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tv   NBC Bay Area News Special  NBC  November 9, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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starrolling out new academi learning. for a neway of >> trying to really encourage much deeper understanding. >>ut onef the original architects of the plan has turned into one o its biggest critics. >> the final version of common disaster. omething of a >>t'siving commands to a computer and givin commands to a compur is like giving commands to a dog. >> ihink it's a simple way to introduce new things. >> we'llisit a small san francisco sttup tackling a real problem. >> the real bottleneck ishat most schools don't hav computer science teacrs. >> i was wrong. >> a local educatepologizes for her role in no child left behind. >> i wouldn'dianne rage speaks about pocy and public schools mplgs i think the evaluion of
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>> welcome tohe special class action, a loo at education in the bay area and yond. we're going to srt tonight with the core, theommon co. it m have already started i your class. schools the bay area are introducing ose common standards this fall called common core standards. the common core haseen widely adopted in theay area butot withou controversy. >> could i count by 2s if want to? yes, i could do each square by two. matt class is different this ar in lincoln high school in san se. lots and lotsf word problems. >> in the past most of us would have spent a couple ofays on the basic skull and then maybe one d at the end of the chapter on a word problem and then go on to the next topic. whereas now we're doing word
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problems ery day. >> word prlems are central t the common ce standard, tionwide guidelines rolling out in the b area schools. >> they' like a total change. >> califora is one of 45 states that have adopted the common core an early this year governor bwn set aside1.25 billn to implement it. >> it' asking the primaryrade levels to notocus on such oad set of topics as has been the case the past but rather to dive mucheper. >> it forces a new way of thinking across all grades from kindergarten to high school. >> trying to not go that mile widendnch dee but encourage much dper understandin on the teacher end we do need to spend a lot of time preparing. training sessions like this one in san jose are helping teachers transition to teaching
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the common cor but even so, this year is going to ba challenge. >> they say first year teaching is hard. this is semi equivalent first year implementing going to hard. >> teachs are rewriting lesso plans and districtsre holding off on buying text booksecause the common core is not i print. >> it's hard to have the students check their work at home. >> while implementationay be rocky at the k through 12 level, one of the original architects of the common core has turned into one oits critic standards do not help students who are struggling in matt nor those who arek selling. the objective of core standards toet students to a fficient degree of academics so they don't have to do remedial work a a college.
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>> the professor didot sign off on t final standards. and that's not the only hitch. new rk earlier this year, teachers protested when t showing a significant drop under common core. that's why in san francisco the distct is doing aance work to prepare for the coming ange. >> we c certainly expect there will be an implementation dip, there isn eve state. >> new standards mean new tests and abandoning the dece old bubble test >> i not going to count bys this me, i'm going to count by 2s. >> in the meantime, the studes are plowing forward. studts and teachers wit one thing in common new type of education. of a >> now, that transitio to the coon core will affect th state's system for standardized
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testing. there'still a lot up in the air but here's what we know students will not take the wl knn star tests this year. instead come students wl take computer iedsed practice tests aligned to the common re and those results won't count and parents won't see the sces. core test wil debut.ial common there are critics of the common core. according to ed's source, an additional $3.5 bllionould be in jeopardy a well. now pitics asi, parents should get ready for a change. th will not get that coveted year or next year.schoo this in fact weay nev get an api score again. the state board of education is working on a new system and the experts say that it'snlikely that it will includenld
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benchmark like theap y byeye ap okay. turning to ed tech now, computer local economy but is aually ur not taught in a lot of schools the bay area. a startup i san francisco is e of several compani aiming to change that. earlr this month it wonhe innovation challenge at nbc's edation nation. tonight weake a closer look at how they' bnging computer science into theclassroom. >> if you put in a height of 9 -- >> this computer science class is working on dog training, rely. >> he see the tee highlhted lines? >> th're using computer science to use a small brown dog around the scen. >> i think it's a simpl way to introduce new thgs. >> the dog's namis karel. >> the ia for us is that
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programming is like givg coands to a compute and giving commas to a computers just like giving commands to a g. at themall office in san frcisco we thaer tacklg a big problem, only an timated 10% of high school offer computer scnce. >> it's really hard to find teachers. that'shere thigh come in. the company sells oine couter science to schools but indiduals can sign up to. code hs idesigned fornyone entering computescience. users sign up for the basic service for $25 a month. ff$75 monly computer science tutors help students online. code hs doesn't backgroun these tutors like a school wld background check a student that works in the classroom with the
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kids interaction withhe kids are monitored line. >> every program that a student writes has a tab on it and that's basically a thread tt is personalizedo that student for that program. d it's between them and all of the tutors. students from top universities around the couny. >> i like your rategy, clean it upnd you'll solve this problem. >> back at t high school, h like many teachers who use code hs, he grades the work himself. >> they have gon pasthe currt lesson to do more. they just couldn't stop. >> he'sappy what he's seeing >> it's fun, that's where the heart of it, honestly. >> now the founders of code hs
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say there will soon be a million jobs in computer science and relatefields that cannot be filled. we'reust getting started with the publicaon of a provocative book >> no child left behind is hoax. people who passed i did not believe in 100% proficienc >> up xt, an interview wit diane rava, plus a little later, the president of the university of california announces an initiative toeal. drears. [ male announcer ] pillsbury ands biscuits.
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ese are the tenants of the education reform movement that have been sweeping knew the nation. but n one of the most influential historians say it's all just hoax
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she says american schools are not blocken and an attempt at xing them is just a money ab. and she should know sin she was there wh the cedes of what he cal the reign of error started. i looked at the evince a i thought good grief i wouldn' want this for children, why would i wan it for anybody anyone else. and i saw my own grandchildren saying i hat school. diane ravitch is apologizing fer her role in no child left behind. >> i wouldn't want to go to my support things that hurthat i children and i think we're in the age now of hurti childr. whom womanho works for george h.w.ush and bill clintons one of thestrongest advocates in the country for testi an accountability. but now almos12 years later,
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ravitch says it was a miste, wh she calls the greatoax of the reform movement. >> no child left behind is a hoax. the people who passed it did not believe 100 pers in proficiency on hoax.le haveeen fired based passed because i thought s fir eoretically it made a lot of sense. i believ in testing and accountability andchoice competition. and what happened is that fe years after iwas passed ooked around and thoughtit's not working. >> now she's on a crew said to expose what she calls t greatest hoaxes of the american edation system. mission she's taken on wit unabashed fur ser. >> she was oun of the estimated thousand people packed into t hall to hear the professor discuss her new manifeo, reign
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of error. >> she's a propone of small class size she'seally against charter schools d anything that cou be deemed priva tie zags of school. >> case in point, a publi display that does not setell with ravitch. >> they re there to open the high school. zuckerberg, they were h mark celebratg this new gh school. do you see something wrongith >> ihink their obligation is to promote the public schls and not to promote privately managedhools. >> her vis cncides with the introduction of the new stanrds called the come mob core across calirnia. >> is common core any differe
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than anythinwe've seen? >> i'm not a supporter common core. there were very few teachers involved it was de very quickly. there s no field testing whatsoever. >>s for the onlining debate of using standarded test scores fo the evaluation of teacher, ravitch pus no punches. >> inow a lot of unions accepted it. i dot belong to a unio i don't represent unions but i do rearch and i strongly believe at test based evaluation of teachers is junk science. to include that in your contract is a big mistake. >> money that goe dectly to the districts. >> i think that it makesense to give the schools t
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sources they need to improve. as lg as you have good leadership it's a great idea because i think the farth away the decisions are from the school, the wor the decisio will be and that's why we're i a age right now where a lotf people who are very distant from the problem believe the can solve problems wh bigdata. so these why they love the test scores because they can look at the scores and close the school without ever walki into the hool. i thinkhat's crucial is that fo the peopleho are in charge at the loc level have a responsibility to hp the schools and they should use the adtional funding to help the schools, not to close them. >> here we are, near silon valley and so much of that venture capitaloney is now ing put into ed tec tools, thin for the clsroom. i know you're not oosed to technology but do you think those people are coorate reformers so and what kind of limi shoulde set on technology? >> i think technology is wonderful, can be wondeul. i'veeen teachs do amazing
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things wit technology. i'm supporter of chnology. what i'm not a support of is the idea that technolog can replace teachers and therere ople because i have t them, had discussions with them who believe that you can have 100 screens monitoredy a single teacher and this is aig savis because you lay off all of the teachers and replace them not even with a realeacher but someoneo monor the screen i thinkhat w is not good educatio well to do parents would never accept it. this is something that's being cooked up for t children of the poor and it shod be intolerable. >> you say you would le to see schools with rich arts programs, studen learn to dance, create art, i think every parent wou nt that. the question is how do we get that? >> we get that by paying for it. we live right now in an economy
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in equality that wve ever had inur history. we are now back to the age of the robber bare rons where there is aoncentration of wealt at the very top and dmatic increases in perty and the disappearing mide class. if we're serious about educati and not alof this reform rhetoric, we have to change the tax structure s there's not a tiny 1% or 5% gobbling up all o the resours, flyin around in private jets, having ten, 20, 300, , $50 billion. >> what guz he make of her biggest education rival, chelle reed? >> she's vy ant unn. believe teachers have a right to be part of a unio she bloefs in aot of things that are just impossible, the idea that the's gng to be a great teacher if you fire lot of teachers. she thinks performance payakes
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a difference. i know it's been tried 100 years an it never works. by theway, i have more twitter follo follower. >> it is true. she is an avid tweer and a blogger and one of the most prominent voices in education we're back in moment. we all havour little tricks.
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twcan play at this game. [ fema announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everyby wins. yoplait. it is so good. welcome back to this class action special. some update for you on story we've been fol rg on class tion. janet napitano took the raens as president. and in her first p luck announcement heaid she wants to help uc students who are here illegally. she was speaking with the commonalth club last ek. she sd s's devoting $5
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million to provide counseling and financial aid for uc illegally.iving in the u.s. the university fibls estimate that 900 o the230,000 students enrolled i the uc system were ought into the country illegay as children well a bay area th company that we've been covering for you is expanding and going global they provide open onle college level courses. announced a new partnership a seven natiol organization it wl lauh 30 soall learning hubs with the added component of weekly discussions with the instructors. course supported by the state department will be taught in english. now we menoned controversial school figurer michelle rd early i the show it shows that the c ten shows
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evaluation system that read sput into pla in the nation's capitol actuall rked. chancellor of school.was a ll the new data from stanford an the university virginia, her program led the weak teacher to improve or leave the distri. the newss likely to add to the ongoing debate over tcher evaluations. well, is week the b area lost one its lding thickers with, stanford professor cliff died of heart atack. he maidt his life's work to understand how our gadgets affect us. he was particularlynterested how they affect kis. he was a gre communicator one
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who passionaty believed in interactio >> as a parent it's so hard t say put away the ipad, the ipod, get off the computer. what are we supposed to be ing? what kindf rules should we be betwee especially with the tweens. >> it's es hard. theumber of applications, every time i hear the's anher 10,000 appsn the hone store i want to shed a te because i think of more distractions, more invitations for prlems. some of the ings we can do is really insist on face to face communation. that is, as you mentioned earlr, when you're in the car an you want the kid not to be playing cause this is a phenenal opportunity. when i go out to restaurants -- >> i drives me crazy. so one thing to do is model that
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another thing we can do is to sit with your kid andither if you see them obsving another kid or watching them, say, what is that person feeling or thinking. if they struggle or come up with the wrong answers, that ll us matt and reading, it's alsoearn important to learn all of the social interactions. what we're worried is that the kids aren't learning to read socialinteractions and if they dot get that w, troubles are going to come. >>ow do you tackle that? >> he will be missed by so many. we're back in moment. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
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[ girl ] make dinner pop! ♪ ghts, camera, action. >> charlis trouble. the ditched dinne backlash. and country's biggest night. hi, evybody. welcome to "access hollywood." this is the weekend edition. i'm sun robinson. the big ns this weekend is the very sad story about charlie
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sheen's twin boys. charlis ex, dise richards, has been taking care of the ins while their mom, brooke mueller, was in rehab, b has denise now h enough? disturbing images showing an allege injury sustaed b 41/2-year-old bob while und the care of his mother, brooke muelr. these ages were reportedly presented to the los angeles department o children and family services by denise. the bore image was reportedl taken on july 26th while under denise's care while the other image was reportedly taken on ly 28th when he returned hom from an overnht with brooke the photo aeared to show a large red welt on e side of his face under his hairline and in front of his right ear. in a reported letter to dcfs denise does nospeculate on what caused the injury. bu if the letr is genuine, dese is very spefic when outlightning the troubling behavi she claims to have witnessed by the boys, behavior thatas led toer decisn to surrenderer role asheir primary care


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