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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 9, 2013 12:35am-1:36am PST

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not afraid to say i've fallen for you ♪ ♪ if you need someone to talto i've got the te ♪ ♪ i don't care where we sleep tonight i don'care if it's in or outside ♪ ♪ you know what to do make a move you cod throw away your phone ♪ ♪ make believe that we're all alone i'm talking to you ♪ ♪ make a move 'cause i'm rea ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: gavin graw! got that whole tng going. good to see you, buddy hey, come on in! i want to thank my guest mariska hargitay, senator ted cruz, and course gavin degraw
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have a great weekend, everybody. see you monday! ♪ >> stevefrom studio 6a in rockefeller cter, e national broadcasting company presen -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and he he is -- jimmy fallon! cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. thank you.
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oh, man. hot crowd. hot crowd. welcome, everybody to "late night with jimmy fallon." thank you. you guys feeli good tonight? [ cheersnd applause ] that what it's all about. that's a hot new york city crowd right there. welcome. thank you for tching. welcome. here is what everyonis talking about. big, big celebrity news. is is crazy. lady gaga -- [ laughter ] lady gaga is now saying that sometime in 15 she will actual perform a concert from space. [ cheers ] i meanthat's great. 's always so much fun when an artist performs a show in their hometown. [ laughter ] i always find it fun and charng. [ chrs and applause ] ♪ applause applause i live forhe applause-plause live for the applae ♪ and of coursit was a little wed at first they offed her a acesuit and she goes"i'll just grab onout of my closet." [ laughter ] [ rimshot ]
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thanksging is just a few wee away. yoguys excited for thi thksgiving? [ cheers and applaus] ♪ start baking thpies that is not a song. but, i'm excited about it. i like thanksgiving. this is ki of cool. for the rst time in more than 30 years, butterballs hiring men to answer questions on its thanksgiving turkey hotline. [ light laughter ] it used to be justomen. now ey are allowing men. yeah. which is quitehe most common advice, "call domino's." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applaus] just trust me brother. just trust me brher. brother, wassu yeah, later. wassup, no o does that. with thanksgiving coming up, pringles is now cong out with i'm seous. they're coming o with pecan pie flavored chips [ audience oohs ] that's right. these holiday themed products are very, very popar. you got the pumpkin spice latte. that'swesome. [ cheers ] whole bunch of stuff. now let's look at me of these other ones here.
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for instance, bo is releasing family fight canceling headphones. [ laughter ] very nice, forhanksgiving. [ apause ] the brooklyn bwery is releasing a special beer jt for uncles with choi hops time releed racism. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] he not my president. another cold o. i didn't vote fohim. [ laughter ] and finally, li's is releasing pre-unbutted jeans which is very nice and saves a lot of time. [ laughter ] it's good for thanksgiving [ cheers and applae ] check it out. the big story of the last couple of wee has been this obama care webte. tonsf glitches. i saw that tony trenkle, that's the guy's realame. >> steve: tony trenkle. >> jimmy: sounds like he is an elf but he's not. he's not aelf. [ lahter ] >> steve: hes not a keebler? >> jimmy: he'sot a keebler elf. tony trenkle is the man. he's t official responsible for the ama care website. he has now resigned. [ audience awws ] the worst part ithat since he's unemployed now he's gta figure out how to sign up r
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obama re. [ laughter ] who the hell designed this stupid -- oh, nevermind. >> steve: oh, iron >> jmy: just read about a new iphone app. always love the neapps. but this is a new ipne app that helps fans find vegan foods at sports stadiums. [ cheers ] i read about another more popular app that helps sports fa find places that arfree ofegans. [ ughter ] [ cheers a applause ] no bgers. i n't eat that. yeah, i know, i heard you. i cat have any of that. i know. who cares? look at your app [ laught ] wafers. i couldn't eat tha i know tt. stay home and watch the me from home. at's not far. [ light laughter i'm so mad. why am i so angry? >> steve: yeah. why are you d at these people? >> jimmy: you are going like this. there's a new poll found tha 26% of americans wld buy marijuana if it were lal in thr state. [ cheers a applause ] i tually thought that mber
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would be bigger. can weake a look at the enre poll? 26said they would buy marijuana it were legal. 34% said they woulsmoke marijuana if it were legal. [ light laught ] % said, "wait i'm confused. are you trying to sell me marijuana?" [ laughter ] % said, "i have some weed on me if you just want to go get baked." [ laughter ] and 2% said, "haha, you sa poll." [ laughter and applause ] that made them lgh. this is not good. is week, aol announced that its revenue dropped 90% in the last year. not to be confused with the other thing that's 90. average age of people that u aol. [ laughter ] how do i e-mail a telegraph to the hindenburg? [ laughter ] the people -- people have just lostheir minds. i saw this guy on "nightline." i watch thshow "nightline." this guy's jt out of his mind. he loves swiing with sharks.
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he's like, "they just want to be led." [ light laught ] he pets them and stuff. just look at this guy. >> what the shark doesn't realize is it lis affection. do you think sharks like affeion? >> n i know sharks like affection. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: kind ocreepy. i'm calling it now, one day th dude is gonna be in a really hard-to-watch yoube video. [ laughter ] he was just trying to g ginger and i don't know wt happened. [ applse ] it's okay. come here ginger. do you want to take this fish out of my moh? [ laughter ] speaking of fish, a different fish. there's a big phish concert in new jersey receny and apparently the police showed up and arrested 42 peop for drug possessi. [ lit laughter ] 42 people. of the results being reported, police misd a lot of people who had drugs at phish concert. [ laughter ] [ applau ] only 42 people? it's a psh concert.
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concert was only 50 people. >> steve: oheally? [ laughter ] and thother people were th band. >> jimmy: extly. hey, guys. it's week ten of thefl season. are you loving football this year? [ eers and applause ] really eiting this season. this sunday night we have e new orleans sain taking on the dallas cowboys. [ cheers and applause ] [ boos ] now every year at the end of season they gi out awards like most valuable player but they also give t awards during the season. sort of likehe ones in high school yearbooks like most likely to succeed, class clo. stuff like that. you guys didn't know about that? [ light lahter ] so, with that in mind,t's time for "late night" supertives. here wgo. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ our first players gavin escobar. he is a powerfulight end for the llas cowboys. he was voted most kely to be the love child of tthew fox and david schwimmer. laughter ]
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[ applause ] congratulations to him. next inew orleans saints pce kickerarrett hartley. heas voted most likely to have the looko one has ever chosen from the book at supercuts. [ laughter ] [ applse ] i want that one. >> steve: that's a news article -- >> jimmy: ah. om the saints zach strief was voted most likely to have ayed the dad on at least seven failed cbs sitcoms. [ laughter ] honey, you're worthless. [ applause ] next ufrom the cowboys is phil costa. [ laughter ] he was voted most kely to challenge an owl to a staring contest d win. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] next up from the cowys, ronald leary was voted largest
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urkel. [ laughter ] did i do that? did i that? next from the cowboys we have a rrion weems. he was voted moslikely to have one of these glimmer tngs that appear in his teetwhen he iles. [ imes ] ere you go. [ laughter ] next from the saints is josh hl. he was voted most likely to be stanng in front of your headlightshen your car turns into an old dirt road in the middle of the night. [ laughter ] i'm the little boy tt used to live here. [ lauger ] honey, the car won't sta. next up from the saints we he david wthorne. he was votedost likely to freak you good, girl. laughter ] [ chrs and applause ] next up from the saintwe have ar quarterback drew brees. he was votedeast likely to freak yogood, girl. [ laughter ]
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from the saints, ran harper was vod most likely to be young black man playing an old black man in a movie. [ light laughter ] that about right. >> steve: he's got the hair cut. >>immy: next from the cowboys, weave mackenzy bernade. he was voted most likely to be storing nuts forhe winter. [ laughter ] a cute little chipmunk. and finally, from the saints, we have junior galette. he was voted most likely to be in a band call hootie and the bed fish. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applaus] there u guys go. those arnfl superlatives. we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roots! [ cheers andpplause ] ♪ wee a giant show tonig. she's e of my favorites. one of my favorites. a great actress. we're thrilledo have her. fromhe new movie "thor: the dark world," natalie ptman is here! [ cheers and applause ]
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natalie port moniker is here. >> steve: come on. >> jim: i love her. shis so cool. plus, he stars in the new movie "the best man holiday," taye diggs is opping in. [ cheers and applause wait, do you le taye diggs? and then here to cse out the show, one of my favorite comedians, i have en going on tour. i started this tr called the "clean cut comedy tour". i askemy friends if you ha like 20 minutes of clean material let's go on the road. i don't even know if they have 20 minutes of cln material but theyo. it is a rely fun tour. if i'm in your city check us out. it is all clean. it's me, seth herz, julie mccullough, nick thune, and right he, this guy tonight, nate bargatze. [ cheers and applae ] na bargatze. he's awesome. you e going to love him. he will be your nefavorite comedian. i also want to talk about e -- this place i went to. have you ever been tnomad? this restaurant? u went? >> yeah. >> jimmy: tariq yohave been there? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it is -- all right.
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[ laughter ] i heard you. yeah, yeah. i heard you the first eight times. [ light laughter ] did you get e cards and everything? its unbelievable. [ light laughter i didn't go wi you. i don't know. i wasn't there with you, man. you go to -- here is the deal. i got this sta of cards. i go this place call nomad. where's it on 28 or something. madison? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmyanyways. chef diel humm. daniel humm. >>hom. >> jimmy: daniel hum >> humm. >> whom is it? >> jimmy: 11 madison park. yep, thank you tariq. [ light laughter ] thank you. sa chef, anyway, the guy, he's li a magician. he's unbelievably cool. you get there, there's aeck of cards tting on your thing. you go, "wt is this all about?" the waiter goes, "i want you to ok through these car and
12:49 am
pick out how you're feeling tonight. wh kind of cocktail you would like." and st tell me -- look at these cas. they are all different -- gin. you go -- batman. [ lauger ] isn't that weird? if youeel like that -- spi? hell rock 'n' roll. hello. [ cheers ] hit it, rock 'n' rl. you know you love it. come on, let's dit. [ cheers and applause ] thw it at the waiter. you throw them at the waiter. noyou don't do that. u hand it to him. you hand them three things. and then -- or four. whatever -- ten things. whatever and they will me you a cocktail that goes withow you el. and th -- i did gin and ro 'n' roll. gin and rolling stones. it was -- they gave some crazy cocktail. it was unbelievabl had the best food ever then at the end we -- i t some chicken. roasted chicken or something at the end. and thisuy comes in with the wine and goes, "this wine will go perfectith your chicken." and looked at the wine isays 1974. so'm going, "i don't want to
12:50 am
pay." [ laughter ] >> steve: do i wana new house or a bottle of win >> jim: do i want an apartment in manhattan or a bottle of wine. i go, "oh, i don't know. maybe i can stick with this cocktail." he goes, "u are going want this." i'm like, "do they always come half full? do always come half full he goes, "wait. wait till you see wh we do." i go, "okay." have y heard this thing? coref the inner, or something, is name of this thing. it a wine opener. you don'cork the wine. the edle goes -- tariq, did you do ? >> yes [ laughter ] [ chrs and applause ] >> jimmy: why do i even ask? >> steve: wait. >> jimmy: y do i even ask? i feel so stupid. >> steve: he sees a bottle o wine thas empty. >> jimmy: so anyway,t's lled -- core or something like that. you pull the thing up, a needle goes in. and shootsrgon gas in the wine bottle. and so, the wineoesn't feel like it is being cked. then you press a button and you just pour out. $100 gss of wine or something. i don't know what was. but i had this wine from 1974. and you n keep it. it stays good for like six
12:51 am
months. but i freaked ou anyways, it's called nomad. go check outhis place. everyone there is super nice. [ cheers and applause ] i want one for christmas. l right, today's friy. that's usually wn i catch up with the personastuff. i checmy in-box. return some emails and of course send out thank you notes. but i was runng a bit behind today so i thoh if you wouldn'tind i would like to write out weekly thank you notes right now. is that cool with you? [ chrs and applause ] you guys are the best. mes, can i get some ank you te writing music please? ♪ look at the glasses. >> steve: that's crk kent. at's not james. >> jimmy: look at his glasses. >> steve: that's crk kent. >> jimmy: i alwa thought he had 20/20 vision. >> steve: no. he is a handsome devil. >> jimmy: he's a handsome devil. >> steve: he sure is. ♪ >> jimmy: thank u. the white house for sending joe biden to vit china, japan and south korea in december. or as biden sa, "yes, epcot!" [ laughternd applause ] ♪
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thank you, new jersey governor chris christie foroing back for seconds. [ laughter ] [ cheers andpplause ] i don't know why. we love that guy. ♪ thank you, pamela anderson for running e new york city mathon for charity which must ha been very difficulto do in slow moti. [ applause ] ♪ thank you red sox first baseman mike napoli for walking ound boston shirtss after the world ries parade. thereby eaing your new nickname mike nipoli. laughter and applause ] that'sis new nickname. love that dude. walking around shirtless. >>teve: come on. >> jimmy: that the way to do it, man.
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♪ thank you, oatmeal forooking like i already ate you before i eat you. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: heart hethy. ye ♪ >>immy: thank you e-mas that say you have successfully unsubscred from these e-mails. that's cometely missing the point. stop e-maing me! [ applause ] no probl. we won't bother you any more never agn. we will never again. makeure we'll never both you ever again. >> steve: are not bothering you. >> jimmy: we apologize. just wna send a third apology for th second apology. we will never ev bother you again. we do miss you or here at netflix. we would love to have you back. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, peer presre for being totallyot cool. unlessy friends think its cool, en it's pretty cool, guess. [ light laughter ] [ applause ]
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♪ thank you,overnor chris christie for winng a send term as governor new jersey and proving tt whenever you run, iends in a landslide. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers andpplause ] u're welcome. [ cheers a applause ]
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♪ a spial thank you to govnor chris christie. we will be right back with natalie portma and remember on "late night" when you're here, yore family everybody. [ cheers and applae ] ♪ -real! -is it really??? -no way!
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[ jim koch ] why are these pele surprised? they just found out th were secretly tasting sam adams bton lager. it's g a good color. it's got a good hoppy smell tot, it's got a good body. it's very smooth i like that. smooth but it doehave flavor. you we drinking sam adams bton lager. oh, really? you definitely got me. it's a good taste. it's smoo. it's really good this is the best dayver. i obviously waselling myself short by not even considering this as a possibility. [ tires screh ] [ laught ] [ screaming ] [ tires screh ] [ laughter ] [ tires screech ] are you serious?!
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♪ [ cheers andpplause ] >> jimmy: our first gut -- lookow pretty she is. , my gosh. just beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] she is an academy award-winning actress who stars in a gnt new movie, "thor the dark world" in 3-d in theaters everyere today. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome natalie poman. [ chee and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] natalie! >> thank you. i was iting to see what you guys would choose. >> jimmy: yeah. >> thank you. >> jimmy: ye, they did a little method mafor you. welcome to o show. yolook gorgeous as alws. >> you look stunning, as always, yourself. >> jimmy: thank you so much. it's plastic surgery.
1:00 am
we've been friends for a long time i guess. right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it goes back ahile onsnl." "saturday nit live." you used to just hang out there. >>eah, when i was in high school it was li a way for me to get in and listen to music and drink booze ango ice skating afterwds drunk which is fun thing to do. >> jimmy: whh is a great -- that's what weove to do at "satday night live." yeah, absolutely. it was fun. and we used to hg out there and th you actually hosted which wagreat. >> yes. >> jimmy: it was awesome tim and thene did a vma promo together. >> we certainly did. >> jimmy: do you remember th? >>es, i do. >> jimmy: it's kind of interesting. >> we frenched >> jimmywe kissed. >> we frenched. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we did, yeah. >> this s before we were -- >> jimmy: neither of us were married. >> -- married, yeah. >> jimmy: we didn't really know each other tt well. >>o, nice to meet you d then our tongues were in each others mouth. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it was unbelievable. yeah. for me especially. >>t's great. it was memorable. >> jimmy: yeah. certainly was. don't forget it ever. the idea was- i know.
1:01 am
[ ughter ] yeahi can't look at you. >> i know. [ laughter ] it'super awkward. >> jimmy: thbit was -- the bit was i think the bit wathat we were -- in order for me to host the vmas you we my girlfriend or something? or -- i asked them- i don't get whathe joke was. >> i don't really remember. >> jimmy: oh, i know. maybe the joke was that we were --- we're on a date and like -you weren't into me at all. anthen the tv says thai'm going to hosthe vmas. and go, i'm hosting the vmas? then you go, you are hostinghe vmas? i go, cool, man or something like that. >>es. hilarious. jimmy: we have the clip. yeah, it's hilarious. let's see hofunny this is. it'srom 20 years ago. >> jim: i mean, when exact is this date going to get interesting? >>ust relax, okay. >> "the 2002tv video music awards" hosted by jimmy faon with livmusical performances -- >> jimmy: i am? >> you are? >> catch the madne. >> jimmy: i am. [ cheers and applause ] the you go. mories.
1:02 am
fond memories. >> walk down memory lane. nothing has changed. >> jimmy: nothing has changed at all. at was wrong with my hair there? look athat. [ ughter ] looks like the wig is on backwards. [ laught ] the wig isotally on backwards there. pal, you grew up -on long island, rit? >> yes, i did. [ eers and applause ] actually, tayeiggs who is on the showater -- >> jimmy: absolutely. >> -his beautiful wife, idina meel also graduated from syosset high school. [ cheers >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> everybody was like, do you know that idina menzel from "rent" went here? we were all so excited >> jimmy: how cools that? and now -- but now -- are yo moving to paris? is this right? did i get rit? >> yes. we are moving to parisn a year >> jim: are you nervous? are you excited? what is it like? >> i'm really exted. obviouy it is on beautiful place toive. >> jimmy: why e you moving to paris? >> my husband is going to be running the llet company ther very excitin >> jimmy: that's major. >> schmanz >> jimmy: at's very fancy schmanzy. do y speak france? >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ]
1:03 am
>> jimmy: you don't speak france? do you speak french? >> yes, do i. >> jimmy: u do? >> well, no, not very we. but --nough to get by. they are very -- make the effort, i find that they're very, very kinand appreciate- they think an american accent is ptty -- >> jimmy: i sagree. i disagree. [ laughter ] i had a totally different experience. i had an awful time going to france. can you just imagine i havthe hair and everything when ere -- this is a trustory. i went to get -- because i didn't bring differe plugs. to plug my stuff in. i was chargi phone or something. i know. i'm a moron. but anyway, i go to this place, it's an ectronics store, i think it's called li -- [ french accent ] -- electronics. [ laughter ] >> you're ally good. >> jimmy: ank you, yeah. i'm pretty -- rosea stone. -- and i -- go in and i go -- do you have -- already this guy is -he's like -- whatever. i go, do you have an -- [ frch accent ]
1:04 am
-- adapter? adapter? and i go -- pl. i'm dointhis. [ laughter ] i'm doing this to the guy. plug, plug. and he goes -- hgoes, come on. no. no. no. no. i go, adapter. like this is electronics store adapter? adapter? i'm just gng -- adapter. he goes, oh adapter. [ laughter ] what was i sayin i wa't that far off? i was so mad. anyway, hopelly you have a better time in france. you have to let know what happens. more with natalie portman when we g back, everybody. me on back. [ cheers and alause ] ♪ ♪
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it's an extremely sile tool. but also extremelyowerful. it could bused to start a poem. or finish a sympho. it's been to classros, boardrooms, even to space. and we can't wait to seehere you'll take it next.
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♪ cheers and applause >> jimmy: weome back. we are hging out with the one, the ly, natalie portman,ight here. oh my goodness. [ cheers and applause ] she is in "thor: the dark world." it's going tbe huge this weekend. i'm so excited to see it. i want to see it i3-d. that's the jam i want to do that in imax. it has now bome -- that's the new way to watchovies. back in the day, i was addicted to the 3-d ix. >> really? >> jimmy: yeah, ah, yeah. and my forite was, "siegfried and roy: magic in a box." [ laughter ] i swear to god it's a real movie. i'm t kidding. you talk aut 3-d codpieces, it was really exciting. "tr: the dark world." you play a scientist. >> yes i d >> jimmy: did you ever dabble science college? >> i did >> jimmy: you did? i did a little bit. yeah. i dia science project in my later high school years ere i tried to turn ceulose in into hydrogen. or you could put like -- like,
1:09 am
newspaper in a car eventually anpower it. hopefully by breakinit down th enzymes. >> jimmy: oh my god. i have like a volcano that i made with like, bakingowder and vinegar. like -- fail. [ laughter ] it was jt awful. i mean, i was the worst at science. i'm not goodt all. but you play it very convincingly and tell everyo what it's about. at's the story -- >> i don't wt to tell too much. >> jimmy: yeah. >> you will discover that at t movie theater. >> jmy: oh really? >> yes. >> jim: they always do a good job the people at marvel. yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and are their cameos? can you tell u are there cameos from other super heroes? >> yes. >> jimmy: you can? >> yesthere is. i won't tell you who. >> jimmy: but there is. >> yes. >> jimmy: yeah per heroes are fun. >> but yeah, thor has a new enemy and jane, my character, is sort of we really are really not allowed to say that much. just go see it. [ talking over each othe] it is really funny. >> jimmy: that's aood enough setup ght there. ah. that's a great set uright the. >> -- and a lot of action. it's a good movie. >> jimmy: yeahjust go see "thor." yeah, exactly. well, we have the clip her natalie portman an chris hemsworth, he's a great
1:10 am
dude by thway. >> he is asome. >> jimmy: he was here fo "rush." did you se"rush"? i haven't seen it yet, i'm dyng too. >> jimmy: he's great. he is good in that. yeah, a great guy. and we race around a my car broke down. and he totally cated and beat me. so, i'm ally mad at him. so, let him know i am, i'm mad at him. but have a clip. here's natalie portman with chris hemsrth in "thor: the rk world." chk it out. >> jane. >> i'm sorry. i just needed to make sure you re real. 's been a very stran day? >> i am. jane. >> whereere you? >> where were you? don't know because i don't see you. >> i was rht here where you ft me. was waiting and then was crng. and then i went t looking for you. you said you were coming back. >> i know. i know. but the bifrost was destroyed. the nine realms erupted to chao wars were raging. rauders were pillaging. i had to put an end to the slaughter. >> as excuses go, not terrib. >> jimmy: th's what i'm saying. natalie portn. [ cheers and applause ] we love you. come back whenever you wt to pal.
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"thor: the dark world" is in 3-d d in theaters everywre today. taye diggs joinss next. there he is in the b light platinum ste. [ cheers and alause ] ♪ ah, i'm married. es it matter? you'd do at for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talkg to? u it's jake from state farm. sounds like a reallyood deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's ja from state farm. what aryou wearing, jake from statfarm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy,o... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm get to a better state. ♪ get to a better state. here we honor the proud thaccomplishmentsss.
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♪ [ cheers a applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest, we love this guy. look at him here, with theang right there. it's really futhere. look at him all smiley ok at him here. serious. so, serious. he stars in the highly anticipated quel to, "the best man" it's call "the best man hoday" which is in theaters nextriday. ladies and gentlemen please welcome taye diggs! ♪ [ cheers and applaus] taye diggs. taye diggs. please welcome -- have a seamy friend. >> i'm sexcited to be here. >> jimmy: i'm so happy you are here. th is awesome. >>'m a "fallon" virgin.
1:17 am
>>immy: that's right, 's your first tim >> yes, sir. >> i can't believe it is your first time. be gentle, brother. be gentle. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm so -- i'm gentle i'm happy you're he in new york. >> am too. i spd a lot of time in l.a. and it so good to be back. >> jimmy: yeah. noing like the city, right? >> o man. >> jimmy: nothing like the cit >> just lking the streets. [ cheers ] ah. nothing like it. >> jimmy: people wating. the best people. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: i sayou posted a vinei think we have this, of you ring a city bike. [ laughter ] >> it's me and dee othe city bike. [ laughter ] i almost got killed. >> jimmy: were you afraid? >> yes. it's me and dee on a citbike. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're runng out of breath. >> it's me and dee on city be. >> jimmy: it's you and dee on a city bike. you're looking at thcamera and the bike at the same time. >>'m about to kill myself. >> jimmy: was it easy to get the bike? i haven't do it yet. >> oh, man. i'm one ofhose people, i'm very eily intimidated. and -- i think city bikes are great. cab drers hate city bikes, just so u know. jimmy: they do.
1:18 am
>> this cab driver went ofon cityikes one day. >> jmy: what? >> i guess it's -- whatever. anyway -- >> jimmy: cab drivers are mad at anything. >> they ar yeah. but whenever go to get a city bike, if you -- there e -- there is ts list. like a lot of directions. and a lot of words. d -- i just -- i'm like -- forget it. i can't go thrgh all those steps ju to get a bike. you know what i'm saying? >> jimmy: well, i don't know how to get it. because i thought itas a credit card. then it is a slot ke this big. [ talking over each othe] >> jimmy: li a tiny credit card -- laughter ] i got to use lika tiny credit card, that comes with like -- ke a barbie doll credit card. [ laughter ] ke -- i don't know wre to gethese cards. yeah. some -- keebr elf place that serves that credit card. but anyway i don't know how to get them. >> my wife took e time and she was patit enough to read the directions and we got two city bikeand then i almost killed myself. >>immy: you also went at nightte. >> we wentt night. that's the only time wre -- we had time. we had te together. ye, we saw a movie.
1:19 am
now she is doing se theater. she ing a music theater c. it ian out of town run. a show cald "if/then." and then it comes broadway. >> jimmy: so, you're alone for the kid? >> for nowyeah. i just came back from l.a. we're doinpress for "the best n holiday." [ cheers ] >> jimmy: absolutely a celebrities do. >> yeah. the kid comes tomorrow at noon and then i spe the weekend with him. th she comes sunday night. how old? is 4. he's awesome. >> jimmy: love 4 years old. he's super cute. >> he's awesome. yeah. he was zombie michael jackn for halloween. [ laughter ] >> jim: that's a great costume. >> his request his request. >> jimmy: oh really? he lov michael? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: so good. i love tha i have aaby now. m just excited. ke, the first year we dressed r up. she had no idea what candy i [ laught ] or anything, halloween. we put her ia chicken outfit. she walike -- like a little bl, just sleeping. it was so cruel to do. >> jimmy: "best man holiday." i love holiday mies. anything holiday movie, i love
1:20 am
it. "love actuly," i'll go see it. the one with rachel mcadams ere she doesn't remeer who she is. time traveler. i don'know what it is. i'in. i love it. >> i hear you. >>immy: i don't know w, it looks fun. "best man liday." is is a sequel to "best man." >> it is. >> jimmy: when was the last time -- what was that moe? >> 15 years ago. ah, man. we were l kind of starting out. itas great to get the ng back together again. >> jimmy: how fun was that >> so mu fun. >> jimmy: was it hard to get it all going again? >> no, not at all. we -- it was likriding a bike. we got there -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: ci bike. ci bike. [ cheers and applause ] call back. >> new york. >> jimmy: ey're sharp people, yeah. >> you, you're pmpting me. where did you go? >> jimmy: i love this guy. i mean terrence howard is a blast. >> o man. 's no joke. yeah. >> jimmy: what happens in this one now? >> what happens? its 15 years later. and stuff getseep. you know what i mean? the first -- t first one is moref a comedy. lots of laughs in this o but
1:21 am
then you get to see kind of downward spiral. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yes, si >> jimmy: and it's the holiday season. >> we give you some lahs and give you tears as well be prered. >> jimmy: that's wt i'm taing about. i'm so ready for this. we have a clip of taye in "the best man holiday." take a look at this. >> i just changemy flight. so, i can come with you to mia' >> oh, gat. but wh about vermont? >> it looks likehe family understas. if it is important to you its importt to me. look, yoguys want me to wait outside? >> shut up, harper. >> don't worry about it, i've got to get out of here anyways. i will talk to you later. >> bye. >> nice to meet you. >> and i guess, see you is weekend? >> i he so. >>kay. ♪ >> like to see you in vermont. >> hate you so much. >> i like dating cholate girls. [ lauger and applause ] >> jimmy: taye diggs, "the best man holiday" is inheaters november 15th.
1:22 am
up nt, stand-up comedian nate bargatze. come on back, everybody. [ eers and applause ] ♪ go! it's back olive garden's buy one, ke one, just $12.99. choose one of five amazing entrees to enjoy today, it's back likemoked mozzarella chicken. d take home a secondentrée. buy one, take one just $12.99. go olive garn.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:27 am
>> jimmy: we're excited to have this hilarious stand-up median ba on our show. here is his album. you can get it on ites. it's called "yeld at by a clown." [ light laughter ] that's his dad. his dais a professional clown and magician. for real. he and i have be performing together this fall on the "clean cut comedy tour." which comes to seattle, l.a. and denver in e upcoming months. it's fun show if you get a chance to e us, come see us. it's a fun, clean show. it's gd. but la time he was on our show he did so wellnbc signed him for a development for a sitcom. that's pretty cool. [ cheers and alause ] you're gonna love him. we love him. please welco back a very, very funny man, here's nate bargatze ladies and gentleman. ♪ [ cheers and applae ] >> thank you. thank you, everybody. that was unbievable. i'm onboard wi you guys.
1:28 am
[ light laughter ] i have bn hearing a lot of storiepeople getting catfished. it makes me nervous because, like, it's probay what happened to me. like -- it will --t's just going to happen. like y remember that -- manti t'eo story. itas a football playerhat also believed in the fake girlfriend. like -- i was on his side. i geit. i would fall for that. absolutely. i'm 34. i don't -- do not sleep with socks on because my dad told me feet can't breathe. [ light laughter ] i could lk to a fake woman f quite a ile. [ laughter ] a long time. i almost joined e army when i was 18. not because of a big dream just because they lled. they we like, "hey. this is the army." i was like, "i'll go." why would u not go? [ laught ] i also signed for a jcpenney credit card at 18. [ laughter ] theyere like, "do you wa a credit card?" i was like, "yeah.
1:29 am
i'about to go to the ay. i guess i could get some stuff." [ laughter ] [ cheers a applause ] thank you. my mom had to get me out of all of that,y the way. my mom had to call thermy and jcpenney in the same day. [ laughter ] and she was like, "he's not ing any of this." he got to the phone quicker than he usually does. laughter ] look, i'm not a smart guy. i travel a lot. i go to like all the countries. i can't tell y where i'm at in the world. i st went to honduras. we did a uso tour. we had troops in honduras. that's where it is goingown next laughter ] d -- it is. like -they haven't told america yet but they d run it by me. had no idea where honduras was. and i went to e airport. i was li, "hey, i'm going to honduras the guy s like, "all right. what city?" i was like, ell, i'm just
1:30 am
learning right now that's no the namef the city." [ laughter ] just -- wherever. wherevereople are going. weanded in honduras. a guy picks us up and then he's driving us to e army base. and the way there, he was like, "look, there are a cple of tngs you gotta keep an eye out for. when you go to bed at nit, you gotta check your bed for spiders." he's like, "spiders hiden your be" it is like you are not going to sleep. hopehat's cool. [ ughter ] then he goes, "there's a lotf snakestoo. a lot of venoms snakes. what you do,atch out for snakes. but, if you do get bit by a snake the st thing to do is go ahead and catch the ake and en bring it with you to the doctor -- [ light lahter ] so we know like what snake bit you." i s like, "i'm pretty re that not kind of what yoare supped to do." [ laught ] like youant me to catch the snake? i never caught a snake in my life and you wt me to get bit and get it together and catch a snake for the fit time? [ laughter and applause ]
1:31 am
i was just telli him like, "it's t gonna go to us, dude. he going to keep bitinme. that's all that's going to happen." [ light laughter ] he was le, "it doesn't matter. you havelready been bit." i was like, "do you even know what a snake is? [ light laughter ] because it cometely matters. there is a huge difference betwn one bite and 30 bites whh is what we will be at if i try to catch thisnake." [ light laughter ] "who told you this? the snak is that what he told me to tell me all of this?" [ laughter ] whose side areou on? [ applause ] who do you think? but, you know, i don't -- maybe you are supped to do that. i don't know. [ light laughter ] there's a t of stuff i don't know about. science. i don't -- like i n't believe in science. i don't -- i don'tnderstand it. so it is easier not to believe in it as a whole. i think they could be making stuff up, to i was read being bugs. they said beetles are 320 llion years old. was like, "are they? or do yoknow i don't know how
1:32 am
to figure that out?" [ laught ] you could be doing that. you know. you could be -- "why don't y do i" you're like, "you kn, i don't even know how to sta to do at." [ laughter ] pluto is not planet. that's when i checked t of scnce. that'shen i was like, "i'm out." i was like, "you can't do th." you cannot no,o. [ applause ] was like, "you can'to that. can't jam pluto down my throat my whole life. the second i'm out of school, u're like we were ju kidding about plut" [ laughter ] it affected me. in elementary schooli got a c-minus on aest because i forg to put pluto. turns out i shou have got above an a. that's what i should have got. [ laughter ] i shld have been asked t teach the class. [ applause ] thank you, guys, so much. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking aboubrother. nate bargatze! me see us together on the "clean cut comedy tour." pickp his album right here. we will be rht back everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
1:33 am
1:34 am
1:35 am
♪ [ cheersnd applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to natalie portman. taye diggs. nate bartze once again right there. [ cheers and applause governorhris christie and the greatest band in "late night," the roots, ladieand gentleman right there. [ cheers and alause ] stay tuned for "carson daly." thank you fowatching. have a great weekend. hope to see you next week. bye, bye everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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