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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 9, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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s a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholterol ♪ ♪ oh why es it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must the honey! ♪ hey! must be the hoy! good satday morning, everyone. the sun is out a ready to get u started on the day. if you leave thehouse soon, you might need asweater. i'mris sanchez along with rob mayeda. >> i hav a fully interacti
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view of thebay, a we show you coitions around the peninsula, gorgeous sunrise. 47 degrees o near foster ty. should see temperatures in the low 70s. there you see san frcisco faly fog ee, close to 50 degrees, just patchy low clouds and temperatures theras we go to 4and 5:00 getting up into the 60 and into the s. the seven-day forecas there coveringvery region around the bay area at the bottom ofhe screen. for the ninsula, 2:00, temperatures toward 70 degree. very ni. and the north bay out to santa rosa, 74 degrees. east bayumbers a little cooler around the inner east bay toward oakland and the ri-valley very ce afternoon around the bay ea. unfortunately the same can be said across the pacific.
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we're watching the latest on what wasuper typhoon haan. winds have come down it is now a category thr huicane, though sustained winds have dropped down to 115 miles per hour, still some gusts up to 145 miles per hour. living in the sth bay, one of the largest vietname a lot of fily and friends want to keep alose eye on this storm because can you see, it's going to be moving into northern vietnam, looks like as we go into tomorrow morning and turning into china as a tropical system. even though the winds haveome down, this storm will pack a big punch. >>s rob reported typhoon haiyan made landfall in the
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philippis yesterday. today we know asany as 1,2 people have died. the typhoon hit land with sustained winds o 147 miles per hour and wind gustsven stronger than that at 170 miles an hour. it ripped rfs offf buildis, knocked down trees and power lines and left some peop in the area dealing with de floodwater. over 750,000 pple fled their homes before the store. the bay are is home to some 400,000 filipino americans,any of whom hav been watching the typhoon very closely. gladys, whose ster lives in a plachard hit by a 7.1 earthquakeust three weeks ago. when t typhoon hit, some o her relatives were still living in tts because of that earthquake. >> it's so scary and i'm so scared about them. i'mery worried about them. actually, i can't sleep last night because of the worry.
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i'm so worried. >> relief efforts are ramping up all arnd the bay area. joinin filipino american churches a community ornizations in raising even. other parts of asia bracing for that approach of typhoon haiyan. moe than 0,000 people in vietnam are under ecuation orders. residents in northeastern vietna are layin sandbags and tying down t roofs. the typhoon is classified as one of the strongest on record. in the meantime, china also basing for haiyan's hit. forecastersay that typhoon winds.till packing strong it is expected to pick up strength ove the south cna sea as well. for the latest updates on the typhoon as well as information on h you can donate to the region, go to nbc bay >> n this morning, policeay a man from the bay are is under arrest in los angelesor
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allegedly brandishing aun at l.a.x.exactly a week after a gunman sho and killed a tsa agent inse terminal three. authities say that suspected is a 27-year-old man from san is not being airport poce say he took a handgun out of his check bag after picking up h ggage. limo driver called to report his psenger had a weapon. the lapd bomb squad found a small nd gun that was unloaded. it was legal but he gotut of trouble when he too it out o his bag. airport officials say n fligh were delayed or cancelled because of this incident. >> the mother of the -year-old who was burned while riding o an ac transit bus is speaking out saying she horrified by what hapned but overwhelmed by the support for her family family ariends are putting rainbow ribbons up around
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mcthur boulevard in oaklan he was riding the bus, asleep when the suspectet his skirt on fire. he said he attacked fleischman because heas homophobic. his mher said he identifiess agender. >> horrified. the on thi tha gten through this is they are going to make full covery. >> the district attorney charged the suspect as an adult. because he told the officers he was hophobic, he also faces a hate crime charge. fleischman parents hope to put up more ribbons this weekend. and a show off solidarity a maybeck high school yesterday.
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students, teachers and even the prent pal wore skirts to school. >> lots o people here wearing a skirt for you. evyone loves you,man. get well on. >> i wt them to know tha we support em so much and that they feel strong and they feel so supported pause we all support them and we love them and we wantthem to kno that we'rhere for hem. >> some students tel us the visited fleischman in the hospital and ty their friend and is incredibly grateful for the tpouring o support. eorge shirakawa was found guilty for misusing funds. in addition to jail timing he'll on probation for three years and theudge ordered counseling anordered him to never gble
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again. >> an online ad for a puppy rned into a carjacking attempt last month. they claim juan carlos chavez take their car.n and tried to they say the victim -- that chavez answered the victim's online ad to buy a pomeranian puppy. he then pled a g. the puppy would be aut three months old no still ahead, a bay area radio host under fire after contversial comments about women. how pele in the b area are reacting. >> plus, the latest in the nfl
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bullying case involving a former new claim made by jonathan the martin >> it's been ftastic t see how this community comes together. >> and what a 7-year-old boy fr the south bay is cooking up in the kitcho help his cash-strped school. it is a story that will make the bay area proud.
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the league has commissioned a full inveigation. martin's attorney sd the abuse well wt bond hazing a harassment for the year and a half he was th the team. partin, who is a stanford alum,
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attacked. waslso physically despite the claims, man of martin's teammates are supporting richie incognito, t alled bully. shot jock or just plain sexist? the radio station knbr has been >> let me begin wit an apology. >> damon bru is back pedaling. e apology comes a day after s rant against wom and tir opinions about sports. >> a lot of sports has lost its way and i'm going to tel you, part of the reasons because wee got womeniving us directions. for some ofyou, this is going to come across as very mysogyniic. i don't ca because i'm very right. >> reporter: bru said women shouldn't weigh in on the nfl
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coroversy involving blying in the locker room becse football isor men. social media attack demanding bruce b fired. >> he was being very rude. >> reporter:ebbie is a football fan. she agree talk of changing the culture i the locker room is a bad idea but says bruce's language is offensive. >> i do understand his point that w wouldn't wanto chang that b just the way he went about it and the words he said to get his point acros is not acceptable. >> rorter: kevin wrighthinks >> i wouldn't say women arerong. trying to change sports. i thi the culture ischanging. reporter: wright says everyone is entitled to his opinion. >> he's not giving the news, he's ging his opinion of e news. you have to differentte between the two. >> sports are set tthe dial of
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men. reporter: a debate is now raging. perhaps this facebook post congralating the host is an indication. >> the piece of advice that may be making it harder for younger workers to find success. >> andhere's a live view of the north bay ts morning. sanafael loong chilly ts morning. we'l lookt your weekend forest when we come right back. u're watching "tday in
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thbay. >> good morning to u. looking live at san jose. any time you drive by a park th time of year, seems like kids are playing soccer the parents are ou there braving it just to super fans. rob, what can they expect? >> the weather shoulde pretty ce for that. all these outdoor events ts challenged from time to time. this morning it looks great and hello from our brand new
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interactive weather wall, showing you contions all around the bay area this morng. keep in mind at any time if you want to see your seven-day forecast throughout the bay area, every region is covered right there toward the bottom of your screen. check out you own local the north bay, 36 chilly degree, san francisco a bit more mild, main clear, patchesf low clouds near t coast, low 70s as we get into the afrnoon. yo saw the hazykies around the south bay. we will also see low 70s into san jose as we head into the afteoon. windslightly offshe here as we kick off the weekend. one of the things wre watchi, the big weather story, is a b of a pattern shift as right now things are dry.esday. bua patternhange will begin to delop where an area of low pressure begins to dp down from the gulf of alaska and gets closer to the bay area.
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the latest computer model brings clouds out of this system into the weekend. today and to srt tomorrow should be abouthe same, mosy clear skies. ase get into monday and tuesday, we'll s more cloud spill in and at least a cnce but those rain cnces have y real backed off from about 24 hour ago. now it only looksikes areas north of the golden gate will see a chance for a few shower it beenn extremely dry time for the ba area. you've had less than half the amount of raiyou'd expect to e this time of year. this follows up one othe driest springs on record. so going back to january 1st, you have only 2.9 inchesf rain for san jose. you ould actually be closer to a foot of rain. it's a extreme rainfall deficit. unfortunately thatystemoming in on tuesd will probly not make a bigent in that deficit. a closer look at your
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microclimate weather. in the south bay, 70s, peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s, san ancisco around the mission strict 67 degrees,an jose, though, wl be an important place to watchhor this ening, san jose sta taking on saniego state at 7:30 this evening. should see cle skies out at the gameand those temperatures now as we move you over to the weekend in view, you can see temperatures on the coast 60s and 70s, sta cru near 72 degrees. tahoe in the 60s and yosemit looking pretty nice. we'll see a cnce oflouds on the increase for the work week. coming up, plus the lates on tem typhoon haiyan, which is heading
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up towards vietnam. we'll have a update in aew minutes. backo you. >> thank you, rob. so manfolks in the philippines and vietnam watching for that today. here's a questionor u. are you really that different from your parents and your children? which generation is really the greatest generation? resechers are trying to define different generations. >> reporr: from millennials to the digital generation, tho of us of gey have gotten a bad rap, a sense of entitlemt, jump around from job to job, fickle. do we doo serve it? drowning out his doubts, bennie decided to take a leap of faith. ♪ ♪ >> rorter: and started his own music recording studio in downtown san jose. >> i just feel like youknow,
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like i'm on a runw. i'm just getting ready to take off. i got to keep working. feel like i'm chasing my drm. reporter: three years ago he was outn the elemes scraping by, working nstruction. but he said he quit thanks in part to what his teachers aays told him, follow your passion. >> i've aays heard people say the best jobs doing something that you love doing. >> reporter: something many people in bennie's generation, gen-y say ty heard a lot of growin up. there are tools out there to help gau pop culturever me. check out, forinstance, google's ngram which shows how popular a phrase is made over time. "a secure reer" started to drop in the late 80s and "follow your passion" began to take off when the gen-y was in school.
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this professor wrote his last bookn gen-y and how flowing yourassion is the wrong advice. when they fin the perfect job they'll lo it and bein gauged at day one, when they show up their expectations are gng to be high and highthey'll be disaointed. >> if eve jobs had followed that same advice, he nev would >> university of new hampire's ul harvey says gen-y heard a lot of posite messages growing up, as in overcorrection,or not enough self-esteem building. >> it was generation known for being generallapathetic.
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>> it's a group tt would build debtnd live through several recessions, including the gat cession. that'shengen-x lost most of their weather. he doesn't believe the same for gen-y, which has attracted many names from generation me t the worst geration to the go nowhere generation but se critics aren't rea to define an entire generation. >> i'd like to say there's some hugeichotomy that took place, but really ihink young adults at this sta are really just loing to fin themselves. >> the gen-y population is estimated at four tes the side
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of n-x. >> what we may be seeing is the normal sense of entitlement that happens at or around that age group multipliedany times over ♪ ♪ >> for gen-rs like pascal, he said he couldn' imagine life an other way. >> that's how people bece successful, just putting your all into it, jumping i with two feet and not looking back. >> s definingenerations and their characteristics, still a gray area. but whatociologists we spoke wi agree on is it the first time in human htory in the u.s.hey can study four together, from the younger group of. depreson era to the boomers and of cours to gen-x and now gen-y. >> that part is very cool. still ahead on "today in the
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bay,a secondrader with a head for businessnd a hea of gold. how this south bay boy cooked up a successful schoofund-raiser.
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>>chool funding can mplicated. >> reporter: it is 6:45 in e morning. among the usual crowd at ts starbucks, you'll findomeone who esn't quite look like all the other regulars. could be that 7-year-old ryeland goldberg is by far the youngest could be he walks away wh me coff than anyonelse here, too. the coffee, donated by starbus, is being sold at one of the newest eateries in town,
7:28 am
not to mention one of the cutest >> small is 1.75, big is $2. >> reporter: his restaurant has been open for business, mom and dad permting, since the benning of the school year. not long after t goldbergs right down thetreet from davis lane elemntary. >> people walk by my house so i wanted to sell breakfa to th. >> threetablespos. >> reporter: ryeld's restaurant is not you average lemonade stan he baeks tkes the muffins, the biscotti hielf. >> you've been bakingll morning? >> and tn two coffees. >> reporr: the morning rush at last for 15 minute butave noy doubt there is a morning rush.
7:29 am
ryeland takes the orders and handles the money. on this morng he takes in close to $100. not all of it for him, though. ryeland is a second grader with not only a head for business but a heart of gold. it was ryeland's high idea that the moneye makes makes its ways to his elementary school. he wante to boost the technology fund. >> i think hs a future >> his parents promise they did not push h to do anything. they say their tought job is holdinhim back. >> this whole thingas been him pushin and pushing and pushing. >> reporter: they say he's been talkin about opening a those who know him well are e. convinced this wl only get bigger buterhaps never be sweeter. garvin thomas, "today in the bay." >> and sll ahead, we'll have more on that deadlyyphoon that
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make t weekend pop.
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from nbc bay area, th is "tod in the bay." >> gd morning. aren't we so lucky to wake up to something like this out our window? whether you'ren the south bay, the east bay, t peninsula, it's a lely sta to this saturday morning. i'm kris sanchez alo with teorologist rob mayeda, wh is debuting somethi new in weather this morning. it looks awesome. >> it looks really nice. you can see all the city camera views and t bay area, all the hd network views brought into one. and your future always in vw with our seven-day for f where yo live right there at the bottom of the screen. you'll notice in san francisco we have not much in the way of fog, just hazy ies. temperatures lat on today
7:33 am
climbing into the low 70s. around san josehis morning, hazy skies. now we're looking at temperatureslimbing into the low 70s, mostly sny skies, mostly pleasant conditions. 're keeping an eye on patchy fog that formed earlier around fost city. slight jacket weather for the next hourr so. eventulylimbing into the low 70s this afternoon. we'll see temperatures climbing close to the low 70s by 2:00, almost near that around the peninsula, close to 70. san francisco also reaing close to 70 as we hd t the afternoon. to the north bay, mid 70s. tri-valley in the mid 70s as we go io the second weekend into november. kind of a warm start to the weekd. we'll see a few changes as we head toward sunday. to be what' happening in thnues west pacific. we still have typhoon haiyan, no
7:34 am
long a super typhoon but winds of 115 miles per hour. the stormas cross overhe philippines and within the next 24 hours will take a path hooking off toward the coast of vietnam as a category 2 hurricane or typhoon and then mong into china. off, we'll see tremendous ck mage. maybe another foot or two of rein coming down as haiyan ntinues to curve up towards china in the next 36 hours. kris? >> thank you vy much. that iour developing story typhoon hain made landfall in the philippines yesterday. as many as 1,200 people were killed by thtyphoon. wi gusts as strong as 170 miles per hour, ripping off roof topsff of buildings, knocked down trees and power lines and
7:35 am
left some in deep floodwaters. nearly 750,000 people fled their homesefore the storm. the bay ares home to some 400,000 filipino americans, man of those who have bee watching the typhoon tckery closely. gladys's sister lives in a place that was hard h by a 7.1 rthquake just three weeks ago. when the typhoon hit, some of her family members were still living in tents because of tha earthqua. >> it's so scary and i'm s scared about them and very worried abou them. actually i can't sleep lt night becausof the worry. i'm so wored. >> relief efforts are ramping up all around the bay area. cities are joining filipino communities and organizes in trying to raisemoney. otr parts of asia brang for
7:36 am
the approach ofyphoon haiyan. morehan 5,000 peoplen vietnam are under evuation orders. residents are laying sandbags and tying wn tofs. it'slassified as one of the strongest typhoonsn record. forecasters say typhoon haiyan is still packing strong winds and is expected to pick upmore strength over the southhina sea. >> for the latest updates on the typhoon, its trajecty, as well donate to the cause, g to u police say a man is unr arrest for allegedl braishing a gun at l.a.x. exactly one week after a gunman shot andilled a a agent inside terminal three. they say theuspect is a 23-year-old man, who name is not t being released.
7:37 am
he tooa hand gun out of a checked baah g. passenger had a weapon. his the man declaredhe gun in his checked bag, wch is legal, but then he got into trouble when he it out. the man was arrested on charges of brandhing a weapon. and thi is video of the vy top of the new wor trade center. the beacons and lhts were tested last night. when fully lit, they can be seen 450iles away. the exact height is being debated. the building of going to stand 17,076 feet tall becausehe naon was founded in76. at that heigh the building would also bome the tallest in
7:38 am
the nation. but the architects thought the 408-foot tallroadcast antennas uld count towar the building's overall height. stand-alon antennas are not usually counted . we'll let you know what the final outcomis. >> much mor ead, the warriors we trying to end a streak that dates back 1 years. wel show you the dramac finish. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grandsiscuits. delicious, butay i press a few out flat,
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning, san francisco. in the diance, some very not carrying any rain. they're wel check with rob and our the warriors had lost 29 there heading into last ght. golden stateas hoping that 30 would be the magic number, but
7:41 am
they would have to do it without efan curry. was ruled outith a left ankleone bruise and after warriors made a late rallyo pull whin 2. th warriorsose 76-74. andoming upark ckerberg's sist reveals why she's left facebook and what is her next missn.
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od morning to you. a live view acrossthe bay this morning, haz skies from tha point of vw from our photo camera lens earlyhis morning. as can you see across t bay area from our brand new fully acve wall, zoomed i view and your seven-day forecast
7:44 am
availae at any time for every microclimate weave around t bay area. it'seen an interesting look here, takin a closer look at san francisco, high clouds going by. overnight as our temperatures cool, you get a temperature inveion, which has helped to traphe smoke particles aroun the city this rning. but we'll see those temperatures climbing into th low 70s. anothespot we're watching, san jose, hy sunshine t start off your morning and then similar to what we're seeing in san francisco, hhs around 2, 3 and 4:00 today will be in th 70s. the big weathertory as we get out of the weekend andead to the beginning of next week is at least a sght chancef the bay area seein some rain. drop to the coast.f alas, will south,ringing us cooing fore torrow. and en monday and tuesday, there i chance we might see
7:45 am
showerbut aimed i on thebay. hours by hour weo through yr forecast, looking at more clouds monday and tuesday but ittarts north.kennd lift off to the the be chance for shors in the next seven days look to be in the nor bay. fall.has been a dry start to this follows up a fairly dry spring. to the beginning o summer, back about half e amount of rain yod expect. if you go back to january 1st, record setting dry spring followed by a d fall. 2.2 inches, we ould see numbers closer to 12. the weather wille fine forhe weekend. we're seeing temperatus in the south bay, saratoga 70 degree san francisc67 degrees but back to san jose, big game tonight, mountain west san jose
7:46 am
state hosting san diego state, tempatures in the low 50s, pretty nice out there at e game as we go through the evening. as we take you into the east bay, oakland 70 toz with a creek 73, berkele 70.e, walnut we've got noontime start to the game with cal hosting usc. we'l see those tempetures in the mid 60s. a nice d in the east bay. warmest temperature towd the try valley. here also looks nice if youe going to head out to the coast. and no chain controls on the sierra. so pleasant weathertoday. tomorrow we'll start toee a little bit of cooling. as you can see i your sen-day forecast, as we pass the mide part of next week, temperatures ba on the rise. so for all the plans of the kids and socc practice and heading outdoors, the weher looks
7:47 am
great. >> thank you very much, rob. the cling-on are in town for the return of the official trek" convention. the conventio runs through sunday at th burlingame hyatt. photo-op will run you $90. >> coming up, thether ckerberg. behind the enes wit hisig sister. whatou don't know about e family, including why she left facebook. >> i've come down with gallbladder cancer. >> there is no cure for my cancer. >> in a quick mont's me, he was gone. >> monday we investigate the
7:48 am
firehouseirefighters call the cancer station. >> some don't even want to work he. as the chief bothered? concerned? >> absolutely >> monday at 11 nbcay area ne. we investigate. and gives you what you are loong for to live a more naturalife. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious grana bars madeith the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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yore watching "today in the ba" >> good morning san jose. you'll need a light sweater as you head out to walk the dog or rake those leaves that fell overnigh but it suld be a nice day by t afternoon. >> wt do you think it would be a bssing or a curse toave
7:50 am
the zuckerberg name? mark zuckeerg's sister is a blessing when itomes to a bank count but perhaps a curse when it comes to creating her own identi. still randi zuerberg is doing just that. ne from facebook, she's lar launchinger next big project. >> reporter: when you look at her timeline, it's a lot like everyone else, weddings and halloween costumes. but then there's the name >> sometimes like people to make airstmpression of me that's not based on my last me. it's refreshing to make hum connections to pple that aren't based on who are you and what can you do for me? and then somemes, you ow, it's nice to do a littl name dropping. >> rorter: 31-year-old randi
7:51 am
zuckerbe, mark's older sister, has rocd and rolled ever sce she arriv inhe silicon valley. she's written two books, part memoir, part self-help. it was randi who navigated away from mark, jus hours after she organized presint obama' visit to facebook's headquarters. >> myame is barack obamand i'm the guy that got mark to wear tie. >> reporter: president oba in town, that was huge thing, especially arod here. the town ha that you hosted and then you walked up, you walked home, youumped into mark at hom and how did it go from tre? >> we lived ithe same neighborhood. that i felt le i was ready to leave. you say something and you g oh, words, go back in.
7:52 am
it had clrly been iny mind experience i had at facebook, i'm so grateful for my brother for includinge in that amazing journey, but also really important for me to make a name for myself that's certainly you'll read in my bk a t, mywn struggles with loving facebook b not wanting to always b mark zuckerberg's ster. >> your mo's a pchiatrist so it mark's big ster or -- but is >> is viously opened up a lot of doors for me, a lot of oppounity. but onehing you have to know about ma zuckerberg, you go into that house and all four of her kids are equal. created a multi-billion doll great apple pie.t baked a ery kid's achievement is equal, which is what i think so
7:53 am
eat about our family. >> reporter: tell m the negotiatio process whenou nt to work for fabook? howas the contract offer? >> i was coming from a minimum wage j in new yo. i don't know how i lived on my salary. all i could think about was gettina better paycheck. i didn't know anything about equity and stock options. when my brother offered me a co packagehat had equity and sala salary, i wasn't thinkinabout the equity, i want to not make mimum wage anymore. he wasike no,no, no, trust me. >> reporter: whe was the deal done? >> it was on a cocail napkin in the original facebook office abov a chinese restaurant in downtown palo alto. i did notave e nain. i wish i did because that wld be frad right now. >> wshould know that the
7:54 am
zuckerrg clan is migrating from new york. the sisters and parents have all bought houses near mark in the lo los altos ea. >> stillahea mara had my me so distracted
7:55 am
7:56 am
> you're watching"today in the ba" welcome back. ou friends fromets in nd e here. volueer lisa simmons, who is re with- i was going to say nancy. >> martha. >>martha. >> ihink one o the most fun parts of yr job is coming up with the breed descriptions. this is a schmaltese. we believe lite martha is part schnauzer and part maltese
7:57 am
and we think she's got t spunkiest parts of both. >> she came in and making herself quite at home. martha, look, over here. >> she's around 2ut she's still very, very active and friendly, playful. we think she would be an awesome addition for justbout any family. >> tt's great. kids can play fetch wit her. >> absolutely. >> she getalong with other dogs. a limb too much for cats. >> ifou want additional information about nancy -- no, martha! martha, martha, maha. if you say that you saw martha on "tod in the bay," they wil wae the adoption fee so thank you fo that. sorr lisa. it i lisa, right? >>yes. >> just kidding.
7:58 am
>> bring on the baco was a sizzling season opener for a women's basketball team. kansas ste university offer six slices of bacon for fre to students who attended the game, d itworked k-state had to increase is a bacon order from 100 to 300 poundso accmmodate the 750 students who showed up. k-state didn't disappoint. the ldcats beat tennessee ate 85-53. >>nd a member of the world series winning boston red sox came in third place in the race for a different title. david orti better known as big pi, was wrien in so many ballots th he came in third place in the boston mayoral race. a total of 560 write-in ballots were cast. went to ortiz but even if h reives all in thewrite-in votes, he wa still 70,0 shy of aually becoming mayor. thanks for joining us.
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we'll have more local ns at 5, of day any time - if you've com lookin' for some fun
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