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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> good morning. live the peninsula whe t re department reports major prress on this metalire burning since yesterday. that story coming up. >> thousands of ppleeared dead this morning after poweul typhoon rips through thephilippines. we'll let you know how the bay ea isteppingp to help out l the ctims. >> e. coli outbre is forcing a company to recall many of its products. we'll te you which to look out for. >> a live lookoutside, an early look at the golden gate bridge. few cars flowing b we have more on this monday, veterans
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y, november 11, thiss "today in the bay." >> it's 4:31. good mornin thk you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura gaia-cannon. let's say good monday morning to teorologist christinloren. >> heygood morning to you, jon and laura and you at home. almost uniform temperatures to start out your verans day. weave plenty of low clouds. i want to show you some othe skies over the bay area. to t peninsula, live look at pa alto, 54 degrees at this hour. we have low clouds but the weather story today is the fact ere is a storm system on its way. at's not onlyoing to keep the clouds increasinghroughout the day. it's going to kp our temperatures cool. a reat to what we saw yestery. i want to start with vibilities which are dropping off in places like napa, oy a quarter mile availab to you. but i take you down to the sou bay, better visibility here. i'llet you know when the fog
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is slated to clear and we'll time out the storm system to your door step in moment right nowet's find out if we're gting a breakn the roads. it a holiday. >> it's only 4:32 soe don't expect a heavy volume but we did have acrash. this isrom the coleum camera south ward marino boulevard. there was a crashcleared. we see the northund sidelso od volume of trafc. it is indeed veteransday. the bay.pect some crowds across a lot of schools and businesses take tod off. >> 4:32. police are warning people in crews have a fire at metal us. recycling company under control, dangerous smo is still causi concern. the fire broke outesterday afternoon at sims metal managent at the port of redwood city. bob joi us from the scene. what's it likeut the?
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>> reporter: we're actually slightly upwind good morning. you can smell the fum coming fromhe fire tt's burning hind me enough tha it makes it difficult to breathe, not from where we're at. is it annoying yes. chief in the past 20 minutes.e they think the should have this fire out in a couple of hou so around 6:0 this rning. you can see over the fence, the cres moving. those are the workers at the metal plant movinghese wcked cars away so the fireepartment can do their job a spray war. basically disper all of the metal and put it out. the fire chief suspected the shelter in place would be lif d because the smoke has been drifting acrs the bay. we are upwind so not a good
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nse how the fumes could be. the fir broke out around 1:00 yesterday in a pile of junk cars and car parts. we asked the fire chief how does metal s fire. not the metal but plastic or upholste upholstery, things left in the cars with the friction of the moving parts that's probably what started the fire. it took se hours to get it under control. we mentioned thatmoke got so thick in menlo park students and teachers at a tutoring center puon masks eveinside >>t's a strange smell almost like burnt rubber. it kind of burns yr eyes so it's a combination of a smell. you c like feel it. it's like almost like smoggy outsid >> reporter: this is not the first fe at sims metal.
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in 20 there was a major fire issues with the smoke and pollution. the fire chief, assistant fire chief, telling thathey hope to have this out within t next couple of hours. reportg live in redod city, bob redell "today in theay." in san francisco crews are trying to figure out what sparked a grass fire that arted yesterday afternoon just as the 49ers gamegainst the panthers was wrapping up. fi officialsay it burned near a parking lot and threatened seralcars. crews hadhelames under control in a couple of hours and no one w rt. >> to a developing sry onhe international scene. membs of the american military laing in the philippines searching forurvivors from that devastating typhoon haiyan. at an air field inanila marines along sideilipino soldiers loading and unloading food, water and suppli.
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in one area hoping for a flight or just hoping for food. elsewhere some survivors walking through their old neighborhoods now reduced to a sea of debris. many sti ssing. you don't know where ty are.. you haven't hea anything. >> my aunt i talk t her and the house flooded and theyave to evacua. >> completeevastation ere. thefficial death cnt has ached nearly 1,000 but unfortunatel we can tell you a many as 10,000re n feare dead lipino-americans and community groups across the bay area stepping up to dohat they can. in san bruno project pearls, a group that helps underprivileged kids i the philippines has been
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collecting cash and fd donations. they collected nearly 50 boxes of food and $1600 in donation >> i fl those people's pain. break my heart to see the news, filipino, and i have famy in th philippines. i had to beere today, at the here.s game, an early mass to be >> another funaising drive was held yesteay close to union sqre. members of the national alliance ask for cash donations say this is the most efficient way to get help. head to where there is a lis of organizations u can donate to. >> sriff deputies in stockton searching for a pair ofen who created a sca scene shoing five ople, leaving tee dead. those three victims killed, a couple in eir 5 and their adult son. the break-inappened friday
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nigh the couple dghternd boyfriend were also shot but are expected t survive. a 6-year-old boyas able to run to a neighbor's house and inveigators say those two suspects went room to room ooting the familys they slept. witnesses say the men took off in a small black truck. >> an et bay company recalling grab and go food after it's linked to e. coli outbreak. several salads andraps lled distributed by ader's joe. 26 pple in tee states have become sk including here in california. the products include fully cooked chicken or ham tt might be contaminate so if youhop at trader joe's, check your fridge. delish white chicken club wrap, delish grilled cesar wrap and trader joe'sield fresh chopped salad with grilled chicken and
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mexicali sad with chili lime. christie smith will have a live report on the recall and all of its impacts. >> as we salute and thank veterans s jose holding a parade a big nor. it also starts at noon o delma street. the parade willind through town and end u at san carlos reet. and there we can tell you plent of veterans y celebrations across the bay area hour before that at11:00, san leandro's annual verans day observance to honor service men and women. this year's event will have a special focus o mar gred edwins whoied at 100 years old. that will be at thean leandro community center on east 14th street. and the uss potomac also known
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as theloating white hoe, will take a 2 1/2 hour bay crse to see the almaden naval statio you can be aboard. ckets from $25 to $45. today activ duty retired and reserve military personn will get free parking and park entrance a east bay regional parks. >> i don't think we have to >> hug salute. >> let's check in with meteorologist chstina loren. >> you know, we do have rain coming in but not until tomorrow. od monday morning toou jon and laura, t you at home. i want to point outou don't have to wait for the seven-day forest. we'll havet scrolling at the bottom othe screen throught my broadcast s stay tuned for that. throughout theay today, the weather storys the fact we have a srm system coming in. it's n going to impact the whole bay area san francisco 55 degrees, low clouds overhead and temperatures are chilly to start so make sure
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you grab a jaet. we do have reduced visibilities in the north bay. down to two mil her in san rafael, give yourself extra time. travel cautiously. i wanto show you what we are expeing throughout the day. elsewhere besides the north bay. throughout thi afternoon the clouds areoing to start to inease for the b area. so it'soing t be an opposite day. 'll see clouds thicken up and roll on shore throughout the second half of the y. but we're looking pretty good. mperatures work like this. hour by hour forecast, 4:00 p.m. along the peninsu for today 68 and temperatur are going to be comfortable en in the city by the bay. wait until i show you what we are expecting ough. 64 degrees a 4:00 p.m. in the city otheise take through the rest of t bay area. nort bay good, 71 degrees. east bay, 68. and the trialley hitting 75 grees.
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let's check on the drive and say good mning to mike inouye. >> goodmorning. we're looking out bay area wide. we'll show y the maps a our sensors show not a problem for speed but we'll call a coue issues. we're just getting start but off hiway 87,eports of a crash, non-injury but some activity so we watch that. th freeways typical overnight work and west 580 also, repor of ait yapdun ash. the other vehicle sounds like it's on the oulder. we'll watch because it's close to the dublin intehange. a smooth fl, a look across at the san meo bridge. across the peninsula with no problems for 101 and the flashing lights at the goln ga bridge typical as they get ready to mov con in preparation for wha morning coute we do have. will be lighte many businesses and schools have
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the day off. >> a lot of people sleeping in. still ahead a major retailer juing on the holiday bandwagon. the latest store to aounce it will open itsoors even earlier on thanksgiving. eating tkey and shoppg go handn hand. the nfl players suspended amid algations he bullied a teamma speakingout. what he has to say about his relatiship with that player who accused him of being racist.
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it's known a black friday t we should call it black ursday, whatever you want to away from that day and guess what, anothe major retailer announcing yes, it will be opening its doors earlier this thanksging night. why not. let's turn things ove to mary thompson live at cnbc world headquarters. good mornin lots of optio for shoers ahead of the holiday shopping season. futures are pointing to a higher open as the markets come off of a mostly positive week. the dow and s&p higher but the sdaq closed down for the
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second straighweek. a record high folwing the sht numbers f october.ed jobs 168 points to finish, the daz knack 62 points tolose at 3,919. there is neconomic data and the bond market is closed. later in the week we'llet numbers on the trade deficit and industrial producon. as mentionedarget is being added to the list of retailers who plan on beingpen on thanksgiving. the cha will open at 8:00 p.m. and will stay open through 11:00 p.m. on bla friday,lso offer hundreds ofeals on line on thanksging morning. the is extra pressure on retailerss there a six fewer shping days betwe thanksgiving and chrimas. several stores and restaurants offer freebies to thank veterans. denny'has pancakes, krispy
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kreme, and golden corral has a free dinner buffet. vets can walk into a great clips locati and get a free haircut. u have to show prooff military service. a nice way to thank our veterans. >> absolutely. any wayou can. >> exactl >> tha you. >> i think we're going t have pretty good weather. let's che the forecast. >> you know, kind of sweater weather li but not worried about e raindrops uil we head into lateomorrow and a beer chance early wednesday for parts othe bay area. in the south bay we're not going to see ch. temperatures are comfoable to stt. we won't make you wt for your ven-day. it's scrolling at the bottom of the screen. stick around and your area will be covered. i want to showou the south bay. 52 degrees, mostly clear conditions. it's going to be a nic day the low 70s in the south bay, comfortable numbers acrosshe
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north bay and the east bay the warmest. let's talkbout the storm system coming in. the front startso move in tuesday at 5:00 a.m. watch what happens when i sthet future cast in motion. th whole thing fallsapart. if we get activity it will be around 9:00 a.m. they are goi to get a lot of moistureo the north of us. this front is goi to fall apartefore it gets into the south bay, east bayr down the peninsula. throughout the day toy, highs comfortable, numbers w expect uppe 70s in some cities. santa rosa. and 74 degrees out i livermore. temperates are going to be comfortable todaand tomorrow in the upper 60 wll bump those up wednesday and thursday, then byaturday a sday the mid-60s return. cooling down. >> thank you so much. 4:49. the suspended miami dolphins play accusedf bullying h team estimate speaking out.
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richie incognito was suspended underllegations he harassed martin. the voice mail that incognito left is just the tip of e iceberg but in an interview with fo sports incnito said that martin was his best friend on he also said h wondered why martin never said anything if he felt bullied. >> this isn't an issue about bullying. there is my and john's relationship whe i -- i have taken stuff too far, and i didn't know it was hurng him. knuckle head stuffhat i pulled in the past, de in the past thinkinghis guy ask a loose canon, a terble person, a racist, that couldn't be farther fr the truth. >> incogni also said martin sent him a text threatening to murderis family he says the text is edence of the typical panter between plers.
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martin is yet topeak publicly. the nfl has assned a special investigator t the case. >> brought to light unique culture. >> a toy comny vying for a chance at its own super bowl commercial. we'll tell you >> a touching tributes as tens of thousands of football fans come togetr to honor our veterans. >> a le look out here is 880, we'll talk about the trash rough the trivalue, the up date coming . [ female aouncer ] now get high speed intnet at home
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good mony morning to y on this veteransay. well because the teamook a rs as very special moment during yestday's game at candlestick park to honor a bay area veteran. alfredo is a life long 4r fan. he suffered a traumatic brain injury serving in iraq. earlier ts year h wrote to jim rbaugh and st his purple heart to the 49ers thanking them. sterday the 49ers thanked him and returne theurple heart. >> one of myhallenges when i came home is dealingith a brain injury with ptsd. sitting down wit my family and friends and wating the game,
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the niners, it heed. it helped a l to keep on moving on. >> gd for him. dung the national anthem fans held up 50,000 cards t spell out thanks to our veterans. pretty cool. >> beautiful scene. the game kind of ugly f 49er fans. the niners faing to get into the end zone losing to the panthers 10-9. vernon davis and reed knocked ouof the game. th have to pass a series of tests beforehey will be cleareto play suay. for ed this i hisecond concussion of his rookie season. rough go. not so gat for the raiders. the silver and blackropping to 3-6, they lose to the giants 24-20. oakland has lost the last 12 games out on the st coast. they will head to houston to take on the texans sunday. >> a bay area toy company
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competing for a chance for a commerci during the super bowl. golby blocks is in the competion. the company will pay mlions to give the winner a 30 second spot in the big game goldbylocks make toys toeach girlabout engineing, and you can help decide the winner by voting on the website small busine big >> that is monumental. like the name of it. let's check i with mike. >> free advertisingust right. oakland moves smoothly a look at the maps, the east bay crash, west 580 approhing the dublin interchange. sounds le the hitnd run eared. st 590 over towardhe san rael side crash at francisco boulevard. it's out of lanes andchp is
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wrappi it up. on the rht youee out of h 101, vallejo, may be some fog and t storm coming in from the north so keep that in mind. a look at palo alto, no problem for 101. >> still to come, potential dangerous fire. all the smoke floing in the air for about 16 hours now. what you need to know before you head out thedoor. >> an e. coli outbreak forcing a recall of many products at trader joe's. it's coming up in a live rort.
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dangerous smos crews work hard to put out a fire at a repsych recycling plant. >> three days after typhoon
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haiyan devastates the philippines u.s. military a we'll have the latest on recovery effortsthere. >> and happy veterans day. i'm meteorologist cistina loren. temperatures mostly in the 50s across the bay area. it's going to be nice. we'l reach the mid-60s along the peninsula. i'll detail the forecast in moments. >>'m tracking a crash that has a couple lanes of interstate 80 blocked. >> let take aive look, golden gate bridge not a lot of slowing therenless you're stopping to see the sights. lot of fks have today o fo good reon, it'seterans day on this monday, november 11t and this is "today in the bay." straight up 5:00. good the morning. thank you for joining us. happy veterans day. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. police arearning people in three bay area counties to


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