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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 9, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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hope to see you then. >> good night. on this saturday night, path of destruction. from one of the most powerl storms to everit land. tonight the soaringeath toll as millions fe the struggle of their lives after the typhoon. > the verdict. a doctor in utah found guilty of murdering s wife after a sensational trial revoed around the other woman, and the le his children play in bringing him tstice. 50 years later, we speak to the detective who escorted lee harvey oswald as he was gunned down after thessassination of esident john f. kennedy. and,nd of an era. when video on mand the meant rentinyour movies here. tonight, a pre-digita in
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about to be a block buster no more. good evening the early casualtiesut of typhoon-stricken central philippines are staggerin after one of the most powerful typhoons in recorded hisry. toght it is estimated typhoon haiyan left more than a thousand people dead. communications are difficultnd humanitarian relief cws are slow making their way into the hardest hit areas. wind gusts reached 175 miles per hour. storm surges as high as trees laid waste to towns and villages. speaking from the city of tacklaban the terior minister said all systems, l communicationspower, water, all are down tonight the pentagon sayit is dispatching u.s. military forces the region to assist in the recovery.
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tab la -- the city hardest hit is about 360 les from manila wherthe humatarian response is being coordinated. it's where we nd correspondent angus walker now with the ve latest. gus? reporter: as every hour passes we are getting a clearer picture of the devastaon here as resers begin to make thr way into the worst affected areas. tonight one thing is clear. the damage is far worse than people had feare it been 24 hours sinceuper typhoon haiyan roared ashoren the philippines wi winds of more than 150 mis an hour. flattening entire cities. >> there were heavy winds, hea rains. no power, no cell phones wle the storm passed. >> we have so many dead people. we don't havbags. bags for the dea >> reporter: the death toll stands now at 1200 but is expected to rise sharply as rescue teams reach remot villages. >> thousands of homes are completely wiped out.
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not only the rai then the water sweeps in and it n just take out entirtowns and villag. reporter: one of the hardest hit areas, the city of tacklaban home to 220,000 people. surrnded on three sides water. surging ocean waves feet high submerged most othe city. the devastation is -- it's -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> rorter: reporter ata marulo ported live as the thoon bared down on the city. later retreang to a second floor hotel as the stree quickly became rers. storm chaser jimdds rode out the orm tweeting this picture as t storm was approachi. on facebook today he wrote, amount of casualties significant, so many bods left behind from the surge.
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security becomg a concern with looting. water suly getting low. these satellite photos show the immense stm, the strongest ever to hit land, ecliing the entire country as it moved over the land nation of nearl100 million. the massive stm caused widespread floodin triggered landslides and knocked out power and communication to large par of the cntry. tonight, vietn is now on alert as the storm pushes we forecast to hit sunday afternoon. more tn half a million residents evacuated to shelt and hier ground. experienced aid workersay they haven't seen anything like this nce the asian tsunamin 2004. that's n a comparison that should be made lightly. leer? >> angus walker, thanks. it's not over yet. e typhoon has another land fall in its future and remains a significant threat. for more let's go weather channel teorologist kim cunningham. what's theatest?
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>> the latest is that it is weening but the nightmare is definitely not over yet for etnam and sout china the winds are at 105 miles per hour. that's aequivalent category two hurrice, by the way. moving west-northwt at 23. quickly moving into vietnam tomorrow afternoon. devaating rains -- 8 to 16 inches possible. windst 80 miles an hour will do a lot of damage along the coast, including surge and moving into south chin not od news but better ns that it is weakeng. over to you. >> thank you. in utah today the end a sensional trial. itook a jury only hours to convict a doctor who was once prominent rmon church official of murdering h wife so he could carry on an affair with his mistress. details tonight from mike taibbi. >> reporter: the 2007 death of -year-old former beauty queen miche mack 23450e8 was --
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macneill was never ruled a homicide a jury in thmonth-long trial of her husba dr. martin mcneil called it fit-degree murder. we the jury having reviewed e evidence and testiny in the case find the defendant guilty. [ screaming ] >> we are just so happy he can't hurt anyone else. >> reporr: mcneil, a provo doctor and forr mormon bishop said hwasn't home when his wifeovercome b painkillers, following plastic surgery, he insisted she undergo drned in the family bathtub. he called it an accint. his demeanor was oddly panicked for a doctor >> fallein the bathtub. >> who's in the bathtub? who's in the bathtub? my wife! >> okay. is she conscus? >> she's not. she's not. i'm a physician. >> reporter:t wasn't until his ownaughters pressed their spicions for five years that macneill was charged with muer. the motive, they said, to continue a affaiwith gypsy will, his lg time misstress.
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they said his faer pretended she was a stranger he justet. >> remember, i love you mo than y love me. >> reporter: before hiring as the family's live-in nanny just days afteris wife's murder. after the verdict, relief. >> i can't believe this has finally happened. wee so grateful. >> reporter: a prominent ysician, once a family man with eight children,ow facing a possible sentence of life in ison. mike taibbi, nbc new los angeles. in seattle a mans under arrest after brehing security at seaac airport and managing to board a parkeet. authities say the man bolted through a security check a ran down a concourses police chasedim. he wenthrough an exit door, down thetairs to the tarmac. then he climbed a ladder to a jetway and from there made his way aboard the empty amerin airlines jet. he was arrested after a struggle. the man was like under the influence of drugs two high ranking u.s. navy
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officers are under investigation in a widing bribery scandal. nbc's kristen welker has t story r us tonight. >> reporter: two high ranking naval ficers, vice admiral ted branch, director of naval intelligence. and rear admiral, bruce loveless, director of intelligence operations have had their access to classified 2346gs suspended and hav been placed on temporary lee. in a statent, the navy says the decisionas in connection with an ongoing naval criminal investigative service investigatn into illegal and improper relations with leonard francis. onard francis, known as fat leonard, owns a singore based coany that provides doside service to ny warships. federa prosecutors have accused francis of bribing navy terribles, showering them with cash, prostitutes and lady gaga tickets in exchange r busine. vice admal terry mcknight never met frcis but said the businessman is well known.
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>> hs bigger than life. he comes ross as i can help you t. but it appears he's done little bit more 2457b just try help us out. >> reporter: navy commander michl mischevitz was charged with accepting bribes. commander hoe says sanchez was accused of accepti money. and a navy criminal inveigators was aused of prizing ancis with details o the inveigation. ey have all pleaded not guilty. the navy said theris no indication there was a breach of classified information by th two admils. how concned are you that u.s secrets were giveno a businessman? >> i think what we are dealing with here is corruption and money, not treason o intelligence. >> reporter: the navy emphasizes the two admils are just facing allegations. they haven't been chargewith a crime or viotion. they still retain their rank and security clearans. lester? >> kristenelker in washington, thank you. new developments in the
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alleged bullying case between two players onhe miami dolphins we get more from nbc'serri nders. >> reporter: athe miami dolphins practice, two players at the center of controversy remain absent. suspended fensive lineman rich incognito landed in los angeles on friday. >> everyone's dointheir job. this is not thtime or place for comment. >> reporr: teammate jonathan martin who is on today's team injury report listed as ill is so many los angelest his parents' home. martin's attorney said martin was bullied and physilly attacked. one alleged threats a vulgar quote out martin's sister. dolphinsoach joe philbin sai the team is relying on the nfl investigation for answers. >> we are all committed to getting to the bottom of this. >> rorter: lead investigator ted wells in new york on friday. >> do you have a meeting scheduled for next week r the nfcase? >> i'morry. i can'comment. >> you don't have meetings scduled for next week for martin.
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>> no, i said i can't comment. >> reporter: jonathan martin took a difficult path to the nfl than most. his parents, grandfather, and great grandfather are all harvard grads. he went to stanford and jored in the philosophy of ancnt greeand roman classics. his teammates say until he waed away from the tea13 daysgo they had no idea martin felt bullied. this was mtin speaking to a am camera before theeason when asked aut the pressure of being a roie next to veterans. >> oh, i love it. i love hing the pressure on me. pressure makes you better every day. >> reporte as for incognito his father said as a boy hison was bullied. his fatherly advice, fight back. dolphins players say they are now trying to focus on the monday night game. l the attention on bullying has made it difficult. >> we would beying if we said we ner talk about this er. ah, it comes up. for the most part are worried
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about tampa. reporter: the miami dolphins play the tampa bay bucs on monday nht. meantime ted wells said he has no deadline for what he stresses will be independent inveigation. lester? >>erry, thanks. overseas watching delopments in geneva where iran, the united states and fi other countries ent the day trying to prode a deal on scing back iran's nuclear progra nbc's ann curris following the talks. ann? what's the latest? >> rorter: lester, good evening to you. we can report to you tight that just moments ago we g confirmation tha 2340 deal was reached here at the nuclear negotiations in geneva after threeays of negotiations includin16 hours jt today, the talks stretched late into the night. this is a stuing development after p diplomats from six natis rushedere unexpectedly in anticipation of aajor
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breakthrough in the cade-long nuclear standoff wh iran. was started by france's foreign minister who said france would not suppt the first step deal on the table today. he said it was, ote, a sucker's dea revealing for the first ti that among the sticking points, constction at iran's heavy water reactor a potential producer of bomb-grade plutonium. this is of course a serious bone of contention for ste of israel. this set off a flurry of meetings with seetary of state john kerry rusng into talks with france, britain, russia, and iran. the negotiations lasting late into the nit. we have confirmation at this news cference that is still going on that a deal has not been reaed but a new meeting s been set for later this morning. back to you,ester. >> ann curryn geneva, thanks. tomorrow on "meet the press,david gregory will he an interview with secretary of state john kerry about the nuclear talks. wh "nbc nightly news" continues on this sarday, half a century later,y conversation with a detective w was
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escorting lee harvey oald after the assassinion of president john f. kennedy. tn
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f. kennedy 50 years ago th month and the death of his assassin lee harvey oswaldays ter opened the door speculation and conspiracy theories. oswald was originall arrested for the killing of a police officer srtly before he was
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also i.d.'d as the presint's ller. tonight are hearing from th now 93-year-old rered detective who first interrated oswa. it w escorting him from the police station when he, too, was gunned down. the police had their man. but in t time it took jack ruby to rae a gun from his side. >> he had the pistol in his hand, holding it against his leg. >> you knew that gun was meant for oswald? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: lee harvey oswald, the presidens alleged assassin. >> he's been sho >> reporter: was dead. shot as heas escorted through a crush of police and reports. he was handcuffed to dallas police dective jim lovell. >> i jerked back to pull him behind me. instead of moving him, i turned his body a little bit. instead of hitting m dead center, hit him threinches to the left of the naval. >>eporter: you were trng to protect oswald. >> i was trying to pull h behind me. but i didn'tave any leverage. >> reporter: thereere phone threats against osld. >> i told him i hoped if anybody shot ahim that they were as
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good shot as he was meaning of course they'd hit him a not me. he laughed and said, nobody's going to shoot at me. reporter: detective lovell was the last one to talk with oswa. but inhe twists and turns of november 22nd, he was also one of the first. 45 mutes after the president was sh word came that a daas police officer hadeen shot and killed. the suspect, lee harvey oswald. detective m lovell was assigned t case. >> lovell qstioned oswald, unaware that moment ofis coection to the presidt's shooting. >> i remember a lot abt him. heas calm and collected, just like you and i are sitting here the talking. he answered my questions immediately. he didn't answer them trhfully alwa but he didn't hesite to answer any of thquestions i asked him. >> rorter: the suit and stetson he wore are displayed in a museum feet om where oswald shot the predent. lovell accepts h place in history and history's judgment.
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do you feel u failed in your duty to protect him? >>vidently. he died, didn't he? i'd say i failed. >> rorter: it's a story that lovell's granddaughter grew up hearing. she is a filaker and decided to dument her grandfathes story. as i started to interview his lleagues and reporte from back then and learned more about the whole incident, a larger story started to stand out t me. >> t prime suspect, 24-year-old lee oswald of llas -- >> reporter: in the documentary "capturi oswald" premiering this coming week, greenli focuses her len on what she cease as an ovlooked feat of detective wo. >> when you look at the unomber and the bostonombers how long it took it's astounding that in 1963 without walkie-talkies, gps that they were ae to capture oswald in 88 minutes. >> reporter: on that point jim
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loll agrees, dismissing the vaous theories, he is certain the man he came face to face with and who died wildfibefore eyes planned and carried out the assassination of president kennedy by himself. the cops hadheir man. could you ha imagined that 50 years later you would still be telling the sty? >> i couldn't imagine it back then. in fact, if anybody had asked me right after it happened how long it wld be in the news i would say, give it six months. you won't hear anything else about it. >> reporter: boy, you were wrong. >>es, i was wrong about it. >> rorter: as we approac november2 we invite you to stay with nbc news as we look back to the assassation of president john f. kennedy 50 years later. check out the interaive on up next night for the olympic torch the final frontier.
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the scene fromigh above as two ruian cosmonauts made history outside the international space station. th carried an unlit olympic rch in a symbolic spe walk relain advance of the winter olympics tee months from now in sochi, rush that. here on rth there was another show. a testun for the macy's anksgiving day parade. hundredsf volunteers got to practice hdling some of the w balloons including a new snoopynd woodstock and a balloon with chacters from the wizard of oz. this will be the 87th ye. this was a start of new era for a key part of the u.s. navy. in newport new virginia, they christened the newes aircraft carrier, the uss gerald ford. the lat president's daughter,
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susan ford bales broke the bottle of sparkling wean on the w of the ship. the nuclear-powered ship wil carry mo war planes and laun more missions eachay with far fewer personnel an the current class of aircraft carriers. when we come back tonit, fore the internet when video on demand was all about a trip to the loc blockbuster store.
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it wasn't so long ago when watchi a video meant goingo a store, renting a movie on somethg called a video
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cassette and then popping it in the vcr, remember the flashing :00? blkbuster announced it will close its remaininstores by early next year. today on the fin day to check out a rental, a mind from krisn dahlgren. >> reporter:ack in the day it wawhat we did on saturday nights >> you were in a mov? >> yes. it w called the "girl of high dreams." >> reporter: prominently featured in the movies it was renting the video store was e center of family ritual. >> picking aovie for movie nit. getting thbig bucket of popcn. >> reporter: when it came to movie rental chains, blobuster was the biggt. 9,000 stes at its height. in 24 it had $5.9 billion in revenue. a funny thing happened on the way to the vid store. how do you watch movies now? >> i jt go on netflix and watch. >> reporter: now there ia generation of ki who don't know anything abouvideo
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real. the wait for somebody to return the movie you wanted or be kind, rewind. today was the lastay to rent at many blockbusters. now owned by the dish network, stores will be closi in january. sparking the ttter lockbustermemories. >> remembewhen i said you will never see those15.45 in late fees? i win. of crse there are the hold outs. peop who don't mind coming out to a store to get something they can holdn their hands and fo the od old-fashioned idea of real life humainteraction. >> i going to miss the girls at work inside. they're nice and e guys. >> reporter: some franchise stores where there is less internet covere will remain open for a time. for the rest ous -- >> i mightdjust. you know. i'm ing to have to. >> reporter: it is thend of an a. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, lleville, new jersey
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we suld point out those folk renng today are still expectedo return their movies. that's "nbc nighy news" for this saturday. i'm lester holt reportinfrom neyork. i ll see you tomorrow rning on "today" and right back here tomorrow eveng. on "today" and right back here tomorrow eveng. good night. --aptions by vitac -- thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and ie diane dwyer. hilly clint is here in t bay area right now. she' avoiding the press right
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now. there's even a media black outon social media. chase h more for . we were allowed we walked right inside and got to hear il clinton but t answer eveone wants to hear, no sheid not say directly anything but if you talk to people insi, ther were a lot of hint iner halhour spch. there was that rally outbefore with hil supporters saying they're ready for hillary, of course rea for her to run in 2016. it getting a lot of talk here in san francco over the weekend becae this washe first ofwo speaking events that sheas scheduled here in san francisco. and because of tt speculation, you can bet there are a lot of people that hope that she does toss her name in for 2016. you