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tv   Today  NBC  November 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morng. unbelievable destruction. the pictures and death toll in the aftermat of the thoon in the philippis are staggering. >> more or less 10,000. >> we are live in the mide of one of the hardest hit regions. e of the worst storms in history. speaking out. the man at the center of the miami dolphins bullying scandal addresses the allegions ainst him. >> ask anybody in the miami dolphins locker room, who had john martin back the absute most. undoubbly they will tell you me. heads's up, a satellite, not just a work in space, is set to
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plummet back to earth in pieces. but here's the tch. no one kno exactlyhen or where it will land. toda sunday, november 10th, 2013. >>nnouncer: from nbc news, this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller pla. >> and welcome to "day" on th sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm lester holt. dyn is in boston this morning. we want to get the true scopef the damage from high typhoon hayian. >> there still not able to reach some of the hardest hit areas. >> correspondent angus walker is
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in the philippinesn the rd-hit area withmore. angu good morning. >> r lester, t number of people feared dead now tens of thousand that mns that the death toll has ge u ten times in less than 24 hours. scue teams are now starting to e the true horror of super typhoon hayian. >> the devastation i -- it's -- ion't have the wordsor it. >> reporter: the loss of life is staggering. >> we have an estimated more or less 10,000. >> reporter: that' in the haest hit provin. and ashe numbers ofead continue to climb, 48 hours later, officials still can't be sure of the severity of the damage. >> it'sreat human tragy. there's no power, no lights. >> repter: what is becoming clear is thathe worst of it i in the central islands of the philippines. the eye of the giant typhoon
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slammed straightnto tacloban, aity of more than 200,000 people. survivors mourn the loss of life as they begin the grimut essential task of clearing the dead. ny have nowhere to go. the winds and thetorm surge wiped away almost every home in the city. the airrt is strewn with wreckage, making it tha much harder for the military and red cross get aid to the suffering. across the south china sea, vietnam is heeding the warnings. even t tourists are hoping for the st, and prepari for the worst. >> i'm quite frightened. we he we'll be all right. >> reporter:his is now an international aid effort, and the u.s. military is standing by. and will soon be involved in this air ba, which is now a rescue center. thousands of people are gathering here, hoping to get
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air lifted out of this ovince, which has been cuoff for three days. back to you. >> angus walker, thanks. relief supplies are pring int e philippines today, as rescu efforts intensify. dr. nancy snyderman is in the philpines where many of the refuge arerying to make their serarch for help. what are you seeing as people try to make their waythere? >> it's really an interesting mix of people at the air force base in thisart of the country. people who have managed t get out o tacloban,atching ights to manila, at the same time cargo planes are loading up supplies to get into town. caug in the middle are peopl who live away from the city, and are totally cutff from family and friends. they are hoping for the best, they're feari the worst, a interestingly they're trying to get in just to seewho's alive and who's not. getting relief and a in
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there is obviously aajor issue we saw with t airport destroyed. you n picture the destroyed tower blown out. when and how dyou have a sse of when and how that relief will start make itsay to some o those harder hit areas? it looks from this vantage point as if it's been rather sketchy, a a little sl. ceainly from a lot of people on the ground,hey had a lot of anr and frustration, because there obviously isn't fresh water. people have run out of food. and those who have made their way to cebu, claim the relief efforts weren't gettingn enough. it's eas to complain when in fact it's reay hard once you have a fractured system, an airport that not working and roads that have just been opened in theast couple of hours, getting that relief in. it's difficult. tarps, ter, cannedood and rice, and the131 i being loaded with those type of supplies. the c-131s are on thearmac and
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th relief effts will go on tomorrow. they hope to get at least half a dozen planes from this area ale off and into the sky. >> dr. nancy snyderman for us this morning, thank you. dylan is in boston this morni tracking the stm's pa. good morning. >> gd morng, erica. is storm is still a powerful orm. it's a category 1quivalent at this point. obviously it h been weakening, but it sitti to the east of vietnam rit now, actually to the noreast ofe nang of vietnam. the nds are 90iles per hour and theyxtend 40 miles out from the center of thestorm. so it is still fairly powerful. but it is weakening. it's movin into thgulf of tonkan right now. later this afternoon as it approach vietnam, it should still be a category 1 rricane. still a lot of rain and a lot of wind and rough surf.
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it's worth watching although it's not nearly as perful as it was several days ago. lester? >> all right. dylan, thanks. we'll check in with you in a few moments. filipino-americans ross th country are hoping t hear from their loved ones, but because phone lines are down, it's been difficult. mike taibbi heard from some people who can only just watch and wait. >> reporter: the story o typhoon yolanda, ao called phoon highian, has amateur video ansmitted. in the growing lipino-american mmunity of eagle rock, los angeles suburb, those with relatives the typhoon zone fear the worst. >> iatched the news this morning. it's really horrie, you know. even tugh we did hear, you think about them. all the communications a down. andthere's power at all. reporter: relief efforts have
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stted even with the full story notet to. donations of food and other goods and money collected at filipino churches lik this one l.a. >>his is actlly the biggest stm ever. e of the biggest on eart >> rorter: meteorologists say it is one of theiggest and most destructive sto systems makeandfalls since the waves at came ashore in the 2004 indian oce tsunami. historic storm deliveringody blow t the hard-to-reach center. >> we just pray for them >> reporter: the final death to still to be determined,ut already heartbreaking, especially for frien and loved ones waiting for any news. for today, mike taibbi,bc news, los angeles. >> f more, you can help the victim head to ourebsite >> erseas, secretary of state hn kerry and top foreign misters are regrouping after failing to reach a deal overnight for iran's nuclear program.
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he said they did make significant progre. david gregory is moderat of "meet the ess." good morning. good morning. >> is senator kerry putting a fairly positive spin on the efforts. you spoke with him. do you have any see this morning of the road blocks still in place for some sort of a deal and whether or not those can be removed in the next several days? >> we know t iranian president rouhansaid this mning they will not stop enriching uranium. that's key step that you need to pduce a nuclear bomb that's a key indication there is a roadblo to getting a fal deal. u.s., france notably, sai look, if we're going to relieve some of the ecomic sanctions, there have to be concrete ste that you take that are veriable. i think the iranians were not all the way ther and some ofhe wtern countries, again, notably france, were not convinced that they were goin to take those steps adequately to give them that economic relief. that where things are right now. i think it has to be rea as a step back, when sectary ker
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rerouted hislans to be there onlyo come up short on a al. >> all right. we'll be following that, of course, over the next ten days as we approach t next meeting. domesticallythings are starting to look a lot lik 2016. we have sarah palin in iowa, ted cruz, of course, on his first appearance on late nit. annow, i know governor chris christie is going to be joining you today. this is a fractured gop. at are we goi to see moving forward 2016? >> that's really it, are they going to resolve ts fight? this fight's been buiing for long time. noyou see it play out in washington ovehealth care and the vernment shutdown, you have the tea party wing, the nominating wing of the party and the establishment. chs christie representthat. think hisictory a some other victori were reall the revenge of the estaishment. they're going to fight that out. the question is, mt romney told m op the program lt night that he thoug chris christie could save e republican party. and it's whether chris christie sees himse that way and thinks
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he can do it. the rest of theight will show how the 2016 will go on the republican side. >> david, thanks. we'll check in with you in a litt bit. > craig melvin is patiently standing by to bring the other headlines of themorning. >> good morni to you. the search is on this morning for two peopleolice say opened fire at a massi house party in cypress,texas, a suburb of houston. a man and woman wereoth killed an at least 20 others were hurt officials say more than 100 people were at that party when gunfire erupted sending tm scrambling for cover. aorker at a wildcat nctuary in oregon is dead this morning ter being attacked by one of the cats police say the attack was reported saturday night at wildcat haven in sherwood. our nbc news affiliate in portland said fire cws had a toh time reaching that worker cause several cats we loose thin the sanctuary. wildcat haven is described as a home for abandoned and abud
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wildcats tt is not open t the public. a dramatic rcue in louisiana after a woman is kiapped appears to have ten the law into their own hands. the cousin of the 29-year-old found her in a vacant home where her boyfriend aegedly held her hostage for 30 hours. she id her csin burst through the door and shot her boyfriend as he s stabbing her. the victim is undergoing treatment at a local hospita and is said to be in good condition. the olympic torch relay mos moves to out space. they took e torch on a space walk for the first time in history saturday. each oneot a chance to pose with the unlit torch. the spe walk is a owcase for th sochi games in bruary, the first olympics russia will hold since the soviet era. anotr great feat in russia, miss univee was crowned turday night in moscow. but there was a bit of confusion as to who won. because the contestants couldt
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hearheir names idst all the excitement. so she saidhe only heard she was the winner when ty handed her the bouquet o flowers. the crowd, n, as you can see th, ll off her head. but she caught that thi with a smile. >> smiled tough the whole part. >> the other contestants, meanwhile,eep it down. >> maybe it'sot supsed to be -- >> i'm sure the otherhree coestants stepped forward at the same time dan is in boston, back with us now for a look at your natial forecast. hi again. >> hey, gs. theyronounced my name wrong at graduation in llege, so ilso didn't know i was supposed to go up and get mydegree. totally different situation. but we're live in boston. therwas a moment right before the show started, the s was breaking through the clouds. no it just got cloudy again. a typical november day here in new england. but we're looking at a couple of light rain and snow showers across parts of t northeast.
6:14 am
especily up in maine, weould end up with one to five inches of snow. it doesn't look like it wilbe all that much, just a weak disturbance moving through the great kes right now. a few scattered showe down in the southeast and mntain snow in the pacific northwes back behind that cold front. the cold front sting in the northern plains,hat's the one th's really going to bring in a big cold snap as we go tough th middle and good sunda morning to we're seeing a cl start with so low clouds around theay ea and, of course, your seven-day forecast running right at the bottom of the reen. san francisco right now, we have patches of low clouds. mperatures as we go through the day the low 60s. that thanks to a b of a stronger sea breeze which will bring our temperatures down from yesterday's highs. arnd the south bay, shonean jos near 70. you'll seeemperatures in the east bayear 67 degrees in oakland for the afternoon. >>nd that is your latest forecast. lester. >> dylan, thanks.
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not evething falling from the sky is precipitatn. keep an eye skyward becau there's a slight chance tt a big chunkf a 2400-pound satellite could be headed straht for you. craig, tell us abo th. >> yeah. here's the thing, guys. this satellite has beenn orbit since 2009, but now it's out of fueland it's spiraling toward the earth. scientts say it's going to break apart. the problem is, no oneeems to know when or where that'going toappen. it's sll orbiting the earth this morning, b a one-to europe satellite is falling out of orbit, and getting set to crash landomewhere here on this big plat. >> almost every sellite tt's placed into low orbit, tha is to sa below 200 miles, is goingo come back and most of them burn up harmlessly >> experts say about 25 to 45 fragments, the large wing around 200 pounds,re expected to reach the earth's surface. unlike this scene in the movie
6:16 am
"gravity" the likelihood of being hit by a fragment is, well, unlikely. >> most of the earth is covered with water. and a lot o the land mass is very sparsely inhabited. so the odds ar quite low. >> today, more than 2,500 satellitesorking and dead are orbiting earth. 1979's "sky lab" broke off from austraa. no injies were reported. so this we, take a look up. because who knows, lightning could strike the odds of that, 1 in000, much more likely than getting hit by a piece of satellite. the europeanpace agency expects that the satelliteill crash to earth tonight, or ear tomoow. if you do happen to see it, if you catch a glimpse, it's going to lookike a huge fireball streakinacross the sky. >> let's hope that's not the last thing we see. what's that? last words, what was that. craig, thank you. up next on "today," huneds
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can give it a shot. d this is not aasting call for just any film. as t music may have told you, this is the next tar wars" movie. here's more. >> "ar wars," a new hope, the epic struge between good and evil. with charaers belovedy millions. now in a city far, far aw, the search is on for the stars of the next fil due out in 2015, with two days ofpen auditions in brist, england. >> okay. may the force be wh you. >> reporter: yes, handing two lead roles to complete unknowns. >> sometimes someone will walk in the doo and we will just know, in one second, we wl say, that isho we ne. >> reporter: it's happened before. in the first "star wars" movie, mark hamel was relatively unknown wh cast as luk skywalker. >> there no baage, you don't
6:20 am
remember their previousroles. there's not a lot wrien written them. >> reporter: they' looking for rachel, quiteoung when s lo her parents, now 17. she's become street smart and stro. thomas, smart, capable, shows coage when need. and understands that y can't take life too seriously. >> i've made mistakes. it's similar to his background, the way he's gone through life. >>'m just going to be myself and hope my charisma wl come across. >> reporter: a star is born - >> it went brilliantly. i got callback. >> reporter: may t force and a good deal of luck be with them. >> get or the pond. >> you know what, here's the good news. there will also be several casting cas here in the u.s. throughout novemr. >> some of the r, what's the role, extra. >> yeah. i think, lester, that' where you'reeally going to shine
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coffee. according to one neuroscientist. >> he said you should get your caffne fix between 9:30 and 11:30 when your cortisol levels drop. craig, we decided we're not going to ge a break today in the orange om. >> you know wh, lester solutely no one thate've read on the internet agreed with the scientists yesterday. folks love their coffee. kyle andcraig, no exception. >>hat's right. >> we want to sw you just a handfuof the responses he. this is amanda. anda tweets, i get up at6:00, so if don't get my coffee by 7:30, i'mevil. you've been warned. we heard from layla. 9:30 what am i supposed trink between 5:30 and 9:30? theast one from vicky, i have coffee withi ten minutes of waking . >> it' p not break time yet, so we've go nothing here. >> appar
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♪ ♪ hey! must behe honey! ♪ hey! must bthe honey! >>you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morningo you. looking livet san francisco and the golden gate bridg clouds up in t sky but not down on the surface level. no fog tre, but i did see some in san jose near the studio. thanks f joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with >> san jose, some patchyow clouds and fog which have kept our temratures up in the 40s and 50s for theost part except in the north y. chilly again with some clear ies. temperatures currently in the 30s. one thg we will be looking for as we get into the afternoon will be watching high clouds off to the west. at's a system come tuesday that willring us a chance of
6:27 am
seeing rn for the woweek. soh bay looking at temperatures near 70degrees. 65 aund let's say 2:00 in the seeing temperature in the low 60s around 2:00. some other locations arod the y area, upper 60s for the noh bay into the afternoonnd for t eas bay mid-60s. tri-valley, some of e warmest temperatures we will see for the afternoon. san jo near 70. candstick, 63 degrees, should be fantastic for 49ers football. little chiy if you're heading out to the game though. partly cloudy skies fothe afrnoon. kris? >>hank you, rob. the ath toll is rising more than 10,000eople are feared to be dead in the central philippines after being devastated by typhoon haiyan. the bay area is home to one of the larst filipino communities ouide the islands a last night dozens of people gathered at a churc to pay for the st. andrew's catholichurch opened mass with a prayer for the viims. 99% ofarriishiers are pill fe
6:28 am
lipino-american. many have relatives in the typhoon's path. many are getting good news about their family members, others are not. st. andrews says a group of localhurches areaising mey to sendoverseas t the typhoon victims. peopleathered for a day of tion inself cities around the state yestday horing the 13-year-d boy who was shot and killed by a sonoma county deputy. the shooting happened in santa rosa. the deputy said he thought a toy rifle e boy was carrying was a reala k-47. ople whourned out said tt they did it to tryo make people remember lopez ando support his family. other rallies were held in san francisco, oakld, los angeles, and sacramento. will she or won't she? hillary clinton headlined two big events last night inan francisco, and everyon wants to know will she run r the white house in 2016? gave a speech at the national
6:29 am
association of realtors conventi at the moscone center. supporte rallied outside hours before clion took the sge holdin sns that read "i'm ready for hillary." the sond stop was at a nd-raiser at the regency ballroomn the city. still aad o "todain the be able to snowboard and ski o without leaving the bay area? we'll show you the project that could make that a reality. all theday's news comg up for you right here at 7:00.
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>>orth dakota. >> pennsylvania. >> virginia. >> say hi to i'm celrating my 10th birthday! >> i had so mh fun yesterday, i cam back f more! >> me, too! wee back on a sunday morning, november 10th. you're looking at some of the pictur of the crowd out there on rockefeller plaza. nice group of folks. we appreciate tm spending th sunday morning with us. and you as well at home.
6:31 am
i'm lester holt, along with erica hill and craig melvin. an dylan will havehe forecast in just a few minutes. rescuers still trying to reach the hardest hit areas of the philippineshis morning where the death toll iseared to be in the thousands from typhoon hayian. that storm now headed for vietnam. >> after two days ofhigh-lel talks, secretary of state john kerry left geneva with no agreement on iran's nuclear ogram. the talks are expted to coinue later in the mont you may want to keep aeye on t sky. a european satlite has been circling earth for years, falling to the atmosphere could happen in the next 24 hours. scientistsre not exactly sure when or ere it will hit, so as we said, keep an eye out. coming this half hour on this veterans day weekend, one chicago brewer i making his mission get his fellow meers of the military into the work force. really coolstory. >> looking forward to that. reimaging the playground as we know it. all in an effort to give every
6:32 am
child a chance to be a part of th playground, and t play together. we'll introce you tone family w made it their mission to make sure not only one of their daughters wasn't left behind, but at no one in the community would be left on the sidelines. tomorrow we start our specl series abouthe people who have inspired us, and changed our lives. we'll kick it off with aribute to t military at a special concert onhe plaza. >>we also wan to hear your stories. yocan share them with us. tell us who's inspired you by using the #inspiredtoday. and also you can go on to today.c by. the man accuseof being a bully is breaking his sence for the first time since the scandal came to light. kerry, good rning. >> reporr: good morning, lester. 14 days ag jonathan martin, the offensive lineman, walked away from the team.
6:33 am
amid allegations of bullying a a physical attack. the dolphins management did brief investigation and they suspendedmartin's teammate, richie incognito. 's made no comnt ide from a few twts. if heas a lawyer, he has not revealed the lawyer's nam and no statements have been released. now for the first time, incognito is speaking for himself. saturday, atiami dolphins practice the two playerst the center of controver were absent. and both have been silent. untinow. suspended fensive lineman richie incognito sat down with fox spts, a portion of that interviebegins with a question. is he the face of bullying, and his use of the "n" word? >> this is an issue of -- this an issue of my ajohn's relationship. you can ask anybody i the miami dolphins locker room, who had his back the absolute most. they will undoubtly tell you me.
6:34 am
all this stuff comg out just -- it speaks to -- it speakso the cture of our locker room. it speaks t the culture of our closeness. it speak to the culture of our brotherhood. an the cism, the b words, you know, that's what i regret st. but that's a product of the environment. that's sometng that we use all the time. >> reporter: his teammate, jonathan martin who remains on the iury report, is in los angeles with his parents a is not talking. when the high school practe fields across america, coaches like rich hanson at st. peters prep in new jersey say, even without all the facts, they hope th can become teachable moment >> the coach and school and aching staff should lay the grouwork of the respect, that you can have a create
6:35 am
environment that's conducive to what youe really trying to do >> reporr: dolphin coach joe philbin who coached high school and college before becoming an l coach is wting for the results of the nfl investation. >>e're all comtted to getting to the bottom ofthis. out of respect for the process, i will not be answering a questions lative to the review until it's compte. >> reporter: now, the nfl has hired an independe inveigator to try to get to the bottom of this. lester? >> kerrysanders, thanks. editor of's pro footll. thanyou for coming on with us. >> gooto be with you. >> let's talk about this independent investigator talking about the dolphins. can you ok at the dolphin in isolation, if in fact ere's this boys being boys culture? does it need to be broader? >> i do think it needs to be broader. will ted wells have the ability yond the dolphinsnd look at whether this is a cultural issue
6:36 am
throughout the nfl. that'smportant when you determine what punishment, if any, suld be leviedgainst the dolphins. is it fair to nail the dolphins when other teams may be doi it. >> does the nfl have the appetite to look bader or does that open up whole can of worms? >> it opens up a can of wor they would rather not deal with. and whatever they learn at the dolphins will tell the other teams ing forward, don't d this. >> you heard t interview of richie incognito, he said he always had martin's back. he said it's about the cuure. what doou make of his comments? >> it's notsurprising. we knew he would have some defense. he's not jt going to say, yeah, i did it i wasacross the line. from incognito's perspective, this is perfecy normal behavior. thproblem is, you introduce a person who reacts to it differentl deals with it as long as he can, and then sa, you know what, folks,his is not normalbehavior. i cannot handle it and there may be oths who are silently aling with similar treatment but theyust dl with it
6:37 am
because it's part of the culte. >> i simply can't imagine marti walkin into a nfl locke room right now. does he remain with miami? >> i would b shocked if he goe backo the dohins. martin may not be on thateam going forward. i think other teams could be interested. depends on whether or not the team has a need at the positn he plays, offsive tackle, whether or not the coach believes he can handle whatever distractions would come from having martin this sto has become significant beyond sports. you have to have a team that says we can dea with whatever comes fr having jonathan martin. he wants to play, weave a need, 'll deal with the straction. >> will this matte to any nfl fan, when it comes time to sitting downn front of the tv this afrnoon? >> not as long as all the players on your fantasy lineup are in place and your favorite team's playing. for most fans it's not an issue. but i still think the extt to
6:38 am
which this is being talked about, and discussed, and it trickles down t other levels, i think it' an important discussion. it's probably about 40 years overdue. >> mike, good to have you on. >> thank you. dyn is up in boston. hey, dylan. >> reporter: good morning, lester. very nice rning here in boston. not too cold. but the cold air is coming. we've got a wle pattern change that'soing to make its way into the eastern hal of the country. even as far south as places like atlanta, gegia. 've got this huge dip in the jet stream that's going to drag down some atic air and mperatures are going to tumble. you e the darkest shade of blue, that's where your 2s and 30s are. watch as they sag down as we go into monday. thentuesday, they start to dip down even further. d by wednesday, we're only loing at high temperatures in atlanta of about 4 degrees. so below average across much of the nortast, with highs only in the 30s. and then you factor in some wind and it'snly going t fee even chillier. we have lake-effect type snow showers and light rain in the rtheast. rthern new england could end
6:39 am
up with an inch or so, maybe up toour or five in some of the higher . and we're looking out for some patchy fog around the bay area, san jose later today. close 70 degrees. san mateo,64. san francisco, 63 degrees. candlestick.low 60s out a it will be breezy and cool with patchy low clouds throughout the ga withemperatures in the low 60s. kland, 67. mid-70s fo one more day in the tri-valley. ashe seven-day forecast shows you, come tuesday we have a chance of rain, especially north of san franciscoor tuesday morning. have a great sunday. and toy's top spot coming from a muc warmer location. we are heading out to raleigh, california, and our affiliate ky. cattle cl rodeo, check out cowboyas they compete in t national rodeo fina. there arelso free pony rides, that's more my style.
6:40 am
horse races, and the crowd favorite, bull riding. it shod be greatay at the rodeo outn california. >> dylan, thank you. cheers and thas to this country's verans, right after these messages. couny's verans right after the messages. ♪ as youlife and career chan, fidety is there for your personal economy, helping yoreadjust your retirement an along the way, rethinhow you're invested, and refocus wherever you are tod, has a wide range of investment chces to help you fine-tune your personal economy. ca today, and we'll maket easy to move that old 4(k) to a fidity i.r.a. with a smartphone from stight talk wireless. we replaced sue'smartphone she'll get the same eat nationwide coverage for half the cost. les see if she notices.
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6:43 am
>> what's moremerican tn an american veteran. >> reporter:n saluting the troops this verans day, many will do it with aeer brewed by our vets, for our vets. the veteran beerompany wants to satiate our thirst, while tackling the rampant iss of veteran unployment in america. >> the goal is that witn the rst year we'll hire 100 veterans, and by year thr we will have hired 500, and by year five we'll be a 1,500 veterans. >> reporter: from the brewers to the front office, all he served tir untry. ambassador lawson lo a leg in ir. eric w a top gun pilot. director blair mylo was in the navy. and company founder pl jenkins, also a navy veteran, hopes this new brew willelp combat whate calls patriotism life in america. >> you stand up for the national anthem and you cheer lik crazy. and then when the veter gets
6:44 am
flashed on thescreen, y cheer even loud. you sit down and say, i feel good about myself. did you hear how ld i cheered? thatame person, that same person needs a job. >> reporter: the hope is that americanwon't just salutehe troops on veterans day, but help them by raising bote of veran beer year roun of course, the more beer, the more jobs. but also breaking down the stereotype that vets may not fit the workplace. >> i want them tolap tir foreheads and say, gosh, we certainlyissed a trick there. we've got to sta hiring these people. you know, the work like the diens, these people do. >> reporter: 10% of compa profits will also go towards veterans causes and initiatives. >> there are leaders in the military we want them t be leadersn th civilian wor as well. >> reporter: and that is somethinworth raising a glass to. fo toda kev tibbles, nbc ne, chicago. the beer is not available acss the country ye clearly it's availle re.
6:45 am
>> this man just took a sip duri that -- >> i di a little sip, sure. >> it's good, actually >> quite good. >> cheers to our vetans. lo that story. just ead, you're about to meet one family who was determed to get their daughter a place on the playground, and all other kids in the communi. firs these messages. ♪ ♪
6:46 am
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>>something magical about a playground and how it brings kidsnd communities together. but for cldren with disabilities, at special time is often out of reach because they c't accs most of the equipment. >> a couple in portland, oregon, was dermined their daughter wouldn't sit on the sideline anymore. in fact, they didn't want anybody in the community to sit on the sidelines. theyanted to include a more clusive world one play ground at a time. rper rose golerg was bor june 8h, 2005. and in thatmoment, her parents' world forev changed. >> they actually brought in a
6:49 am
priest and said we'd like to ad her her last rites. >> reporter:arper wasn't breathing. she spent her fst month in the nicu befe doctors dermined she was rn with a rare abnormality. >> ty said she would never walk or talk in her lifeme. i remember in that moment feelinlike, how dare the say whate should expect. >> reporter: like all new parents, each milestone was a reason to celebrat but as their daughr grew, the goldbergs began to notice how limited the world around harper could be. >> we would take her to the playground and stick her i the buet swings. she was getting bignd we would haveo take harper out of the swing and i would go sit her on a curb on blanket while the other kidsould play. >>eporter: the solution, build a space wre all chiren could play made for the little gl who inspired it. the project quickly took off. as the community rallied arod the ea. >> your initial goa at that
6:50 am
poin was $200,000? you ended up wit a playground that was $1.2 million. >> people really instinctively understood that this was going to be a ecial place. >> reporter: harper's playgrod was designed to be differe. >> what is it aut this slide that makes it s special? >> how wide it is. 's important to he an opportunity fo parents to accoany their childrenide by side. >> what is it that makest more accessible? >> harper had a friend, and her friend wts to climb onthis. she could sll be connected to her. th could still be talking. and hanging out together. the adaptive swing allows a child like harper who has outgwn the baby swing to still be swinging. >> is it the favorite thing on the playground doou thk? >> by far. it's mac. >> you see kids of all abilities here playi together. it's beautiful, safe, fun. andt's community. >> whas you favorite thingo do at this park? play in the sand. >> aher parents,hat do you like about the playground? >> i love that she canoin in
6:51 am
with the kids and she's cluded. the government mandates blic spaces, like play grounds, mus be acssible. but there's little oversi and no officia record o just h many there are across the cotry. the goldbergs he harper'sill inspire many more. >> if we had ten more cody and april goldbergs, who knows. >> it'she ccept of including everyone it's t right thing to do, but when you do it, it's better for everyone. it's just that simple. >> harp's playground just cebrated its first anniversary last weend. it's become a destination for the community. the goldbergs are hing that they'll be able toontinue the effort far beyond portland. they would love to add me of these playgrods to portnd, t they hope it will reach far and wide. etty powerfu couple. they're determined tmake it happen. i have no doubt theywill. >> let's hope it catches on. >> thank y for sharing that. just ahea act and author on his new bk and the popular
6:52 am
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♪ made fresh, so light, hey, that's theast crescent!r bum yeah. facebook. oh, we'll split it.] buttery and flakey. that's hal that's not half!
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guys, have more. [ female annncer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents? so i should prably get the last roll... yeah but i pracced my bassoon. mom ] and i listened [ other ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. ♪ >> we are back o a sunday morning. you may know him from "covert affairs". >> he is ao a best selli auor. and has just release hisifth book, letters ton incarcerated brotr. good morning. >> nice to have you on t show >> good morning. >> there's a littl bit of discussion as tohether or not your character is a good guy or a bad guy. >>o we just don't know. this is the last two episodes coming up wehot them all on lotion in honkong. and i thinkll ofhose questions wi be awered on
6:56 am
e streets of hong kong. >> okay. >> next two thursdays everything willome out. all th secrets wilbe revealed. >> fair ough. >>t was great. hong kong is one of t most energized, amazing cies arou. we goll over the world. i thi it's the only sw on network tv or cable where we oot where we say w are. >> your series ofbook this fifth book,hey all follow th, this is t the incarcerated brothers. >> i srted gettingetters fr young men and young wom who were incarcerated. i started getting these book ports. as i heard more stories of young people who wer incarcerated, runnto trouble and run into problems, i wanted to do mething that hopefullyould be transformational. the idea of being incarcerated otherhood, metaphor, w in many ways be imprisoned, caught in a dead-end job, thinkin i'm too old to make a difference or
6:57 am
chge my life, or i'm sck wi debt. this idea, thisook is really for everybody, not just people who are literally in ahysical prison. it's a mental priso in any way. >> a lot of folks may not know this about you, but you actually have two degrees from rvard. >> yes. how did youake the jp from law to acting? >> i wen to broing university for undergrad, and i loved . when i went to harvard for grad school, i wanted t keep doing thear. in boston i joined a theater company. i came down toew york and auditioned for plays. that's pt of the theme that i talk aboutn thebook, is following your hear it doesn't matter who youare, status, gender, ra, it doesn't matter if you're locked up, or locked up in some other way, you can live a dynamic, full life. >> your hearts acting and writing books. >> i love both. acting obviously offered me a platformo write books and have folks cnect with the material. >> hall harper, thanks very much. ngratulations on the work op the ow, and thebook.
6:58 am
>> thanks. >> you can watch "covert affairs" on thursday at 10:00, 9: central. good morning. coming up on the ogram, an exclusive conveation with secretary of state john kerry, after talkover iran's nuclear program end with no deal. pl, new jersey republican governor chris christie fresh off his b reelection victory. will it launch him into run for the white hse in 20. great political roundtable as well all coming up this morning on "meet the pre." >> we'll bewatching david, thanks. that will do itor us o thisunday morning. thanks for tching. dylan, we'll see you back here in new york soon. >> i'll seeou a bit later on tonight for "nbc nighy news." for now, so long, everybody. tonight for "nbc nighy news." for now, so long, everybody. enjoy the st of your sunday. -- captions by vitac --
6:59 am
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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. the death toll is raise and ," typhoon haiyan is not over yet. how a bay area community is now tryingo help. > also, the eastern span of thbay bridge was turned into a we'll show you why dozens of people visited the sn one last and hillarylinton spends the d i the bay area. what she told supports that made them feel hopeful she will run for presint in 2016. this is "today in the y." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." looking live at the golden gat bridge. all quiet there. the clouds up in the sky, not down on the ground,ut that's not the cas around the bay


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