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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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philippines u.s. military a we'll have the latest on recovery effortsthere. >> and happy veterans day. i'm meteorologist cistina loren. temperatures mostly in the 50s across the bay area. it's going to be nice. we'l reach the mid-60s along the peninsula. i'll detail the forecast in moments. >>'m tracking a crash that has a couple lanes of interstate 80 blocked. >> let take aive look, golden gate bridge not a lot of slowing therenless you're stopping to see the sights. lot of fks have today o fo good reon, it'seterans day on this monday, november 11t and this is "today in the bay." straight up 5:00. good the morning. thank you for joining us. happy veterans day. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. police arearning people in three bay area counties to be cautious this morning while
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crewsave a fire at aetal recling company under control dangerous smokes stillausing a lot of coern. thatire broke out yesterday afternoon at sims metal nagement at the port of redwood city. bob redell joins us livet the sce this morning. what's it like out there, bob? reporter: good morning. we heard from redwood city fire departmenthich told us in the past hour that they hope to have this fire out at the sims metal plant out probabl around 6:00. so talking about an hour from now. you can still see the smoke risingrom the mal pile of it's not out so don be hough deceivedy the fact that this is out of control. even thoug there is smoke the fire is und control. again that should be in an hour that shelter in place still in efct for the the-county area. santa clara, parts of alameda because the smoke has been going
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across the bay. standing he probabl a mile away, i can't really smell ything myself we are slightly -- wre not downwi, we're slightl upwind from it buts far as this being a choke hazard i would not classifyt as that. a bad smell and if you don't like b smells you wanto stay inside. e fire started around 1:0 yesterday afternoon. and thisappened because there department describes tous, with these cars being move and that csed some of the flammable materials probly upholsry or astic, to light up. th were able to get the fire under control within several hos and they hope to have it out by 6:00 this morning. the smoke did get so thick in menlo parkhat students and teache at a tutoring center had to put masks on even inside. >>e didn't notice anything was wrg until some parentsame in around 4:00, started saying it smeals funny outside and we
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didn't think anything else about it until we could smell it inside. >> rorter: this is not the first fire at sims metal. 2007 there w a fire causing similar issues with smoke and pollution. the fire department telling us they hope to havehe dpir out around 6:00, give or take. bob redell, "today in the bay >> thank you very much, bob. >> we continue following developing sty. thousas feared dead in the philippis as the devastad country continues working rd trng to recer fro typhoon haiyan it's moved on and slowedown landing in vietnam as a tropical storm. so far no casualties there have been reported. ba in the philippin so far we know close to 1,000 people confirmed dead but that number u.s. aid arriving just hours marla tellez has the story for
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us. mplete and utter devastation. what is the latest? >> aer 9:00 monday in the philipnes so you have to remember throuout much of the island nion there is no power, food, no wat so getting throug the night is noasy task. yosaw much needed u.s. aid a military persoel rive, the first outside help the country's seen since friday. you see marines working wh filipino soldiers in manila. much is getting a to one of the worst hit area much of that city wiped out and resembling a gbagedump. here is perspective from the mayor of tacklabon. >> the roads are not accessible i mylf have even the day after the storm we were receiving bodies, clearing roads. >> the u.s. milary to dpatch
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water, food and generators. an official acknowleds that marines takg part in this lief effort. also now involved working io is closely with the philippines so far senedicine and supply kits forbout 120,000 people. sounds like quite a bitut at least two milli people and 41 provinces have been affecd by haiyan. i want to reiterate that the milita in the philippes confmed 942 pple are dead but again, as many as 10 thousand are feared dead. >> so many families affected. marla, tnk you very much. >> 5:05. oser to home a e. coli outbreak forcing aompany to recall popular sads and wraps. sold at trader joe's.
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berkeley.smith i live in we understand that you have n video of that facility in richmond. >> reporter: we went there this morning, we saw workers comin d going. website and theyave an alert up for consurs if you bought one ofhe salads or wraps, chances.t it, don't take throw it away or retur it back to the store where you bought it from. this is because the usda ss pounds of ready-to-eat salad and sandwich wraps thatontain chicken or ham. after 26 people in three states were sickened by a bacterial strain of e. coli food inspectors s it can cause dehydration,iarrhea and stomachamps. most would recer in abo a kidney fail you ak evelop
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kidneyfailure. the items sold in california, nevada, arizona, new mexico, oregon utah, washington, and texas. the products hav a use by date of october 1-november 15nd they include field fresh chopped salad, the mexicali salad with chili lime chicken and trader jos's classic greek salad. you can return them to the sto an get a full refund. reporting live in beeley, christie smith, "today in the bay." a lot of people lov tt store. >> time to check with meteorologist christina loren telling us abouthat's happening on our monday morning. temperatures are relatively unifor you can seeor the peninsa, east bay and san francisco. it's chiy to starthe day. we have thick fog s travel cautiously. but this picture emeryville. that's wheret's mostly clear.
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leme show you where you mig run int thick fog as you hea out. napa a hf mile sibility. santa rosa at 6 miles, down t e south bay, visibility is much better but we'llee numbers drop off. we'll be tracking them every 1 minutes or so to give you an idea what if you're up against. it's veterans day, might be lighter than normal. we'll check on that with mike. today temperature look prey good, about 70 degrees in the south bay. looking od along the peninsula, kd of thily all t way until lunch time at 64. if you le inan francisc kind of getting spoil with above averagetemperatures. i want to show you the north bay, 4:00, 71 degrees, comfortable. we expect the bn off between 10 and noon. and the tri-valley as per usual, checking win the warme i want to tell threw i a storm systemeaded our way.
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i' show you whether or not your city is fair game for showers. right now let's cck your drive. >> good rning. we're looking here a clear view of the bay bridge, o the maps, no problems as far as the speeds across the bay. the commute dirtion forest 80 that'soving smoothly through richmond down to the we have this orange on the left side,oming across that bridge thats fog on the drive. that is an iue over the water. west 80, north texas, we have a crash blockg lanes. possibly all lanes o traffic. we know they are at leas tting by on the oulder. no major injuries reported but we do hav a major spillage there and that will take a while clear and will b held up toward the carquin bridge. an easy driveere in san jose at 680. >> thanks, mike.
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>> americans taking the time to honor our nation's veterans. >> in about three hours president obama and the fst dy will be joined by vice president joe biden and his wife at arlingt national cetery. thpresident will lay a wath during the ceremonthe freedom bell will ring. after that the public will be allowe to ring t bell to honor a loved one or pay tribute to the forces. >> there will ablist of cemonies honoring veterans in plaque dedication to world war veterans and henry matos who unfortunately ed earlier this year. the event starts a 9:00t veterans pl. >> at 11 dlo will abceremony aboard the uss hornet. it will incde a traditional it's docked i alameda.
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>> noon,an jose is holding a parade tha will start on delma ending at san carlos street. >> aengineer donating pieces. 0 million o tanks, missile unchers and armored vehicles have been house on the family estate. th collection has bee signed over to the collins foundation which serves. according to the military foundaon the collection includes pieces from almt all historically significant land battles ofhe last half that is very impressive. >> $30 million ofanks out ther 5:11. thefforts to end iran's nuear program taking aajor steporward.
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>> new vio, a viont protest in wang la desh. at leastne has died as protestersant to overthro the prime minister. >> the u.s. pos office will start delivering on sundays, only certain packages. 'll look coming up.
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if y are curious how powerful amazon is t company i soowerful it can make the post offi deliver on sunday. >> amazing. a few cities. amazon is going to offer suny devery of its products via the u.s. postaservice which as of now doesn't deliver at all on sundays. amazon is going to pay f the rvice and the post officeays workgn sunday is strictly optional. it the service wl be los angeles and new york, no extra charge t you the buyer,
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you'll oer something with two-day delivery on a fridayou geit on a sunday. looking ahead t the biness week, fairly quiet week ahead. we'll beaying attentiono washington thursday, thas when former cal professor n vice chairwomananet yellen is going before aenate committee for hearings. yellenas been ninated by the presiden to replace ben bernanke. e american stock exchanges are open thoug some other financial markets will not be. should make for a quiet day. maryhompson is live. good morning. >> good moing, scott. futures are higher ahead of the en as the markets come off of last week the dow and s&p higher for the fiftheek but the nasdaq down for the second straight week the dow finishing at a record high followi the better than expected jobs mbers, the index to close at ,762, while the
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nasdaq add 62 pointto throws ay 3919. the bond markets closed. later in the week wll get reports on the trade deficit and industrial producon. back to you. >> thank you mu. 5:16. a unique reunion. former members of the home brew computerlub are going to get back together. probab the place where steve wozniak and steve jobs first showed off their apple computer. developments. many woz had been aember for years before that moment but had never spoken out loud at the meeting. the reunion d woz is going is at the comter history museum. they are sold out s we'll get you video for tomorrow morning. show you the gang getting back together. >> that's cool thanks a lot. >> historic wal down memory lane. love that. 5:16. christina is back to talk about
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our monday forecast. a little rain torrow. >> little rain tomorrow, stting to feel that nip in the air, younow that fall is upon us inhe bay area. temperatures are chill to start the da if you wonder what the wk holds, remember we've got your the bottom of the at we'vgot you covered. 55 degrees in the east bay right now. i like this picture to show you this morning because it shows you how car it is. what you can't see yet ithat there ar plenty of low clouds across the greater bay ar. it mild out there. we hav 30s in t north y. about wh our storm chance.o talk we have monday at 60 p.m. in the evening hours we're going to see mostly cloud conditis for a lot of the bay area. tomorrow morning, that's when our o and only chae for owers starts to move in. through about 9:00 a.m. you can see spotty activity. expected i the nth bay.
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most of this activitis tour north. we're thot going to see a lot of action. we're fair game for a shower or tw mostlyetween the window o out 9:00 a.m. and noon after which wel see a lot of clearing. our highs areooking fantastic. you can see los altos coortable, in the 70s there, around 73 in mer ra ga, sausalito 71 and santa rosa at 75. sunday the trendor the week. i want to sho you the tri-vall. through thursday and fday,p to the mid to upper 70s. so a nice treat. good for your ouoor pls.oking get into veterans day.k as we let's check you drive. >> here's palo alto. representative here for 101 and 280 and lighter flow. you haveo problems for speed along isart of the
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peninsula. along the coast a lite slowing, just a fewolks are going swer as they should sometimes youatch patch of fog. here we did have a crash south 101 on east 80. the csh cleedut we did have a spill that has cleared. the ramp is cleared. over from san francisco into your pain commute into san francisco is moving. we'llhow you the vume we expect the lighter flow of traffic. this camera froze but we see the light volume approaching. back to the maps you see t east shore freeway. you might get caught with a batch fog or two. here the tri-valley ves. problems for lim. and here is your south bay. a crash a camden and curtner.
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>> thank you. 5:19. three men foun guilty of are going to prison for theest of their lives. it killed 37 peopl and injured 180. a russian ns agency says a court found theen guilting and theniving him an explosiv the bomber's brother who said he knew snowing about the attack was sentenced to 10 years. >>n bangladesh one dea and dozens injured as activists cash. in a noor day strike the strike is aim at forcinghe prime minister to resignnd form a caretaker government. the latest violce, 18 people in demonstrations in the last two weeks. >> a major stepo end iran
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nuclear arms program. television reporting a deal for expaed monitoring has been ached italks, this one is a cocalled road map including access to a heavy watery act and mine. the negotiaons between iran an world lears street resume some time next week a. preview of a investigative unit repo. we investigatene of san jose's busiest firstations, labeled as the canr station. cancer i a well known risk for firefighrs but calling one at the firetation highly unusual. the view knit exploring the foundation of this reputation talking to dozens of current and past refighters. >> do you wonder about t history of stion 5?
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>> o yeah. there are a t of guys that know if you worked thathe long enough there is a good chance you'll comeown with cancer. anybody could remember a frid that died of cancer who had worked at stati 5. >>n a quick moment as time. and i became a single mom with three kids. tonight a 11:00he chief investigativeeporter digging to the hisry of hire station 5. you will learn what that unit found. that will be at 11:00. >> could tat be returning t football?
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>>welcome ck. it's 5:24.
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great news for fans of counten abby. the show will return for a fth season. series back next year.pular it's yet to a here in the u.s., that will come in january. it's the most watched drama on pbs er. and john, it's very good. >> ok. i'll get on it. got tind time. a tv near you. coming back to according to nfl inser tebow hired a broadcast agent that happened over the weekend. no teams are calling t ask him to play and don't seem to want his services, teb is looking at other options. football games, maybe in the nfl. tebow has not playe since he waseleased from the patriots bere the start of this season.
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>> i think wll see more of him then. maybe. >> in some form vertising, broadcasting. >> a lotf fans. >> christi loren has a lot of fans. >> i too am a tebow fan a good looking day shaping up. 55 degrees in san francisco. it's muchooler in the north bay. that's one of the stories we're going to foc in on. you can s twoiles of visibility inan rafaelut parts of theorth you can see for a qrter mile so stick around we'll tell you when t fog is going to burn off a we'll talk about some othe events f today. vetera day. let's fd out if there is a lighter than normal drive. >> so far it does look lighter. it early 5:26. we don't typicly see a big volume it has bump add tad. lighter loo like a no majorroblems outf the caldott. a tiny bit of slowing in the westbound direction. we'll look out to theest of th y, we're looking at mostly green, the tri-valley, we have
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slowing now creeping up towd the dublin interchange r west 580 a also 484 thrgh livermore. this is light than normal and we see your typical spots. again veterans day holiday may >> thank you. it's 5:27. >> still to come on "today in the bay," police warning people here in three bay area couies to stainside if you can. >> a fire at acrap yard sending daerous smoke in the air. meteorologist christina lon could push the smo out of the area. >> we'll let you know how locals are pitching in to try and hp out all of those victims suffing after typhoon haan.
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>> typhoon haiyan devtates the phippines. way.recovery effort is under good morning. i'm marla tellez. i'll tell yo how the u.s. military is helpin coming up. >> speing of which happy vetens day toou. we've got a good lookingay
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shaping up. temperatures in the mid 50s to start but as we head thrghout low to mid-60s along the the peninsula. i've got your bay area highs, we're talking showers in the forecast coming up. >> it is veterans day. looking for a lighter flow of affic but right now an issue may affectour drive int san francisco. 101 at 280 coming up. >>onoring our nation veterans, we'll tl you about some of the special events to give back to t men and women who fought so hard forur country. >> aive look outside. isn't that pretty. crystal clr overlooking san francisco this morning. on this monday, november 1th, as we mentioned, veterans day and this is "today ithe bay." thanks for joining us. i'm jon kell. >> i'm laura garcia-canno we haven update to a deveping story wre following
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in the philippines. the nation gettingelp from the u.s. military aft a deadly typhoon leaves death and destruction. marines arrived this morning. marla tellez has an upte on th relief effort. and the overwhelming death to. >> 942 peoe are dead but that's a conservativeount as many as 10,000 people are feared dead. we hav new aerial video to sw you, it gives you a better idea of the scale of devastion caused by typhoonhaiyan, it destroyed around 70% to 80% of ructures in its pat and the central philippiness it tore through 41 provincesffecting as many as 2 million people. the city of taaban is aost ped out. survivors here scrambling to get the airport. the not s lucky hope that u.s. military aid will make it
5:32 am
them soon. you see this here. some even writing "help us" on a wall. then there is the missing, 275 people are unaccounted for at this int. are.ou d't know where they you haven't heard anything from em. my nt, i talk to her and the house flooded and they have to evacuate. >> also thi video of military aid arving. marine crews bringin food, water andgenerators. these stationed in japan. the u.s. mitary said the first help to arrive. japan and australia now coming forward saying they will send aid packages inheomingays. in fact, close to $9.5 million pledged. >> aook at that is devastating. from aorld away several bay area organizations areoing what they can to help the victims of the phoon. in san bruno project pearls, a
5:33 am
group that helps underprivilege collecting cash and food been donatis. by this mning they collected nearly 50 boxes of food in $1600 in donatis. >> i fl those people's pain, break my hearto see the ne. filipinond iave family in the philippis. i had to be here today. i went to early mass to be here. >> a fdraising dri was in san francio yestday, close to union scare. members of the alliance for filipino concerns asked for cash donationaying it's the most ficient way to help. head to where we have a lt of organizations thatou can donate to. >> it's veterans day, cities all overhe area honoring the men and women whoave served our country. san jose, a parade startst
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noon on delmas street. the parade will wind through town andnd upt san carlos street. there are other veterans day lebrations, an hour benit that one at 100 this one starts, san leandro, 62nd observance. is year's event will have a ecial fus on margaret edmund a nurse who sadly died this year at the beautiful age of 100. that wil be at the san leandro community center on east 14th street. and the uss potomac alsonown as the floating white house tt will take a cruise to seehe alama naval station and the uss hnet and guess what, you ve a chance to be onboard. tickets e available, $25-45. active duty and retired reserv military personnel will t free
5:35 am
parking and park entrance at all east bay regiona rks. >> all right. great oppounity to teach you kids how importanteterans are. beautiful weather today too. a little chilly start but n ba >> not bad. great day to thank a service man or wom for everything theydo. freedom is not free after all. safrancisco, a beautiful start. they were soucky to live here. temperatures are comfortable rit now. it's not t cold and we're n dealing with the thick fog. weave a gd looking forecast, not just today, for the week. if you wan to check out what's happening for the week find your seven-dahere at the bottom of the screen. it's scrolling shong you all of the different sights whawe expect for every zone. now e south bay this morning is looking good. wait for the sun to come up, then it sets at 5:00 p.m. straight up. keep tha in mimd especially if you will be walking o ridg a bake in the evening. it gets dark prett quickly.
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at noon in the south bay mfortable, holding on to the sweater weather a about 64. we'll hit about 68 along the peninsula later 0en a good i san francisco, 64 for you. with aix of sun andclouds. the the weathertory of theay is thoselouds wille increasings we do have a storm stemeaded our way. i want to show you the rest of the bay areaooking pretty good. temperates end up in the upper 70s forome cities outn the east bay we're looking pretty good for today. temperatures comfortab in the south baynd sanfrancisco, mid-60s to upper 70s across the bay area. we'll take a look at what we expect from the storm system. ght now let'sheck your dve with mike inouye. >> looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. few more cars but not a big al. we expect this for much of the day. a lighter flo because it's veterans day, a holiday observed by many schools and businesses. we see the bay bridge starting to see a build- at the toll plaza. the maps will show you that
5:37 am
traffic flows on the approach, caldecot tunnel, the westoars not proble at the speed limit. getting out of town you have an issu maybe a stall in lanes at the 280 split. we see a little bit of slowing. i'll track the tnd here. e rest of the peninsula a across ove from the east bay, san mateo bridge, moves toward 101 witht delay. 101 san jose, the traffic fw starti to build a bit right about now. this is the first burst you'll see in the south bay. we don't see asuch slowing but we track the tren so f a little lighter. back to you. >> thank you, mi. 5:37. happening now crews making progress on a fire burning at a metalecycling yard on the peninsula. this has been a rough one spewing dangerous smoke, the fire broke o yesterday at sims
5:38 am
metal management at t port of redwood city. bob i joinings le at the scene. the crews say they expect to have this out in about a half hour? reporter: roughly, yes. that was the e.t. a. they gave us around 4:20. they said around6:00, if you lookround the train tracks you n see in th distance some smoke a you also see a stream of wat that's saying down on it. denitely in the pasthour, hour and half the amount of smoke has diminished and so it getting this out around 6:00 seems like it will happen. we're seeing les sme. as far as we know that advisory t air quality adsory, slter in place, still in effect for this area and any are downwind, menlo park, parts of san carl, san mateo county and parts of alameda. though i got to tell you
5:39 am
standing here themell has diminished asell and we it's just an annoying as you mentioned this fire broke out around 1:00 sterday. the plant here in redwood city. the fireentered in a pile of junk cars ancar parts and did tch fire in spite of the fact there was a built in sprifrpgler system. >> we have these cars, it's generally mostly the cars here that they have crushed and they are required to have matials removed but they can't catch erything. and a lot of tim it takes something small that is not seen or caught in theiddle of these pilesf rubbish. >> reporr: again it appear th is fire is close t being out. it's bee under control for several hours. it mitt be getting out in the next halfour which wouldo along lines of having this out
5:40 am
by 6:00. the smoke got sohick yesterday that kids in mlo park they were at a center,hey had to put on masks to help with their breathing. this is not the fir time sims metal had fire. a similar situation but again, no serious problems. bob redell, "todain the bay." >> thanks for tupdate. cing up on "today in the bay" an east bay company issuing a recall o popular meals sold >> plus northern california family murdered in their sleep. theiroung son escaped alive. who police are looking for.
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>>welcome back eryone. a live look, this is at
5:43 am
arlington national cemetery this moing. amazg sight if you have never been the before. the president will be visiting there, he will be laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier thismorning. it's veteran day and there are events going on across the bay. we'll have an outline of those ming up. of the verans and those all currently rving. ank you very much. wean tell you sheriff depies of men whoroke into a home air ooting five people inside, leaving thr of them dead. a terrifying situation here. three tho victims, the ones killed, aouple in their 50s and their adu son. this deadly break-in happed late friy night. the couple's daughter and her boyfriend,hey were also shot, they are expectedo survive. a 6-yearld boy was als in the house, he was able run to a neighbor's homeo ask for hp. investigatorsells us two suspects went room to room shooting the family as they
5:44 am
slt. witnesses s those two men then ok off i a small black truck. >> s francisco police looking for witnesses aft two people were shot yesterday afternoon, this happeneabout:00 in mcalister and gulf street. a few blocks from cityhall. one of the victims was shot in few blocks away with aound to a thface,ossibly hit b a buet fragment. as of now piceo not have any suspects or motive. company to recall pular salads and wraps soldt trader joe's. chstie smith is live outside of arader joe's inerkeley. doeople need to look out for? >> reporter: good morning. i'll start by saying the company involv in is recall is richmond northwest of he. of they are recalling more than
5:45 am
18000 pounds of readto-eat lad and sandwich wraps, most made from chicken or ham that acrding to the usda. the company is glass onion catering offf inrstate 580, emoyees are still working there this morning. of a strain of e. li linked tose the sandwiches. some wereold at tradejoe's. dehydration, diarrhea a cramps. most recover but some develop kiey failure. a full list of the products is on trade joe's website, they have a use by date of october 1 through november 15 and they includ the field fre chopped sad with grailed chicken,
5:46 am
mexicali lime chicken and trar joe's classicreek salad. trader joe's website is saying ifou bought any of these items you certainly don't want to eat them, throw them away o youan return the to a trar joe' store for a full refund. christie smh, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot, christie >> let's cck with meteorologist chstina loren to nd out day one of the work week. >> looking pretty good. you can see. we'rnot all fogge in this morng except for up in the north y. good monday morning to u. happy veterans day. east bay at 55 and i want to show you san francisco where you canee the cyights glistening. 55 degrees. we'll see the sun come up in it's going to beretty nice out the front door, notxpecting a lot of fog. througho the morning hours i want t show you what we are expecting and tt is increasing clouds throughout this afternoon. i nt to mind you you can
5:47 am
catch youseven-day forect scrolling at the bottom of the screen. we stop the clock, mostly cloudy skies. e front starts to come in tomorr morning. here's the deal. it falls apartust about completely. we'll see a few light shors in the north y. not eecting aot of activity south of novato but wre going to see possibly a stray shower or two. ovall looking mostl dry, this ll cool our temperatures dn burt we're looki pretty good. toy's highs looking comfortable. 71 in saratoga. 66 in san mateo. the outer richmond looking good at 64. santa rosa 75 degrees. so i want to show you the silicon valley seven-day. ere is an event. theeterans day parade in san jose loong good, temperatures parade starts will be in th 60s, by 2:00 p.m., 71degrees.
5:48 am
let's check your drive. >> because it is veterans day and we are observi our veterans, trying to thank them but the fact that a lot of schools and businesses are off. places like the bay bridge toll pla. we'll take to you the north bay wher there is a slowdown. this i west 80 big slowing. we h a crash that blocked all las now justhe slow lane is blocked, this is holdi fks uphrough fairfield. an easier drive past the split. here's some of the fog, traffic andweathe our machines tied together. there may be fogs you approach. no problemn the uer east shorefreeway. crossing the bay o bridges we'll zoom into the south bay. build. see your tradition a little but the speeds are holding for 101. have 84 through livermore and
5:49 am
pleasa plsanton. it's only our vw of the roadwa but it's clear. back to yo ys. >> thank you. 5:49 a. bay aa toy cpany nvening for a chanc to have a commerci during the super bl and y can help them win. oakland based goldie blocks. the company will pay millis of dollars to give the winner a 30-second spot in the big game goldie blocksakes blos and toys to teach aut engineering and construction. you can hp dece by voting on the website throu december 1. >> that's a cool program. >> it could change that company. >> monumental billio watching that. the 49ers, ty are teami up
5:50 am
to bring holiday cheer. >> some of t players andtaff will join with a health serces company and turning whes for kids to build new bikes. they will be handed out. those are 49er bikes. >> pretty sweet. ile the kids today, it will be yesterday, the veterans getting the is the --utierrez here is his story. he suffered a traumatic brain he wrote a letter to t 49ers coach and also sent him his purple heart thanking himnd yesterday, the niners thanked him and returned his purple heart. one of my main challenges when i came home,ealing with traumatic brain injury and with my ptsd. with my family andriends and
5:51 am
watcng the game, watchinghe niners it helped a lot. keep on moving on. >> what a day allhe way around during the national anem fans holding up ,000 cards. it spells out thanks t our nation's veterans. >> that was a cool part of the game. the game wa-wa. 49er fans walked away disaointed. davis and reed were knocked out to play sunday against the ed saints. >> 9ers didn't score a touchdown. not a lot better for the raiders. ey scored a touchdown but t silv and black losg to the giants, 24-20. oakland lost its last 12 games out othe east coast. th will head to houston looking forunnier horizons. >> let's get off the low lits.
5:52 am
>> 5:51. another store is going to open >> a llboardroves math is hard. we'll take a look. e chase freedom at lect department stor
5:53 am
5:54 am
and get 5% cash back this quarter. so you c give her an even bier surprise. activaat chase. so you can. ready to digest the turkey and go. add target to the list. they will open an hour earlier and stay open through 11:00 p.m. on black friday. target will oer hundredf deals on tnksgiving morning also available in stores. retailers this year as there are six fewer shoingays betwe
5:55 am
thanksgiving and christs. guess that will help fht off the food coma. one gift we know will be hot t new play station is one sold out befe it's in stes? >> that' right. we're seeing at taet, walmar indicating they ar sold out of preorders f the new machine. it goes o sale this friday. play station 4 is more powerl obviously than play station 3, as you might imagine. it'slso at least on paper more powerful than microsoft's newest gameachine due out next week. so are the markets open or closed oneterans day? the answer i estion. thereasury markets areclosed equitiesre open. it should be fairly yesterday. quiet. we got theuper weird jobs number, 204,000 added in october. unexpected.s, it's jt really
5:56 am
d then stir in theact we exct the nber to be incurate because o the government shutdown and you get to call it super weir speaking o numbersou don't expect, eagle eye commuters noticed thisill board for the microsoft surface 2. the first to catch it. the pictu shows this tablet running xcel and adding up the cost of a hawaiiavacation. it gets the math wrong off by $5. there is a big picture, not actu. would get the total ght.mter the art director who puthe picture together is really good at art. i mean, the tablet looked authentic except for t math. >> details. bay area.get anythingast the new thismorning, a car comes close to crashing into a home in the north bay. what police a telling us about the driver.
5:57 am
>> we also continue keeping an eye on rwood city where a fire at a scrap yard continues nding dangero smoke in the air. bob redell is talking to firefightersight now on scene and will have aive update in a fewmoments. >> plus, her sry of survival made her one of theeading candidates for this year's peace ize. schools in her country are now banning her autoography. we'll explain why cing up. >> i want to give you aive ok at arlington national cemetery this morning. luting veterans day, the esident will be out there with the rst lady. they wille honorg veters all across the country as we are here, if you have a ance, see anody in the servicegive them a tnk you. would look le john stamos.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
the tell tale sign that will helpou decide how long you need to stay indoors ahead in a live report. >> islan aer island wiped out jet force winds and walls of waves. we have new details abo the widespread devtation in the central part of the phippines and theearch for any and all survivors. >> and check yr fridge before you pack your lunch. the bay area company at the center o a naonwide recall affectin grab and go meals at trader jos and other stores. >> and happy veterans day to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temps in the upper 40s to mid-50s today. we head throughout the afternoon 're talking about a climb into the upper 60s to mid 70s. on the way.g out the and rain we'll detail your full forecast. build because it'seteransay r holiday formany. we he an issue. we'lshow you comin up. >> coast to coast we are salung veterans


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