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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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live an macarthur boulevard. this is the 57 bus line. this is the same bus route that sasha was on when the 18-year-old's skirt was set on fire on monday. we spoke to sasha's mom a short time ago, and she is smiling because sasha is on the road to recovery. after suffering second and third-degree burns. the rainbow ribbons that you see here, family and friends put them up there. along the bus route in honor of sasha. >> sasha is a gender. which means that his preferred pronouns are they, them, their. they prefer -- they to not identify with either male or female. they don't want to be -- they don't want people to make assumptions based on, oh, he's male or he's, you know, so -- >> or what he's wearing. >> or what he's wearing. you know? it's like he wants there to be a
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blur. >> reporter: sasha attends maybeck high school in berkeley. students and teachers wore skirts today to pay tribute to their classmate. now, yesterday the 16-year-old accused of setting the skirt on fire was arraigned in an oakland courtroom. he is charged, he is being charged, rather, with a hate crime. there are reports that investigators, that he told investigators that he was homophobic. back here live, as you can see, this is line 57 where the bus route is going. the 16-year-old apparently told his mom that he is remorseful. and that he was just playing around and that he wants to apologize to sasha. we'll have more on this story coming up at 11:00. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl, hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. as just mentioned, it was a powerful show or support from his classmates. several students, teachers and even the principal at maybeck high in berkeley wore skirts to school. here's video of this. they wanted to send a message to
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sasha that they're, indeed, united. one student told us he dressed just like sasha from head to toe to show support for his friend. >> lots of people hear wearing a skirt for you. everyone here loves you, man. just get well soon. >> i want them to know that we support them so much and we want to make sure they feel strong and feel so supported because we all support them and we love them and we want them to know we are here for them. >> many students said they've had the chance to visit sasha in the hospital. they say the teenager is in remarkably good spirits and is incredibly grateful for the community's outpouring of support. a huge effort is under way in the bay area to help with recan r recovery efforts in the philippines after one of the strongest storms on record slammed into the central philippines killing at least four people, forcing hundreds of thousan thousands of their homes and knocking out power and communications in several provinces. the general's office has been inundated with concerns from people concerned or want to know
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how they can help. jeff ranieri has been tracking that storm that's headed now toward vietnam. we begin with kimberly terry live for us in san francisco. >> reporter: jessica, emergency relief organizations say help is desperately needed. this is a country that is still recovering from a major earthquake. other smaller typhoons. and now it's hit with this. >> for all, this is the worst d disaster we have seen in the philippines. >> reporter: a former philippine secretary of state is in the u.s. for a health forum, but his mind is on what's happening in his country. >> the need is obviously food and water. immediately after that, all the homes which are very substandard to begin with, will need to help them reconstruct. >> reporter: the drive to raise funds to help victims of the typhoon is already under way. >> every event helps. we collect as much as we can. >> reporter: the national alliance for filipino concerns or nafcn has an ongoing campaign
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to help those of natural disasters in the philippines. >> sending aid directly to the people and communities that have been affected. >> reporter: the philippines is the third most disaster prone country in the world. this typhoon comes less than two months after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the same area. >> filipino people are very resilient and we have a at least 20 typhoons visiting the country every year, and every time they're able to rise up to the occasion. >> reporter: nafcn and other disaster relief organizations say they're paying close attention to the reports coming out of the philippines. >> i'm check it every five minutes, every ten minutes. >> reporter: wanting to make sure help goes to where it is needed most. when it coming to helping the victims, disaster relief organizations, that is, say crash is truly key and it is the most efficient way to get help to where it is needed most and
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almost immediately. if you want to donate, there is a list of organizations on our website, live? san francisco, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. it's now saturday morning in the philippines and vietnam. so many people fearing for their lives and their homes. so just how big is this storm? historically speaking. nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri continues our coverage. jeff? >> with this storm system right now with the devastating wind and storm surge that could have been as high as 20 feet in some cases. we probably still won't know the true amount of damage from the storm system for weeks to come at this point. the good news for the philippines, it's moved off toward the west. the strongest portion of the storm cleared the islands but still a rough next 24 hours so when we compare this, good baseline would be strong storms back here across the united states like hurricane katrina. you can see that o the satellite loop right there then we'll superimpose this image of typhoon haiyan and see how much
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larger it is just in that breadth. the other thing you want to notice is the wind speeds. supertyphoon, again, some of the potential strongest winds ever recorded in a storm. that gusted potentially as high as 230 miles per hour. winds at landfall, 165. hurricane katrina, winds at 175. and at landfall, 129. then superstorm sandy, 115. and also at landfall, 95. you can see all of these different storms for deadly and very devastating but the winfield varied dramatically and by far supertyphoon is the strongest. 145 for the winds. it is on a clip toward vietnam. as we head throughout this saturday making landfall potentially as a category 2. we'll be watching that track closely because it could get stronger or may get weaker by the time it makes landfall in the next 24 hours again. >> jeff, thank you. this typhoon was so massive it left storm watchers stunned. coming up at 6:45, bay area scientists reveal what this typhoon may say about the
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climate changing. a former santa clara county supervisor at the heart of a huge political scandal is going to jail. in just the last hour, a judge rejected george sheakawa's request for community service as a sentence. nbc bay area's chase cane has been following the case all day. he joins us from the santa clara county courthouse with the latest. chase? >> reporter: the latest is he'll have one year in jail and he is now just 90 minutes into that sentence which also includes three years of probation, counseling, and being forbidden from ever entering a gamble establishment again. bailiffs took the 51-year-old into custody after that more than three hour sentencing hearing. you may remember back in march, he pled guilty to five felonies, seven misdemeanors for corruptions for gambling with public money and setting up a slush fund using political contributions. campaign contributions to fund his gambling addiction. it's that addiction that he blames for his misuse of nearly
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100 grand in tax dollars and now with this one-year jail sentence, well, you can bet that prosecutors are pleased. >> he stole from the public. he lied to the public and he has been appropriately held responsible for those actions. and as the judge pointed out, one of the purposes of punishment in addition to holding the individual accountable, one of the purposes of punishment in a case such as this is to explain to the public the seriousness of this conduct and to deter others who are thinking about violating the public trust. >> reporter: this is the santa clara county jail and he could spend his one-year sentence there. if he is in santa clara county, we're told that he'll have to be in protective custody because of his notoriety in the area. it's also possible he'll be transported to another county to serve out this one-year sentence. if you're wondering what he had to say about all this, he only said two years after the judge asked him if he understood his
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sentence and he said, yes, sir. live outside the santa clara county courthouse, nbc bay area news. tonight's commute got off to a rough start after a brush fire broke out in san jose. this was alongside 280. firefighters were called out to the area near the baskum and lee off ramps before 2:00 this afternoon. the fire burned a few bushes and trees and stalled traffic. firefighters put out the flames in about an hour. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. new at 6:00, bail has been raised for a former hayward police officer accused of sexually abusing young girls at an after-school program. richard mccloud entered a not guilty plea today to 16 counts of child molestation. a judge increased h his bail to $3.6 million. she said she was troubled by allegations mccloud may have tried to intimidate a witness on the phone. officer arrested him in september. he's accused of abusing four girls at the kidzone in
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livermore between 1988 and 2007. still ahead here at 6:00, hunting for clues. why san jose clues are hoping a pomeranian puppy will lead them to a ideal. i'm sam brock. the city of sunnyvale for a new gun law the group calls unconstitutional. will they get away with it? "reality check" is coming up next. and plugging in the port. how the port of oakland is clearing up the air and cleaning it up around it. and, good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking changes in the seven-day forecast. namely the potential of some showers. we'll have details on when are the best chances of that, coming up in that forecast.
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>> > the nra told the city of sunnyvale it was looking to pick a fight over gun laws now that fight will come.
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sunnyvale voters approved measure "c" which cracks down on gun control. >> the question is will the gun lobby beat back that new measure? in tonight's "reality check" sam brock joins us to look at the nra's claims. >> the nra's california attorney confirms the group does plan on suing sunnyvale over a ban on high-capacity magazines. that would be those with more than ten rounds. now, the group says having such a ban currently in place violates the second amendment to the constitution. but a federal court has looked at that very claim. two years ago in d.c. and it ruled in favor of the ban. the nra's chances for success are not very good. it's a quiet charming little city in the south bay. sunnyvale. not the most obvious choice for a battleground over gun rights. here we are. earlier this week, voters easily approved a measure "c," a gun-control measure that among other things puts a restriction on high-capacity ammunition
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magazines. setting up a court showdown between the nra and this sleepy town. >> they're going to spend all this money and they're going to lose. >> but is the city of sunnyvale doomed to lose to the big gun lobby? in a letter to sunnyvale, the nra warns it wants to use measure "c" as an example and a chance to clear up, quote, infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. then the nra's california attorney confirmed to nbc bay area that they are suing. chuck michele said, "the nra suit will be pure second amendment filed in federal court and seeking an injunction against the magazine possession ban. we will file as soon as the measure "c" vote is certified." but hasn't a ban on high-capacity magazines already been reviewed by a federal court? >> there's definitely other states than local governments that have banned large capacity ammunition magazines. this isn't new. it's been upheld by the d.c. circuit. >> reporter: cody jacobs, staff
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attorney for the law center to prevent gun violence told us there's a precedent for allowing magazine restrictions like the one passed in sunnyvale. turns out he's right. this is the 2011 decision reached by the highly prominent d.c. court of appeals responding to the question, do the magazine prohibitions impinge upon the second amendment right? the court found, "neither assault weapons nor weapons with large capacity magazines are among the arms protected by the second amendment." sunnyvale was in the clear, not completely. >> the limitation on the number of rounds in a magazine has not been litigated before, at least at the supreme court level. >> reporter: this expert in both constitutional law and the second amendment at santa clara law school, he says while the supreme court's signature 2008 case on gun laws, heller versus the district of columbia, did not directly address magazine restrictions, just an individual's right to own and possess a gun, he says it's
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unlikely a court here in california would rule any differently than the appellate court did in d.c. the sunnyvale law should stand. >> if you think about what's happened since heller was decided, for the most part, gun regulations that fall short of flat bans that are generally reasonable have actually been upheld by most courts. state courts and federal courts. >> and san francisco passed a total ban on firearms in 2005, and that was overturned by the federal courts. much like similar laws in d.c. and in chicago. but as the professor notes, reasonable bans on magazine restrictions will be much harder to overturn. it appears the nra may be wasting its money, not the city of sunnyvale. i'm sam brock. that's today's "reality check." back to you. an attempted carjacking and stolen dog. unlikely ingredients in a crime and san jose police need wrr help solving it. detectives say it happened on story road in san jose last
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month. victims were robbed of their dog. they believe the suspect, chavez, brandished a gun. he answered an online ad to buy their puppy. he pull a gun on them, managed to drive off but chavez took bronxy. she's a female and would be about three months old now. the question is who's going to pick up the bill? the federal government will not help pay for any of the damages caused by the yosemite rim fire, at least not for now. governor brown requested federal money to repair roads, water systems and other infrastructure. fema denied the request saying the wildfire damage wasn't severe enough. the governor says he's going to appeal the decision. the state and local counties will have to pick up the tab if the appeal is rejected. the rim fire, the third largest wildfire in california's history, burned through more than 400 square miles. first the transport truck, now ships. state air regulators are looking
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to reduce pollution at the busy port of oakland and their gazed is fixed squarely on cargo ships. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. will show us how ships will be going electric. >> reporter: things are always in motion at the port of oakland. that's why it's ranked the nation's fifth busiest port. but it's also ranked one of the biggest sources of pollution in the bay area. >> the number of childhood asthma admissions to the emergency room for west oakland is five times higher than the rest of alameda county. >> reporter: oakland resident ray kidd says everyone in west oakland is used to wiping the silt off their cars spewed by port trucks and container ships. >> it goes up in the air and disperses more over the region. >> reporter: now those container ships will be plugging some of those emissions by plugging in. the port today unveiled its new shore-power system, instead of container ships idling their
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engines while unloading and loading cargo, they'll be able to plug into the port's electrical power grid. >> they'll be able to plug into grid power which is cleaner, itself, and over time we're pushing for clean and clearer renewable energy powering the grid. >> reporter: the program is a result of strict new state regulations aimed at reducing port pollution 80% by 2020. >> we believe we will get about four tons per day of emission reductions by 2020. >> reporter: the port of oakland spent $70 million on the system, half coming from state and federal grants. shipping companies say it costs them over $1 million a ship to install the new system. >> once you've gone through the process of plugs in, all of those auxiliary engines can be turned off and reduce emissions on shore. >> reporter: 1,000 ships a year will be able to plug in once the program takes effect january 1st. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri.
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earlier in the newscast we were talking about what's happening in vietnam and the philippines and now what's happening in our own back yard. >> yeah, we are seeing cooling. slight onshore wind today brought us from 64 at 11:35 all the way down here to 57 degrees as we take a look at that overall forecast for today. numbers down just 7 degrees here as we head in throughout part of today. we're also down throughout the north bay with that slight wind moving in across the pacific. 3 to 6 degrees cooler at this hour for sections of the north bay. let's take you outside right now to the high definition sky camera network on this friday. see in san jose, a lot of traffic there, but getting ready. it is now the first weekend in standard time, first full weekend so you can get up early with the sunrise at 6:41 on your saturday. and get things going early. san francisco right now does have clear skies and fog-free conditions. we expect fog to build back at the coastline. see that in our first-look forecast for saturday. at the coast, we expect that marine layer right up to about san francisco. all the way down to potentially santa cruz. numbers near 50. and for the interior valleys,
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upper 40s as well. by 11:00 a.m., we'll have sunny skies for most of the valleys in the east and also the south bay. with temperatures in the upper 60s. on that three-day forecast we hold steady with numbers in the low 70s inland. 70 at the bay. the coastline, temperatures expected in the low 6 0s. no rainfall the next three days. eventually next week we are still tracking this stubborn storm system that will be impacting our forecast. and forecast models are still all over the place. coming up in that full seven-day forecast, we'll detail when i think the best possibility is for us to potentially get a few showers a little bit later on in the show. >> okay. thank you, jeff. >> sure. up next, was he sleeping on the job? a well known bay area congressman is under fire for apparently napping. why he says it's not what it seems. also kicked out because of his outfit? one man fighting back after getting thrown out of the stick.
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vallejo man is suing san francisco claiming he was throw out of candlestick for wearing his angels gear. civil rights lawsuit for 56-year-old steve gato claims he was told to ditch his denim motorcycle club jacket or leave during a 49ers game in november 2011. he left but later returned in a t-shirt that also had the insignia on it and police told him to leave. the suit seeks an injunction for kicking out hels angels members for wearing their colors and seeks $100,000 in damages. opponents of a state law protecting transgendered students are racing against the clock tonight. they want to reverse a new law allowing transgendered high school students to use the facilities for the sex they identify with rather than they biological sex. the conservative group sponsoring the movement is called privacy for all students. leaders say they have a half a million signatures they need to
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qualify their issue for the state ballot. however, they want thousands more signatures just in case some of them aren't valid. the deadline is this sunday. still ahead here at 6:00, change is coming to the san francisco hospital where a patient this appeared. and was later found dead in a stairwell. federal investigators now getting involved. also have you ever gotten a job offer on a napkin? randy zuckerberg did. a candid interview with mark's big sister. her new project after leaving facebook. i'm janelle wang. a deal could be hours away on iran's nuclear program. we'll have the latest. busy airports across the nation come to a halt to remember the first tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty. it's all next in "world tonight."
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who's the smartest zuckerberg of all the four kids? >> oh my gosh. that is really, really a tough one. definitely not me. >> she has a good attitude. she didn't create facebook, but randi zuckerberg graduated from harvard, something her little brother never did. is it a blessing or curse to have the zuckerberg name in it's a blessing when it comes to her bank account and perhaps a curse when it comes to creating her own identity. mark zuckerberg's sister is doing just that. gone from facebook, she's launching her next project. tonight, the interview with randi zuckerberg. when you look at her facebook timeline, it's a lot like everyone else's. family gatherings. weddings. and halloween costumes.
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but then, there's the name. >> is there a time where you don't give out your name or just say, i'm, i'm randi, and don't want to go there with zuckerberg? >> sometimes i like people to make a first impression of me that's not based on my last name. it's really refreshing to make human connections with people that aren't based on, you know, who are you and what can you do for me? and then sometimes, you know, it's nice to do a little name dropping. >> reporter: 31-year-old randi zuckerberg, mark's older sister, rocked n rolled ever since she arrived in the silicon valley. she's now written two books, part memoir and part self-help. navigating kids and adults through the world of high-tech. but it was randi who navigated away from mark just hours after she organized president obama's visit to facebook headquarters. >> my name is barack obama, and i'm the guy who got mark to wear a jacket and tie.
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>> i thought, to me, most interesting part of your book was the day you left facebook or told your kid brother. president obama in town. that was a huge thing. especially around here. the town hall that you hosted. then, what, you walked up, you walked home, bumped into mark at home. how does it go from there? >> we lived in the same neighborhood. i just kind of blurted it out that, you know, i felt like i was ready to leave. it's one of those moments where you say something and think, words go back in, go in. but it had clearly been in my mind for a long time and my heart. i'm so grateful for the experience i had at facebook. i'm so grateful to my brother for including me in that amazing journey. but it was also really important to me to make a name for myself, too. and that's something you'll read in the book a lot is my own struggles with loving facebook, but not wanting to always be mark zuckerberg's sister. >> that brings me, your mom's a psychiatrist so i'm not going to go there, but is it mark's big
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sister or is it randi zuckerberg. >> i talk a lot about in the book how i felt like i had to perform to a much higher standard than my colleagues to even be taken seriously. the same way. bull but, again, it obviously opened up a lot of doors for me, a lot of opportunity. one thing you have to know about mama zucker berg, you go into that house, all four of her kids are equal. doesn't matter if you created a multibillion dollar company or just baked a great apple buy, every kid's achievement is equal which is what's so great about our family. >> tell me the negotiation process when you were going to work for facebook. what was the contract offer? how was it done? >> i was coming from basically a minimum wage job in new york. i don't know how i lived on the salary i made. all i could think of was getting a better paycheck. i didn't know anything about equity and stock options and silicon valley and startups. that was not a world i knew anything about. so when my brother offered me a comp package that had equity and
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salary, i didn't -- i wasn't thinking about the equity. i was just, like, i want to not make minimum wage anymore. he's like, no, no, no, trust me. >> where was the deal done? was it on a cocktail napkin. >> it was on a cocktail napkin in the original facebook office above the chinese restaurant in downtown palo alto. i did not save the napkin. i wish i did because that would be framed somewhere right now. >> isn't it interesting you helped build facebook, the thing that's changed so many of our l lives and you're in a sense defending against it? >> i wouldn't say defending against it. facebook is a huge part of my life. i think it's an incredible tool to connect. we have family and friends all over the world. it's been amazing. what i am a proponent of, though, is using tech meaningfully and thoughtfully. i think so much of our day spent, you know, you're waiting in line at the coffee shop and just, the habit, you scroll up your news feed or scroll up
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twitter and see what's going on. i think tech provides great opportunity when we use it thoughtfully, but it can also veer us a little far off the end if we use it as a habit. >> both books very interesting to read. released just this week. the zuckerberg clan is migrating from new york. randi lives near mark on the peninsula and their parents are also moving to the peninsula next month. we'll be posting this segle on our website there. also find our other high-profile interviews with people like john mcafee, aal list waters and leon panetta. twitter's stock may have been too expensive after all. a day after the san francisco company's ipo, investors reassess the company's valuation and shares of twitter tumbled, 7%, to a little over $41. despite today's drop, it is still up 60% from yesterday's ipo price. big security changes are coming to san francisco general hospital. the sheriffs department said a sergeant and two senior deputies will transfer out of the
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hospital. six new people will then transfer in to replace them. the changes are in response to the lynn spaulding case. she went mising at sf general and took three weeks for the hospital to find her body in a stairwell. federal investigators also spent the past week at the hospital intervi interviewing those involved in this case. video of someone with their eyes closed usually doesn't generate much publicity. it's hitting a congressional race in the south bay. a camera caught san jose representative mike honda possibly dozing off during a september town hall meeting on health care. the 37-year-old opponent, ro khanna, he's facing off with is challenging honda for his congressional seat is circulating that video and another as well. khanna portrayed as 72-year-old honda as not having the energy to continue represents silicon valley. he says, quote, like many people the congressman sometimes closes his eyes while thinking or concentrating on an issue.
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cautiously optimistic. high-level talks are happening over iran's nuclear program. nbc bay area's janelle wang is here with our "world tonight." >> just the possibility of a deal sparked a high level of anticipation. secretary of state john kerry is among six world powers meeting with iran in switzerland right now. they want iran to stop expanding its nuclear program fearing the country is trying to build a nuclear weapon and in return ease up on crippling sanctions. kerry warns while they're moving in the right direction, many issues are unresolved. iran man tans its program is for energy and medical purposes on the. israel is not at the meeting but warns iran should not be trusted. israel also sounding off tonight over accusations by the palestinians that the jewish state killed their former leader yasser arafat, after swiss experts determined today arafat was poisoned in 2004 with a radioactive substance. >> israel did not kill arafat,
6:36 pm
period. simple as that. we have nothing to do with this and the palestinians should stop leveling all these baseless accusations without the slightest shadow of proof. enough is enough. >> the palestinians have not presented any proof but said israel had the means and the motive. back here in the states a moment of silence to honor the tsa officer killed at l.a.x. exactly one week ago today. at terminals across the country workers paused for 30 second at 9:20 this morning. that's the time when tsa agent gerardo hernandez was shot at a security checkpoint. hernandez is first tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty. the suspect, 23-year-old paul ciancia wubded thr wounded thre before being shot by police. he reportedly had a vendetta against the tsa. miami dolphins bullying scandal continues to escalate at this hour. today for the first time we heard jonathan martin's side of the story. the offensive lineman's attorney said the abuse went well beyond
6:37 pm
haszing and harassment for the year and a half he was with the team. martin was also physically attacked, that's what he claims. the alleged tormenter, veteran teammate richie incognito. he has a bad reputation but a majority of his teammates are supporting him. an independent investigation continues. that is your "world tonight." ahead at 6:00, one of the most powerful storms on record. what bay area researchers are learning from the supertyphoon that hit the philippines. dark side of social media. how instagram is being used to intimidate witnesses. that weekend is just upon us. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have the full forecast coming up. we leave you with a live look across palo alto, where that traffic is heavy per normal.
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philadelphia police are are looking for the people behind an instagram account ens exposing witnesses to crime. it posted pictures, police statements and testimony identifying 30 witnesses since february. police found out about it last week. at least one witness featured on the account says he has been shut out since being exposed. the account had more than 6,000 followers and featured more than 150 photographs. the cling-ons are in town. the return of the official star trek convention. we found plenty of trekkies arriving early. snatching up merchandise while they get ready to meet william shatner and other stars throughout the weekend. >> i'm so excited for this. i've been to star trek conventions before, and it's great because you get to be here with all the fellow trekkies which is, you know, absolutely amazing plus you get to meet with the stars, you know, people that i literally grew up
6:41 pm
watching and pretending to be in my everyday life. >> i have been planning for two years to come out here, and this is better than i could have expected. >> what are you looking forward to? >> just meeting william shatner, getting my picture taken with him, jerry ryan as well. >> this is serious business. hotel rooms are sold out on the peninsula. restaurants will be packed. it's a big weekend. the convention runs through sunday at the burlingame hyatt. a photo op with mr. shatner will run you 90 bucks. >> good god, bones. >> good reference. >> beam us up, jeffy. >> yes, we've got that weekend forecast. take it away. all right. that wasn't so fantastic. but oh well. i tried. all right. live in san francisco right now. we are fog-free. we'll talk more about that weekend forecast and the possibility of a few showers coming up in a few minutes. hey, jim. jeffrey, live long and prosper, my friend. live long and prosper. i'm a big fan. raiders, their road doesn't get
6:42 pm
any easier after a week after getting torched by philadelphia, they'll get ready to bounce back. but also coming up in sports, we've got a golden state warriors story. steph curry suffered a scare last game, but will the faith of golden state's franchise risk further injury tonight in san antonio? we have the answer from the xfinity sports desk.
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we have new information art the typhoon in the philippines. within the hour the associated press reports more than 100 people have died as a result of supertyphoon haiyan and expected to rise. the survivors getting out of the water. the images of the destruction, very sizable. aide workers are assessing the damage caused by that typhoon. here at home, though, experts are awestruck by the size and magnitude of that storm. >> damian trujillo looks at how
6:45 pm
the experts are analyzing the storm. >> i think it's about 500 miles wide. bigger than katrina. >> reporter: she's been studying storms for almost 40 years. >> this is pretty much realtime here. the thing is that it's tracked pretty much over the philippines now. >> reporter: but even san jose state's dr. allison is amazed at the supertyphoon that struck the philippines. scientists use a technique to measure a typhoon's intensity. >> the intensity peak has a value of 8. it's not possible to get stronger than 8 and yet yesterday i saw some graphics that suggested that this storm was getting up near an 8.1. that's a holy crap. >> reporter: the supertyphoon included smaller storms within the eye and sustained winds of up to 230 miles per hour offshore. 165 miles per hour at landfall. >> oh, it's definitely up there with the worst five storms ever in terms of sustained wind speeds, as the storm is coming
6:46 pm
ashore. >> reporter: meteorology and climate science department will use all the data collected from this typhoon to improve weather models and look for weather trends, but this storm isn't done yet. >> look out, vietnam. >> reporter: the supertyphoon is expected to hit vietnam on sunday. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> our coverage continues on our website. 24/7. there you can watch raw video of the storm rolling over the philippines and heading toward vietnam. that's at all right. let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri to give us an update on that typhoon and it's heading toward vietnam. >> it definitely is. we have a forecast update. it's still a category 4. since last time we did check those current parameters, we have seen it weaken just slightly from 145 miles per hour to 130 at the center of storm system. and it is still going to track here we do think toward vietnam as we head throughout saturday. winds, 110 miles per hour. category 2. so that will take it out of the supertyphoon category, so to speak, but nonetheless, it is
6:47 pm
going to be strong once it hits that shoreline. then it will begin to weaken, of course, as we head throughout sunday and monday h. there will be some weakening of this as it does head toward vietnam. still a very potent storm system. okay. let's take you back here to the bay area. we will have fog developing at the coastline for tomorrow morning. temperatures near 50. also a few low clouds by the bay, also inland with upper 40s. by 11:00 a.m. we'll stay in the 60s. category. plenty of sunshine expected throughout the interior valleys. do expect that fog to linger at the coastline even by the noon hour. let's take you outside right now on this friday night. you can see the fog is back. at least at the coastline. it's not thick marine layer but up to about 700 feet. it will stay mainly at the coast overnight as we mentioned. we'll also take you to our next view. see in san jose, looking impeccable tonight. that downtown skyline. our forecast here as we head throughout saturday, we'll see numbers pretty much similar to today. maybe down by about 1 to 2 degrees with that slight onshore
6:48 pm
wind and fog at the coast lien. 72, san jose. 75, gilroy . east bay, not too much of a difference from the south bay. walnut creek, 74. livermore, 74. you're being impacted by at least the same general air flow across thes tri valley. the coastline, immediately closest to the cold california current and those westerly winds, we'll see numbers in the 60s in bo dag ga bay, pacifica and san francisco. the 49ers and panthers going at it on sunday. take your action. fog moving in across the peninsula. but, you know, those 49ers, they like that fog. on the seven-day forecast, see we will have changes into next week. just does not look as potent. that storm system next week as it did in the earlier forecast models. i will say there is an outlier, a forecast model, the euro actually producing rainfall across the bay area all the way down to san jose next week. so we're still going to have to watch the timing and intensity as we head throughout this
6:49 pm
weekend on next tuesday's system. overall, the best possibility of showers will be on tuesday. we'll see numbers in the upper 60s by wednesday then start to see numbers warm back up by thursday and also friday. i'll say it's been a very frustrating pattern for the meteorologists in the bay area with the storm system we're tracking for next week. personal personally, i'm hoping for the rainfall because we definitely need it, you guys. let's turn things over to jim kozimor from comcast sportsnet news rooroom. >> warriors looking to stay hot on their current four-game road trip. won the first two games of the trip but have to find a way to win tonight in san antonio without steph curry who's been ruled out with a bone bruise on his left foot. warriors have not won in san antonio in their last 29 regular season games. will tonight be the night steph curry out with that left foot bone bruise? first quarter, tony parker, up and under.
6:50 pm
11 at the half. later, douglas hits the three. ev second quarter, how about this, st. mary's people in that's patty mills. fires the three. gets leveled. gets up and play. spurs up 44-40. in the third right now. look at the updating. 44-40. updating. spurs lead this one in the third. to the gridiron we go. big question for the 49ers coming off their bye week, how much will aldon smith play on sunday against carolina? there's been no definitive answer. jim harbaugh said today the coaching staff has not figured out plan to target smith's playing time. one player who we know for sure will be starting come sunday for the 49ers is eric reid, rookie free safety filled a huge void left by goldston. there's been no drop-off. as andrea reports this may be only the tip of the iceberg for the 21-year-old. >> reporter: the 49ers defense
6:51 pm
will be tested by cam newton who stepped up his play in the panthers four game win streak. it's another tough defensive assignment for safety eric reid. coach harbaugh has confidence in his rookie. >> he's better than the player that he was when he first got here. and he's not the player that he's going to be, either. there's a lot of room for growth and improvement. and, you know, he's been a continuous effort. >> this has been my dream since i was in middle school. to be here, to be on this team, an organization like this, i couldn't ask for anything better. >> reporter: his play has put him in the conversation for rookie defensive player of the year honors. >> i'll take it as a compliment. it really doesn't mean much at all to me, to be honest. my focus is on being a good safety, getting better every day and helping the team win games. >> reporter: it ties the team league with three picks and seamlessly replaced fan favorite
6:52 pm
goldston. he knows about former auburn tiger cam newton for getting a front-row seat to his abilities during college. >> i was like, geez, we have to figure out a way to stop him, but we couldn't. you know, that was our championship year and, you know, a lot of that was because of him. so he's a great player. >> reporter: reed was only a freshman on special teams when cam newton threw for 86 yards and rushed for 217 yards and 2 touchdowns. by the way, auburn beat lsu in that game and went on to take the national championship after topping oregon 22-19. in santa clara, andrea nakano, nbc bay area. raiders quarterback d.j. hayden will have to wait another week for redemption. hayden ruled out for the giants game on sunday with a groin injury. meanwhile, darren mcfadden is also out with a nagging hamstring injury. the silver and black are more focused on putting last week's blowout loss behind them.
6:53 pm
>> the grind of the 16-game season, you know, is being able to have that consistency that we talk about all the time and go out and play your best on a week in, week out basis. and what happened in the past really is not going to dictate what happens in the future. the only thing that's going to dictate what happens in the future show you go about preparing yourself and executing on game day. >> all right. quick update on the warriors. in the third trailing 50-42 san antonio. play saturday in memphis. full highlights tonight of warriors/spurs at 11:00 p.m. with ahmed fareed. >> you're taking the night off? where are you going? >> i'm going to enjoy the city i'm out and about tonight. look out, san francisco. >> going to paint the town red. >> all right. been forewarned. thank you, jim. >> thanks, jim. for a full half hour of local sports coverage, excuse me, watch sportsnet central tonight
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coming up tonight at 11:00, a local radio host under fire for controversial comments involving what he said is a woman's place in sports. you'll get to hear more about that tonight at 11:00 after dracula. we have live pictures to show you of 30 rock. how about this? jeff's old workplace. >> tis the season. a live look at rockefeller center in manhattan. a huge christmas tree arrived earlier today. that means it's the holiday season. >> there it is. >> look at that. >> you can see it, this is always fun. see it moving through the streets of new york city on its way to the plaza. it will be decorated with 45,000
6:57 pm
multicolored lights. the 12 foot norway spruce came from any guesses? >> connecticut. >> it's written right there on the teleprompter. >> i didn't see. >> it came from connecticut. >> he doesn't do the teleprompter. >> exactly. >> it will be lit december 4th and will remain lit through urlly january. >> that's awesome. >> jeff was the only one of us who has had the true experience of being there live when they deliver the tree. >> once i was up in the rafters in the tree, the platforms. i got to climb up into it. a hard hat. i'll never forget it. it was fun. >> that's great when you see all the ice skaters out it. >> feels like the holidays. get your christmas shopping done, folks. >> we made it to friday. thanks for joining us throughout the week and especially tonight. >> hope to see you again tonight at 11:00. bye-bye.
6:58 pm
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