or are you scarring them for life? we'll have an expert weigh in. and now that we've got the milk, some of it, we can see what we can whip up in the kitchen. right after these messages.
10:42 am
>> sorry about that, sweetheart. what can we do on a $7 text the kids along the way. reserve a table for two. post photos of the shows. borrow a canoe. schedule a hike. send pics of the sights. email steve to play golf. video our most recent flight. we can do all that on the new big easy from tracfone. because we get great nationwide coverage without the cost of a contract. no contract plans start at just $7 a month. the new, big button, big easy flip. tracfone. do everything for less. it's back. olive garden's buy one, take one, just $12.99. choose one of five amazing entrees to enjoy today, like smoked mozzarella chicken. and take home a second entrée for later. buy one, take one just $12.99. go olive garden. 4 days starting friday, get $10 off $25 with your jcp cash coupon. plus over 350 big buys friday through monday,
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you may have seen the halloween prank that jimmy kimmel challenged parents to do on his show "jimmy kimmel live." >> he asked parents to break the news to kids they had eaten all the halloween candy and you saw all the kids crying. ultimately the parents told their kids they were kidding. take a look. >> well, that's not very fun. >> oh, my. we're uncomfortable laughing and yet, is it funny or is it cruel to play a joke like that on your kids? psychotherapists who i called out to. the host of "fatal valves" and
10:47 am
the founder of and a pranker herself. >> so we did laugh about this on the show. and we did wonder when you watch a kid who seems that devastated when his parents say that. we did wonder if it was going to have some sort of impact. >> does it border on a little child abuse, basically? >> well, i laughed the first time i saw it too until i became my therapist self. it is funny on the outside. but the truth is, those kids are being hurt. they're crying. and as a parent, you're never supposed to inflict pain on your kids. >> yeah. >> but isn't this something that maybe a kid should realize it's a joke and they shouldn't take everything so seriously. >> here's what i think. i have a 9-year-old and 6-year-old, but i know my children and i know what they can take and cannot take. and that's also important as a parent. if you go in and have jokes with your children, you need to know what the fine line is. and if you see they're getting hurt and upset, stop, it's not okay. but if you're having fun with it, have fun with it. and they have to learn sometimes children, too, in life, you can have fun. you can joke around.
10:48 am
>> what that little kid said is exactly -- that's not fine. >> and you do need a thick skin. my family teases too, and there's a line. here's the parallel i want to give all the parents. it's like if your child said to you, i stole your atm card and took all your money and gave it away. you wouldn't think that was funny. >> what else is new? >> and for those -- it can be for those kids literally equivalent to money for us. >> something of value. >> they have all those prank kind of shows out there, "punk'd." they always laugh. when people fall down. >> on the escalator. hoda can't get enough of that. >> i hate watching those. but what is it about those shows that makes people laugh? >> well, they're funny. it's like flaps of humor and it's because we're not putting ourselves in that person's shoes. >> yeah. exactly. >> and the other thing is, these are kids. i think, you know, watching an
10:49 am
older person fall probably isn't appropriate and laughing at them. >> just thinking about it. >> but being mean to your own child to me is really the bottom line here. you're not -- you're supposed to be fun not mean. >> are you mean to your children? >> no, i try not to be. i try to be fun and you know, when i have to say, we have to put the fun down and we have to be serious, time to be serious. but i think there's something great, i grew up in a home where there was laughter, we had a lot of fun. i think it's important for children to grow up with that. >> have we solved it? >> i think we have. >> thanks, ladies, thanks for coming to see us. >> and you can catch stacy kaiser on "fatal vows" airs saturday on investigation discovery. people love that channel. >> i know. >> getting your family back around the dinner table with easy meals. but first this is "today" on nbc. we all have our little tricks.
10:50 am
10:51 am
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10:53 am
time for "today's kitchen" with a chef who wants you to spend less time over the stove and more time with your family. >> and to do that, daisy martinez has dinner recipes. and she's here straight off a launch for her new docu web series. you know what it's called? daisy. >> it's really clever. hi, girl. >> hi. listen, today we should call this segment moron's delight. that's how easy everything is. listen, i've got a little olive oil here. let's put some garlic in. >> garlic. >> and you want some color, i want some tomato. >> are those peeled? >> just dice it. scoop and chop. do you like it spicy? >> hot, baby. hot. >> red pepper seed in there. basil. >> we're making -- i like to call it pink clam sauce.
10:54 am
sometimes you get a clam sauce and it's like a canned tomato that's all soupy and stuff. we have beautiful -- >> look at you. >> be careful with the salt. you know why, there's salt in the clams. >> clam salt. >> crank that heat up to hell. and then we're going to cover it. and we have -- we have this. i mean, look how gorgeous this is. >> oh, gosh. >> you know, of course, anything that doesn't open goes into the trash. >> why? >> we asked somebody that and they said it wasn't true. but we're going to stick with it because wouldn't you hate to be the one who -- >> have you ever smelled one of those clams? >> if you've ever eaten one. >> nuh-uh. >> how long does it take to pop open? >> about five minutes. if you have clams, look at this. >> garlic bread. >> you can grill some baguettes and you just have it -- look at all --
10:55 am
>> or you have some beautiful spaghetti here. >> beautiful. spaghetti. >> look how gorgeous this is. >> i like it. >> and this stuff is like mother's milk. >> we're going to milk a goat while you -- we milked a goat. we're going to milk it again later because it was so much fun before. >> hoda loved it. and we said after the show, hoda, we'll give you another crack at it. >> oh, my goodness, we could make cheese and butter out of that milk. you look like you're getting nauseous. wait. so listen -- over here, i'll have a zucchini salad. your new favorite salad. it's called a la julien zucchini salad. and you have a beautiful julien. >> of zucchini. >> yes. >> oh, honey, i'm not even drinking wine. lemon zest, i have some really pretty olive oil. the thing about this salad, you can't dress it before you're ready to serve it. the minute you hit it with the
10:56 am
lemon juice, the zucchini starts to weep. >> just lemon juice and olive oil? >> some of that pretty cheese. >> i'm going to come back just to hear you do that. exactly. okay. you ladies want to taste? >> hoda can't have that because you just put cheese in it. hoda can have that and the bread. >> that looks so delicious. >> do you have broth in there? >> yes, i do. looks fantastic. >> we had the -- >> how good is that, girl? >> delicious. >> moron's delight. how good is that? coming up next week, a special performance by lady antebellum. >> and we'll reveal who won the teacher of the year contest. and there's a surprise in store. we don't know what it is either. >> plus, we'll introduce you to people who made a difference in our lives. >> maybe we'll see the extra footage of hoda milking a cow.
10:57 am
>> whatever she said, i agree. good-bye. >> have an awesome weekend, everybody. >> see you. [ female announcer ] now your most dazzling accessory can be your smile.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. students at a bay area high school coming up with a unique and heart felt way to show their support for a classmate caught nup a bizarre crime, being set on fire while sleeping on a bus. nbc bay area's christie smith live in berkeley, and, christie those students coming together wearing skirts and kilts coming together for a special classmate. >> yeah, that's right. good morning to you, jon. there is a really strong show of support going on in this school today. students have on skirts, boys and girls. teachers have on skirts. even the director of the school came out and spoke with the media this mor


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