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tv   Today  NBC  November 9, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everody, it's try day, friday, november 8th, one week into no shave novembe and we'rtired of being left out. >> not really. >> yes, we are. >> the whole reason. >> i c't breathe under her okay. anyw, it's to raise awaress for prostate and testicular cancer. the men of the "today" show ve not shaved.
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>> oh, no. >> yeah. >>o, no. >> we like our matt clean shaven. >> here's al. >> not that much differee. >> it'll grow . we'll e. >> willie oks like a teenager. >> willie is starting to look like a movie star, excuse me. i'm ling it. >> what? >> yeah, big willis looking go. >> willie's is growing in sparse. what about cson? >> we have to see his. >> that's an unfortuna angle. >> that was a selfie >> we're all doingt. we're having fun with it. but we take n's health along with women's health ve, very seriously. i know is hard to believe wh you're looki at us. but da has been through cancer personally and shean tell you that -- tommy can attest. tommy acally looks better. >> anyway,ou guys. >> hor gets you through. >> sure does. do you like a man th a beard? >> or chest hair? >> or chest hair. >> okay. do you like a man th a beard? >> no, i don't.
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>>kay. >> we're going to play a game. and it's called "guess that beard." we're read >> beard number one. >> i can't wt. >> oh, that's what's his ne. >> not hug-- >> ben affleck. >> i don't know names. >> and beard number two is hh jackman. >> you can wear anytng you nt. >> andumber three. huh? >> oh, that's the guy from -- >> kevin klein? >> no. it i-- i know, john hamm and beard number fr is -- george clooney! >> wow. >> and the last one? "duck dynast" our my cousin from appalachia. >> did i tell you were brilliant again? >> whad the biggest day and forgoto remind you we're illiant. at's what the daily ws says.
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>> you c still get it online at i thought for sure they were going to r that headline. >>e're starting to have lunches th people who help u with that column. and they are a wild and wacky azy bunch. >> here's a question for you, have you gone into a restrm at ki of a nice restaurant -- and bathroom attendant handsou towel or soap or something and theye standing the person is standing in there. there'been a debate about whether or not tt -- >> first of l, they're necessary. second of all, do people le it? or are people put ofby it? and it all started when the henr bloj jet --blogett editor of "business insider" wrote a blog. he said he was uncomfortable with the encounters in the restauras. he says he feels guilty. he says "poor guy" in a tuxedo with a terrible job of standin in the men's room all day. there are diffent sides to everstory. >> if you need job and you'll take the job, then, fine.
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i always feel bad. i feel bad when somee is handing you a paper towe it'sitting right there, you can geyour own. i feel bad and i always also feel like u should tip. you should give something because there's no point in going in there. >> if it was every room, we got used to it, buit's once in a whe. and i'm alys caught off guard without cash. then you go back to the table, bring back some cash. ich is fine. but there waa gentleman who just passed awaybout a week or two ago who ery time you went the restaurant 21 here in new rk -- >>e was there. >> he s legendary. they called m the reverend. was a reverend in real life. ved his job and help how many presidents and captains of instry and nice peoplehrough the years. he loved it. and he waseloved. >>es. but the point is -- i think it's -- i always -- i sometimes in public rerooms, i don't li going in there becae -- when someone's in there, sometimes i feel uncomfortable. do you? >> only when y're the only two. and u know they're listeng.
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i hate tt feeling. i sing. i sing really, really loud. and most of the time thego, oh, sing something else too. so i'm in there for a while. you know what i doike? >> what? >> when you go into a restroom and there's a lady attendant and she's not just there to hand you the towel because you can do th as you say yourself. when she'sot hair spray and she's got mints and she's got all kinds goodies, that i like because then you're getting something for the tradeo. >> right. okay. so there's new thing in wine. >> oh, this is a segue. >> i was bored. you were pretty much done with it. >> she glazed. yes. >> so there's a new trend in wine and there are paper win bottle >> and i believe we have one in front of us. >> they're cled paper boys. >> look this. >> heavy as a regulabottle. >> cardboaish. 85% lighr than a regular bottle. >>t is?
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>> yh. >> it doesn't feel it and inow myine bottles. >> it's heavy, though. it's -- >> n really, you can sti list wine. >> jerry, may i have a real bole of wine, please? >> yeah. here's the good news aut this, might surprise you, you can pu this in an i bucket and it won'fall apart accordingo the company. >> you can? >> it is between $13.99 and $14.99. at >> if you think about it, they have box wine. so wine does come in cardboa. it's not unique. and i wonder if it's much beer for the environme or how many trees have to die for this. i dot know. >> it's got a screw top on it. >> people lovet because you don't need a corkscrew. >> but it's always ithe taste, hoda woman. here we go. come on in and get your 100 dolls. >> by the way,very time a crew guy gets on tvthey get $100. >> we try to bring them on a lot. drives erybody crazy. >> rdy? >> yes. >> andood luck to you. oh, yeah.
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you feel it then? but this is a particularly large bott of wine. it is. >> -bottle of wine. >> she cannot be wrong. that's a normal bottle of wi. >> no, it's not,t's a nice, big hefty one, hod >> jerryays no. >> jerry ss no and i believe jerry. i'm wrong and m wrong, i'm a big engh woman to admit it. >> there's a hotel in shanghai at is trying somethi new. this one decided to -- instead of going above t ground to go underground. it's a five-star hoteln a massive hole. and it's in shangh. that'shat it's going to look like when it done. >> oh, now that i'm seei it -- i thought that you wouldt be loing out windows and ings like that. that's actually gorgeous. >> what is it? >> that looks like it wabuilt into the deasea or something. >> well, is underground and it's -- >> wouldn't th mislead you when you just read it was goin to be derground meaning like tunnels you'veot to go down to. th's quite beautiful. an artificial waterfl and lake
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will connect with the nearby rir to keep the water clear and as a reservo in case of fire. >> what happens if it rains like neorleans, it's like a bowl. i don't know. ese things, i hope, are being thout of beforehand. >> i like when you make soun effects. okay. so there is a new study that -- >> always. >>alf of the travelers prefer male pilot to a fema pilot. so wn you get on the pla or you hear the voi. >> yes. >> and y hear a male voice or female voicehow do you feel? >> it adds so much, doesn't it? >> here's the thg about that -- >> that'the graphic we waite half an hour for? >> i don't listen for le or fele voice. you know what i listen for? calm. >> no, youth. when there's someone w sounds like they're aeenager, i get afraid. >> yeah, you don't want to hear the youth. i don't eier. >> when there'a young guy or girl -- >> hi, so glad you're withs today. >> especiay on the regional
2:14 am
jets because that's ere they practice. >> right. >> no, it's like mickey mouse is up there >> i don't mind male or fema, i do mind -- if i see the pilot lk so young. >> excuse me. >> i didn't realize at only 6% of the pilots in the world are women. so ty're making gains but pret slowly, wouldn't yo think? >> maybe that's y people are unsettled because they're so used to having female pilots. en they hear one they go what? >> i like to balance it t. if there's one thing, we shod have ather. i'm all for equality in the cockpit, if you kn what i'm saying. oh, yeah. you know whait's time for, hoda? your friday funny. ld down the laughter. >> an elderly woman decideto ve her portrait painted to hang over thfireplace as a gift to her husband. when the painting was almost completed, she ask the artist, lien, can you add some diamond earrings and mbe a diamond necklace? sure, said the artist d added e items to the painting. lady lifted the painng again ansaid, you know what, i think i need erald and ruby bracelets, as well.
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okay, the arti hesitantly said and ded the new items to the portit. then she said, let's add one more thing, an expensive-looking gold watch. the artist fally getting a ttle frustrated says, excuse me, ma'am, but i havnever seen you wear any of tse items before. why are u adding all of this jewelry? to which she responded, because in case i die rst and my husband marries some young girl, i nt her to go crazy lking for the jewelry. enough said. you know how hard it is to find clean jokes? all right. you know what it's time for? >> johnson baby announcement. >> our first johnson baby of the week is elna marie. lesicki. she was born in indiana october 11 . her rents say her 3-year-old brother andrew has really taken his baby sister. ves to tickle her. >> next is isabella johnson born september 10thn new york.
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her mom says her daughter has the mo beautiful smile. and offers ts advice to new parents, appreciate every moment with yo new baby. even allhrough the night when your babis up. >>ow on to a baby born on september 29th in new jersey. james robert fuln jr. weighed 6 unds, 13 ounces, this is the fit baby for mom jennir who says her by boy is full of iles. >> good. he doesn't have any gas en. that good. and our last johnson's baby is dominick isaiah garcia, weighed 8 pounds, ounces, born in california on september h. little dominick loves to be held when he's falling asleep listening to aunt thie lee's cd. but he minute they lay him down he wakes up againecause he wants to hear more >> we nt to congratulate all of ourabies. anif you want your babto appear in our by of the week go to and go to the connect button. we are connectg. all ght, they have the career, the boyfriend and body you wish you had >> get over it.
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we will have advice o how to stop being jealous of other men. >>t's unseemly. it's airty job but somee's got to do it and today it'soing to be us. wait until you see what we have to do. we are gng to milk a goat. >> oh, lord. >> we'll be back. it could be worse. clean.o cnge the w and free ourselves lysol powe& free has more cleaning power than bleach. from the sme and harshness of bleach. the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it kills 99.9% of germs. that's healthing . powerf cleaning that's family fendly. lysol. startealthing. and for where it matters most, trnew lysol power & free poable. ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regime to help reduce the risk of anotherne. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to youdoctor before youegin an aspirin regen. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to youdoctor huh...fifteen minutes could save y fifteen percent
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that eans, brightens, and fights stains so all your looks pop. ♪ pop in. standut. ybe it's the woman w has always got it gether or the mom who ts to work out and ha lunch with her friends. but momenty jealous happens to all of us just like the girls from "sex d the city." >> so he bought it and you're living there with him. >> yes togher. >> but he'll own it. >> oh, miranda, haven't figured out the detas, i'm a smart girl. i'm sure i'll figu out something i'comfortable with. >> i want toake sure you're being smart here. >> i love you for that. but for now, can you stop worryi for me and go aheadnd feel whayou want you to feel? jealous. jealous of me living in this gorgeous penthouse in manhattan. >> all right. i'm jealous. >>h, thanks. >> well, you canse that
2:20 am
jeousy to your advanta and mp up your self esteem if you listen tthese ladies. janet taylor, welcome ladies. >> hi. >> is there a difference between, i think the is, envy and jealousy? and whato you think it is? >> well, there is a difference. if you think of alousy, it is that threat. it's when you see somebody who has something, y think i should have it or i could have it. or envy, you're operating from a deficit. you probab don't have what it takes to get it. >> it's almost like, sometimes you're in the park and you'll see someone ruing and you're struggling, anshe's got a great outfit and her by's terric and you can't help be go, oh, my god, every day i'm in this park and i can't look like that. how do you fight thaemotion? that fling? >> well, the tricky thing is most women feel jealousy at sometime but we feel guilty about it.
2:21 am
then we think a good friend or good person wouldn't feel that way. some try to push it out of our minds. d the research shows when you try to push it out of your mind, it actuallcomes back stronger. so instead of saying i should be happy for her, youant to say, okay, m feeling jealous, that's norl. how cod i support myself a little better in some of the thin i'm seeing in other women want to? >> so jealousy to meis -- you have something iant and i think i'm going to- i'll take it fm you so that i havet. envys, oh, i love that dress, i'd li to have one, as well. wanting to take away from somebody as opposed to i would like to ve that also, as well. >>ou probably could never fit in it. but then, agai you can use it as tara said as a cue toake a self-inventory to say what do i really need? what do i really want? not that i want to take it from someone else, destroy somedy else, t how can i use that to pump myself up? >> some women get upset when the subject comes up. they say it makes us all caddy and they hate that.
2:22 am
but we did ask on facebook. we said, you know,ell us some things these are some of the reaction we got fm our facebook frnds. shawna blank says jealous at kath lee and hoda get to drink at work. jill turner says i'm jealous that women have gorgeous hair that air dries le it was styled. >> i have that have that. when i see that, i have that. >> i have to fight hoda-esque hair. i think her hair looks awesome now. >> today. >> karlie says firboobs. after breast-feeding all tee i have tube sock mamas. >> ma'ams. >> anyway. what about that. it's interesting, a of thosthings are about external appeances. d one of the pitfallis when we compare our own insides to other people's outdes, right? and cial media has made at hard to not do. because we are constantly seeing other people'sutsides. >> so what's a way we can try to fight that i know y say address it.
2:23 am
but what can people do? >> look to your own self-confidence and self-estee use it in a way you can get th to help em be more in aligent as opposed to pulling themo the side and startg rumors and saying can you believe th? be positive. >> people don't want to put in the wo sometimes to get th effects of it. thanks for joining us. >> lovelyladies. we are not jealous aall. >> it is okay to prank your own kids? we're going to find t. shs got beauty, brains, personaly, the always lovely bobbi thas. we're not jeals of bobbie. it's time fo"bobbie's buzz." ♪ [ female announcer ] when did we start thinking that eing a tiny breakfast would help us weigh less? ♪ with t special k® breakst, eat all this, with new, hearty special k multi-grain ceal. data shows women who eabreakfast tendo weigh less than those who don't. so eat right, not less ♪ a new perspecte. what will you gain when you lose?
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♪ it's friday. it means it is time for "bobbie's bu." >> author of "e power of style," we love heshe's here with three mommy must haves. this first one is adorable. >> yes. >> okay. i'm in traininfor some day. t this is the most genius.
2:28 am
four movie in-onparenting towel. it goes like an apron. when it's bath time you don't have to be soaking wet dowin the b. but then you take the little one out. i wi i had a doll. but thenou kind of wrap them dry them off. but then it also converts in -- >> you've got the baby still in there. >> well, youan take the baby out. but it's for toddlers, converts into a robe. this is the smartest thing ever. >> that is adorable. >> ts is the 4 in 1 pareing wel by aqua. >> got it. >> very cute. >> this is another breakthroug this is the world's first selfeating baby bottle. >> what? >> yeah. this is called the iamo. you just put this as mad inside, you put the heating cartridge in and shake it. and in four minutes, you get 6 ounces that is heated for 20 minutes. son the go, you pop in the cartridgesnd you can get five for around8. >> and you're absolutely assured it will not burnhe baby's
2:29 am
mouth beyond a certain mperature? >> this is something that's en testednd approved. but i always sayou should check it on your wrist. it's also 100%pa free. >> tt's good. >> this is an awd-winning design. >> okay. >> od. we have to ask t tough questions. we are nbc news. >> it's smart and stylish. now,his is catching on i europe. bubble bum. r kids in between and they need a booster seat, don'teed a car seat. this is inflatable. >> oh, that's cute. >> and it folds up and attaches to the car seat. the's also a shoulder strap. but what's so great about it, kids can have it ia bag. it deflates into a bag that can be carried to school. cars, restaurants, this is a great buy. >> and it's fordable? >>eah, $39. >> oh. >> tha you, daryling. at's worse than this? not wearg underpants or wearing dirty ones?
2:30 am
>> oh, i guess notearing them. i don't know. we're going to come clean o that and all of your everyday health and beauty habit s. >> we're going to come nt. you never know.
2:31 am
2:32 am
>> aer your local news. were back with more on "today." a fun little quiz game called which is wor. >> we all take shortcuts when it cos to the daily routi. here to help you make better is choes is self editor megan murphy. >> h megan. >> you look so good. >> congratulions on the birth of her third baby. >> oh, my gosh. >> the pducts of bobbie's ar awesome. >> ias eyeing that towel. >> of course you were. 're ready. >> okay. this -- fit question. eatinginner right before bed or goi to bed hungry. which is worse? >> which is worse? >> i think kathie >> go to bed hungry. >> yes. >> i was going to sathat. >> hunger alert >> scavenge for food >> go to bed hungry.
2:33 am
>> which is worse? not wearing underwear donning dirty ones. >> not wearingny. >> the dirty ones. llecting urine, fece >> am i right? >> nope. better to go comndo. >> tt's what i said. >> i said which is worse. >> worse >> the worse one is dirty. >> which is worse? wearing dirty underwear? >> yesthat's what i said. >> no, you said ing commando. >> moving on. which is worse? applying new makeup over old o washes with a harsh sand soa >>and soap is worse than applyi over it. >> you're right. could she maybe gethe question out first? >> which is worse, feel better with sweetor relieve stress with booze. >> feel tter with sweets. >> the sweets arworse. rearch proves the alcohol's gointo relieve stress. bottoms up, ladies.
2:34 am
which is worse, all-nighter or o hours of sleep? >> two hours is worse. >> the all-nighter is worse. even little bit of sleep our sleep experts say help you process memories a learn. >> wow, ho's having a difficult day. >> which is woe? this o's good. a purse on the floor or purse on e table. which is worse? purse on the floorr purse on the table? >> purse on thfloor. >> no. it's purse on the table. >> yes. hoda's got that one. microbiologistay nearly 1/3 of our purses havfecal bacteria on the keep them on the floor. >> don't put your purse on the floor. >> lten to megan. >> better than the table, thgh. which is worse using the old tampon in the bottom of your ndbag or leaving one in a couple extra hour. >> oh, stop it! >> i kno >> i know. >> i'm going to with, which is worsethe dirty one in the purse. actually worse to lve it in. >> oh, my sh, i'm so sorry i'm not sick today.
2:35 am
>> aren'tou glad you are menopausal? oh, lord have mercy. >> okay. moving on. >> who cares? >> which is rse, bar snacks with drinks or a healthy ml lar? >> what? bar s with what? >> not sex, kathy, snas. >> bar snacks. >> bar snacks not sex with drinks and a healthy dinner later. what's worse? bar snacks with dris is worse. >> bar snacks with drinkis worse. >> actuay the healthy dinner later. u want the snacks to soak up at little bit of alcol. >> you kw what -- >> every single person in here is going -- wait. >> this the tie-breaker. >> one more question which is worse? dring barefoot or throwing on flip-flops. >> flip-flops are definitely worse. >> it's true. it's tru and it's not illegal to drive barefoot so pleaseeel free. >> it's not illel in some states. >> we did some research. not illegal. >> oh, good. i love tse.
2:36 am
these are hanky pankys. >> are they clean? girard tested it out. thank you, megan. ist ever okay prank yo kid? or a you scarring them for life? you may be surprised what the experts y. >> is there anything we won't do for the show? we will milking a goat live. with the host of "bs that te." i don't know >> right after this. really, sweatier than your offensive line? sweatier per pound, yeah... absolutely. well,f the nfl trust tide to keep your cloth clean... can definitely handle our gear. actually, i think you have it backwards... see i lked to our equipment nager and said that if it n handle your hot yoga pant it can definitelyandle our... get back to work. [rees ] that's our tide for tough stns and odors. what's yours? down to a science. you're the reasowe reformulated one a day women's.
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a comple multivitamin that now has ext b vitamins, which help convert food tonergy. energy support for the things that matt. that's one a day wen's.
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2:40 am
if you le to get down and dirty like ha woman, then you' going to love this segment. >> all rig. it's called jobs tt bite on natgeo wild. eww. host jeremy brant tries it all. >> nobody likes toee that. >> it's fainating in a weird, sick way, though, isn'it? >> it is. it's fun. >> is thisailor made for you and your particular skills? >> exactly. no, i grew uwith two dogs and
2:41 am
i wasn't boron a ranch. >> a dog? >>xactly. this will be the second time i milked a goat. >> and that makeyou an expert? >> n exactly. that why i'm no expert and it's fun to watch the show. hopefully people can live througme and see through me. what's he going to do? >> wt made you decide th would be fun to do professionally? >> you know, it's part of my line of rk. and they asked mto host a show for natgeo wild, i'm on . >> you need to do that? >> every time you ap that, it's trouble. >> it's never go. so you have a goat and we know the clo is ticking becae the goat is eatingnd it's going tbe done soon. what are the abcs for milking a goat? >> well, since i'm such an expert. >> oh. >> once she gets comfortable, she may du a little out the back. no, we're justoing to -- this is technique. this is what i lrned from gil at the oasis camel dairy in
2:42 am
californ. get as far up as y can pinch with that -- >> witut making her uncomfortable. anof pinch, squeeze it down there d squeeze the rest down with the rest of your finger. >> so where do we stand? >> either side. >> why? >> grab a teat. >> you want me to show you how to do it >> you're the expert. yove done it twice. >> well, you can do it from either side. thesare it right here. >> oh,ow. i don't thk she likes that. >> oh, honeyit's okay. pinch it a you can aim it. it shouldn't be messy, okay. you can squeeze it right down. >> i feel like i'm violating her diity.
2:43 am
>> in the tradition of the show, you are not going to use a bucket. >> put it in a wine glass? >> yeah. >>ant to come on this de. oh, lord. right up against - >> there you go, yep. >> oh. >> pinch as hard as you can with your index finger. >> that sounds awful. >> i got se. i got some. >> oh, no. oh, i'm sorry, hon. >> they ke it. they like it. >> look, kath, i gott. >> hoda's killing u, kathie. >> hoda in a foreign country. >> what did you do? >> i don't know. i wasn't looking. >> don't know. >> shot out. >> that happens. >> some things in life i'm not very good at. >> this show perfect for you. you cajust hang out and watch me do . >> you have fo kids, there's not muchou haven't seen. >> i do. >> what do your ds think of the show, by the way? >> they love it. what are you doing next?
2:44 am
>> where are you going next? >> i d't know where i'm gog next. this weekend we're doing the lion dentist. we're ation country safari. lions, chimps, giraffe >> milking thehole world. >> great to meet you pranking your kids for a laugh. it harmless fun or e you scarring thefor life? we'll have an experteigh in. d now that we've gothe milk, some of itwe can see what we can whip uin the kitchen. chef dai martinez. right after these messages. >> sorry abouthat, sweetheart.
2:45 am
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so if yohave a flat tire, dea, need aow or lock your ys in the car, geico's emergency roadsideassis. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramat on that last line, yeah? yeah iot it right here someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!!
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well it's good... od for me. whato you think? someone help me!!! geico. fifte minutes! coulsave you fifteen pernt or more on car insuran.
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you may have seen the halloween prank that jimmy kimm challenged parents do on his show "jimmy kimmel live." >> hasked parents to bre the news to kids they had ean all the halloween candy and you saw all the kids cing. ultimately the parents told their kids ty were kidding. ta a look.
2:49 am
>> i'm so sorry. >> i hate you! >> i was just kidding. >> well, that's not very kd. >> oh, my gosh. >> souncomfortable laughingnd yet -- is it funny or cruel to play a joke like that on a kid? physchotherapists o i calle out to the host of "fatal valves" and the founr of and a pranker herself. >> so we did laugh about this on the show and we did wonder when you wch a kid who seems that devastated when his parents sayhat. we did wonder ift was going to have some sort of impact >> does it border on a little child abuse, basically? >> well, i laughed t first me i saw it too untii became my therapist self. the fact it is unz funny o the inside but the fact is those kids are being hurt. you are crying. as a parent youre never supposed to flict pain on your
2:50 am
kids. they're crying. and as a parent, you're ver supped to inflict pain on your kids. >> yeah. >> but isn't this someing that ybe a kid should realize it's a joke and they shouldn't take everythingo seriously. >> here's what i think. i have a 9-year-old and 6-year-old, but i kn my children and i know what they can take and cant take. and that's also important as a parent. ifou go in and have jos with your children, you need to know what the fine ne is. and if you see they're getting hurt and uet, stop, it's not okay. but if you're having fun wh it, have fun with it and th have to learn sometes children, too, in li, you can have fun. you can joke around. >> what that lite kid said is exactl-- that's not fine. that is not kind. >> and youo need a thick skin. my family teases too, and there's a line. he's the parallel i want to give all the parents. it'sike if your child sa to you, i stole your atm card and to all your money and ve it away. you wouldn't think tt was funny. >> what elses new? and the candy for those kids is
2:51 am
equivale to money for us. >> something of value. >> they ha all those prank kind of shows out there, "punk'd." they aays laugh. when people fall dn. >> the older lady the escalator. hoda can get enough of that. >> i hatwatching those. but what iit about those shows that makes people laugh? >> well, they're funny. it's slyke slatick mor. it's bause were not putting ourselves inhat person's shoes. >> yea exactly. >> and the other thing is, these are kids. i think, you know, watching an older person fall probably isn approprie and laughing at them. >> jt thinking about it. >> but being meato your own child to me really the bottom line here. you're not -- you're sposed to be fun not mean. >> are you mn to your children? >> no, i t not to be. i try to be fun and you know, when i have to say, we have to put e fun down and we have to be serioustime to be serious. bui think there's something grea i grew up in a home where there was laughter, we had a lot of fun. i think it's important for children to grow up with that. >> have we solved it? i think we have.
2:52 am
thanks, ladies, thas for coming to see us. >> and you can cch stacy iser on "fatal vows" airs saturday on investigation discovery. people love that channel. >> glued toit. >> henry. that gius. >> gting your family bac around the dinner table with easy mea from daisy martinez. >> love he but first this is "tay" on nbc.
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ti for "today's kitchen" with a chef who wants you to spend lessime over the stove and more time withour family. dog gone it. >> and to do that, daisy mainez has dinner recipes. and e's here straight off a lach for her new docu web series. you know what it's called? daisy. >> it's really clever. hi, girl. >> hi. sten, today we shoulcall this segment moron's delight. that's how easy everhing is. listen, i've got a little olive oil here. t's put some garlic . >> glic. >> and you want some color, i want some tomato >> are those peeled? >> just dice it. scoop and chop. do you le it spicy? >> hot, baby. hot. >> red pepper seed in ther basil. >> we're making -- i like to ca it pink clam sauce. sometimes you get a clam sau d it's like a canned tomato th's all soupy and stu. we have beautifu-- >> look at you. >> be careful with the salt.
2:57 am
you know why, thers salt in the cls. >> clam salt. >> crank that heat uto hell. and then we're going to cover it. and we have --e have this. i me, look how gorgeous this is. >> oh, gos >> you know, of cour, anything that doesn't open es into the trash. >> why? >> we asked somebody that and they saiit wasn't true. but we're going to stick with it because wouldn't y hate to be the e who -- >> have you ever smelled one of those clams? >> funky huhh >> how long doest take to pop open? >> about five minutes. if you have clams, look at this. >> garlic bread. >> you can gll some baguettes you can ill baguettes. and you just have it -- look at all -- or you have some beautiful spaghetti here. >> beaiful. sphetti. >> look how gorgeous this is. >> i like it. >> and this stuff is like
2:58 am
mother's milk. >>e're going to milk a goat while you -- we milked goat. we're going to milk it ain later cause it was so muchun before. >> hoda loved it. and we said after the show, hoda, we'll gi you another cracat it. >> oh, my god. you make cheese and butter out of that goat milk. you look like you'reetting nauseous. wait. so listen -- or here, i'll have a zucini salad. your new favoritsalad. >> i don't kno daisy. it's called a la juln zucchini salad. d you have a beautiful julien. >> of zucchini. >> yes. >> oh, honey, i'm not even drinking wine. lemon zest, i have some really pretty olive oil. the thing about is salad, you can't dress it before you're ready to serve i the minute you hit it with t lemon juice, the zucini starts to weep. >> just lemon juicand olive oil?
2:59 am
>> you are going to grate some of that pretty chee. >> i'm gng to come back just to hear u do that. exactly. okay. you ladies wanto taste? >> hoda can't have that becaus you just put cheese in it. hoda c have that and the bread. >> thalooks so delicious. >> you have a fk there? >> yes, i do. looks ntastic. we had the -- >> how good is tha girl? >> delicious. >> moron'selight. how od is that? coming up next week, special performance by lady antebellum. >> we love them. >> and we'll reveal who won the teacher of the yeacontest. and there's a surise in store. don't know what it either. plus, we introduce you to people who made a dierence in our lives. >> maybe we'll see the extra footage of hoda milkina cow. >> whatever e said, i agree. good-bye. >> have an asome weekend, everody. >> see you.
3:00 am
>> i'm here to help. you d i wilget through this together. ♪ how are you


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