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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 10, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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tonight. al: so the three teams that had 39 first downs twof those games nt into overtime. this one still wit5:44 remaining. it's 417, saints. ahh! what if you didn't know that kitty litter can help you out of a slippery situation? the re you know, the better yocan plan for what's ahead. lk to farmers and gesmarter about yo insurance. we are farmers bum pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ hurry into t sears veteran'day event you want big savings and sa 30-40% off appliance super buys like this kenmore stainless steel refrigerator. save 4. and, with our free rewards ogram you can get 10% in pnts when you usyour sears card this is sears.
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>> al: down load nfl mobile, get live preum content, like "sunday ght football" on you smart phone. go to star sr nfl to down load your nfl mobile to learn more. well, the llas cowboys getting shredded tonight. bye week. then to the gian in two weeks. and fromhe three yard line we'll get a run ba here from dway harris. out to the 21 yard le. what a night for him. him, too.
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♪ ♪ >> al: rod marinelli, tough nit for him. tough night for kiffin. for all the cowboys, especially the defense. ro hands the ball off on first down to demarco murray, who was such a big part that early lead taken bdallas.
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grt initial burst by t cooy offense on the ground but nothing sie. to meanwhile s 10 out 24 for 128 rds. playing thugh injuries, sean lee out. second down and eight. another sack back athe 12 yard line. tony gs down. tom johnson gets the sack and e cowboys, who are n 0 for 8 on third dn, will come up with a third down a 18. >> cris: tell you, al, watching the tape the game st week against the ts, i thought e saints blew about six or seven aignments in the game and almost every one them cost em big. i don't think we've circd one busted coverage. i don't think 've seen one blown gap assignment. and they've en doing it with a
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t of backups in ther humber is aying a lot of this game. he played well. >> al: and romo is going to get sacked at the five yard line. so just a ton of ugly number for the cowboys tonighno what or which side of theall you look at. 0 for 9 on third down and another sa here. >> cris: well, somebody has got to explain to me why tonromo is in the game at this point. i'm sure there's a good explanation. here is debryant. he has almost given up on the outside. >> al: it's fourth down and 26. from the end zone. darren sproles takes the jones punt and brings it back to the 48 yard ne. wellaround the nfl today, how about the von austin, the rookie forhe rams.
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third player in nfl story, three touchdowns of 50 yards or more before his 23rd birthday the rams gto indianapolis and shock the colts. 38-8. nick foles, sen touchdowns last week in oakland, goes io green bay and leads them to a win. philadphia right back in t thick of things. peyton, 33 touchdown passes in 9 games. >> cris: is that right, nick foles has 15 touchdowns and no interceptions? >> al: crazy, isn'it? and here is erre thomas with a new quarterback, luke mccown. his brother joshs the backup in chicago and wound uplaying the end of the game today with cutler out >> cris: you want to take a guess whis going to win the nfc east? i an, you know, everyby is -- en washington at 3-6 is -- they've alive.
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i guess you uld have to say philadelphia you may had to figure, new coach, might have tan them a little while. nick foles n playing well. and sean mccoy -- but i don't know. i just d't know. >>l: second and two. cowboys have a win over the eagles alrea. >> al: in philadelphia. they'lmeet in arlington th last nig of the season. sot will be third and five. the only mystery in this one is will the saints t an nfl record for most firsdowns in a game. e next would be thei40th. >> cris: i think they should put drew back in.
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>> al: third and four. tieing the rord. the dallas cowboys tonight -- the cowboys have run 43 plays in the game and the snts have 39 first downs. thinabout that. think about that if you're a saintsan, not a cowboys fa 49-17 at the t-minute warning.
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>> al: coming up after the game the wendy's post game report. michele on the field with the sts of the game. bob,ony and mike will wr it up. cris and iill look forward to tonight's ga which is a beauty. that's coming upight after we're done here on the field of play. >> cris: there we go i knew a few of those woulbe in here tonight.
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thanks, jerry for b ryan. his first meeting with this team, you know what, guys, we vaul a little something prove. they deptmeidn't want me. you guys were the worst defense in the history of the nfl. we had a common bo from start. and right now looks like the saints got the better end of that deal. >> al: well, the snts will line up th a chance to set that first dn record here on a fourth and five from the 4yard line. and they'rgoing to get it because that is pierre thomas with that second effort. and righthere on the yellow linethe headlines man marches it. it's a 40th first down. a new nfl rerd. 40, amazing. >> cris: well, little payback. this was a team the dallas cowboys who came in in009, right? when they was undefeated.
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13-0. and cowbs pinned their first loss on them. and tonight, it wasn't even close. >> al: so 41st downsnd they can take a couple of kneel downs to end it. huge nht, of course, for rob ryan. we tked all night about rob. we mentioned before, sean payton, didn't even know him. sean telling us sterday didn't know h at all. talked to people, thfeedback was different than i expected. he's an outstanding staff guy, extremely loyal for players. sean spending the suended season in llas. saw the job that he did in dallas. impact. and it's all workingell. joe vitt right therehe long-time assistan mccown kneels down and that's going to dit from the superdome. jason garretand his team will
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go flying ho, take the bye week and then head to the meadowlands to take onhe gits. there it is,ost yards allowed by the cowboys in the story of the franchise. b, of course, exchanng greetings and pleasaries with a lot of the guys that he wound up coaching last year but it's all saints tonig after at one int dallas had a 10-lead, but the saints wind up winning the game by 32. 49-17 our final ore with the wendy's post-gamreport coming right up.
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announcer: welcome the wendy'post game report. here now, bob costas. >> behind us, of 41 performance, 4 tchdowns, no interceptions by drew brees. the saints romp 49-17. they're 7-2. theilead is a game over the surpsing carolina panthe in their division. meanwhile, with the eagles beating the been up packers todaand with the cowboys losing tonight in the c east, it's a tie atop that division and it's a division that's mediocre at best, bo the cowboys and the eagles are 5-5. now the players of the game. drew brees, mark ingram an keening lewis will all he their names put up angside the
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otrs on the "sunday night footba" bus. one of them, drew brees s down on the field, other curtis lofton, outstanding me tonight asell for the saints is michele tafoya here are the twof them with michele. >> michele: drew, seven touchdowns tonight and so many different weapons were utilized, running backs, receivers, why were you able to get so many different people involve sth >> that's the y we always set it up. we try to give eveone opportunities to have thatn the ga plan. you neveknow how it's going to ake out once you get into the game. man, everybody played ghts out tonight. defense play phenomenal, gave us offsively lot of opportunities. lot of guys made pys tonight. >> michele: yo running game dominated. ingram whotruggled previously burst on to somethg tonight. why was tonight the night r him? >> mark is a mann a mission. he has been banged up early in the seas and hasn't been healthy. and he was feeli ining eat tonit. he looked great. you could tell he s ready.
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d we fed him. we fed him and he continued to eat. and he did a great job. >> miche: you mentioned your defense. what specifically impresseyou about them tonig? >> you know, jushandling all the weapons e cowboys have offensively. obviously to play the superdome the fansre -- it's a ud atmosphere. it helps. that's why we love to play at me. you know what, phenomenal job of just holding them at bay, limiting theig place, giving us opportunities offensily. can't say enough aut the entire tm. great team win. michele: congratulations, dr. >> tha you. >> mhele: let's turn to curtis lofton. you held the cowboys to under 200 yards of total offense. how did you do that? >> we had a rougweek last week. we came and everyone said, your job. once we do our job, we'll be a great defense. that's what everybody did today. you ow, we stopped the run. got pressure othe quarterback and didn't let the big play beat us today. >> michele: everyone knows rob ryan was let go by the cowboys last year. how much extraotivation was there toet this one for him?
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>> well, rob treated ilike any her week. as players, wanted to get th for rob. we're so glad we got him. we love hi we wanted to get the win. >> mhele: congratulations on the effort. >> thank you. >> lets's welcome in tony dungy from new yk. ny, after tonight's sult, no team in the nfeast has a winning record, 5-5, is good for the top spot, cowboys an eagles. but everne is within a game and a ha of each other. who do you see uimately u murjing from the division? >> b, i still think dall has the most talent any team in the division. but nobody is complete team. there are flaws everhere. philelphia right now the playedwo good games innee. they're the only team a division that can say that. u have to look at philadelphia, but that last game of t year in week 17, phly and dallas will decide the divisi title. >> could very well be. let's turn now to mike florio of pro football talk. mike, what will you ve your eye on tomorrow?
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>> well, bobwe'll be tracking the still unfolding situation in miami involving guard richie incognito and jonathan mtin. there ha been developmentings everay for the last two eks. there will be a development or two or more on monday. in denver, there wilbe at leasone significant development. peyton manning said after sunday win he is having an mri to check h lower extremity. depending on the outcome othe mri it couldave an impact on his availability for next sunday ght against the chiefs. >> of coursehe next two sunday nights wwill see peyton manning, aleast we hope we will, on "sunday nht football." as you said agait the undefeated chiefs is coming sundaynd up in foxborough after that. we thank mike florio and for all that and more, don't miss mike on pro football talk presented by cvrolet. tomorrowt 5:00 p.m. and every weday after on nbc sn. final score once gent, the saints over the wboys, 49-17.
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alnd cris back to wrap things upn new orleans after is. agent, saints over the cooys, 49-17. al and cris back twrap things up in new orleans after this gen saints over the wboys, 49-17. al and cris backo wrap things up inew orleans after this. aige saints over e cowboys, 49-17. al and cris back to wrap things in new orleans aftethis. ngent, saints over the cowboys, 49-17. al and cris back twrap things up in new orleans after this. , saints over the cowbs, 49-17. al andris back to wrap things up in w orleans after this and warm cheddar sauce. ndy's new pretzel pub chicken. now that's better. and now kids' meal isust $1.99 after 4. ♪ i always wanten a bike that honorethose who serve oucountry. and geico gave me that opportunity. now naturally, we wanteit to be powerful, innovative and we built this bike as a tribute to those who areerving, ose who have served antheir families. and i thinwe nailed it. geico. proudly serving the military f over 75 years.
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>> aouncer: welcome backo the wendy's po game report. here now al michaels and cri collinswth. so the final score herwas 497, new orleans. nexteek, of course mike st talked about with it bob. the whole question wl be peyton manni and his health. if he isealthy, that will be some matchupnext week, kansas city undefeated at denver. >> if he is hurting a ttle bit, to put him throughout against thatansas city pass rush, justin houston, tom, derek -- iean, these guys, they're sty getting after the quarterback. and don't care who the quarterback is ohow quickly he gets ridf it, you're putting peyton manng in a bit of danger if he can'tove a little bit around in th pocket. >> wl, brock osweiler is the backup. the 6'8" quarterck who played at arizo state. but for the denverroncos, it's
8:54 pm
nsas city next week. we have them the followi week at new england and then they play kansas city again. this itheir stretch. >> yeah. it rlly is. but for the nsas city chiefs, you go into denver and get a win, all of a sudden the who nation football league fee differt. >> it's denver and is the undefeated chiefand we will see you from the mile highity next sunday. 41 fst downs. new nfrecord. 392 yas through the air, drew brees. it's the sais going to 7-2. al michaels, cris collinswth, michele tafoya, our entire gang saying good night fr new orleans.
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plus, we eyphoon haiyan. it has caused theost destruction by far. >> it was a deep ll to the near side line the carolina panthers are going to win the biggest game in a long time. colin kaepernick a the 49ers.
8:58 pm
most of the injuries. we'll tell you about that. find out what went wrong at the stick. >> good evening. we aren right now because of sunday night football. >> a major "healthlert" triggered by a fir at a metal recycling plant in redwood city. the smoke impactg several counties. >> weant to start with chase cain in dwood cy for us. >> chase? >> repter: first things first, fire officials say if you can smell the smoke, they're asking to you shelter in ace. that meanso inside. close your doors, close you windwes and try to minimiz your exposure to this smoke them say it certainly could be dangerous. and lookere bind me. this is the metal management
8:59 pm
you can still see smoke rising intohe air. also some of what you're seeing is steam. fire officials just told us that th have been able to makeome progress in terms of putting this fire out so aot of what you're seeing there is steam throwing on this fire that has been bning now for nearly eight hours. it is a pile o sap metal and fire crews sayhere is no worry at this pointf the fire spreading to any other places. but it has been, of course, very challenginfor them to get thi uncontrol and at the sa time, miles.e has been spreading f peop in san mateo a santa clar and now even alameda county are saying ty can smell th smoke. some people have rorted ty fe a tgling in their eyes and their nose. pele even putting on macks as a precaution and because this has been affecting such a big been pitching in to >> we've also notified the local hospitals in case anyone comes in complaining ofespiratory discomfort.
9:00 pm
as far as i know, the fire is contained within that pile of scrap metal so there are no structures or anything else that >> reporter: redwood cy fire marsha have told ushey have no repord injuries so far. that is definitely a good thing. we're telling that you people from a large area have reported that they have been smelling and experienng the smoke coming up at 11:00, we'll hear from more ofthem. again the biggest tng that re crews want you to know, if you can smell this, they want yoto go inside and close your windows. we're live in redwood city. we wan tgo t meteorolist rob mayeda. >> we've been watching the smoke puing to the southwe of the fireuring the afternoon and now moving more into the santa clara valley. let's show you aiew of that fire from our palo alto camera. the firer the steam risg there othe right. and the wind


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