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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 9, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>>ay every hour goes çóby, we get a clearer pictu of the damage caused by the perp (t&há& v=] and only now able to get e in the worst effected aas that remain blockq power dn and theres noçó phone coverage. >> it's really horrific.
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i,'; a great hum tredy. by the time thur nset, it is dark. >> reporter: aidorkers haven'tq rgen anythin like it since the deceer 2004 aan tsumi and ñ comparisonou make lightly. a lot of people havt3 managed t get away now. )escd by thet( philippine air force earlier tod and they spoke of many people dead, ando also, of most hoes being swept away by a massive storm surge. the death hole has risen asore an more aid teams get inxd andi o tragedy. the government of the ilippinesçó acceptedfá the u.n. offer of intertional assistce, so n the picture isw3lp emerginge1 ofxd a much br humanitarianççó disaster than humaumq thought and ter than rtainly, the damage is farxd worse thanany peopleçó feared.
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>> well, tonight &i1q9 is bracing for the+ typhoon. uu(ur(rq(i what's t(up, rob? >> the lest on the storm. aassive on in size as you can see on the enhanced satellite vi. franciscoe1 to seattle a given thet( lation in the pacific,fá the same. gusts up to 125 miles an hour anwe're interested intlp will make anotherzvw3 landfal withie next 24 tomorrows towards the coast of vietnam tomorrow. the path maintaining category one strength.okçó so the stem, which had winds of 195 miles per hour, duringçó
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the day torrowi] orlocally, 85 mile per hou storm. heavy rains, projeions 1 to 2 feet of rainñi in som mountain much i]moisture. tremendous rainfalle1 and it wi get caught up in thewesterlies. it could impact changes hereñrt xjz+n0w3s lat lar. the big attention for t next 24 hours is the seconandfall moving into vietnam during the day tomorrow.jf latpsá updates on the typhoon an how to donate, goé@jf to b krrks c bayok
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.com. hillary clinton is in!úhe bay area and s-gr&rters are urging her toq run for t clinton is speaking at the national association of ok realtor'convention at the mosconixd center. >fáñi expected. scheduled to be at a fundraiser for the neork.w3 he daughter chelsea will be there focusng on getting ñ politics. fá new at 5:00 a daof action for the teen boy shot andokñrñrd they don't want theçó public to1 rget about13-year-old andy lopez. he died after she was sho seven3 deputyric galhouse. he said he ought the ak-47 toy gun was real. police have o in cusdy
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and searcng for two others patrolrqoç car.un involving a andhe#cámaqm arrested we taken to hospitals as a precaution. we have more information police say a man from the bay ,-ea isnder arrest in southern a gun atñiko x. is comes one week after a gunman shot d kille atsañi agent there. being released.çó-year-old man he tk a handgun out ofis checked bag yesterét( after cking up luggage a. mo driver called police to port a weapon. thbomb squ198d responded andçó discovered a small handgun &háhp &hc chy man declared the gun in the qqi=u:'q tookxd it
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he arrested on chargeq3t( of brandishing a weapon. no flitñ( were cancelled. tributent(çó the old bay bridge borei]t to'ñr jfdown they pai final respects to lod one that lostq their lives. highway patrol tq their lives. officers escorted them on the bridge. some left bind flowers andñi others usedñi chalk to write messages. many wante a chance to reflect at haened. >vbqdad was killed on the bridge july 31st, 1964. and i'here for closure. >> it jtñr warms my heart we c open this u for other families, to where my son too his lasti] breathe and say good-bye. >> carol there lost her son in a fatal dui collisn. th bridge after it was csed to traffic and that led to today's memorialñ5 event for th other families.
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it is welcome news fori] collegestudents. cale berkeleyjfñi students and with noó[ tuition like. for the 2014ú1÷ ñryear, theko ñ5átáhp yearxd after thefá pass of pro/ 30 andlp assumes a additional $25 milli in studenttuition. >> what a great çóokidea. real to help students fulfill aspirations, that is such a great help and aid to really lp out notxj7mqlp the student >> the university is scheduled discuss tudget, which includes the t(propose the tuitn freezeoming up nextfá week. next at t(00, honorg vetera this week. how americans are taking time out to honor the men a women that serve this nation in
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the bay areañi man that tou the world for +freer howe pulls it off and how all the travel has saved his life.
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mey which is monday, peoplexhacross amer are paying tributexd to th veterans.ñi has a look at theommemorations taking placei] this weekend. >> repter: americansre
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taking tim out thisjf veters won who servedi] this natn in uniform. >> it is a great feelingor everybodyhat peopletú cf1 acknowledge what we do for this nati. >> reporter:n las vegas, wounded wriors were treated better than highjf ñrroller, gia free week of rfá and r and a salute none of themw3 excted. >> people standing on the side of the hallwayor 100 yards it wasxdfáou on. >> reporr: that support, an spiration to those who face a long road back from war. >>ñr that's the biggest thing. behind us. >> reporter: in austin, texas twoq veteran saved the applause >>ay god bless the ship and >> reporter: in virginia, the navy welcomingxd the newest aircraft qcarrie the uss gerald
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r.q;nçord was chrissened by thef daughter. wh served. ian moore, c news hundreds of pple joined today at a hike and bike ventcfn the soh bay.ok ople chose from a 4-mileçó walk or bik ride. the goal waçó to raise awarenes andw3ko funds and the crse recognized 33 years ofjfq fight. lbyrñ beaiful weekend, evenñi fr the beach perhaps. >> htanywhere. shut down duringhe government shutdown is back. >>ightfñon. >> we'll show you more. okay. [son] all righshe has no idea.
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[man] no one told heright? [son]hi! [mom screams
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j(páu&e competition is back at oceanok b1dey it's part of e golden gate national recreation areat( swn the fedal government so the beachas shut qwn. studen from 20xdjf elementary schos built skand castles. it was fun but had challenges, o. sand but it's like the wetkoki has dri u it doesn't really stay, sou we had to use a lot of water to
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make it like wet+ so it could stay forxd a long time. >>hat is sot( frustrang when th happens, isn't it? >>he was right. >>absolutely. here are some of her teammates. they raised moneye1 forfáhe pubc +aq!xd $250,000, n bad. re >> a lot ofxd tists. >> luckily the ocean is therexdf she needs xdw3water. >>if you've ever been mped from an over sold flight it'sxd frustrating unless youanted it >> unless you wted it to happen. >> that's true. >> o man not onlyanted that herexd is tonight's "bay area proud. >> reporter:n any given 24-hour period, an average of
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120,000 ssengers pass through san ancisco's international cf1o airport and on this night, yout uld be prett safe in saying zeát of theid it r less mon than scott ford scott, you see, didt just fl,1 for freexdok from portland to s scot hasn't paid for axdlp sing airline ticket this decade. >> sort of became my life. >> reporter: and he's very happy to tell anyone who will listen exactly how he didfá it. >> he can pack a suitcase for a week stay in five minutes. >> reporr: scott is somethi of a travel expert, telling airline's voucher akoñr freque flyers to fly and stayor nothing. the biggestlash came aoupleçó years ago when he spent an entire yr traveling the global flight or a place to stay.ent o itjf was remarkable ft made more so wn scott said it doesndiç just save m money.
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"->>2xd vacations in 5fáq two w ved my life. >> reporter: that part of scott's ss-%ei] begins pñjfxd district cse to 20 years ago. aroubled kid growing up in criminalñrecisions that a ultimately led to san francisco homelessness and drug addiction, l at the age of 16. >> sleeping on street corrs3wxn nights, no money, no plan.xdu the on plan w drugs. ge arrested onnht outstanding warrant and finding out i jail he had xdhivonvincedim toake change. flying justxd happened to be th ticket for him. something ablá being in the clds, scottlp csays, cles his mind. >> therapy on thelane i cal it.
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ailane seat. >>eporter: not only tued into his passn. it's nowis ticket to share8(ñ hs story. scott travels theok coun(keñr ame to deliver his message. he turd his life aroundñi before others. if you have a storyhat mak ing. us proud,t( go tot(w3 nbcbayare and search bay area proud. was reay toasty. >> one on thoset( perfect -- >> fal days >> love this time of year. >> do itagain, rob. )jt proud for plans. 0jfxds earlier tod again, the weather pattern is weekend. tnt new weather center is the way we can(baiterally take a magnifqg in your neighborhood now. in san francisco, you can see v
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heading towar tomorrow moing. 53 but plan onxd patchy fogcg$p times in sanrancisco and son high clouds.seeing few currently mild,ñi 66 in san jos cooling into the low 50s for tomorr morning. the a breeze isicking up andr temperatur come tomorrow but bi'e=r changes set to arrivee1 monday into tuesday. so theñr patrn changer for u will be the weather system dropping out of the pacific northwest, down the coast. notice the jet i]stream, the se braze tomorrow will cool us off and how much rain we're expecting tuesda mainly a north bay event.ok you'llee at thexd bottom othe screen of the itcen-day if you use san jose asñi a guid this year has been dry. san jose had under 3ñi incs o
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of rain, nowhere near that and i don't thiuç#the stem will do much fors in the south u3wbay. his neart( 7cgñhis evening ofa5 cose. san jose state otball, temperatures in the 50s fori] tt ga and iwvm candle sti park tomorrow,w 60cs. n the 60s for thee1 day tomrow. (t&háhp &hc& bayear 70 santfáxd rosa a liver more mid 70s. if you like t(toda at least the sierra not changingt(çó much bu we'll see coolerfá changes tomoow and stillhe chance of rain there in the north bay on tuesday. back to you. >> all right. thk you, rob. >> i g to say one thin >> yes, y do. >> that's a ol,s7 cool, s[ laughter ]ther wall. >> youxd really like it?
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follow-k; that. y can'df the l bears. sorry diane. theçó key piece back in the warriors lineup. the second red game for a second straight night and yes, morex+o turmoil berkeley d the california golden bears, not so gold. highlights from the matchup nex
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youngest teams in division one season for the bears. cal riding axd seven-game losin
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streaks they host usc today. 41sñr birthday forñr sunny. nosoxd happy bauseelson aguilar,his isfá cal's first ti after the opening drive and aglar finds the hole and as my good friend jy babbitt says, ñi gone. special teams n done. secondñi quarter, cal, the punt blocd by cole. he h had a punt block.p, 1 aguilar again, getting the punt follows the bloc makes thefá cut and it is 9lp 3 yards fort( six points. usc won 6okt(xd -- won. tonight's game against the jf
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memphisc grizies. ey won't won there sin08. we'll haveko that score in a moment and highlights aq 00. he 49e hosthe carolinb. pantherstomorrow. jim harbaug knowsym thexd 49er need to be aware othet(r!tr(t&h defense front. >> very good football tmokokt( what you see. start with thedefense, probably the best f2'3uc seven we'vejf played. defensive line. i think the best.xd linec backing group ise1 extrem go, physical, they run, get of w3blocks. >> and the warriorsxd crently le theñi grizzliesó oneoint in the firstxd ñrquarter. kerry and diane, hopefully good news for the cal bears. the quarterback lking foard
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to the senior year. the next big deal the
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jett@kay ha a british cent. >> theyñi want to be part of th è51t cast opening this week and the title is in prroduction andfá expected in thears in ñr2016. >> that weather looks miserable but ours is different. >> tperatures in thefá 70s and right now in the s and by ìáhp &hc& 70s inland and upper 60s san i^- francisco sant( jose low 50s morning. >> a right. nbc nightly news isfá next and
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hope to see you then. >> good night. on this saturday night, path of destruction. from one of the most powerl storms to everit land. tonight the soaringeath toll as millions fe the struggle of their lives after the typhoon. > the verdict. a doctor in utah found guilty of murdering s wife after a sensational trial revoed around the other woman, and the le his children play in bringing him tstice. 50 years later, we speak to the detective who escorted lee harvey oswald as he was gunned down after thessassination of esident john f. kennedy. and,nd of an era. when video on mand the meant rentinyour movies here. tonight, a pr


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