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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the tell tale sign that will helpou decide how long you need to stay indoors ahead in a live report. >> islan aer island wiped out jet force winds and walls of waves. we have new details abo the widespread devtation in the central part of the phippines and theearch for any and all survivors. >> and check yr fridge before you pack your lunch. the bay area company at the center o a naonwide recall affectin grab and go meals at trader jos and other stores. >> and happy veterans day to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temps in the upper 40s to mid-50s today. we head throughout the afternoon 're talking about a climb into the upper 60s to mid 70s. on the way.g out the and rain we'll detail your full forecast. build because it'seteransay r holiday formany. we he an issue. we'lshow you comin up. >> coast to coast we are salung veterans across the country. a bi thank you and a salute and
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a live look at arlington national cemetery. a t of events going on showing the love and areciation for vetera who have served and currentl servingn this day, this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us.g t you. m laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. happening now cws making progss on a fe burning at a metal recycling yard on the peniula. the fire has been a rough one t there spewing dangerous smoke up in the air. w csing a health concern in a total ofhree bay area counties. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon at sims metal redwood city. the port of bob redell joinss live on scene. crews there expected to have this out and wrapped as faas the fire goe any mute now?
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>> reporr: corrt. around 6:00 which is now and i can tell you theyade major progss. you look down tard the fire you canee the hose line sprayi down on the fire itself. there isn't much smoke to see. about an hour o two earer therwas a lot me smoke, mh mo obvious. now it looks like it's water and i can't really tell from my vantage point how much smoke there is if any but it's getting closed out. the fire h been und control for several hour just a matter of extinguishing i so you wouldn't have the fes going to san mateoounty specifically redwood city, menlo park, san carlos, the areas, that's where the air advisory has been in effect and shelter in place at least there was yesterday afternn. we can smell anything now, we did a couple hours ago. it was definitely a noxious smell but notng difficult to breathe. we we upwind. this started around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. it was caused by friction they believe.
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ey have wrecked car in there. when they were moving e cars you had metal on metal. e flammable pts in the cars from leftover plastic or upholstery caught fire. you had this plume of smoke causg problems for some in the area. it got so thick in men park that students and teachers at a tutoring center had tout on masks. >>t's really stran smell. it almost like burnt rubber and -- it stings, ki of bns your eyes a it wille bit. sot's a combination ofsmell, you can also like feel it. it's like -- almt like smoggy tside. >>eporter: this inot the first firet sims metal. in 2007 there was another fire at broke out at this plant causing similar issues wh smoke and llution. back out live as i'm looking out a mile away from the fire here inedwood city. the fire appears it's about to
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be put out. we were saying they were hoping to have it out by6:00. new this morning scary moments in the north bay as an out-of-contr driver ce close to crashing her car into a house. thchp ss the woman drove over the lawn of a home on the cornerf blackstone and deepstone drive i san rafael before slamming into a tree theree likely kept the car from hitting the house. the driver was taken into cuody. they are checking to see if drugs or alcohol played a role. >> i the philipnes, thoands feared dea now as tt country continues struggling to recover from typhoon haiyan. so far we know close to 1,000 people confirmed dead but sadly that could reachore than 10,000. u.s. aid did arrive hours ago with the lates on all of tse
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recovery efforts. such a tough go. >> it is. good morning. monday has com and gone in the philipnes where it's after you have to remember much of the island nation theres no power, od, water. getting throughhe night is no easy. earlier in th day some much-nded u.s. aid and military personn arrived. it's the first ouide help they have seen. much of the focus is gting aid to the city of tloban, one of the wot hit. it looks like a garbage mp. i listened ton interview with a leading u.s. military oicial who elains to the filipino media there the u.s. has brought food, water and generators and r support to help find the missing. >>s that philippine government ask us for suppo i have plangs and licopters, have rplanes that canook for
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people in areas that are stranded. >> a many as 275 pple are missing, 942 people confirmed dead by the filipino military. as many as 10,000 people are feared dead haiy has slowed significtly, it landed in vet nam earlier as a tropical storm. no casualties have bn reported. >> thank you for that. we can tell you fipino groups across the area steppingp trying to donything they can to try a aid in the relief effort group thatelps underprivilegedhe kidsas been collectin cash and food donations of this morning. they collected nearly0 boxes of food and 1600 in donations. that's one of many organizatio here in the bay area trying to help outnd make a difference in t philippines.
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if you wanto help out, head to we have a lt of organizations you can donate to. search typhoon. >> 6:07. new details to tell you about, about a food recall linked to line of grab and go foods distrited by trade joe's. is is new video of the glass onion catering headquarters sold at the cin.ds a wraps ficials have linked chicken and ham in the products to an e. coli outbreak. so far 26 people in three states haveecome sic including veral here in calirnia. if you shop at trader joe's check your fridge for deli white chicken club wrap, delish grild chicken cesar wrap, field fresh chopped salad with grilledchicken, and trar jose'sexicali salad with chili lime chicken. ere is a lot more a look at christie smith is going through a list o all of t recalled products thi morning, she's
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goin to have an update at 6:30. >> iortant stuff. >> ptty pular. >> actuay just turned 6:08. wee continuing the trend, coo >> and kind of a cool finish. th micro climates making a big appearance later. 're holding on to the mid-50s and i want to remind you he at the bottom of e screen every area across the entire bay area is coveredhere for you. and we're going to hav that in al of my weather reports from now on. north bay looking good, two miles of visibility in hereo there istic fog, areasou encounter, youan see a quarter mile. but i see these start to cap up gng in and out throughout the morni hours that will continueo be the case. the south brat pretty good but six miles of visibility a mostly cloud start.
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we're going to have to wait. i wa to show your forast for today. abou 64 at lunch time in the south bay. up to abo about 70 degrees at 4:00 p.m. 64 degreest noon along the comfortable then sweater weather returns. could be much colder. 64 degrees is not too bad. e rest of the bay area nor bay looki good, 71 degrees, the tri-valley willee highs in mid-70s. here is mike inou. >> we've seen a lighter flow of traffic. we're seeing jt now a ramp up for the traffic westbouith the taillights across t bay bridge. there is that section toward treasure land. >> aroaching out of oakland and the east bay looks nice
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apoaching the east bay. here on the city's side showdown. we had a traff brea sout 101 approaching cesar chavez. blocked so the is a lot of slowing o of san francisco 280 is a smoother drive out of san francisco. e rest ofhe bay a light volume awe talkedbout some holid holida, we'llrack this. no major problemsor thean mate or the dumbarton bridges. a live look atremont and we'll see traffic starting to build. back to u. >> thanks, mike. happening today, president obama will honor the srifices and service of the rm aed forces on this veterans day. andight now president obama is attending a breakfa with vetens and familie at the white house. then heill go t arlington
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lay a wreath at t tomb of the knowns. during that ceremy the fedom bell will ring. you e the crowd's gathering. after that the publiwill be allowed to ringhe bello honor someone in the military or pay tribute to the armed forces. >> emotional. coming up how about fiery free fall. we'll tell you about a car side tellite plueting through the atmospre overnight. metal landing in your yard? we'll have the answers coming >> also, the u.s. post office to deliver on sunday? we'll take a look. ♪
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fire crews say they hope to have the fire burning at a recycng yard out a minute now. the fire has bn sendi dangerous smoke out into the air since it started at sim metal managent that happened yesterday afteoon. >> this morning glass onion catering head quartered i richmond is recalling 100 tons sandwiches.ackaged salad and officials linked chicken and ham to an e. coli outbreak. the food is soldt trader joe's. for a list visit >> president obama honoring our nation veterans. the president is attending a breakfast at the white house. th at 8:00 this morning local tomb of the unknown.h at the >> schools in the bay area are closed for the da >> scott tells u many banksre closed but what about financial markets? >> gee, i depends.
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equities, th stock market which gets mostf our attenti is open. bondarkets are not. we expect a fairly quiet day especially after friday's run-up when the dow indusials hit new all-time record looking ahead to the busins week, fairly quiet week ahead. we'll be paying attention to washington onhursday when former cal professor now vice chairwomanf the federal reserv janet yellen is going to go before a senate committee for hearings. she has been nominat to replaceen bernanke. we heard reports that apple was working on a new iphone to make your iphone s old shioned. the new phones will according to bloomberg be bigger and have a curved screen. apple copying samsun is ironic considing they are going to b back in a courtom as a judge recalcates damages in aatent case.
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apple won this proving samsung copiedts design but samsung says the jury miscallated the damages an a billion dollar fine is too high. how power sfl amazon? it can make the u.s.ost office deliver on a sunday. amaz is going to offer sunday deliver of productshich as of now the post officeoesn't deliver. the post offic saysorking suay is optional. the service i los angeles and new york for now. no extra charge for you, though, order on a two-day deliveryn a fridayyou get it on a sunday whichs actuall pretty azing. just amazon stuff. u don't get post card from grandma. grandma. faceime with >> the power of amazon. we can tell youhe european space agen says one of its research satellis now falling back to earth this morning, the
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satellite ran out of fuel a plunged rough theatmosphere, then broke io bits about % of the car size satellite was pected to have survived re-entry with debsikely fallg into the ocean. so far no damage has been reported. th satellite was launched in 2009 t help map earth's gravitational fields f. y are low on gas, fill it before you ave. >> the skys falling. want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. sun starting make an the official sunrise for san jose is around 6:45. so we've got to wait a little longer. hour foreca.ow you your hour by 55 degrees, we'll be at 61y 11:00 and by 5:00 p.m. aund 61 as well so one of those daysou the city by the bay.ater in looking pretty good, highs are going to ramp into the low 70s
6:18 am
in theast bay the north bay oks good, santa rosa at 75 trivaly the warmest area touching on mid-70s o there. so really comfortable numbers. as we head throughout the res of the bay area it's looking good alonghe peninsula, y find the cooler temperatus though. 71 in losaltos, 70 menlo park and san francisco around 66 degrs. mid market at 65. the home of twitter. so southay looks good. low 70s expected toda and ybe you'veot the kids home with you. looking for something t do. some way to honor they're great nati's veterans. san jose has a parade downtown at 11:00 a.m. temperures should be comfortable, make sure you bring a sweater out there. looking pretty good throughout the next couple days, changes headed ourway. an area of low pressur look at this, falls apart. is was going to bring us pretty goo showers, much-needed looks like the only place that's going to see the rn is up in the extreme north bay soma county in particular. so otherwise we're loong
6:19 am
forward a cooler cudier day wednesday intohursday, i want to show you your trialley forecast. the seveday tells the story. the mid to upper 70s there, so comfortable conditions above average toward the midction of thweek, then we drop off into the ekend. >> good morning. drive. a great morning if you areoing to the bayridge toll plaza. theris no back. i hope th doesn't cau a mad rush because a lot of fol are schools and business alike. we're seeing a lighter flow. no metering ligh. bay ar wide we look at the very little swing that shows up. a couple o spots though. we'll te you over toward the tri-valley where the build and debris csed slowing in toward dublin out o theivermore area. but the rest of the driveut of the altamont not so bad. a smooth drive for 84. typical spots, lighter than traffic off the lighter castro valley y, we had an iue with
6:20 am
debris. sounds like a stall. and th another issue toward ipple road. there was initial sling. things are clearing as they moved se of the cars to the shouer. i'll track this. a smoother drive into fremont down to the south bay. there is t san mateo bridge, toward the peninsula we see an easy flow on our sensors. what doeshis look like in real life, the camera, an easy drive, no real isss for visility. it looks like there are low clouds but not an issue as far as the drive. chstina talked about patchy fog. we'll wah for that. so far in vallejo as youome across the bridge. a look at t south bay, a light drive. we're starting t see thi build and 101 at 680 where we see the early slowing, that is at the limit as well, good stuff over the san cruz mountas. thanks, mike. it's 6:20. coming up, riot police, all over
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a $100 a month paycheck. w workers are striking back bangladesh. out at police in autobiography of a teen now banned in her home country. call her a traitor.hools there that's coming up. [ male announc ] you can change your tomorrow
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welcome back on ts veterans day. we salut verans across the country. downtown san jose.from that is the 87280 interchang you see the fog there, christine will talk about how tt will affect the weather. and the traffic againt is a holiday for a lot of businesses, some lightlow on the bay bridge tl plaza. mike will be along to tell you as you hit the road for today. it's 24. new this morning three men will spend the res of their lives in prison for an attack that kille dozens at a major international airport. the men wer found guilty of a bombing a moscow airport two years ago where 37 people di. a russianews agency says the cot found t men guilty of gettin the bomber to mosw and giving him the explosives. the bomb's brother whoaid he knew nothing about the attac was sentenced to 10 years.
6:25 am
>> a major step forward in negotiations to end iran's nuclear arms program. iran's television reporting a deal for expanded monitoring has united states.nalks with the this one is a so-called road map that will give u.n. ipectors a broader reach including access to a heavyater reactor and a key uranium mine. the deal could boost gotiations over iran's atomic program. those negotiations betweenran and world leaders are seto resume next week. this morning garment workers clash with policend attacking factories in the capit city of bangladesh. the workers are demanding higher pay. th want to earn about $100 a month, which is a third higher than what they make now. today is no the second day of an 84-hour general strike. closed.t 100 factories are >> private schools inakistan book written by the 16-year-d he
6:26 am
tivist who was st by t liban. malala yousafzai has gotten significant atttion and well deserved since sheas shot in the head by militants advocating for girl rights through education. federation said the book didot ow enough respect for islam tool for westernpowers.ome a >> i wt to check the forecast witheteorologist christina loren. a lot of folks having this veterans d off. >> a lot of people have their kids home for today. it'soing to be pretty nice if temperatures mostly uniform starting out in the 50s except for the north bayhere weave the mid-40s, i want toive y a ick look at your ghs. and then we're going to talk about rain coming up. so f today temperatures a going to cmb from the0s flight into the 70s and upper s across the bayarea. let's check your drive, good morning to mike. >> a great da because the holiday for
6:27 am
schools and businesses we hav a light baup athe toll plaza for the cash lanes and that's. nothing over to the parking lot. we see the amazing approh moves. a little volume for880 t big issue into san francisco and out of the city, 101 slow toesar chavez. $thank you. 6:27. still ahead get ready to toss out trader jo's salads. we'll tell you which one as th popular lunch items aret risk and a nation we e. coli outbreak. people go to a ttress store nd essentially they just get sold something.
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[ autouned ] what'srong with my voice? ah man, bee got ag! be happy! be healthy! that'gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ arkle ] sweet. a bay area company athe center of an e. coli breakout. or ihould say breakout. why you mht have to toss out your ready-made meal fro trader joe's. >> heavy metal still burng 17 hours after a scrap yard caught fire. we'll tell you h widespread
6:30 am
e air quality concern is coming up. >> we'll take you to the markets, the new york stock academy at west point.military we fli to the sdaq, they also veterans initiative, a jobs he asstance program for veterans on this mony, november 11th, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning. happy veters day. i'm laura garcia-cnon. >> i'm jon kelley. good rning. thanks for joining us. happening now, firefighters still checking out hot spots a a fire burns at a metal cycling company. we haveive look now at sim metal management. this is at the portf redwood ty where the fir has been if you happen to sll heavy advised to please stay inside
6:31 am
and avoid the area if possible. the fire cenred in a pile of junk cs and car rts. firefighters telling u they will be in this pce for several moments, several more hours trying to handle the le leftoverf the fire. bob will have a live port. >> new dails on an. coli outbreak forcing a company to recall salads and wraps soldt trader joe's. christie smith is live in berkeley. what should peop do if they think they have one of these salads or wraps? throw it out? >> reporter:eah, that's one of your options. good morning toyou. i checked trar e's website and they say if you have one of these prepackaged salads or sandwi wra you can throw it out or retn it back to a trader joe's store for a refund. you don't want to take chances
6:32 am
th possibly getting sick on their wsite they do list three specific items that you might want to copn eye on. these have usey des of october 1o november , they include the field fresh chopped salad with grill chicke mexicali is a wladhilly lime chicken and trader joe' greek salad. theroducts were produced between septembe 23nd november 6nd went to california and seven other states. glass oon catering is salads and sandwich wraps made of chicken and ham. a list is our our website and health officials say the recall mes after6 people in three statesere made sick by e. co. it can cause diarrhea and cras
6:33 am
and some can develop kidney if you have one of these throw it out or return itor a refund >> thanks so much. >> it's 6: now. let's check with christina lon. tting our work week going. >> it's going toe nice out there today. good morning to you. making you wait f the e're not seven-day forecast it's here at the bottom of the screen. temperatures are unirm our there and you can see a of these dive cameras tell the story. a blanket of lowclouds so not as frid as it has been. as we head toughout the day i want to show you w do have poets of fog. but not that thick over most of you're down to about 4 miles visibility inconcord, santa rosa, down to the south end of the bay area where we do have reduced visibilities but n too bad. it's going to take a while for the low clouds tourn off down to a mile and a half at thi
6:34 am
point in livermore. rit now let's check your drive. good morni to mike. >> those low clouds, they ifted into the shot. let's take this full screen and you can make out the taiights sohbound 101 off of that yway merging with01 southbou. on the map where this is, this is in san francisco headi south from the bay bridge and the 101 interchange. wee loong at an easier drive. lanes look like they cleared. still waiting but the traffic pattern does show that traffic isow relsed from the area and heading tohe 101/280 interchange. 280 a better wato head south out of san francisco. intoan francisco. no problems, no metering lights. easy drive through the maze. starting to get moreongested but so far the speeds are holdg. we look at the east bay we have the tri-valley build with west 580 and 84 through livermore with mild backuphere.
6:35 am
no pblems for the southbay, north 101, we'll look atthis. the only spot north o 680 we're starting to see congesti. a little bit of upper 50s at the worst. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike it's 6:35. the most well kno hippy ship is in the bay area. greenpeace's rnbow warrior pulled into pier 15. the cr is here to protest a company that imports palm oil from an indonesian rain forest. the ship and her cw roams the seeeas ting upnvironmental causes. the next stopor the rainbow warrr is san dieg >> stillhead o "today in the y," victims of an attempted home invasion they arehenes put on probation. we'llell you why two univsity students are being sanctied for fending themselves against an inuder. >> a wildcat keeper killed in a cage. the safety rule that may have
6:36 am
been overlooked before the animal pounced. >> back live outside, youee some clouds, low hangver t golden gate idge. traffic not too badn a holiday. this is veteran day as we sale them. appreciate your service. when our little girl w born, we got a subaru. it's where s said her first rd. (little girl) no! made a best friend forever. e back seat of my subaru is where sherew up.
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welcome back on a monda rning. there are some services and nice honors going o aund the bay area. parades honoring veterans and saluting them l over the country on this verans day a live loo at the 17/280 interchange. go to 6:39. investigats up in oregon trying to figure out why a workert a b cat sanctuary herself where she was killed by a cougar. this happened atildcat haven, the woman had been head keeperd. for ght ars. officials say she did not move the animal into a secured area when she went in the enclosure which is onef the safety rules. emoyees there are supposed to work in pairs and at this hour it's unclear why she was alone
6:40 am
>> 6:39.closure. a teeger will be charged as an adult in the shooting at a crowded ice skating rinkn manhattas bryant park. poli say the 16-year-old boy oped fire after a 20-year-old man refused to giv up his at. that man and a 14-yeaold bystander are injured because of the shooting. both victimsre expected to recover. a pair ofollege seniors on university probation bause of the way th defended themselves at a rbery attempt at their apartment. e students say theanctions will be part of the ucational record and will appearn their transcripts. last month fagan answered the door of his universy oed aptment and found a 6-time felon. the students say the man demanded money a tried to force his way inside. that when mcintosh came down the stairs holding a pistol. he never fired but the sig was enough to make the man leave.
6:41 am
mcintosh ss he has a concealed weapons rmit. the unirsity says the studes violated thean on weapons, fireworks and exploses, that policy is now under review. >> that's an interesting case. coming up a familyhot in their sleep. and a 6-year-old boy t only one to escape. we're going to tellue police >> tragic.gfor. we'll tell you about a scrap metal fire spewing smoke above three bay area counties. we'ltell you if you and your family needo stay inside with the doors and windowslocked. >> the stock markets are open despite the factt's veterans day. we'll look at tt and a really co reunion, a ahead in business. >> mostly cloudy conditions across the greater b area. we'll tell you when the low clouds will burn off and if you are outdoors looking prettyood for veterans day plans. [ male announcer ] st one, prepare for trmph.
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at6:44, happening no crews are making progress this morng in a fire burning at a metal recycling yard onhe peninsula. the fe has been spewing dangers smoke csing a health concer in three bay area counties. the fire broke out yesterday ternoon at sims metal management at the port of redwood ci. bob redell joins us live at the scene. do crews have the fire t? >> reporter: it loo like they are gettingretty close if you want to look past me y can see the scene of the ss metal processing plant her in redwo city. in the past 25 mutes the shelter in placeealth advisory counties fected.r a three santa clara, san mateo and
6:45 am
ameda. and as y can see there's good reason why thers not much smoke if any coming fm the ene. i'm watchingome of the police and fire vehicles leaving the scene which gives me a pretty goodcation they e prett much wrped up. e fire has beennder control r several hrs since it started yesterday. it was matter of getting it out and getting the smoke tamped down. it appears they hav been able todo. the firetarted around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. if you are not filiar with the where the press, o of the there is auilt in sprinklers. system. >> the metal catch fire? cars that it's generally mostly the car here that they have crushed th they are recycling. they are required to have all of e materials reved but they can't catchverything and aot
6:46 am
small that is not seen or caught in the middle of these huge pis. around 1:20 sunda afterno ing this very large plume of smoke in the surroding ar, especially men park, san caos, redwood city, some people had tout on masks just to help the with their breathing. there was aire back in 2007 that broke out similar situation causing the iss of the smoke and pollution. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. >> christina lorenack to talk about wnesday and again cool but rain inhe forecast coming up. >> yeah, a littl bit of rain only for the north bay i looks like. thatould be tomorrow morning. so wn we mt back here tracking showers. this morning almost uniform temperatures totart the day. a blanket of lowlouds and you can see we've got mostly cloudy skies across the greater b areat this point.
6:47 am
trappi in some of t warmth yesterday. it'sild to start. i wanto remind you you don't have to it for the seven-day foreca longer. we have it at the bottom of the screen eve sine zone across the bay area. we've got you covered as we head throughout theay today, fog is going to be a bit of a factor for parts of the bay area so low ouds to start. pockets ofeduced visibility. by 8:00 a.m., partial caring and by noon looking good. widespread clearing headed our way. i want to give you an idea of what it looksike on the golden gate bridge. on the bridge goes. visibily but you canee low clouds lingering and that will be the case until about lunch time. otherwise we'reooking pretty good. i want to take you through your ho by hour changes. in the southay at noon, headed out taking the id kids out for a celebration, 64 at lunch time, 71 b 4:00 p.m. if you live on the peninsula, a little cooler bought comfortable nish to the day. at 68 degre at 4:00 p.m. and byunch time in san francisco, you're gng to be about 64
6:48 am
degrees rnding out the day at 4:00 at 65 degrees. let's show you the rest of the bayarea. overalwe're looking pretty good. he lun time 67. touching on the low 70s in the heat of the day. his at about 4:00 p.m.his time of year, east bay good action, 4:00, 68. ditch the jact in t tri-valley, touchingn 75 deees. rememb your seven-day forecast iscrolling here at the bottom of you screen. let's check your drive with mike. >> you talk about veterans day holiday that means a lot of hools and businesses off so less for the commute as faas the vole of traffic. 101 with the typical spotarly in the commute but this is of course 6:48 so that's light for this time of day. especially oa monday. green for most spots will pick out your tvel spots. palo alto, a live look out there shows you we have t low clouds we're talking out. e mentioned for drivershe
6:49 am
but the low clouds could catch you as you hit the hills where it becomes a fog situation so keep that in mind. we'll lk toward the map again, a smoh drive into a out of san francisco. southbound 101 continues the recovery, an earlier crash tied thingsp that has cleared from lanes. sler off of the skyway. 280 aetter drive through the area. we look toward the crossings, the bay bridge n problems. look at that maze no. ckup at the bay bridgeoll plaza. west 24 starts to sholowing out of orinda intohe caldecott. we'll give you a look at the north ba that's the only spot we're starting see congestion. san day brow road to lincoln 're seeing congestion and the low clouds may be adding a issue there but so far not s badven in san rafael. back to you. >> thank you. 6:49. i want to get you updated on a
6:50 am
sty in the philippines where thousandnow feared dead as the country continues struggling to recove from typhoon haiyan the numr could continue to rise. u.s. aid did arrive in manila. marla tellez joins us withhe latest on the recovery efforts. slow going. philippine officia says more than 56,000 hom have been destroyed in about 0,000 people remain in ecuation centers today. the military ther confirms 942 people are dead but that's a conservative count when you see this aerial video you will understand why. itives you a betr idea of the scale of devastaon caud by the typhoon. thstorm destroyed around 70% to 80% of strucres in its path as it tore through 41 provies
6:51 am
friday. affecting as many as 2 million people. we understan that about 75 of the island i sll without power today. thcity of tacloban was among those hardest hit. these troops arriving tay bringing the basics, food, water, medical supplies a the leading commander explain what is he has seen so far. >> rebuilding is eitr gnificantly damaged or destyed. the street are closed. you can see you kn, the 15 to 25 foot waveame across entire viages so everything i wiped out. >> some people writing help us on a wall there. others lucky enough to make to the local airportsre evacting via plane. the world health organization is stepping in, so far sendi supply kits to cer basic alth needs for 120,000people. th u.s. mitary aid is the
6:52 am
first outside help t arre but this morning japan and australia they a pledgg they will help. australia says it's going to send more than $9.5 million of d to the philippines. help from all ove the world ch needed. the philippines continuing this morning on the "today" show. dr. nancy snyderman aiving the surveying the widespread damage from the air and also reports from rescue ses on the ground. at is coming upn the "today" show that willtart precisely at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." >> 6:52. new this morning scaryoments in the north bays an out-of-control drive came dangerously close to crashing her car into a house. the chp sayshe woman drove over the ln of a he on the coer of blacksne and deepste drive before slamming into a tree. the tree likely kept the car from hittinghe house. the driver was taken into cuody. authorities are testing to see
6:53 am
if alcohol or drugs played a role. >> in stockton a 6-year-old boy the only able to escape after two men break io the home shooting five people inside. deputies s the suspectare still the run this morning aftethey wentoom to rm friday night shooting that family as they slept. in their 50s a their adult s tragically were killed. the couple's daughter and boyfriend were also shot. ey are expected to survive. the 6-year-o boy, he was able run to a neighbor's house to try and get help. witnesses telng us the men they tk off in a sll black truck. for witnesses after two people re shot yesterday afternoon. it happened around 2:00 on mcalister and golf street. police say one victim was shot in the leg, anoer found a few blocks away with wound t the face, possiy hit by a blet fragment. police sayhey have nouspects
6:54 am
and no motive. >> new details about a food recall linked to popular line of grab and go food. we have new video of the glass ion catering whichakes several salads and wra distributed by trader joe's. chicken and ham in the pducts linked to e. coli outbreak. we can tell twou 6 peoe in including severalere in ick california. if you shop at trader joe's you are askedo check your refrerator for delish white chken club wrap, delish grled chicken cesar salad also we can tell you look for trader joe's or jose's mexici salad with cli lime chicken. foa complete list ofll of the ims head to our website,, and search recall. >> mobile homeowners in pacifica say they are forced out by park
6:55 am
owners who want to double their rent. thencrease would affect 15 homeowners at t pacific skies estates. according to the "mercury news" from ownership saying they er intend to raise the rent more than $1,000 per month. the rent control ordince requires property owners to petition the city to raise the rent. theity has appointed a jud to determine if t increase i justified. >> tonight theres a reunion i guess we call this epic get togeth from guys in t past thatill bring tether some of e biggest names in technology. >> the home brew computer club getting back together. >> the wouldave beenbout 9. i would have bn 9 when the gottogether. these guys should be famous but they are mostly it's where these guy, steve wozniak and steve jobs showed off their first apple computer. woz and ny of the rest of the suiving members of t home at the computer history museum
6:56 am
for areunion. king a look at t markets we expect a quiet day. some o the cadets from west poin on the right side opening the nyse, twitters downhis morning trading at about $40 a share. otherwise a quiet day on t market numberyou don't expect, commuters noticed this bill board for the surface 2 on the corner of sancheznd market in san ancisco. was the fir to catch this. it shows the tablet running excell and adding the costf a vacation it's off by $500. so we can s that the art dictor who put up that billboard drew it is probably bett at art than at math. we're going to assume the tlet will get the mh right. >> exactly. good eye there. >> 6:56. americanwill honor you are our
6:57 am
terans. >> in about an hour president rack obama and michelle obama joined by joe and jill biden. the president will lay a wreath the tomb ofhe unknown. th freedom bell will be ringing. after tha a nice touch, the public will be allowed to ring the mitary o pay tribute t in the armed forces. >> here at home there will be a number of ceremonies to honor veterans, in milpitas ere will be a fg raising and special plaque dedication to world war ii wet veteran hry mados w died earlier this year. the ent starts at 9:00 at veterans plaza at city hall. >> at 11:00 the will b a special ceremony aard the "uss hornet" including a traditional wreathossing over the fan tail >> at noon, san joseill hold a
6:58 am
terans day parade. center and ending at san carlos street. saluting.ay we should be of the weather., a finalheck >> good morning to you. temperatures are sti relatively mild. we could be much colder a y know we're deep into the mon of november. i want to show you rightow we're looking good to start. a nice finish t the day as well with temperatures cliing into the upper 60s to mid 70s. you did miss your seven-day forecast wre going to have it for you throughout the "today" show. let's ta to mike about your morning drive. >> there is not mh of one. yo do have a drive. notuch of a slowdown at the bay brid toll plaza. no metering lights because o the veterans day holiday. we'll lookt the maps, we see the maze and the approach to the bay bridge moves smoothly. owing south 10 we sti hav slow lanes blocked b a crash. 280 a better way.
6:59 am
a little sw for the east bay, off the castro valley y. >>6:59. e final check of the top stories. inhe past half hour a sheer in place orderifted after a fire at redwood city recycling yard at sims metal management. it sent dangerous smoke in the air forore than7 hours. wee gotten news that the crews put the fire out. good worky the department. >> filipino americansnd community groups across the bay areare steing up to do what they can to help those affected by typon haiyan. you want t help head to, we've go a list of organizations that you can donate to. just search typhoon. >> glass onion catering recalling nearl 100 ton o prepackaged salad and sandwies. officis linking ccken and ham to an e. co breakout or outbreak i should say.
7:00 am
the food was sold at trader joe's. good morng, devastation good morning, devastation and desperation. the unfolding crisis in the philippines ght now. some 10,000 ared dead. entire cities stroyed by one of t strongest storms ever. we're there live. fighting back,uspended nfl player richie cogno speaks out in detail for the fst time about the pulleying case against him. >> this isn't an issue abo bullying. this ian issue of my and john's relationship. >> this morning the threatening message he claims he received from t alleged victim. and she's back, former vice presidential candite sarah palin returns to the spotlight with strong words r the esident and even memrs of her own pay. >> they waved the white fl of surrenr. >> what


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